To Tell The Truth Premieres June 14 With Nene Leakes


Game shows are trying to make a comeback on prime time TV and I couldn’t be any happier. In fact, I am currently watching the end of last nights 500 Questions, a five episode special that I can’t get enough of. My  favorite player has to start tonight with a question about baseball and the excitement is killing me! I’m a trivia geek. I admit to going to bars and playing as a team of one. In fact, this show is making me want to do that again.

ABC is cramming its summer schedule with at least three new game shows.  $100,000 Pyramid  and Family Feud will air back to back on Sunday nights this summer starting on June 26th.

But first, we have To Tell the Truth with Nene Leakes as one of the celebrity contestants!  Check out the current Advertisement below where Nene as an interesting question for a guy with a very long beard.

Hosted by Anthony Anderson, “To Tell the Truth” is an anarchic and funny re-imagination of the beloved, game show of the same name. The all-new version takes the excitement to another level, featuring fun characters from pop culture over the six-episode series. Anderson presides over four famous faces, including legend Betty White (who has appeared on previous versions of the show), actress NeNe Leakes, NBA star Jalen Rose and a special guest for each episode. In each round they are presented with three people who all claim to be the same person with the same incredible talent, job or achievement. One is sworn to tell the truth while the others are not. The panel of celebrities has a chance to grill each participant before taking turns deciding who they think is telling the truth

To Tell The Truth Premieres Tuesday June 14th at 10 p.m on ABC.  Will you be watching?


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34 responses to “To Tell The Truth Premieres June 14 With Nene Leakes

  1. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    Why do I feel like this filmed 2-3 years ago? Seems like ancient history Nene was doing To Tell the Truth.

  2. Kevin

    To tell the absolute truth, I won’t be watching this. Maybe it’s just me, but NeNe sometimes seems really awkward when she is outside of the housewives setting. Like she is trying way too hard to be whatever she thinks they want her to be in that moment. It must be working though, she’s still getting those checks. Oh well.

  3. Margarett

    I will probably watch all the new/old game shows. I love all game shows…even Jeopardy which often causes me to feel like a dolt.

    Nene should do fine since (if it’s like the original and if I remember correctly) the questioners take turns and it moves pretty quickly.

  4. Tee

    wait so is Nene like a permanent judge or here and there type deal? Acting like her deal was like 2 Million. lool

  5. Cat

    I will probably watch it. I remember watching the old, original, black and white version. And, hey, Betty White. She cancels out anything stupid Nene might say, maybe even ten times over.

  6. Carie

    I’ll watch as I am also a game show lover and can’t resist. “500 Questions” is a dream! I’m also a “Jeopardy” freak who DVRs it everyday; it’s a good brain exercise.

  7. Minky

    Won’t be watching. WILL be reading to re-re’s (recaps). Is it just me, or does Nene look lovely in that top photo. She looks sophisticated and demure even! Do my eyes deceive me?

  8. OMG all this time I thought Nene was going to be the HOST of To Tell The Truth, like a Drew Carey or Craig Ferguson. She is just a celebrity contestant like Charles Nelson Riley on Match Game? That is so D-list. I cant believe she’s walking around with her fixed nose in the air acting like she landed a great gig and she’s a contestant. Pfhhhh!

  9. Calipatti

    I’ll probably not watch because of Nene, I find it difficult to watch her and listen to her.

    • queenmarie

      Me too. I liked her so much in the first few seasons of RHOA but now? OMG no thank you—-she is a nasty piece of work.

      • rainidaze

        Count me out, too. It makes me a little sad because I vaguely remember the original version of the show and the fact that it is coming back is exciting, but I just can’t with Nene; I just can’t do it.

    • Keya

      I echo that. She gets no more support from me.

  10. itwasjulie

    Hello, am I able to post?

  11. Amy V

    Nene grates on my last nerve. She can easily fuck off. Btw TT thanks for suggesting The Night Manager. So good. I saw Tom Hiddleston on Graham Norton show and he sort of hint that there might be a part two.

  12. Aunt Chilada

    I love game shows – they were the best part of staying home sick when I was a kid (I was sick a lot). As long as Nene is on – I won’t watch.

  13. Rose

    I love game shows and plan to watch TTTT since Anthony Anderson is hosting, not for NeNe, along with the other slew of game shows this season.

  14. Nene acted like she was the host, she wishes.

  15. getreal2014

    Absolutely not. As much as I love Betty White and Anthony Anderson, no way could I stomach Nene Leakes after having eaten dinner. Season 8 without her, was the best.

  16. tamaratattles

    I have to stick up for Nene a bit here. The celebrity panelists are the stars of this show. The host just introduces the liars and it is the celebrites panelists who make the show watchable or not.

  17. This one will be a no-go for me. Seeing that NeNe will be on it is enough for me to pass…just like Alec Baldwin on a re hash of Match Game. I loved watching both of those shows with my grandmother when I was a little girl. I do not care to have Alec or NeNe sully my memories.

  18. D. Green

    As usual Nene acts as if she has top billing! She’s always making her “gigs” more than what they are! She was bragging about this as if she were the executive producer or host! Same way she did that “so nasty, so rude” show. That was Kenya’s line, and she just took it as her own. She bragged about it being sold out! I guess so! It’s only like 400 or so seats? I see most of the posters feel the same! We’ve just seen too much of her nastiness, ego, & selfishness over the years to be supportive of her.

  19. Ms.Minnie

    Nene seems to think everyone who doesn’t agree with her or her antics are haters. I use to love Nene but once she sold out for fame I was done with her. The comment she made on her tour about why she really likes having blonde hair was enough for me. She wants to be accepted by the white people in Hollywood so bad that she will literally put her own people down. Hell is hotter than Heaven Nene remember that.

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