Teen Mom 2 : Four Hospitals And a Pig’s Birthday Party

One of these two is growing at a MUCH faster rate

One of these two is growing at a MUCH faster rate


If you are thinking about getting a pig, because, why not? Please note that the cute little piglet has turned into a giant, ugly fartsack of a pig in one year. The pig has a birthday party and they give him fruit and whipped cream. This is a bad idea. I’ll leave it at that!

Aubree and her half sister Paislee are visiting their father, Adam. Are they at a bouncy house? Are they playing Candyland? Are the out for froyo?  Nope. They are at the gym, in the free weights section watching him lift. Apparently it was a weight lifting competition and he won. Aubree asks him after his big win why he didn’t come to the father daughter dance. He says, “Because I had to do this!” as if it should be obvious that weightlifting is his priority. He mumbles something about coming to her school to have lunch with her one day. Don’t hold your breath, Aubree. Later she tells her mom she doesn’t remember what he said about why he didn’t come. I’d also like to point out that she is wearing cute glasses this episode and not those horrid pink ones.

Chelsea and Cole go fishing. Unlike you black-hearted souls, this is the stuff I started watching reality TV for.  I am perfectly content watching people interact in regular situations. I love to sit outside in cafes and people watch and eavesdrop on people’s conversation while pretending to be reading a book. This is more how Real World used to be in the beginning. Chelsea catches a fish, with a big assist from Cole. I used to fish by myself sometimes when I lived in Tallahassee. I would go to the brackish water state park. I was having a great time until I caught something. LOL.

Teen Mom Leah


Leah seems to think she should be worried about Miranda parenting her girls. Um. That is hysterical. Leah should be asking Miranda for parenting tips. Leah really is pretty though.

Leah supposedly makes a six figure income for her season on this show. Why can’t she be bothered to replace her cracked phone? I’m tired of looking at it and I’ve only seen it a handful of times.

Leah and Corey have another pass off in a parking lot. I have not seen them passing off the wheelchair, nor have I seen whichever A  named girl who is supposed to be using it, use it. Nor do I see helmets going with her are any major assistance devices. Corey and Leah agree to co-parenting therapy. This is a good week for the girls. All parents appear clean and sober.

Teen Mom Javi


Javi has been gone for a month. We got a couple of cute scenes with Kailyn and the boys. Kailyn has a school trip to NYC to see some TV studios.  She wants to be an on air host on TV.  Has Kailyn had her complete body plastic surgery by this scene because she looks really pretty here. Must be the new boyfriend. She tells her friends that she and Javi are not in a good place because he doesn’t feel supported. I guess it’s just too much trouble for Kailyn to support her husband who is protecting our countries interest overseas.

Kailyn is way cooler with Jo now that Javi is gone. Leah hints to Jo that she and Javi  are in a place where she is unsure what will happen when he gets back.

Teen Mom Janelle Kaiser


Why is Jenelle in NYC seeing doctors? Was this for when she filmed the show The Doctors? Nope! I checked and it’s not. The Doctors in LA and she went to them afterward.  Long story short, they said she has pot withdrawal and her birth control pill is messing with her system. And her anxiety makes it worse. Here is her interview on that show It should have three parts if you just let it go.

This whole doctor shopping all over the country is very Munchausen. Janelle was told in NYC that it could be her birth control. But Janelle knows better. “Birth control doesn’t cause hot flashes!” lol. Poor dumb Janelle.

It looks like they left the donut with David’s sister while they were in NYC. Why in the hell could the kid not stay with his father? Nathan only knows that Janelle is out of town a lot. He has no idea where his kid is when she leaves town.

Janelle actually goes to TWO hospitals in NYC. Even though the first place said it was her birth control pills, she goes to another hospital. She says HOSPITAL not doctor. How does one bypass the doctor and go straight to a hospital?

Janelle talks to Barbara and all her symptoms are like menopause symptoms. Which are caused by hormone changes. Like the wrong birth control pill can cause. This is why I didn’t stay on the pill after the first time I took it. Condoms are your friend. Wasn’t she on the shot before? Not that I would do that either, but plenty of people do it with no issue.  Janelle is “in the hospital waiting to be discharged.”  Did she go to ER? They gave her “anxiety meds.”  She still wants Babs to bring her Jace.

Meanwhile, back at the donut factory, Janelle is reading about how addictive her anxiety medication is. And she is a former heroin addict, and if her doctor knew that, she would not be prescribed it.

Barbra drops off Jace and has his “nephew” in two who likes to be about three or four. Apparently, her estranged sister Ashleigh can’t handle him and has palmed him off on Barbara. Ashleigh was pregnant again last year. Janelle made a comment about her pregnancy despite her “hundreds of illnesses” and seems to be quite jealous of her sister. Perhaps that explains all of her recent “hospitalizations.”  Oh wow, I was just googling to find out who that kid was since it seems he belongs to Barbara now.  When Barbara comes in the house she tells Janelle that she needs to clear her schedule for March 5th because it is Jace’s soapbox derby and she has to fly to New Jersey with Ashleigh. Janelle is FURIOUS. She says that is “Spring Break” um, hello, adults don’t get Spring Break. Especially unemployed ones who already live on a beach and have nothing to need a break from.

Janelle says she is pissed that her mother has barely shown any concern after she has been in the hospital four times. Perhaps because Barbara is not an idiot and knows she is full of shit. Barbara laughs in her face and calls her a hypochondriac. I love Barbara.  Janelle has a meltdown about her mother not being there for her. Um, her mother has uprooted her entire life to clean up Janelle’s messes. I think Barbara should show her what not there for her looks like. Meanwhile, she has upset the doughnut who is trying to console her.

This was a pretty mild episode as this season goes. Am I the only one who blames Kail for everything?


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31 responses to “Teen Mom 2 : Four Hospitals And a Pig’s Birthday Party

  1. Bugsy

    Personally, I think Kailyn wants Jo back. If she does, she’s an idiot because Javi is much more stable than Jo.

    • Cubfan

      I’m with you Bugsy…I’ve been saying that All along, she was not over Jo wen she got w/Javi and she knew it…..These girls just can’t stand to be alone…Gosh how many guys has she dated on this show.

  2. Daintyfeets

    Kail is a cold heated bitch. When I saw Jace when in the car when Jenelle was talking to Barbara my heart broke. Why do they have these discussions in front of that kid. He must be so torn up between Bans and his mother. Jenelle is out of control. She should never get custody of jace. He’s already dealing with a conflict that is above his pay grade. Bans needs to stop visitation with Jenelle to keep that kids sanity.

  3. Vanessa

    I listened to Shane Dawson’s podcast a few months back. He was on Farrah’s short lived podcast he said she called tmz to snap pics and one of the paps told him he had to leave soon because he had to go take pics of another teen mom going to the show the Doctors for some fake illness she is faking. She also has the same manger as Farrah sooo not much would be off limits certainly not anything to do with morals or ethics.

  4. 25

    Kail raised herself and it shows in some good ways, but also in bad ways like her intolerance of other’s emotions.

    I’m probably the only one who gives Kail a pass for everything. She is one of the 3/8 girls (her, Catelynn, & Chelsea) who hasn’t shot up or drunk up her paycheck.

    Jenelle is a real life sociopath. She was posting instagrams of herself bowling and partying through her menopausal trip to NYC. She had implanon twice before, so idk why she’d switch to the pill unless she wanted to be able to stop her birth control as soon as she had an impulse to get pregnant by the 3rd man. Allegedly.

  5. microop

    I don’t think its all Kail’s fault. I wish they would give it another shot though. Both need to be in therapy individually and together.
    I think Janelle’s doctors visits are completely drug related. Although I hope this isn’t the case, I think she’s using again.

    • It won’t work out between them. Kail doesn’t think she has a problem and Javi doesn’t trust his wife because she is a cheater in the past, and she smacked the shit out of Javi a few seasons past, before they got married. This marriage was doomed from the beginning.

  6. Kail is miserable and until she is happy with herself, she won’t be happy with anyone else.

    Jenelle makes me want to throw my tv through a window.

    I can’t wait until this show is over and they get slapped in the face with real life.

  7. Dre

    Kail is an idiot and it is all her fault. Janelle should be sterile.

  8. BubbleGuppie

    I’m no fan of Jenelle but she clarified on social media that she was booked to do appearances during Spring Break, which is plausible, and that was why she couldn’t take Jace.

  9. Kail is already setting herself up to be a victim. Feel sorry for me because I don’t want more children. I don’t think she wants Jo back. She just had that body surgery, she is looking to find an upgrade. Janelle is a worthless piece of trash of a mother and a human being.

  10. JustJenn

    Leah is by far the prettiest of all the Teen Moms and I am still rooting for her. She really was a damn fool to blow things with Jeremy, though. He was everything you could ever want in a husband.

    Kail is never happy..ever. Nothing in life is good enough for her and I hope she doesn’t ever place those feelings on her children. Javi is now enlisted for 10 years, minus whatever time has been served, and I can only imagine what is going to happen when they are divorced and he’s stationed else where and wants to see his son.

    Lastly I hope Jenelle is going through early menopause because if anyone doesn’t need any more children it’s her. The baby goes from the high chair to the crib to any person who is willing to babysit him. Her temper is horrible, remember when she attacked Nathan’s dog and then set him free?, I don’t know what she’ll do to that kid once he’s old enough to start getting into things.

  11. jen

    I think these kids these days dont put in the work for marriage. The first time it gets rocky they give up. That’s not what marriage is about.

    Janelle is doctor shopping and she is so delusional its scary. I agree with whom ever said here she is a sociopath. Totally true.

    Leah can trash Miranda all she wants. Proof is in the many hours of video footage not your daughter coached to say something on video.

    I am so glad you said something about the wheel chair never shown. I notice too. Its crazy. Leah is a very pretty girl but she is already aging. So young too. Miranda is drop dead gorgeous if you haven’t seen her.

  12. jen

    I think these kids these days dont put in the work for marriage. The first time it gets rocky they give up. That’s not what marriage is about.

    Janelle is doctor shopping and she is so delusional its scary. I agree with whom ever said here she is a sociopath. Totally true.

    Leah can trash Miranda all she wants. Proof is in the many hours of video footage not your daughter coached to say something on video.

    I am so glad you said something about the wheel chair never shown. I notice too. Its crazy. Leah is a very pretty girl but she is already aging. So young too. Miranda is drop dead gorgeous if you haven’t seen her.

  13. jen

    Side note what do they feed baby donut? He is a huge baby lol. He is so cute though.

  14. Meredo

    Well obviously Jenelle’s problems stem from not being “nourished” from Babs as a child! How awful she was never fed! I’m being facetious of course and referencing when Jenelle screamed at her mom she never ” nourished” her instead of “nurtured” her. She’s an idiot for sure and I also agree, a sociopath. I truly hate her and feel so sorry for Babs and the kids.

    • Meredo

      TT, I haven’t been on in a couple of days and was working my way backwards reading the posts. Hence, I didn’t see the post of how upset you have been and not wanting this to be a hate post. I totally get and respect that, so I apologize for my last comment. At times I feel I need to stop watching some of these shows for how they make me feel, which isn’t always good. Nothing ruffles my feathers more than to see a child being abused and/ or someone being bullied. Let’s face it, that’s the premise of most of the Real Housewives shows and Teen Mom to a degree. I guess I need to reassess if I really should watch anymore as it does bring out an ugly side of me. Overall,I consider myself a good person and not some hate spewing lunatic although some of my comments may contradict that. Your post really has me thinking. Again, I am sorry and I certainly understand where you’re coming from. Love, Meredo ❤️❤️❤️

    • Lindsay

      Malapropisms(sp?)at their finest!

  15. misti wilde

    I was proud of Leah in this episode, realizing the error of her ways in the past and making a conscious effort to handle things differently this time in this situation with Miranda. And thank you for pointing out adults dont get spring break! Its for kids! Like Jace!

  16. ingrid

    Love the fishing comment and I agree! Fishing can be scary.
    I also loved the old Housewives episodes, when they were just doing their thing, good fly-on-the-wall stuff

  17. SB

    Jennelle needs to get her tubes tied, asap. I think Kail and Javi rushed into a marriage, they are currently 24 and 23 respectively, they should have waited to get married. They are lacking in maturity big time.

  18. Char

    I wanted to poke my eyes out with pencils when Janelle thought that spring break was more important than her son’s soapbox derby. OMFG!!! She has got to be the most immature mother on the planet..and such a cry baby desperate for attention when it comes to HER issues. She doesn’t give a shit about those kids. Babs doesn’t do anything for her?!!? Is this chick delusional? Why did I ask? Of course she is. The way they both behave in front of all those children is appalling. It makes me sick and so so sad for poor Jace. The scars that baby will have for the rest of his life…and those two are the only one’s to blame. Why hasn’t CPS intervened?

  19. Shellbelle

    I blame Kail, too. She seems so cold towards Javi, always has.

  20. jen

    Did no one notice Chelsea’s friend was wearing a robe…who goes to their friend’s house in a robe?

    I am willing to bet Kail already has a boyfriend. David is so creepy

  21. Lindsay

    You’re ah hypohchondriaaaaaac MARRY ME BARBARA

  22. Liz Lemon

    This review is so spot on… I can’t even right now. This group is SO MUCH worse then Teen Mom OG and thats saying something…

  23. Amanda

    I can only imagine how bad that pig smells. You are right TT, he is getting huge! I can’t believe it is living in their house. I guess this is the new trend?

    They zoomed in on his tail and you could see his behind. It was so disgusting.

    Adam is such a POS. I was appalled when he told Aubrey he did not go to the dance because he had to do “stuff like this” (lift weights).

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