RHOBH Casting Tea: I Guess I Can’t Hold It Any Longer….

RHOBH Reunion rinna 2

This is a Tamara Tattles Exclusive  blah blah blah asshole will steal it anyway and a link is all I ask….

Look, I am TRYING to just take a day off and get wasted.  There is only so much negativity regarding the women on these shows I can bear. Sometimes I need a time out

That said, I was given information on who is coming back on RHOBH a few days ago. And so of course today the fired folks are starting to leak information  People pick the worst time to leak stuff.

Here is what I know for sure. Kyle, LVP, Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne have all been asked back. All have accepted their contracts.



RHOBH Yolanda


Kathryn was not given a contract. Eileen is being asked to be a FOH with Rinna but bawking at her terms, Yolanda is OUT!  I am so thrilled with the news I didn’t want to say it lest she pull something at the last minute. Because she is trying to… see her Instagram of MUNCHAUSEN.

Kim Richards has a court date this Friday  and I think we might get to see her OD or whatever happened on Mother Daughter the same night because her lawyers had it pulled until that court date. Bravo is pissed that she may be in jail because  they  would love to exploit her as a FOH.

There are four women testing for the newly opened slots.  I don’t know much about any or them and what I do know I am not willing to share.

So there you have it. Doncha love it when I get stressed and drink a lot? I was in no hurry to share all of this, because who knows what will happen, but Andy has less sway with west coast production.

I love me some Lisa Rinna. And I hope Eileen signs back on and hopefully gets promoted. But she is expensive, so I am worried


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87 responses to “RHOBH Casting Tea: I Guess I Can’t Hold It Any Longer….

  1. Tara

    OmG I love you! Thank you!

  2. louieb2009

    wowie. 2 new housewives (maybe even 3) for the 4th season in a row. BH is the biggest revolving door of all the franchises.

    Glad Kathryn and Yolanda are gone. It was time for both to go IMO.

  3. Ms.Minnie

    Awe bye Yolanda lol poor baby ✋

    • Now Yolanda can work at getting her PRENUP over turned and collect spousal support now that she has been miraculously risen out of bed she can get out there and find her third rich husband Seems Bella has passed Gigi as a “high” fashion model and Yolanda will concentrate on her now. We will see how Gigi feels being upstaged by her sister!

  4. Rose

    What..no Lyme aid? Yippee kay yay! BI want Eileen back and wish Rinna was FOH.

  5. Whyowhy

    This is great news! No more time being taken up by Yolanda and her crazy medical issues and her closet of medications.

    I’m sad for Eileen. I hope they reconsider. But having her as a FOH would be okay, too.

    TT, maybe you’re righted about Shiva becoming a HW is not just wishful thinking….


      This is good news. Yolanda for sure. I’m sure she will be protesting up a storm if this is true. I think the general rule of thumb for this franchise is 2 replaced is OK but 3 may alienate viewers. So Ellen may still be a HW IMO.
      Is there a question about Eileen because of money or due to her basically non present story line?

      • I read that she is paid an insane amount of money because of there soap opera fan base. I hope she’s gone. She is boring and whinny. If she does come back, they need to highlight her relationship with her husband. That would be good tv!

      • Happy Yolanda may be gone because she destroyed last season with her LD/journey crap. Yolanda went in last season with her own agenda causing such destruction trying to get at LVP. I truly feel Eileen was used as a pawn by Bravo in attempt deflect drama because fans were so sick of Yolanda. Hoping Eileen finds her way back onto the show considering Bravo made her look like a petty beotch.

  6. This…right here is why we are dedicated and loyal to you!! Seriously doing a damn happy dance..about Yolanda not being offered a contract. years ago her king said in an interview that Yolanda is not interested in remaining with RHOBH..she wants her own show…

    TT remember at one point mohammed hadid’s..then girlfriend..was being offered..that was last season..I think..then Yolanda ruined it by returning.

    I am surprised about LisaR returning..

    Thanks for your exclusive

  7. Great news!! No Yolanda!!!

    • Meri

      Thank you for the update. I am happy about Yolanda and unhappy that Rinna will be back. I can’t stand her or Eileen. I might watch the first show of the new season to see if I can stand it.If only they’d put tape across Rinna’s mouth…..

  8. CanadaCat

    Yahoo! Thanks, TT!
    Hope you get to have a Drunk Day, ASAP!
    Please take care of yourself. You are well-loved.

  9. cwooood

    i will lose my mind if eileen doesn’t come back full-time

  10. Cat

    Great news! I don’t think I could take another Yolanda post.

    • Lime Brain

      Oh, I’m sure we will still have posts about Yolanda from time to time. Thankfully, it won’t be every week with the recaps.

  11. Frosty

    It’s weird to me that the show went all in, like, right up to their necks, on Yolanda’s storyline, burning the viewers out with the repetition and crazy, and then drop her. I guess the producers can’t tell during editing that they’re overplaying a story.
    Anyway, onward! Bring on the newbies!

    • JanaApril

      The editing around her was too much. I hope she’s not coming back. She’s just too much and can be condescending. But I agree. They even went as far showing her implants removed. Makes me think there wasn’t anything really controversial or dramatic enough to tie them in together. Maybe that’s why Lisa Rinna was doing what she did.

  12. Pip

    I really like Eileen. Hope they reconsider and give her a… (What do they hold in BH? Diamonds? I dunno).

  13. Auntie Velvet

    Oooo…. With Yo out, maybe we could slide Muhammed’s fiance in there after all. Or at least have LVP going over to that amazing house more often.

    • Sliceo'pie

      He seems so slimy though..and I couldn’t get a good read on her from the few times we’ve seen her. I suspect being Muhammed’s girlfriend is more like a paid position than a love affair-I wonder how much she can show of her true personality.

    • Ktina

      Why would you want to see his fiancé? Muhammed seems sleazy to me and his house looks like the kind that has bidding wars on virgins.

  14. Wallace

    I love Eileen too and would love to see more of Vinny. I think he’s refreshing and hilarious. My big sister had all the Tiger Beats with him in the cover when we were little girls. He was the heartthrob we adored.

    • Minky

      Eileen probably wanted more money. And I don’t blame her. Both she and her husband have lost people very close to them recently. That’s got to be draining. If she’s gonna film in BH, and deal with all the foochiness, esp. after such an emotional year, then it should be for good money and much less bull shit.

      • Lime Brain

        Wasn’t she making a million dollars? I think she was overpaid for the storyline she brought to the show.

    • Sliceo'pie

      I loved Vinny growing up! My God! I was in Junior High & High School around 78-82- I had such a crush on him. I remember him on, “Apple’s Way” and, “Three For the Road” and Tiger Beat, of course. I suspect he’s hard to live with though..

      • Pip

        Apples Way!! OMG! Totally forgot about that show! What a blast from the past! Thanks for the laugh, Slice!

    • Librarygirl

      Eileen is a dull and unhappy woman. It seems to me that her life is not in a satisfying place. Why her SL last season was about a discussion that had been old news 20 yrs. I will never kniw. And her friendship with EJohn is forced.

  15. Miele

    If only we could get Joyce back!

  16. John Farmer

    I remember being pretty apprehensive about the news of two soap opera actresses joining the ROBH, but wow did instantly fall for Lisa and Eileen. I guess I could see producers concluding that Eileen doesn’t add much; she can be a bit of a wuss. She always seems to carry herself like a mature woman with some sense, which always raises the question: what the hell is she doing in this franchise to begin with?

    I’ve never really had a problem with Yolanda in the past, but wow was the munchausen story arc deadly boring. I was over it by the next episode, and they dragged it out across the entire season and a three-part reunion. I couldn’t watch the episode of unaired footage from fearing of possible hearing the m-word one…more…time.

  17. Theresa

    I raise a glass to you!! No more Yolanda is the best news ever. Now get sloshed

  18. Calipatti

    I’ld like Ellen back also

    Hope Yolanda finds her health just not on the show. I’m sick of Lyme, give me healthy, wealthy, no fighting or screaming HW’s. Pretty please.
    Erica is a hoot, I enjoy her.

  19. Minky

    TT you rock! Is it possible to get tea poisoning? Because it’s coming out of my ears today.

  20. iloveearlgrey

    Damn! I love Eileen :(

  21. KatherineNola

    Thank God Yolanda is gone! Best news ever. Thanks TT!

  22. Lime Brain

    I’m afraid to get my hopes up and believe that Yolanda is actually out. Great news. I’m glad Eileen will be Friend only, at most. She got on my nerves last season, and I can’t see here pretending to like Lisa V at all for the new season. I liked Katheryn, sorry to see her go.

    With Yolanda out, does this mean no more Brandi? Yippy!

    • I am glad that Yolanda will not be coming back (oh, please let it be true). I read somewhere that Lisa Rinna didn’t want to come back, but I did not believe that for one minute. Rinna did say she would do anything for a buck. I just hope that Rinna is not going to keep going after LVP. I really thought that was so insane of Rinna to be trying to blame all her comments that came out of her mouth (LIPS) on LVP. That was just nasty. I would not miss Eileen whining about getting a certain kind of apology. Eileen was just being a big baby about the whole affair thing.

    • JustJenn

      Yes to everything you wrote! I couldn’t stand Yolanda or Eileen and without Yolanda Brandi has no one to film with…unless Kim comes back. I like all of the ladies who are coming back and I’m excited to see Erika without Yolanda.

      • jane

        Obvious to me that Rinna will team up with Erika at some point.. She was kissing up to her last season.

  23. Caroline

    So happy Yolanda is gone now, her story line was becoming way too dark for a show that is meant to be fun & frivolous.

    I could be reading wrong but “Eileen is being asked to be a FOH with Rinna”, to me this reads as Rinna will not be a full time housewife, does anyone one else think this may be the casecase?

    Also thanks so much for the tea TT, great to hear this news from a reliable blogger/site & hope you enjoy having a few drinks. Cheers 😊

    • Theresa

      1st paragraph TT says Rinna accepted her contract. The FOH would be TO Rinna, same as brandi was FOH to Yolanda.

    • jane

      No, it means Eileen won’t be full time… I’m sure she will come into the picture to back Rinna up on whatever plot Rinna has going, especially if its about LVP AGAIN…

  24. Demeter

    Good news. Glad Yolanda’s gone.

  25. Hot in Miami

    So Lisa V got her enemies off the show. Wow

    • Rihanna said it best. There’s so much power in her name. LOL. The only way is Vanderpump

    • Sliceo'pie

      Maybe but also might have to do with the overwhelming negative response from the fans to her storyline.
      I don’t go on a lot of sites anymore but it appears she has very few dedicated supporters who will fight for her- unlike certain divisive figures from others shows – like Theresa, the convicted felon.

    • jane

      No she didn’t… Lisa V didn’t get Rinna off the show at all. Eileen gets to come back as a friend and Erika is still there. Yolanda had to go because of her constant illness. People were sick of it.

  26. Thanks Tamara.
    I think what did Yolanda is was not talking about her dissolving marriage.
    It appears as though the producers were trying to piece together stuff last season to see if they could find clues but since she didn’t open up that they probably were gun ho about questioning the M word because she wasn’t giving more of her real life situation over to Bravo.

    At least she was able to get the best of LVP a bit before she went out.

    Love LVP and Kyle.

    Glad Erika is coming back and I think she’s smart enough to not pull a Brandi or like some wives where they are great their first season and then they turn into other people because they think it will secure them…or they just let success go to their head. I think she knows who she is and is grounded enough to stay centered.

    Liked Kathryn but trim the fat.

    Eileen love her but if she is getting 1M dollars…um, she’s not bringing enough to make that much. Also, if she doesn’t want to go into her marital problems then she really is FOH material anyways.

    Rinna, Yuck. Desperate and try hard and never the leader of the pack. I guess she will probably kiss up to the Leaders and be entertaining just doing that.

    I hope they bring back camille and add two. Give us a mixed or latina girl if they don’t want to bring in a black women.

    I want more diversity.

    I just hope that Faye or brandi are not considered. I can’t deal with the stench of evilness from women that worked their way up the dirty way.

    • AshK

      I think you’re right about the producers being pissed about Yo not discussing her marriage! That’s probably why the pushed the whole M story line ALL season long – just to discredit her.

      • Sliceo'pie

        I forgot about the fact her marriage was about to go in the toilet and she didn’t feel like mentioning it… I’d say that’s probably a big reason.

    • Toddy

      Diversity would be good, especially if they already have relationships with some of the women.

  27. Ok – so does this mean no more Brandi either. She was on a friend to Yolanda – no Yo no Brandi, right?

  28. Well that’s it for me. I am not wasting my time.

  29. swizzle

    I really enjoy Eileen, but I think she might be better as an FOH. She has a busy acting career, so I’m sure she wants big money to keep doing the show full time. I wish LVP would disappear. She gets on my nerves with her BS. I’d like to put her on a HW Survivor show with Vicki, Sonja and a few others…see who lasts.

  30. natalie

    Hope Eileen returns!

  31. JanaApril

    I do like Lisa Vandepump’s but her ego is something I can’t always palate. Even when she’s not saying anything, it’s there. I could see how she would rub certain personalities the wrong way. When I see people go in really passionately defending her I just shake my head in particular on Twitter. There is liking someone so you may defend the person or offer up your view. But then there is defending someone like they are your cult leader and they are perfect. She’s far from it and is on a reality show for a reason. Eileen wasn’t crazy and making up stuff about her. She just went about it the wrong way for this type of platform where you have people that take this stuff so seriously and think everyone is jealous of Lisa when they go at her. I would don’t necessarily want to see Eileen go down on a bad note. I think being a FOH would be a good role for her. I personally don’t see her as the main issue and they would already have an ongoing feud in place. One that didn’t seem to hurt the ratings. I’m glad Kathryn the brown noser isn’t coming back. She’s seems like a good person but this isn’t for her. There is too much of a game and brown nosing doesn’t fare well in the end. No need to learn that the hard way and bring all that toxicity into your life if you don’t need the money or platform.

    • jane

      If andy wants drama, then he should pit one fighter against another fighter instead of one fighter against a nonfighter like Lisa V and Rinna… It doesn’t mean you are right just because you can out yell and out talk another person.. Something Andy hasn’t learned yet.

  32. V

    I am so glad Yo is gone, it must really burn that not only is she off the show, but LVP and Mo are hanging out publicly again. That said, I actually wish LVP was also just a FOH, Im starting to only like her when she films with Kyle. To me it seems like they are able to have the most fun together and its genuine, with everyone else it just seems fabricated. Also I wish she would just be a b**** without trying to play the innocent victim as well. My favorite version of LVP is the dismissive one.

    I think Rinna is a flip flopper and I started being annoyed by her with at the end of her first season, but I do think she needs to be on the show. Eileen, however i’m glad she isn’t coming back full time.
    Kathyrn added nothing, so i’m glad she is gone. Erika will be interesting without Yo there, maybe we will get more out of her. I felt like, with most newbies, that we didn’t get the full version of her.

    I really hope they don’t add two more people into the mix, and I really hope whoever they bring on its not one of the originals.

  33. Jane

    📣🎶😸🙌🙌🙌. Me doing the happy dance.. no more Yo! Gosh. I may actually watch this season. Now if they can only stop the endless bickering. It’s so 2000.

  34. katherine

    Can’t stand Rinna, so that’s hella disappointing. Glad about Eileen and Yo…don’t care too much either way about Kathryn. I liked her but I think she’s just too smart for the franchise and unwilling to play the game. I really do wish LVP would have rejected Bravo’s offer-I love her to death and this same season after season storyline of trying to make her lose fans is so beyond tired that I WILL stop watching. I skipped almost all of Season 5 and I won’t hesitate to do the same with Season 7.

  35. Ben C.

    TT can you find me a rich, connected, older man somewhere in my area so I can snag one of those open test slots? THE TIME IS NOW! Unlimited TEA FOREVAAR

  36. PaganChick

    I love the thought of Ericka without Yolanda. Maybe we can actually see some personality from Ericka in her second season that doesn’t just come from her talking heads.

  37. tamaratattles

    I seemed very confident that Yo was out when I drunk blogged this last night. Had I posted it sober I would have been less confident in that. I have basically heard that no one can confirm her contract was offered It doesn’t mean she is absoulutely gone. Just that is it most likely. This is why I should not post blind items while blind drunk.

    • PaganChick

      I’m just going to hope for the best. The idea of all of the women in some capacity minus Yolanda is just too uplifting for me to let go of.

    • posting drunk rocks…you gave us the best night possible..with thoughts of this person not on our TV..no biggie if she comes back..

      we have zero power when it comes to Andy and Bravo making decisions.

    • T D

      Ssh… Califoria Dreamin’ …No Mas!,

    • Happygal

      I would rather read a drunk post by TT than a sober one by anyone else 😀. Your site is the best by far

  38. Matzah60

    Speculating that since Yo s gone, Shiva might join the crew which will bring Mohammed to our TV screens along with some cameos of Gigi and Bella. LVP will have Shiva and Mohammed if Kyle and she have a fallout.

  39. Adèle

    TT? I hope you find your zen-zone!! Please don’t let other people’s bad behaviour get you down – especially a Housewive. Have a drink (or two) and feel proud for everything you’ve accomplished! Now …. when is your podcast going to start? It would be sooooo much easier than typing!!

  40. Adèle

    TT? I hope you find your zen-zone!! Please don’t let other people’s bad behaviour get you down – especially a Housewive. Have a drink (or two) and feel proud for everything you’ve accomplished! Now …. when is your podcast going to start? It would be sooooo much easier than typing!!

  41. So happy Yolanda is gone, hope it’s true, and she can take Eileen with her! Eileen became just as vindictive as Yolanda! Rena will be twirling !

  42. 25

    Reza could join the cast, and Kim & Brandi could return, then TT would have a solid favorite franchise

  43. JoJoFLL

    I’m so excited Erika is coming back. She is my favorite new housewife of any new franchise since probably Dawn from Chesire.

    I’m ambivalent about Yolanda. I hope she gets the help she needs.

    Kim needs to stay far away.

    Love Rinna!

    I think Eileen being a FOH is because she doesn’t open herself up to anything. Her entire storyline this season was LVP hurting her feelings where there is something very obvious going on with her and Vinny.

  44. Nanaintn

    Oh happy day! The Yolanda news has me dancing around my room like Ed Grimley (SNL). I may even add a few dance moves on the stairs….

  45. Jenious

    Eileen is the new Brandi – invisible
    So happy Yolanda is gone – she was just a huge yawn for 2 seasons
    Lisa R – drama queen – necessary for ratings
    who will Erika side with? should be good
    Lisa V – the back bone of the franchise
    Kyle – just lucky she has great style
    Kim who?
    and Brandi – really gone!

  46. You’ve done it again: “Kim Richards has a court date this Friday and I think we might get to see her OD or whatever happened Mother’s Day the same night because her lawyers had it pulled until that court date.” YOU are the Indiana Jones of the internet, bravely delving into dark, snake-infested places and uncovering the reality-television equivalent of the Headpiece to the Staff of Ra – a gleaming beacon of hope. If I can get some closure on TMDE, I might just make it to Friday after all…

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