Real Housewives Court Roundup For This Week!

WWHL with Kim Richards


Kim Richards was supposed to have a hearing in the Van Nuys court house today to explain her lack of compliance with her probation on the Target case. The word is, that as of last month Kim had not made enough, or perhaps any progress regarding her community service/labor or her AA meetings.  I think she may have had another date on Wednesday in Beverly Hills.

Apparently, asking someone to go to The Valley (GASP!) to hang out in the courthouse at 8:30 am and give a detailed report is akin to Chinese water torture or something. I was unsuccessful in my efforts and it doesn’t seem as though TMZ sent anyone either.  I’ve been waiting all day to hear something. In fact it was the main motivation to open the laptop today.

I am starting to doubt that she showed up. If I had to make a guess, I say one of her lawyers showed up to file for an extension.  Or maybe something happened and no one cares. A few years ago when a housewife was in court, any post about it drew a lot of views.  The last report on Kim’s court issue got mediocre attention here. It’s so common place for a housewife to be in legal trouble these days, we barely report it.

Teresa Orange Jumpsuit. WWHL


This week a story ran on Teresa and Joe Giudice  owing a couple hundred thousand dollars to the state of New Jersey in unpaid taxes. My response was, obviously they do. Also this week the judge in Teresa’s case against her bankruptcy lawyer was dismissed without prejudice because the bankruptcy trustee wants her bankruptcy case reopened so that they can take any judgment she might receive to pay off her debtors. I was a bit surprised by this because I don’t think her case against the bankruptcy lawyer has any teeth. At any rate the bankruptcy will be reopened and then Teresa is free to sue the guy again.

I just realized we never heard what happened with the Joanna Krupa fish crotch case. Last February, Brandi was on the same flight as Joanna and said she wished they could just hug it out. That didn’t happen. It’s unclear if the case is still going forward.  I still don’t think Brandi saying she heard her crotch smelled like fish# is an actionable case

Also this week, just like I’ve said all along, Phaedra dropped her case against Angela Stanton and Angela’s counterclaim was dismissed.  We can expect a juicy sequel from Angela soon where I expect for her to write about all of Phaedra’s shenanigans over the past several years.


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24 responses to “Real Housewives Court Roundup For This Week!

  1. Christina

    Thank you Tamara for making me so happy every time I see you have a new post up!

  2. T D

    Kim and Lindsey Loghan should remake Freaky Friday.
    Will the Chum Pot Twot Case be proven? There’s something fishy going on.
    Tre best get some Poli-Grip.. If it works for false teeth can it work for false lawsuits?

    • Minky

      Interesting that you mention poli-grip and teeth in general. I think the symbolism of teeth is “truth”. SO if you have a dream that your teeth are falling out, that’s supposed to be symbolic of you lying in the real world. Weird, huh?

    • Lindsay

      Chum Pot Twat. you just made my day.

  3. PaganChick

    I feel really dense asking this, but since I am among friends, and drunk, here goes: why is the bankruptcy being re-opened? Re-opening the case would make sense if Teresa’s lawyers were wanting to find some merit in her lawsuit. But, it sounds like reopening the bankruptcy case is happening on the off chance that Teresa actually wins the lawsuit and gets some money from it. But, it doesn’t sound like there is any real merit in Teresa’s case because she knowingly signed the plea agreement. It’s like the snake that ate its tail. Or, maybe I am drunk and am trying to make sense of the Guidice nonsense.

    • ninjapanda1

      Actually the trustee was able to gain control by reopening the bankruptcy. Now they can go back through her finances with a fine toothed comb regardless of what happens with the court case. This doesn’t bode well for Theresa and she won’t have anyone to blame but herself. Ha!!

    • The bankruptcy trustee has probably been wanting to reopen the Giudice case for some time but really had no grounds to do so. When Tre sued her former attorney it opened the gates for the Trustee in the matter. It was reopened on the grounds that if, by some strange chance, Tre wins some money, any money awarded should go to the people Tre owes money too. This is good. However, in reopening the case, the Trustee now has the ability to go through everything the felons claimed with a fine toothed comb. It could get interesting. I remember at the time they placed a very low value on a lot of the things they owned. It actually could end up in more legal trouble for Tre. I highly doubt anything at all will come of any of it and, if Tre’s advisors have 1/2 of 1 brain cell they are going to tell her to sit down and shut up.

      • JoJoFLL

        I’m slow, can you explain this for me? Why would the trustee want to reopen the case? If he goes through it with a fine tooth comb and finds more fraud, or whatever, can they have more charges brought against them?

      • SaraSally

        JustMary… I think you sized that up about right.

  4. rebecca

    Thanks for the update, Tamara – I read all of your great posts, but don’t often comment. Especially regarding Kim Richards, I find her problems so sad that it’s hard for me to come up with much to say. I had hoped Teresa would have learned the error of her grifting ways following her prison sentence, but that appears to not be the case (also, sadly)..

  5. Larry

    How does Bravo not have a spin off featuring court cases? Or include them in the show? Has to be more exciting than storylines about illnesses.

    Thanks for the wrap up!

    • BeetsWhy

      I like this idea Larry, they could start every new season with video of everyone who had a court case during the break! They could end the reunions with updates and video of all of them coming out of court swearing they have learned lessons. Now that I think of it they could use the same footage over and over because they never learn…

    • SaraSally

      Let’s think of name for it… I’ll start. “When Crime Pays-Bravo Style”

  6. Wallace

    Kim Richards has been on my mind since the reports on the cause of death for Prince was reported. When Fentanyl came up it immediately reminded me of Brandi sharing that Kim had used The Fentanyl patch(es).

    I just sense imminent bad stuff for her and it makes me sad. It is so clearly more than alcohol with her. I’m rooting for her to get some serious therapy. She really needs to heal her psyche and then she might have a chance to recover from her addictions.

  7. 25

    TT was mother daughter experience stopped because of ratings or something to do with Kim’s legal issues? Did the finale ever air?

    • tamaratattles

      No one is saying, but I heard the latter… The finale has Kim very unsteady on her feet and leaving in an ambulance in some sort of altered state. I think they held it after Kim’s lawyers got involved. The ratings were Horrible so I don’t think Lifetime cared much. I am still hoping it will air or at least be released on the website with the others after Kim’s legal stuff is resolved.

      • 25

        Interesting. Thanks!

      • JoJoFLL

        People seem to think there is some validity to Kim heading back on RHOBH. She’s such a liability I don’t see how there is an possibility.

        She’s got a lot of great going on in her life right now. I hope she can enjoy it.

  8. Thanks for this post TT. I spent a frustrating evening trying to find out anything on Kim Richards and scoured the internet (Meghan King style) only to find nothing. I needed to keep my mind occupied and off my troubles so it served it’s purpose until I was ready to go to bed, but I found nothing.

  9. Sliceo'pie

    How hard is it to go to a few AA meetings a week? I’ve been going since I was 19 and I understand why she might not feel comfortable opening up in a discussion meeting but all she has to do is hit speaker meetings-they’re ONE HOUR!
    Didn’t she try to get a break on community service? She claimed she had a bad foot or something so she couldn’t do outside work. I don’t remember what happened with that.
    I just don’t think she’s going to get sober -there has to be humility. I was a spoiled git like Kim and even I’m amazed by her sense of entitlement.

  10. Lisa j

    Still cheering for Kim until the end. Teresa has no excuse. Brandi is a waste of air.

  11. dylana

    Kim had knee surgery not too long ago. Probably timed it so she has another excuse to not do her community service

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