Real Housewives of Dallas Recap: On A Short Bus To Austin

Leeanne RHOD


After this episode of RHOD, there is only one more regular episode left. So far it looks like the reunion will only be one episode as well. This is great news because there is was too much stuff happening on Monday nights for me to keep up with.  I was up late last night getting caught up on Unreal that I had to tape on the second airing. Unreal on Lifetime is MUST SEE TV. I was taping shows up through 3 am! And this is before Big Brother starts and I am completely glued to live feeds all night long.  Last night despite the TV being set to tape RHOD every week my DVR flatly refused and I didn’t notice until 9:30 because I went long on recapping Southern Charm.

Tonight the gals take their screaming attacks on each other to Austin. I hope we at least get to see some of the town. Apparently, Brandi and Stephanie’s husbands are so close that they built a lake h9use together. That’s interesting. The wll be shacking up together taking care of the kids while the girls are gone.  Mark is despondant that he is not allowed to go on the girls trip. At least he gets to pack Cary’s clothes. I envision him playing in her closet (Cough) wistfully while his human Barbie is away.

I rewound three times and I have no idea what kind of panties Brandi and Stephanie are talking about. Fittingly, all the ladies including Marie pile into some sort of industrial short bus for the estimated four hour trip. That’s four hours of day drinking before they even arrive. Two hours in, Brandi pees in a Solo cup with her mike on. Leeanne is (rightly for once) appalled and Brandi says, ” It’s better than pooping in the back of the car in a bag!”  Which is something she was told Leeanne did once when she was wasted. It was Marie who told people out this story. Leeanne is now furious with Marie, and thusly validates the story in her talking head while repeating “I never shit in a bag” repeatedly on the short bus. This is going to be discussed the entire trip.

Eight minutes. That is how far into the episode we got before Brandi talked about poop.

RHOD Leeane

The lake house is very nice and has a lovely pool and plenty of room so the women are not all on top of each other. Marie’s  sunhat  is everything. Tuning in to see what is going to be on Marie’s head each week is the best part of this literal shit show about shit. Why are the other women not protecting their face and hair with a hat?  It makes me wonder where their people are from.

Bravo has hired a private chef for the first night!  Leeanne and Brandi actually bond a little bit because Brandi’s brother with PTSD is back in the hospital and Leeanne shares that Rich is a police officer who has some PTSD issues surrounding a situation where he was unable to save someone. Dinner looks amazing. I am also pleased to report that this franchise has found a way around having to drink wine of red solo cups. They have lovely wine glasses that are not clear and thereby pose not threat to showing the changing levels of liquid from edit to edit. Bravo, Dallas girls. Brandi is super wasted.


We move on to discussions of dead people and childhood abandonment. These people are sad drunks. Leeanne says she doesn’t judge anyone. I pause my typing to actually look at the TV not wanting to miss God striking Leeanne dead. But alas, God stopped doing that after Jesus arrived.

The next morning the girls  wake up talking about Leeanne going batshit last night after they went to bed.  Leeanne target for her wrath this week is Marie. It was so bad that Cary recoded it with her phone.  Leeanne apparently made numerous physical threats to Marie including tell her she would “slaughter her.”  Cary and Stephanie are terrified of Leeanne and no longer want to be around her at all. Brandi is sad because they were just starting to get along. Yes, Brandi, she’s fun when she is attacking other people. Leeanne has screamed in the faces of every single woman on this show, including her BFF, Tiffany. She clearly has issues.

Marie is sitting at the table close to tears trying to get herself together. Tiffany tries to get Leeanne to smooth things over. Leeanne basically goes after Marie again. I have a feeling that Tiffany is the one spreading the poop in a bag story and Marie is being falsely accused. I’m going to guess that next week will be Leeanne threatening to gut Tiffany. Or maybe even later in this episode.

RHOD Leeanne
But first, Cary, Stephanie and Brandi come out and let Leeanne know that her behavior toward Marie is abusive. Finally, someone stands up for one of Leeanne’s victims instead of just being glad it was not them.  Leeanne is busy back pedaling saying that threatening to kill, gut and slaughter someone is just slang and doesn’t mean anything. No one is buying this. Marie is now afraid to say anything. It’s clear that she is afraid of Leeanne when she loses her mind. Which has happened on every single episode of this show. Tiffany is the only one sticking up for Leeanne. Cary is holding Leeanne’s feet to the fire and she can’t handle it. She is calling for a cab to leave. Really? Like she is going to take a cab from Austin to Dallas? She is insane. And she is going to turn her wrath on Cary. She starts spewing gossip on how Cary and Mark ended up together. Anything to get the spotlight off her atrocious behavior. Even days later in her newest talking heads, she justifies attacking Marie by saying that Cary is worse because she “broke up a marriage.”

Leeanne whisper cries to Brandi and blames her outbursts on her childhood. Leeanne thinks that is just her thing. She gets to rail on people for a couple of hours and it is over. Everyone is headed to the Four Seasons for a spa day. Because an infomercial for a generic Four Seasons is way more exciting than seeing neat things in the city. Oh wait. No, no it is not.

Marie, Tiffany and Leeane stay in the room instead of joining the girls at the spa. Marie tells Leeanne she understands she was hurt and said things she didn’t mean and she forgives her. Apparently, Marie is used to being in this position. Marie cries

We end of course, with a birthday dinner. I predict it will not go well. Leeanne gets on her phone and Cary points out that they are at dinner and could they please just enjoy the experience. Oh Cary, bless your heart. You are on a reality show with a sociopath. Dinner is where the feeding happens, but not in the way that you are hoping.

WAIT WHAT?  Out of no where Tiffany says, ” Leeanne gets attacked. She gets attacked a lot!”  WTF? On what planet does this happen?  Leeanne is a time bomb waiting to explode on whoever is handy, including the camera man and the occasional street trolley!  Tiffany also claims to be the one person who did not hear Leeanne screaming at Marie threatening her after Leeanne knew all the cameras had gone for the night. Apparently, it woke up the entire house including the super drunk and passed out Brandi, but not Tiffany. Tiffany then takes some digs and Brandi and Brandi takes her drink and walks away. Then Tiffany announces to the table that she surrounds herself with people that bring out the best in her. On that note, Stephanie is done with the insanity and walks away. Then she stops because she has to point out that saying she surrounds herself with people that bring out the best in her when her bestie is an angry, rabid woman is kind of crazypants. Tiffany says what Leeanne has been saying for the past 24 hours. It’s not the sane girls business what the crazy people discuss.  And Stephanie finally says, “The don’t bring it in my house. ”  EXACTLY. Take your dysfunctional behavior somewhere else. Leeanne just sits there letting Tiffany try to defend her.

Next Week: MOTS  Who will Leanne attack next?


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56 responses to “Real Housewives of Dallas Recap: On A Short Bus To Austin

  1. Allison

    I feel like LeeAnne has something on Tiffany because every time LeeAnne has an issue with someone (which is always) there’s her little backup yappy dog trying to defend her and doing it very, very poorly. Or, she will get in on the attack-usually double teaming Marie. LeeAnne is a head case if there ever was a head case. “Your definition of killing isnt the same as my definition of killing”. Oh. Kay.

    • JoJoFLL

      Allegedly, Tiffany only got on the show because of LeeAnne and she’s on there to further her husband’s music career.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I kind of feel like Tiffany may use Leanne to do her dirty work or something. Tiffanny was the one slandering Brandi to Heidi Dillon, whereas LeeAnne was saying she wanted Heidi to meet her and make her own opinion. At the very least, Tiffany doesn’t *help* her friend in these conflicts.

    • DaisyMarie

      Sounds about right! Tiffany at times seems like a level-headed normal girl but then she defends LeeAnn and I just think WTF!
      I do believe LeAnn a lot of issues stemming from her past and her childhood! And clearly she puts on a front. No wonder her boyfriend won’t marry her! I mean I do feel bad about her past and clearly it affects her a lot still but get some counseling!
      The thing I find most crazy is this whole Real Housewives of Dallas centers around charities and LeAnn being in the position of being the Forefront for many charities, Now that these episodes are airing Charities are not going to want her to represent them! Plus all the snooty charity biatches are going to see the true LeeAnn and not want to associate with her! If the season gets picked up for a second season but then I believe if LeAnn comes back for the second season she is going to be totally watching herself and be a completely different person, super fake! She’s already fake but she’s messed up so much and acted out so much that everyone sees the truth LeeAnn. She’s going to be mortified and probably totally shunned in the charity world of Dallas! What a dumbass lol if that’s what her life is all about as Charities she messed that one up. The whole show seems to center around charity events which is great but they need better story lines! Anyways that’s all :-)

  2. misti wilde

    Leeann is unable to break the cycle of abuse. She is the abuser now. She hasn’t overcome anything. She became IT. I think she’s only immersed in the charity world to avoid working on herself. Its so much easier to focus on the problems of others.

  3. JoJoFLL

    RHOD had so much potential to be so great and it isn’t. It falls flat.

    LeeAnne is a bad fit for this. She really is insane. I get that she had a tough life growing up but so did a lot of people who don’t act like this.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if this wasn’t renewed. Poor ratings, a cast that hate each other.

    If they do bring it back I can’t imagine anyone will film with LeeAnne.

    • Billie_bee

      Potential to be great? When? Every episode is talk about poop and jesus juice. I’d rather be watching repeats of RHODC :)

      • JoJoFLL

        Yes, the RHOD had the potential to be off the charts awesome with cowboys and ranches and billionaires and oil money. Maybe they just need to move over to Houston.

  4. Lindsay

    Leanne scares me. I love that “killing someone” is a statement that is up for interpretation…
    It was hilarious when she woke up in the am and acted all innocent, meanwhile the beast was unleashed and recorded.
    Brandi is dumb as a post but there is something endearing about her. The pissing in a cup thing though…

  5. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    TT, I so wish you would recap UnReal! It’s so good!

  6. Ktwallis

    Am I the only one who has pissed in a cup in a car?? National TV and an audience aside, seriously?

  7. Auntie Velvet

    Stephanie was my MVP of this episode, at least in terms of making me laugh at something I know I shouldn’t — Marie taking it up the ass from Leeanne, and then asking for a hug (which was shown right before Stephanie’s talking head).

  8. GirlFromKY

    Brandi said that gay guy said it was Marie who told him the poop story, remember? I’m sure gay guy would have said in the moment that it was Tiffany if it had been. LeaAnne totally acted a fool and has done so way too many times, but gosh, this is the second time we have seen on air how Marie betrayed her. I would have gone off on her ass too if it had been me… minus any threats to someone’s body though lol. Cary is really inserting her digs on LeaAnne too. Not saying I’m a LeeAnn fan by any means, but I REALLY don’t like Cary and truly believe she is a manipulative instigator.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I get a weird vibe from Cary as well. And agree with you that Marie was so wrong to tell anyone that story – but LeeAnne’s reaction is batshit, even though she was right to be upset about it. Just like with Brandi mimicking her and saying she “feels sorry” for LeeAnne (shades of Heather Dubrow trying to make Shannon Beador look insane – “should we call an ambulance?”). LeeAnne was right to be upset about that, Brandi was being a c*nt. But LeeAnne goes NUTSO and it’s not right.

  9. pfffttt

    Whoever did the casting for the show did a horrible job. LeeAnne and Brandi seem to be the only people that deliver each week. Cary is OK. She’s promising. The rest just do not stand out at all. Stephanie and Tiffany need to be “friends.”

    LeeAnne is fascinating to me. She is like a mixture of Kenya (beauty queen w/ childhood issues), Lea Black (HBIC, haughty socialite), Teresa Giudice (fly off the handle crazy) and season 1 of #RHOA Nene (crazy, not rich but desperately wants to be rich). She is just awesome TV.

    I hope if this gets a season 2 they do a better job of casting. They got the crazy role with LeAnne, build around that.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I don’t like LeeAnne’s brand of crazy, it makes me uncomfortable. I think she has legit problems, a la Kelly Bensimon, and it’s probably not in her best interests to be on reality tv.

    • Dis

      LeeAnne has Ramona down too #Ramotional 😀
      She is defintely the nutter. Tiffany is the #CarrierPigeon

  10. Valentine

    I’m totally not condoning the things Leeanne said, but I would be so angry if a friend that close (supposedly) betrayed me. I think Marie is just desperate for air time and is willing to destroy her friendship for that. I can’t imagine anyone would just take that verbal bashing if they didn’t think they deserved it in some way. I’m actually starting to like Brandi even though she’s pretty vapid and simple. She’s basically harmless. But ugh, Stephanie and Cary. I can’t stand those two at all. I really don’t like girls that act like Stephanie. Stephanie uses that fake little voice (its almost Landon-esque) and she just does whatever her husband tells her to do. It’s really sad. She’s pretty dumb too, but not in an endearing way. Cary reminds me of this really irritating, also somewhat masculine, cousin I have. They both pretend to have perfect lives, but in reality, their lives are not even close to perfect.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I thought Stephanie was just a dumb pretty blonde at first but I’ve changed my mind on her. Read her blog, she actually has some intelligence. And that may just be her voice (I haven’t noticed to be honest). My sister in law has a very little-girly sounding voice, but that’s just her voice and she can’t help it.

      • Allison

        I agree about Stephanie-I wasnt a fan at first with the voice and thought she was just sort of air-head-ish but she’s actually pretty funny. I dont find Cary as offensive as some do here, but I do find LeeAnne’s allegations about Cary’s marriage desperate and repulsive. Someone with such self perceived high social standing and important charitable work shouldnt be spreading hurtful, unfounded gossip. At least Cary HAS a marriage. What a shrew.

      • ….. I have a confession to make … Cary made me sympathetic towards Leeanne. I thought she, Leeanne, was a bit of a loose canon but Brandi, flip flops, Stephanie says horrible things about everyone in her talking heads, Cary’s got a real mean streak, Leeanne must be a billion times better than she use to be for Tiffany to always protect her but hey, at least she’s got her back, Marie obvs talks too much… I mean there’s not one I’d like to shoot the shit with… excuse the pun.

  11. misti wilde

    I did a little research on Leeann and her mother did OWN a carnival and Leeann did sometimes perform her act at those carnivals but she was raised by her loving grandparents from the age of 3. She went on to be a miss USA runner up and college graduate, model and actress. Hmm. I guess I was picturing a toothless dad with a beer in his hand running the tilt a wheel and a mom maybe working the corn dog stand and little Leeann running wild on her own. Not the case

  12. Latina2014

    If Leeann really cared about the Charity world n her reputation as much as she claims to, she should hav NEVER signed up for this reality show. Why? Bcs she Knows how cray cray she really is! Come on! Sooner or later people will c what a hypocrite she is n her true colors will b shown. She is literally crazier than the craziest, Tre!!! No, not a good thing for Carni loca! In her blog she SKIPS through the whole psycho moments! She talks about everyone else’s secrets n Behaviour to deflect from her most horrible criminalistic moment. Of course, that’s what she does second best! So full of excuses after” it’s unreal!
    I know Brandi may act n talk silly but she does have a Brain! She wasn’t afraid of her since the beginning. Yet she also has made an effort to get to know her n give he a chance. I like Brandi, she’s more real than others!
    Stephanie may have the girly voice n follows her to do list but she ain’t no dummy! I like how she is standing up to Carni cray crays Behaviour.
    Don’t like Tiffani at all…. Two faced n clearly is on the show to get attn for her husbands music. Not worth talking about her.
    Cari, she sees through cray cray n is calling her out on it, why not? Clearly L is lashing at her re her marriage bcs she knows Cari has her made.
    I hope Reunion is good.
    Next season, hope Tiffani is gone! Bring a new one that isn’t Leeann’s mouthpiece n enabler!

  13. bella

    Leeanne’s temper is scary…more than just the typical producer-driven housewife cat fight. She is like Jekyll and Hyde. Not sure if she has borderline or what, but her behavior is unsettling.

  14. McMindyTX

    Personally, RHOD has been a colossal disappointment. I’m a native Texan, and I don’t think I’ve had a conversation centered around poop since my kids were in diapers. While I can see why legitimate potential housewives might shy away from reality tv, could they honestly not do better? The trip to Austin would have been so much more enjoyable if they had actually filmed in some of the phenomenal locations Austin has to offer. I’m on the fence with Cary, but at least we get to see her great clothes.

  15. therealdeb

    I think Marie wanted to be a housewife and so she has been throwing Leeann under the bus to try and gain support or friends. She is a shady one. I have tried to give Leeann the benefit of the doubt about her outbursts but i can’t. she has an issue and needs it taken care of. That said, she has every right to be pissed at Marie, just not to be abusive about it. Brandi is a trashy little cuss, I would be ashamed if I were her husband. She is miserably unhappy and is also lashing out in a way, be passive agressive. Stephanie and Brandi are not as stupid s they play, I am not sure why they think we all want to see them drunk and talk about poop, jesus juice, and stupid behavior. It amkes me sad when women with some brains act like idiots. Tiffany is a tough one, I cannot decide about her. Cary weirds me out, she has very little neck and that always freaks me out. She is pretty trachy also, ans she brags about stealing her husband and how he used to be fat. I just cannot stand her.

  16. tamaratattles

    Leeanne Locken has been angry and aggressive and at time violent on every single episode with every single case member. She has said that the reason she storms off during arguments is beause if she doesn’t she will physically attack someone. She has hit a cameraman, she has hit a trolley, she has been in a tussle with Tiffany she has scared the other women to death several times.

    Those of you who think Marie had it coming for “betraying her” what proof do you have that happened? Some little twatty gay gossip that Xanadude despises so much he would not even type his name? That doesn’t seem like a reliable source. Even if Marie had said something about it. Leeanne’s mentally unstable reaction was certifiable.

    Leeanne has admitted that she goes into a rage for “a couple of hours and then she is over it” when she feels hurt. Which is every episode with every person.

    Muchlike Porsha Williams this woman is mentally ill and a legal liability to the show. The fact that some of you find this amusing… is disturbing.

    When she harms someone, I hope that person sues the fuck out of production, the show runner personally, Andy Cohen and Bravo.

    • WhyOWhy

      No way am I defending either her or Marie. I don’t think Marie had it coming, no one does (has it coming like that). And LeeAnne is way too volatile for a show like this. Ratings be damned. It’s not worth it to any of the cast members to be put in that position.

    • Allison

      I read that post before seeing who wrote it and thought “oh, whoever wrote that just nailed the Leeanne thing PERF”. Of course it was TT. I’m with you. I dont think its amusing or funny and it actually makes me uncomfortable when she has a freak out every episode. Not sure how many times she actually has to threaten someone before Bravo or Andy see what a liability and danger she is. Marie looked TERRIFIED. Leanne and her sidekick Tiffany just assumed she was the one who said something, no proof, just the insane thought process of an unbalanced woman and her enabler. On no level do I think that Marie had any of that coming to her, even if she did say something SO WHAT, that was above and beyond. The “betrayal” was something Leeanne just decided happened.

      • Jim

        I’m curious to know if hot cop boyfriend has dumped Leeanne after seeing the show air? I can’t imagine he’d want his reputation soiled by that insane woman.

        I would actually love to have a second season with Leeanne just to see how her first season behavior negatively affects her life.

      • Bravo and Andy love this stuff. Look at how many times Porsha has been in physical altercations and she’s still on the show. She should have been fired after her assault on Kenya IMHO but no, let’s just wind her up and she what she does. LeeAnn is the same way.

    • Michelle

      Wow! I think that is exaggerating just a tad. I actually feel sorry for leanne. Yes, she has lashed out and made herself look bad, but I really believe it is coming out of hurt. I think that everyone has at one time gotten mad over something someone did and “I’m going to kill him or her” and of course had no real thought in their head of actual murder. I believe the words she was using with marie are figures of speech. I believe that Marie is purposely trying to hurt leanne and she is smart because she knows leanne is going to flip out and then she (marie) can play the victim. Also, leanne may have problems, but she doesn’t seem half as weird and scary to me as Carie and her extremely strange husband!

  17. Lisanobiglips

    Cary was videotaping the fight to send to the producers to get Leeann fired from the show. Marie thinks that she is the mean girls’ friend so she has been feeding them dirt on Leeann to cause drama. There is more to this saga than we know.

    • tamaratattles

      Cary was filming it because production was gone and LEEANNE WAS LOSING HER FUCKING MIND, breaking glass and threatening to kill people.

      How exactly are you going to make this not Leeanne’s fault again?

      • Latina2014

        I agree w/u TT, nooo excuse whatsoever, nothing justifies Leeann exploding the way she has. Glad Cary recorded that. It had to have been way worse than what Cary’s video shows, bcs:
        1) Marie looked horrified, like she couldn’t breath.
        2) Steph n Brandi both said they were scared out of their minds n we didn’t really c that bcs production was not there.
        3) Cari recorded for some proof.
        Lastly IMO for Tiffani to claim she “heard nothing” it had to b so bad bcs how cld she even protect n defend her friend if it was that bad…

  18. WhyOWhy

    Oh man. I can’t like this show but I can’t stop watching it!

    I’m pretty sure Cary’s husband is a cross dresser, which is fine if that’s what floats his boat, but the way he dresses her and packs for her and everything is borderline creepy to me.

    LeeAnne is a whack job! OMG, I can’t imagine ANYONE wanting to film with her after this season. Isn’t threatening someone with murder enough to make the producers think twice about having her on the show?

    I’m over the poop talk. But I felt for Brandi when she was talking about her brother.

    That house was gorgeous. Hard to believe that Travis and Bryan built that. They were were probably having some big bromancing while the wives were gone. I wonder where Bryan is staying since we all seem to think he’s not living with Brandi.

    I actually kind of like Stephanie. I don’t know why, but I do.

    Marie is shady as heck. She’s got an agenda and it seems to be getting LeeAnne off the show.

  19. Lolagyrl

    I could understand LeeAnne’s reaction if her friend had shared something that was actually intimate & personal. Taking care of one’s bodily needs politely in an emergency situation is not a big deal. She pooped. In a bag. Not on the seat. Not on herself. I assume she disposed of the bag appropriately. LeeAnne was the only one having a conniption about the story. If she’d just played it off it would have been no big deal. Someone’s a little thirsty.

    • MzKRB

      I’m not a Leanne fan, nor do I condone the extreme reaction but I am team Leanne on this one. I agree with that Marie has wanted camera time and has been doing what she needs to bring attention to herself which includes talking shit (no pun intended) behind her “friends” back. I think the poop in the bag was what broke the camel’s back. Leanne had already been hearing that she is being two faced and then to find out that Marie told an embarrassing story about her to outsiders, a day full of alcohol, anger, and embarrassment leads to the perfect shit storm. (Pun intended) They all appear to be prissy women but I think common sense would tell them that while her behavior could be menacing, the likelihood of her actually slaughtering her in a house full of people and where cameras are going to be is very unlikely. Marie did look like a scolded puppy, but I don’t think this because she was “traumatized” or “scared” of Leanne but more so from guilt because she knew she had been caught and confirmed of how two faced she was being.

  20. 3 Cops in my family

    Leanne is a bat crap crazy bitch. Not only is her charity world going to sink faster than the Titanic, her boyfriends job could be in jeapordy, because of moral behavior requirements. He cannot look away from actual recordings of her threatening someone’s life. Cop families actions DO reflect on cop’s reputations.

  21. tripleOGpearl

    I usually try to refrain from being dramatic but in this case it’s unavoidable. Leanne is certifiable And not in a funny way. I think it was Stephanie’s talking head that mentioned she didn’t want to be in a 20/20 special regarding Leanne’s homicidal ideology. Well, if that isn’t a bit of foreshadowing idk what is. My stomach legit turned and it takes a LOT to stir me. Leanne is dangerous. And not in the regular, reality show, fly off the handle bar fight, sort of way. She is DANGEROUS!! We are watching the calm before the storm. And Bravo better be lawyered up. Leanne makes me think of the case years ago where the person killed themselves after appearing on Jenny Jones talk show.

    With that being said, I am here for it all.

  22. bourbon&coke

    Did anyone else notice the realtor lock box on the door of the lake house? It’s visible for a quick second when Leeanne opens the door following the “discussion” over her fit of rage. After she walks outside the realtor yard sign is also visible, all be it blurry, in the background. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems strange that they made such a big deal over their husbands building this gorgeous house together for their families, yet made no mention of the fact that it is (or was, at the time of filming) on the market.

  23. Blahblahblogeh

    Series has been a flop for me. I actually kinda like Stephanie. Surprised Tiffany Bolton’s (I mean Hendra’s…) porn past hasn’t been brought up yet…

    • Jim

      I don’t think most people would consider Cinemax erotic movies to be ‘porn’ these days. It’s just topless, simulated sex. And many real Hollywood actresses have been doing the exact same thing for decades in popular, critically acclaimed movies. The only difference is that Tiffany’s movies were made for Cinemax. And I don’t think anyone ever considered her a real actress, lol.

  24. If Tiffany was really a friend to LeeAnne she would hide her blush.

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