Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Entrée Boo Boo

Below Deck Med Ben
It’s time to head out to the Mediterranean and play, “Is this the episode Danny gets fired?” once again. We are off to a positive outlook for a firing as we begin with a drunk Danny telling Bryan that he thinks that his “actions have been underappreciated and he wants to correct that.”  Danny is clueless to the fact that he would have been fired on the large majority of other ships by now. Bryan tells Danny he is the ‘bottom of the boat.” Which is sort of true but what he is not is a inside stew in charge of the guests happiness. He the guy that washes the windows and helps dock the boat.

Oh! Bryan is an SAE. That tells me everything I need to know. Very entitled frat boy. Lousy lay. Allegedy. That was a generalization of the fraternity. Specific to this situation, Bryan is way to drunk to get it up. Did he just tell Tiffany to sit on his thumb in the hot tub and then call her a hood rat when she laughed?  Tiffany just laughed and laughed and ignored him. It’s hysterical how the next day Bryan tells the story to Bobby that Tiffany really wanted to hook up with him but he was not interested.

The guests are a father and a son and their significant others. Both are named Alan. Not sure if Alan Jr,’s mom is his father’s date or a newer model.  Junior is celebrating seven long months of boning the same girl on this trip. Since there is no further information I assume their weird quick is that both guys are douches.


Below Deck 3
Ben apologizes to Hannah for taking Danny’s side the previous evening. Hannah seems to think Ben is asking her on a date. Ben thinks he is smoothing things over. What he is doing is called leading her on. The head on to dry land for a dinner including a wide variety of proteins. It was all very G rated. Speaking of leading people on, Julia is giving Bobby false hope.

Oh Lord. The charter guests arrive and they are repeaters from Rocky’s season when the chef left and Rocky tried to cook. So I was right, douchebags it is. Of course the first thing Ben serves is tuna sushi freshly caught and Senior can’t eat tuna because of his mercury levels. #eyeroll  I notice we haven’t seen any preference sheets to speak of on this trip. These sorts usually send a list of peanut allergies and gluten intolerances and high levels of grieving for the families of cooked salmon. This season I guess all of that will be a surprise.

Junior’s girlfriend wants a fake Valentine’s Day experience for their seven months boning anniversary. I hate these people. I am usually appalled when the crew insults the paying guests all the time, but these people deserve it.

I am so cynical that I find it hard to believe this little boat is actually sinking and requesting assistance from the crew, but it is becoming more and more real looking. And the boat is a total loss it looks like! Wow.

Senior sends the espresso martini that Hannah made back to her and then comes down to teach her how to make it.  She makes him one with more espresso and he loves it. He just likes being a douche.

Later for the romantic dinner, Hannah decides to change Ben’s menu up on the last moment. Which she really can’t do. What she did was explain that the heavy kabobs and such didn’t go with the live instrumental accompaniment she selected. So he agreed to do a salmon crostini app and some buttered prawns instead. Senior is not going to like this. I can tell already.

Hannah is really bad at food service. She brings out the prawns and announces “course number one” and plops the prawns down. The guests are privy to this storyline where they are to be told they are getting three courses and only get two. The can barely stop themselves from eating all their prawns because they must pretend like they are about to be left hungry. I hate these fake scenes.

Hannah is “blamed” for the debacle regarding courses, which was all a set up. Yet this will be the “reason” that Ben and Hannah argue. /sigh

Next Week: We get new guests. A bunch of horny guys looking to get laid in Greece.


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23 responses to “Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Entrée Boo Boo

  1. AUDGE

    Frat boy Bryan…drink less and work on your foreplay and maybe you’ll get laid some day. Gross.

  2. Theresa

    I thought the sinking ship was a set up too when they were calling mayday in English. I’ve never been to Greece but have been to other countries in Europe and they generally spoke I their own language.

    • Jim

      “Mayday” is an international distress signal.

    • DJFL

      “Mayday, an international radio distress signal used especially by ships and aircraft, has a more linguistic origin than the pragmatic approach of S.O.S. Although a connection to the month of May might seem likely, it is actually an anglicization of the French m’aidez or m’aider, meaning ‘help me’.”

    • All emergency radio transmissions must be transmitted in English, it is Maritime law. All GMDSS radio operators must be able to converse in English. It’s part of being able to get your license. English is the universally accepted language for all emergency transmissions.
      Capt Lee.

      • tamaratattles

        OMG! Captain Lee is here watching me cheat on him with Captain Mark! I feel so dirty! :)

      • Char

        ❤️ 😬 ❤️
        Love the original crew, even the ever-bitchy sour puss Kate. Not feeling so warm and cozy with this new group. Besides Ben. He’s a dirty ol’ hoot but for some reason I love that guy.

      • T D

        O Captain! My Captain!

  3. cheychey

    Bryan has an inflated ego and is an enormous dough bag. Danny is immature and doesn’t accept that his many chances are ones that most people in the hospitality business would not have received. That being said the guests love him. He really should change his job and become a stew. I think that job would suit him better. He really has the personality to interact with the guests more and is an asset to everyone’s tips. He obviously still would have to realize boundaries with guests and stews work hard so he would have to submit to hard work.

  4. pokerplayer

    Bryan, yuck!

  5. Barbara

    If one is going to be so particular about their preferred martini, one should at least be able to pronounce it correctly. I cringed every time he said EXpresso. Ugh. At least he did compliment her professional ism.

  6. Jackie

    I’ve known my fair share of frat boys but I would hope that when you are in your thirties you would shed that persona.

  7. kendrawm

    While I agree it is a set up, it is very confusing when things get lost in translation. They really need to just refer to the courses by number, entree in Europe and the states are 2 different things. So when 2 of your stews are used to entree being used in the before the main/meat dish and the other stew and chef referring to it as the main, it is ripe for a shit show. Everyone should just be using the number system. Which honestly they would all know, but I guess we needed some made up drama. And Hannah complaining about not having a menu, then make one, especially since she is so terrible at describing the food.

  8. PickyLongstocking

    SAE => Sex Above Everything. Or was that just at my college??

    • tamaratattles

      Stupid And Entitled. White southern idiots, many of whom are racists (remember that nasty racist viral video from U of OK last yearsih?) also they manage to kill more pledges than any other fraternity. I think they are the reason that Universities have banned pledging completely.

    • tamaratattles

      Back in the age of the dinosaurs, they had the bes (most expensive) bands at their parties. There were lots of guys there with whiskey dick. Allegedly.

      • T D

        Bryan has whiskey thumb ‘ cause it’s bigger than his peen. Rated .5 Sandoval’s. He will never know the difference between ooh and aah. Heard tell it was a matter of inches. Motion can’t fix unendowed. Another thumb that didn’t get lucky, like a hitch- hiker in the rain.

  9. Zorn Dpark

    What a horrible cast. Don’t care about any of them. Kind of hoping for the ship to sink with them on it.

    • tamaratattles

      I actually like this cast. At least right now there is no bullying of one stew by the other two. It’s more like one big orgy in the crew quarters. None of the are especially worthy of fanning out over, but I don’t pray for any of them to fall off the ship and drown like on the original version (Kate).

  10. Rach

    Did anyone catch Alan juniors girl had been on the episode of below deck with Dan punch ass Caldwell? What does she do for a living? Check the footage

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