Real Housewives of New York Recap: December: Berkshires Country

This post is late because I was busy looking for a decent goat screaming video.

This post is late because I was busy looking for a decent goat screaming video.

We are back in the Berkshires where Bethenny has been losing her ever loving mind on Luann as if she has just met her and has no idea who Luann is.  Luann asks is Bethenny has a new boyfriend and she declines to tell her, yet Bethenny wants a full accounting of Luann’s entire sex life for the past ten years.

Ramona is sitting across the tables from Luann. Ramona is sitting directly to Luann’s right. Bethenny who seems wasted goes to sit next to Ramona and  starts talking to her in the way drunk people do when they don’t realize they are so loud the entire room can hear them.

Oh God. Carole comes in during the argument. In her talking head she says she thinks Bethenny is arguing with a man. These two sure do seem to think the mean girl team is adorable. It’s not.  Carole calls Luann, LuMAN in her talking head. Just so childish.

goat rodeo

I was looking forward to this party, but I am so not in the mood for these bitches tonight. It’s been a long day and I would really rather be the drunk woman than listen to all of these woman show their asses on TV.

I just can’t recap this. We are twenty minutes in and Bethenny is still screeching. I just can’t do it. Sorry. They actually replay Bethenny screaming like a banshee at Dorinda’s last year.

Why doesn’t Luann just leave? I would have left soon after Bethenny’s drunken rant started. Dorinda finally loses her shit and tells everyone to go home.

As I am about to hit publish without even finishing this goat rodeo, I recall that Andy Cohen said last week on WWHL that he feels this is one of the top five RHONY shows of all time.

This is a clear indication Andy Cohen has no idea at all what the audience wants to see.

I hate all of these women and I just can’t make it through the last seven minutes of this episode. Sorry I’m going to go watch 500 questions. It’s been a long day.


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192 responses to “Real Housewives of New York Recap: December: Berkshires Country

  1. JoJoFLL

    God this was HORRIBLE. The entire episode stressed me out. Bethany really came off badly.

    And gross. Sonja’s vagina storyline this episode. No. Just no.

    • jen

      This was probably the WORST RHNYC I have ever seen! I also got massive anxiety watching and it almost made me cry…I know sounds so stupid but it brought that reaction out in my body. I had to turn it off and watch something non reality.

    • jen

      This was probably the WORST RHNYC I have ever seen! I also got massive anxiety watching and it almost made me cry…I know sounds so stupid but it brought that reaction out in my body. I had to turn it off and watch something non reality.

    • IMO

      Wowers! It was brutal. Bethenny has had way too much psychotherapy and psychotic interventions. Notice, she uses psycho babble to school the girls and covers her tracks with: I don’t know why I did that.

      Bethenny, you do it because your psychiatrist drills it into you and you are subconsciously channeling . To Sonja, Ramona, and Luann.


      Not fun to be the lone lab rat. You need company who can’t question you.

      This psychotherapy is channelng into your relationships. So obvious.

      I just pray you are not sucking Bryn into this madness.

  2. Chiisaimiss

    OMFG, thank you for the recap, I won’t even bother. I’ve got a slow cooker pot roast I need to start..yawn..💤

  3. If Bethenny can find a man who can stand to listen to her screeching voice, always moving at the speed of light, she needs to hold on to him like grim death. It is the single most annoying sound I’ve ever heard.

  4. Jacio

    This episode was too much. The whole time I was reminding of a teenage slumber party gone terribly wrong. Bethany was marching around like the Queen Bee (with her Gretchen Weiners Carole marching behind in tow) then retreating so everyone could come and console her. Then they all gather in the bed and ice out Lu? Uhg. Carole has become the antithesis of what she hated in her first season. I love the ladies of NY, but this was just too vile underhanded. And what was with all the slut shaming?

    • Puddy

      Agree! How dare Bethenny slut shame and character assassinate Luann, and it was Dorinda who introduced Lu to Tom. Are these women maybe — Jellie? Bethenny and Carole look and act like 2 dried up old crones, and Jules may turn into one as well if she keeps trying to join these mean girls, despite Jules’ younger years. Being so judgmental will age you fast. I admire Lu for standing up to screeching Bethenny (someone had to) and for standing up for Sonia. As for Sonia’s cosmetic medical visit – Bravo – have you no boundaries? Is nothing off limits? That was gross. Felt sorry for Dorinda – but maybe this was karma for exckuding Sonia to appease these banchee bitches. That was a sweet birthday cake.

    • HiKitty

      Right, what was with her proclaiming to be Slut #2 and claiming wanting Lu to just own her whoredom? B never talks about her sex life (Lu has/does) and if B was truly was #2 in terms of her sex count, she has certainly never owned it herself – I thought she said her vage was closed for business! This is clearly a battle she is fighting to vindicate Carole & make Lu look like a hypocrite. It’s a stretch and really, really stupid. She sounds like a raging psychopath.

  5. pdt090

    Bethenny was harping on Luann not owning her sex life, but she’s been doing that for years now. Hence why all the clips from the past they showed of Luann being a hypocrite were from like 2009.

  6. AUDGE

    My head literally hurts after watching this.

  7. I’m 15 minutes in…I have no words for Bethenney. None.

  8. kendrawm

    I felt so bad for Jules this episode, all she wanted was someone to show her an ounce of compassion about her father.

    • Dandy Lion

      Yes! Poor Jules. Each time she started expressing her concern for her dad Luann would just turn it back to herself.

      • queenmarie

        I thought that was so rude of LuAnn as well. Two or three times she did it !!

      • Sweet T

        They all did. Then she went into the bed and mentioned her sick dad and bethanny and Carole just went off about Luann. But Jules go to your dad if he is dying. Hop on a plane and go.

      • I think that scene on the steps was heavily edited. It seemed pretty choppy.

  9. On a side note: I thought I was rich until I looked in my closet! Thanks Carole! Haha

  10. Tp

    You took the words right out of my mouth on this one ! I think the viewers have been made full aware of Luann’s very active sex life for a few years now. Does Luann even deny it anymore ? That said, if Luann doesn’t want to admit to being a slut, she doesn’t have to! Its no one’s business. Until this episode I thought it was Carole who’s grudge against Lu was making Bethenney hate her too but it might be the other way around. I wish Bethenney would not be so intense about her business. I get that it’s made her filthy rich and its a big deal and all, but do we have to watch a fight that revolves around skinny girl on every episode ?

    • I don’t think it’s so much that Lu doesn’t own her shit but that she’s such a hypocrite about it. Calling Carole a pedophile after she’s screwed kids just as young. She doesn’t pull the countess crap as much now, but there have been many years of her being pretty full of herself and looking down at others while engaging in the same stuff. That being said, there is no excuse for Bethenny’s behavior.

    • HiKitty

      Honestly, who is buying this skinny girl stuff? I have tasted it and thought it was nasty. Wasn’t there some issue/article in the news about how it was full of chemicals/toxins? Now, psycho Bethenny is rearing her ugly head, how is her tv persona not bad for business? Who would want to buy this and support a mean girl continue to get rich? Curious minds want to know!

  11. Matzah60

    This entire season has been multiple scenes of Betthany spewing her vitriolic comments at one of the Housewive’s or an infomercial peddling Skinnygirl. The platitude that money can’t buy you happiness rings true for Bethanny. LuAnn was right. Carol is so far up Bethanny’s ass it’s pathetic. Bethanny is vile and Carol is a close second runner-up.

  12. Minky

    Whooooooa doggy! I never liked Bethenny and I can now truly and clearly understand why she’s Andy’s favorite. I know that a lot of people perceived last episode’s Bethenny read of Sonja as a good thing. I still do not feel that Bethenny should have gone that far. It wasn’t about giving Sonja tough love, or giving Sonja her just desserts, or anything that could ever be described as anything remotely altruistic, compassionate or just.

    Bethenny’s a screaming, hollering banshee with absolutely no regard for the feelings of anybody but her own. All the money, love or sex in creation wouldn’t make her happy. And Carole looks like a pathetic, weak beta bitch for following Bethenny around like an unlined, constipated poodle and cosigning all of her abuse.

    So looking like a man and being slutty is a bad thing Carole? Has Carole ever looked in the mirror? Or at any of her Kennedy/Bouvier/Raziwil in-laws? Yeah, I said it! The women in those families are funny looking. What?

    • Dee

      ^^^THIS^^^ Funny looking is an understatement.

      • Matzah60

        I was not making fun of Carol’s looks objectively or any of her physical features. I was repulsed when Carole called Lu Luman. Unacceptable. Additionally, Carole’s and to some degree Bethanny’s weight-shaming of Jules is wrong, mean, and unnecessary.

        As someone who has been quite thin and overweight, I wanted to say that my worth as a human, Juan as Jule’s is not measured by my/her weight. Degrading a woman for being too thin or too large is wrong and judgmental.

    • Matzah60

      Love what you wrote, Minky! Yes, the Kennedy/Bouvier/Radziwell women have what is often referred to as a ‘horse’ face.

      Carol and Bethanny both view themselves as upper crust, smart women who are socially and economically superior to the rest of the women on the show. I think that their slut shaming has little to do with Lu’s sexual activity. I think it’s Bethany’s way to eviscerate a women she hates; someone who attained the ‘title’ of countess simply for marrying a rich man with an irrelevant title. Lu attained financial security by marrying rich and Bethanny worked like a dog for most of her adult life to achieve a social and financial standing in life. It seems to me that it’s Bethanny’s way of calling Lu white trash.

      As for Sonja, it is sad to see that she is willing to do anything to get some screen time. The fact that her vaginal rejuvenation was given air time is an all time low for this and any other housewife show.

      • margroc

        Do y’all realize that Carole is a Radziwell by marriage? She was not born into that family. I not her biggest fan, I used to think she was cool, but since she’s turned into Beth’s lapdog, I’ve lost respect. Making fun of her looks is kind of high school mean girl though.

      • Minky

        Margroc, I know. I get it. I’m not really making fun of her looks. I’m making fun of the fact that Carole made fun of Luanne’s looks with her totally uncalled for “LuMan” comment, in addition to her and Bethenny skinny-shaming Jules all season. I don’t believe that any human being on planet earth is really, truly physically ugly. But Carole and Bethenny sure seem to enjoy talking about the appearance of others. Very few people have the looks to qualify as a beauty queen. Even the beauty queens look different in bad lighting and no cosmetics. I was just trying to make the argument that projection is a hell of a drug. That’s all.

    • Puddy

      Thank you for speaking truth to power and breaking the PC barrier. Yes! That whole crowd of females is funny looking, with not great figures – no matter how skinny. Actually – they are kind of grim. And — what has Carole done to her face, bc sorry, but she looks much older and stretched but not in a good way. Sorry – but she and Bethenny are just so mean – and Bethenny is starting to look like that whole crowd. Maybe it comes from the inside to out!

      • Shannah

        Rather nervy of Carole to refer to LuAnn as LuMan when Carole could be in Guinness Book for the largest Adam’s apple on a woman.

  13. emele

    Ramona’s dog (Coco?) had the most eloquent commentary for this episode…

  14. Auntie Velvet

    Why doesn’t Bethenny get that it’s not hypocrisy on Luanne’s part? A single mother who divorced a powerful man probably would want to be as discrete as possible about her sex life. And even now that the kids are grown and custody isn’t an issue, she still has a right to privacy.

    This whole episode was mood swing city. Luanne was exceptionally weird with Jules on the stoop — like, oblivious to an absurd degree. Yet she was a little bit charming while writing texts with Ramona.

    Seems like each of them had one kind of cute moment, but then at least one batshit breakdown. What the hell are they all taking?

    • Sal

      Pills lots and lots of pills!

    • Mlncasas

      I was waiting for the “slam” book to be passed around.

      • Wallace

        Ah taking me back to junior high with the slam book reference! That’s about where the maturity level was this episode.

    • Shae

      Luann is the furthest thing from discreet. I’m not hating on whatever action she wants to get, she is a grown woman and should do as she pleases, but she cannot then throw stones at the other ladies for their adventures with men (as she has). That is hypocrisy. Slamming Carole for being with a 30 year old when she sleeps around with men in their 20’s? not cool. Slamming the other ladies for not having “girl code”, but then taking up with a guy who was previously dating Ramona and not saying two words about it to her? Not cool. Talking shit about Sonja and all her “men”, while she, herself, is out playing the field and sleeping with married men, etc? Not cool. All hypocritical.

      Also, you have no reasonable expectation of, or right to, privacy when you voluntarily sign up to be on a reality show lol

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I agree Luann is a major hypocrite! Pointing this out is nothing to do with “slut shaming”. She’s the one constantly slut shaming other women while she does the same thing – THAT is the problem.

      • HiKitty

        See my understanding is that Dorinda set her up with Tom, she did not know Ramona had dated him at the time. It also seems that production & Ramona are trying to blur the lines here b/c it’s not clear, was Ramona dating him when Lu started to or had she dated him before – (past tense). In that case, is Lu supposed to send an email blast to all gfs asking if they have ever dated some guy she was introduced to and if so, request permission? Shouldn’t Dorinda have let her in on the info or perhaps not try to set them up if she was aware? In that case, Dorinda’s much more at fault imo.

      • Auntie Velvet

        Bethenny’s reasoning just wasn’t flying with me, as much as I generally like her. There’s no justification for screaming about another woman being a whore. File it under the wisdom from our elders: Two wrongs don’t make a right.

      • Yamoah Asiedu

        Nail, this is head, say hello to each other. Well done Shae,you said it all.

      • Yamoah Asiedu

        Thanks for the recap TT. I share your sentiments. This episode was hard to watch.

        I wonder if, underneath her rage, Bethenny is just plain jealous of Luann? She was so nasty and so rude to her and that confrontation was one of the ugliest I’ve seen on a HW franchise. It made Bethenny look cruel and petty. I’m glad that Luann didn’t collapse into floods of tears like Sonia.

        Frankly she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation about who she’s dating, that’s her business. She could ‘protect herself’ by not commenting on other people’s liaisons then there would be no need for her to defend herself. She shouldn’t be surprised that her ‘friends’ aren’t happy for her. Ramona, Carole and Bethenny do not like her at all! Yikes.

        When compared side by side, (not that we should but we do!… or maybe that’s just me?) Luann’s ‘winning’. How so? well she appears to have recovered from her embarrassing divorce. (the way she found out was embarrassing,) I don’t know if it was bitter or vitriolic, but it’s over. As for Ms Frankel, three years after her popular Bethenny Ever After and Bethenny’s Wedding, the fairy tale collapsed, her talk show was not renewed and Bethenny is STILL in a protracted dispute with her ex husband. She can’t completely move on until her divorce is finalised. This would be difficult for any woman but with Bethenny it must be daily torture. It has to irk Bethenny to see that Luann is divorced, out and about, dating, having fun, looking great and getting laid. I think Luann’s comments about the origins of Skinny Girl were deliberately provocative. It’s so easy to wind Bethenny up and it makes for good TV. She knows that she doesn’t have any claim on Bethenny’s empire otherwise she would have sued her years ago. Something about Luann really rubs Bethenny up the wrong way.

        Another theory in this long comment, sorry TT! Luann walked straight into wealth, privilege and a comfortable life by marrying The Count, a man (13?) 19 years her senior. By contrast, Bethenny has had to work her behind off to achieve that hallowed status. Despite ‘having it all,’ she’s uncomfortable, competitive and insecure. Luann just laughs her insults off. That might be ‘it.’

        Sidenote, I wonder if Jill Zarin tunes in to see how her former protege, now mogul has turned out. Would love to get her take on Bethenny then v Bethenny now.

        Another sidenote, of the original NY housewives, they’re all divorced except Jill and Alex. Are Jill and Luann still friends?

        Yes, Luann may be sneaky and pretentious but she’s much more classy and likeable than Bethenny ‘rich as f’ Frankel. If ever there was a case of ‘Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness and a Peaceful Life’, we only have to look at Bethenny and the misery she creates in her relationships. What happened to pulling someone aside for a private chat!?? Not good reality TV but is annihilating someone’s character better?
        With all of her ‘blessings’, Bethenny ought to be one of the happiest people in town…alas. So again, Luann ‘wins’ in this category too as she seems to be happy and secure in herself.

        I don’t get her friendship with Sonia though. Can someone enlighten me? Is that a real friendship or a Made for TV one?

        It would have been appropriate for Luann to tell Ramona that she was dating Tom. I agree with that even though Ramona is rather selective in her adherence to Girl Code standards.

        Also, Tom chose to date Luann after going on a few dates with Ramona. She’s his preference, Ramona needs to let it go. He didn’t want you hunty, move on.

  15. Sal

    I almost felt bad for Luann tonight until she was outside with Jules and couldn’t hear what she was saying about her sick father. I agree with Carole, Bethenny’s sentiment may have been correct but her delivery was awful! I’ve been in situations like this; you’re tense have had a long work week, drink a little too much; someone says something that irks you and BAM you let everything out. Bethenny know thyself and don’t even engage with Lu when she hits her snide passive aggressive stride!

    Dorinda tell everyone to back their shit up! Does anyone think the cast spends their entire night snorting Adderall/drinking martini’s? Well except for Carole who’s vice is weed.

    Also kind of loved Ramona tonight for the first time EVER. You’re in trouble when Ramona starts coaching you on an appropriate apology.

  16. Hey Bethenny, have you ever heard of the phrase “you don’t kiss and tell.” That’s what LuAnn is doing. Everyone apologized to Dorinda except you. You made a dam fool of yourself.

  17. PackO'Bitches

    Okay, I’ll finish off the recap:

    Bethenny acts like a giant cunt for a very long stretch. Ranting and raving and I have to check my eats a couple of times to see if they’re bleeding. At one point she is so viciously trying to sneer an insult at Luann that her nostrils are flaring like a bull’s and she’s stuttering. All of the women are awful but I was impressed with Luann’s ability to mostly maintain her composure. I can’t imagine holding it together that well if I was being ripped apart by a pack of wild dogs.

    Then Bethenny goes and sits in her room to be cunty some more with Carol, and all of the other women follow suit to be a gang of bitches in solidarity. Luann comes in to “pretend” like she’s leaving but is actually just asking for someone to convince her to stay. Ramona springs up and rushes off with her like the whacked out two faced lunatic she is. First she is helping Bethenny to attack Luann and now she is “consoling” her in the kitchen, telling her to stay and laughing with her?? None of these whores like each other.

    Droned comes in just in time to hear Luann laughing about some dumbass bday cake. WHO CARES??? That was enough for Dorinda to flip her shit, yell at Luann and ultimately tell everyone to leave?!!? Really?? THE BITCH whom Dorinda should be yelling at is that cunt Bethenny. WTF why is everyone so terrified to just tell Bethenny to STFU and stop being such a goddamn bitch!?!? This episode pissed me off.

    I previously have loved Bethenney for years, purchased all of her books and lots of her products. Never again. What a total asshole of person. I can totally now imagine that she RIPPED Jason into shreds whenever they had marital conflict. I thought he was a tool dragging this divorce out but if he had to deal with that, I say he earned some money.

    Luann sends some lame apology texts to Bethenney and Carol per the horrid advice of Ramona (who’s brain is either muddled from pills and alcohol or on the spectrum.) Why anyone would take relationship repairing advice from Ramona is beyond me. Leaving Sonja off the guest list totally screwed with Luann having any kind of support from these hose beasts.

    Ending: Bethenny walks in on Luann continuing to process all of the god awful offensive shit spewed out of Bethenny’s mouth, and Bethenny is just SO OFFENDED and staring in outraged disbelief that Luann could simultaneously apologize for the part she felt responsible for, while still being horrified and upset about being screamed at that she’s a GIANT WHORE who fucks everybody and lies and doesn’t own her shit. Get a grip Bethenny.

    PS- I thought it worth noting, if only for myself, that I remember not too long ago when I loved Bethenney and hated Luann with the burning passion of a thousand suns. Damn you Andy Cohen.

    • AmyinLasVegas

      I for some reason can’t see Bethany ripping Jason to shreds. I think she was probably weak and the opposite around him…. the birthday party and that time on her show with the boat or helicopter come to mind.

    • AmyinLasVegas

      I for some reason can’t see Bethany ripping Jason to shreds. I think she was probably weak and the opposite around him…. the birthday party and that time on her show with the boat or helicopter come to mind.

      • Auntie Velvet

        Agreed, Amy. You could see her bending herself into a pretzel not to be “too much” for him, and him constantly correcting her, mocking her. Not fun. This is why I never thought “The Way We Were” was sad — she actually dodged a bullet by not ending up with Hubbel 😉

    • Chiisaimiss


    • Ara

      Thank you! Lovely recap. Like you, I’ve switched sides as well – to my own horror. But head-bitch Bethenny and her posse made it so easy for me.

  18. Belle

    Yes, Bethenny went over board, but ExCountess needs to have somebody call her out more often. She thinks her poop is perfect. Don’t. Like. Classless. Countess.

  19. Alyssa

    Oh TT, you missed seeing the best part of the episode…. the getup on Lu in the next episode is this gloriously tacky red lace, vinyl, glitter, nude mesh, 50s silhouette (all in one garment) jumpsuit thing. Best Part? It’s a Luann Original. She didn’t make it work, people.

    • John Farmer

      Oh my god, yes. LuAnn’s got a great figure but wow that outfit did her no favors. It might’ve been okay as a dress, but a brocade crotch is just hard to pull off.

    • Auntie Velvet

      At least she gets to do a spiel on it next week, even if it looks like Ramona goes on to trash the jumpsuit. In this week’s episode, ol’ Lu changed tops like three times — I am assuming at least some of them were from her collection — but there was too much going on for her to really sell it.

      Dorinda: That’s a nice top.
      Luanne: Thank you, it’s….
      Dorinda: NEVER bow at me about birthday cake, bitch!

      • I thought in the preview Lu says that the awful get-up she is wearing is from her collection and asks Ramona if she likes it. Ramona replies “I’m not sure.” Loved it!

    • Shannah

      Plus what was she thinking using white lining under garnet red lace??? Took the hideous factor up a notch.

  20. Will

    Looks like maybe in the minority here, but I loved it all. These women are all insane. That said, while I totally understand Bethenny’s desire to call bulls#*t on lies, but the main thing that drove me insane tonight was that she called Luann a whore and a slut repeatedly. Not only did that ignore the fact that Luann has completely owned her promiscuity for the past two years, but it also went against the stuff Bethenny said at the end of the episode, when she tried to say that she should be flattered to be called slutty. If you really thought that, B, then why’d you try to skewer her for it?

    Also, Carole is the worst. The worst! A Lu-man comment? Both tired and just mean. Carole is boring and vindictive, and she’s definitely no longer the Greek chorus on this show.

    Finally, I think Dorinda’s house looks awesome. Screw clean lines and minimalism. This is a home with a PERSONALITY, and I always find those more comforting to stay in. Maybe not more camera ready, but always more warm.

    RHONY forever.

    • KarenD

      Move over, please, I’m in your corner. Bethenny 1) can’t stand hypocrisy and 2) can’t stand when other people try to take credit for her hard work.

      The problem isn’t that Luann has a lot of sex, and it isn’t even that Luann was “discrete” about it for years. It’s that Luann, while being “discrete,” would slam other women for doing just what she was doing. We all know Luann has had sex with younger men, but she calls Carole a pedophile for her relationship with Adam.

      But what really set Bethenny off was the bit about how Luann helped her come up with Skinny Girl. Um, no. She wasn’t there when Bethenny had the idea, she didn’t come up with the name, she just ordered the same drink after Bethenny did. Considering Bethenny was (and is) in the midst of a divorce where her husband wants part of that pie (rightly or not), that was an incredibly insensitive thing for Luann to say.

      And yes, the slut-shaming was uncalled for, but I thought I saw a few moments when Bethenny genuinely regretted what she had said. I think she would have apologized to Luann a few times if she hadn’t walked in on her talking about her beind her back (Luann talking about Bethenny). Again, the hypocrisy of apologizing to someoneone (via a text message?!?!) and then continuing to disparage the to anyone who will listen.

      The only one who came off looking good was Jules. The poor woman just wanted to talk to her gravely ill father, but Luann wouldn’t leave her alone.

      “I think my dad is dying.”

      “Yea, well, Bethenny called me a slut.”

      What I love about this version of RH is this is all completely real. This isn’t scripted. I loved Jules and Carole hiding in the closet to eavesdrop! Loved Ramona trying to play peacemaker and tell Luann what to text! Loved Dorinda losing her shit on everyone when Luann made fun of the cake! Can’t wait to watch it all again!

      And since when did Luann own the patent on the layered bob haircut…

      • Shae

        I completely agree. Bethenny clearly went nuclear tonight and that was uncalled for, especially at Dorinda’s party and home, but I totally get where the fire is coming from. As you said, the issue is not with how many men Luann wants to sleep with or how she behaves, it’s with the fact she behaves in the very same manner that she chastises others for, presenting herself as superior and judgmental. She doesn’t own her choices, she lies, hides and then points the finger at others. How can she apologize for calling someone a name and then in the same conversation be unsure that she even said it? Her apologies were weird and not genuine.

        Bethenny is many things, but you hear about it when she messed up and is sorry, and she is quick to cop to it. You can love or hate her, but she does not mince words or hide behind superficial bs.

        If Luann wants to date and do as she pleases, by all means, but don’t point fingers and slam the other ladies for doing the same- or lie about peoples’ businesses, etc.

        I totally believe that guy went on SEVERAL dates with Ramona, and while it didn’t seem serious, I would think the woman who made a song about “girl code” might see the conflict there when she wants to date him. A conversation, as a courtesy, should’ve happened between Lu and Ramona- but then again, Lu keeps confirming and denying and twisting whether or not she knew Tom dated Ramona, and how many times they did, etc. She cannot keep her own lies straight.

        I never disliked Luann, but the past two seasons I cannot stand her.

      • Sabrina

        Karen and Shae make room for me too please-
        I understood exactly where Bethenny was coming from- Luann had just said she was mentoring Sonja- while she moved in to her home ( probably for free) , was taking advantage of her, and criticizing her behind her back. B called her on her BS.

        The same Luann who corrected B, saying the driver should call her “Countess” was sleeping around in NY while married, and insisted that her private life would not be discussed- though she was making drunk scenes and picking up men with the single girls frequently, allegedly, while pretending to be a social doyenne training others on manners. . There have been so many examples of hypocrisy on her part and B exploded once before about it. It seemed to reach a new threshold here.
        It is the hypocrisy that Bethenny is upset about and Luanne’s need for superiority. I don’t think Bethenny thinks she(B) is better than anyone- and I believe her anger comes from the divorce and Jason’s hostility and lazy, endless efforts to take advantage of her, and live off of the results of her hard work. My guess is the combination of Sonya’s and then Luann’s efforts to glom on to the name, on one level or another- (Luann truly did try to take credit- and has done it before)- set B off.

        It did appear Ramona helped Luanne understand how wrong her comments were, and how they upset Bethenny, but as someone above said, then when a calm B walks in to talk to her and finds Luann criticizing Bethenny even more on other issues , it precluded any attempt at peace.

        Luann has been one of the first to go at everyone-with jibes, criticisms- but I found her narcissistic treatment of Jules completely true to form and utterly unacceptable. I don’t know how much the other women realized that her dad was hospitalized, but Jules could not have been more clear about her fears for his health with Luann, and her lack of ability to even allow her to talk- let alone sympathize or support her- was symptomatic of the Luann who exists today. It is all about her. And only about her. Jules must have felt both alone and horrified. Luann’s subsequent demand that Dorinda support her as hostess was just plain offensive. Ramona even had to pull her away from Dorinda as Luann continued to demand support and attention from the hostess who was unwinding at that moment, upset about the course of the evening.

        I’m so concerned that Sonya would allow Bravo to tape a vaginal rejuvenation- and her discussion of it- to offset the dinner. It was as described above -truly the lowest Bravo has gone- and again we see how desperate Sonya has become.

        I continue to believe there are multiple substance things going on here- and no one came out of this looking very positive. I think these Upper East Side women- all but one of whom are single now-are (each) searching in a very small pond for a man- and that aggravates the issues between them. A little thoughtful comment/reality check with each other would be a nice gesture- and hurt nothing. The womens’ unwillingness to share their date’s names with Luann show what a barracuda she has become, in their minds, and how real this issue is.

        I love that this is real, honest, and all the personalities let loose . They do see strengths in each other and continue to grow. Bethenny was properly chagrined about her part in the disagreement , and appeared ready to settle/stop it when she overheard Luan again criticizing her- hopefully it is put to rest next time. I wish we could see more of them celebrating their strengths together- rather than the focus on the histrionics. There is excitement, life, opportunity, fun to be had in NY- along with the tough realities. Let’s balance this more, Andy. And enough with giving Sonja the edit that takes it this far- ugh!!

      • Wallace

        Yes, 1000 times yes!

      • Ara

        Jules – if your dad is dying, what the fuck are you doing here? Go be with him! You are no better a famewhore than any of these. No sympathy.

      • Vickie

        Perfectly said. I feel the same.

  21. Toonskie

    I thought it was a great episode, I’m LVP brand of sorry none of you liked it. I was cheering Bethenny for saying all the things I’ve felt watching Luann and her hypocrisy all these years. Loved it.

  22. As an executive in the sales and marketing side of the adult beverage alcohol busines and one of only a handful of women that can claim that title as it is a completely male dominated and very powerful industry I can assure all of you that are saying Bethanny over reacted to Sonja infringing on Bethanny’s territory, are wrong without question.

    The business is completely cut throat and one of the most competitive consumer products segments. What Sonja did potentially could have damaged B’s credibility and her brand and her supplier and distributor partner relationships.

    It would be impossible for me to describe how incredibly difficult this business is for a woman. Bethanny has accomplished an amazing feat that is unheard of in our business.

    She should be protective and fierce when it comes to defending her brand and her hard work that led her to success. The exposure Sonja had during the brand summit is absolutely unprecedented and Sonjas response with the cheater brand could be interpreted as corporate espionage. The reaction from Bethanny toward Sonja was mild in my opinion.

    This business gets ugly at times and it’s insulting when people think that you can just jump on the bandwagon and experience even a minimal level of success

  23. iloveearlgrey

    Ramona is a piece of shit and so is Sonja. They belong together.
    Bethenny needs to be knocked down a few pegs. She was yelling like a fucking psycho.
    Carole is a spineless loser who can now act the way she does because Bethenny likes her. She always needs a strong personality to cling to.
    Dorinda should have directed her anger at Bethenny instead of having a general rant that seemed like it was mainly pointed at Luanne.
    Jules was a follower and loser this episode. She’s trying to fit in with bethenny and Carole so she was trying to join in on the Luann bashing.
    Luanne is oblivious to everything but herself.

  24. Lurker

    This season is tough. I hate when women try to “slut shame” other women. All of them are doing it on this show.

    I like Bethenny but she is a tough pill to s wallow.

  25. hannahkingrose

    What in Bethenny’s personality or background makes her feel the need to police the actions of others. I get it that she’s an in your face kind of person who says what she thinks and I normally don’t have an issue with that. Her reactions however are more than just that. Her confrontations with people are not only about a particular incident but are mean spirited, judgmental, not helpful and very hurtful and become fodder for later ridicule. With the exception of Carole who now resides comfortably in her Skinny Girl behind, Bethenny has had major issues with every other housewife where she has one of her infamous, Andy Cohen approved hissy fits.

    She may disapprove of Lu sleeping with lots of men and acting like she doesn’t or that she has been staying with Sonja. She may not like Sonja pretending everything is fine. She may think Dorinda should dump John. She may think Jules is too thin and her vacation home looks like crap. She may not like that Ramona acts like Ramona. But and this is a big BUT, it’s none of her damn business what they do. Where is it written that her word is LAW on how they all must behave? They are all grown women and right, wrong or indifferent have the right to live their lives how and with whom they chose without her stamp of approval. If she doesn’t like it, stay away from them. That’s what she does best anyway it seems. I know it’s a paycheck and she’s bringing the drama. I really wish if she’s going to do it, she would do it at a lower decibel that doesn’t make your ears bleed.

    • Minky

      Bethenny has a common, but grossly under diagnosed, condition called entitledcuntitis. Similar in its manifestation to the Chronic Lyme that Yolanda has, one contracts entitledcuntitis by being bitten by an insect, namely the crazy-bitchfly (latin name: muscae canis rabidus) which is usually located in upper class urban locales where a great deal of financial wealth is concentrated, and is in many cases of dubious origin. Bethenny’s behavior on the show tonight is a clear indication that she’s been suffering from entitledcuntitis for years, or perhaps decades.

      Unfortunately the treatment for this particular malady has yet to be fully developed. Again, similar to Yolanda’s Chronic Lyme, the sufferer in many cases puts on the pretense of engaging in a self-treatment that is, due to the lack of knowledge or sincerity of the patient, very sloppily administered, (in Bethenny’s case this has taken the form or frequent and drawn out flaw bragging and/or poorly timed and obnoxious faux self-depricating humor) all the while hoping it won’t really cure the condition. It’s a vicious circle, really. I suppose all we can do is pray for her.

      💩 😷

      • Tara

        Minky, you are fucking hilarious! Love it!

      • KatCall

        Absolutely well said! Applause, applause, applause!

      • GillianFirst


      • BKSweetheart

        LMAOOOO Best comment!!!

      • Puddy

        Brilliant, Minky! Hysterical, because, we laugh at the truth!

      • hannahkingrose

        Minky, I think I can agree with your explanation of her condition. Isn’t there at least some remedy or therapy available, i.e. Valium, Lithium, or some intervention that could lower her voice a couple of octaves? By praying for her, were you actually referring to a good old fashioned exorcism? Entitledcuntitis sounds like a disease that most of the housewives could get behind unlike Munchenhausen which many of them can’t spell. Loved playing straight man to your hilarious explanation.

      • LemonLyme

        this post made my day! Thank you for bringing entitledcuntitis into my life!

    • Sliceo'pie

      I loved when Bethenny said, “I never ripped someone like that before” and “I don’t usually go names” hmmmm, having watched her take aim at people countless times over the years, I can only assume she doesn’t watch herself on the show.
      If someone comes for Bethenny with an over the top comment, she comes back at them swinging a bat, come at her with an accusation, she’ll come at you with an Uzi. She will bring a bitch down – she’s like a dog with a bone, she won’t let it go. I picture her as one of those people, who in an argument, will follow you from room to room, talking and shrieking incessantly until you cry, “Uncle! You win!” just to get her to shut the f-k up.
      She’s deeply insecure and controlling – Who gives a shit about LuAnne’s sex life and whether or not she’s, “Honest” about it? It’s not her business. We can’t control how other people handle/live their lives. LuAnne is under no obligation to live her life the way Bethenny wants her too-I don’t hear Bethenny talking about her boyfriends and HER sex life on the show. Why does she allow LuAnne to get under her skin to the extent she’s having an apoplectic fit?
      I’m taking a wild stab here but I think Bethenny’s issues with LuAnne have roots in her childhood – something she experienced with her parents and she’s projecting those unresolved issues onto LuAnne. Her anger at LuAnne far exceeds any offense LuAnne may or may not have committed in her mind.

  26. That was painful! Bethenny totally ruined that party. Again. Sigh…

  27. Jim

    Are you all kidding? This was epic! Yes, Bethanny was totally unhinged and out to massacre Luann. But this was nearly as entertaining as “Scary Island”.

    Maybe I’m alone in this but this is why I watch these shows… to be entertained and thankful that my life, in comparison, is dull and uneventful. Honestly, it took me 90 minutes to watch the full hour (less commercials) because I had to keep rewinding the DVR to catch every detail of this shitshow.

  28. Mrs.s

    All I can say is I realize Luann isn’t perfect?…Just who the hell does Bethenny think she is? Had she talked to me or most anyone like that she would have gotten a low-fat knuckle sandwich with mayo!,,,, LOL! Bethenny was drunk but still I think she is a nut job and has mental health issues. I have a feeling her ex is really gonna get a nice chuck of change. Since, Season 1 Bethenny always seemed off to me? Also, she seems to have “only child syndrome ” ? Just my opinion I know the Bethenny fans will come after me ! Ramona is another that grates on my nerves I wouldn’t want her as a friend! Carole is self-righteous too! Oh yes Ramona bringing her dog that craps all over ugh !

    • Sliceo'pie

      I think she has deep rooted mental health issues. No shame in that – I have them too, to be honest-i’m a recovering alcoholic and live with depression.
      It’s brutal watching her deflect and take out her issues on the other women – I understand when she’s legitimately upset with someone but her response is often so out of proportion and over the top – her self-righteous anger is like a poison. She’s not convincing anyone that she’s happy. No amount of money can make up for the fact that she can’t be with her daughter full time and has to share her with a man she despises.
      Had she gone after me, I would have shut her down immediately or simply left the room. However everyone seems to turn into jelly in her presence, her track record of nastiness and grinding anyone down to the numb- who dares offend her, leaves people feeling anxious and almost subservient.
      She’s become so brittle and dry she reminds me of a dead limb on a tree, ready to snap at the slightest pressure.

      • GillianFirst


      • Kika

        She is always complaining about having the longest divorce proceedings in history but I believe she is relishing it! Poor Jason and her poor daughter!!!!

      • SG

        I felt like we were witnessing a scene out of Bethenney’s own childhood that modeled how she must have grown up. This whole episode stressed me out to the max while at the same time making me furious at the misogynistic BS/portrayal of women that BRAVO now uses/manipulates/edits as its regular fare. I felt so dirty for watching I had to go take a shower.

  29. Cat

    Good for you, TT. Maybe if enough bloggers were honest about these shows, the producers would get the hint. Not everyone is thrilled over watching a train wreck.

  30. bella

    The rumors must be true that Bethenny is a silent producer with firing power on this show. It’s the only explanation that makes any sense as to why everyone is desperately trying to crawl up her ass. The show has become completely unwatchable for me. Skinny Girl and the Ratsiwill woman are vile and have become my most hated housewives of all time. I hope Lu grows a pair and really gives it back to them in future episodes.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I’ve never heard that rumor in particular, but even if it is true, I don’t think they would give her the producer position if she were just firing anyone who she personally dislikes. As a producer I’d think you keep whoever brings the ratings, whether you like them or not. It’s not like everyone on RHOBH is tiptoeing around Kyle.

  31. Terese

    Do you think Luann threw the comment to Betenny about the hair in regards to the Sonja/B prosecco thing? I do. Then when it hit a different button Luann just went with it.

  32. John Farmer

    Enough already with the LuAnn’s-a-hypocrite angle. Didn’t she pretty much ditch the countess routine several scenes ago and embraced her boozy, sex-loving persona? She’s a single adult woman with a healthy sex life. Heaven forbid! Bethany’s a bitch and a bully who predictably hides behind the I’m-just-being-honest bullshit. Her and Carole are unbearable this season. How are they the two most vocal critics of Jules’ weight? Have those two boney bitches taken a look in the mirror lately? I’m sure Carole’s fling with the 29-year-old hipster chef is a built on a lot of mutual intellectual respect. Certainly Carole’s money or celebrity status has nothing to do with Adam’s attraction. Ms. serious writer’s next project is her boyfriend’s cookbook. Adam’s the Beth Stern of the housewives franchise. Sure LuAnn and Sonja are over-the-top media whores. It’s Carole and Bethany who seem to constantly demand to be respected and taken seriously while simultaneously being reality TV clowns. Ironically, Sonja and LuAnn really count on those paychecks. Bethany and Carole wouldn’t miss the money. They’d just miss the cameras.

  33. susan

    Try watching that episode after working three hours of intense retail. I turned down volume to not stress out my doggie killer. Did the countess pen the SG brand? That seemed to set off the big b. If I went to all that trouble cooking baking and decorating and some bitch ruined it by endless screaming, one if the heavier Santa’s would end up on her head

  34. These old broads are just jealous that Lu gets the “D” on the regular. Why does Lu fucking different guys bother Bethenny? That’s right Lu stick up for yourself, you are a grown women you do you.

    • Shae

      Really? That’s what you got from it? lol
      Let me tell you, most ladies, even ones without all these ladies’ money and celebrity, etc. can get “d” on the regular if they want it lol. It’s not difficult. So, I don’t think any of these ladies are jealous of Luann’s action.

      As she explained, albeit through screaming, it’s not the guys she’s screwing. It’s that she’s screwing all these guys then passing judgment and criticizing the OTHER LADIES for doing the same. Hence the term, hypocrite, and the hypocrisy and bullshit is what was driving bethenny mad- not the guys Luann chooses to bang.

      Banging married men, banging young guys, then getting on carol about adam’s age and sonja’s men, etc. Hypocrisy

    • Exactly! If B was angry Lu trying to claim some credit, theres definitely NO reason whatsoever to bring up Lu’s personal life. B obviously has some deepseeded resentment towards Lu or just plain jealousy to go there. Unacceptable. ♡ Lu & she is a grown woman who only answers to herself. B is a scary damaged person w temper control issues.

  35. Bethenny has always been scrappy on this show from the beginning. She is just getting back at Luann for how the roles were reversed in the beginning. Payback?

    I have teenage girls, so the screeching was like white noise to me & I actually fell asleep during this episode, yet feel no need to replay it on my DVR.

    Bravo must be trying for the younger viewers…. But seriously doubt the young people want to watch a bunch of moms going ape shit. All of them are so juvenile, and I mean ALL Hwives. So over this entire franchise.

    These shows provide no escape for me anymore, no entertainment value. I do, however, live for TT’s recaps and comments!

    Andy Cohen is a cuntsatchel. Allegedly. In my opinion.

    What really bothered me was that Luann’s two statement necklaces did not go together.

    • jessica

      YES I kept looking at the necklaces…I really liked the shorter one-she didn’t need the long one that clearly wasn’t a set with the other one. LOL

  36. Where the hell is Bethany’s therapist this year? Oh, she probably ripped him a new asshole too or he ran off in flames.

  37. margroc

    Beth is a bitch and I can’t stand her. Haven’t been able to since season 2. She actually said that Dorinda’s parties are cursed. The curse is her. Every fight at D’s has been started by this fucking bitch. I also don’t think she is some smart business woman. She had connections through her dad with J Beam and lucked out. Her sg margarita is horrible can’t see it being that popular, the liquor store near my house stopped stocking it. Haven’t seen it in any other stores either. I’ve never seen her other crap anywhere. I hope her husband takes everything. I honestly think she used him for his sperm to get what she wanted. I’m sure he was instrumental in the sale to J Beam. When she gets older, her kid will hate her too. I think she’s taking Ritalin or something, she’s always seems to be all hopped up. Rant over.

    • Jelley

      I also wonder if Bethenny take Adderall or some form of speed. She really never comes up for air. I get that she’s hyper but it’s more like mania to me.

      • Kika

        YES! Margroc & Jelley, I believe you have really hit the nail on the head here!!

      • Jim

        If you’re already hyper like Bethenny is, Adderall will usually slow you down. That’s why they give it to kids with ADD.

      • bella

        It slows you down if you actually have ADHD. If you don’t, it works as an upper.

      • tamaratattles

        LOL. Yeah. Bethenny is naturally hyper and naturally skin and bones. It can’t possibly be a ten year Adderall habit.

  38. GillianFirst

    You’re right Tamara, the yelling was intense!! While the editing was actually masterful (it was like a play, with entrances and exits into rooms of a mansion, and beats of dialog as snappy as any classic comedy) but Bethany made it all over the edge. Someone truly unhinged, who can explode at the drop of a hat with such vitriol! She and Carol are also showing their age. The whole “slut shaming” days of yore are really receiving due pushback. Woman are starting to reclaim those words and the way B used them at Luann was disgusting. Love me some Housewives shows, but I wish Bravo would go a bit younger with some of the cast in order to balance out the old school narcissistic spiteful mysogony we saw last night. Carole, aren’t you more educated than this? Her jab LuMan was kind of angling in the hateful to trams community area. So what if Luann is androdogenous in some ways with a low voice, that’s ok!! You want to shame people watching for androdgonous qualities? I didn’t even catch that Luann had called Carol a pedophile last season and was not even aware of it until CAROL brought it up a hundred times herself. She’s the one who has now associated herself closely with that word, which no one seriously believes Carol. : | Also if Jules had someone closer to her age to chat with SOMEONE might’ve said, “Sorry about you Father, are you ok?” Not sure if it’s an age thing but would like to see what would happen if you put some of these people as friends of and followed some interesting new women– Manhattan has plenty!!

  39. If Jules father was dying what was she doing at a slumber party?

  40. Agnes Moore

    I’m not a huge fan of Luann, who I think isn’t the most self-aware, but women on women psycho-violence like this is not cool. This wasn’t about ‘showing Luann’s colors’, or whatever it is Bethenny’s justifying this with – this was a come for blood-fest, and any woman who calls another woman a whore or a slut, is woefully unaware that they’re helping the misogynists. Women have enough of a hard time in this world without ganging up on each other. And, as far as Bethenny’s actions, I’m beginning to think this is a cry for help.

  41. jessica

    I usually really like and admire Bethany but the slut shaming is just disgusting. hey luann is on national television of course she is trying to keep somewhat of a lid on her personal life and that is none of bethannys business. to go after a woman for her sexual habits is the lowest and most unenlightened way to attack someone. im disgusted by her attack.
    Also did any one notice some rough edits during luanns and jules outside time? I am kind of thinking that convo was edited to make it look like jules talked about her dad and luann just ranted about bethanny. I don’t think that was how it went down.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I haven’t watched yet but I’ll keep an eye out for crafty editing. I hate when they do that kind of thing.

    • Pip

      Jessica- I totally noticed that choppy editing. I don’t believe that conversation was Luann just spewing “me, me, me”… We didn’t see the real exchange there.

    • Michelle

      Also, I realize Luanne looked self absorbed about jewels father but I couldn’t help but think to myself “lady, if your father is dying why are you with him instead of these crazy people?” Surely she didn’t think this show was more important than her sick father?

  42. Friday'smom

    Bethanny was atrocious in this episode. She was so manic that I thought that any minute she was going to have to be taken away in a straight jacket. She ruined the party. Jules picks a strange moment to have a heart to heart about her dad’s health, clearly Luann was upset. So it’s like- you’re upset that you’ve been verbally raped by Bethanny… Well, guess what, my dad is dying… What? And yes Dorinda if someone is a guest in your home, at your invitation, then you should at the very least reign in your other nut bar guests when they attack. If I was Luann I would have left immediately nad if that had happened at my home I would have told Bethanny to leave. Drunk, high, whatever go away mean girl and your horsey friend.

  43. Meri

    This was the last housewife show that I decided to stick with….I’m not sure why except for the fact that I love NY. Now I have to rethink watching this dreck for even one more episode. Bethenny seems to be “acting” to keep her HBIC role and Luanne acted like a lost sheep. She was called every name in the book, her life totally exposed and yet she stuck around for more. Dorinda seems to be bi-polar and one minute is screaming “Go home” and “You’ve broken my heart” and the next…I love you all and you are my best friends. Decide Dorinda…just decide. Do you want to hang with these fools or not? I suppose she is obligated to film these horrid scenes to stay on the show but it’s such a sell out. She’s better off being with piggy man John then these banshee women. Bravo has sunk to the deepest place of shame and ugliness with all of the HW shows and no one seems to be able to get through to Andy and his love of shaming and degrading women. I turned it off before the end of the show so thanks for the recap and all of the comments. I feel justified in being totally disgusted after what I read on here. It wasn’t my imagination…they are all a bunch of shrews with no class.

  44. Tamalama16

    Where to even start with this Screamfest, where the hell is Jill Zarin when you need her.
    Bethenny is and always will be a cuntsatchel! I wish Luann would have shut her down even more. What business is it of her’s who Luann sleeps with or does in her daily life. If I was Luann, I would have said “why so worried about my vagina, keep your mind on your own”. My goodness Bethenny is a miserable sad cow that thinks by yelling and talking over people that she is the victor, No what your are is a BULLY!!!! I wish someone would throat punch her. As for those other spineless wenches UGH:

    Dorinda: I liked you but you’re a terrible hostess and flip flopper, which isn’t cool. I would have told Bethenny stop the crap or get the Hell Out of my house. Luann was right as a hostess, you should have put a stop to all the nonsense instead you wanted to be part of the “Cool Kids” and straddled the fence. Rule of thumb, if you act the fool in my house, you gotta go!

    Ramona- Loves the chaos and thrives on it, you could see the glee in her crazy eyes that she loved all the drama. She enjoyed playing both sides, Bitch is CRAY

    Carol- Bitch wash that filthy hair of yours. Why are you so pressed about Luann’s opinion of your relationship. If you were so secure with it, why are you bothered by what was said in the past. My goodness get over it!

    Jules- Why are you even on this show, insignificant, invisible and a waste of space. If your father was truly at death’s door, I sure as hell wouldn’t have been at a slumber party in the Berkshires. I noticed that she seems to want to be part of the mean girl crew, especially when she told Carol that Luann has something against her, “BITCH WHERE”. Luann hardly ever mentions Carol’s name, its the other way around. Please be gone by next season.

    Jill Zarin we need you STAT!!!!!!

  45. auroracooper

    I’ve decided to embrace a sober lifestyle but while I was watching this train wreck of an episode I nearly picked up a bottle of vodka off the bar. I was even happy to see Sonja’s vagina scene after that!

  46. Jane

    I’m with you. Can’t bear to watch it anymore and read the recaps to see if I should watch a rerun. Totally caught up in 500 questions and was switching between it and Am Ninjas.

  47. tamaratattles

    I find it very interesting that nearly all the women in these comments found the show disgusting. Personally I kept thinking that Bethenny would eventually tucker herself out and the episode would begin. Nine full minutes…19… I was waiting for it to stop. If it were not my job to recap the show I would have looked gone back to watching what I wanted to watch in the first place which wad 500 Questions. I have no desire to watch anyone scream maniacally for a solid hour even if the have a solid reason, like the are being stabbed in the eyeballs repeatedly.

    But the most telling thing is there is a certain subset of gay men who found this show immensely enjoyable and admit it. Andy falls squarely in that subset. Feel free to label that subset as you will. It’s a group that I do not associate with in my real life.

    • Mark

      I’m sorry TT. Please don’t lump me in with him. BUT I CAN’T HEP IT I LOVED IT SO MUCH.

      Even though I was watching through my fingers because it was cringey, I was almost squealing with glee, like a little gay piggy that’s just getting fed. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???

      • Calipatti

        Mark, it’s been awhile since you asked your question and not a reply. I thought you would at least get a snark reply from someone.

        I could not watch it, I physically began to react to the screaming and reading it here, it’s upsetting. C

        Have you ever lived in turmoil, with a loud negative person, never knowing when the person would erupt? Not knowing how to escape or make it stop?
        If you did your reaction would be different.

        Possibly in your life there is pain and hurt so it feels good when another is sibjected to the same. It alleviates your pain for a time.
        I’m not saying there is now but maybe in your past.
        Maybe not ever. I don’t know you.

        To watch another person be eviscerated as Bethenny did to Luanne publicly was horrible.

        Maybe you are fine just the way you are OR possibly do some self-searching. Witnessing another’s public pain is not joyful.

      • Matzah60

        This response is actually for Calipatti. I have lived in turmoil, never knowing what would cause that person to erupt. I think you are spot on on how horrifying it was to watch. I don’t like confrontation and have learned for my own sanity to walk away from it. It might be cowardly, but it’s my own mechanism to keep my sanity and my head above water.

        Even if Bethanny was justified, and I don’t think she was, I wouldn’t walk into someone else’s house as a weekend guest screaming at any other guest at the top of my lungs. Furthermore, just because Bethanny had an epiphany after screeching at Lu and thought about apologizing doesn’t diminish the role she had in creating chaos in someone’s house. Bethanny did not engage in an argument like an adult, but acted like a toddler having a full-fledged temper tantrum. That is not the way to approach any adult.

        It’s inconsequential to me what is going on in her divorce and what happened in her childhood. Everyone has their cross to bear in life, but that doesn’t give you the right to unload or direct your hurt at anyone else. I went through a protracted divorce minus the level of money involved. It went through the court for three years with 22 trial days and I didn’t ask for alimony or any part of his business. He filed 15 motions during that time until the Judge was so disgusted he took away my ex’s joint custody.
        Unlike Bethanny, I didn’t have nannies or the money to keep me afloat.

        I am sick of Bethanny playing the victim in her divorce and about her horrible childhood. She has the privilege now of raising Brynne however she chooses in a lifestyle that most people would envy. She should spend some time with a shrink figuring out how to respectfully engage with other people, to avoid degrading her ex to her daughter, and learn to deal with stress without having a huge hissy fit when there is conflict in her life.

        Tamara, thanks for such an honest recap. I too couldn’t watch the whole show. You have very good insight about people and I was sure that reading your recap would tell me all I missed.

      • wendy

        I agree! A long drawn out divorce and troubles in your past is NOT a pass for bad behavior. If it was, my 5 year divorce and a crappy childhood would have made for instant forgiveness for some shady stuff I have done, but it did not.

        I guess being up Andy’s are so far you catch his food before it is chewed pays for her. I can’t imagine another housewife that would get the perks and special treatment she gets. Not even Nene BEFORE the queen comment.

    • AmyinLasVegas

      TT what are your favorite five episodes please?

    • Jim

      Ouch! I resemble that remark, lol.

      I don’t think anyone in their right mind could think Bethenny’s behavior was justified. It was over-the-top and cruel. But it was entertaining for me in a trainwreck kind of way.

      What I found more disturbing was Luann’s heartlessness regrading Jules’ father. Jules continually tried to put things in perspective for Luann by talking about her father’s illness. And Luann’s response was to immediately start whining again without acknowledging that Jule’s had even spoken. It was behavior that you would expect from a sociopath!

      • tamaratattles

        Yes, Jules was ever so concerned about her “dying father” that she was filming a reality TV show rather than flying to his bedside.

        Meanwhile, normal media whores like Shep from Southern Charm actually tear themselves away to attend the funeral.

        No one believe Jules. No one. Did you see Bethenny or anyone else say even a causal, “Sorry to hear about your Dad!” After she excused herself in front of the entire case to take the call?

        I wonder why that was….

      • Jim

        Point taken. It just seemed so odd to me that they were sitting right next to each other on the steps and Luann didn’t even say “Oh I’m so sorry. I hope he recovers soon. Now back to my problems with Bethenny.” A typical person would at least do that even if they didn’t believe or like the other person.

        By the way, I feel bad that I’ve disappointed you. I thought you were starting to like me a bit lately, lol.

  48. Mark

    Loved it. Don’t care that Bethenny was “slut shaming.” Luann is just a cunt and needed to be called out on SOMETHING. I don’t care if she calls her out on slutinness, being a fake Cuntess, being one-five-hundredth Cherokee or whatever. As long as someone calls her a cunt.

    I also love the comments from people who don’t quite understand the hypocrisy behind saying, “Ooooh, how dare she slut shame. She and carol are ugly and horse-faced.” Way to go, womens’ advocates. *rolls eyes*

    Also: LuMan. Sorry. It’s funny. I know my humour is puerile, but… LuMan. Teehee!

    • tamaratattles

      I don’t know what is wrong with you, but it is something deeply disturbing. Perhaps the way you would feel If I were watching a show with an all gay cast where a group of guys all gang up on one guy and screamed gay slurs at him for what was probably hours of filming and then all piled on the bed congratulating themselves about it.


      • Mark

        Oooh no, that would be different and you know that fine well. What it WOULD be like, is a bunch of OTHER gay men, ganging up on a gay guy and calling him a slut. That is a slightly more realistic comparison.

        And I’ll admit it, I’d watch the hell out of that. Hell, we see it all the time, on RuPauls Drag Race to name one. I’d never admit in PUBLIC that I enjoy these things, but it’s so much easier to be honest from behind a keyboard.

        And I still don’t know why I like it. It must be some archaic personality flaw, like from when people used to enjoy watching other people fight to the death and such in a coliseum.

      • Mark

        Also, if it was a show about a group of gay guys, and one of them had been displaying cunty characteristics for god knows how many episodes, I’d still watch one of the other gay guys ripping into him. I mean, I would do none of these things in real life, but aren’t we all allowed a little bit of escapism? I’d never move to Texas and start chopping up tourists with a chainsaw for dinner, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy watching horror films.

      • Mark

        I totally misread your comment. You are, as usual, correct once I reread it!

        I’d probably agree with you though if he was a little cunt. IT IS A DISEASE AND I AM SORRY.

      • Mark

        I hate it when you misread something and go on a convoluted rant, then realise your mistake. Edit comment button required! LOL!

      • tamaratattles

        Funny you should mention that. I was writing another post at the time using that very same analogy.

        I’ve dated assholes who had not problem telling me they were assholes and have learned to deal with them accordingly. I shall apply that same life lesson to you at this point. I find you point of view vile and you have identified yourself as someone I would not ever choose to associate with.

        And my example was spot on. You just want to claim some sort of protected class status. It’s ridiculous and were it not for your self identified deep personality flaws, you might have the decency to be ashamed of yourself.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Mark, it most definitely is different to gang up on a woman and call her a slut vs. calling a gay man a slut. Very, very much not the same.

    • Mark

      We gays just love watching someone get read to filth. #flawed.

      This is why Jesus doesn’t love us.

      • BroMo90

        I’m gay and don’t enjoy that. When you’re picking at your friends in a lighthearted way, that’s one thing. This was not that way. It was maniacal. Please do not lump me into the same group as you.

      • Mark

        I’m sorry you are a perfect beacon of morality, and I’m sorry I enjoy watching entitled, spoiled, attention seeking famewhores who have prostituted their lives to be made a mockery of on TV. My enjoyment applies to EVERYONE in that category, The FEMALE Housewives from New York, The Gays from Dallas, the pretend posh people from Chelsea, whatever. No-one is forcing them to do this. I do, however apologise for my deeply flawed personality. *rolls eyes*

        I’m out. Y’all need to worry about someone who needs your help, and hasn’t created a situation of their own making. I suppose you will all stop watching now because it’s offended your delicate sensibilities? .

      • Mark

        To clarify, I don’t “hate women.” I enjoy seeing cunts and idiots shouting at each other, and if the court jester is being paid to dance, I expect him to fucking dance.

        Just because a group of said cunts happens to be women, doesn’t mean I’m misogynistic.

  49. tamaratattles

    This reminds me of a time many, ,many, many moons ago where I was hanging with some guy I was dating or thinking about dating and we were watching some show where a guy who had committed some sort of horrendous crime was being chased by the police. He suddenly began aggressively yelling at the TV. For a second I thought he was yelling at the cops to tackle or shoot the guy. Nope. He was cheering for the bad guy to get away.

    I suddenly remembered something I had to do. I never answered his calls again.

    Also, isn’t Bethenny’s butt barnacle the one who is always ranting about misogyny in her blogs?

    This whole episode was an unbelievable testament to what Andy finds to be “good TV.”

    • Kika

      Andy is due a good “backlash”! Women are going to start seeing the dark side of Andy.

    • Friday'smom

      I think you have described it exactly!

    • TT! You is good. You is smart! I’m currently doing cartwheels with sparklers up my ass! Thank you for being so good with words that represent women with half a brain’s views. You just made my day. Off to drink some more koolaid! LOL!

    • BroMo90

      @Mark You sound like a blast to be around and not at all like someone in that subset of gays TT previously referred to. You know, the one you took offense to being associated with…
      *rolls eyes*

  50. Suzanne D

    I have come to believe that Betheny, the miserable and hateful person that she is, still loves Jason and doesn’t want a divorce. If she did, it would have been finalized a long time ago. Jason doesn’t want her back. He wants his fair share and will move on.

    And Carole calling Lu ‘LuMann’ is rather funny. At least she is referring to Lu as a human. Carole is a pig with a horse face and buck teeth.

    • Auntie Velvet

      LOL, not only am I sure Bethenny doesn’t want Jason back, I’m sure he’s soured the majority of eligible women who are even marginally aware of his existence.

  51. Dede

    500 Questions was great! It was fun to watch and there was no screaming! :)

  52. Lime Brain

    I missed the first 20 minutes of this episode, so I missed Bethenny’s meltdown. I just gotta say that reading these comments has made me exhausted from all the emotional energy in them and I need a nap. Lol!

  53. Peej

    Thank you!! I read a ton of comments on other sites applauding Bethenny and her “realness”. So glad that people here see things the same way I do…Her ego has blown up and she walks around screaming like a crazy person. When she called Lu “sweetie pie” I lost it! What happened to the humble Bethenny?

    • Minky

      Humble? Bethenny’s always been about as humble as Kanye West. “Doctors say I am the illest ’cause I suffer from realness.”

  54. Great recap, Tamara, as usual. Bethenny might be upfront and say exactly what’s on her mind, but she was unforgivably rude when she spewed her venomous hatred of LuAnn at Dorinda’s get-together. There’s a time and a place for everything. Bethenny poked fun at Dorinda over how her parties always end up in a fight, but the camera flashbacks showed Bethenny squarely in the center of the trouble each time. Bethenny seems to think it’s OK to say exactly what she’s thinking, any time she wants to, but there is such a thing as knowing when to keep your mouth shut. Why is she so upset at LuAnn? Who cares if Bethenny thinks she’s a hypocrite? Bethenny’s reaction to LuAnn goes much deeper than how LuAnn conducts her love life – I really think it stems from LuAnn claiming to have been a partner in choosing the name Skinny Girl. Bethenny has spent that last few years fighting to maintain her fortune and stop her ex from bleeding her dry, and I think she’s threatened by the thought, however remote, that LuAnn could potentially claim monetary damages if she really did help come up with the name. think that’s the last thing on LuAnn’s mind but Brittany is such a mess of raw nerves that she sees enemies where there are none. LuAnn was ridiculous in stating over and over that Bethenny “stole her hair cut”. The only think they have in common is that they both have short, brown hair which is parted to the side. She was also wrong in pushing the idea that Dorinda’s party was a birthday celebration after she saw the cake Dorinda’s mother made, but, at that point, she was so upset and wounded that she was grasping at straws. Ramona, of course, being the spiteful little witch that she’s turned into, was thrilled at the fact that Bethenny skewered LuAnn. I don’t know how these women can be so intensely hateful to each other and even begin to think about salvaging friendships. The things Bethenny said to LuAnn can never be taken back, and why does she even care? We have all had friends who conduct themselves in ways that we wouldn’t, but we don’t go off on them like that – we either accept them or stay away. Poor Dorinda – if I were her, I would never have any of them over again, although I imagine the parties are setups for the show. I love Dorinda – she’s got a good heart and genuine feelings. Bethenny should take some lessons from her. And Jules, with her pity party a out her dad? Why was she at the party? If my dad were that sick, I’d have gone to his bedside – her actions just didn’t make sense. This show is becoming almost too hard to watch – Bravo needs to be careful that the constant confrontations don’t become too unpleasant for people to watch. Love this show, but it’s at the top of a slippery slope.

    • John Farmer

      Really, I think the only person grasping for straws in this group is Bethenny. She’s obviously trying to latch onto anything she can hate LuAnn for. Remember when LuAnn gave Bethenny a birthday present, and Bethenny thought it’d be the perfect time to browbeat and humiliate her over texts desperate to go to a party from months earlier. Even Carole’s grudge is pathetic at this point. She called me a pedophile on social media! Remember a couple of years ago when Heather and Carole got the idea of busting into LuAnn’s room with the camera crew hoping she’d have a companion with her? They apparently think exposing LuAnn as a promiscuous hypocrite (which has been discussed since at least the Season 2 reunion) will have some traction with the audience. It doesn’t. Nobody cares. Bethenny and Carole have really just come off as a coupe of frigid, bitter old broads this season.

  55. Jim

    Let’s change the topic! 😀

    So what did everyone think about Sonja’s obligatory scene? I thought it was cringe-inducing. She’s so desperate for camera time. And I can hear the producers saying to her, “you better do something wacky and outrageous or you’re going to be left out of the episode.”

    She’s basically a friend-of-housewive this season.

    • HiKitty

      Oh I have a scoop on that, from of all people, my fiance who HATES the housewives yet would recognize them all if he saw them haha. That guy was his old doctor and he is a GENERAL practitioner who he went/goes to for yearly check ups. That guy’s office is shared/split with the plastic/cosmetic place next door but he is NOT that type of dr, though maybe they teamed up recently, who knows. Anyway, I’m shocked he performed that procedure, I wouldn’t let anyone but a dermatologist touch my face much less my who-ha!

  56. HiKitty

    I don’t like to disparage people’s looks but Carole has a lot of nerve calling Lu a man or “Luman” when she looks like Steven Tyler & a horse’s baby. Have many seats girl!

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Oh goodness. I try not to disparage people’s looks but Steven Tyler & a horse’s baby made me laugh. Not that I’m saying Carole looks like that :/

  57. TwiceBurned

    Years ago another HW blog now gone I was actively blogging. Someone called her LuMan and it went around. I started Don Carolina and VileKyle. So Carol the hip West Side poseur was reading our fan comments then. So she’s not above our intellectual level. LuAnn took a beat down and I give her applause for being ya know Cool not uncool.
    My take is B is steaming mad at Sonya and since Luann was crashing at her place it means they are in alliance. Heck she may think Lu gave Sonya the chutzpah to competely move in on her beloved SG products that no one buys and it was the name Seagrams bought. Her swill is not worth advertising. Ever see any ad’s selling SK? Even P Ditty has ad’s. Horrible screech fest and Betheny will never live that down. Her rage was way too harsh and we all watched the Pirate pass around.
    She likes sex with men. Remember Raging Romaner and Sonya nekid
    In the pool? They would stay together in the same bed. Get so loaded they wouldn’t know if they did it anyway! Worst episode ever Andy!

  58. I am no longer a fan of Bethenny…….that is all.

  59. jen

    What the fuck is wrong with Bethany! How fucking rude. Luanne handled herself so well. She was quite funny actually. Poor Dorinda. And Carole is just a cunt. My God I was really liking this season but how they just disrespected Dorinda and everything she put into having a nice house and dinner for all of them and how they ganged up Luanne was so fucked up. And Ramona I just had to laugh when she put her two cents in lol. I have to say besides her eyes she looks gorgeous this season. Better than ever. And the comments Luanne throughout about copying hair was SO funny!

  60. jen

    What the fuck is wrong with Bethany! How fucking rude. Luanne handled herself so well. She was quite funny actually. Poor Dorinda. And Carole is just a cunt. My God I was really liking this season but how they just disrespected Dorinda and everything she put into having a nice house and dinner for all of them and how they ganged up Luanne was so fucked up. And Ramona I just had to laugh when she put her two cents in lol. I have to say besides her eyes she looks gorgeous this season. Better than ever. And the comments Luanne throughout about copying hair was SO funny!

  61. jen

    Poor Jules….she is so upset about her Dad and Luanne goes on and on about being called a whore….its so sad but almost comical.

  62. jen

    Poor Jules….she is so upset about her Dad and Luanne goes on and on about being called a whore….its so sad but almost comical.

  63. jen

    Omg Im so annoying making multiple posts…sorry.

    I now do not in anyway feel bad for Bethany for everything Jason got in the divorce. He deserves it ALL after being married to that!

  64. T D

    Bethenny can’t find a man who can stomach the thought of the deed. She admits she would swim in the lady pond as long as she wouldn’t have to dive. Are Bethenny and Carole bosom buddies? She’s gonna switch teams ‘ cause nobody wants to play with her.

  65. Sackem

    Andy Cohen is a misogynist. My favourite part of this episode was the complete charade that any of them are friends… so let’s be “real” about the premise of the show Bravo. Can we stop calling them a group of friends or housewives with lesser roles, friends of the housewives? Can we just call it a popularity contest and whoever gets the most endorsement deals wins and the one who gets the least has to whip her vagina out on International television?

  66. microop

    Wtf was that shit? She seriously needs to apologize, if she doesn’t want to be accused of being a hypocrite. Why is Bethenny so entitled to think that she can sit in judgment of others and scream slurs at people and ruin everyone’s time? What a brat. And maybe wean off of the adderal or cocaine..

  67. T D

    The Long Island sound and misdirected fury.

  68. Pip

    Just got caught up on the last two episodes. I’m just tired now and I actually have a headache.
    I’ll sum this up quickly… Bethenny was a total asshole and in the wrong for going into Luann like that. Luann did not deserve that.
    I have been very lucky to have a great group of ten girlfriends for my whole life. (well, since Jr. High and High School). My point is that in the like thirty-five or forty years we have all been together, we have never, ever spoken to each other like this or had these drunken, angry brawls. It is fucking shocking to me the way they speak to each other.

    • Pip

      Also, I thought it was uncool for Dorinda to exclude Sonja from the weekend. Her excuse was weak sauce.

    • John Farmer

      I take your point completely, but it’s always important to remember that rarely are the Housewives “friends” in the sense that any normal human being would ever use that word. When you realize that instead they are just co-workers on a television show where the management constantly pits them against each other, the underlying dynamic is a lot easier to discern.

  69. Michelle

    I was yelling at the tv “Luanne, have some self respect and leave. Don’t stay and apologize! Leave!” She didn’t hear me though, lol! These women are repulsive!

  70. I’m not sure what I wanted to watch, but it wasn’t this, lol. The scenes of Dorinda’s house and decorations were too few, maybe they could have squeezed more in by cutting some of the dog shitting all over?

    This was one of the most scripted episodes in recent memory on any franchise. I keep hearing and reading how successful Bethenny is, but still clueless on why she is putting herself through this – it’s not doing her any favors. The last time she was at Dorinda’s she made an irrational fool of herself in the exchanges with Heather and now this. It’s obvious her and Carol are reading blogs etc and thinking they are insiders (Luman and some other comments I can’t remember) and thinking they are funny.

    Not sure how someone with razor sharp wits missed this, but Carole’s only laughing cus she’s high Beth.

  71. Your shit still stinks bethenny, even if it’s gold plated. Loads of wonga is not a licence to be the biggest bitch from bitchville.

    a great philosopher once said…. You have no friends, no-one, well you have Jason but you will probably mess that up too…. 🐢

  72. nanaintn

    My 12 year old granddaughter who has never watched any Housewive’s shows yelled at Luann, “Good grief, leave….just leave!” She sat thru a few more minutes then on her way out of the room, she gave me one of those ‘tween’ looks & said, ” Nana who ARE these women?” Busted..:)

  73. GlobalServices

    LOL wow ythis is truly a deluded post. This episode was good, and. No matter what you personally think, Bethenny gave the audience exactly what it has wanted for YEARS – to see LuAnn’s Cuntish behaviour finally called out for what it is. Give me a break with the faux outrage over Luanne being bullied. How about focus on Luanne bitching to the poor girl outside with the dad in the hospital. I mean give me a break.

  74. pete'sgirl

    I don’t know why Andy said one of best episodes ever.

    It was awkward, I had to forward. The screeching the slut shaming.

    I am just saying if I was rich I would enjoy life more than these cows

  75. cammierari

    Boy oh oh boy did all these women pick the wrong weekend to “party” with each other! Not one of them behaved as I would hope a guest in my house would behave, starting with Ramona bringing her pooping all over the house dog! How RUDE!

    Everything that could be said has been said here, blaming this one or that one for the screaming, but mostly I blame Dorinda. Since it was her house and ostensibly “her” party, she was the only one who could tell them all to simma dah now! We all know this was a Bravo set up bullshit weekend anyway, among co-workers who barely tolerate one another, but if Dorinda had taken control as the hostess, it could have been shut down. I think all the ladies knew they were supposed to bring the drama, and so they did. Jules trying to get someone to care about her dying father was pathetic, since if he was really dying, I would think she would be at his side rather than at said bullshit party weekend.

    What to say about Bethenny and Luanne…to me it’s fairly obvious that Lu doesn’t give a ripe fig about Bethenny’s opinion of her-she just didn’t want it shouted all over creation. Bethenny on the other hand is WAY too sensitive about her “brand” and she did it no good with her over the top behavior. I thought the way she read Sonja out in front of her office staff over her cheater brand was rude, inconsiderate and unnecessary. Sonja is not business educated and probably has no idea how bad what she did actually was. Bethenny treated her like shit, and I felt sorry for Sonja who looked like a little lamb. Maybe Andy sent her to have her va-jay-jay rejuvenated on CAMERA as punishment, because that scene was unbearable. Lady Morgan in the stirrups-ugh!

    In the end, I still love Bethenny, still think Luanne and Ramona are thoughtless selfish women, still think Carole needs orthodontia and that Dorinda and Jules need to find a way to fit in. Lucky for me, RHONY is the only Bravo show I watch so I get just enough drama once a week to more than fill my need. LOVED the blind item about Andy Cohen tho in another post-it so helps to keep in mind who we’re dealing with here!

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