Brooks Ayers and Jenelle Evans Commiserate Over Their “Bad Edits”

Jennelle and Brooks Tweets

Last night I was up playing on Twitter all night and did some posts about things I almost posted about last week and didn’t.  This was hugely popular on Twitter.  I have decided to post it now because I am watching my man Chicharito try to beat Uruguay on Univision and  at the same time watching Miss Usa on Fox.

I will not get to Shahs until tomorrow.



So um, talk amongst yourself. I’m taking some time to have some fun!  You can also comment on Miss USA and the Mexico v Uruguay game here.


Gotta go!


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32 responses to “Brooks Ayers and Jenelle Evans Commiserate Over Their “Bad Edits”

  1. OMG he isn’t going to be on is he?

  2. JKR

    You can’t edit footage that isn’t there in the first place. Like, say, purchasing and doing heroin on national T.V. with your mic on. Or, perhaps, a little boy that says his mother and her boyfriend lock themselves in a bedroom and sleep all day. Or claiming you have cancer and get treatment at a specific hospital.
    I guess I see it as pretty simple.. If there wasn’t something bad to edit in the beginning, there’s nothing they can make look worse. Also, ew. They would commiserate. Doesn’t he also have a minor child he does not care for?


      JAR your comment says it all.

    • Lisa j

      Bravo! No follow up needed

      • Cat

        No one held a gun to their head to sign the contract. Anyone who signs on for “reality TV” these days should be aware of what can happen.

        And I agree, their words and actions on camera cannot be blamed on editing. James What’s his name, the cocktail weenie from New Jersey, is a perfect example. He didn’t need editing to show what an ass he was.

        (Sorry. I really couldn’t remember his last name.)

    • Psylocke

      Eh I actually disagree with this – I mean obviously in a situation like Brooke’s he has no one to blame but himself, or if you attack someone or do something else crazy in front of the cameras – but the producers and editors still hold an enormous amount of power.

      They are the only difference between someone being hated or well received; they can cut any redeeming or charming scenes someone is in, leaving one to appear boring, or awkward at best – or the opposite and protect someone. They can take talking heads of someone replying to an entirely different situation and apply it to another. They can take a sound byte and make it seem like someone is saying something in one moment when it was said months ago. Even just the standard establishing story lines by whispering things in their ears can set someone on a course to do something they normally wouldn’t — the options are endless really.

      I think everyone likes to think they would know better or wouldn’t act out of character In the face of all this were they in a similar situation, but you never really know until you experience it yourself.

      • JKR

        I agree to an extent as far as the power of the producers- cutting better scenes, voice dubbing. Of course they can manipulate perception to a degree.
        But it can be hard to paint someone as a terrible person without some proof of it before your eyes. Especially in the case of Jenelle. Going back to 16 & Pregnant, where we watched her screaming with a newborn in her arms, and leaving Jace with her mother. When she physically signed paperwork giving up her son, and makes every excuse to not have him back this many years later. When she sent her felon boyfriend to bring her infant son to visit his father. These things happened. I think I would be inclined to feel more sympathetic if it was someone else. The fact is, I don’t believe Jenelle acts out of character. She has enforced her own reputation- with not only the show, but twitter, her 15 or 30 arrests, her words (getting Jace back) vs. her actions (mostly making excuses.)
        My point is, the more material you give them to work with- the better they can place it to paint you as badly as production sees fit. It’s hard to show the audience that picture with no raw material to work with in the first place. And Jenelle and Brooks cry foul, but they have provided far too much raw material to complain.

      • KittyKarin

        I agree that the edit does make a difference at times. However, I really don’t think that applies to either of these reality characters. I think the edit could make Chelsea or Kail from Teen Mom look silly or boring or bitchy but Jenelle has the same reputation off and on the show. They can’t give a bad edit to MULTIPLE arrests, court issues, child custody and addiction issues. Her boyfriends are all the same douche bags, she has no job and can’t get Jace back. The editing may put her in a worse light but she has created this horrible reputation by her horrible actions. Can’t blame MTV for that.

      • BubbleGuppie

        Chelsea is widely regarded as super boring, and many people want her off the show. (Also, that GD babytalk voice, ugh!)
        But she’s definitely playing the long game.
        She knows not to give Mtv negative stuff to film, she knows her daughter is cute and fans care about her, and there’s JUSTENOUGH Adam drama to keep people worried for Aubs. Sorry. I HATE the spelling she picked.

  3. Hey Jenelle… They also sign your paycheck so I guess it can’t bother you that much.

  4. JennLovesAndy

    Uh, raked over the calls? What a dumb ass.

  5. Sliceo'pie

    Hasn’t it been established that he lied all season about having a serious and deadly illness but he’s complaining about his edit?? None of these people ever takes accountability for his or her behavior.

  6. Housewivedout

    I’m watching Chicharito too! Love him. Happy they are winning. Enjoy your Sunday. The Shahs can wait.

  7. JanaApril

    We get it’s edited and so do they when they continued to go on these shows knowing it too. Some of these people take it off the show and confirm what crappy people they beyond the edit or characterization on the show. In the case of Brooks, he clearly has no shame. He went on national television with fraudulent records. I didn’t think his edit on the OC was as bad as it could have been. I wonder if going to start making a fuss once the show starts up again this month. I can’t imagine that they won’t be mentioning his name and all that happened last season.

  8. Allison

    well, apparently Adam Lind is so mad at MTV over his “bad edit” he’s saying he wont give permission for Aubree to film, and he wont be back next season. MTV gave him what little, sad relevance he has, talk about biting the hand that feeds you. I suppose it was a “bad edit” that made him blow of the father daughter dance. Yeah, thats it, yeah…Cole wasnt there, heeeee was, it was all an edit. Yeaaah, thats the ticket.

    • Adam is full of shit. He is getting paid more than his Neanderthal self will ever make on this show, It’s WAY more likely that Chelsea is done. She has tried to keep her engagement and wedding off the show. Think she is ready to settle down with Cole and put this chapter of her life behind her. she is happy. She has enough. I’m a big fan of being happy with “enough.”

      • Allison

        Agreed 1 million percent, TT. He would never ever ever see that kind of money based on his own “talent”, and the backyard basement lifting competition is his peak. He looks freakish now, btw-but just as dumb as ever.

      • I Agree TT and I will add that Adam has ZERO say in Aubrey being on the show. He has NO custody and only supervised visitation with his parents there.

  9. Allison

    Also, Brooks Ayers following Teen Moms on twitter? Not creepy at all. Hmph.

    • swizzle

      Maybe he’s looking to be a baby daddy for one of the girls next season. As long as all those cancer treatments haven’t destroyed his sperm. Ha!

  10. JustJenn

    Oh FFS Jenelle is stupid. I bet MTV could make Jenelle look a hundred times worse with footage of actual hardcore drug use and neglect of her children over the years plus I’m sure there is way more physical abuse aside from the things she’s been arrested for..she can have several seats.

    • rainidaze

      I agree 1000% JustJenn. I think MTV probably has a vault filled with much more damning footage of Jenelle than they’ve aired. It’s pretty bad when, even if we agree that editing can be and sometimes is manipulated, we don’t have sympathy for someone because their behavior has been so horrendous – with Jenelle being a prime example. I just can’t muster up any sympathy for her because she’s demonstrated soooo many times what a horrible person/mother she is. I’ve seen virtually no growth or maturity in her over the past 6+ years she’s done the show. They can’t edit “in” something that she’s never done or said.

  11. French

    I personally would love to see Jenelle & Brooks get together on Teen Mom 2, I wouldn’t be able to stop laughing, it would be very much like Amber & Matt on Teen Mom OG! Women coming out of every where, Jenelle & Vicki could have a show down fight at the nearest mall! Sorry went to far.

  12. Katherine 2.0

    Takes a con to know a con.

  13. jen

    Janelle bought and shot up Heroin on camera. Sure bad edit. Get tge fuck out. You are a loser, terrible mother anf a drug addict.

    • Dee

      I feel so sorry for J a c e and Kaiser, awful what they are exposed to. I can’t believe CPS hasn’t stepped in.

  14. Oh waaaaaaahhhhh! Poor Brooks got Frankenbitten by the editors! Waaahhhhhh. I just can’t feel sorry for him. (I have Lucy Ricardo in my head today)

  15. Matzah60

    “Raked over the calls.” LOLOL. Did either of them graduate high school? They’re both neanderthals who are useless, unmotivated, greedy, and narcissistic. They deserve each other. When I first saw you put this post up about Brooks and Jenelle, I thought for sure the story was about how they hooked up and got involved in a torrid relationship. First thing I thought of when I saw their names linked was “Ewww!”

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