RHOA Casting Tea: The Pass The Peach Game Begins… And a Bit of RHOBH Tea on The Side



I really hate this time of year because everyone keeps asking me about RHOA. I have a good bit of information about WHERE THINGS STAND NOW. However, as I have learned over the season, things change as filming begins. This is a time where there is a lot of turmoil.  You really never know what is going to happen.

So here is what I know so far. First, I want to dispel a rumor. I got the majority of my information last Friday. I decided to hold on to it because I had some followup questions and it was the long weekend and it wasn’t possible to reach the best sources because people were out having their last hurrah.  Sometime later that Friday, someone somewhere apparently started a rumor that someone was fired.  That is not true.  No one was fired last Friday. In fact, I just got a hold of my original contact who basically said, ” Look, I told you what is happening. No one was fired.”

So that means I can go ahead with the information I already had. The short version of that is “Everyone is asked back except Kim who quit. “  Except it’s never that simple. What I was told last week was that everyone was  asked back but Phaedra and Porsha have “limited contracts.”  This is a term that was used before.  In last year’s clusterfuck with things not working out with Nene,  Phaedra and Porsha were also not guaranteed full time status last season. There was even a moment where KENYA didn’t seem to be on solid ground. So here we go again.

We're unbothered, y'all fight it out...

We’re unbothered, y’all fight it out…

So far, Kandi, Cynthia and Kenya are expected to be peach holders. Everything else is a bit murky.

At the end of last season,  Kandi, Cynthia, Kenya and Nene has formed a little alliance. Sheree was also part of that group. Their mission was to get Porsha off the show because no one wanted to be around her violent behavior.  They all made this clear on the reunion and clear to production.  That didn’t seem to work. Somebody somewhere, maybe Carlos seems to pull for her.  So now the word on the curb is that none of that “alliance” wants to film with Porsha.  That leaves Phaedra as the only one to film with her. We saw a lot of those two together last season for similar reasons. Sheree will film with anyone she is asked to, kind of like Kandi used to do.  It sounds like Sheree will be back, with or without a peach. That moldy Chateau of hers will come in handy as storyline now that Kenya has moved into Moore Manor.  Why doesn’t Nene get any shit for nor really moving into to her house? What happened there? I don’t think she has slept there a dozen times since she “moved in” last Memorial Day Weekend?

I was looking forward to Nene and Kenya being on the same side next season but over the off season that seems to be falling apart.  Notice that I did not put Nene in the “definitely hold a peach category.”

In the course of four days,  my Intel on Nene has gone from “Nene will not be full time. Bravo is going to work around HER schedule”  to “Things are up in the air with Nene.” And more oddly, “She didn’t get a pickup letter.”  I suppose all of those things could be true, except the whole letter thing doesn’t seem to make sense to me.  This is all coming from one of my best sources.  My understanding is that Nene wants to be on the show. They want Nene to be on the show. But Nene wants to only work the show whenever she doesn’t have anything else going on.

And Nene has a lot going on right now.  She and Cynthia have spent a LOT of time together on the West Coast. It makes me wonder if they are shopping a spin-off to be shot in LA.  Her “Not Really Comedy Tour” has been selling out everywhere she goes. She recently did four sold out shows somewhere… I think Columbia, SC.  She did that Expo thing again in Atlanta. It was there that word of her possibly not coming back started, but she has been doing that like Lisa Vanderpump does every year. After talking to my sources I think she is more serious about it than I though initially.  If To Tell The Truth ever gets a timeslot, she will be needed to publicize that. And she wants to be able to drop RHOA for anything else that comes along.  That is a big sticking point for production. She has to be commit to be available.

So we find ourselves unsure of just how much Nene will be on RHOA. AND I hear she is asking for the full paycheck for much less work. That is also a sticking point. They get the big bucks to put their life on standby for six months or so and do whatever they are told to do. I presume they will work something  out there. But I said that last season and Bravo got fed up with her and she waited until filming was almost over to come to a deal.

The only thing this couch knows for sure is that Kim is not coming back.

The only thing this couch knows for sure is that Kim is not coming back.

So this Nene situation might be the reason for Porsha and Phaedra’s predicament. I predict that Phaedra will be back with a full peach.  ESPECIALLY with Nene not being full time.  Of the three girls that did test shooting, Maryam, the Iranian girl is the only one I ever hear about. Unless we start seeing the other two in the next month,  Porsha is probably safe too. Could Sheree snatch her peach?  Probably. Because everyone is good with Sheree at the moment and willing to film with her. Kandi is not feeling Phaedra and vice versa so that is an issue. More for Phaedra than for Kandi who I believe is as locked in as one can be at this point.

But one more thing about Phaedra.  Filming for next season is starting a month earlier than last year on Tuesday, June 7th.  But Phaedra has her trial with Angela Stanton starting on Monday June 6th.  That trial will last at least two or three days. Maybe longer. Phaedra has pushed this case back and stalled and hemmed and hawed for YEARS. I do not see her getting any more continuances. I am sure this judge is ready to have this off her docket. So if she shows up in court like she is supposed to, Porsha has no one to film with because production would have to push Phaedra’s filming back.


So basically once again things are a hot mess. Part of the problem is production is a hot mess. This show has way too many “producers.”  None of them seem to know what the other is doing. But everyone from production  is back in Atlanta getting set up this week and hopefully they will  communicate with each other. Even better for the show would be for about half of them to leave. But I hear that is not happening.

So, for those of you who don’t read everything. The bottom line is that Kenya, Kandi, and Cynthia seem secure. Kenya is for sure because she was the only one invited to Upfronts.  I forgot about that. If you notice the tentative alliance between Nene and Kenya seemed to dissolve after Kenya went to Upfronts. Shortly thereafter, Nene’s tour got really salty and she started coming for Kenya talking about how she is the reason Kenya has a job. She said it about the others in general but the mean stuff was toward Kenya. That was because of Upfronts. You know how Nene gets when she feels slighted. If Nene had a contract for this season, she would have definitely been at Upfronts. But she doesn’t and that is 90% her fault.

Phaedra and Porsha testing with their new competition, Maryam.

Phaedra and Porsha testing with their new competition, Maryam.

This puts Nene, Phaedra, Porsha and Sheree all in sort of  wait and see place.  Nene’s ability to work out an agreement has a big impact on the other three. There are three ladies waiting in the wings. That is seven people and three peaches as it stands now.  I think Nene will probably hold a peach in the openings whether she is full time or not. She’s the last OG of RHOA. So there will be three peaches for the other six to fight over either way. Porsha is in a way competing for a peach with the new girls, while also hoping at least one of them gets a peach as well. She really needs someone to film with. But what the hell would either Porsha or Phaedra’s storyline be? They better come up with one fast!

By the way, I tried to see if any of my sources knew anything about RHOBH casting. They didn’t really. They did tell me that RHOBH doesn’t do pick up letters in the same way that Atlanta does. Remember I have always said that RHOBH has a whole different everything.  I did hear that change is in the air and that is why only Kyle Richards went to Upfronts this season.  LVP is doing her usual routine about not being sure if she wants to come back. Trust me, she does. And Yolanda, Rinna, Eileen and Kathryn are up in the air. I would be SHOCKED if Erika Jayne is not back. I would be SHOCKED if Kathryn is back. As it stands now they are a good six weeks at least behind RHOA and no final decisions or offers have been made. Kyle is the only sure bet.  It was VERY, VERY, VERY odd that only Kyle and Kenya came to Upfronts this time. And both of them are already locked down for the next season. Other than that? Well, we will be watching that Pass the Peach game as usual.

So stay tuned. I’ll let you know when I have more news.


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42 responses to “RHOA Casting Tea: The Pass The Peach Game Begins… And a Bit of RHOBH Tea on The Side

  1. Is there any chance they will feature Phaedra’s trial with Angela Stanton? I’d love to see that.

  2. Randi

    This is some thorough tea! I love it.

  3. MegaFan

    Great article TT. But honestly, Kandi should be considered the head of RHOA. She’s been in more episodes now than NeNe, and she’s more popular than Nene. I really hope Porsha doesn’t come back, and it would be interesting to see how Phaedra deals with court and filming at the same time.

  4. Dalton T.

    This post completely made my day Tamara! Thanks for the #RHOA tea. Ironic, I tweeted Andy, Carlos King, and even Bravo last week saying that as long as Kenya, Cynthia, and Kenya are back for Season 9 I’d be happy. Looks like my prayers have been answered! It’s going to be a good season :)

  5. beth

    I *might* watch RHOA if Phaedras’s trial is featured, but then again, she might win and that would be depressing … hmmm ..

  6. Cat

    What a mess! Are the ratings still high enough to warrant such drama behind the scenes? Or is Andy just beating a dead horse?

  7. tamaratattles

    As desperate as Phaedra is for a storyline, there has never been a single mention of this case on the show. I imagine there is zero chance of that happening.

    • Minky

      I’m kind of surprised they’re gonna keep Phaedra (probably/allegedly). She’s turned into a one-trick-pony. All she does is shade Kenya, make Kandi cry, and ho around with Porsha, all while being pretty obviously lude-ed out. Without Apollo around Phaedra has become as dull as paint. At least Porsha causes drama, not that I like Porsha’s brand of drama. But you know what I mean.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Andy seems to adore Phaedra and Porsha for some unexplained reason. After Porsha assaulted Kenya he said something like “Bravo will ALWAYS have a place for Porsha”. He was practically crying. It’s bizarre.

      • bria

        Oh Minky, you are the sister in my head. Phaedra need to take a rest off this show. Besides, looking at her do pretend play with those boys on camara, there’s nothing entertaining from her end.

    • CanadaCat

      Too bad. Phaedra should just embrace her shade and make storylines off her sketchy ways. TGAT would be good tv!

    • Randi

      Why do you think that is Tamara? Why does Bravo let her get away with that?

  8. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    Aw, I love Kathryn. Though I’d hate for her to disappoint me in her second season which has happened so often, so maybe it’s for the best if she doesn’t come back.

  9. Ms.Minnie

    It’s so sad that most of the other housewives shows seem to go perfectly with storylines and new wives but bravo, Andy and carlos can’t get it right with the Atlanta ladies. While I may fill Cynthia and Kandi are boring I feel they could at least spark viewer interest for season 9 if one Cynthia is truly seperated from Peter and if porsha is let go to see how kandi and Phaedra can work on possibly reconciling without her thot @$$ in the background giving her two cents. Porsha was seen in a bar with her ex boyfriend a week ago, so obviously bravo is still trying make porsha happen when we are actually over her. People call kenya all types of names but porsha goes and shops for a new man each season just for a storyline to keep her peach. Honestly us as viewer’s are tired of bravo trying to fool us with RHOA, “Married To Medicine:Atlanta” has better women and storylines and there in the same damn city as RHOA so what does that tell you? I honestly feel if Nene heart isn’t in RHOA anymore just give her a FOH and let her film with ladies when she’s available. If bravo doesn’t add at least two or three women to the show and if the lineup is the same as last season with Porsha and Phaedra against Kenya, and Phaedra and Kandi not truly trying to work things out then I can bet season 10 won’t happen because nothing has progressed and changed. Here’s to hoping we can get new wives and better storylines for season 9.

    • Minky

      While the women on M2M are more book smart and well spoken than the Wives, their story lines are dreadful. That Darren thing last season was horrible and degrading as all fuck to both women AND gay men. Bravo already jumped the shark with that show in the most distasteful way. What makes it even more disgraceful is that these women are all educated and work in a field where caring and concern for your fellow man should be their top priority.

      I believe that Nene would love to be a full-timer on RHOA. All of these other gigs she’s doing are probably chump change she’s managed to hustle based on her RHOA fame in comparison to those “Bravo checks!” she’s been such a braggart about in the past. According to TT’s explanation, Nene’s gotten to a point where she wants to have her cake and eat it too, like LVP or Bethenny, but she refuses to eat any humble pie. And it looks like Andy refuses to play Nene’s game.

      • Dracla Dunning

        I’m totally in agreement with your opinion of the M2M cast, Minky. Trying to be cool they used all that drag queen lingo and appeared so uncouth. I thought the cast for that series was repulsive. Especially the one who considered herself HBIC and her mother. I bailed at the beginning of season three and never looked back.

    • Weirdiskate

      Cynthia just announced they’re separated so I’m hoping this plays out awesomely on the show

  10. J Stone

    They should definitely switch things up. Cynthia can go. Kandi is blah. Kenya can stay if she keeps her new boo. Sheree never really had a genuine storyline since S01. Phaedra and Apollo can go. Nene and her attitude and wigs and delusion can stay. Porsha needs Cordell. Being a THOT isn’t interesting.

  11. lori

    There have been a bunch of commercials for To Tell the Truth this past week, but I didn’t pay attention to when it’s premiering.

    • rainidaze

      I just saw a commercial for TTTT and it premieres 6/14 on ABC.

      • Plus they’re double running the episodes one at 8/7central and then another one at 10/9 central. That give the appearance that the show turned out poorly and they’re just burning them all off as quickly as they can during the first couple of weeks of summer.

    • Yeah, I’ve seen bunches of them. They’ve all played up the Anthony Anderson and/or Betty White aspect but not a single one of them mentions NeNe although you can see her in the wide shots they show of the set. I’m guessing she turned out to not be as quick or witty as she thought she would be or she’d at least be mentioned on one of them.

  12. GirlOnFire

    Cynthia just announced her separation from Peter just in time for filming, the fact that a 50 something year old woman uses her troubled marriage for a storyline and a peach is so sad. And why in the world does bravo not listen to us and replace Porsha and Phaedra? They come back each season with nothing new to talk about, but yet bravo won’t replace them. This show needs an overhaul immediately. Orange county and Jersey are the most anticipated seasons in the series and if bravo doesn’t get new women for Atlanta the show is done.

  13. Georgia

    Well Kudos to you Tamara. Didn’t you suggest Nene do her snarky version of success ah-la Nene vs.Bethany’s on stage monologue of skinny girl success secrets. I recall you said her fan club would flock to the events. We she did and they did! Just confirms she reads this blog…….. big time! Way to go!

  14. Bryn

    Thanks for the scoop Tamara :)

  15. Billie_bee

    Maybe Phaedra’s story line will be her divorce from Apollo and dating with Porsha mentoring her in THOT ways. Otherwise I don’t know what it will be.

  16. Sabrina

    Terrific tea, TT- why wouldn’t Bravo cover the Angela Stanton story? That I would watch- because my guess is we would see more about the real Phaedra than we ever have.

    Is Cynthia back to suffer through an expose about Peter? I can’t understand why else, unless it’s part of Nene’s demands-good grief, Bravo has been very desperate about staying with casts since the NY shakeup haven’t they- or why would they put up with Nene and these games? Last year was pitiful- I just don’t understand- she has offended more than she has intrigued viewers, I’d guess.

    Isn’t there a point at which they recast and reposition Atlanta? It’s messages are so beneath so many and offensive- and while it brings an audience it that really the one Bravo wants long term? There has been such an acknowledgement of it that if Bravo is smart it might try a new approach- isn’t it ripe for change?

    They go for something completely different everywhere else- then there’s the NJ crowd- but it has its own story this year.

    Thanks you so very much for the intelligent, timely, thoughtful info- it is both intriguing and fun!!

    • pfffttt

      Nene and Kenya both mentioned Angela on the season 5 reunion. Bravo edited a lot of it out but kept the part where Kenya told Phaedra she had Angela in her dressing room. Nene mentioned her on twitter and started following her. Nene really went after Phaedra for trying to film with her sister that hates her guts, that is where she debuted “you can never win when you play dirty.”

  17. More Tea Please!

    Are you saying that Nene never really moved her Big Ass into her Big House with the Big Ass Mortgage?

    If that’s true it must be because she is waiting for her Nene Leakes’ Big Ass Furniture line to come out.

  18. Barbara R

    In other Bravo news, the only showings of Tour Group have been moved to midnight on Tuesday here in SW Florida. Does this mean that Bravo has written off the series?

  19. JustJenn

    If Kyle and Kenya are back I’m happy. I hope Yolanda rides off into the sunset, but there’s no chance as long as her spawns are popular

  20. DarkThoughts

    Bring back Claudia!!!

    • Ms.Minnie

      Exactly especially since she’s now in a relationship with that fine actor from Tyler Perry’s “Have and Have Nots”

  21. Sweet T

    I want nene to come back so I can see what horrible wigs she will be wearing.

  22. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    Guess we will just have to wait and see. Although I cringe at the thought of the THOA women interacting with someone of a different ethnicity than them. Can you imagine? Does Porsha even know where Iran is?! I can hear the ignorant comments in my head already.

    • tamaratattles

      I’m sure Maryan will self identify as “Persian” on the show. I imagine Porsha’s taste in movies to run toward Disney movies like Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time so she will be fine.

  23. Jtmoney

    The only thing that doesn’t make sense about this is the whole “porsha and Phaedra” on limited contracts. I say this because usually when they test potential new housewives, they let them film with more “longstanding and established” housewives, with the housewives that they’re filming with being the sure thing (e.g. Mynique/Nene, Tammie/Cynthia). So seems odd that they would test new girls with people who might not even be mainstays. And who cares who Cynthia wants to film with. Unless she’s gonna give all the juicy deets about her marriage falling apart, her and her marriage that’s been failing for the past 4 seasons is day old bread. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

  24. Rach

    As long as Peter gets a peach I’ll be happy.

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