Exclusive Details! Kenya Moore Breaks Off Relationship With Matt Jordan


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Moore Manor

Yesterday I heard some news that I really did not want to believe. Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan have broken up. As you know I wanted to verify the situation and see what the actual facts are, and it has taken me some time to reach out to people who are closest with Kenya.

TamaraTattles can confirm that the relationship is over.

Last night Kenya took down all of the photos of Matt from her Instagram.  Matt set his account to private and I believe that Kenya has now done so as well.

The information I have to share is that the couple returned from their tropical weekend get away and returned to Atlanta so that Kenya could return to her busy work schedule.  Kenya had a short turn around time before she had to fly off to a job in NYC.

They say if you really want to get to know someone you should travel with them. And by all appearances on Instagram things appeared to be going well.  But perhaps Kenya had some time to reflect on the relationship and how she saw her future and felt something was not as she wanted because when they returned, she was ready to break up with him.

RHOA Keny Matt Water
I did speak with a source very close to Kenya who was unable to give me too many details. In fact, I didn’t really need or want to know the details of someone else’s breakup. I just wanted to know if Kenya was okay.  I can assure you that Kenya is just fine and already hard at work on a new project in NYC, in addition to her duties on RHOA which begins filming next week.  She will be working both projects at the same time for a short amount of overlap and will be running up her Delta Skymiles commuting between ATL and LGA.  I am sure that she is standing strong in her decision and is doing what is right for her.

Matt has posted on his Instagram,

 Looking back, I blame myself totally. I learned very late in the relationship that a woman will not trust a man fully  if he seems irresponsible or not up to standard in areas of a relationship. If she doesn’t feel like she can put trust in a man emotionally, spiritually, financially, etc.  That will cause a woman to feel resentment and most of all untrusting in her man. Because of what he lacks she doesn’t feel like she will be properly protected or served.  So a woman will feel like she cannot give her all to a man that is unstable or irresponsible in areas of the relationship, causing her to go inward emotionally. I was in denial of my flaws until late in the relationship. It causes me to feel untrusting in her because I did not feel like I had her full love and attention. I didn’t realize I created my own circumstances. It’s crazy the way life can show you your own flaws, making you look at yourself in the mirror.

To the men out there, Brothers in particular, being a real man is  a lot more than just being a strong physical dominating presence and opening doors for her.

In addition, just for the record, infidelity or cheating was never one of our problems.


It seems that both Kenya and Matt that perhaps he has some growing up to do before he can be effective in the role that she had considered him for. I would imagine that undergoing IVF is a difficult process and also on that makes you evaluate all aspects of your life and what you want for your future child.

After some effort was put into the relationship it just seems like Kenya decided that Matt was not yet ready to assume the responsibilities that a serious relationship brings. Matt himself makes it clear that he was not the mature, responsible partner that Kenya needs.

As for why Kenya took down all the photos of Matt from her site,  Matt says that was at his request.

RHOA Matt Kenya Insta (2)He again talks about his immaturity.  Leading me to believe that was truly what was at the center of Kenya’s decision.

I know that some of you have been emailing me since last night asking about Kenya.  While I haven’t spoken to her directly I have spoken to someone very close to her who assure us all not to worry. Kenya is fine and very busy and focused on her work and her life and staying healthy.

I didn’t get the first hint of any IVF news….

I will say that Kenya is a strong and brave woman for making the decision to end a relationship that she didn’t see working out. Especially, now, just before filming begins. You know those good Christian women will be trash talking her all over the place. But when it comes to our girl Kenya.  Life Twirls On…


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68 responses to “Exclusive Details! Kenya Moore Breaks Off Relationship With Matt Jordan

  1. Well that’s a bummer. I thought they were doing very well together. Sad. I hope “the one” finds her soon.

  2. Ms.Minnie

    I’m so sad to hear this, I wish Kenya all the best.

  3. Minky

    What in the blue fuck?!!! This is terrible!

  4. AKA Riley

    Kenya is one of the Real Housewives that I really like and admire. Everything she has been through in her life, her mother’s inability to bond with her daughter, the ratchet behavior of most of the women on RHOA, so forth and so on, have continued to make her a strong woman. A woman to be respected. The kind of woman that a school should be asking her to speak at (instead of the likes of a certain THOT), The kind of woman I would want my daughter to look up to. Godspeed Kenya. As my heart hurts for your disappointment, I know you are the kind of person that will grow from this instead of letting it beat you.

  5. BKSweetheart

    WOOOOOWWWW!!!!! TBH I never really thought he was right for her from the beginning but it looked like they were trying to make it work. I think an older, more established stable man, like a nice (non-fraudulent) banker or attorney would be a better fit for her. Just my opinion.

  6. Justin the Nick of Time

    Wow!! “I am shocked!” said absolutely no one.

  7. IMSpyCesq

    That girl is not undergoing IVF now or in the immediate future. She’s definitely doing a good job of trying to convince everyone she is pregnant/trying to get pregnant. However, it’s getting old and her tried and true method of saying “I can’t talk about it” or “Wait and see” are getting tiring. She needs to own up to the fact that she may not have children for whatever the reason. Doesn’t make her any less of a woman for it, I commend her decision to not let her desire to have a child cloud her judgment. She could have had a kid a long time ago and the wound up in a bad spot. I give her tons of credit for waiting for the right man to come a long. Sometimes things like this happen for a reason.

    • BKSweetheart

      Well I noticed in a few pics of her a month or so ago, she looked a little “puffy” especially in the face. She could have been getting her eggs frozen so she could use a surrogate. That would still involve taking hormones which can cause weight gain.

      Maybe it was bad lighting. Or hell maybe she was just eating good. As much as she’s talked about wanting children, I just find a hard time believing she’d just abandon that. But who knows.

  8. Happygal

    I wish her the very best. I really adore her and admire her for making this difficult decision especially considering the timing. I hope she finds romantic happiness and wish Matt the best too. I do worry the others will go after her now even more than they did 😞

  9. lori

    I’m sorry to hear this. Much love to Kenya!

  10. tamaratattles

    Taylor Swift just dumped Calvin Harris too! It’s like everyone is getting single for the summer!

  11. Home

    This does not surprise me at all. I always thought Matt was her in the meantime between time. She needed companionship and he fit the bill for a moment. Bravo to her and Matt for separating very maturely! It appears that this was a learning experience for him and he will move forward with this experience in mind. Kenya will move on to the next eventually, but I commend Kenya for waiting for what she wants.

  12. Deb in SF

    Maybe they’ll get back together. He’s owning his immaturity and taking responsibility, Immaturity is not incurable.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I hope so too Deb. It’s big of him to own up to his part the way he has. I like Matt.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Sigh, I take it back. Good on Kenya – so many women would forgive and continue on only to have it happen again, and worse.

  13. Sunshine

    He served his purpose for Kenya’s needs even Stevie Wonder could see that this was a “Showmance”.

  14. Dracla Dunning

    At Kenya’s age she understands that a breakup is not the end of the world. It is a stepping stone along the path leading her to where she should be. She and Matt will have their memories. Kenya knows to end something that she feels is going in the wrong direction and not to invest anymore time or effort. There are women who stay with a man just to have someone by their side which is a waste for both people and can convey the wrong intention.
    I hope she asks her guardian angels to send her a true, kind and caring love.

  15. I am truly sad. I was really rooting for the twirl queen. Well, it doesn’t matter if we want it, she has to be the one that is happy. Blessing Kenya. Have faith, he will come.

  16. The Shadiest Grove

    Really Sunshine ? How could we see that this was a showmance ? They were together during filming and after filming. They’ve travelled together, allegedly co-habitated for some time and seemed very much into each other. Like Tamara said, it’s always said, to really know someone you either live with them or travel with them because baby all that glitters.. I applaud Kenya Moore for being the type of woman she is. A boss, a go getter. Kenya Moore Is That Bitch ! She just posted on her instagram that she’s booked and she’s Kenya Moore, she looks flawless. I’m sure all the mens (young and old) in NYC will be salivating. I hope she truly finds love. No one deserves it more. Tamara do you think the IVF will finally take off this year ? She’s mentioned it since her first season. #TeamTamara #TeamTwirl

    • tamaratattles

      I think this is the first time she actually had the injections. She got all set up before and I’m not sure she went though with it.

    • Sunshine

      Showmance is what I saw. She did it with Walter so she is not above trying to hoodwink us. She didn’t feel like dragging this boy into the new season. So now she and Cynthia can use their loss of love for storylines. How convenient. I just hope we don’t have the fake I want to have a baby storyline. It is soooo last season. So in closing, if Kenya Moore is that Bitch? Why is it so hard for her to get and keep a man of her caliber? Do tell?

      • The Shadiest Grove

        Drive-by girl ! You sound dumb as fuck. Were you in the room when she met Walter and made the “arrangement” ? Who exactly did she hood wink ? The only thing we saw was a woman who is in her forties and desperate to have what she did not have growing up. She wanted the white picket fence and all that comes with it. You’re reaching. She is that BITCH because she doesn’t need a man to validate her. She is that BITCH because she gets her coins. She is that BITCH because she rises up no matter what and under any circumstances. You should aspire to learn from a woman who will never settle or except second best because society has already dictated wht roles she should play, etc. The only showmance I saw was that nonsense Porsha tried to shove down our throats with “Oliver”. Darling, you should figure out why your definition of being that BITCH encompasses or includes a man. Life twirls on dear. #TeamTwirl #TeamTamara

      • The Shadiest Grove


      • Sunshine

        Shadiest you seem angry that I am not on the Kenya Twirl Team. No need to insult. You know nothing about me so it is ludicrous that you are actually telling me that I should be like the lady on my TV set. I have much better things to do. You are the one that is reaching. Having a fella has nothing to do with her being that bitch as you call her. I was just pointing out that she has issues. She has a nice fan club here but I read more negative than good about her behavior. That’s all I have to say about that. By the way she TRIED to hoodwink. Major fail!!!!

      • the shadiest grove

        I’m not angry at all darling, far from it. I am #TeamTwirl all day. No one stated you should be like Kenya Moore but more so learn from her strength as a woman. I don’t know you, just like you don’t know her. I didn’t insult you dear, I simply asked a question. It’s all love here. Namaste sweetie. #TeamTwirl #TeamTamara

      • Sunshine

        You sound dumb as f@@k is an insult to most so work with that namaste yourself sweetie. Now I am off to start my day. You have a good one. TOODLES!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Oh please god with the “why can’t she keep a man”? I’m sure she *could* keep a Gregg, a Peter or an Apollo. However she wants a man that loves and respects her. Sometimes (oftentimes) no man is better than some effing loser douchebag.

      • Keya

        You’re a smart one :)

  17. I personally think the relationship lasted as long as it did because the pressure is on her to be with someone, especially in front of the RHOA cameras. You could tell how proud she was to FINALLY have someone to support her while on the reunion couch, but bottom line…he was a kid. I am no fan, but I’ll give her props for moving on before she got in too deep.

  18. Gracious

    Sad for the both of them

  19. Jtmoney


  20. Calipatti

    At this point if Kenya sincerely feels the need to have a child I hope she does it now.
    Do not wait for a man, relationship or a super secure future.
    Just get pregnant and all will work out. Babies are born with a whole lot less family than Kenya has.

    Kenya is better off on her own having a baby instead of looking at shared custody someday.

    • Calipatti

      p.s. Besides this room is full of willing great babysitters.
      We have her covered. ha ha

      As a successful woman she should not be waiting for a man to fulfill her dream.

      • Kenya may have a vision of a two parent family, and we all know she’s tenacious. I hope she finds “the one.” She needs to adopt the LuAnn, Oprah approach and keep saying, “It will happen!” Many of us are hoping and praying for all her dreams to come true.

        At least she has a beautiful home, a loving family, and jobzzzzzz. Go, Kenya!

  21. GirlOnFire

    This is so bad, I was really pushing for these two to make it. I know Kenya will be fine but maybe leaving the show is what Kenya should do to get her life back on track. And to be honest I could never work with women who had a conversation the night before a reuinon to whoop my @#$ because we all know Nene and Phaedra told porsha it was ok to hit Kenya if she got out of line and she wouldn’t be fired and guess what she’s not. That’s why porsha was shocked Nene said something to her about being violent because Nene had told her it was ok to hit Kenya and porsha has been holding that over Nene head and a certain producer, that’s why they really won’t fire porsha but I just mind my business ☕. All the best to Kenya.

  22. Stop the Hate ?

    @JT…you sound like one of those Andy Cohen type gays who are jealous of Kenya’s beauty because gay men will do her.

  23. Cici

    Tamara Tattles, say it ain’t so! Another one bites the dust! Kenya is one of my favorite cast members on the show. I really do hope and pray that one day she meets the man of her dreams and has the family that she has always wanted. I thought Matt had potential but was a bit “rough” around the edges. Be strong, Kenya. Keep the faith! Your prince charming is out there somewhere! :-)

  24. Rose

    Sorry to hear of the breakup. I’m not a Kenya fan but truly thought she found love and happiness and that he was her “one”.

  25. 25

    I’m lowkey dying to know what is getting people sent to the WLS!!

    Happy for Kenya for making a right decision for herself. Sad for Matt that it seems like he realized too late he wasn’t stepping up to the plate. But he’s young enough to make changes before his next relationship & she’s old enough to know when she’s wasting her time.

    Damn I want to see a Kenya dating show! I really want to see her with a good guy.

  26. DarkThoughts

    Kenya is doing what is right for Kenya. Even with this being her decision it still has to hurt.

  27. Lauri Holderried

    Sad :( I thought it was the real thing. Good for Kenya for not hanging on if it seemed over- but maybe with his taking the blame, they can reunite? I do hope she continues with the IVF, Matt or not. I’ve always thought that what she really wanted was a Baby.

  28. bria

    Oh no, no , always a suckered for love. I thought every thing was great, even though, I felt he was too young for her but I kind of like their relationship.
    Wow Kenya, I support your bold step but I have a lot of verbal battles to square out with my co- workers. All types of speculation will start swirling up. My job place is divided into two teams when it comes to discussing RHOA & some folks take what is shown on camara too serious especially when Kenya is involved.

  29. Nyjoeyb

    Kenya’s check must have bounced. That guy said he want playing her boyfriend without getting paid for it. Walter made sure the checks cleared before acting like Kenya’s boy toy.

    • The Shadiest Grove

      Where do you people come from ? What cheque ? Have you seen this woman ? If Kenya Moore has to pay a man to date her then y’all ugly heauxs better end it now. Like seriously, the paying of men and Walter is so old and tired!

      • getreal2014

        That’s so funny. Walter got paid, but he could never produce the receipts when asked. What did she pay him with then? By his own admission they dated, so I don’t know where people get this erroneous information; they just believe whatever Nene and her crew of liars say.

        At the same time, we never hear people talking about John the Pizza Guy; Duke, the paid boyfriend who considered going out of the window, and Oliver, what a joke.

        Sounds like straight up hateration and some people drink plenty of it.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        He’s really acting like a man whose check bounced, taking all the blame. I mean really.

        “If Kenya Moore has to pay a man to date her then y’all ugly heaxs better end it now.” Truer words were never spoken. In what alternate reality are fat, slobby, broke sahm’s married but Kenya f*cking Moore “can’t get a man”?

        Sorry to be so harsh but REALLY people!

  30. nanaintn

    It’s likely just me, but reading Mark mentioning his immaturity, reminded me of something I noticed during the reunion. Kenya and (I belief it was Kim’s husband) were having a bit of a heated exchange. Kenya, as always seemed to be holding her own, when Matt spoke up to Chris. Kenya kind of gave Matt a look and quietly said something to the effect, “It’s okay, I’ve got this”, and went on to finish the conversation. It was really noticeable to me at the time, but I had forgotten it until reading this. Some of Matt’s remarks brought that to mind. It wasn’t a huge thing, but now it seems kind of telling to me. This news makes me sad, because I believe Kenya does want a child as well as a relationship to provide a stable, loving family as well. Sorry it doesn’t look like it’ll be Matt, but Kenya Moore is a helluva strong, independent & successful woman. I think she wants the family for herself and her child that she never really experienced. Hope the right guy is close by and that she finds him soon.

  31. The Shadiest Grove

    Come harder, come slicker if you’re fucking with Kenya Moore. #TeamTwirl

  32. Cat

    I’m shocked, too. Shocked that a man would publicly admit to having flaws. In writing.

    I never thought that was possible.

    Good for you, Kenya. You are one Hell of a strong woman.

  33. Rach

    Gutted for her. But at the end of the day he was so much younger. Marriage and kids may not of been what he wanted. He keeps mentioning immaturity but you can’t expect someone 20 years younger to be as mature as you. I’m so sad for her and her plans for IVF. I wish them all the best

  34. lana

    She is a complex woman. She needs a strong soulmate. I have a feeling they argued on vacay and he said something he regrets and can’t take back, and it caused them to break up. She is a prideful soul. Perhaps she was on her down moods and he kicked her more down, and she had a moment of clarity. By any means, good luck to both of them, he is a good man.

  35. lana

    She is a complex woman. She needs a strong soulmate. I have a feeling they argued on vacay and he said something he regrets and can’t take back, and it caused them to break up. She is a prideful soul. Perhaps she was on her down moods and he kicked her more down, and she had a moment of clarity. By any means, good luck to both of them, he is a good man.

  36. tamaratattles

    If you are hunkered down in here reading all of this drama, I don’t blame you. But I wanted to alert you there is a new related post.


  37. Jen

    Awww. Sad. I truly hoped that they would have had a lil bebe. Things end when things go wrong. Its best to not look back. Smile if there were good memories. I hope she cries and then just moves forward. He wasn’t her match…
    She needs someone who’s more strong, stable and who’s Financially secure. A good Father figure. She should just go ahead and have a Baby. She has a nice life and a Mature man will surely come a long. She’s a GORGEOUS fit and hilarious woman. I give her my prayers and props. Keep Twirling Kenya. Oh, and Tamara…thanks for being nice and honest ‘re: Kenya. No she’s not perfect. None of them are and we are imperfect as well. It was disheartening to see them be so horrible to her. I’m glad that your a doubleheader Woman and blogger. :) Its much appreciated.

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