Filming Officially Begins For RHOA Season 9 Today!

RHOA Phaedra Giant Bagel
Happy first day of filming RHOA Season 9 y’all! In the days before filming starts I get all sorts of odd “sources” saying all sorts of things. It’s usually things we WISH were true but are not. This year there have been lots of rumblings about Phaedra that I really wanted to believe. But alas, the filming trucks started rumbling through her neighborhood at the butt crack of dawn this morning.  I’ve also heard unconfirmed speculation that Phaedra’s mother has either been ill or had some sort of surgery and that this might play into her Phaedra’s storyline this season. As we know Phaedra and Porsha are on the outside of the group this season and her Phaedra’s mother often gives her someone to film with. Let’s hope Pastor Bell is doing well and this speculation is unfounded. I’d much rather see Phaedra and her mother, that Phaedra and Porsha.

Meanwhile, production is all in a dither because they have tried to plot out the storylines for this “reality” show and reality keeps on getting in the way of their scripts.  Nene supposedly has some last minute thing happening in Vegas.. I am not sure if she is even on the way back the ATL yet or if they have worked out her schedule and contract requirements. Cynthia was in Negril as of yesterday enjoying her “almost single” life and possibly getting her groove back. Kenya has apparently been living on a plane for the last week or so between Mexico, Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles. If RHOOC is any example of the new overused storylines being passed around between franchises she needs to get home so we can see her giving herself IVF shots a la Meghan Edmonds. UGH. Porsha has been out buying new THOTwear for the season.  Once again the show is out of the gate with a highly unsettled filming schedule.


RHOA Phaedra Porsha

Oh and after a couple of years of hearing about these “limited contracts” that Phaedra and Porsha supposedly have this season, it was finally explained to me what they mean.  Someone can have a limited contract and still hold a peach. A limited contract simply means they are not guaranteed to be on every episode. That is important as they are paid per episode. It’s kind of a half step between full housewife and FOH. If Nene’s contract gets worked out, hers will probably be for a full housewife even if she is not in a lot of the scenes and is allowed to work elsewhere.  They will just cut in a scene with her and Greg chatting while he drinks out of his toilet mug or something. See? Clear as mud as usual.

I’ve still heard almost nothing about Sheree. As much as I hate to say it, I think we really need her back. Since Cynthia has moved back into her old wing up Nene’ ass, Kenya could use someone to film with.  At least until Nene leaves her in the dust again. Kandi also needs filming friend this season as I don’t think the situation with Kandi and Phaedra will ever mend itself. I really hoped this Nene, Kenya, Kandi and Cynthia alliance would stick this season but it seemed to sort of unravel before it ever began.

It’s time to sit back and wait while a vicious game of Pass the Peach begins once again. I’m still a bit suspicious of why Kenya was the only one invited to Upfronts from Atlanta and why Kyle was the only one invited from RHOBH. Nary a soul will open their mouths about that. It sort of makes me feel like everyone’s replaceable… and the peach passing could get really nasty during filming this time. And who are the two other girls testing this season with Maryam? As soon as I get answers I will pass them on to you!


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25 responses to “Filming Officially Begins For RHOA Season 9 Today!

  1. Ms.Minnie

    Ok let me get this straight, with the exception of kim fields who we already knew about, bravo has kept all the women from the previous season and only 1 new housewife again? The only women who delivered last season were Kenya, Kandi, Sheree and Cynthia and even Kandi and Cynthia are a stretch. I hope Maryam and the other new wives pan out just like Siggy and Dolores did for Jersey because if not were gonna have another bash Kenya season from Phaedra and porsha and fake being cordial and then cursing her out at the reunion. Oh well ladies and gentlemen let’s get ready for another boring badly edited, no storylines season from Carlos and Andy.

    • Keya

      Sigh….I agree.

    • tamaratattles

      Miss Minnie, Last season we had Tammy lose her peach right at the end of filming. EVERYTHING is up in the air with this franchise every season. Any number of these households could see an indictment and that would surely help the season! It’s too late to despair just yet.

      I do fear we may have to sit through Porsha in anger management classes….

  2. Michelle

    Hopefully there is a story and Sheree comes back in full force!

    • Minky

      While Sheree is Sheree, I think she and Kenya could work together as a sort of “keeping it real” tag-team. Reading people and calling out the idiocy of others. Lets face it, Sheree’s the only one Nene’s ever run away from.

      As loathsome and delusional as Sheree can be and has been, I would love to see her chase away Phaedra and Porsha. That would be television. And of course, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Marlo! Marlo! Marlo!

  3. Jack

    Can someone tell me what upfronts are?

    • tamaratattles

      Hi Jack! Upfronts are when networks woo advertisers and announce their season line ups. It’s a big to do and the stars of the show are invited to schmooze with the ad guys. They happen a couple of times a year. Every network, CBS, ABC, NBC etc does them.

  4. Tee

    TT one of the reasons it was only Kenya and Kyle could be that NBCU held their up fronts the same day as E! & Bravo and most other branches that fall under the NBCU umbrella. I’m here for new blood and more than 1 new wife please.

    • tamaratattles

      How would that effect anything? Bravo still does their own Upfronts just on the same day this year.

      • Tradeshow98

        If the same day , they probably could not attend both.

      • tamaratattles

        See? THE BRAVO UPFRONTS are for the BRAVO SHOWS. Why would only inviting TWO people rather than the usual DOZEN people….sigh.

        Nevermind. I don’t have the ability to illustrate the situation with pictures here and I feel they may be needed.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @tradeshow, I don’t think bravolebrities would be attending anything other than Bravo upfronts.

  5. minimogul

    Great post. I really wanted to believe we were done with Phaedra and Porsha for good. I can’t stand the site of either of them. I look forward to all of your AHW tea.

  6. Fabz

    Yes hope Sheree is back full time, don’t mind Phaedra still being on the show but Porsha can exit, she brings nothing to the show IMO.

  7. Tee

    Why else would you consolidate, budget cuts. They had to share the day with Bravo, CNBC, E!, Esquire Network, Golf Channel, MSNBC, NBC Entertainment, NBC News, NBC Sports Network, NBC Universo, Oxygen, Sprout, Syfy, Telemundo and USA.

  8. GirlOnFire

    OMG this is total bullsh!t, tamara does not know what she’s talking about and to make it worse she has the instagram bloggers reposting her bull. Pass the peach, limited contracts really smh. She can’t even tell you guys who’s truly in or out but you guys continue to fall for her mess. She said Yolanda was fired but she was wrong, but I’ve noticed with post like these tamara never can confirm because obviously her sources are bogus and only made up in her mind.

    • JanaApril

      I’ve made only a few post her and I like her take and scoop on here. Is it that serious? Who said Yolanda is “hired” either? I haven’t seen it reported anywhere that Yolanda has a contract. It’s an entertainment site so she isn’t going to tell everyone who all her sources are and that’s on top of the PR game that’s played by all sides. It’s really not that serious so no one is falling for anyone’s mess I would think. I would think most people realize things with that stuff can change at any moment. But some people really seem to take this stuff very serious. Sources and other eyes are a good thing. If something happens where you Yolanda gets a contract ( I doubt it) than that doesn’t mean they were made up in her mind. I thought Tamara said in the initial article about Yolanda not being asked back that she could possibly pull something last minute.

    • Sweet T

      I come to this site to read tamara’s witty posts and read the comments. I also enjoy when Tamara tears commenters apart and sends them to the window licking section. and she digs up some great tea!

    • Toddy

      Why bother to read here, GirlOnFire?

  9. Antoine S

    Honestly I’m hoping for Sheree to return. I liked seeing her back as a friend last season. Made RHOA feel like RHOA again with all the girls mostly getting along. We needed that after that dark season we had before that. I’d welcome some new girls to this group at this point as well.

  10. pfffttt

    I wonder if Sheree and Porsha have beef? Some PR person that use to be BFF’s with Sheree, outed Sheree on twitter for selling the story to TMZ about Porsha beating up her friend at last seasons finale.

  11. Pat

    Sounds like the Bravo fairy godmother decided not to grant my wishes. I wanted Bravo to let Porsha, Kandi, Kenya, Kim, and Sheree go. Keep Phaedra. I don’t like her, but she’s interesting and has lovely little boys. Keep Cynthia cuz she now has two interesting storylines: her split from Peter and her efforts to get back on the Nene slave ship. Add Cynthia’s sister Mallory. She has fire, is real, and has class. Bring back Cynthia’s weird friend Tammy. She seems interesting and not superficial like the others. Bring back Nene. I can’t believe I just said that cuz I can’t stand the nasty woman. But without Peter, Cynthia is going to need a strong personality to ride on. I would also like to add another petite woman so that (without Kandi), Phaedra won’t look like she’s in the Land of Giants. So, my ideal cast would include Cynthia, Mallory, Phaedra, Tammy, Nene, and an unknown, feisty, petite married woman.

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