Sidebar: Curtis Lovelace Posts Bond; Set To Be Released Within Days

Photo: Don O'Brien Twitter

Photo: Don O’Brien Twitter Lovelace leaving court today. No shoes?


This post is based on the Twitter feed of Don O’Brien a local reporter in Quincy with a close eye on the case.

Some somewhat surprising events occurred today regarding the Case of Curtis Lovelace.   If you haven’t read about this case here previously, Lovelace is accused of murdering his wife on Valentine’s Day of 2006.  He was not arrested until 2014. He has been in jail in Quincy, Illinois for the past 650 days because his bond was set astronomically high. The mid-sized rural town is quite divided over his guilty or innocence.  You should click hear for all the details.  From my perspective, the prosecution has not been able to prove that the wife was murdered at all. Certainly not beyond a reasonable doubt.  On the other hand, Curtis did a lot of bizarre things that make him appear to be guilty.  It’s really quite a curious case.

Last February, there was a bizarre trial where the prosecution brought in media pandering experts, like Baden who would testify that the wife was suffocated. For a town of its size the local prosecutors spent tons of money trying to get a jury to convict. However, the jury was spilt right down the middle and a mistrial was declared. Ever determined to convict, the prosecution plans to bring the case in a new trial, the current date of that is October, 24, 2016.


Photo/Phil Carlson

Photo/Phil Carlson

Since the mistrial, one of those Project Innocence type non-profit agencies has taken the case. Lovelace was essentially bankrupted by the first trial and could no longer afford legal counsel. This group was instrumental in getting his bond lowered to $3.5 million dollars with only 10% needed to make bond. He paid that today.

He currently remains in jail where he is awaiting a GPS and a SCRAM to record his whereabouts and to insure that there is no alcohol in his system Don O’Brien  says that he thinks this will take a least a couple of days. He will be on strict house arrest. He is only permitted to leave between 10 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. on Sundays to attend church.

It seems to me that his new lawyers are making a lot more progress for him than the old ones did.

I have no idea why he did not wear any shoes to court.


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13 responses to “Sidebar: Curtis Lovelace Posts Bond; Set To Be Released Within Days

  1. Tara

    Of course, my first concern – shoes!
    TT, it looks like he has on Croc like shoes to me.
    This is such a crazy case.
    Thanks TT

  2. Jen

    Orange crocks 😉

  3. Tara

    TT, we called it! Scorned 2nd wife!! We could be detectives (I was a P.I. in college, most depressing job ever)

  4. dob23

    Tamara, thanks for linking to my work. Appreciate it! Yes, he did have some type of crocs-like shoes on. Good eye. Glad to see you are still monitoring case. It has been an interesting one to say the least.

  5. Theresa

    Thank you for following this case for us. It’s one of the most interesting out there. So many questions.

  6. Sam

    Thanks for updating us on this. I was thinking about it the other day as a matter of fact and wanted to Google the latest, so this is perfect timing.

  7. quincygirl

    The 3rd and current wife had a rally for the whole town to come to her house and collect armbands that say “Stand with Curt”. I heard there wasn’t a big turn out. I know there neighbors and hardly anybody stopped. The periscope interview was overwhelming to watch with the wife once the bail was reduced, then she introduced the “benefactors” who said there were also 4-5 other people involved in raising the $350k to pay his bond. The second wife will testify sounds like and the detective will have his phone records subpoenaed from 2013 up to the arrest, they requested from the time of Corys death (2006) to the time of arrest. Judge didn’t go for it. They are fishing for information. Such an odd case.

    • Tara

      The judge did allow some of the things that the defense requested. No matter what the man has a right to defend himself. Why would they not just hand over what the defense asked for? It looks like they are trying to hide something. If it’s a fishing expedition, let them fish.

      • quincygirl

        Yeah, I think they should have handed it all over at this point. The dates were kinda far back. But who cares. Start fishing!

  8. lisa

    The orange crocs are the shoes you are issued when in state custody.

  9. lisa

    The orange crocs he is wearing are the shoes you are issued when in state custody.

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