Daily Tea: We Should Really Change The Name of This Series…

Hey  y’all! If you are one of many new followers, the Daily Tea is our OPEN forum.  I talk about my gardening issues a lot or ramble on about my cute dog Banjo.  But others have more serious issues going on they want to vent about. It’s pretty much open season.  I do ask that you don’t spoil any TV shows!  In this day and age we watch things on our own schedules and saying things like OMG! I can’t believe (insert name here)  on (insert show here!) is not something people expect to see in these posts.

Things are heating up in the ATL.  It was almost 90 today and the humidity is rising. I bought a lantana plant (see above for an example) that I think I am going to plant in the front yard in front of the ugly backyard fence.

iced tea


I am having a lot of trouble with my tomatoes next year. I have two giant pots of tomatoes, one cheat plant (purchased when it was already  ready to bear fruit) and one yellow pear tomato plant. Both have had the exact same attention. They cheat plant is healthy as a horse, the yellow pear is a dying mess.  I have the same issue with by tomatoes in the side garden. A couple are doing fine, and those right next door have yellow leaves and the early girl is dying altogether.  Something was eating my peppers, but they seem to be recovering. Especially the tabasco one. Perhaps now that it is maturing the leaves have a bit of heat to now.

I manage to wear myself out at the Kroger but have now cooled down and caught a second wind. It’s time for the dreaded putting everything away part grocery shopping, watering the garden. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, but my plants don’t look like they can wait that long.  And Banjo is apparently starving to death. It must burn a lot of calories to shed ten pounds of hair an hour.

So what’s going on in your neck of the woods ?


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  1. Hey there TT ..too cool that you grow your own veggies…last week I had 7 full days off..and all 7 days I made everything from scratch..I do not grow anything..but I didn’t use a mix for anything..of course I mixed salads..fruit and veggie..my staycation went awesome..I am looking forward to going to the new “ghostbuster’s” movie..all women!! the trailer looks awesome!

  2. tamaratattles

    I’m starting to think I have brain damage. I have had more than one conversation lately that goes like this..

    Me: Have you have seen the apples on this here tree I am holding up a picture of? Do you know anything about them?

    Other person: I have heard of plums, yes. Here is what I know about plums.

    Me: Looks at photo, sees an apple tree… *cocks head to the side* yeah um, plums are very juicy. *nods* and um…. backs away.

    Now if this happened with just one person, I’d think “this idiot doesn’t know an apple from a plum. Except it is happening a lot. Like I am wondering if I’m trying to say apples and somehow plums comes out of my mouth and I don’t hear it…. or perhaps the world is in collusion to gas light me…

    • Minky

      Don’t worry TT. I’ve found that at least 75% of the population is functionally illiterate. That must also translate to spoken language as well.

      I went to Costco today. There I observed that, for some strange reason, some people believe that their unruly children’s whims take precedence over things like politeness and common courtesy. I almost cussed a bitch out. Almost…😇

      • Demeter

        I looked up “using the wrong word while speaking” and the people who have this problem always hear themselves saying the wrong word. Your problem is probably with the listener.

    • Hey TT .did I fuck up?….

      • tamaratattles

        HA! I saw your comment in my email and wondering what on earth you were talking about. No you didn’t fuck up.

        I started writing that when there were no comments. I didn’t realize it came after yours.

        And it wasn’t about anyone here, it was about how I seem unable to effectively communicate with people lately and I sort of feel like it must be ME!


  3. Ktwallis

    Trying to get a baby to nap while I engage in one of my favorite pastimes… Reading your site!

    PS. Success!

  4. Heidi

    Ana from Real Housewives of Miami is competing on The Next Food Network Star. Anyone watching?

    • Yup. She kind of sucks in camera challenges, weird, no? I also thought she was a kinder, more generous person.

      • First time posting after all the changes. I lost my avatar that I am so attached to ☹ . Trying to comment under my twatter.

      • Heidi

        She’s really stiff, which I find surprising. Kinder, generous on NFNWS or RHOM?
        I’m all about the Italian dude. I don’t care if he can cook;).

      • rainidaze

        Heidi, the Italian dude won Master Chef a couple seasons ago. He can cook. :-) I noticed a number of contestants from other cooking/baking competition shows, even from other networks, are on this season of NFNS (first time I’ve been aware of that happening.)

      • SJ

        It really surprised me at how poorly a reality show housewife would do on a cooking show…shades of Nene Lekes trying to upgrade to regular TV. I wonder how Teresa Gudicci is going to do if she gets a real cooking show.

  5. Robert

    Hey, T. This has been a freak year for me plant wise. My Grandmother passed in January so I moved into her house therefore inheriting her yard. I grew up eating (and helping plant most of) the fruits and vegetables grown here so it’s nice to be the caretaker of it now.

    We currently have 2 types of tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers and some okra growing. Strewn throughout the property are various things that have sprung out of nowhere. Beans I think.

    We just got the last of the mulberries (about 12 gallons). The second bloom on the star fruit is coming in and there are like 10 pineapples about to ripen. The fig and the lychee both have fruit on them. I planted a guava plant for my Grandmother about 7 years ago and for the first time it’s absolutely covered with fruit.

    The mango tree finally came back after been frozen to death 2 Winters ago. There’s so many mangoes that one of the limbs broke off the other day. Needless to say, my co-workers and the residents at the mental health facility I work at are in for a treat.

    I’m not sure if I believe in supernatural things but I like to think that when my Grandmother left the world she put a little bit of something in the soil.

    Happy gardening, Tamara :)

    • tamaratattles

      Wow! I want to live where you live? Pineapples? Mangoes? Lychees? Where are you?

      • He’s got free fruit and works in mental health! Sounds like the perfect man.

      • Robert

        I’m from the toilet bowl of the South. Also known as Polk County, Florida. We may be the meth capital of the world but we have good soil 😉

      • Robert

        I’m from the toilet bowl of the South. Also known as Polk County, Florida. We may be the meth capital of the world but we have good soil 😉

      • Toddy

        Dude, if you’re in the toilet bowl, I’m in the septic tank. South Mississippi. Nah, I’m in the turd!

      • Sammie

        Robert, howdy neighbor, I’m in Tampa and that is a really impressive garden. My yard is more sand than dirt and the only thing I can grow is sandspurs.

    • Jaded

      OMG! How I miss mulberries!

  6. JoJoFLL

    I’ve had a shitty, shitty week. Ended a 20 year friendship.

    • Was it a fade out growing apart situation or something more acute?

    • tamaratattles

      YIKES. Sorry to hear that. And we will require more details ….because, nosey. :)

      • JoJoFLL

        My BFF and her hubbie my husband’s BFF. Someone was taking advantage of them, had been for some time, my husband exploded to this exploiting person over the dinner table who is BFF’s son’s best friend and that was it.

        We are quite raw over it.

        I can’t figure out if it is rude or immature to unfriend someone if you are a grownup.

        This is the first time I’m talking about it and it is quite theraputic thanks.

      • misery chick

        @ JoJoFLL-I’m so sorry you and your hubby are going through this, at least you have each other. I’ve gone through a couple of similar experiences, the worst was the ending of a 25 year friendship 😢 (believe it or not, my husband and her husband were also BFFs before my husband and I met!! Hubby’s BFF and my BFF met @ our wedding and married several years later). I hope the both of you don’t doubt yourselves, you acted out of love and concern; THEY are the ones who BLEW it, big time. Stay strong to support each other through this. There’s that old saying, and I’m paraphrasing, about people are in your lives for just the amount they’re meant to be-much love and good luck!

      • Calipatti

        sent with hugs,
        Please Do Not unfriend them on social media, not yet, no reason to.
        A lifetime to do that.
        Do not talk to others about this unless it is very kind, nothing personal. Their past. friendship still deserves loyalty.

        Your husband went where his friend did not want to go, he did it because he cared.
        A comment saying that in TIME, sent with love might help.
        Give your friend time, as much as it takes to come around.
        You’ve nothing to lose by being generous and taking the high road.

        Remember you love these friends, be understanding and generous with your understanding, it does not matter what they said in anger. Forgotten.

        I am so sorry this happened to you both.

      • Lindsay

        Unfriend IRL. Stay friends on FB. That way you’ll know if they say weird shit and try to turn things around on you. Speaking from experience here.

    • Sliceo'pie

      That is so painful. I found the breakup of a friendship with a girl-friend, just a painful, if not more painful than a breakup with a boyfriend. It really hurt.
      If you don’t mind my unsolicited advice – would you consider giving it some time, for everyone to cool down? It doesn’t have to go back to the same type of relationship – 20 year friendships are hard to come by…Either way, I feel your pain and hope talking about it helps..

      • Sabrina

        Give it some time.Really good friends will think it through and once over the shock of the betrayal by these others,will realize you & hubby were protecting/helping them, if they know the real story.
        But I agree-say nothing to anyone else, truly good friends know who they’ve trusted all the years and why
        I hope it all is resolved shortly!

      • JoJoFFLL, I’m so sorry. Let me make sure I understand: the Exploiter is your BFF’s son’s best friend. Your husband called out the son’s best friend, and now your BFF and her husband are angry with you and your hubby. You and your hubby are upset and angry because your well-intentioned intervention was perceived as some sort of attack on the son and his BFF. Do I have this right? So..I’m with Slice o’ Pie and Calipatti. Give everyone some time to breathe deeply and miss each other – maybe three or four weeks? Or a couple of months? Then I’d write my BFF an honest-to-God note on pretty paper – no emails, no texts, no Facebook, no messenger – and apologize for hurting her feelings and crossing a boundary. “I know I (or Hubby and I hurt your feelings and crossed a boundary, and I am deeply sorry. I love and miss you…” Then invite her for lunch someplace nice as your guest. Mail it. Yes, real mail. Wait a few days, and call her if she doesn’t call you. Again, apologize, don’t make excuses, don’t mention the specifics of the incident. Meanwhile, please get off of Facebook. Grown-up people do not negotiate their relationships on social media. If she’s your Facebook friend, do not, for god’s sake, “unfriend” her. You can “hide” her posts without “unfriending” her. To answer you’re question, if you mean “unfriend” as in on Facebook, yes, it’s immature. So keep quiet for a while, apologize sincerely in a nice note, go to lunch. Tell her in person you love her and miss her. From there you two can consider how to include your hubbies in your decision to make peace. Or not. Just because he’s lost his BFF doesn’t mean you have to give up yours if the guys can’t get past it. A twenty-year friendship is a valuable gift. Don’t let it go because of one lousy dinner party. In the future, you may want to make plans with them without the son and his Exploiter. We’re always on thin ice when we come close to anything that parents can remotely construe as criticism of their children. It’s not your son; it’s out of bounds for you, Besides, the BFFs may be fully aware their son is being exploited, but have chosen to keep the peace, ignore it, who knows? I wish you all the best. Take comfort in knowing this is probably a short-term estrangement; you can fix it at least with your BFF. Good luck! (I know a lot about mending relationships because I have said the WRONG thing so many times and had to fix it.)

      • While I TOTALLY agree with LizBeth. I don’t think you did anything wrong and that your intentions were purely out of love.

        That said, sometimes you need to apologize despite that, not for any other reason than it is what good friend do, and you may not know all the reasons why this was such a huge crossing of boundaries for them.

        I just wanted to soften the recommendation while totally agreeing with it.


        good luck.

  7. I love lantanas plants with those bright orange hues. Orange, or as I love to say “urrnge”, is one of my fave colors.

    • Shellbelle

      I planted one in front of my sons window one year not realizing how freakin’ huge that damn thing would get. By the end of summer, it’s probably 12-15 ft in diameter and 7′ tall. It’s beautiful when it’s in full bloom. I also don’t have to worry about my teenager tryna sneak out either. The damn plant is in the way. 😀

    • T D

      Used a beautiful corally urrnge rose Rosa ‘BAlove’ easy elegance Coral Cove.interplanted with blue hydrangeas. This was for you. Urrnge is so underated. Tithonia is another favorite.

  8. Really the only plant I care about today is in a plastic bag. #Confessions

    • Minky

      You lucky ducky! 🐣 Enjoy a little extra for me. I gotta be a good girl for a long time yet. #grownupproblems

    • Calipatti

      I’m struggling, having little success this year starting from seed. Seedlings not available, at least none I can find.

  9. Wallace

    More rain in Austin has provided the excuse to watch the season 1 marathon of RHONY today. It’s pure gold in the amusement factor.

    I loved the Bethenny/ Jill comedy duo back then. ‘Cher called and she wants he outfit back.’ And the pretensions of the Van Kempens was just over the top.

    • Toddy

      Oh gosh I loved to cringe at the Van Kempens. Good times!

    • elizabeth

      I was watching the Season 1 marathon, too. Did you notice Luann’s current fiance, Tom, hitting on Ramona and friends at a bar? I had to pause my dvr and check his face against internet photos of Luann and him, but it was totally Tom.

  10. McMindyTX

    It is finally drying out a little here in DFW–it has felt more like we were living in the Pacific Northwest instead of Texas for the last few weeks. You hate to complain about rain when we are usually praying for it, but it sure is nice to see the sunshine. I don’t think I will be gardening in my own yard this summer, but we have lots of elementary schools with school gardens that always need a little attention.

  11. Cat

    I am hiding from the world. I’ve had to go “out there” 3 days in a row, encountering PEOPLE. I hit my limit the 2nd day.

    I’m still adjusting to the two cats, trying to figure out what and how much to feed them. And still have enough money to feed myself. Dieting, ala cats!

    I love having them here, it gives me someone intelligent and nonjudgmental to talk to. AND, they make me LAUGH..OUT LOUD.

    When it gets dark (I tend to not use lights at night), they become very active. Like little acrobats, chasing each other, and bouncing off the furniture. A couple of times, they have literally jumped over my head! It’s like Cirque du Solei (spell check, please) with cats.

    I have discovered the BEST cat treat….sardines. Better than catnip, and cheaper than cat food. One little can will feed both cats. It’s amazing how much fish is in one of those little cans! It reminds me of that bible story of the loaves and fishes…..

    OK, I’m rambling now. Time to stop.

    • hannahkingrose

      Loving it Cat. Cat stories are the best for me lately too since Minja arrived. I’m now covered in tiny little scratches because she is trying to learn all her big kitty attack skills on me. I wake up to her little butt sitting on my head. She won’t sleep on the bed. She has to sleep on me usually somewhere around my throat area. This is okay as long as she weighs the same as a feather but it ain’t going to be so good when she’s 14 pounds like our other cat. I have to keep a towel nearby because Baloo the Dane tends to give her several baths a day where she looks like a drowned rat.

      Her new favorite toy is the laser pen. She will chase that red light for as long as you will hold it for her. She must be a smart kitty because she finally figured out where the light was coming from and started watching the pen itself. The only problem I have with her so far is when I eat she loses her mind and tries to get into my plate (I eat sitting in my bed mostly). I push her away, put her on the floor and offer her her food to no avail. She almost goes into a frenzy and if she gets a piece of my food will growl and claw when I try to get it away from her. I think that probably came from not knowing if she was going to eat when she was stuck in the car when we found her.

      She met a 3 year old child today and he completely wore her out. She curled up in my lap and slept for over an hour after he left. Think I’ll have him come over every day lol.

      • Wallace

        Hannah that behavior regarding food typically means she is asserting dominance over you. She is the alpha in your relationship at this point.

        She sounds like a lot of fun though!

      • hannahkingrose

        Well Wallace, she’s not going to be alpha. I’m still the HBIC of cats and dogs (and actually everyone) at this house and a water bottle will be getting her attention shortly. She’s so tiny you’re almost afraid to restraint her for fear of hurting her but a little squirt of water to her face sure won’t hurt her physically but will definitely hurt her kitty feelings.

      • Latina2014

        @cat @hannahkingrose So funny to read both of ur comments! I have a new kitty n the acrobatic’ness n kitty scratching skills u both talk about made me literally LOL! Going through that right now, he’s my sanity n makes me laugh throughout the day :). Enjoying my Kitten so much. I think Tamara would be well entertained with a Kitten too! Banjo would probably be more active n have a lot of “WTH” moments watching the cat go about their day! Wld love to hear her stories if that ever happened!! 😂

        Tamara, Really enjoying this Daily Tea posts. We get to read about ur Zen home life when u discuss ur Amazing garden. Thanks!

      • Cat

        Hanna, my cats won’t sleep on the bed with me, either. But I think that’s because I tend to thrash around in my sleep.

        Your kitten sounds so adorable!

        As for Banjo and a kitten…I have a feeling he would probably thank TT for the yummy doggie treat. Eek!

      • Cat

        Grrr…misspelled your name…again. So sorry!

    • MARC

      Charming use of words as always ! Be well Cat love your take on things!

  12. Happygal

    I have had a terrible week. I found out my ex fiancé who has remained a very close friend for over twenty years has advanced brain cancer.

    I am devestated for him. My husband is very understanding of my feelings and has even invited him to come visit us

    • misery chick

      What an AWFUL & devastating shock. Prayers to all of you 💓

    • Sliceo'pie

      I’m so sorry – what devastating news. You’re fortunate to have such a gent for husband.

      • Happygal

        Thank you. Actually it is not working out with him staying w his family and he may actually come stay w me and my husband if the visit goes well which I think it will. My husband is very compassionate and he really has nobody to help him since his family has asked him to leave. We have excellent hospitals nearby and I just could not let him face this alone. Really if this were my husbands ex wife who he does not really even care for but is the mother of his children and if it were the same circumstances I would want to do the same. I just don’t understand not helping family.

      • Cat

        So sorry for the bad news. But I find it heartwarming that you and your husband are willing to step in and give support.

        So many people out there hate their ex. But I completely understand where you are coming from. My ex and I divorced as friends. Although we lost contact years ago, if he needed help, I would be there for him, too.

        God bless the two of you for your compassion. And blessings to your ex, too.

      • So sorry – I know how difficult it can be. We had a friend die of cancer 2 years ago. For most of his final year he was with us. I still expect him to show up every now and then and make my day. You’re lucky to have such a wonderful husband. I’m sending prayers.

  13. ingrid

    I have a plant story: When my grandmother died over 20 years ago (she had incredible gardens), my Aunt passed around small geranium plants to everyone who attended the memorial service. I still have mine, kept it alive all these years. No one was able to do that, even my cousin who is a botanist! I bring it inside every winter, put it out every summer, and guard it carefully. Every time it blooms pink flowers I am reminded of Grandma Idee.
    Also I did have to have TWO fucking root canals last week! One was a breeze, the other one had a horrible infection and had me shaking in the chair. Bottom line is, no more pain, so all good.

  14. Checked out my locker and badge at old job on Friday. I start new job on Monday. Relaxing and enjoying reminding myself I don’t have to go back to my old job ever again! Petomoto keeps growing. The boyfriend has planted a new plant in a pot outside. Can’t take credit for that one, but will enjoy eating the tomatoes. :)

  15. SaraK7272

    Oh great gardners….I need some advice. I went rouge and instead of planting tomatoes bought a green pepper. Put in in a pot here in the house. Do I have to put it outside or just transplant to bigger pot as it grows?

  16. cheychey

    Went to Walmart with the kids today. While getting out the car the lady in the car next to us asked us for help. Her hood was up, I didn’t know how much help I’d be but went over anyway. She heard a strang noise coming from the engine before she got a chance to start the car. She opened the hood and a very tiny kitten was hiding down in the engine where she couldn’t get to it. My daughter got it out by climbing underneath and grabbed it. The lady was going to leave it in the lot because she said she couldn’t take it. The tiny thing was covered it not only fleas but lots of ticks. So long story short I have a new kitten. So I have been to the vet and bought supplies for. Our new fur ball. Symba our Siamese is not to sure he loves her as much as the kids. He is very happy with this being a one indoor cat domain, he really doesn’t want to share my younger daughter either. He was her honor roll for the school year present and they are very close. He will not leave her side when she is sick, it’s very sweet. I think he’s gonna come around. He’s not mean to the kitten just won’t pay her any attention.

  17. tamaratattles

    So I live less than one mile from a Pubix and less than three miles from a Kroger. For a hermit like me, that extra two miles seems ridiculous. But Kroger has better cheeses (Except the kind I bought today, how much cheese is it safe to feed a dog?) and a cute little organic section (that they have fucked up) and I needed Organic Soy Sauce. Because, doesn’t everyone?

    So about half a mile past the Publix, where I venture out oh, maybe five times a year, I see a new building that has big banners saying OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

    It’s a giant fucking fireworks store. It looks permanent.

    We have got to move out of the ghetto.

    • OMFG :(, I was hoping you were going to say it was a Trader Joe’s. :( So sorry, TT.

    • SaraSally

      It’s prob just a pop up store like the seasonal Halloween costume stores. My dog Bilbo gained a few lbs this year & doesn’t fit in her thunder vest. Time to start walking or buy a new vest.

  18. tamaratattles

    Is finding a kitten under your hood, the new blood clots in the lungs?

  19. I miss my Grandpa Bob and his big juicy red tomatoes… so sick of buying these little, yellow looking things that taste like nothing from the grocery stores. I never eaten tomatoes like my Grandpa used to grow since he passed. They were so big, so juicy that we cut them up and ate them with salt and pepper and it was delicious. Miss you my wonderful Grandpa Bob!!! I know there were no steroids or anything but love and care that grew your tomatoes so splendidly.

  20. Brandy

    Well just got back from the beach and happy to see the girls who watched the house did not kill the garden. It looks great. My chickens on the other hand do not look happy and they did not collect the eggs

  21. More Tea Please!

    That pitcher of tea looks wonderful. This week I made my first batch of homemade Ginger Beer and it turned out yummy. Very easy too – fresh ginger, sugar, water and a pinch of yeast.

    It’s a key ingredient in Moscow Mules but yummy straight up as a non-alcoholic beverage. I used the recipe from the New York Times recipe website.

  22. ok..so this is me trusting everyone..again..last time I did this..I was swarmed and jumped…TT..I don’t have a green thumb…I wish I did..as I used to help my mom.. with her garden..I used to “til” ..by little weird hand thing…and I would empty all the rocks and junk..my mom said …to go at at least 4 inches..never knew how to measure that..so I would use a huge shovel..and turn soil and throw out the rocks and debris…for my mom..so..yes..TT I do admire you for your gardening expertise…as ..I still…don’t have a green thumb… I tried..with potted plants..they insisted on dying..so I gave up..someday I will be able to figure out how to garden.

    • tamaratattles

      To figure it out, it starts with one tomato plant. It just wants good soil, regular watering and lots of sun and love…

      Oh and you can plant it in a really big pot, or even one of those orange plastic buckets from home deport with holes bored in the bottom…. You don’t even have to dig! Just dump the dirt in the pot!

      • ok…so I will go to superstore (canada) thanks TT

      • tamaratattles

        YAY! Another convert! The worst thing that can happen is the plant dies. This rarely happens only it is happening to two of mine and I don’t know why. :(

        The best thing that can happen is you get a really great tomato. They are nothing like the ones you buy in the store! Good luck. And keep up updated!

  23. VioletBlue

    Feeling grateful that our 17 1/2 year old furry child-dog is still a happy, healthy girl. She does have arthritis in her back legs and has a hard time getting up, but once she gets moving, she’s good. We are just soooooooo thankful!

    • My 13 year old Rottweiler has arthritis in his hip and legs. He lays all day, we try to make him get up and walk a few times a day. Sometimes he feels like it, some days he gets up only to eat, of course he will get up to eat. I don’t know how long I should let this go on before putting him down. I don’t want to but sometimes he looks miserable.

      • VioletBlue

        That’s a tough call, Nate Dogg. We asked our vet how would we know. She said, “she will tell you, just look in her eyes.” Right now she still gets excited about going for a ride or to the park. I guess when that stops, it will be time.

  24. Pip

    I am so fucking beyond pissed right now. We have smart tv’s in our house, but in our bedroom we have a regular HD flatscreen with Apple TV 2nd gen. I was planning on getting into bed early, turn on the fireplace and watch movies in my bed.
    I called Apple got on the phone and explained that movies that I have purchased and rented from iTunes are taking FOREVER to load and some of these I have already purchased. So this dude has me unplugging shit, digging for different kinds of USB cords, etc. I’m basically running around trying to hook up my Apple TV to my laptop instead of my TV per his instructions. Then our call is disconnected. Now when we first got on the phone, he ASKED for my phone number to call me back incase we get disconnected, and then he never called back. So I call apple back, and their office is closed. This was at 10:30 CT. So you know that fucker was like oh boy! It’s quitting time and probably disconnected the call himself. Can you believe that?!! I am beyond. Had to take an Ativan to calm down. So now I am dicking around with all these cords, no clue what to do (and I am fairly technical).
    My husband sensing I was on the verge of a meltdown came in and fixed it. But I am fuming! I’m calling Apple tomorrow to tell them about this. I hope they fire that moron.
    Okay… Rant over. Thanks for listening.

    • Calipatti

      Apple has responded to my after-hour problems when I emailed, always before the phone line is open the next morning.
      Recently, at night I had Appje store pop ups that were excessive and constant. I emailed Apple my problem and they were gone never to return by the time I went online the next morning.
      Yeah Apple support.

  25. therealdeb

    Help, please tell me if i am being unreasonable. We have lived in our house for 18 years, we just recently paid it off and the people across the street have lived here longer than we have. When we moved in their youngest was barely a year old, their oldest had 2 had both moved out at 16. basically my husband and I have raised the youngest 2. The youngest is a senior, and their are a limited number of tickets for each senior to graduation, they get 8 each. Her parents kicked her out in January because she went to school instead of bringing in firewood… seriously. I have purchased her school clothes for many years, supplies you name it. The parents are lazy and are pretty neglectful, would rather buy pot and shit than clothes and all for the kids. Anyways she has promised me forever a ticket to graduation for all I have done for her, I got her ready for her dances and pictures, everything. She is like another sibling to my kids, she really is a part of our family. She now is giving the ticket that was supposed to be mine to her new boyfriends mom, I feel really hurt. I don’t feel she owes me, but i feel like i should be there. does that make sense? Am i wrong?

    • I’d be really hurt too, therealdeb. Have you spoken to her about it?

    • tamaratattles


      And you do sound like she owes you.

      And she does. But she is 18. She doesn’t get it. Let it ride.

      • therealdeb

        it makes me sad, we have been her soft place to land her whole life. her parents haven’t been there for any of their kids, and 2 of the older ones have nothing to do with them. it makes me sad because i know that if she didn’t have us all those years she could ahve turned out so much different.

    • Dee

      Debbie, so sorry, I would be hurt as well.

    • Tamara’s right. She’s self-absorbed, clueless, and “…oooh I got an new boyfriend.” You didn’t take care of her because she owed you something; you have done it because you care, because you’re a generous, loving person. So celebrate with her. Tell her you’re proud of her and would like to do something special. A week or so after graduation, bring on the festivities! Dinner in a nice restaurant with your family? A graduation-themed cook-out for family and friends? And buy her a pretty sliver bracelet with a charm with her graduation date engraved on it. Show her how to treat people you love.You’ll feel better, and she will always remember her party and lovely bracelet long after the tickets are in the trash. I think my daughters were 25 before they thanked me for being a wonderful mom…and I’d been doing it 25 years. Feel better; be happy for her.

      • Dee

        Lizbeth, great advice for Deb! I don’t think you “get it” til you have been out in the world, lived a little, then you can appreciate what has been done for you.

      • jen

        I completely agree with this. Do a party and a bracelet with a sweet card. When graduation pics come in buy one.

  26. LA_in_KY

    I have four really big potted purple flowered plants on my front porch that my landlords wife just dropped off a few weeks ago. I have pruned the hell out of these plants three times a day. I have to water them early in the morning. They have taken over my daily life. But I have kept them alive and thriving! They are beautiful and everyone that walks by compliments them. I had no idea that I could make these plants bloom, or keep them alive. The landlords wife wants to get landlord to allow me small garden. Should I take it on?

    • tamaratattles

      Oh by all means…anyone who “prunes the hell out ” plants three times day should probably run the White House Garden! You are a MASTER GARDENER! Everyone who has four potted plants lets them take over their lives. People come from miles around to say, ” Way to prune the hell ut of a polled plant four times a day! ”

      Fuck a small garden, apply for the had gardener position at your local botanical gardens! You, mam are the bestest garden in all the universe!

      This is like the time that one chick exuberantly “planted her first tomato plant” and then sent pictures o a ginourmous tomato plant claiming she was having he first BLT LITERALLY within the first week.

      I should go to bed now I have to prune my gerber daises three times tomorrow.

      • TT! You are a tomato plant nazi!

        I am the chick you blasted. In hindsight, because it really was my first tomato plant, it was a cheat plant. You never said we had to plant seedlings. I had never kept anything alive before. In fairness, it was more like 2 months before I got a tomato. The plant died and so did my soul a tiny bit after you ridiculed the shit outta me when I was actually TRYING.
        At the time, I didn’t know it was a cheat plant. All I know is that I went to home depot & asked for tomato plant & got upsold a ton of shit, wasted my money, my time only to be ridiculed. I don’t even like tomatoes that much so idk wtf I was thinking.

        Please don’t break another spirit who is trying to join the gardening train. Not all of us are born with the talent or green thumb.

        That is all. xo 😊

      • therealdeb

        I kill veggies, handing baskets I have mastered. My husband plants and tends our garden and he is amazing. We live in the Pacific Northwest and our planting season is a little later so we get stem after later than the southern folks. Our/his garden is coming along just fine. Some people just aren’t garden people. I admire those that can do it, I prepare our bounty! I am a hell of a cook so it works for us

    • @LA,

      Don’t let TT scare you. She really is a kind one. But, don’t bring up gardening if you aren’t a real gardener…she will bite. Lol

      Good luck!

  27. Daintyfeets

    I planted 6, yes 6, tomato plants. They haven’t grown an inch. My maple tree is shading what used to be a full sun garden and it hasn’t stop raining for long in weeks. I’m overwhelmed. My 81 year old dad just had a pacemaker put it. He’s doing great. My mother died Jan 2 and I had been travelling from Mo to nm where she lived every six months. I finally planned a vacation to see a longtime friend in Ohio. Was supposed to leave Wed. Found out tonight, Dad has pacemaker follow up appointments on monday, Wednesday and Friday of next week. Have to cancel vacation. Spent one night in Los Angeles last week for workers comp dr appointment. Stressful, to say the least. I’m afraid to call my friend and tell her I won’t be visiting. I’m broke and overwhelmed with bills, but stockpiled on valium. My ex boyfriend from 1977 will be in town next weekend and wants to visit me. I said no. And to top it off, if I want tomatoes, I have to go buy the ones that are already growing and plant them on the side of my house, that has full sun. This post is rambling, but a good indication of the flow of my thought patterns these days. I feel blessed on one hand and empty on the other hand. Finis.

    • Daintyfeets

      And one more thing … even though I have a healthy stockpile of valium I rarely take them because I don’t recognize I’m having an anxiety/panic attack when one comes on. Hence, the stockpile. I’m a mess.

    • tamaratattles

      Buy new tomato plants, put them on the other side of the house. But don’t give up on the shady side ones, they will probably just be retarded.

      Go love on your Daddy.


  28. Margarett

    I love lantanas. They’re lovely and so hearty that I actually feel like a gardener when I see them.

  29. Janda

    My yard is taking forever this year. I wasn’t feeling well so it was off to a slow start. I still have a lot of plants that I need to get put into larger pots .

  30. TAT

    I shouldn’t complain but I am gonna. 3 weeks ago a girl who was dating a my sons BFF brought over a puppy she was fostering. She asked us to watch it overnight (against fostering rules) so I did. All night Thursday and all day Friday. She said she wanted us to get her. We fell in love with her and kept up on her Progess. Fast forward to yesterday and I show up at the adoption event. She acts like she doesn’t know me. So I can’t adopt the puppy early (friends and family get first dibs) and it turns out the people ahead of me adopted her. I asked this bitch what I had done and she says that she and the boy “aren’t talking right now” so this basic bitch essentially led me on for 3 fucking weeks and because she is a spiteful cunt, I couldn’t get the puppy. Heartbroken doesn’t even begin to cover it. I got another one who I love with all my heart but I am still so upset about what she did. I feel like destroying her and letting the head of the rescue know what she did but that’s not coming from a place of decency – it’s coming from a place of revenge so I won’t let myself do it. I just had to get that off my chest. My new puppy is loved and will be the Belle of the ball at my house but I am just still so hurt. Ok. Really just needed to rant.

  31. I am so fucking sick of all the father’s day promotions; commercials, spam emails, in-store bullshit. My dad is dead. I really don’t need to be reminded constantly. 😕
    #personal problems

  32. Sliceo'pie

    Got into a car accident – I was definitely slowing down for a stop sign earlier than most people would – (there are 3 schools and lots of kids on the street) anyway, a teenager hit me from behind. It turned out to be a kid from the High School. She was hysterically crying while looking at the damage on both cars-I have a Range Rover and it’s like a tank so I only need a new bumper while her car -a Subaru wagon was totaled-the front end all mangled.
    Within 5 minutes her mother pulled up, asked if I was ok, talked to her daughter and called the police for me. As we waited, we realized we sort of knew each other from the neighborhood. I asked her how she was and she told me they were selling their home because her husband was out of work as he’d had cancer for the past 4 years and lost his job. Her daughter, who had just hit me, had just gone back to school for the first time on Friday, after taking time off because of the trauma she experienced after being raped. She told me the prosecutor had declined to press charges against the rapist because he was a, “white boy going to college and based on her past experience she believed a jury wouldn’t find him guilty because he had too much to loose with such a bright future and therefore wouldn’t have raped the girl” The prosecutor said she had a “fiduciary responsibility to the citizens of the county not to proceed with un-win-able case”.
    Now they girl feels screwed over by the system as well. Also..I over-heard the mom and the girl talking – the car didn’t have collusion coverage and they can’t afford another so..no car. Fortunately it was a 2nd car but still both her kids are on traveling sports teams in high school.
    I walked away so fucking depressed and feeling over-whelmed. I wish I hadn’t slowed down so early-nobody does on this block – a lot of people actually run thru the damn stop sign. My husband thinks the mother was pulling my leg for sympathy but they practically live around the block so everything she said can be very easily verified so I don’t think she’s lying. I feel so bad for this girl and the whole family. My problems all feel like trivial bullshit compared this family’s tragedies. I’m so co-dependent, I don’t even know these people but I can’t stop thinking about them.
    Anyway..sorry for the novel..

    • jen

      Wow!! Did you look anything up and find out?

      And yes I get so stressed and so busy and so overwhelmed by big things small things like reading about reality stars can be fun its so minor and meaningless compared to real life and what real families fo through.

  33. JKR

    Well, I wish I had better news. Through all of my legal stuff I’ve been trying to get accomplished for my little one, it seems it was all bound to come crashing down around me anyway. I heard last night through the “grapevine” my ex who has never been involved decided to take his new girlfriend down to the courthouse to file for CUSTODY. I’m expecting to be served tomorrow. I doubt I will be able to see a lawyer before then.
    Imagine pretending to care about a child you have never seen, cared, or provided for their entire life, just to get into someone’s pants? Because they have children? I’m disgusted. Mostly afraid.

    On a lighter note- I brought my daughter shopping today, and we hit a store that was having a 25% off senior appreciation day, so there were mostly senior citizens in the store. My three year old found it appropriate to yell out “Mommy! That lady is OLD!” about the woman we were standing next to. Followed by telling me another woman’s hair was “dusty.” (it was gray) I was mortified, but we are in that observation/no filter stage. I’m not sure how to teach filtering vs. keeping secrets. The “dusty” hair lady laughed and waved. I was so thankful she appreciated the innocence in it.

    Last thing? I completely agree on the dreaded part. I came here to read, instead, as the groceries still sit in their bags..

    • Lawstangel

      JKR- I do not know what state you are in, they are all different. However, as a rule of thumb, the courts do not usually hand children over to a non-custodial parent unless they have done something fairly egregious, such as drug addict, prostitute, leaving kids alone, etc. In my state there is a legal clinic that serves people who are low income that specializes in Family Law. Contact your local Bar Association to see if they now of any such clinics.If you are able to hire an attorney, make sure you hire one that is experienced in custody issues, not all are. Hope everything turns out O.K.

      • JKR

        He’s been a heroin addict for a long time. I decided parenting without his involvement was the safest route for her, and all has been well with no word-until now. He was smart enough to file for supervised visitation, because he knows there is no way he’ll get anything without it. Unfortuantely, my state rarely denies visitation completely. Even if he’s a violent addict with an extensive criminal history. I just can’t fathom sending my daughter (who is very shy with men) into a room with a strange man who tells her he’s her “dad.” She will be terrified. I have a lawyer. I just don’t know if I can afford to fight this to the end. $250/hr for a conversation is more than I can balance between paying for her education, my education, and our survival. I could maybe afford more if he paid the 10K+ he owes in back support. Thank you for your advice, I’m going to look into it. I’ll do anything at this point.

  34. T D

    Finally planted my gardenia’s, Baby Star clematis and annuals I bought over a month ago. The legginess of my flat of lantana made me feel plant shamed.

    • Jaded

      I’ll be interested in your Gardenia’s. I planted 3 about 3 weeks ago and they are blooming.

      • T D

        Met my next sin today in the form of a gardenia standard with a thirty inch crown. Although plants ” on a stick ” don’t normally speak to me this one is spewing blossum and bud. There are two of them and it would be cruel to seperate them.

      • T D

        Brought a gardenia to my friends house the other night as part of my hospitality. We floated a blossum in a black bowl and photographed away. The spiral way they bloom reminds me babies crowns, and they’re almost as sweet. Likes on facebook made me feel alright with the fact I get to play with mother nature’s pallette and put my back into my living. Kinda makes up for the whole Pigpen dust cloud that follows me around.

  35. Swizzle

    I finally have my tomatoes in the ground! Dumb cold spring than busy, busy. They are in now and my cocoa shell mulch is down. Smells like chocolate around here!

    • tamaratattles

      Wait whut? Cocoa shell mulching? Is this a rich people thing?

      • Swizzle

        Only about $5 for a big bag, so not a rich people thing. I like to use it in the veggie garden. Love the smell, it keeps the weeds down, and doesn’t seem to attract as many little critters.

    • Dracla Dunning

      Careful of that mulch around animals. Some like to munch on it or lick pieces of the mulch and it will make them ill.

    • Cocoa shell mulch does sound fancy. Zero tomatoes at my house so far. But it just stopped snowing a couple weeks ago. I do have an amazing sunburn on my back from pulling weeds. One does not simply wear a racerback style tank the day summer shows up….unless one would like the stupidest tan lines for the rest of the year.

  36. I spent most of the weekend in the garden and I thank God for it. I’m not used to being all alone but I guess It will get easier. The garden is thriving even though I’m having a little trouble keeping the goats out of it. They’re so funny, they only go to the garden when I’m there. They always want to be around people and since I’m alone now, I’m the “people”. Who knew goats were so social?

    • Is it possible to be so deeply sad that you physically hurt?

      • tamaratattles

        Yes, honey it is. I’m so sorry. Cry if you need to tonight. But stay busy during the day.


      • Cat

        Mary, I can’t top TT’s advice. So, I will just offer a virtual hug. Hang in there. <3

      • Dee

        Mary I too would like to send you virtual hugs. I remember an emotional pain so bad I could not catch my breath, my chest felt tight, heart beating so fast, I could feel it in my ears. It will get better as your mind adjusts to the hurt. I am so very sorry and angry that you are suffering. (HUGS)

      • Yes, it is. But take comfort in the goats, and the garden, and whatever else brings you pleasure. Things will get better with time, you just have to let them. *hugs*

    • Yes, yes it can. Hang in there Mary- soak up that vitamin D in your garden and gently remind yourself the sadness WILL go away and that you are just riding it out right now. Hugs.

  37. Cat

    One of my cats, Jesse, the big male tuxedo cat, just caught and killed a mouse! I thought he was playing with a catnip toy, until I saw the wet, brown fur. Gross.

    I got rid of the body. I didn’t want Jesse or Calli to eat it. They will both be rewarded with tuna. :)

    • Dee

      Oh Cat, I just saw this and I laughed out loud. I know what it feels like to have your cat kill a mouse. It is gross! One of our cats used to proudly drop it at our feet, ugh! I love hearing about your cats. They bring such joy!

      • Cat

        I had to take it away from him. He kept tossing it high into the air, then pouncing on it as it came down. The last toss was at least 3 feet high! If that thing had landed in my lap, I would have screamed like a little girl, following up with a heart attack. Or, I would have been rendered catatonic.

        Ick, ick, ick!

  38. Tat, I have been a volunteer with German Shepherd Rescue and Adoption for over ten years. I do think you should speak with the head of the rescue, not because you’re spiteful, but because when volunteers jerk people around, it hurts the rescue as a whole. You should consider speaking with the head of the rescue – “Here are the facts, and here’re my problems with the way it was handled.” Most rescues desperately need foster homes, but their fosters need to behave as adults, act in the best interests of their dogs, and be good representatives of the rescue. I’m glad you found a new puppy. Thank you for supporting rescue and adoption.

  39. Rita

    This is my first try at gardening and so far all, except for one, of the vegetable seeds I planted have sprouted and are starting to grow. After living in an apartment in the city for all my adult life I am really enjoying this. I can see what I should’ve done differently and am writing down notes for next year. One thing I learned is you must water every day. We’ve had showers every day for about a week now so right now Mother Nature is taking care of things for me. I’m looking forward to my first harvest.

  40. Bren

    My husband is the gardener of the family. He’s doing all kinds of heirlooms that he bought from some aquaponics greenhouse establishment. We’ve been enjoying some black tomatoes and some kale. We are on the verge of harvesting some lettuce, cucs, zucchini, okra, cabbage and peppers. Oh, we already got one jalapeño.

    My son turned four months old today. He is still nursing and I’m back at my business so it feels like I can’t get anything done for the pumping. I’m in oil and gas and it is a terrible industry to be in right now. So cut throat. I’ve been in it ten years with a lot of success and a good paycheck but I’m just feeling very apathetic about it all. I don’t want to fight for the scraps. Maybe I need to pack it in and go home and just garden and take care of the baby. I don’t have a career passion, nothing that I ever just dreamed of doing, or I’d cash out and follow that. Instead I always liked what I did, just going to my nice little office and paper working it all day like a good little nerd. But it’s gotten too cutthroat.

    Sorry needed to unload.

    • tamaratattles

      I never really had a passion for a career either. I really just wanted to go to school forever. :) Maybe you could do some sort of work from home thing?

    • Maybe your priorities have changed since you now have a 4 month old baby? Life is short, do what is best for you and your family

  41. Cat

    I just binge watched the first season of American Horror Show. Birthday present to myself. :)

    Now, I need to buy Coven, Asylum, and Freak Show.

  42. I bought a Samsung G7 phone a few months ago and sent away for free gaming goggles. The goggles came in the mail, today. Family just spent the last hour freaking out. These are going to be fun! :)

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