UPDATED! What The Hell Is Going On With Richard Simmons?


Richards Simmons



I know that Richard Simmons isn’t exactly someone we would normally talk about here, but I have been fascinated by all the bizarre stories surrounding him lately.

Like this one from NY Daily News….

Wearing a T-shirt and sweatpants, a gaunt Simmons led Oliveira through the foyer, and into the living room. “Mauro, we can no longer see each other,” Simmons told him in a quiet, defeated voice. It was April 2014. Oliveira, a 49-year-old from Brazil with the burly arms and trim physique of a gym rat and close-cropped black hair, had met Simmons 13 months earlier, and the two became fast friends. But he was catching a weird vibe lately, and hadn’t seen him in a while, before the then 65-year-old Simmons summoned him to the mansion, saying only that they needed to talk.

“What’s going on, Richard?” Oliveira asked. “Why are you saying that?”

“I don’t know,” Simmons replied. “I just want to be by myself, and I want to be in the house, and we’re never going to see each other again.”


Richard Simmons

Simmons’ home is a mixture of classical architecture and design that recalls his New Orleans youth. He collects offbeat pieces, including a menagerie of dolls highlighted by a rare Barbra Streisand model and the colorful work of Mexican painter and sculptor Sergio Bustamante. As they spoke, he and Oliveira stood near an ornate grand piano.

“Let’s talk it over,” Oliveira said. “I want to sit here, and make sure you’ll be OK. Let’s go upstairs, I’ll give you a massage and relax you.”

Simmons called up to Teresa Reveles, his live-in housekeeper of nearly three decades. “Mauro is going upstairs with me,” he said.

“No, no, no!” Reveles shouted from the second floor, according to Oliveira. “Get out! Get out!”

Oliveira looked at his friend, who told him in a soft voice, “You’ve gotta go.”

Oliveira leaned in toward Simmons. “Is she controlling your life now?”


That Daily News piece, which is quite lengthy and interesting, is one of many, many pieces that have been written about the disappearance of Richards Simmons since 2013. It seems he has not left his property at all in the last three, almost four years.

There have been a few concerned friends that have actually sent the LAPD to his home to do a wellness check.  Simmons’ longtime manager, Michael Catalano, Teresa his housekeeper of many years, as well as his brother have been accused of holding him hostage inside his home. But when the LAPD does a check, they always say he is fine, and he just wants to be left alone.  Are they questioning him alone?  Are they checking out the people in the house?

Oliveira, who is from Brazil, is convinced that Teresa the housekeeper, who is from Mexico is doing some sort of Latin Black magic on his friend.

This is one of the last interviews I found of Richard Simmons. It was in April or 2012 with Men’s Health. He was still leading 90 minute exercise classes at his studio, Hyper and happy as ever.

Simmons: I’m 63. I’ll be 64 this summer.

MH: You could retire. I don’t think anybody would accuse you of slacking.

Simmons: Oh no, I couldn’t do that. I wouldn’t be able to sit still. If I have to die, I want to combust in the middle of one of my classes.

If you have never heard of Richard Simmons, he was an exercise guru who was the most obnoxiously outgoing person on the planet.  There was literally no one who was more anxious to be on TV or to lead the aerobics classes at his student or literally run around town tossing glitter confetti! He was annoying talkative. He had a lot of friends. He’s VERY RICH. He went to work every day at his studio. And then one day it all stopped.

This is so weird to me.

Supposedly he was depressed about needing a knee replacement. He had already had one done and didn’t want to do it again. But he has missed funerals of close friends and will not speak to anyone on the phone at all.

TMZ has just reported that Richard has been hospitalized.

Sources tell us, Simmons was acting in an unusually strange manner just before midnight when someone at his Hollywood Hills home became sufficiently alarmed to call 911. Paramedics rushed to the home and evaluated Richard, determining he should go to a hospital for evaluation. We’re told Simmons agreed to be taken to the hospital and he was transported to Cedars Sinai. We do not know if Simmons is still hospitalized.

This is scary. It was likely the evil housekeeper that called. I hope they quarantined him somewhere and did a full drug panel on him, include any known substances used in “black magic.”  If it is bad enough for her to call 911, she may think she has done enough to finish him off. #ConspiracyTheory

A quote in the Daily News story by Oliveira is rather chilling. “If Richard never comes out of the shadows and says he is OK, then no one will ever know the truth. His fans will just wake up one day and see the horrible story that he passed away.”

The last time TMZ caught him out and about was January of 2014.


I fear this will not end well.


TMZ seems to think the guy in the back seat is Richard going home from the hospital last night.  What do you think?




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79 responses to “UPDATED! What The Hell Is Going On With Richard Simmons?

  1. CanadaCat

    I love Richard Simmons! I had no idea. I hope he’s ok. :(

  2. Yes, it seems like a Doris Duke situation all over again. I don’t see it ending well either, although I hope I’m wrong.

    Depression + money + amoral employees are a lethal combination. People in Mr. Simmons’s position have to be so careful of who they surround themselves with, unfortunately.

  3. JoJoFLL

    I’ve also been following this story for some time. Something doesn’t pass the smell test.

    I’m afraid maybe he has early dementia and his ‘handlers’ and maid are taking advantage of him.

  4. Rose

    This is so sad. I remember reading the stories of him being isolated with everyone concerned about his well being. I have one of his exercise DVDs which is dancing fun. I’m concerned but pray it will end well and now that he had been hospitalized hopefully they can also evaluate his mental health.

  5. Cat

    I think maybe he’s having a bit of an identity crisis. From what I understand, he’s had two knee replacements, and a hip replacement? Anyway, as a result of the surgeries, and aging, he has gained weight. He was always very sensitive about that.

    And you know how antisocial media is these days. I think he’s just hiding from the bullies and vultures. I don’t blame him.

  6. Minky

    That poor man. He’s always seemed so happy. I hope he makes it. Mohammad Ali just died last night. Now this! So many famous people have been passing away recently. I’m starting to believe some of the conspiracy theories I read. It’s all so weird.

  7. This has been going on for some time. I wonder if any of it has to do with early dementia or senility.

  8. Scary. He has no family?

    • Matzah60

      Isn’t that odd? You never hear about his family. TT’s story about his brother was a surprising one for me as I had no idea he even had any siblings. The memoir he wrote about his childhood, particularly his disturbing relationship with his father was shocking and explains a lot about Simmons. I doubt his parents are still alive and I have never heard him mention them before.

      I am a huge Richard Simmon’s fan. His tapes and his exercise shows from yesteryear were very inspiring. He didn’t shame people about weight, helped morbidly obese women lose weight without lap band surgery and diet pills. He was inspiring and it seemed to me that his only mission in life was to help those struggling with weight and help all to be positive and love themselves. I know it all sounds corny, but it motivated me and gave me a way to lose weight after my first child was born. After my own knee replacements, I went back to his tapes. Yes, tapes, which I had one of my sons convert to DVD’s.

      I am so happy you wrote a post on Simmons, TT. I keep looking for news stories about him for updates hoping to hear he has come out of his home, gone back to his studios to lead exercise classes, or that he has come out of hiding. I think you’re right, Tamara. I don’t see a happy ending to this story. I still don’t understand what precipitated his seclusion. I never knew about his housekeeper of 30 years. I do think he has suffered from major depression for the better part of his life. He found an outlet for his pain by helping tens of thousands of overweight women, giving them hope, and telling them that they mattered.

      I am so saddened to hear of his demise and worry that he is “being help prisoner inside his own home.” I hope someone can help him before it’s too late.

  9. Cgal38

    There was a blind on a website (I am not sure if I can refer to another site? Just trying to pass along info….it was enty’s site which you’ve referred to with other blinds) that he was taken advantage of and sunk into a depression and really just wants to be left alone, but there’s nothing malicious going on. You can search the site for it, he revealed it. If I broke the rules I’m sorry – was just adding my insight.

  10. Erika

    When the LAPD does a welfare check, and they suspect elder abuse they question the subject alone, away from the suspected abuser. I know they have been there more than once, he always insists he is fine, not being abused, and just wants to be left alone. He says he’s had his fill of being in the public eye. I believe there is definitely a weight gain, as well as mobility issues from the surgeries. If not some onset of mental illness. I used to drive past his home frequently in the hills. If he was outside he would wave or blow a kiss, such a doll.

    • tamaratattles

      I don’t believe he had any of the surgeries except for one Knee. I don’t believe the welfare checks.

      • Erika

        I don’t believe in socialism, global warming or leggings as pants

      • Erica

        It is extremely easy to ask for a welfare check, FYI. Someone could do multiple requests for one with no repercussions. A police department isn’t going to ignore one for fear of something actually being wrong. Glad that it appears that these WC have had happier endings than the ones I’ve been involved in…

  11. Blondesense

    I have been following this too. It is being covered in the Australian media. We mostly know Richard from movie cameos, but I loved seeing him on tv when I lived in the US. I too fear we will be getting some bad news soon.

  12. Kristen

    This is really sad. My mother worked with him about 15 years ago and when he would call to speak to her, he always took the time to strike up a conversation with who ever answered the landline (remember, 2001). He was such a positive, spirited and friendly person who was generally interested in others, even total strangers. I pray that he is doing alright, no matter his circumstances.

  13. Pip

    I have been keeping an eye on this also. He’s adorable and hilarious. I loved him with Letterman. If you are ever bored watch the youtubes of him and Letterman. So, so funny!

  14. Whyowhy

    I remember an appearance on that improv show that Drew Carey used to host… I think Aisha Tyler does it now (I can’t remember the name of it at the moment). He was hilarious and it was the only time I didn’t find him annoying.

    I really hope he is okay. This sounds so sketchy to me.

  15. Sam

    Wasn’t there an interview he did via phone with one of the morning shows after the Daily News article appeared? I think it was Today. Where he insisted he’s fine but just wants to take some time off and said no one is holding him against his will. I had been convinced something sketchy was going on, but after that interview I didn’t know what to think. It seemed like if he really was being held against his will that would have been the time to speak up (with all of the media attention on him). However, I am still very suspicious of this situation and I am praying it turns out well for him. I love him, think he’s a hoot.

    • tamaratattles

      Sam, I believe that interview in the yellow suit I posted was that Today interview. That was the last we ever saw of him……

  16. Wallace

    One has to wonder if there was any addiction to pain medication related to the knee replacement.

    I never felt he was really happy. It all seemed so forced and manic to me, but then again I am by nature suspicious of the perpetually perky, along with morning people and, like Erika, those who wear leggings as pants.

    • tamaratattles

      From what I have read, he was terrified of the FIRST knee replacement and put it off for ten years, recovered and was back teaching classes. I do not believe he ever had the second one done. People in the “he’s just depressed” faction say that is why he is depressed, he didn’t want to go through it again.

      I am the same as you about the chronically happy (and the leggings as pants). However. I think these fake chronically happy people fake it to the grave.And he was an exercise ADDICT. And VERY social. I can’t see him holing up on his own accord. You don’t go from giant media whore to recluse. You can be someone that likes going out and gets lots of attention when they do, (like me) and become a recluse, but you can’t be the one dressing up like a fool and jumping in front of every camera you see, and become a recluse. That just doesn’t make sense.

  17. Karen

    It reminds me of Kasey Kasem. He hope he has family capable of taking legal control or to request a hearing to look into his finances and health.

  18. CoBe

    A blind item from December said that it was a boyfriend who ultimately blackmailed Richard. After the boyfriend moved out, Richard fell into a deep depression. Sounded like he got involved in a sociopathic relationship.

    I adore Richard Simmons. He was one of the few celebrities that actually cared about the people he worked with. He loved and cared for overweight people back when it was considered a serious moral flaw to be fat. Instead of condemning people, he HELPED them. He never took umbrage at being the butt of the joke and never retaliated when people laughed at him.

    Truly one of the greatest, purest souls to grace our planet.

    I hope he pulls through. The most sensitive people are usually the ones who are hurt the most by sociopaths.

    • Frosty

      I also suspect this has to do with the end of a love relationship, CoBe. Don’t know about the sociopathic part, but Simmons has been pretty open about his insecurities about his attractiveness. He just seems like a sweet, kind and perhaps even vulnerable person – the loss of a love can break the strongest person, let alone someone who might not have the confidence to believe he will have it again with someone else.

      • CoBe

        Yup. He was also identified so strongly with the guy who had lost all his weight that if he did gain it back (likely after knee surgery), I’m thinking the whammy could have knocked him for a loop.

        I’m curious to find if the housekeeper was the “good guy” or the “bad guy”. The housekeeper could be the one who is protecting him from “the friend”. Or it could be as the friend claims.

        Hopefully the court will appoint someone to sort it all out.

        I was surprised at how sad this story made me (the first one, way back when). It always hurts when someone who has done so much for others suffers.

        I hope he really knows how many people’s lives he has touched and how many of us are really pulling for him.

      • This is very true and it’s extremely hard to not get sucked into the whirlpool that depression and cause to swirl around you. Retreating into one’s self can seem like the only option.

  19. Sliceo'pie

    What a sad story. He truly touched the lives of people who struggle mightily with their weight, depression and self-esteem issues -he made people feel like they were not alone. I always felt like he was really pulling for people. His, “Deal-a-Meal Cards” were fodder for a lot of jokes but I understand they were not gimmicky-if followed properly, they offered sensible and helpful diet options – unlike the crap Dr. Oz pushes. I always sensed a sadness in him – perhaps the lingering scars from the bullying he received as child for being over-weight and gay.

  20. cheychey

    A truly sad story indeed. I fear early onset of Alzheimer’s. When my grandfather got it he went from being the sweetest most loving person to a bit mean spirited and cursed everyone out at the drop of a hat. I hope this is not the case with Richard. It’s so sad to see the demise of someone’s mental health. Maybe he was told by doctors he had this problem and that’s why he pushed everyone away because he doesn’t want everyone to see him slowly loosing his mental awareness.

  21. pocketbooklover

    I remember watching him on ‘General Hospital’ many eons ago. I couldn’t get over how engaging he was and just grabbed your attention. I remember vaguely that his storyline was only to last a couple episodes but the fan reaction to him was so great that they expanded it.

    I hope that things turn out well as he deserves to be happy.

  22. marc

    Heartbroken. Watching that video reminds me of what a sincere & genuine man he is & has always been.

  23. Depression often causes the desire to withdraw from all outside contact. I have gone for days without speaking with another human being, hiding inside until I’m sure there is no chance of running into someone. I hope he gets help.

  24. Lisa j

    My grandma is a HUGE fan of his to the point she bought/buys everything he’s ever sold and tours his events like she’s following the Greatul Dead. I never got it. Now she’s got a touch of senility and she said to pray for Richard Simmons because he’s been controlled by black magic. I need to call and apologize for doubting her. She also swears he had a hair transplant, swapping hair from his gentlemen parts to the top of his head so who knows. Regardless, praying he gets the help he needs.

  25. “Thank you to everyone who has reached out with love and concern after hearing I was in the hospital,” Simmons said in a statement obtained by PEOPLE. “I was dehydrated and needed some fluids and now I am feeling great! Summer is here – drink plenty of liquids. Big hugs and kisses for caring.”

    NOPE not buying this lame written statement released by his camp. Not one bit.

    • tamaratattles

      Mine own comment was sent to moderation. LOL. WordPress updated so your next comment my be moderated too…

      • Cat

        How funny! What happens if you get sent to the WLS?

      • elizabethbennet

        Thank you TT for following celebs ( they are people, too…believe it or not) in a kind and considerate manner. Mind you I love to snark as much as the next one but I appreciate your drawing the line as to what is funny and what is just cruel. Smack us around, keep us in line. That’s what we (ermm… not me personally) pay you for. I read daily but rarely comment and I am afraid I will be directed to the “window licker section” but here goes

      • Dee

        Funny Tamara! I remember him from General Hospital. He was always so up. I hope no one is taking advantage of him.

  26. Jen

    This makes me sad. Can someone find his address? We can write him and tell him how much he means to us. Send him a lovely card. Just to remind him that he’s loved and he’s inspired us and we want him to be happy. I think we can make a difference if we try! #BeLove

    • MARC

      Excellent idea ; T.T family rocks!

    • ZenJen55




      MY GOD!

      • elizabethbennet

        I think I just sent a message to him on his website. I have never done anything like this since the web was invented ( by Al Gore, right? 😉 ) I used my actual real name and phone number. It wouldn’t send without it. I sincerely hope I am not going to get phone calls from Martians and/or web conspiracy theorists. Up until now I have been very careful about personal info over the webster(unless of course I am buying really cool clothes at from trustusthiscrap willfitUatalowprice.com!). This may be the beginning of missives between me and people at web cafes in Nigeria. Let us hope not. If this happens I will blame you, zenjen1 and of course, Tamara

      • Dee

        Elizabeth, can you go back and delete your message? If it has to be moderated they may the address.

      • ZenJen55

        Please accept my apology, I should of just posted his address that is his official Fan Mail address and not his home. My bad, I meant no harm.

      • marc

        The White house address is public record so sending a get well card to a celeb in jeopardy is ludicrous ? NAMASTE.

      • marc

        I thank you I will be sending him an encouraging word :)

  27. jen

    This is so sad. And bizarre. I hope he is ok and its not ended with a drug overdose like so many stars including Prince recently.

  28. elizabethbennet

    Dee. Thank you for your help. It wasn’t on a forum. It was a “Send A Message To Richard” link on his website. Oh well, we shall see.

  29. T D

    Never quite sure of what’ going on with myself most of the time. No comment on Richard other than love him. A postcard, telegram or morse code message wouldn’t hurt.


    From TMZ http://www.tmz.com/2016/06/07/richard-simmons-hospitalized-maid-photo/

    Richard Simmons’ people claimed he was in the hospital for less than 24 hours, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, because his housekeeper made several trips to Cedars-Sinai … days after he was admitted.

    The housekeeper (above) made 2 trips to Cedars Monday. TMZ broke the story … the housekeeper called 911 just before midnight Friday after Richard became incoherent. He was taken to Cedars, but the housekeeper and his other confidantes claimed he was out by Saturday afternoon.

    A post on Simmons’ Facebook account stated he suffered from dehydration, but 3 days in it looks like he never checked out of the hospital.

  31. JentheAUfan

    I haven’t commented with the new new site, but saw on Facebook you were talking to yourself and I don’t want you to be lonely! I hope he is ok. I remember seeing him on TV when I was a little girl, he just made me happy with his amazing outfits, happy attitude and curly hair!

    • tamaratattles

      Thanks Jen you are my “onlyest” friend…

      • JentheAUfan

        And I actually was traveling to your lovely state from Alabama. Took us 3 1/2 hours to get to douglasville and the whole Time I kept wondering why it took Kim z and her crew almost12 hours to get to destin a few years ado 😀😀😀 I am on a housewife hunt tomorrow

  32. Sam

    OK, so now seriously, WTF is going on here?!! Something just ain’t right!! Why on earth would they say he had checked out when he hadn’t and they know TMZ is on it?! If there is nothing nefarious going down here then they need to come clean. It’s all very suspicious!

  33. I agree. And why is the housemanager/maid hanging around outside the hospital all the time?

  34. quincygirl

    Could the guy in the back seat be Richards brother? Does he ruble him at all? Just an idea. It definitely smells like a Kasem ordeal. So sad, he always was so upbeat but on the other hand struck me as manic too. Could never tell what was really going on with him. So sad, I hope someone intervenes.

  35. tamaratattles

    Okay, I am just fascinated by this so I am going to just keep right on talking to myself about it. Now the Daily Mail (who may or may not be in some way connected to the National Enquirer ) is saying that Richard has been living as a woman for the past three years. They have a photo that really just sort of looks like drag but who knows.

    Reasons to believe this:

    It would explain why a guy like Richard who was always so supportive to others stopped going to friends funerals and has not been see anywhere.

    Now that Transgender is the new black it seems like there are people born male who are in their 60s or even older that feel like they missed the chance to live as who they really are.

    Reasons not to believe this:

    Spotty evidence if any.

    We have heard that Richard is terrified of surgery. The story claims he has had multiple SRS surgeries and is living as Fiona.

    So what do you think Tamara?

    Well Tamara I am really confused and not sure what is going on. I do find it fascinating and wish I had, oh I dunno, a website full of carefully cultivated smart comments who could chat with me about that.

    Yeah, Tamara that would be really nice. You should think about starting such a website. Until then I guess we will just have to wonder.

    • Kim

      At least for me, I think after Bruce became Caitlyn, it’s not as far as a stretch to consider maybe Richard Simmons is transgender. Maybe he hasn’t undergone physical surgery but hormone replacement? Maybe he’s been in public since 2013 incognito? I suggest this because Caitlyn Jenner said she used to go out socially as a woman before her transformation & the public didn’t recognize then him, now her (before the story was confirmed). A “close source” in an article stated he’s been in Europe as a woman. No one in his camp has denied (or confirmed) anything. Curious! Just a theory…interested in where this story goes.

      • tamaratattles

        Someone from his camp was quoted as saying this is “c—“. This is cunt? This is crap? This is cute? This is camp? WHAT? Would a British tabloid not print the word crap? This is why I had the whole c word, s word, bullshit.

      • quincygirl

        All the posts he makes or things he puts on social media like pics are all old pictures. He is definitely about equality. i am all about living your life however you want to, but there might be a little truth to this. I don’t know if I believe there was a surgery involved… but I do believe he is living a secret life as a woman. ??

    • Kim

      I saw that. Wasn’t that bizarre?! There’s only a couple major “c” words & neither fit. You’re too funny & I completely agree. The media have reached out to several sources and THAT’S the one response?! Will be following your updates, as always. :)

      • Kim

        I thought I replied to your last comment, TT but my reply came up as general comment to your story.

    • Cat

      Personally, I think I will respect his privacy, and not speculate. Richard has always been very sensitive, and has always been the butt of jokes in the media. Now, with antisocial media, it’s no wonder he’s in hiding.

      To Richard: Just be YOU, and know there are people out there who love you.

      • marc

        I love you Cat you are truly a kind decent & sweet person ! Warmest regards Marc

      • Cat

        Thanks, Marc!

        I just want to clarify, I was stating my own opinion on the subject. I was not slamming anyone, especially anyone here. I was thinking more about comments I saw on Facebook. They were horrible.

        People on the internet these days are so mean. I met and spent some time with Richard back in the 80s, during his book tour. He was very nice, and truly cares about people. He does not deserve the nasty comments I saw on Facebook.

        By the way, he was more subdued off stage. I think he amps it up onstage to get people motivated.

  36. elizabethbennet

    I also saw the report today. It made sense except he doesn’t strike me as the type to keep this such a secret for so long. He knows people have been worried about him so why didn’t he on occasion go out in public as a man then go back to the secret female lifestyle change. He always seemed to considerate to allow people to worry about him and we do as evidenced by this weeks news. I don’t see him as going the surgical route, hormones… maybe, but even that he could disguise given the way he dressed and presented himself normally. I don’t know but I am concerned, keep checking for any reports on him and I appreciate your keeping up on the story and allowing a place for me to comment. Thank you, Tamara!

  37. elizabethbennet

    The picture I see on Daily Mail looks as if he is sporting a false beard as a disguise. Makes sense, a go to in Hollywood. I guess it is really none of my business but I adore him and am concerned. I should have checked the latest before above comment. Also the headline is amended to cr** which of course is cruz. It is a load of Ted Cruz or a load of crab? Must be some secret code for takeout the manager was planning to place via the Mail. We know nothing can be straightforward and easy to a celebrity

  38. Kim

    Hey, I have no judgement toward Richard. Speculation comes with the territory being a celeb. Above all, whatever he may be doing, hopefully he’s doing what makes him happy & he’s not ill. He’s always seemed likable, no matter his choice of lifestyle.

  39. SaraSally

    The only way we can save him is to pull out our secret weapon, our big guns… and that would be ‘Barbra Streisand’. She, and only she can save him now!

  40. Kim

    Tamara, will be waiting for your update on his statement to the press (when you have time to comment)…love to know your thoughts! His rep also officially denied his transition but from my understanding his family is devoutly religious so I doubt he’ll admit it. Unfortunately there are some that don’t follow the motto live and let live.

    • tamaratattles

      I don’t see a statement to the press from Richard. The only thing I have seen is one of the captors saying that he is not living as a woman.

      I will continue to follow this story until I see Richard Simmons himself making an on camera statement.

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