Here Is (Part of) Why I Am So Disheartened By The World Today


I’m starting to understand Perez Hilton a bit more. You remember Perez Hilton. He used to be a blogger who was hugely successful for drawing penises on photos of celebrities using photoshop.  Essentially, he made a career out of degrading celebrities. There was a huge market for that. And there still is. Celebrity hate is big business. At some point, after making a shit ton of money, Perez went on a Ramona Singer sort of apology tour.  He wanted to adopt a kid. He didn’t need anyone seeing his dark black soul, particularly adoption agencies. When he finally got a kid, he transformed into a barely tolerable human being. Long before his transformation, he was already hiring ghostwriters to post on his site. Allegedly. Although I used to know one.  He discovered at some point that catering to the lowest common denominator, while lucrative, also changes the molecules in your body and mind. I admire the fact that he recognized this and  saved himself and put other people on his site to do his dirty work. I have no idea if the site is still a penis drawing muckracking piece of shit or not. I have not only not been there; but, I don’t think I have received a single email from my supporters who attempt to help keep me up to date on things. I don’t know nor do I care if the site even still exists.

I know that when I realized this blog was going to be my fulltime 24/7 job there were two things I wanted to avoid. I did not want this to be a hate site.  That was in my initial set of commenting rules. “This is not a hate site.”  That is what caused me to list a commenting rule that we do not use degrading names when commenting on posts here like LuMan, or HeHe, or Miss Andy.  I do not tolerate degrading people here.

There are some that do not understand the difference between mocking the holy fuck out of someone for their ACTIONS, as opposed to degrading someone as a human. For example, Nene can be a gigantic cunt.  Saying did you see her ratchet behavior when she…. there are too many examples to pick just one, is fine.  Saying something like “Ha ha ha no wonder her mother abandoned her and she doesn’t know who her father is !” is not.  Calling out shitty behavior that you have seen on a reality show, is fine. It’s why we are all here.  When it gets to the point of calling someone a shit person, you’ve crossed the line I am trying to keep here.

RHOOC Vicki  If I sound bitter and pissed

That said, some might say I am a hypocrite, that there is a bit of do as I say not as I do going on. I’ve written post about Meghan Edmonds for example where I basically call her a shit person.  at least in the title. However, I did not degrade her womanhood. In fact, I concentrated on her actions that she was questioning someone claiming to have cancer. I’m far from perfect, but most of the time I can’t work up a ball of hatred for any of these idiots on my TV. I do at times have compassion.

Let’s go back to Perez for a moment. His site was enormously popular as a bed of hatred. Let me share a bit of intel with you.  During a season of RHOA I could put up a photo of one of the people we profess to like her. Use anyone from Team Pretty as an example. This is one of the few sites that supports Kenya, Cynthia, and Claudia on the whole fucking Internet. So I assume that these would be popular posts here. And they are. Sort of.  But if I put up a photo of Nene or Phaedra or Porsha, people that the large majority of regulars here do not like, it will get TEN TIMES the remarks. Why? Basically, the Internet is full of haters.

So how does one cultivate a website with the least amount of vitriol? This is what I wonder about. Why? Not because I am Mother Fucking Teresa. I have very little compassion for most reality folks.

I am trying to save myself.

Contrary to what that vapid chick on Southern Charm would have you to believe, running a website does not involve flying to NYC and chatting up some random dude where if you play your cards right the handle all of the technical side of the job, and send you on vacations where you just lay in the sun and write content. It involves waking up every morning thinking, what day is it? Can I sleep in longer or is Kim Richards due in court today?  Did a west coast source promise to email me by three am my time?  Is this the day that I am allowed to say so and so has signed to DWTS? It’s literally a 24/7 job. And before you say I am complaining, I’m not.  It is a BILLION times easier than working for a shithead principal who seems to be focused on making the lives of teachers way harder than they have to be.  I no longer have to manufacture a dire reason why I must walk twenty paces to my house for ten minutes of respite (and a cigarette.)

RHOA Kenya So  juicy

I’m only trying to say that this site runs off of news. Who has the news? When is news coming? Don’t sleep through the news. Also figure out why people are having commenting problems. Find a new server. Make ad agency decisions. Incorporate your business. Don’t forget to send your LLC lawyer those papers about the  board meetings. Pay your bills. Fire your old server host. Make a decision about the ad person you have been talking to for months. Figure  out why Wordpress is not updating. Give the mobile users a new format. Answer a million emails and above all be first on the story. Wait don’t be first on the story. Spend all day checking to see if Reza filed for bankruptcy. Find no evidence. Lose half a day.

The other thing I never wanted to do hear was make it a site for hold ladies with health issues. When a first started a particular blogger (now deceased) jumped in to mentor me.  She would post once a day a very long post mostly written by others that resulted in hundreds of comments a day. They barely talked in comments about the topic. They mostly discussed Susie’s bad hip and Buffy’s upcoming pap smear. It was clear that they were a tight group, and that the posts were simply a place for people to talk about themselves. I decided that I wanted my site’s comments to be ON TOPIC. I also realize that many of my regulars sort of became fans of one another.  And I felt some kinda way about them too. Thus Daily Tea was born. It’s the perfect solution. We can chit chat about whatever in Daily Tea. I can talk about me in Daily Tea. Everyone can always go to the Daily Tea post and spill their guts. This was perhaps the most successful idea I have ever had.

I’m 1200 words into this post and have yet to get to the point. It’s a serious personal flaw. I’m angry today and I need to write and I am trying to explain in excruciating detail why. And this post is about Bethenny Frankel.

I feel the need to explain why Bethenny Frankel’s “attack” on Sonja is different from her character assignation of Luann.

Ramona on Bethenny

I’m gonna need that dress back.


I had a whole spiel to share but I am now drinking on an empty stomach as I am so appalled with some regulars I used to like I have become physically ill and lost my appetite and just began happy hour way too early.  So this part will be way shorter than when I began.

Sonja Morgan is a flim flam artist. She has no businesses that are producing for her. She allied with the same person that Ramona allied with previously to make a dollar off of promoting someone on RHONY for a buck. This is not a new thing. It’s not even a bad thing. Heather Thompson has a very successful business and she was not above a $25K kickback. Allegedly. I don’t blame or judge any of these bitches for making all the money they can while being degraded on reality TV. Once you agree to roll in the sewer with pigs only to be mocked by Andy Cohen, get you dollahs.

But Sonja tried to get hers on the back of Bethenny Frankel.  Bethenny is a business woman. A very successful business woman. Some try to knock her and discredit her, but she is a MOGUL in the beverage and low calorie products industry. And Sonja tried to get her kickback from this Peter imbecile whose claim to fame is trying to get a check off of the backs of housewives.  Bethenny stopped that shit cold.  As she should. She read Sonja for filth and it was glorious.  It was great that she called Sonja out on her billions of failed business attempts. It was great that she did not fall for Sonja’s crocodile tears. It was great that Bethenny went for the jugular. Sonja deserved that. SOMEONE needed to tell Sonja that no one believes her delusional shit. Unlike Sonja’s little hangerson that encourage her to call in Gloria Allred, for fucks sake.  Bethenny did not point out that Sonja is a whore. Or that she has a drinking problem. Or that she fucks with the same losers as Ramona. She did not say that Sonja has fucked everyone from Paul Nassif to the pirate that I believe Luann fucked first up the ass in the garden while on a trip.  Bethenny kept things on topic. She did not wait for a time when the whole cast was there to do this. She handled it one on one, offered her a tissue and showed her the door.

Which brings us to Luann. It’s important to note here that Bethenny was super pissed with both Luann and Sonja before taping began for being holdout who bitched about her sweet contract. Believe you me Bethenny got the sort of contract Nene wants and will never get because Nene is one of the RHOA (interpret that distinction how you will, considering that Andy claims that there are no good options for a black woman on RHONY despite his tireless efforts to find one.) and from my perspective, someone he loves to exploit unlike Bethenny who suddenly got into his inner circle once she had way more money than he will ever see.

I get that Luann and Sonja have no real bargaining chips when it comes to their contracts and can never compete with Bethenny’s clout with Andy. What I don’t get is why Bethenny seems so butthurt with them for trying. But she is. I also get that Luann has implied that she had something to do with the Skinny Margarita in the past. Has she tried to puff herself up a bit about? Yes she has.  Is this tantamount to what Sonja did ? Fuck no. And it was SEASONS AGO. Basically all Luann did at Dorinda’s was basically say, ” I was there when it all started. I knew you when…”  And you know what? She did. Did she overstate that at points YEARS AGO? She did. but Bethenny claimed to have rekindled her “friendship” with Luann years ago.

Sonja has a wardrode Malfunction

So I find it odd that Bethenny made sure that Sonja was not allowed to be at the party where she could have been a friend to Luann in what was clearly a planned assault. I find Bethenny’s assault on Luann as a human being, her assault on her character seemingly out of the blues to be disgraceful.  I don’t care what footage we didn’t see. The viewer has no idea why Bethenny was publically pointing out that Luann’s fiancé  was someone who dated Sonja or Ramona or both. Those three have been passing men around for over a decade. This is not news, nor is it something that should upset Bethenny in the slightest  At no time did Bethenny says ” YOU HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH MY SUCCESS AND I AM ANGRY THAT YOU CONTINUE TO SUGGEST OTHERWISE.”  What she did was call her a slut. What she did was claim that Luann went up to Tom and said, “I’m next.”  She did this all knowing Luann was in relationship with Tom.  This was not an argument about “Luann attacking her business” as she later tried to dismiss it in her talking head. This was a character assassination this was a planned storyline that deliberately left Sonja out because she had been dealt with  to let Luann know that she was pissed that she was talking about Bethenny’s contract and calling out Bravo for playing favorites. She could not say any of that, so she made sure Sonja was not there, and went in on her in a vicious, personal nasty way.  This filming went on for HOURS as Andy so giddily told us last week.  It was vile and it was wrong.

And after it happened the first time Bethenny took a time out to relax on her bed while the harpies came in to pump her up. Have I said vile yet? Because I am out of adjectives. I think the term bullying is way over used. But I think the boss’s favorite reclining her drunk ass on a bed while the majority of the group climbs on and supports her in her endeavors to eviscerate another woman qualifies.

And now the Internet bullying begins, because Andy Cohen is jazzing his pants claiming this is one of the top all five episodes of all time. He is PROUD of this episode. He no longer even attempts to hide his misogyny.

Between this and the shitheads who seem to think Kenya deserves to be mistreated, I’ve had enough today. I am not liking my job today. I am disappointed in some of my regulars today.  I need to build new seats in the Window Licking Section today.  Someone actually said, I enjoyed Texas Chainsaw Massacre for the same reason I loved this episode of RHONY.

LuAnn is and ACTUAL PERSON with FEELINGS and CHILDREN.  I get that she signed up for reality TV and if she had actually done something worthy of this, that would be one thing. But she didn’t.  Luann played the fakeass Countess role to the hilt for the first few years. But the last few she has openly let us know she is a single woman on the prowl getting laid whenever she wants. She is Luann now. She is not the Countess who said “don’t refer to me as Luann to the help.” She is herself NOW. There is no hypocrisy. There was no need to ostracize her and try to humiliate her. She was not wrong for hating Carole for fucking her nieces’ ex boyfriend all over TV. That must have been very painful for her niece who is not on the show. Carole, the cunt has never considered that once.  She could have realized that Luann calling her a pedophile (that is how you spell it) was because of the damage Carole caused her niece. She could have said, ” Look Luann,   Adam’s relationship was over. I get it. She really can’t stand to watch us on TV. That must be hard for her.  But I saw a dude in your kitchen I wanted to fuck and it turned into something I didn’t expect and now it is a sort of a thing and I never meant to hurt you. I forgive you for lashing out. I would have done the same thing in your position. Now we have a job to do and let’s just try to not make things worse for everyone. I’m sorry. I didn’t know a relationship would happen.”

But that is what grown women do.


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111 responses to “Here Is (Part of) Why I Am So Disheartened By The World Today

  1. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it ~

    • micmac

      Bethanny is an idiot. Does she not realise her horrible treatment of folks may hurt her business? I, for one, would never buy her products- she’s nasty and I don’t support nasty.
      Never posted before. Love your site!

  2. WhyOWhy

    Well said, TT!

    I apologize if I break the commenting rules from time to time. I try my best not to. I appreciate your time and effort putting together this blog/website/means of living. It really is one of my favorites to read.

  3. NeverBeenJaxed

    ((hugs)). That is all <3

    • Dee

      Very well said! Thanks so much. I feel so bad for the Countess, she had a live show on her shopping channel today. It had to be hard.

  4. Cc101

    Thank goodness for this post. I thought it was unbelievably cruel. Thank you for writing this.

  5. Dandy Lion

    So eloquently said. Thank you.

    • Dandy Lion

      I wanted to add that my 15 year old came in as the show started and I really was so embarrassed. I told her how this behavior is so unacceptable. Why shame someone? Character assassinate? I couldn’t keep watching. She agreed that it was worse than bratty 11-12 year old mean girls

      • natalie

        Same thing happened to me, my son seemed genuinely dismayed I was watching this mess (different episode but same idea).

  6. Christina D

    I love this & I’m so glad someone out in the Internet world sees how disgusting this episode was

  7. Hi my friend..first and foermost..RHONY this season has created alot of WTF moments for me. Bethenny has changed the most. She seems to live in “extremes” – but this is what I observe about ..


    – went from not being able to pay rent to multi milliionaire in a business that is domineered by men.
    – watched her get exactly what she wants on RHONY she weeped about wanting a boyfriend..done..Jason…she is pregnant and screeches the crap out of Jason to the point of divorce (don’t misintperpret that for support for Jason)
    – she gets her own reality show..cancelled
    – she wrote a successful book
    – she gets her own talk show cancelled
    – comes back to RHONY..where it is D status celebrity..she flourishes
    – she annointed herself the “let me tell you how much you screwed up” for each cast
    – her delivery …of all this information…leads me to believe she does drugs
    – she has a skinny girl cartel

    Bethenny truly believes she has “been there done that” on ALL subjects…therefore she is the expert and you must crumple at her feet or feel the next kick to the chops til Bethenny feels like stopping

    Bethenny has a delivery that creates hate/anger/physical is that being a mentor..that she claims to be.

    I remember many times hearing Bethenny state ” I’m afraid to enjoy this ..I’m grateful..but what if someone takes it away”


    – marriage ..gone
    – her own reality show …- gone

    Bethenny has trust issues..and expects everyone to trust her ..that second.

    Personally I believe Bethenny is going through a break down of sorts …or..( please don’t hate me..I respect women) she is in the midst of her menopause..or ..she smokes crack

    Bethenny has the world by the balls…yet she is the least happy and the most angry. how is that “reality TV”..

    Sonja is a blip in a universe..Sonja explained..”this is the most I want..I don’t want an empire” and based on Sonja’s business drive..I believe her. Sonja is a non issue in the Skinnygirl world. Bethenny has an empire..cuz she did all the work required..and Sonja ..has Sonja is not a threat,

    this is only my opinion

    and my bud..your site is the’re control that you enforce…is what I respect about you. We are exhausting..we are addicted to your site and you!


    • Great post. I think she is having a melt down too. Like LuAnn said, she is going after everyone whose shadow crosses her. It’s a hot mess.

      • hey sundayhare3

        I keep waiting for her “medical” situation to appear..that is supposed to clear all this up..wonder when this happens…and thanks

    • T D

      Bethenny has more than trust issues too many to enumerate. Andy by the balls? Absolutely. The world not so much.

      • Hi T D

        I am not her cheerleader..but..she is successful..sure she has had failures..we all have..ours just don’t play out on National TV. I had so much compassion for Bethenny ..she allowed herself to be vulnerable..on National TV..she reminded me..she has feelings like everyone else..and now she is reminding me why I take tylenol after RHONY ..her screeching is like a chisel to my temple.

      • T D


        I feel your pain. Bethenny gives me an earache in my eye.

  8. Minky

    I’m very sorry that you feel down about your work today TT. I can only imagine how surreal it must be sometimes going through all of the info and research for your posts. You’ve certainly got a stronger stomach, and spirit, than I do. I work with young people, many of whom have been to prison or are homeless, war veterans, etc. It’s hard to have hope sometimes.

    If I’ve ever contributed to the negativity around here I deeply apologize. The fine line between wittiness and nastiness is hard to discern sometimes.

    The thought of people being happy about the prospect of Kenya being physically hurt by her boyfriend actually made me cry. And the Texas Chainsaw comment, which I did see in the RHONY post, made my blood curdle.

  9. I could not agree with everything you said more. I was sickened by what went on last nights episode. I came home from work and put on my DVR ready to relax and enjoy. I did not relax and I did not enjoy. I actually felt disgust for Bethany last night. I think Carol and LuAnn can get past this sometime. But Bethany was nasty, mean girl bully. My stomach hurt. That is not good television, it is not entertainment, it is not nice. I think that was one of the nastiest moments in HW history I have seen. I don’t know if I even want to watch it anymore. Up until last night I was enjoying most of NY. She went to far and I can just hear Andy somewhere cackling up a storm.

    I hope your spirits get lifted and Banjo reminds you that there are many good good beings in the world. Sending YOU big hugs.

  10. CanadaCat

    I haven’t seen the episode get, but thanks, as always, for the tea, TT.

    I feel sorry for Sonja. It’s just sad. I am still stuck on the fact that she allegedly blinked Matt Dillon, my all-time heartthrob (for like, 30 yrs.). I don’t want to consider what this says about him. :(

  11. Sali

    Beautifully written, Tamara! I’m sorry you are so disheartened today. I agree that there’s a difference between being snarky and cruel. Hiding behind the guise of “honesty” and not having tolerance for bullshit does not give one the right to be cruel, demean and pulverize anyone’s spirit or reputation.

    I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. ❤️

  12. formerly kkbella

    I am (a MANY months old) outsted window licker who still respects what you are trying to do. I never tried to regain my commenting status, because I knew what the rules were when I broke them. I write now to say that the difference between your blog and the daily media shakedown is that you try to show compassion, and relate to these people we watch as real human beings that should be having “raised or sophisticated” discussions about their conflicts. The feeding of mysogonistic egos and those from the sound bite culture does us as humans, nothing. The Presidential race has ruined my love for country and constitution, as it mimics the reality TV. I’m not sure where we go from here as a society.
    Thanks for sharing, and perhaps, take a well deserved break.

  13. Pip

    I totally get what you are saying here. I am still two episodes behind so I need to get caught up. But I don’t like cheap shots and I don’t like people who revel and gloat in others pain and misfortune. It’s a huge turnoff for me and it gives true insight into a person’s character.

  14. This is one of the best things I’ve read in a while.

    I was embarrassed for myself after watching this show last night. Especially when my husband walked in and asked me how I could watch women scream and call each other names for an hour. Watching Bethany year into Luann was not entertaining and made me feel like I was supporting hate.

    (Long time reader here, one time commenter on a teen mom post-haha)

  15. Tara

    TT- you are the best, you bring us the real tea and not that premade concentrated shit. Thank you

    I admire Bethanny’s drive, she is obviously has a great mind for business. Like she has said herself, she sucks at relationships. I don’t know what bothered me more, the lashing or her laid back gloating on the bed. While all the ass kissers fanned her with their bs. Carole has lost it. She won’t even try to see the other side. I am so happy for Luanne and her upcoming marriage. I would be happy for anyone in Luanne’s position. It was just sick, the entire mess.
    I say this a lot, thank you TT for being you.

  16. missypoo

    Right on TT. I wish Bethenny would read this. As a matter of fact this method of communication would give her a chance to sit with these wise words and not immediately react. B’s a smart cookie, but highly reactive. She needs to pause and take a deep breath, to slow down. I would like to believe B is intelligent enough to embrace this post. It’s awesome TT

    • Lawstangel

      Not to in any way diss your comment, If Bethenny did read what our TT wrote she would not “get it.” She may be smart in business, but that is what is most important to her. She does not care about ANYONE OR ANYTHING but the almighty dollar and the cache she believes it brings her. I used to like her, but after the Jill/ Bethenny falling out, I saw a lot of behavior that caused me to see who she really is. Then she got married and eviscerated her husband who loved her. She is a one woman wrecking ball who will take you down in any way she sees fit if you dare to do anything she does not like. Not a fan…..

      • Dracla Dunning

        Well put, Lawstangel. My sentiments to a tee. A “one woman wrecking ball” is such the perfect description of Bethenny. She is cruel.

      • Evaree

        Thank You, I totally agree with everything you’ve said! I would not buy anything in her Brand.

  17. blaine

    One of my favourite posts! Your insight into the human behaviours seen in these reality shows keeps me coming back no matter how hard I try to keep online time to a minimum!

    I think Bethanny has a personality disorder. With her background I get it.

    It’s Carole I don’t understand. Doesn’t she come from a “good” family? Doesn’t she have financial security and a cute boyfriend? I had hope for her last year after the trip to London but she is now a insecure cunt hiding behind a pedigree, in my opinion. Any credit I had given her for being smart, educated, and previously gainfully employed has dissipated.

    I hope she is vain enough to read your blog post.

    • missypoo

      My biggest disappointment in Carol is that she is not the smart human I believed her to be. She sounds stupid. What a shame. She was quite an interesting woman when she spoke with intelligence and grace.

      • blaine

        It’s really sad. The LuMan shit is so far over the line.

      • Minky

        The thing that makes that comment doubly stupid on Carole’s part, in addition to just mean, is that she talking about a co-worker that she has to see semi-regularly. How are you gonna look a person in the eye after publicly saying shit like that about them? How?! The nerve of her!

    • Aunt Sassy

      Carole married into a “good family”. Her own family were grifters and petty crooks from the wrong side of the tracks, as she herself described in her first book. Hence, she may be quite insecure.

  18. Auntie Velvet

    Really well said. One of the things that used to be great about Bethenny was that she was willing to be raw and real in front of the camera, but also had an instinct for what would be too much behind-the-scenes stuff to let it inform her on-camera interactions.

    But now, she comes charging in with some kind of agenda that can’t really be hashed out for the audience, because it probably has to do with the contract negotiations or things Luanne said on Twitter, or some scheme she hatched with Andy and Carol — something like that.

    So I wish she would just keep it off camera. Because it’s really mean, and because the seams are showing. No one is buying that Luanne was so much of a hypocrite about sleeping around that they are this enraged.

    And Carol, since you’re not actually dating a minor — laugh it off. Luanne was being over-protective of her niece’s feelings, and now she’s moved on.

  19. Dee

    ‘I do not tolerate degrading people here.’

    Strait out of your mouth: ‘are you retarded?’

    • tamaratattles

      Well ARE YOU RETARDED? Because you keep identifying your shitty self as RETARDED. Do you have ANY FUCKING INTELLIGENT THING TO SAY OTHER THAN don’t ‘use the R word?” cunt?

  20. JustJenn

    I haven’t seen this last episode, but I’m really over Andy trying to make Carole and Bethenny the Carrie and Miranda to his Samantha.

    For being such established women, Bethenny and Carole sure are petty bitches.

    • Dee

      There are many who aren’t happy about last night’s episode. They are on Twitter telling Bethany she went too far. Her reply is, this is reality TV. She seems to think no matter how hurtful, if it’s true she can say it. I think she is losing fans by her bullying behavior. Bethany seems to be taking all of her anger out on other’s. I agree she set Luann up by not letting Sonja attend, Luann was alone. She’s also looking forward to all this being shown on the reunion. The worse she acts the more attention she gets. Kind of like Brandi saying any attention is good. We all appreciate you writing this.

  21. T D

    “Off with her head! the ( self appointed) Queen Bethenny shouted at the top of her voice. Nobody moved. Who cares for you? said Alice ( she had grown to her full size by this time).” LuAnne needs to find her inner Alice because there’s nothing small about her.Can Bethenny say the same?

  22. microop

    Word! Great great post.

  23. misery chick

    As always, great post TT. It’s very illuminating to see the OTHER side of the TEA business and how your patience, integrity and compassion makes a difficult job even more…well, difficult!

    Bethenny is def Andy’s favorite, and the fact that she’s a “producer” now is disturbing on so many levels (hello, conflict of interest?!?!?!). Dorinda should have excluded Bethenny but she couldn’t. Makes absolutely no sense, except in Bravo/Andy’s world the only thing that makes sense is ratings. I felt so shitty watching LuAnn being pulverized by B, how Dorinda took out her anger on LuAnn & Ramona (why not B who started the massacre the moment she came in? Oh yeah. She’s special). I actually YELLED at my husband and asked him if he was STUPID ‘cuz he dared to stick up for Ramona. That’s when I finally got how stupid, senseless and toxic this show is. Watching this show is adding NOTHING positive to my life or my marriage. I’ll finish out this season, keep reading TT recaps, and pray that I’m strong enough to not watch this or any other HW show again.

  24. jen

    *stands and claps*


  25. jen

    *stands and claps*


  26. Happygal

    This was a truely amazing post. I hope you don’t think it was too wierd that was actually crying reading parts of what you wrote

    The world has become such a mean place and seeing that all played out brought back some harsh memories for me

    People think words are just words and saying sorry later can fix it , while I will always accept a sincere apology , the pain those words caused often still remains.

    I feel devestates for Luanne and the emotional pain she must have felt that night.

    And Andy thinking this is a top 5 show shows that he either has totally lost touch with what the viewer wants to see or he really hates women in general in my opinion.

  27. Calipatti

    TT, I know it becomes difficult to lift your own spirits after awhile. As Vicky would say, the tank runs low without filling.

    TT please remember you are liked and respected by many that comment with you.
    Also in the scheme of the world these celeb’s and comments about them are not worth your dismay.
    No one will care in a short time.

    Man as we know it has been here about 6 million years, can go back 200,000 years which I use for perspective in my life.
    Example, having a son wreak my car worth getting so upset about? NO
    Great you care to keep the site away from personal attacks but you are not responsible for others words. Send them to WLS, please it is their character not yours.

    The negative mean spirited comments say a lot about the person and nothing about you or the celeb.

    Ive been very petty about Tre, I felt mean when I wrote about her small forehead. It wasn’t about Tre but about how I felt.

    When I am spoken to horribly, I look at the “son” and feel immense sadness he is in such pain. I failed in teaching him the way to cope with disappointment.
    He words do not describe me, they are defining him.
    I walk, breathe deeply, I give gratitude to be able to appreciate the sun or rain, the opposite would be not being here.

    You do you and all will be right with the world.

  28. Calipatti

    BTW, Bethenny’s attack came from her pain, I pray she takes responsibility and apologizes to Luanne, she should have a public apology.
    I did not watch all of it, I can’t, it is painful.

    I’ve never understood adult big city women attacking another women’s sex life. It seems so small town to me. You know what I mean so no attacks.

    Why would any other persons sex life bother Bethenny?
    I wonder if it is because Luanne looks so happy and Bethenby is not.
    Wishing both women peace.

    • DC-Dee

      Calipatti, I love what you wrote. I agree, Bethenny could not stand to see Luanne so happy. I do think she set her up by telling Dorinda not to invite Sonja.

      Tamara I agree with what Cali wrote. You could write about anything and I would come here to read. I think many others would do the same. In my awkward way I am saying you don’t have to hate your job. Introducing us to new shows is great!

    • Dee

      Calipatti, I love what you wrote, I think you’re right, Bethany can’t stand that Luann is happy, she’s jealous.

    • Sweet T

      I thought bethanny engineered the whole attack to get rid of any spotlight on Carole. When Carole came in, bethanny said its off you it’s done or something to that effect

  29. teresa

    Lost me,, sorry so now I will take cover and wait!

  30. Bindijean

    If Bethenney was really all about checking Sonja for the Tipsy Girl thing, she would have had that conversation in a professional setting, and without the 4 young things witnessing it. She was out to humiliate and punish.

    As for her being a truth teller, there are things in life that are universal truths. World is round, we are all going to die, you shouldn’t hurt animals and children etc.

    But her truths are not necessarily that of everyone else, they are just her opinions. So unless Luann is literally screwing her husband or her daddy, it isn’t any of her business. I get very tired of people hiding their bad behavior under the guise of “Truth Telling, I’m just an honest person, I tell it like it is”.

    Unless you are someones mama, sit your ass down, know your place. These are grown ups and unless someone is actually hurting you mind your own effing business.

  31. StubbyG

    In a weak moment, you personally reminded me to behave with class. It embarrasses me still that I needed to be reminded to be an adult. I have greatly appreciated that, more than you will ever know.

    I believe Andy Cohen gets his thrills from these sporting events where we women must shred each other and ourselves of dignity. I was shocked at Bethenny’s behavior with Luanne and felt sad for Luanne. Luanne behaved like a lady, where most would have popped Bethenny in the mouth.

    Thank you for maintaining a level of dignity and class with your site, Tamara. It says much about you, along with your readers/followers.

    Forever grateful, S.

  32. MaraJax

    I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for posting this. Last night’s episode was beyond disgusting.

  33. TT. that was was awesome. I always thought Carol was totally inappropriate for screwing the way-too-young help who was Lou’s neice’s BF too! (By the way were you referring to Lynn in Chi-town? She was one of my best friends in the world !!! My Mom and I knew her our whole lives !!
    :) )

  34. TAT

    Well said and insightful. Thank you for being vulnerable and real in world of bullshit bloggers who would throw up their mothers nude pics for readers and revenue. You are my kind of woman – intelligent, insightful and ballsy.

  35. Thank you!!! Watching this made me sick to my stomach last night! I am done with Bethenny, she is pathetic. Luanne is a grown woman and can sleep with whomever she wants. I don’t understand why Bethenny gets so defensive about her business all the time, it is just weird. As for Carole, she is so condescending and self righteous. I don’t even know why she is on the show since she only likes Bethenny. When the ladies refuse to film with people it ruins the show.

  36. Billie_bee

    I have been a Bethenny supporter and always liked her. But when she called Luanne a slut, I was like WTF? I think she lost me there. Where does she get off. I honestly think that she doesn’t like Luanne because she’s reminded of scraping by and somehow Luanne reminds her of her life before her millions? I’m not quite sure what it is.

    Sending you positive juju your way. I don’t always get time in my day to post, but I’m on here every day reading your posts.

    Purple love.

  37. Cat

    Beautiful post, TT.

    Your blog is the only one worth reading. You are honest, and have integrity. And, you are human.

    You are one classy lady, and I am so proud to call you my friend. ❤

  38. LA_in_KY

    While I was watching that awful argument play out, I wondered if anyone else noticed how gross it was for one forty something mother to be yelling at another forty something for being a whose- and they want to call out other women on the show for being bad role models for their daughters? And maybe they are, but maybe you have just proven that you aren’t any better. My auto correct is saying whose but replace the s with a r. Who cares who is sleeping with who and how frequently at this point in your life? I am in my 30’s and I don’t care what women in my circle are doing privately.

  39. Frosty

    Beautiful post. I know all the cast members sign up for probable ridicule along with “fame” – lol — but I don’t sign on for abuse or self-destruction. So I’ve mostly stopped watching the housewives, but all these Bravo shows eventually enter Lord of the Flies territory, sooner than later. I don’t know what the deal is with Bethenny, but … buzz buzz babeh.

  40. Will

    Hey TT,

    First off, I love your candor. I’ll confess to feeling convicted by this post. In all honesty, I was one of the people who got caught up in the enthrall of this episode, but as I’ve reflected, I’ve concluded that what drew me into this episode was more the authenticity of the interactions (the little moments like Ramona pulling Luann from the kitchen or the moment on the website where Ramona and Dorinda attend a bird’s “funeral”) instead of the pure misoginyst vitriol that you rightly expose. I do think you might know a bit too much about the machinations of reality TV to ever allow yourself to view these people as characters, and that’s a blessing (and probably sometimes seems like a curse too) for a writer like you.

    I SO AGREE with you about Luann’s honesty in recent seasons. I tried to argue as much on my comment on your RHONY recap. I don’t get the roast of her. It doesn’t compute that Bethenny says she doesn’t “own” her stuff. She completely does in the last few years. And guess what… she finally became compelling and watchable. I am no supporter of Bethenny, but I do think that the suggested standard of transparency that she emits (whether or not she personally lives it out) has made for a better show, though probably for much tougher seasons of identity issues and insecurity for these women.

    I think you’re a totally thoughtful and interesting blogger, TT. Thanks for sharing your perspective. As a former writer for a few different national pubs, I know your desire to look at people three dimensionally is rare. Witch hunts run the media nowadays. Thanks for being a mirror for us.

  41. Daintyfeets

    Bravo, Tamara! I mean that in the real sense of the word. I haven’t watched a single episode of Rhony or rhoa in many seasons. I am, however, a faithful reader of the recaps.

  42. There were a TONE of terrible remarks made but the one running neck and neck with the s word for me, came from Carole – I’m sure. I’ve watched that moment a couple of times to make sure I wasn’t crazy and if I’m wrong please correct me… did she or did she not use the way Jules describes herself, by mentioning her ethnicity when opening the presents? Like… I was… like… what?

    I have been a solid Bethenny viewer, but I’ve re visited a couple of the older episodes and I had to ask myself why. There’s been a few screen moments which have not sat well with me and this episode was a tipping point. I think Lu summed it up when she said that she was dating, found someone and was enjoying herself… what’s the problem?

    We all evolve in life, even if it is “reality life”. LuAnn has reinvented herself from the Countess letting go of a privileged 15 year marriage to Lu, looking for some light and love. I say go lady! Finding love for women over the age of 38 is HARD and you’ve done it. It is interesting to see that B and L have swapped roles.

    I started watching all these shows in their first seasons and I gotta ask….PLEASE Andy, can they just buy fabulous shoes and go to fabulous places?????

    TT you rock.

  43. cc

    Totally agree, I was disgusted by the behavior of some of my favorites. Calling or inferring to another woman as he-man and slut is sexist and offensive to all women. I expected more of Bethenny and her crony Carol. No one is perfect, we have moments where we fail to be the best versions of ourselves, but this was an incredible low for which there didn’t seem to be any remorse and where the other women seemed passively complaisant, or even worse enjoying it (Ramona certainly did). Lost lots of respect. I also agree, Carol is not completely innocent in the fall out of the friendship with Luann (if bugs me the majority don’t seem to see this). She hid the relationship from Luann for a reason, because she must have felt something was not “right” about it or w/how it started. She told everyone else but Lu, someone who was in her circle of friends – Lu had to find out through gossip. I’m sure she felt stupid not knowing when it wasn’t a secret being kept from anyone else. Maybe even betrayed. Also, I don’t care if Adam said the relationship was over, women in their 20’s are seldom “done” w/a relationship even when it’s “over” – they are almost always rebound hook-ups where the girl is secretly hoping things will be rekindled. I’m sure even though they were not officially a couple, emotionally she was not done w/the relationship. And from what I recall hearing on the show, she had shared her feelings w/Carol prior to Carol and Adam’s coupling. Even if not, surely a worldly woman such as Carol should know better! She just didn’t care, she wanted what she wanted and sacrificed the friendship for it. Luann’s reaction, not her best and not appropriate – she definitely shouldn’t have made many of the bashing comments that she did, but I suspect that behavior came from hurt feelings. It doesn’t make it right, but makes it easier to understand. In any case I don’t believe Carol is such the victim, she plays and she is enjoying the conflicts other’s have w/Lu too much. Carol just doesn’t want to admit she does anything wrong. Luann isn’t even a personality that I’ve been a big fan of, but this was such a mean girl moment. And everyone hanging out in the bedroom, leaving her isolation, beyond rude at a party. I wish she just would have left w/her head held high after the initial argument w/Bethenny, she came across a bit desperate to me staying there trying to save the weekend and regain ground w/her so called friends.

  44. In my fascination with “reality” shows I’ve been all over the net for a lot of years. I remember just a few of the Perez Hilton blogs…I must’ve missed dick-photoshop, altho’ sounds like an improvement on what I remember…which is like a kajillion pop ups that screwed with my computer for nothing interesting. Since we’re talking other blogs, can I just say one I loved so much…especially since it’s no longer written? Oh good, thanks TT, lol… it wasn’t really a blog but recaps written by Richard Lawson @ Gawker…omg hope you read them too!! So hilarious but also like out of this world fictional. Especially the stuff on LuAnn…I’m too xanax’d to remember what he called her, but he invented this whole other character that was so spot on. Hard to describe, but I think it was kind of like this for him and the recaps…only so much you can say and so many ways to say it. And to do it w/o attacking the actual humans who yes, signed up for this, but….still.

    Crackerjacks. Countess Crackerjacks.

  45. CP

    Re “We’re All Mad Here”: Brava!! TT, your blog is magnificent. You said what needed to be said succinctly and with great eloquence. I wish that every viewer who saw the episode could read your blog. I pray that LuAnn reads it. Bethenny’s behavior was despicable. LuAnn needs to know that there are those of us who are not amused or entertained listening and watching the attempted destruction of another.

  46. Dawn

    Tamara just dropped the mic! Boom!

  47. JD

    I feel so bad for Luann. Bethenny was vicious. Shame on Dorinda for playing along with production to allow that. Luann was unknowingly walking into the lions den without Sonja.

  48. iloveearlgrey

    Yup, I cosign.

  49. bella

    I’ve been feeling very disturbed since watching the last episode. I wish there was something that could be done to protest Bravo (Andy Cohen) for encouraging this type of misogynist bullying. It’s just not right that they (Andy, Bethenny, Carol) are going to get away with it, and the sad part is that it’s probably far from over. LuAnn is more than likely going to continue being their target throughout the rest of the season.

  50. Michelle

    TT ITA with everything you have written. I appreciate all of your fabulous and exhausting hard work and I know your plight as an ex-educator myself.
    The rules of going to someone’s house is leave your shit in the car. Don’t bring your shit in your host’s house and mess it up. Show some respect!
    Luanne has to live and this episode was ridiculous.

  51. CoBe

    I found the episode very very disturbing.

    I believe Bethenny is on a strong stimulant and has been for many years. It has always been obvious. The kind I believe she is on actually causes changes to the brain which remove empathy and cause permanent loss of the ability to feel happiness, even after she quits it (if she ever does). She is joyless and vicious.

    I also found it intriguing to watch the reactions of the other women from a group psychology perspective. Once Luann was painted as the black sheep, even her friend Dorinda came in to dump on her. I don’t believe Jules for one moment was actually calling her dad. She doesn’t like conflict and needed an excuse to get out of the house. Fair enough. But she also decided to take an opportunistic swipe at Luann, a woman who had only been kind to her.

    I felt for Luann and wish I could have been there to help her.

    My heart sunk again after reading Bethenny’s horribly cruel blog. She doesn’t feel one whit sorry and gloats about how her boss Andy felt about it.

    Sometimes these reality shows cross the lines of decency. This episode was one of them.

    I hope Luann is very happy with her Prince Charming. The best revenge is living well.

    • DejaBlue53

      Are you talking about adderall? I’m asking because I know a few people who’ve been taking it for years and now I’m worried.

      • CoBe

        Both Ritalin and Cocaine have been shown to permanently damage the frontal lobes. Adderall is thought to have the same effect, but it has not been specifically tested.

        This entire group of stimulant is very very dangerous stuff.

        Adderall causes at best temporary loss of dopamine, but, at worst, permanent frontal lobe damage, which means the person can no longer control their emotions and can have irrational outbursts.

        I have seen many sad cases of formerly happy, upbeat people who have turned into truly horrible human beings. The sad thing is, in all cases, the drug was just taken for weight loss and energy for work in the beginning. What it turns into is what you see in Bethenny–a screeching harpie with no consideration for the feelings of others.

        I actually feel somewhat sad for Bethenny because at the very beginning of her career (think Martha Stewart), she seemed like a scrappy underdog. When she began RHONY I could see her spiraling down even in the beginning. Stimulants are a hard habit to kick.

        If you’ve been around it, you recognize it.

        It’s really sad what these drugs do to people. I don’t predict a happy future for Bethenny and I actually don’t believe she is as wealthy as she claims. If she were, would she subject herself to the humiliation of returning to a show that she swore she would never go back to?

        As for your friends, I think you are right to be concerned and I think it would be entirely appropriate to warn them.

        Good luck.

      • DejaBlue53

        Thank you for responding! So many adults were put on these meds as children (my ex tried to force ritalin on my son but I fought that and won, WHEW) …it makes me think of the big picture of how our society is being affected as a whole.

      • CoBe

        Good for you!!

        I agree. I think society will pay for the overuse/abuse of prescription medications, especially in children with developing brains.

      • DejaBlue53

        I might sound like a conspiracy nutball or whatever, but all the school shooters have one thing in common. On these meds.

    • Jane grey

      Great insight cobe. Thanks for the insight into adhd medication. It is so dangerous! It really did look to me like Bethenny was about to snap into an episode of serious mental breakdown. I feel very sorry for her if your very likely supposition is true. Coming off the drugs to find you may have permanently damaged yourself! She is still responsible of course.

      • Dee

        Cobe, thank you for the information. I knew it wasn’t good so refused to put my son on it, I had no idea it could cause permanent damage.

  52. The Berg

    Thank you.

  53. Monihew

    Well said. Thanks for sharing.

  54. Rach

    I just can’t get over Carole’s Twitter feed. She’s so nasty. She’s worst than Bethenney in my opinion

  55. Lisa j

    Skipped over comments by accident so if this has been mentioned, my apologies. I couldn’t finish this episode, I felt physically sick and disgusted with myself for adding to the ratings. Ratings aren’t everything Bethany, Luann is a human being and what she said to her was in the top 5 list for sure, top 5 most horrific things Bravo has delivered. I’ll stick with your blog but I turned rhony off my DVR schedule.

  56. Love this place, I check it immediately after I get settled in at work!

    As soon as Bethenny returned last season I noticed her speech was extremely fast, and that it had to be coke or Adderal or something. No one talks that fast sober.
    Her mood swings on her own show made me think that was at a time she was experiencing withdrawals or something, and that she was always so calm when she would visit her shrink, totally different person. I thought it was because he might sniff her out if she showed up for therapy all hopped up on something.

    I respect Bethenny’s hustle. That is it.

    I think she is jealous of Luann’s happiness. No matter what has happened in Lu’s life she “keeps it moving.” Marriage breakup, Kids moving out, downsizing, Jacque breakup, she doesnt really take it out on others. She moves on, gets her party on, gets her freak on, shows up to support friends at their events, and seems more relatable and likeable than the first 2 seasons. In fact she handled this disgusting “read” from Bethenny with class didn’t she? I couldn’t have. After the first name call came out, I would have punched her probably. I closely watched her reactions and replies and Gold Bless her no one could have handled Bethenny better. And I think that made Bethenny more mad. It was like her mission was to character assassinate her and truth bomb her to death. But I kept thinking, “And?” “So?” “Why is she so mad at Lu? She’s not hurting anyone. Seriously.” It has to be because B thinks she should get more men and more sex because she thinks she has more to offer; more of a catch than her.

    And I am very tired of all of Bethenny’s unsolicited advice and or truth bomb towards everyone. The way she bags on everyone but Carol sickens me, it is supposed to mask her miserableness I suppose.

    Again TT, I love love love this place. Appreciate you!

    p.s. I subject my hubby to RHW and he has disliked B from the beginning. I liked her originally, but have changed that. He tells me his balls shrink a little with each episode. But looks like he is a better judge of character than me.

    • I have my husband hooked on the first season of Beverly hills housewives. I forgot about season 1 Camille.

    • Librarygirl

      Thank you KayKay. You have described my feelings about this to a fault. I loved The Countess, and I love the present day Lu. TT wrote something about owning one’s life experiences and moving on not long ago. She said that it was a gift and a strong indication of maturity. I agree with this whole heartedly. Lu has faced some adversity in her life, but she remains the strongest of all of these women, and the most centered. Let’s just compare that to Beth, who just can not seem to get it together emotionally, and the others, who are flailing in their personal lives. I think that Lu wins AT LIFE, and that is what bothers the rest, to no end. Good for her, I wish her nothing but happiness.

      • Yes library girl. Lu seems sincerely happy with her life now, and that drives B crazy I think because as far as I can tell she isn’t happy in her own personal life with the exception of Bryn. I think she dives into her business more than necessary to compensate for no real relationship, and let’s face it no man will be in love with a “Know it all”. Especially when the dopamine wears off. My Hubby is easy going, and B really grates on his nerves. Too strong of an “A” personality for most men, and if she was self aware, she could work on toning it down, but she is too busy fault finding others, and then truth bombing them about it on natl tv. I wonder how many close meaningful friendships she actually has. I have watched her friend Terry from Florida on tv with B and she seems cautious, pensive, almost like she is walking on eggshells around her, as did everyone on her show. No friendship of B’s looked natural and easy. Am I alone in this observation?

  57. Lime Brain

    I finally watched the first 20 minutes of this episode where Bethenny goes off on Luanne. Since I had already read comments in the recap, I was prepared for it and I didn’t get the emotional shock that I would have if I had watched it blindly.

    That being said, I was watching for what set off Bethenny. I’m not a Bethenny fan. I like her sometimes and can’t stand her others. I can only take her in small doses.

    From watching it, I don’t think Bethenny went there with an agenda to attack her like that. Yes, she was pissed at Luanne for the reasons listed above, but there was something else going on.

    Bethany has always considered Luanne a snake. And she is, in my opinion. Even though Bethenny is pissed with Sonja, I still think she’s worried about her health and mental conditions. She sees Luanne as taking advantage of Sonja by staying with her and is a bad influence on her for the state Sonja is in. So, when Luanne passes staying with her to be a mentor, it sets Bethennys BS meter off.

    When Luanne mentions she was there with Bethenny when she came up with idea of Skinny Girl, it sets Bethenny off again, because as Bethenny said, in the past Luanne was going around telling everybody that she helped Bethenny come up with the idea. She had to nip that in the bud.

    Lastly, when does a woman read another for filth the way Bethenny did to Luanne, airing all of Luannes past sexual activities for the world to hear and not care? Especially, when you admit that you have probably slept with just as many men.

    When the other woman has slept with another woman’s man, or her best friend’s husband. (Allegedly.)

    Bethany did not go ape shift until Luanne started stirring the pot and so “innocently” asking Bethenny about who she’s dating. Bethany even said in her talking head that if Luanne asks you, you should go into the witness protection program. Bethany told her that she sleeps with married men. Who says that? That’s why I think she slept with a good friends husband. Bethany can’t out what happened to her friend on tv. Maybe she did, but they cut it out.

    And you know what? Luanne stood there and took it, because it’s true. What other reason would she stand there and be publically shamed and not defend herself? Going on about similar hair cuts. She reminded me of Scarlett O’Hara being forced to walk into the ball in the red dress that Rhett forced her to wear.

    And the reason why Luanne didn’t leave as any normal person would, is because she was trying to do p/r control. She couldn’t leave and let them all compare notes while cameras were rolling. She was a trapped rat.

    I have no proof of any of this. It’s just my perception and guess of what set Bethenny off.

    And this is why Bethenny is not sorry and won’t apologize.

    • iloveearlgrey

      Bethenny demolished Sonja in the episode before, so she has no right to say anything to Luann about being or not being a mentor to Sonja. Also, Luann has never said she is a mentor to Sonja. BTW, Sonja isn’t some poor innocent lamb. She makes nasty comments and throws people under the bus all the time. She isn’t as dumb as she tries to make people believe. Let’s not forget why she is bankrupt in the first place. TT has a great post about the whole thing somewhere in her archives. Go read it.

      Also, if Luann had slept with someone’s husband on the show, we would have heard about it. She slept with some married guy last season when all of them were on vacation. I don’t blame her for that. I blame the guy who made and broke a vow to his wife.

      The truth is that Bethenny is ALWAYS going off on someone she perceives to be weaker than her. If it isn’t Luann, it is Sonja. If it isn’t Sonja, it is John. Bethenny is a coward. She finds the weakest link and tries it with them because she hasn’t been checked. How come she has never done something like that to Dorinda? Because Dorinda would eat her alive.

  58. Room with a Viewer

    I know I may get flack because my comment is not going to be sycophantic, but I don’t see how you can in one breath say that what Bethenny did was ugly (it certainly was) and that what Luann did to Carole was justified (the one particular incident where she called her a pedophile, and, more pointedly, made fun of her being childless–a fine joke about a woman widowed by cancer–and I’m no fan of Carole). Either there are standards of behavior universally applied, or there are not. If we try to justify actions, the lines start getting blurry. Do we know what Bethenny’s problems were with Luann other than what we saw on TV? Because the way it happens in real life, when two quasi-friends, B and L, are in a fight, frenemies of L will go to B and say “L has been saying this that and the other” and this will get B all riled up. And I think that’s what we saw. Is it ugly? Is it slut-shaming? Yes and yes. And Bethenny continues to do it in her blog this week. Luann is a person and more importantly she is a person with children. Bethenny should understand this now. Luann has a son and a daughter. They have friends who talk. She is engaged. What Bethenny is doing is ugly. Luann does ugly stuff too. I think giving Luann a pass isn’t right either. The line gets blurred–if this happened on Dynasty or Melrose Place, we’d all be cheering. But this is “reality” TV and the people are, at least somewhat, real. So I don’t know how to feel. It’s like the Kelly Bensimon thing on Scary Island. It’s ugly and bad and uncomfortable but you can’t look away.

    • iloveearlgrey

      Carole claims Luann called her a pedophile, but I have yet to find proof. Also, I was under the impression Carole did not want kids based on the things she said in her first few seasons. It’s still an idiotic thing to say to someone, but I doubt Carole really gives a shit other than using it as ammunition in her fight against Luanne. What Bethenny did was vicious and insane, and even more so because she is the most powerful one on the show and real life. I have never seen Luann act like that towards anyone. Usually she is annoying and hoity toity when she is whining and complaining about someone, but I’ve never seen her go off like that on anyone.

      • Librarygirl

        Carole married a man that was stricken with cancer, who she knew could never father children. That was her choice. What she has done with her life since then is also her choice. Her decisions on motherhood are her own, no shame in that. Lu was just stating a fact, not making a judgement.

  59. dontgiveaflyingfuck

    NY had always been my favorite….until this last episode. What I saw reminded me of NJ & ATL, both of which I no longer watch. I tune in for the mindless entertainment, not to have my stomach turned.

  60. Diana

    I can’t even watch the Bravo channel anymore. It’s like the Isis of Cable Television.
    I found it messed with my head, so much rampant cruelty, and my god, the narcissism!!!!! The world is being degraded by Andy Cohen (and Kim K)…….straight up fucking it up.

    I’ve worked with a lot of celebs over the years, not every day but at least every month, and while many of THEM can be deliriously self absorbed, others were just like you and me, fun to be around, with lives full of mundane problems like where do socks disappear to in the dryer and why is the dog crapping on the carpet now that the new baby is here!

    I cannot even personally fathom what it would be like to be judged by THE WORLD for everything someone sees or hears you do or say!! It messes with your head big time.

    Some get a handle on it and figure out how to live IN IT and some just turn into giant, self absorbed, completely inappropriate a-holes.

    But being a celeb doesn’t mean you are somehow “allowed” to destroy others that you consider to be “less than”.

    And that goes for Celeb based networks too.

    I used to be such a Bravo super fan…… remember years ago when it all started? With Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, where many a metrosexual was born!!!

    I guess once Andy had some power, it became more fun to hate on chicks while the world gasped in anticipation of what rude comment would come next, or what scene would play that showed a Housewife contradicting themselves by showing behaviors that didn’t mesh with what they say they they always, or never, do. Making women look like idiots is something Bravo has perfected, often thru misleading editing.

    Thank god someone invented the Fire Stick so there’s plenty of great stuff TO watch without resorting to the mental and emotional, public destruction of Fucking Human Beings!

    Gems like Bloodlines and mad binging on The Vikings are just a click away I am addicted to Netflix, Fashion, and Sicilian Pistachio Gelato!

    No more misogyny flowing out of the tv and into my head like the salmon of Capistrano!

    And I love me some TT. THANKS for all that you do baby girl!

  61. Lindsay

    Ugh. Bethenny. I have never been able to stand her. She grows more insufferable with each day. Teacher’s pet.

  62. T D

    Sociopath vs. Psychopath? Bethenny falls somewhere inbetween. Ignorant vs. Apathetic? I don’t know and I don’t care.

  63. GillianFirst

    Very illuminating post, thanks for the insight Tamara!

  64. Bridgett

    Well said, TT.

  65. Leighya

    By chance I clicked ur link on twitter, was feeling really down yesterday for almost same reason. I was thinking what a sad world we live in where grown adults are cheering on bullying and shaming. It just disgusted me re:” This was the Best Episode Ever!” I am sitting here horrified at what I just saw and felt repulsed that no one stepped in. Anyways my point was your article made me feel like there was some humanity left in cyber world. Thank you

  66. MARC

    I stopped watching( after the verbal fisticuffs at Bethanny’s bbq about John ) & am now almost afraid to read the recap of Luanne ‘s evisceration by Bethanny Frankel ; Karma is a bitch & it’s going to knock Bethanny down sooner than later.Sorry you had such a rough day T.T keep up with the gut instincts to stay above the fray. WE LOVE YOU ON THE MORAL HIGH GROUND & keeping it clean W.L.S is much needed & you ALWAYS keep out the riff raff low life’s & haters !

  67. spunky2015

    If I remember correctly, Perez changed his ways after getting beat up by something he wrote. Think it happened in Canada.

  68. Thank you for writing this, Tamara. Your compassion & empathy always warm my heart. I’m proud to call you my friend.

  69. I don’t get how Carol dating someone that once (ostensibly MUCH earlier) was with LuAnn’s niece is off limits, but LuAnn’s moving in on other Housewive’s recent relationships is better. Criticizing her personal choices is not condemning her for her entire being. LuAnn’s lack of character is fair game. Her sleeping around is not an inherent quality – it’s a behavior choice. Her years of holier-than-thou unsolicited tutelage to the others on ‘how one behaves, Dahling’ make it especially worthy of being called out. She’s never fallen on her sword for any of that condescending treatment of the others. She also demonstrated the absolute WORST character when she had not one moment of sympathy for a dying father, and rather obsessed about being criticized, and on top of that expecting her hostess to take her side and throw out another guest. I think you’re backing the wrong horse, here.

    • blaine

      “I don’t get how…[dating someone’s sloppy seconds instead of your niece’s ex] is better”

      My perspective is that, as my frenemy, you can fuck with me because we can deal with it but you don’t EVER fuck with (or actually fuck, in this case) my kids’ feelings.

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