New Reports Surface On Kenya Moore’s Breakup With Matt Jordan


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New information has surfaced on the breakup between Kenya Moore and her ex Matt Jordan. But before we get to that, I have to tell you that I was in discussion with a couple of very close sources regarding the situation over a period of around 17 hours.  My immediate reaction to the situation was to insure that Kenya was safe and being emotionally supported by someone.  I did not talk to Kenya. Contrary to popular believe I am not friends with Kenya. We do not go shopping for shoes or work out at the gym together. (As if I would do either of those things)  I am also not paid by Kenya (That would be great though! Oh wait no it wouldn’t because then I would feel bad when I call her out, like I do when it is warranted)  I am  blogger, who lives in Atlanta who, after that horrific first season she had,  became a fan. I view her as a human being, which should seem obvious, but the longer I do this job the more I realize that a large faction of people on the Internet seem to think these people are soulless holograms hired by Andy Cohen to be abused for our enjoyment. It’s kind of like a modern day version of feeding the Christians to the lions for some of you

When I initially spoke to Source, I got the distinct impression that there was some sort of blowup in which Kenya felt unsafe. Source seemed to be upset with Matt a bit more than one would if it was just a situation where they realized they were not right for each other. It was enough for me to ask if she was physically injured. I was told she was not. There was a statement along the lines of “he didn’t get the chance.”  I was personally rather shaken by the whole conversation. I was a bit sad and angry myself, as a woman who has been through many situation in her own life. I tried to listen and not to push,  I wanted to write the story immediately, but I also wanted to be sensitive to whatever Kenya wished to share with the public. Because we really don’t have the right to know every detail of her private life as much as some tabloids feel that we do.  I was given nothing to say on the record and agreed to wait until the next day for some sort of on the record comment. At the time this was all happening on Instagram and both Kenya and Matt had turned their settings to private. So I was being contacted by fans who followed by parties. (Thanks for that, y’all).

Don't come for me unless I call for you!

The next day, I talked to the same sources.  Source had a whole different outlook on Matt. He’s basically a good guy. He just needs to work on himself before he is ready for a relationship. Etc.  ONCE AGAIN. I DID NOT TALK TO KENYA.  To me, at this time, Source sounded a bit like someone who had been abused and then the next day started making excuses and blaming herself.  Source was not there, Source knows both parties and it seemed sort of like all was forgiven.

Basically, the only thing I could publish was that Kenya was in NYC working on a new job fairly long term job that she was booked for.  She’s fine. Matt is contrite. Life Twirls on.  Again, I never asked for details. I did not interrogate my Source. You get what you get and work with that. You also respect their off the record comments as just that.  So while I had a feeling that something major happened in between the photo of Matt at the pool and a few hours later, that falls in to none of my business.  The lead story is they have broken up. That’s it. Details are unimportant. That was confirmed for me so I ran this story.  I kept most of my exclusive details in my head. As Yolanda would say, I keep a lot in the vault about a lot of the people who I cover.

Which brings us to today and this quote by TMZ:

We’re told Kenya locked herself in their hotel room, but Matt got mad and “kicked the door in and broke it.”

When he got in, the argument got more heated — he repeatedly called her “bitch” and “c***” … according to our sources.

We’re told they actually flew back to Atlanta on the same flight, but Kenya changed their seats. Once they landed, Matt grabbed her luggage … and to avoid a scene, Kenya went back to her place in a separate car from Matt. But things blew up again when he showed up to her house and dumped her bag on the driveway, and that was it.

We’re told it never got physical, but Kenya was fed up with the verbal abuse … and pulled the plug on the relationship.

My first reaction is, “Who is the source of this story?”  There were two people on the trip. These claims go all the way from Mexico, thru the airport and to the driveway of Moore Manor. Two people were in those situations. Kenya and Matt. Could it be one of Matt’s friends calling TMZ to make a dollar? Maybe. But it would have to be someone he confided in and admitted to cursing her out who then turned on him.  I spoke to Kenya’s camp and they were very closed mouthed and offered no negative comments about Matt whatsoever  It was completely in line with Matt’s Instagram post. The only thing I can think of is that  Matt did something new to stir the pot, or made some sort of threat toward Kenya, or that someone (not the Source I spoke to)  didn’t want Matt getting out of this unscathed and went to TMZ. Either way, IF THIS STORY IS TRUE it came from someone close to either Matt or Kenya.

Now I am being asked if this story is true. I do not know. I was not there. There are only two people who know for sure if this story is true.  But if I had a gun to my head and someone was to say I had to get the answer to the question, “Did this really happen?”  right.  I’d say I believe it.

I have to say, I am just few hours into my workday and I’m deeply concerned by some of the comments about women who deserve to be tormented (In comments here)  already, and this TMZ report just makes me more sensitive about it. So if you think this is the day, or the place to make misogynistic comments I can assure you that you are wrong and will be summarily dropped into the Window Licking Section (WLS) where your comments will never again be seen by me or anyone else.  I’m already sick to my stomach.


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41 responses to “New Reports Surface On Kenya Moore’s Breakup With Matt Jordan

  1. Keya

    I’m sorry that Kenya is having another rough patch with the love department, but I’m grateful to hear that whatever the situation is, she’s moving forward. I never liked him for her so I’m not surprised with this outcome. Really glad he exposed himself for what he really is BEFORE wedding bells or babies showed up.

  2. Briannatozer16

    The comments on ig have been nothing short of pathetic. Women saying its karma and that he’s mad she stopped paying his rent-a-boyfriend fee. Like idiots get so caught up on the fake show … They forget that’s actually a person. I’ve always been a fan of Kenya.

    • Keya

      Her enemies STAY hot and bothered. And most of them are porsha-tards so I’m not surprised at their ongoing, public display of stupidity.

  3. Relieved that Kenya appears safe. Thanks for the update, TT.

    • Minky

      ITA Lisamia. Kenya’s safety and well-being is the most important thing. Some of the comments I read about Kenya in TT’s initial post about the break-up yesterday were so uncalled for. Kenya’s critics wouldn’t give her a break if she was dangerously close to death. If she had been injured they would probably still blame Kenya. It’s too fucking much!

  4. Amanda

    I am rooting for Ms. Kenya. I am happy she is strong enough to let him go. A lot of women start blaming themselves and end up keeping the man. *Looks in mirror*

  5. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    TT I appreciate your respectful coverage of this. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for other sites.

  6. AshK

    I don’t want to be in the WLS, but FYI E! has an article that has an instagram post that Kenya removed about what happened..

    • tamaratattles

      Yeah, you probably should have emailed me. However, Kenya first behaviors seemed to be not to address it at all. She should have stuck to that. Now she is taking a few jabs, removing it, and putting up a ” We have love for each other and want privacy” statement like some sort of conscious uncoupling is going on. She needs to stick with SAY NOTHING. Whatever she says is going to get her dragged by her detractors and her fans don’t need specifics. Or bullshit PR statements that open the door to reconciliation.

      Just my opinion.

  7. BroMo90

    My mother was in an abusive relationship when I was growing up, both verbal and physical. It is NEVER ok and absolutely NO ONE deserves to be abused in ANY WAY. There is NO exception. I understand that there are cases in which men are the ones who are abused but, statistically speaking, women are at a much higher risk of being victims. My mother was lucky enough to be able to get out of this unhealthy relationship and went on to marry someone who’s an absolute saint. Many women are not that lucky. If anyone reading this is in a situation where they are being mistreated, I just want to let you know that you matter and you don’t deserve it. I’m sorry for the long post but this is a topic that’s very close to my heart. I’m glad Kenya is strong enough to recognize that this sort of behavior isn’t ok and kicked him to the curb. I also hope Matt learns how to handle a disagreement without allegedly kicking down a door to get his point across.

    • tamaratattles

      Bro, your comment was not too long at all. I don’t know where you came from, but I am glad you are here.



    • I agree. No one deserves to be physically assaulted. No exceptions.

      When reading comments (propagated by black female youth, lets call a thing a thing…) asking for the circumstance or what SHE did to warrant a physical reaction…I die a little inside.

      As soon as I see “well what do you expect when you get in a mans face”? I pray for young girls in the hood who really don’t know better…

      • jen

        I just can’t believe people care that much to say stuff like that. Its a person on reality tv lol

      • Minky

        Amen & Hallelujah to everything Bro said. Nobody deserves abuse. EVER!

      • I have to say there are plenty of girls who are not in the hood who are being abused and acting the same way. This isn’t a race thing it is a abuse thing. Mainly against women all over. It is disgusting and all kinds of comments like you mentioned need to stop. YOU WALK AWAY. Hit a wall, kick a tire, do whatever but hands off another living thing. End of story. It makes me so sad for her that she is hurting mentally, soulfully, etc. I happen to be #teamKenya. There is a dynamic on this show that is disturbing but is not unique to Atlanta…the bullies unite and attack. All the HW shows have them. Kenya is smart and strong that’s why she has lasted. Prayers and hugs to her.

    • T D

      When my cheese and cracker have been estranged I try and joke about smacking Sheree rather than deal with circumstances beyond my control. Always defend. This is for Dody, the gentle giant who towered over me by a foot for whom I’d drop my buddies so she wouldn’t be spit on or hit with projectiles. I would stand up to an attack on anyone being abused in my presence, verbally or otherwise.

  8. Bravocueen

    She is is drop dead gorgeous even (especially?) when she’s being a bitch. Glad she dumped the POS before he hurt her. I still can’t stand her.

  9. jen

    Also TT I would love it if you went shoe shopping with Kenya she looks fun to hang out with! Its so frustrating that there are no boundries for people’s personal lives anymore. Of course you kept it classy.

  10. BKSweetheart

    Thanks for the update TT. I am also glad that you kept it respectful. I was reading some comments on another popular reality TV site that shall not be named and was disgusted by the amount of disrespectful and hateful comments towards Kenya. The amount of schadenfreude was really disturbing.

    Regardless if you like or dislike Kenya (or any man/woman for that matter), no one deserves to be physically or verbally attacked/assaulted or abused.

    Reminds me a bit of that situation with Evelyn Lozada from BBW Miami and Chad Ochocinco. Everyone was saying she must have done something to provoke him or she deserved it because she had a bad temper and had been several violent altercations with other cast members. Maybe she put her hands on him first, maybe she didn’t.. the fact still remained that he was a professional athlete and clearly much bigger and stronger than her and had no right to get physical with her.

    Same with Kenya. Even more so because Kenya has never shown herself to be violent or get physical with anyone on the show. EVER. Even after being physically attacked by Porsha. Sure, she stirs the pot and has gotten into arguments before, but never violent. She fights with her words and her intellect. So how anyone could say she “deserved” to be verbally assaulted/abused, possibly physically assaulted is just unconscionable.

    • noni

      Didn’t Kenya threatened to beat Phaedra while she was pregnant on season 6 reunion

      • The Shadiest Grove

        It was season 5 and as you’ve stated she “threatened” Phaedra. Just like Phaedra threatened to “whoop” Cynthia during season 6 after Cynthia brought “Mr. Chocolate” to our attention. It’s a threat, we come across them everyday. Whether it be your mama or daddy threatening to beat your ass or someone who you have exchanged words with. All you people who keep referencing the threat ala Porsha need to understand that there is a difference between a statement and action. Kenya made a statement to Phaedra about “picking her teeth up, gums and all”, it never happened. Porsha pulled Kenya’s hair and yanked her to the ground. FYI, during season 6 Phaedra is the one who swung on Kenya.

  11. I have to say this is very thoughtfully written and it’s always nice to see how seriously and professionally you take the work that you do. I was reading some of the comments on other sites and just the fact that these publications let people post such horrible things about anyone is insane to me. No woman, man, dog, cat or any other living creature deserves to be beat hurt or mistreated in anyway and seeing the type of things people said about Kenya just because they don’t care for her is revolting. I just wish I had five minutes in some peoples heads to see what makes them so miserable that they harbor this kind of hate.

    Once again love the blog :-) I may not comment often but I read everything :-)

  12. Toddy

    I love that Kenya has the confidence and self-respect to move on. And the means… That jerk is going to miss Kenya’s lifestyle. She’s awesome, she’ll find someone else if she’s so inclined.

  13. SaraSally

    Matt never struck me as having had command of the English language where he could articulate himself. Often, he played the role of quiet protector. Well the silent knight routine is good for a while, but his purpose is to win a fight.
    I’m not much on Kenya. I find her a tad shallow, & self serving. I know she’s a work horse & a go getter & I wish her well. I’m not apathetic to her situation, & kisses that it would happen on foreign soil. (Trust me, you don’t want to be in a Mexican jail once…much less twice!) Kenya needs a partner who not only is a true protector, but also a real match & fit.

    • Librarygirl

      I was not such a Matt fan myself. I wish for Kenya to meet someone who is her intellectual equal, and treats her like gold. So sick of hearing that she is involved with loosers. She deserves much better.

  14. SaraSally

    Matt never struck me as having had command of the English language where he could articulate himself. Often, he played the role of quiet protector. Well the silent knight routine is good for a while, but his purpose is to win a fight.
    I’m not much on Kenya. I find her a tad shallow, & self serving. I know she’s a work horse & a go getter & I wish her well. I’m not apathetic to her situation, & kisses that it would happen on foreign soil. (Trust me, you don’t want to be in a Mexican jail once…much less twice!) Kenya needs a partner who not only is a true protector, but also a real match & fit.

  15. Rose

    No woman deserves verbal or physical abuse. I’m not on Instagram but comments on Facebook sure do put out a lot of blame on Kenya. While I’m not her biggest fan, and never cared for Matt, he seemed to have made her happy and a happy Kenya is more mellow. I’m sorry she went through this.

  16. 25

    I just want to throw up

  17. Latina2014

    Aww bummer :(
    I was glad to c her happy with her Home project (I was very sure she wld complete before “someone else”) with her new relationship and also seeing how she has loyal fans here, starting with TT 😍
    I have respect for her! She is Smart and works her butt off! I hope her hair product line does incredibly well! I will b purchasing mine too :)

    With her ending this relationship it reminds me how she is just like all of us. She is human and wants to find a Real Man, one that accepts her exactly as is. She has a lot to offer. I hope she stays strong, this will pass. Thanks TT for being so respectful about her feelings. Your the Bestest! Hope Kenya knows how much we support her HERE!

  18. Mylie

    I spent 19 years in an abusive relationship feeling like I wasn’t anything, didn’t deserve better and got used to living life with a broken arm and black eyes. At first’ for me it was verbal then it got physical. My boyfriend was older than me I was 18 years old at the time and he would beat me literally for something like a missing sock or not preparing his food on- time. He broke my arm, nose and given me numerous blacked my eyes where I couldn’t open them. Next day he was telling me he was sorry and that he loves me. Worst he broke me down emotionally where I could never love gain

    As someone who was abusive I had a similar background as Kenya in where my mother also gave me away at an early age. “The struggle is real.

    I spent my young years in 8 separate foster care facility in New York and when the first man showed his pearly whites and grinned at me I jumped at the chance to move in thinking I had finally found someone to love me. Although this post is not about me it truly hit home when I heard that Kenya and Matt had broken up. I have always been on the sideline cheering for both Kenya and Matt’s relationship when it first was announced telling myself finally she’s found happiness. However, life has a way of kicking you in the teeth (its call reality).

    People often ask why someone stays in an abusive relationship and the truth of the matter is there is no real answer that would bring clarity. Abuse is different for everyone, but it’s always often dangerous. For me it took 19 years lost that I can never get back. However, one rainy cold winter night I got up enough courage to run away to another state with just $50 to my name and 6 months pregnant. It’s understandable that life is not always going to be a bed of beautiful daffodils, but once I left it was easy not to look back.

    Women who are abused normally don’t want to be abused and often are too quick I think to forgive, hide or make excuses for their abusers. I didn’t have money for a gun, but I have since learned to empower myself in other ways by creating a safety plan.

    Today after reading your article TT I’m proud of this site starting a conversation of healing. As for Kenya if you read here we know you are hurting, but we are so proud you made a grown decision to walk away alive.

    • Dee

      Mylie, good for you! You were brave for sharing, others will be helped by your story. I can understand, thinking the first person who is nice to you is good for you, then finding out differently.
      I hope you are safe and happy now.

    • cheychey

      Kylie I to have a similar background as you. Luckily it was only 6 years of fear,abuse and torment. I had to leave the state as well though with nothing. I was fortunate though I fell in love with and married my husband who I will be celebrating 24yrs of marriage to in September. Kenya girl if your reading stay strong and understanding you can’t fix him. Going back will only fuel his ego for worse attacks in the future. Abuse usually starts mentally. Breaking you down emotionally sets the stage for your dependence on them. Then the physical will start followed by tearful apologies and promises that things will change. I can’t live without you feels empowering at first because your that special to them and nobody else understands them. It’s really a thinly veiled threat. I really do pray for Kenya to have safety and move on as she has. There is someone who is her perfect match out there, but it isn’t Matt.

  19. Cat

    If the story is true, then women should be supporting Kenya, not attacking her. She was smart enough to walk away. No one deserves to be abused. No one.

    • DarkThoughts

      Oh Cat, you are so right. We need to stick up for each other, not stick into another woman in this kind of situation.

  20. iloveearlgrey

    Damn, I was hoping he was the one for her.

  21. Ms.Minnie

    Kenya should take everything she has been going through and just put in some work. Kenya is a smart woman but I really want her to navigate away from Atlanta and get back into Hollywood and get some role’s. RHOA does not have to be the end for Kenya, she can have a better legacy if she starts to build her brand.

    • tamaratattles

      Um, Kenya will be filming two shows at the same time all next week…

      • Ms.Minnie

        TT I think you took my comment wrong, all I’m saying is Kenya is selling herself short by continuing to stay on RHOA, yes I know she is filming something else but why continue to do a reality show when she can do more sitcom’s and maybe even her own talk show. At one point she was to good for this show but she refused to leave and that statement became invalid. None of those women including fake *** Cynthia with her phoney *** are not her friends and even though Kenya is good at the reality game, my hope is that she’ll get tired of playing it and move on to bigger and better.

      • pkati

        I’m a huge fan of Kenya. Stay strong sistah. God doesn’t make mistakes. The perfect mate will respect, love and cherish you. I wish you great health and happiness always. #teamtwirl4-ever

  22. Jen

    Sad for Kenya. Heal well n quick pretty girl. You will find better or he will find you. <3. #BeLove

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