Southern Charm Recap: From Here To Paternity

Southern Charm thomas baby
Southern Charm has been blissfully, Patti-free for the past couple of weeks as the rest of the cast sits around talking about their deep hatred for a twenty something pregnant girl. This week the elderly yankee woman will entertain a group of men who are clearly not southern gentleman, and they will call into question the paternity of one of the invited guest’s newborn child.  I cannot for the life of me comprehend a group of adult males being led in conversation by an old woman of questionable relationships in her past,  regarding the paternity of someone’s newborn child. But that is what we are about to witness. This behavior is neither southern, nor charming in the least.

When all the bloggers start posting that this Akim guy was never Craig’s boss and that the entire storyline of Craig’s job last season was bogus, you would think that production would not go back there and just forge ahead with the bogus story of his new girlfriend, Naomie.  But you would be wrong.

Across town, Shep meets with his artist (not exactly) girlfriend for lunch. She dumps him.

Cameran goes to her mother’s house to discuss her storyline this season. She has no maternal instincts. Her mother tells her if she doesn’t want to have kids, she doesn’t have to have any. Later we see Shep being a goofball on a showing with Cameran. More scripted nonsense. But at least it is humorous. I hate that red mulch outside the listing. Cameran fires Shep. That’s two dumpings of Shep in one episode for those who are playing along at home.

Kathryn and Thomas bring the baby home from the hospital. He is so tiny!  They are calling him Julien. I thought they settled on Saint. Personally, I think they should just call him J.R. and spare him the schoolyard tauntings. He is so tiny! Kathryn is very tiny as well in her talking heads. The baby seems to have taken to breast feeding right way. Thomas and Kathryn are getting along well. She is already asking for a ring. Thomas talks about Snowden being a bad influence on Kathryn. He doesn’t seem to realize all of the toxic influences he surrounds himself with.

Southern Charm Thomas

JD and Shep are having a little celebration for Thomas at a bar. I was wondering who the woman with the ponytail was and then I realized it’s the porn guy from Thomas’ kitchen!  Where is Whitney? Would two of Thomas’ paramours be one to many for this seedy event?  Thomas announces that his boy will not be circumcised. I am probably in the minority on this issue but I agree with Thomas.

Shep and Whitney meet for drinks. Whitney tries to give Shep advice on women. I’ll spare you the bullshittery. Later Shep drops in on Landon. Apparently, Shep needs to film with all the low lives this week. I hate that I can’t take a single scene seriously this season. It’s so frustrating to watch them ruin what could have been a great show. Landon sort of professes her undying love for Shep. So he bolts.  She goes to see the NYC guy who she presented her dumb idea to a few episodes ago. He is magically in Charleston, a few doors down and she hoofs it on over to his place to make a second ridiculous presentation.

Patti’s Dinner Party

Along with Thomas, the guests include Whitney, Shep, JD, Craig and Tommy Bennet the real estate agent who sold Patti her house. He’s, well quite the character. The first thing I notice is that the silverware is  not properly placed.  Did this guy really got to butler school or is he a random character actor?

Tommy was called in to lead a character assignation of K. Cooper Ray. Because Patti is almost as jealous of K. Cooper Ray as she is of Kathryn. Tommy says that the Founder’s Ball is “made up bullshit.”  When actually it was a production storyline for K. Cooper Ray. It was clearly referred to as the “FIRST ANNUAL Founders Ball.”  And when it happened Patti just ADORED the entire event and was on camera saying as much. But now that KCR will not ostracize his pregnant friend, it’s suddenly “bullshit.” She has to know that the ball was an event by Bravo just like any other “bullshit” events on the housewives franchises.  She is foolish to think that besmirching KCR is going to help her standing with the fans of the show.

Craig from Delaware says that Founder’s Day is not a real holiday. In fact it is. Every year on the second weekend of April there are Founders Day Celebrations, reenactments and the occasional parade to celebrate the founding of Charleston in 1670.  Having a Founders Day Ball fits right into the celebration. Of course the yankees are not expected to know this. But Thomas should. Is he still in the bathroom? With Thomas in the bathroom, there is not one single person from Charleston at this table. Shep is at least from South Carolina (Hilton Head).

Dinner conversation turns to Landon and her newly professed love of Shep. Patti thinks Landon is just lovely. Because of course she does.

After dinner, they have a drink in the sitting room. Thomas says nice things about Kathryn. JD asks if he is going to have one of those “paternal tests” on the boy child. Thomas lies and says the first paternity test was inconclusive. Inconclusive is not a possible outcome of a paternity test.

Craig from Delaware has been brought back under control of the darkside and now claims to know who Kathryn was dating when he was back home with his parents at the time of the babies conception. He says he doesn’t think the kid is Thomas’.  Patti says it wouldn’t be the first time that Kathryn has lied.

Next Week: It’s the dinner party where Thomas goes off on all the assholes and vengeance is finally had. I can’t wait to see Landon and Cameran and Whitney get what is coming to them.


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  1. Lindsay

    Landon’s getting shot down left and right. I would presume that an endorsement from Pat counts in that category for you!
    I feel like this whole dinner party thing is going to be yet another instance of Kathryn and Thomas being on the opposite page. She wants to belong and he wants to throw his dick on the table and “have her back”. It’s quite sad to watch them at cross purposes- the last few episodes really illustrate how much she’d hoped it would work out.

    • Tp

      The dinner party seems to go south, way south. Thomas has his faults , there’s no denying there’s a whole list ! One of which is that he is gullable as hell. Kathryn has been laying it on thick with Thomas this season to get back into his good graces. And just as soon as she’s back on with him, and feeling like she’s hbic again , all hell breaks loose every time. He ends up blowing up on all the other cast members in her defense per usual. I could see in the previews that Kathryn was acting a fool when she saw the others girls at the upcoming dinner party and apparently she wound Thomas up bc he acts a fool too. All this sweet little ole Kathryn stuff is all fake. And that’s why the others are so over her bs.

      • Lindsay

        I lost my cable remote so I could only watch it live, I want to watch the preview again for sure

      • Roberta

        How do you watch this live on your computer…i tried …helpful when im out of town. Appreciate if you could advise me.

      • Lindsay

        There is some way to do it at the bravo website but I think it requires selecting your home cable provider and entering your user name and password, sort of like HBOGo…

      • Agreed! Most southerners can see behind the facade…we all have dealt with it.

    • Sharon

      That scene with Landon getting told by the NYC guy that Landon had “nothing” he could even show his angel investors was hilarious! She actually thought that her hand drawn sketches would be enough when he clearly asked her to design a real prototype website. She is so clueless was kind of sad to see how dumfounded she was that she didn’t seal the deal.

      Then to see Shep choke on his wine when Landon professed her love was pure comedy. Did anyone else catch when Shep said he slept with Landon one time 2 years ago and they both thought it best to be friends so it surprised him that she has these feelings for him.

  2. LA_in_KY

    I am so grossed out by these “southern gentlemen.” I have really been checking my tablet every few minutes so I can comment. While I am team Kathyn why was that new baby in wrong child seat position? It freaked me out to see St in front facing car seat.

    • LA_in_KY

      The men on this show really disgust me. I took four cigarette breaks during the course of this episode.

    • Bridget stuver

      Oh.. i noticed all the above. These guys r gross… & pat is a silly old lady. But lets just focus on the fact that babies need to b in the car correctly. Can’t a tv show figure this out. They are more important.

  3. bella

    My husband walked in and said (about JD) “he’s just like Todd Packer from The Office.” I died laughing. It’s so true!

  4. Tp

    It is suspicious when a baby is born perfectly healthy at least a month early with no mention of being premature. Also suspicious that there aren’t many pics of the baby online when there were tons of the first baby. Anyone who can’t see through Kathryn’s charade this season probably didn’t watch season one and two. Thomas wants a son though , so he basically said he doesn’t care if the baby is his or not. So it’s a moot point.

    • Have you seen the show? The kid is clearly a premie! He is also all over Kathryn’s Instagram. This entire comment is ridiculous.

      • Tp

        Yes! As a matter of fact I did watch the show! And there was not one mention of the baby being a premie or any worry about the child being born that far before the due date. They don’t typically plan a birth when the child is over a month early. And they don’t say ” he was ready to be here.”

      • tamaratattles

        Were your eyes open when they showed the baby? He’s clearly a preemie, you idiot!

      • O.O

        @tp there was a mention of the child being taken early and if the mom is at risk which would put the child at risk there is always a plan to take the baby early .

      • Dixie Sugabaker

        There was a mention of Kathryn having high blood pressure which can lead to preeclampsia. I am sure the reason to induce the baby early was a medical decision due to her high blood pressure.

        By the way, my son was a preemie. He was five weeks early, over six pounds and was healthy enough not to have to go to NICU. When I asked my doctor why he came so early, my doctor’s answer was “Guess he was ready to be born.” If anyone were to question my son’s paternity based upon the mere fact that he was early, I would be more than happy to introduce my foot to their rear end.

    • therealdeb

      Who are you and what is your connection to Patti? You basically wrote a bio for her above and have now decided to play armchair OB. So glad your internet medical degree and detective classes have paid off.

      • Sorry. I deleted the ridiculous bio. Tp is apparently buying Patti’s act hook line and sinker…

      • Lindsay

        Goddamn it I knew I shouldn’t have spent all that time reading the daily mail

      • Tp

        haha ! That’s hilarious! I am just a viewer with a different opinion I suppose. I just find it funny that everyone claims that patti is trash when I read that she actually wasn’t trash. What’s wrong with saying so? And it doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together , nor a medical degree. Simple math.

      • tamaratattles

        I tell you what, I’m going to let you wander off and try to find a pro Patti site. I’m sure there must be one out there somewhere. Your critical thinking skills and your math skills are severely lacking. I think you would be much happier at another site.

        Careful of that door on the way out.

      • Joan

        Well said TP.

      • Happygal

        You are retarded. TP must stand for toilet paper because everything you have written is not even worth wiping my butt with .

    • Erica

      Are you kidding? First of all…. clinical definition of preemie is a baby over 3 weeks early. 4 weeks is a bit of concern, but plenty of babies are born in that time frame that are perfectly healthy… but tiny and healthy. Usually they just aren’t “fat and sassy”. If she was having complications like blood pressure, etc., it is totally believable that the doc would induce a little earlier. Also… when you just have one at that age – it is easy peasy to post social media pics – hell, take photos with a camera. Second kids definitely get the short end of the stick in terms of pictures, especially when the older sibling is still in diapers herself!!!

    • jen

      The baby was born 3 weeks early. So was mine. He was not a premie. He was 6 lbs. Her baby was also 6 lbs. Still not a premie.

      • tamaratattles

        They were already inducing early BEFORE it was moved up due to her blood pressure issues. You should probably understand what a premature birth is as well. If your kid came three weeks early, he was technically a preemie as well. The more you know… RAINBOW.

      • jen

        Right. Lol. I’ve HAD children.

      • jen

        And yep “blood pressure issues,” is typically pre eclampsia. Yep had that and baby had ro come early. They tried to induce then had to do a c section. If you are going to call people out know what you are talking about.

      • RealE

        3 weeks is early yes and can still carry risks but not considered a preemie. Anything over 37 weeks is conscidered full term . I’ve also had a preemie baby at 35 weeks and a baby born hours after I made it to 37 weeks by emergency c section.

        TT while I applaud you for saying those things to TP, you are wrong about what a preemie is. Unless you are right and the entire medical field is lying. While I usually enjoy reading your comment responses, Telling a mom of a baby born early she needs to educate herself when you are the one in the wrong is uncouth IMO.

        Of course you are right Jen and know this by your experience. I am sorry you had to go through that and glad your little one was born 6lb and healthy.

      • tamaratattles

        You seem to think you know exactly how many weeks Kathryn’s baby had been cooking. You are just as ridiculous at TP. On SEPTEMBER 16th, she announced to the media that she was having a boy and that he was due in December. The boy was born on November 9th with three months left in November not counting how many days she had left to go in DECEMBER.

        You can look at the baby and tell he was premature even if you didn’t know that her inducement was moved up by three addition week for the original date due to complications. I find it incredible that anyone could observe this not believe the child was premature or assume it was born at 37 weeks because that is when their child was induced. I’m going to go with what the woman carrying the child said.

      • Kimberly

        I am a nurse practitioner in a NICU. That baby is definitely premature. People are correct in saying that anything less than 37 weeks is considered premature. Anything 37-39 weeks is considered early term. Add in the fact she had pregnancy induced hypertension and/or pre-eclampsia and you will have a “growth restricted” or “small for gestational age” baby. That being said, by his features, he is most definitely a premature baby. Just being premature, however, does not automatically mean a NICU visit. Many newborn nurseries allow stable, healthy babies > 35 weeks to be in the regular nursery. Hope this helps!

      • jen

        Oh I assumed 37 weeks

      • jen

        Oh my other one was late and huge!! Say sorry for that one lol. No worries. The huge one hurt.

      • RealE

        Grr on my iPad i can’t see a way to reply to the comments nested under Jen’s comment.
        TT- touché and great point about me not knowing that Kathryn’s baby was born at 37 weeks. I am going off her saying 3 weeks earlier than expected but that doesn’t mean her date wasnt moved up a second time as you pointed out and I hadn’t thought about that, BUT majority of my points were actually about you telling Jen that HER baby born at 37 weeks was a preemie baby and that JEN need to educate herself about her own baby you said to JEN “if your kid came three weeks early (37 weeks) he was technically a preemie”. I was just trying to explain as Jen did, that’s not a preemie. There is nothing wrong TT with you not knowing the technical cut off for preemie and mis stating and then just admitting that. Additionally you can not look at a baby and tell it was preemie, that’s ignorant. If you are trying to say… Which I think you are.. You can tell it wasn’t a full term 40 week baby … Or you can tell its small .. Ok I’m with you there. My second was not preemie and I wish I could post a photo because he was much smaller than St Julien and still nope not a preemie. Anyone looking couldn’t judge preemie/ not preemie.
        ….. Alright I’ll concede maybe I’m splitting hairs with this post. Maybe I’m just sensitive on the preemie thing cuz The preemie I actually had almost didn’t make it.
        End of it, we were all annoyed at TP ignorant statement and I’ll leave it there.
        Happy Wednesday!

    • JKR

      Have you ever had a child? I went into early labor at 30 weeks and was hospitalized. Doctors made it very clear that in order for my daughter to have a much higher percentage of being healthy and able to go home after a few weeks, I had to wait to deliver until 32 weeks because that’s when a baby’s lungs are fully matured and viable. Yes, 32 weeks. That is TWO months premature. Although it is best to keep a child in utero until the predicted due date, a baby is likely to be born healthy but small at a month early. The last month mostly involves the most weight gain. Read a book.

    • RealE

      Your comment and subsequent comment is so offense. Maybe it struck a nerve since I had two babies born early. Maybe it’s the fact that you are offending & smearing the name of an innocent child by calling into question its paternity based on not one piece of fact but pure idiotic conjecture.

      On the show Kathryn clearly states the baby will be born 3 weeks earlier then She was expecting. So if Her due date was 40 weeks like most pregnant women then that means 37 weeks. She also says that they are inducing her to have the baby at this point because of complications & her being high risk. I was in the exact boat and this is exactly what they do IF you are high risk and IF the baby can wait safely; the dr will wait till you are full term… Exactly 37 weeks and pull the baby. By hospital standards the baby is not preemie BUT as is clear to anyone with eyes, that baby was clearly small & at 37 weeks still could have had health struggles. Just as my second baby was at 37 weeks… Just 5 lbs and my baby was able to come home And my baby was perfectly healthy.

      So here’s an idea, how about being compassionate and humane and saying ” thank goodness despite Kathryn being high risk and this baby clearly being born early, he was still born healthy enough to be with his mama and go home early. What a blessing!” Ya know instead of being “suspicious” & insulting that a baby was born healthy.

  5. LA_in_KY

    T rav also has a cracked cell phone screen like Leah from Teen Mom 2. Did anyone catch that, while he was showing pictures of his newborn son?

  6. Jessica

    Landon is pitiful. HOW DO YOU PRESENT A WEBSITE WITH PAPER.she didn’t even put the paper in a nice binder or something. You would think her time as an inter on the hills would have at least taught her how to do a presentation. She is a waste of spaceThe older men on here are disgusting and I don’t think they really understand how they are coming off or maybe don’t even understand why why it’s wrong. Those guys are in my age range and I am fortunate enough not to know any guys like this. I hold out hope for shep as a somewhat authentic person…I just wish everyone would stop trying to force him to be in a relationship. At this point I just feel bad for Craig..he is so thirsty he doesn’t know which way to turn.

    Only person who did cause eye rolls headshakes or sighs of disgust: Cameron’s mom! Big shout out to her for the best advice ever given on a reality show.

    • Jessica

      I meant to say didn’t cause eye rolls etc

    • Pip

      Landon wasn’t an intern on The Hills (like Whitney and Lauren were). She played Brody’s love interest for a hot minute when he was broken up with Lauren. I am ashamed to admit it, but yes… I watched The Hills.
      I find this show difficult to watch now. Just knowing most of it is bs takes a lot of the fun out of it for me.
      My theory is that Katherine and Thomas are together and very much in love and the controversy is for the cameras only. I could for sure be wrong, but I just get the feeling we are all being played as far as their relationship goes.

      • Yeah, except for all the whole not having any contact except through lawyers (and social media fights) and taking each other to court thing. Thomas is finally going to court for visitation. He hasn’t seen the kids in nearly 3 months. But other than that, sure… they’re madly in love.

      • jen

        3 months? Damn. I didn’t know that. Wow. What is wrong with these mother’s keeping their children from the father? Especially she has a nanny that goes with the kids!

      • Miele

        Landon was the “other assistant” for that one guy Heidi worked for(Brad?Brett?Brent?).

      • jessica

        landon worked for bolthouse- (sp?)which is the company that Heidi went to work with. she did not date brody

      • Pip

        I’m totally going to have to rewatch that part of The Hills ( if I can bear to sit through it now). I totally believe you that Landon worked with Heidi, but could have sworn she dated Brody while he and Lauren were broken up. I am sure you are right and I am most likely wrong, though. I have a horseshit memory.

      • jen

        I wish they had worked it out and were in love. I truly believe its all Thomas’ fault..

      • Kms

        No she didn’t… She played Heidi’s coworker at the PR firm she worked at.

    • Cp1980

      I feel the same way about Craig

  7. Laura

    Inconclusive is a possible outcome for a paternity test.

  8. GillianFirst

    Thanks Tamrara! Agreed, that real estate scene was the fakest. Can’t believe Landon did another bogus website presentation ripping off an Eat Pray Love theme…on paper. WHUT?? I saw Kathryn made a “molly” reference about Thomas on Twitter. Also Thomas claims he’s not going to the reunion because he hasn’t seen his kids. Their drama continues!

  9. therealdeb

    Craig is a lost boy, not man, but boy. And the “boss” guy way over played his part, like over acted it to the extreme. Landon is no longer a cute ditzy girl, she is supposed to be a woman and her cute dumb act is way old. She doesn’t love Shep, she just wants to land someone with mailbox money. Cameran has the maternal instincts of an orange, they are not there. Maybe she should ahve had this conversation with her husband prior to their marriage. Watching her this season has been interesting, she doesn’t cook at all, has no interest in being a wife so to speak, and no interest in having a family, her husband has got to be second guessing his choice in wives. I do miss her exasperated big sister role of season one. I do think Thomas and Kathryn truly care for one another and would love to be together and there are way to many people on seeing them not together. As for Patti and Whitney… omg, so over those 2.

    • Shae

      I think Cameran appears to love her hubby very much, so why would you say she has “no interest in being a wife”? she’s said many times she’s very happy with her husband and in her life. So she doesn’t cook and doesn’t think she wants kids and that equates to not wanting to be a wife? lol

      I’ve said many times here, I don’t get the impression she knew for certain going into her marriage she did not want kids, she probably thought that the time would come where she would feel compelled to and it hasn’t happened. It has always sounded like she told her husband she wasn’t yet ready, and she seems to still be struggling with accepting that she might not want them at all. That’s not the behavior of someone who has always known they didn’t want kids and deceived their spouse.

      I certainly hope her husband wouldn’t second guess his choice- he married her because he loves her.

      • Pip

        Totally agree with you, Shae. Having kids is a huge decision. Not to be taken lightly.
        My husband and I have been married since our late twenties. We chose not to have kids. Frankly we just loved our life the way it was. What sucks is the pressure you feel from others. “When are you having kids”? It’s like “Mind your own business”. People look at you like your an alien if you choose not to procreate.
        I admire Cameron for thinking this through. Just because you thought you would be ready for something eventually doesn’t necessarily mean that you ever will be.

      • Dancing_Matisse

        Yes. This! Great response.

        To say that one is not a wife ( a good wife? Deserving to be a wife) if they don’t cook or can’t / choose not to have children is ludicrous.

        Must I also wear an apron, heels, pearls and be there to welcome the Beav home from school with a glass of milk?

  10. Samara

    Good blog. I so grossed out by these infantile men. Their lack of self awareness is astounding as the berate a very young woman who has the balls to stand up for herself. Kathryn is an imperfect hothead with a shit ton of potential (I’d like to see her go back to school to finish her degree) but these douchebags and old crone talk about her like they don’t have to wipe their own asses. Their own limitations, skeletons, foibles and cruelty leave them with no room to point fingers. At this age, they should have at least that figured out!

  11. Zoemonster2

    Craig’s GF is likely a real GF. They’re active on IG. Also many touching candids of them on others’ IGs. I’d kick Craig to the curb if I were she.

    The new (to me) pop up ad Questions. Sigh. I was so miffed- i clicked Heck No. I am not gonna vote in the 2016 three ring circus election.

    Great night tho. Monday TV. 👍🏼👍🏼

  12. This is the worst storyline ever talking about the paternity of a little boy. Thomas and Kathryn should be ashamed.

    • Dee

      Last week when JD questioned paternity, Kathryn stated they knew the answer before they filmed. She was pretty angry. I don’t blame her,. They all know Thomas is the father but they’re filming like they don’t for two weeks?! A Whitney idea?

  13. Bunniecarrot

    Best scene was Landon professing her love. Shep responds with “why” lol I immediately felt inside that he meant, “why ,WHY ME LORD?”….. that’s all I have to add

  14. LA_in_KY

    Why is Patricia worried about what Kathryn is doing? There is a pretty big age difference between those two.

  15. Erica

    I was apparently distracted because I missed half this shit. I am close to being done with this series. The vitriol towards Kathryn (slut shaming) and love towards Thomas (praise for doing the exact same thing) is something that is not entertaining AT ALL but disturbing. I have always liked Cameran (I think I even watched her season of Real World and liked her – but that is fuzzy)… but to not support Kathyrn at least in that Thomas should be emotionally and financially supporting her, that he is 50 percent responsible for the mess… is horrific. Yes, slut shaming and misogyny by women almost at its worst.

    They literally PRAISE Thomas for having a boy (whoop de fucking do) while SHAMING that child’s mother. Shame on T-Rav for not saying something then (and earlier). All he needs to say is “I may not be in a romantic relationship with her, but you are talking about the mother of my children. She deserves as much respect as you give me”.

      • jessica

        while I don’t believe the crap Katherine gets is entirely slut shaming-its also about her emotional explosions and screaming matches I do agree that the guys acted like Thomas had DONE something by having a boy-he squirted but thats about all (and probably drunkenly at that). there were a couple of quotes throughout the episode I was trying to remember but they all boiled down to “boys good, girls bad” when it comes to babies. the whole thing makes me sad as woman that the subtleties of equality, the nuances of these gender biases just go over so many peoples heads. as far as T rav is concerned he should be happy that Katherine let the little boy have his last name (to carry on..ugh) since I think she would be within her rights to use her last name. that is why shep is still my fav..he at least called it as an archaic of thinking.

    • elisabeth

      Amen, Erica! And they are doing this just for the show, which we as viewers see right through. SC has reached is sell-by date in my opinion. It is no longer interesting and is following the same third season route all reality shows do. #teamkathryn

    • Matzah60

      Agree 100%, Erica. It almost feels like this cast is stuck in some provincial, small town where time stood still. Women should be seen and not heard. I have been to Charleston once and it’s quite charming and warm. These boy-men are not the faces of Charleston that I remember and neither is the old bag, Pat. These guys, and I use the term loosely are part of the good ‘ole boys club who sit around drinking and bashing women. Looks like Pat joins these fools as she doesn’t have a friend in town, save her butler and her son.

      Honestly, I had no idea that most of these storylines are just that; made up storylines for the show. I am easily duped. I must admit that the show is not as riveting as it was first season and I tend to wander in and out of the room doing other things and miss portions of the show. It is sad to see this show deteriorate. It’s been one of my faves along with Below Deck Med (much better than the original Below Deck) and Women’s Guide to divorce which is scripted.

      Thanks for the recap. I must go back and watch this On Demand to see all these tidbits mentioned in your recap.

    • Robin

      AMEN. I am SO over this show. These garbage people ragging on Kathryn bear no resemblance to the charming southerners I was born to and raised with. Judgey McJudgersons like Landon, Cameran, Patti, and her bizarre overfilled/over-botoxed son Whitney used to irk me; now I feel pity for them. They are pathetic. St. Drunkard Ravenel actually referred to his daughter as “a derivative”. WTF. Ugh. I just can’t anymore.

  16. 25

    I know that Patti has a son (who she needs to hook up), but I think it’s odd that she always has these dinner parties with only men. It’s not a good look for a woman to only enjoy the company of men, and I don’t mean that sexually. Patti’s clearly dismissive of all other women and finds validation in being surrounded by men. She looks like a fool thinking that these men ranging from ages 25-50s want her friendship, particularly when Shep referred to her as their second mother. I laughed so hard.

    • You could tell he wanted to say grandmother.

    • Queen of the Nile

      I laughed out loud, too. What a slam to her ego. I’m sure she sees herself as a glamorous, charming woman whom the men secretly lust after, or at least want a slighter younger version of. “Second mother” must have stung!

    • Kimberly

      Can we talk about the fact she couldn’t bother to get out of her chair and greet her guests standing up when they arrived?? Sheesh.

  17. Mackie

    Right on TT! Except that Tommy Bennett is a Charlestonian as well as TR. He is a realtor but he also used to own Patti’s house. I lived next door when he lived there. I guess he’s Patti’s new social sidekick since she gave Coop the boot.
    It is so sickening to see a group of men swirling around Patti and her ugly pot-stirring self. She may have a decent background, but it’s not showing. She’s spews forth righteousness when it benefits her or Whimpy, but no one of any social standing here in Charleston would ever go along to participate in demeaning storylines as she has. Trash floating in someone else’s money, she is.
    As for TR, he’s a mess. Always has been…still is. If KD had just asked around a bit outside of that southern charm group who is up his butt, she could have found lots of ppl w info on TR’s sorted personal life and maybe stayed away. I just don’t think he can help himself….Mess, I tell you! Looks like next week’s show will put that on stage. Sad for those 2 babies.

    • tamaratattles

      Oh yes. Tommy. I totally forgot about him after he delivered his line. Definitely Charlestonian. Quite popular with young men and old women I imagine. / gentile smile

      • JBCIV

        TT, this is slightly off topic but my friends and I have tried to find this mystery hotel that JD is “building” and so far NOTHING. “Gentry Hotel” has an office downtown but its just a suite in a building and as far as I can find there is no Gentry Hotel actually under construction. I’ve got pretty good connections to the building and historic pres industries as well and they have all come up empty as well. There is something shady AF about the whole thing.

    • elisabeth

      Mackie, I have heard through the grapevine that Thomas’ mother was just scandalized by this second pregnancy. Have you heard anything? (I am sure Mrs. Ravenel loves those grandchildren.)

  18. Zorn Dpark

    For the first time in 3 seasons I felt sorry for Shep, well not counting last week when he lost his granddad.

    First he gets dumped by the beautiful, and smart Bailey Bial. Ouch. That one is going to hurt Shep. That woman has a lot going for her. I think you might live to regret that one. Next up, he gets fired after making an ass of himself yet again at another showing. Right in the balls. Strike Twooooooo

    The topper was when Landon told him that maybe she loved him as he was taking a swig of wine. The reaction was a priceless spit take minus the spit, but plenty of chugging, after weakly croaking out a “why?” in response to Landon’s claim of loving him. He couldn’t get out of there fast enough after that leaving a desperate Landon all alone. Shep had to be asking himself what he had done to deserve such a week.

  19. SLM

    I absolutely love you, TT! This is my first time commenting….I, too, was so disgusted at a group of grown men sitting around laughing at the question of a newborn’s paternity I wanted to throw up. And that little gem of a discussion followed a lot of ungentlemanly talk around a formal dinner table regarding the newborn’s mother. And the father of this adorable and innocent baby sat there and let it happen. And Patti tries to pass herself off as a true southern lady of character and breeding? No southern lady with real southern manners that I’ve ever known would sit around goading men into a discussion like THAT period…let alone while having it filmed for television. Why, oh WHY do the women on this show (except Kathryn) think it’s OK for eveyone to “aw shucks” and pat Thomas on the back with a wink, and then vilify Kathryn. A few shows back, there was Whitney yelling on Shep’s cabin porch about how he wouldn’t touch a woman who had two children out of wedlock…yet, he claims Thomas as his BFF (and secret crush in my opinion) WHO ALSO HAD TWO KIDS OUT OF WEDLOCK! Thomas is 30 years older than Kathryn. THIRTY years older, which should mean he had a 3 decade start on becoming a mature, responsible human being. But, alas, he’s a perpetual Peter Pan with a bourbon in one hand, trying to drunk dial a booty call with his broken screen phone in the other, raving about how wronged he is by his pissed off baby mama. I’d be pissed as hell too if I was Kathryn! Does anyone remember in seasons 1 and 2 where he kept assuring her they were going to marry and be together forever….then he would do something like have his BS campaign manager call her and tell her not to bother him?? Or how he’s admitted to trolling around for hook ups while she was pregnant with Kensie, all the while telling people they’d broken up, even though they hadn’t? And I think Kathryn is still hurting over it – have you seen her IG where she so often posts inspirational quotes that seem aimed at repairing her self worth? Why isn’t every woman on this show HORRIFIED that a man old enough to be Kathryn’s FATHER fed her a line about loving her and building a life together, only to leave her with two children he likes to say he isn’t “required” to support by law currently and who trash talks her on social media and in interviews?

    Thanks for letting me rant on, TT

    • Dis

      Loved the recap TT. And, loved this post too <333

    • Agree !00%, SLM. Great post.

    • Puddy

      Totally agree with you, SLM!

    • Tellkell

      What stands out to me about season 1 was that he slept with Kathryn then didn’t speak to her for a few weeks. It wasn’t until he was dumped by Danni Baird that Kathryn resurfaced with the “I might be pregnant” thing and he gave her a second look. He knew he was broken at that point and settled. It appears to me that he was just not that into Katheryn. She thought she could snag his affections but it back fired. Now she is bitter and holds a grudge and using it against him by withholding the children. She thought she played him but she got played. So sad. She was too young and naive and put all her cards on a playboy. I feel sorry for her!

  20. Ava

    Yep. She worked for Brent Boalthouse too.

  21. GillianFirst

    Forgot to add, great recap title Tamara!

  22. Meri

    This show is making me sad. A poor little tiny baby being the subject of “who’s the daddy”, a mother who is so immature that she can’t see which way is up and a bunch of nasty people who seem to have no purpose in life. Patricia is the worst and Tennessee Williams would have had a ball writing about Patti and her crowd of strange men. He would have loved Whitney. Surrounding yourself with young men so you can come across as some kind of queen is a joke and Patti fails to realize that she is laughable and unliked. Being tolerated and catered too is not something most of us aspire too. The women are just as awful as the men and I bring this back full circle…those poor kids who were born in lust and live with parents who are so immature and selfish that it’s pathetic. I hope that they turn out well despite T-Rav and Katherine. Just as I begin to think that the two of them love one another I read about his court case and not being allowed to see his children. That is so wrong on so many levels. Unless he is a danger to those kids, Katherine is dead wrong keeping them from their father.
    I am disappointed in what I had hoped was a fun show with some authenticity. Another one bites the dust.
    Thanks TT for the great blog and even better analysis of the behavior of these creatures who claim to represent the south. As a yankee I get confused by their behavior at times.
    And one more thing…Craig? Why is he on this show…on ANY show? He stands for absolutely nothing. Poor lost boy is a mess or a very bad actor. He and JD are a match made in heaven…both are useless and not in the least bit entertaining.
    I’d like to start a campaign to save Shep. “Mailbox money” or not, he seems worth saving from these awful people.

  23. Shae

    Craig is insufferable. He thinks he’s ENTITLED to being head of the bourbon division or an attorney without doing any of the work or taking the bar exam, merely as a result of his perceived “talent” lmao

    Buddy, if you’d be such a great attorney, you study and pass the bar like everyone else. You don’t get handed a license to practice law because you think you’re awesome. You also don’t get handed a marketing division because you THINK you ought to, when you know zip about the business and have put in a grand total of a few weeks of grunt work.

    Entitled, thy name is Craig lol

  24. Tamara – don’t know how you do it – there’s so much to keep track of. Hope you’re scheduling yourself some really good vacation time when things quiet down. Fantastic job! So glad I wasn’t the only person who noticed the place settings were wrong – thought I was just being an anal-retentive Englishwoman. There’s no way in the world a real butler would set a table that way. Shep is such a piece of work – like a 13-year-old in a man’s body. Can’t believe he sat there and told the guys that Landon said she loved him – what a middle-school thing to do. He’s light years away from being ready for any kind of adult relationship (but then so is delusional Landon, for that matter). Kathryn and Thomas were so sweet together – it’s such a pity he can’t man up and be the family man he wants to be. If his viper friends would all keep their mouths shut, especially Whitney and the super-snake J.D., maybe they’d stand a chance. Then again, until Thomas grows a pair of man-sized balls and sticks up for Kathryn more, it’s not gonna happen. Patricia is an old nanny goat – don’t know why anyone ever listens to her so slowly and crisply enunciated opinions. It’s a pity they don’t let these people just be themselves – they’re quite the bunch of narcissistic fools and don’t need all these phony dialogues to be interesting.

    • tamaratattles

      The guy playing the Butler was good. I was buying it. Then he did the thing with the shoes on a plater. Let me repeat that SHOES.ON.A.SERVING.PLATTER. I thought maybe he just went along with that atrocity for the storyline.

      But the place setting errors were unconscionable and certainly not for some storyline reason.

      Was I the only one waiting for Patti to fall and break a hip as she balanced on the top stair into the sunken kitchen? Poor thing could not descend them and just stood there looking decrepit.

      • Greenwood

        Miss Patti says that she is the subject of an article in Town and Country about fabulous entertaining. Based on her image, one casual walk-by of those table settings should have brought the evening to a crashing halt. A true Southern lady could not possibly proceed without attending to those tragic placement errors. Heavenly days!

      • Randi

        Well those moo moos she wears are way too long and definitely create a fall risk.

  25. Frosty

    Bummed this show is already starting to lose it’s groove. But very happy to have TT recaps — and Kathryn Dennis’ twitter!

  26. sara

    Patricia isn’t a Yankee so to speak. She grew up in Richmond went to a second rate private school that is no longer in business (in a town where private school is BIG business), and her father was a doctor which hardly qualifies her for a Richmond pedigree of any sort. She just married rich. Thrice. Also, her Charleston accent is baloney. One might think it is a Richmond accent then? Nope. Not even remotely. She is utter bullshit and her creepy, creepy son is beyond gross.

    • tamaratattles

      Sorry. I cannot allow you to claim this woman as southern. I believe she was spawned in Florida. A yankee state stolen from us by a stealth migration of damn Yankees who came and never left, so we did.

      • sara

        Omg you’re right. About her and Florida. I missed the “born in” part of the wiki entry. I concede.

  27. Puddy

    It is almost a desecration to even comment on such a perfect re-cap! All one can do is say “thank-you”! Yes- little St. Julien (“JR” is a GREAT idea, TT) is CLEARLY a “premie” and clearly Thomas’ child – he looks like him, imo. As for “white trash” – they were all present at the carpetbagger’s party, including Craig now, and the gang would have been complete had Cameran and Landon been invited. I maybe exclude Shep from the WT label, and I sort of exclude Thomas – who as you noted is SO GULLIBLE and so foolish to believe people who are secretly jealous of him and definitely NOT his friends bc they DO NOT want what is best for Thomas. They (like Whitney) just want Thomas mired in their misery and their miserable company. . SNAP OUT OF IT! Thomas! IF Thomas had married Kathryn, and not paid for Whitney’s disastrous politucal ad which made Thomas look irresponsible – Thomas would have set a nuclear family example of stability and honor – AND BEEN MUCH HAPPIER! and would have been much more likely to have a successful political career! The public LOVES Kathryn and she is a total asset! As for Patti saying the Founder’s Ball is “bullshit” it is mummified Patti who is walking bullshit. One needs wads of flypaper just to get anywhere near her. She and her minions are disgusting. RUN THOMAS … RUN! Run far away from these horrible people and marry beautiful Kathryn and embrace your beautiful family! The reason that Thomas has to tell them ALL OFF is beacuse these WT are a bunch of thugs who all stick together. Their loyalty is to each other. Good for Thomas for kicking them out of his house! and he should have nothing more to do with any of them. One’s family is everything. Love is everything. The Patti crowd are all jealous haters – trying to put down a beautiful, young, pregnant woman and her sweet, fragile baby. GO BACK UP NORTH PATTI AND JOIN ALL THE SOULESS MATRONS with 40 year old faces, and 90 year old hands.

  28. JBCIV

    First time commenting, love the site. Just came to say, I am from Charleston and the notion that anyone takes Thomas seriously is a joke. His family is/was respected but he is not and hasn’t been for YEARS, even before the cocaine scandal. Also, Patricia has money but she isn’t from here, and as such will never reach the societal level to which she aspires/pretends to be. Plenty of people in Charleston have money, but its the lineage that matters.

    • Puddy

      JBCIV, well stated, and that is probably why “Poseur Patti” says such mean things about Kathryn, because not only is Kathryn young and beautiful and possessed of star quality (all qualities that PP lacks) but Kathryn has the one thing that PP’s money can never buy – real Southern lineage and being a real Southerner, and the poseur cannot stand that fact..

      • JBCIV

        Its not even about being Southern, its about being from the lowcountry, but in no way does Florida a southern belle make!

      • Shae

        I get that, and I definitely agree Patricia can be smug and a pretender, but I don’t know that I’d envy someone their lineage if what they’ve done with it is have two kids out of wedlock with a disaster like Thomas (a good name with a bad record). I am not southern, but i know such a situation is frowned upon in society, let alone from people with notable names. I highly doubt Patricia is the only one in charleston society talking smack about kathryn and her “situation”, as well as Thomas and his many public embarrassments lol

      • Puddy

        Lol, Shae. Poseur Patti has singled Kathryn out to put down, and why? Because of Kathryn’s Calhoun/Dennis lineage. PP is just a doctor’s daughter who married wealthy (3 times) and is nowhere near as beautiful nor does she have the personalty of Kathryn. (PP has all the excitement of an oatmeal cookie and could use a personality transplant along with a heart implant). Thomas promised to take care of Kathryn beautifully, and her children, and seemed to love her as 22 year old Kathryn loved him – IT IS ALL ON TAPE. Kathryn relied on those promises and that Thomas would be a man of honor – of his word. Poseur Patti urged him NOT TO. Why? Jealousy – yes of her lineage and star quality – is the only reason. And sorry – but I do not put down anyone who had a child out of wedlock – under any circustances … who are you or anyone to pass judgment? Yes.. Kathryn has a historic lineage that PP’s money can’t buy and Kathryn has done NOTHING to taint that lineage – to the contrary – she is a wonderful mother who gave birth to 2 beautiful children. She chose to love. Maybe that was her sin in the eyes of that coldblooded, humorless, untalented crowd.

      • Shae

        Puddy, I’m not putting her down for having the kids out of wedlock (though I think it was a terrible choice considering the father lol),but I meant that society frowns upon it- especially high society and people who fancy themselves aristocrats of sorts lol

      • Puddy, excellent insight there. Agree.

    • JoJoFLL

      Yep, TR has been a joke for many years. I have plenty of girlfriends that dated him, once than ran the other direction. His family is very respected. Funnily enough, KCD’s lineage is much more impressive than his. I really like her. She’s genuine and loves Thomas. It isn’t her fault she has such poor taste in men.

  29. JBCIV

    And also as a 1/2 Yankee (Connecticut) i would like to say that that old bat is in no way a northerner in her bahavior unless you mean from like Ohio.

  30. Angelica

    Listen, people have to realize that the cast members relinquished their principles when they signed on to do the show. Babies are exploited, embarrassing incidents on full display. It’s all about the money and fame guys. Better bad game than no fame. Landon and Kathryn both need the money from the show. The rich people will be alright, just like they were before. Will Craig pass the bar exam? That’s reality.

  31. Wellgeewhiz

    Patti’s place settings and the pigs? Nothing about that woman translates to classy. She is so bizarre, enjoying every moment of that round circle where she is queen bee. She’s delusional if she thinks she is pulling the strings.

  32. Dot

    First time commenting here. I just wanted to say how pleased I am to finally find a blog that is not filled with hatred and sexist comments about Kathryn. Patricia and that party was just ridiculous. I can’t understand why Thomas keeps allowing these people to disrespect the mother of his children. I also don’t get why a woman in her age who has such a ‘fabulous’ life (in her mind) concerns herself with what a twenty four year old is doing.

  33. Twilly

    Hey JD, at least Thomas was there for the birth of his youngest.

  34. Kei

    Shep, Craig, and Landob…I mean just fails across the board in the job department. I think they thought being on the show, people would be “charmed” but most of these folks are like “we have real jobs and cannot be playing with y’all!” Loved when Akim gave Craig the business, when Cameron (who I’m not of this season ) gave Shep the boot, and the NY guy told Landon “this is crap, do better”. I know she could’ve paid someone to do a website down there, even if it was last minute, just unprepared, all of them.

    Also I love me some Kathryn but I wanted her to give Thomas the “friend” talk right back to him, like ” u don’t like my friend cuz she’s toxic but your homeboys are talking about me while pregnant, after pregnant and while I’m not there, how is THAT cool?”

    Answer: it’s not. I say if TRav wants Kathryn to drop her home girl then he has to do some major editing too!

  35. Kathryn looks good so soon after having her second baby.

  36. I used to think that JD and Cameran were sort of the normal ones…nah though, they are both assholes. I did think it was quite funny that Craig gave TRav a box of condoms!!! For a brief moment I thought that Kathryn was actually turning the corner and leaving crazy town…annnnndddd then she went and asked for a ring. WTF is wrong with her?! I’ve seen some crazy in my time, but that girl is glass licking, shit smearing nuts.

  37. Dot

    Maybe it’s me, but I saw Kathryn asking for a ring when he said he wanted to have another baby as a sign she wanted some proof of commitment from him before getting pregnant again. It’s crazy because I don’t think he will ever commit. He’s an immature man who likes to chase college girls. I totally agree with you on JD. He’s an asshole.

  38. Kim

    I finally was able to watch this episode. The only 2 people left that I find tolerable are Shep & Kathryn, now that Craig drank the Kool Aid. Kathryn didn’t film much with most of the cast but is still a common topic of (disparaging) conversation. Patti is so obviously seething with jealousy. So full of crap acting like she’s acquired her lifestyle by her own means, unless you count marrying & divorcing well! She’s a shriveled old raisin still comparing herself to grapes. Her day in the sun is long gone. Her refusing to admit that doesn’t make it less true. I noticed she was the only woman at her dinner party. Thinking she probably likes being the only hen among roosters. Thankfully her muumuu-wearing ass hasn’t been in every episode this season! Oh, and my favorite part of this episode was Shep, then Landon’s, reactions to her love confession. Hopefully we’ll be seeing that clip again in future episodes. Shep has to bring that up again, right?

  39. Greenwood

    Tamara, do you have an opinion as to why they have included that repulsive porn creep (and possible dealer) in the show? It seems so pointless.

  40. jen

    Ok what about getting dumped at dinner right after ordering a BOTTLE of wine lol. How awkward. Then the guy gets fired by bitchy Cameron. Poor shep needs a hug.

  41. jen

    The one and only. Only thing I agree with Thomas about is Jennifer is nothing but drama and just and ugly awful person. I do not think she cares about Katheryn at all. She just wants revenge against Thomas. He needs to clean house on friends too!

  42. Yeah, I am not feeling Shep at all this season. He is being a hypocrite as far as I can tell. He keeps pointing fingers at everyone else but he doesn’t settle down, he drinks like a fish, he can’t hold that job either. I don’t know. These shows….all of Bravo ..the only thing I know for sure about ANY of them is 1. I would never go out to eat with any of these people. 2. I would be terrified to go on a trip with any Bravolebrity. 3. I wouldn’t go to any of their parties. Do any of these three things and you are asking for a smack down. LOL

  43. Why would Patricia not stand to greet her dinner guests? Seems so rude. I suppose she sees it as some sort of power play, they all come to her and kiss her ring, lol. She is so full of herself.

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