Mohammed and His Fiancée, Shiva Safai Have Dinner at Pump

RHOBH  Lisa LVP and Moh


Yolanda Hadid is not going to be happy about Mohammed’s choice of dining establishments Sunday night. Mohammed and fiancée, Shiva Safai stepped out for an evening spent at Pump with their pal Lisa Vanderpump. Shiva looks lovely with her new darker hair. In fact she looks a lot like Bella!

It doesn’t seem that Mohammed is in any hurry to rush down the aisle again.  Shiva has done a great job at keeping her age off the internet. How old is Shiva Safai?  She was born in Iran and raised in Norway so that keeps the secret!  She moved to LA at age 19. She has been engaged to Mohammed since 2014.

I love the fact that LVP has literally inserted herself between the couple While it is informative to us that Lisa and Mohammed are still fast friends, there could be a lot more information in this photo.

RHOBH Mohamed Hadid's house

The House of Hadid  from LA TIMES States the list price at $85 million

Shiva has been considered and come close to being a cast member of RHOBH for two seasons now. Last season it seemed as though she was going to be at the least an FOH, but when Yolanda’s Lyme disease became a subject, rumor has it that Mohammed was uncomfortable with her being in that position. So she had to drop out of filming.

The big question here is, will Bravo get rid of Yolanda? If so the Shiva could slide right in to that spot. She is considerably younger than the other wives and could appeal to the younger demographic.

Shiva is a business woman in her own right, she does some modeling for the charities she is involved with, loves to cook, arrange flowers and host dinners. And she is super pretty!

She would also be an ally of LVP which she sorely needs at the moment and my even make a good Hollywood friend for Erika who would need one if Yolanda is out.

Also I’d love to have the House of Hadid back, and Mohammed and all of his crazy drama.

Maybe I am  just dreaming, but I’d love her to take Yolanda’s diamond!  What do you think?


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52 responses to “Mohammed and His Fiancée, Shiva Safai Have Dinner at Pump

  1. Oh please make it happen!

  2. CanadaCat

    I’d be into it.
    So over Yo and her whining. Time for some fresh faces and fresh storylines! Shiva has good vibes.

  3. Lime Brain

    I love your way of thinking, but I doubt Bravo would ever get rid of Yolanda. She has those kids she likes to trot out and Bravo probably thinks they bring in viewers.

    I’m still hoping that Yolanda will get some other show to do, so she will leave Bravo on her own accord and I dont have to watch her.

  4. PrincessMimi

    Shiva has an um, allegedly, very very shady past. She’d be a fool to have more face time than she’s already had on RHOBH.

  5. Madashell

    Great addition of Shiva. Yolanda seems mentally ill and it is no fun watching her.Yolanda”s sick selfies are so strange and it seems mean to laugh at her so she needs to go.

  6. JustJenn

    We can all wish on every shooting star, but Andy is obsessed with being young and hip and likes to be linked to the Hadid girls. If Yolanda’s children were anyone else I think we would have seen a very different season

  7. therealdeb

    One could hope that Yolanda’s “journey” has come to an end, we need her gone

  8. T D

    No lemon merigue or key lyme served, only generous servings of humble pie an unknown flavor for someone not at the table

  9. Cat

    I hope that happens. I love lime, but am tired of Lyme.

  10. Carl

    Does it make me a horrible person that the thought of someone (ANYONE, I DON’T EVEN CARE IF IT’S A GRIP) physically snatching Yolanda’s diamond & shoving her out of frame, makes me euphoric? Ah, it’s not like I’m not already going to hell in a hand-basket. Why change now…

    • Calipatti

      Carl and a lot of us in here are going with you.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      It makes me euphoric as well…

      • Minky

        Mmm hmm. Hell to the yes! But first I want Yolanda to get exposed and then make a defeated, shameful exit. We need to bring back Brandi so she can do what she’s best at, aka “cause conflict”. Brandi does a 180 with everybody, (Adrienne, Lisa V., Kim) so why not Yolanda too?

  11. Frosty

    Eh. Not that excited, frankly. I’m ready for a brand new cast of RHOBH, straight up.

  12. Betty

    Did they go early for the senior special?

    • Minky

      Haaaaaaaa! Love it!!! 4pm, salisbury steak, mashed potatoes and tapioca pudding. The name “pump” actually refers to having your blood pressure taken after the meal. When they’re done eating they watch “Wheel of Fortune” on a big screen TV with the sound cranked. Good times! 👴 👵

  13. I have found Shiva to be lacking in personality. If she has one, it just hasn’t been shown yet. I imagine a lot of pearl clutching when LVP makes dirty jokes.

    • PrincessMimi

      The only pearls she would allegedly be clutching would be the kind no real woman wants, aka a pearl necklace.

  14. Bryn

    Start a petition ! 😉

  15. GlobalServices

    Yolanda’s a lot of things, but she isn’t dumb. In fact, she’s actually incredibly savy at handling herself in the HW world.

    She knows her Lyme story is nearing completion, so expect to see a Ramona-sequel “new beginnings” type transformation (cough, rehabilitation).

    This will leave her perfectly set up to execute her final and ultimate goal – taking down that old Crone Lisa V. Watch Yo go full bore and take the gloves off.

    That’s going to make great TV. And regarding Shiva – Phhh. Yo knows where those bones are buried (she’s a call girl), and can therefore pretty easily pull Shiva’s strings.

    Yo (with her 2 star model daughters) ainting nowhere!

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I agree Yo ain’t going nowhere, as much as I’d love to see her go. Shiva is too young for this show, flat out. I always hate it when they bring a young one on. Plus, she would be with LVP against Yo (and probably Erika) and while the drama would be epic, I can’t really see Mohammed allowing that to happen. It’s my dream that Yolanda is truly exposed for what she is but I doubt Mohammed or her kids want that to happen.

  16. CoBe

    Totally on board with that.

  17. Jessica White

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Shiva in, Yolanda out!

  18. Lindsay

    I’d be into it, she seems cool

  19. Sabrina

    I agree that Andy loves having something to lord over the Hadid girls, and think that means he may well support Yolanda and Erika’s desire for their own show, eventually, but after the quite mediocre
    BH season, think he will expect Erika to help repopulate BH meantime, into something fun again, first. Hopefully that means Yo takes a year off to. work on her Lyme platform- “book” – whatever.

  20. Amanda

    I can’t stand Yolanda. I don’t care who replaces her. I would even take Brandi back instead of her. I dislike Brandy, but I HATE watching Yolanda.

  21. alex1986

    I’ve always liked Shiva. (or what they’ve shown of her) She seems very classy and stays above the fray. While I think she would make an interesting cast mate I think for the sake of Mohammed and Lisa’s friendship she shouldn’t be more than an occasional guest at a RHOBH dinner party. I would hate to see Lisa and Mohammed at odds again.

  22. alex1986

    I realize this is the wrong Housewive franchise I’m about to comment on, but I was surprised they brought Meghan back to RHOC.

  23. Fizz

    Yes please! Yolanda’s journey is so exhausting, I think I’ve contracted Lyme disease from it.

  24. Jackie

    She looks so much like his daughter it’s kinda creepy…

  25. Lisa

    I find it very hard to believe that Shiva could ever have been a call girl. She comes from a decent family, and had her own business before meeting Mo. I think it’s just people extrapolating a fake past from her friendships with some shady people and her attendance at some shady parties. But not everyone who goes to a shady party, is shady. She’s Persian so she’s bound to know some shady middle-eastern characters, especially living in LA. As much as I would like to see more of her and Mo, I think that if she did do RHOBH it would ruin her relationship with Mo, and that would be sad, because I’m sure they are genuinely into each other. And who cares if he’s a lot older than her, all relationships are about what each person brings to the table. Whatever that may be.

    • tamaratattles

      ALLEGEDLY, Yo and Shiva are um, recruiting together for a service that Mo may or may not provide. I’m just saying. ALLEGEDLY that is the word on the curb and also how Mo know Joanna.. as rumors have it.

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