Phaedra Parks FINALLY Drops Her Case Against Angela Stanton!


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As I have mentioned before, Phaedra Parks was to report to court on June 6th to both plead her case against Angela Stanton and address Stanton’s counterclaims against her. The judge had enough of Phaedra’s stalling and was making her shit or get off the pot.

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Phaedra had no choice but to get off the pot.

James Radford who has been handling Stanton’s case pro bono for YEARS  in pursuit of justice for Stanton has issued this statement.

The case of Phaedra Parks v. Angela Stanton was scheduled for trial on June 6, 2016 in the State Court of Gwinnett County, Georgia. On Monday, June 1, the court entered an order dismissing Ms. Stanton’s counterclaims against Ms. Parks. Ms. Parks subsequently agreed to dismiss with prejudice her lawsuit against Ms. Stanton if Ms. Stanton would agree not to appeal the order dismissing the counterclaims. So, the case is now resolved and will not go to trial.

We have some disappointment, as Ms. Stanton was anxious for her day in court. However, a dismissal is a dismissal, and Ms. Stanton is relieved that the claim of defamation has finally been buried. This has been a long, tumultuous process. Ms. Stanton looks forward to focusing on the positive things in her life, to following her dreams of being an author, and to sharing her life story with the world.

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As I have said all long, there is no way that Phaedra could take the stand and testify under oath. She knew it, and the world knew it.  Now that the time had come for her to do just that, it seems like she finagled her way out of it. Why? Because filming for RHOA begins on June 7th.   It’s an incredibly inopportune time for Phaedra to have to answer questions about the nature of the financial comingling  of funds with Apollo. Allegedly.  The problem has always been that Stanton would not drop her counter-charges.  So even if Phaedra dropped the charges, she would still have to testiLIE!  So those countercharges forced Phaedra to stay in the case. Even if she dropped her charges, thereby getting her off the witness stand she can’t afford to be on, Stanton’s counter charges kept her ass firmly planted in the witness chair.

So yesterday, the judge, Carla E. Brown, who has continuously  considered the counter charges for  YEARS  suddenly found grounds to dismiss the counter claims by Stanton.  Things that make you go HMMMMMMM.


Filming for RHOA starts on June 7th,  Judge Carla E. Brown  wants it off her docket,  it seems to me that these two have similar objectives.  Phaedra doesn’t want to be forced to testify, so now all of the sudden after how many years??, the judge just suddenly dismisses Stanton’ s counterclaims so that Phaedra can drop her case.  And then, Parks drops HER CHARGES.

Have I ever mentioned that there is no rhyme or reason in my mind why Gwinnet County has any jurisdiction in this case? Neither Parks nor Stanton lives or does business in this county. WHY WAS IT BEING TRIED THERE?

How very interesting. I’ve known all along Phaedra could not take the stand.  She has way too much to lose. And I seriously doubt the Feds are done with her. It’s only a matter of time in my opinion,  which is why Andy coddles her so much. He doesn’t give a shit about her or fall for the “cute kids,” Andy, like the rest of us is waiting for the dominos to fall. And he will capitalize on it, kids be damned.  We all know the RHOA are his meal ticket and his favorites are the hoodlums and corrupt and he can’t stand anyone who actually has a functioning brain on the show and understands his game. cough Kenya cough. has reached out to Angela Stanton for a statement on this decision and will update when and if one is provided.

I assure you I will not let this drop. I have already begun the process of exposing this case. There is way more than this to report on!

UPDATED:  Angela Stanton has released the following statement to “God is so good. I was sued for 30 Million Dollars. This lady [Phaedra] held my life up for 5 years just to turn around and dismiss her case against me with prejudice, days before our scheduled trial date. She can never come after me again. I am finally free!

Apparently, Phaedra cannot pull these court shenanigans anymore and Stanton can continue to tell her story. I’m going to assume there is a whole new chapter of that. The last five years have given her plenty to work with in her second biography.


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24 responses to “Phaedra Parks FINALLY Drops Her Case Against Angela Stanton!

  1. microop

    Maybe Angela can now write part two. Regarding Apollos most recent charges. I bet Apollo would talk.

  2. T D

    Phaedra’s happy as a clam at high tide. She’s just as tight lipped and as low down. They truth will be pryed out with a clam knife. In the end the clam is eatin alive and washed down with tea.

  3. Minky

    YAY!!!! It’s about damn time Phaedra came to her senses. I would have liked to hear more of Angela’s story and to hear Phaedra try to hem and haw her way out of telling the truth under oath. Can’t wait for the additional tea. I’ve got the cream, sugar, honey, lemon and cookies ready. ☕️ 🍪 S’go!!!

  4. Jaana

    Love you TT! Phaedra is going to get hers! It’s coming.

  5. LA_in_KY

    I am not surprised.

  6. Billie_bee

    Thanks for the tea! I have been following this storyline on TT.

    TestiLIE! (stand up and slow clap).

  7. Rose

    Great tea! Not surprised Phaedra pulled this off to avoid the stand.

  8. tamaratattles

    One would hope so. But the blogger is limited as to what she can say.

  9. More Tea Please!

    No we know for sure there us shit shady Phae dies not want to come out.

    How much money was spent on legal fees on both sides?

  10. Calipatti

    I was hoping Phaedra Parks ego was larger than her brain and she testified.
    Wonder if the Feds were waiting for the same thing.
    I don’t see how Phaedra did not know what Appolo was doing and wasn’t charged unless she gave the Feds evidence to incriminate Appolo.
    How else did she get off?

    • I think she and Apollo had their stuff separate so that traces wouldn’t come back to her.

      In any event, Apollo is in prison and no one with a brain thinks Phaedra (the one that ran the show in the relationship) had no idea.
      Her image is forever tarnished and she’s not respecting in her 12 fields of career she claims she masters.

      RHOA checks it is.

  11. marc

    God bless you Ms Stanton I believed you all along ! #Godisgoodeveryday!

  12. Psylocke

    Good for you, Angela! You washed away the mistakes of your past, and held strong while others toil away in the mud.

  13. Dag …. It was curtains before the show … I was waiting for the fight. Phadrea wiggled her way out of this one. I wonder if Angela will suddenly go on a shopping spree for a new home, car, etc. Checks had to be written to shut this one down.

  14. Good for Angela. Phadrea is still lying. She had plenty to do with Apollos mess, she was HBIC.

    • Uncle Sigmund

      Two WRONGS don’t make things RIGHT! Angela was wrong for being a FLUNKY! Phaedra was wrong for her doings. The question and answer to this APOLLO MESS is: Is Phaedra still lying? Yes indeed. Was Phaedra the HBIC? Yes indeed.

      • Minky

        I can’t help but look at Angela’s situation with sympathy. She was really young when became a pawn in Phaedra’s alleged racketeering schemes. Young people, especially from difficult backgrounds, are very impressionable and easily convinced to do stupid things in exchange for the promise of money or a certain kind of lifestyle. To call Angela a flunky is to ignore a lot of things about the situation that were possibly beyond her control and that she either didn’t understand or refused to acknowledge in the beginning stages.

        If anybody’s a flunky in this situation it’s Phaedra. She went to school and became a lawyer and THEN turned to an alleged life of crime. Most people think that crime is the domain of people who didn’t have much of a chance at getting an education or any other opportunities in life. That’s not really true.

        The people that have been left used and abused in Phaedra’s wake are also the ones who’ve suffered the most and paid the highest price. Angela went to prison. Apollo is now a twice convicted felon. One can only imagine who else Phaedra’s screwed over. Kandi’s behavior regarding Phaedra is strongly suspicious, as far as I’m concerned. As is that of Cynthia and Peter. Phaedra is on a show that’s allegedly about fabulously rich socialites for reasons that are not easy to identify, let alone understand.

  15. TT, this post was a great read! So Phaedra’s delay-tactics cost Angela 5 years on standby, yet Angela is clearly the winner. She gets to write, write and write some more LOL Phaedra was attempting to sue for 30 mil, but Angela is on her way to the millions with the books she’ll create. That Phaedra is one ugly-duckling if I’ve never seen one. Her time will surely come. Additionally, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone in Phaedra’s camp found a way to reach out to that judge to soften her up a bit. After all, Phaedra is good at manipulation.

  16. gapeachinsc

    Tamara – do you think the court wanted it off their docket because there are bigger fish to fry with Ms. Parks? And I wonder if BJ is representing her because of what is fixing to go down?

  17. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    Oh gapeachinsc, great minds think alike. I bet shady phae is even more nervous now! Let’s not forget there are more people who can implicate her some of whom are related to Apollo. Now that someone has cashed a check, ill bet others come out of the woodwork to tell their stories too. Maybe to the Feds?

  18. nanaintn

    Minky I agree with you 100%! One more time, thank you TT for the best and most reliable info to be had. I have a lot of sympathy for Angela as well and this news will give me the patience to wait a while longer to watch Phaedra begin to chase her tail like a dog. Other than Angela, my only sympathy is for Phaedra’s children and anyone else it is revealed she has damaged.

  19. ZenJen55

    So Angela’s lawyer basically made zero money on this case since he was working on a contingency fee….he seems like a genuinely good guy, who felt sorry for Angela and worked for 5yrs for naught. I really have no sympathy at all for Phaedra or her. I seriously doubt Angela has anything more to tell.
    I also doubt that Phaedra will ever be charged with anything.

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