Southern Charm Recap: Saint and Sinners

Southern Charm Thomas


It’s time for Southern Charm so all hell is breaking loose.  Fireworks have been on sale in every single grocery store, gas station and pig trail for the past week and at 9 p.m. like clockwork the explosions start and the dog loses his mind and like ten other things happened disrupting what was until  15 minutes ago a very zen and pleasant day. I was actually eating a Zensational  salad when the shit started hitting the fan! /sigh.

Okay back to the show. Let’s get this baby out of Kathryn so we can have some drunk Kathryn this season! I missed the part last week when Landon said she just wanted to write content and have someone else run the website.  Yeah. That’s not how it works sweetie. I suppose you want them to pay for your trips as well. What you want to be is a writer for Conde Nast Traveler, just like every other bitch with a laptop. The line forms behind me. You can find me by listening for the fireworks and the dog barking his fool head off!

Ah we begin with K. Cooper Ray and Kathryn all is right in my world again. (But Banjo may literally be hyperventilating.)

But my mellow is quickly harshed by an LA scene where Whitney has found a grocery store to stock “his LA house” and cook for “his girlfriend.” I can’t type that without giggling. I wish they would show where he really lives in Weho. Allegedly.

K. Cooper Ray

K. Cooper Ray

Kathryn and K Cooper Ray are at a spa for a seaweed facial and reflexology. Kathryn claims never to have had a facial. Hey Shep, that Shakespeare quote you mangled last week is ” The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” And this is an appropriate time to use it. K Cooper Ray even loosens his bow tie for this. These two look like siblings. Which makes K Cooper Ray’s brotherly advice even more appropriate. He tries to warn her that she is headed down a road with Thomas again that didn’t got the way she wanted any of the previous times and she should not fall for it again. He’s more than twice her and not likely to change. K Cooper Ray tells her that he believes in her. She should so listen to him, but we all know she does not.

Thomas and his sycophant, JD are once again tasting bourbon. So of course, JD takes the opportunity to trash his good friend’s fetus’ mother.  JD seems to think the baby might not be Thomas’. Please.  It’s hilarious that these two are drinking bourbon out of a decanter.  If he had anything bottled and labeled he be going all Bethenny Frankel on us. And if he had anything ready to sell,  one would think it would mar his product to spend every second on the screen disparaging a twenty-four year old pregnant woman. He has the nerve to say that asking for a paternity test does not speak well to the character of the pregnant woman.  You know what doesn’t speak well to one’s character, yankedoodledandy?  Constantly trashing a pregnant woman on international television.

It’s time for a Craig and Naomie scene. Why can’t we ever have REAL CRAIG instead of new fake job every season? Oh God, they are going to have a Sonja Morgan type imaginary launch for this Bourbon.  I can’t with this. Why is Craig happy to look like an idiot douchebag every season.

The evil pod person that is inhabiting Cameran’s body this season meets with the shrill voiced delusional Landon who has decided to play the villain this season, albeit with tremendous competition,  at one of those stupid pottery painting places that I was quite sure went out in the late seventies.  Remember those green ceramic Christmas trees with the little holes for Lite-Brite type lights?  Actually, they opt to make candles. Apparently, we are going to pretend that Landon is not fluffing Thomas and that she is really interested in Shep.  I do not understand why we can’t have real storylines!

Southern Charm  Bromance

Time for the LA Boys Trip

Larissa is sleeping again in the house,  AKA probably at her girlfriend’s house. Allegedly. New Craig tries to apologize to HalfWhit. A tentative truce is reached and sealed with a lackluster bro hug. Who gets paid for the Coors Light promotion? Bravo? HalfWhit and New Craig? Or both? Shep talks about that perfectly drunk moment when you are really good at pool. I thought that was just me!  Then two more beers later and you start to suck again, but you no longer care. Larissa wakes up so they can all go out.  They go to a private party that has been fully staffed with models. Or as Shep says models and bottles Which in the south actually  rhymes, by the way.  But Shep has deliberately worn a ball cap and southern frat boy attire to work his magic. This may not go over so well in L.A.  He would do better to mention all of his family’s properties.

Stella is paying out the ass on Bravo shows, these days. First GG brings some to Asa’s house and neither of them really drink beer And now it is prominently place at the filming location.  I guess the product placement covered the cost of renting this house. Next, we have a masseuse come to the filming site to rub down Craig.

Southern Charm Beast of Bourbon Shep Craig

The Ridiculous “Bourbon Launch”

It’s amazing how they are literally trying not so show the fake labels at THE LAUNCH!  They literally hide it behind glassware. It looks like it has a polo horse on the label. LOL. Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon has a horse and jockey stopper, and amazingly this launch is at a horse race. It’s all such a convoluted deception.  Right down to the Charleston Cup. Which they broke, apparently. There will be no Charleston Cup this year. I’m serious.

I was totally sure that Shep was lying about his Grandpa dying. They put up a photo and I’m like, isn’t that the elder George Bush? But it may be the only real thing that has happened on this ridiculous episode. So no Shep,no Kathryn, no Thomas. And probably no K. Cooper Ray. Does this mean I can fast forward this fiasco?

They show an oak barrel that has “Gentry Distillers Est. 2015” So of course I run a quick trademark check for that. Nope. It can be yours in the USofA for  $199 filing fee.  The only thing the least bit amusing about this rained out fiasco is the red carpet lady, which is literally Some chick in a red gown with a super long train pulled out to be a red carpet.  It’s hysterical. Does that step and repeat really say “veteran owned and operated”? I am not even going to address that. This cast doesn’t even know to wear a hat to a horserace. And it’s raining so it’s even more reason to wear one.  Kathryn would have. As would K. Cooper Ray.

Southern Charm Kathryn and Thomas

The Baby Drama

Thomas and Kathryn meet to plan their trip to hatch the boy the next day. Thomas tells Kathryn that this one is going to be worse than the last one. Way to be supportive, Dickweed.  Thomas was in the room last time and since this one has to be induced it seems like he can’t be in there? Why not? Plenty of women have C-Sections with the father in the room. Kathryn does legitimately look scared about having the baby. We get a fake call from “Thomas’ Decorator” and he says he is needed at the house to make decisions, even though we have seen his completely decorated home for weeks now. Again, surely with these two there is enough real shit going on without making up stuff to make Thomas look even worse.

Kenzie is such a happy baby. Kathryn and Thomas are getting a bit emotional and touchy feely. Kathryn is falling for the fantasy again. She’s in love with who she thinks Thomas is. Thomas offers to stay at Kathryn’s but she send him home so she can get some sleep. The meet up the next morning at five thirty to go spawn a little Thomas. Dear God the sonograms on the fridge look like a demon child.  I hate when people show me their sonograms. They never look like anything, really. Thomas shows up on time and they both seem very excited. Especially given the nature of the hour. Kathryn holds his hand all the way to the hospital.

Omg. St Julien Rembert Ravenel is adorable.

Sorry for the delay, I was ready on time I promise!  It appears I will be living in a war zone every night until sometimes after the fouth of July. Assuming the fools don’t burn down the ghetto before then.  Off to recap #RHOD whether  I want to or not!


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103 responses to “Southern Charm Recap: Saint and Sinners

  1. BravoHo

    Can we talk about fireworks and how much I hate them, also They are terrifying for dogs, children and many seriously (seriously) autistic children
    Enough. My dog goes nuts and I don’t blame him. It’s like the drive-thru car wash as a child. TERRIBLE!!!!!

  2. mizjanfen

    Am I the only one who finds it weird when Whitney goes to wake Shep he responds give me a min and Whitney say ok baby!!!!

  3. Calipatti

    Me three, I don’t enjoy the home grown fireworks. There are not done anywhere out here on Memorial Day, none for sale.
    Thomas and JD act like twin asses.

  4. Calipatti

    I’ve always thought Whitney wants Shep, I don’t understand it.
    Poor Kathryn, she is projecting her dream life on Shep, he might want the babies, he doesn’t want her.

    When a man wants a women he is all over her, no one and nothing will stop him.
    Craig is immature, as are most of these men. UGH!

  5. The Struggle is Real

    Admittedly, I’m in love with the idea of a “happy ever after”. Having said that, Kathryn should really try and keep her emotions in check where Thomas is concerned. I can see why she’s smitten with him, but he’s a 50 year old man with the mind of an 18 year old.

    • tamaratattles

      I agree entirely but I do sort of want to see them work things out. Sadly, I’m thinking like Kathryn and this will never happen.

      • Kathryn is too young to realize she’s in love with the man she wishes Thomas were. Somebody pack her off to a good female therapist, please, and get her off this train wreck not- reality show. Ummm…those children she insists on having are real.

  6. Jessica

    I cannot find the exact picture I am thinking of but if you Google less than zero graduation photo the pic that comes up is so similar to me of the pic posted here of shep Whitney and Craig…of course Whitney is jami gertz. I feel like there is another one of the boys in blazers that is even more spot onl but I can’t find it.

  7. I think this is the first time I have ever been happy to ive in the drought ridden CA, because fireworks are a very big nono. It happens around the 4th of July, but thats it.

    • tamaratattles

      This is new for us. Maybe a year? I dunno. But there are fireworks everywhere. I heard someone yell after a big one. I hope they blew their had off and it’s all over the news.

      When I was going home from Target, the through road in the ghetto had guys in a driveway shooting some kinda thing into the road. Lots were not making it that far (thankfully as I was driving by) and going off under the powerlines. Smoke everywhere.

  8. Laura

    You wouldn’t do a trademark check on Gentry Distilleries since that isn’t the product name, it’s where the product is made. The product is called Gentry Bourbon and the trademark for same was filed in March 2016.

  9. Laura

    You can find the trademark application if you search Gentry Charleston Lowlands which was filed under Gentry Distilleries LLC.

    • Elle

      Tamara – Care to comment on this? Wondering how it is that you’re so confident – or if it’s just a nuance you understand that the rest of us don’t?

  10. Lindsay

    Das Beard was really laying it on thick tonight. She couldn’t stop laughing when she said him cooking was sexy. The promise ring thing was also a riot, going steady, he’s terrible at explaining slang.
    Craig’s a goddamn mess. He tried to tell everybody he shouldn’t do shots tho. I died when Landon said he had “LA flu”.
    Speaking of, does Cameran really think she’s got a chance with Shep or is she just fucking with her?
    Shep looked broke AF at that party. No play in LA!

  11. Wallace

    Landon wants to start a website but doesn’t want to have anything to do with the website. That reminds me of a friend who was sure she could get a job where she could travel and ‘study stuff’. Pipe dream.

  12. microop

    What JD said about Katherine having other partners is outrageous… As though Thomas didn’t? These peoples sexism really shows when they refuse to hold Thomas to the same standard. And if he is hooking up with Landon, then they are both trash.

  13. JRob

    Hey TT, I freaking love your site and I’m a first time commenter. I’m just shocked as hell (but no judgement, you know LOTS of stuff) that you don’t know why JD’s “bourbon” is only discussed but no labels are shown and the barrel only bares the distillery name and not its contents. There is an obscure American law (some people in the liquor biz are fully aware) that all whiskey baring the name “bourbon” on its label MUST be distilled and bottled in Kentucky AND you cannot get a license to bottle bourbon until you established residency IN KENTUCKY. That means the distillery has to be in Kentucky too. Last time I checked, they are distilling and bottling in NC. Gently Distillers are making whiskey. End of story. It will never be marketed or massed produced as bourbon, period. Sorry JD, you ain’t got enough money or friends to change he outcome of this. It will never see the light of day unless all operations are moved to KY. ☹️

    • JRob

      That’s why there’s no trademark, he doesn’t want to admit he producing whiskey, not bourbon.

    • tamaratattles

      Yes so all of what you just said is imaginary. There are a good half a dozen yankee distilleries in NY that get a lot of attention. There is also one or maybe two in JD’s homeland of Colorado.

      Dude is trying to sell whatever is in that bottle for 54 bucks each through an only sort of Etsy of Alcohol joint called Passion Spirits. It’s all kind of hilar.


      • tamaratattles

        The “Gentry Bourbon” FB page claims they are sponsors of Spoleto Festival 2016 am I overlooking their name? They are in a bar and literally propping up a piece of paper with their name on it.

      • JRob

        Sorry TT, I have been schooled. I have to admit that I was going off second hand info from the early 90’s, which was quite accurate at that time (you couldn’t find a bottle of bourbon that had not been bottled & distilled in KY for purchase in the US) and even though there are now distillers in a few other states, 95% of all bourbon sold in the US today, comes from KY.

      • JoJoFLL

        Tamara, I was able to finally go back and look at the Gentry Bourbon page and it looks like they had paid to be an exhibitor at one of the Spoleto Events. They looked more booth/exhibitor than sponsor.

        I would imagine a Spoleto sponsorship would easily be in the six figures. Especially a title sponsor.

  14. Fizz

    I thought it was strange that Katherine was eating and drinking before her scheduled c section. I thought that was a major no no before any kind of anesthesia, especially for pregnant women. But, I don’t have kids so what do I know. Her kids are gorgeous.

    • Wallace

      She never said she was having a c-section, only that she was being induced.

      • Jane

        Me too. I was told not to eat or drink anything before giving birth, albeit a few decades ago.

      • Yes, she was not having a C-section – only being induced but still, you should not be eating first. It’s all going to come back out in a very unpleasant manner.

    • tracybean

      Hi Fizz, she had an induction, not a C-section. This is usually where they break your water in order to jump-start contractions; she also mentioned they planned to give her Pitocin, which also starts/accelerates contractions. You don’t need to worry about anesthesia with an induction, therefore you can eat. Signed, a person who has had two inductions. 😉

      • tamaratattles

        AH, Thanks Tracey. I was missing that point as well. I don’t know how my mid went to C section. Now it all makes sense.

      • hannahkingrose

        Not only was it an induction instead of a C-Section but even though Thomas was being an ass and unsupportive with his statement about this birth being worse, he was probably right. Using Pitocin to jumpstart contractions makes them come faster, closer together, and be more painful. At least in both my pregnancies it did. Went from watching movies on t.v. for several hours to begging for morphine when the Pitocin kicked in to getting nothing for pain because I was progressing too fast to my first child being born after an hour and a half of pure torture.

      • jen

        Yes getting induced sucks. I hated it.

    • jen

      Being induced is not a c section. Its forcing labor with medication typically done if the baby is late. A c section is a surgery they open you and take the baby out. I’ve had both. Very different.

      • Sharon

        You can also be induced early ig you have pre-eclampsia which is a condition Katherine had with this pregnancy.It can be fatal for the Mom and can cause serious birth defects for the baby if not treated properly. No wonder she was anxious!

    • Fizz

      Got it! That makes sense now. Thanks!

    • Kimberly

      I work in a NICU and deal with labor and delivery. Used to work in Charleston for five years. I’m assuming she is delivering at either East Cooper or Mt Pleasant Hospital. Regardless of how you are delivering, especially if you are “high risk”, they do not want you eating or drinking anything in the event you need an emergent c-section.

  15. Valentine

    I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but I thought it was weird that the family photos in JD’s office were facing outward instead of towards him where he could see them. It’s like he’s trying to show other people he’s something he’s really not. I feel bad for his wife because she seems like a nice person. Ugh Landon. What a bum.

  16. Mlncasas

    I really like Cooper!
    If there are “un”written rules about maintaining a concubine in the U S, shouldn’t a house for the children until the youngest turns 18 be a rule? Cameron, NO ONE IS READY FOR A BABY! You adapt and cry a lot!!!! But you realize you never REALLY EVER had control and you just do your best and love. …. And allow your children to bond with grandparents INORDER TO GIVE YOU A BREAK (some are not as fortunate). Most of all you dumb fuck German model, a promise ring is considered an asset, even if it just the weight in gold! If u don’t want the ring at least get real estate or a car! I would prefer the loving husband …. But I did get the ring the car and the house

    • Auntie Velvet

      There’s a difference between realizing that you’re not feeling in charge like you expected to be once you become a parent — and what Cameron seems to be feeling, like she’s not wanting to be a parent yet, if ever. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is really trying to find peace with not becoming a mother, ever.

      • jessica

        thank you autie velvet – it drives me crazy that she seems to think something is wrong with her because she simply DOES NOT WANT to have babies-it is better to realize that it is not for you than to say F it I will give it a shot, cry a lot and deal with it. not having babies is a valid choice and I cant believe in 2016 it is still hard for people to understand and they continue to try to convince and cajole people into being mothers when they express doubts.

      • tamaratattles

        When I was in my 20s I wasn’t averse to the idea of having kids, but in my 30s I felt like I didn’t want to have them later in life. My parents had me when my mother was about 40 and Dad was …I dunno 43? So I was raised by parents who were a generation older than most of my peers.I didn’t want to be going to PTA meetings a 50.

        SO, at a certain point, I knew that I didn’t want to marry some of the guys I really liked who wanted kids. SO I DIDN’T MARRY THEM.

        My problem with Cameran IF THIS REALLY IS A REAL STORYLINE is that this is something one considers before they get married. Do we both have the same desires when it comes to having kids at all? Do we agree on what religious beliefs (if any) they will be raised by? Do we agree on discipline?

        Cameran IF THIS REALLY IS A STORYLINE is just as bad as the girls who marry guys who don’t want to be fathers and then get themselves knocked up because they want kids and do it anyway.

      • Auntie Velvet

        I’m not sure it’s really super-irresponsible of Cameron (if real situation, etc.). I think it’s pretty typical to tell yourself that you’ll feel ready after a couple of years of marriage, and then realize that feeling is not coming. And probably typical of the husband to tell himself and his bride that she just THINKS she won’t be a great mother, but she will be, because…uterus, I guess.

        I checked in with myself at around 25 and married and said…NOPE. Three years later, I was ready for kids, so no big drama ensued. Cameron is still feeling that “nope” in her early 30s, though, so I can see why she feels a bit cornered on the subject.

      • Jessica

        TT yes I think she knows what she doesn’t want but was worried about a storyline and created this for herself. Pretty sure we are on the same page. Little did she know she would inadvertently turn into the villain. Lol. Could have saved all the baby angst

  17. Margarett

    Once again you’ve outdone yourself, Tamara. Great recap!

    Oh, Mr. Banjo, I’m sorry about the fireworks! Our Scottie, Dame Mackey, felt the same as you. She had to take tranquilizers on the Fourth of July and New Years Eve. I will admit to envying her drugs just a bit.

    Anyway, this is my favorite Bravo show, and I am most disappointed that even when it would be better the folks at Bravo choose to show us phony crap…most disappointing.

  18. Gladyskravitz

    Did anyone else notice the uncensored Sex Pistols poster in Whitney’s house?

  19. Puddy

    When Larissa and Whitney first kiss over breakfast it looks like 2 magnets of the same polarity repelling each other. Totally agree that all the bashing of a pregnant woman – especially one in a high risk pregnancy – is despicable. Why doesn’t T-Rav see the poor character of his fake friends? Katherine clearly loves Thomas and seeing them as a family together and how Kensie adores her daddy and how children need the support and nurturing of a loving nuclear family – I just wish that T-Rav would think for himself and make that happen and marry Kathryn. His children and Kathryn need and deserve that help and happiness. This is his family for Lord’s sake! and he is not that old but not getting any younger. What is he waiting for? Why would he hesitate? Bc of the naysaying of the pickled family minister and insipid Whitney? He should just marry Kathryn and embrace his beautiful wife and children and create a loving home for them with two parents.

    • CJN

      Agreed! TRav doesn’t even know how happy his life could be if he just stopped being so selfish. Look around at your so called friends, TRav. Are any of them living the perfect life? Not by far.

  20. More Tea Please!

    Larissa and Whitney – What utter fakeness! Supposedly in love, haven’t seen each other in 2 months and he has houseguests less than 24 hours after she arrives? I call BS.

  21. Cindy

    Thomas needs to check the paternity and I have no idea why he would not marry the mother of his children…good enough to mother his children but not good enough to marry? That is absurd. Almost as absurd as Whitney and his pretend girlfriend.

    • Shae

      It’s not a matter of being “good enough”, those two are like oil and water. Have you seen the chaos and mayhem that ensues when they are a couple? They should NEVER get married for the sake of their sanity and their kids’ well-being.

      Unfortunately, sometimes people who are WHOLLY incompatible have kids together and in those cases, they definitely should not get married simply because they have children together. That would be an entirely toxic and unhappy home :(

  22. Tracy

    Kathryn needs a spin off. I think she’s just that interesting.

    • Shar Woods

      Whitney better watch out. The way this show is heading downhill, it could be cancelled after the current season. Kathryn has a huge fan base and a spinoff show is a real possibility, especially since the Southern Charm cast refuses to film with her.

      • Puddy

        Agree! A spin-off for Kathryn would be fabulous! As Kathryn is the bright, beautiful star of the show… and bring along Cooper Ray too! Watching Patti, Whitney, “I don”t want children even though my husband does” Cameran, Landon, and JD — is like watching paint dry. They are just so dried out and and mean.. but most unforgiveable of all – they are SO BORING!!!

  23. Jane

    Best recap ever!

  24. Auntie Velvet

    This show is full of instances of people talking about innocuous details in tones of great significance, but never spitting out what the hell they mean.

    Why Is J.D. so irritated by Katherine’s early inducement? It really sent him down the paternity test road again. Is he trying to suggest that she’s really full-term, and that the baby would obviously not be Thomas’ if she was actually 9 months along instead of 8-ish?

  25. Does anyone else think that Naomie is catching on to the fact that there is no “there” there with Craig? He hasn’t changed a bit. Lazy, entitled brat with an incredible wardrobe. Run, Naomie, Run.

    • tamaratattles

      Agreed. She is probably already looking for her next role.

    • Sharon

      I hope she eventually sees the light. Sad to say but he seems to still have a huge alcohol problem and is cadaverous looking. I remember taking care of patients in detox who were later stages of alcoholism who were that painfully skinny. Although on his Instagram he is on another exotic trip with Naomie and they look happy and he looks a bit healthier. Craig seems deluded with what he thinks a person actually does in Manager level “job” with JD and is coming off looking lazy and adolescent like. I actually like Craig and I really hope he gets it together and passes the bar exam, moves back home to Delaware and has a great life. His parents seem lovely and being close to his family would be stabilizing rather than trying to hang with the idle rich.

  26. Meri

    I love this show but last night made me sad. Whitney’s fake, unlived in house…..his fake girlfriend who he had zero chemistry with….his obvious desire for Shep and Thomas….Landon and her flat faced evilness and poor Katherine, a beautiful, VERY young women who is totally under the spell of T-Rav who has the mental age of a 6th grader. Fire works on Memorial Day? A day to remember the dead who served the country and died? Really…fire works? Can you imagine the way the living vets must feel hearing that banging and crashing sound…like gunfire on the battle front. Cruel and out of bounds for humans and dogs who are totally innocent.
    I don’t know what point they are trying to make with this show this season but it is failing to interest me and making me feel bad.
    Your blog captured the absolute sadness and pointlessness of the entire season. I can’t stand JD and hope that his deception is exposed on the show. He is a fake and a con man and he is the perfect partner for uncaring, man-child T-Rav. I pity JD’s wife and everyone else involved with himn and his bogus life. The baby boy is cute and Kenzie is sweet and that’s about all I can say about this mess that’s good and kind.

  27. Meri

    Whitney..he turns on this huge smile at the most inappropriate times and I sense that behind it is some kind of violence. Just a hunch…Whitney is a scary dude.
    Shep…he seems sweet and kind but why is he so lonely and adverse to a relationship that lasts beyond a few days or weeks?
    Craig…does he stand for anything at all?
    T-Rav…pathetic, sad and lost
    A cast of men who are stunted in their growth in too many ways to count.

    • Meri

      I discovered that some people in my city were using fireworks to celebrate graduations so that could be one of the reasons for their use on Memorial Day. It’s that time of year and lots of graduations are taking place this month and in June.

  28. Auntie Velvet

    I do appreciate this episode, because there are little glimpses of Thomas that show why it’s been so hard for her to fully disengage from him. He can be truly sweet and charming once in a while. That side of him shows up just often enough, I’m sure, to keep her on the line whenever she’s about to cut him out of her heart for good.

  29. Justin the Nick of Time

    I honestly believe that Thomas would have married Kat by now if she weren’t so possessive and irrational. While he is a total fool for inpregnating her twice, I totally get his reluctance to marry her. He wouldn’t ever, ever get to leave the home for fun with the guys. She would stalk him and harass him if he even considered having a social life outside of her. He should do right by his offspring, but his most sensible decision (post inpregnation), is to NOT marry that deranged woman. FYI: I am a female married for twenty-one years. Obsessing over a man is a quick way to a lifetime of unhappiness AND divorce.

    • Puddy

      Excuse me, but all you are doing is trying to character assassinate Kathryn, who is a loving mother, and way more matute than her decrepit “elders” on this show, who are jealous of Kathryn’s youth, beauty, personality and talent. You say that Thomas should not marry Kathryn, the mother of his children, and give them the nurturing, security, confidence and happiness that a nuclear family provides – because he will “never be able to go out with the guys?” And this is your “elderly” advice, based on your years of experience? Sorry, but your comments are ridiculous.

    • JoJoFLL

      Possessive and irrational? I’m guessing you’ve never heard of pregnancy, because, hormones.

  30. Crazydoesit

    I just read someone refer to Whitney as Count Chocula and I cannot stop laughing 😂😂😂😂

  31. Sam

    I don’t believe for one minute that the good doctor married Cameron knowing she doesn’t want children when he does want then. I’m not in love with her fake storyline. As a woman of 45 who chose to not have children, I still (STILL) have people tell me how much I’m going to regret it. I put this storyline in the same category as the fake cancer on RHOBH and I wish to hell they would just drop it, already.

    I feel bad for Kathryn, despite her poor decisions. It’s just hard to believe that she wasn’t aware of the arrangement he wanted before she ever conceived. It’s 2016, fercrissakes. More power to you, but birth control is really easy to come by.

    • Shae

      I didn’t take it as Cameran knew she never wanted kids and he married her anyway. It sounded like she’s been on the fence and like many women, figured the need for kids might kick in when she’s married/settled/ready, etc. She’s only in her early 30’s, I believe. Last season and this she kept referencing not being “ready”, that’s not usually the language of a woman who knows and who has known for some time she never wants them. She’s been saying she’s telling her husband she’s not ready yet, and he is, I can understand thinking you might get to a place where you want them, and then just not. He can’t be mad at her for that, nothing was misrepresented.

    • Mittenteacher

      As a woman of 41 who chose to not have children, I just ask them if they ever regret having children. This usually shuts them up.

      • Shae

        I wish I had the balls to say that lol. I’m 35 and I still get the whole, “oh, you’ll change your mind” bit. Drives me insane. I don’t presume to tell women who know they do want kids that they actually don’t, and tell them to reconsider, yet my choices and preferences seem to be up for debate lol

        Regardless, I hope the only situation in which Cameran, or any woman has a baby, is because she is ready and actually wants to. No kid should be born to please only one person/parent.

  32. GillianFirst

    Great recap Tamara!

    Checked out Larissa and whitney’s intagrams and they are not even following each other! No surprise there.

    Also on bravo’s site they have Katherine’s baby shower that wasn’t aired for some reason. Cameron was there, looking anxious. Weird since she said she didn’t want to be involved with Katherine.

    It must be a fake job for Craig because he is literally doing intern work, it’s so weird.

    Katherine tweeted that Thomas and JD already knew the paternity at the time of shooting that scene when they questioned it…

    Cameron encouraging Landon about Shep was so disgenious!! Cameron looked like she couldn’t care less. Guess it’s just as Tamara said, it’s to distract from a Thomas and Landon thing.

    Used to like this show and Katherine is kind of a reality star but soooo much fakery : /

  33. S

    I AGREE the cast mates should not say a bad word about a pregnant woman, its low class. I also think shame on Cameran for refusing a coffee with Katherine, who clearly and ernestly was just reaching out for a friend during a lonely time. I must say though, that Katherine has a pretty sweet deal with a full time nanny. Kenzie is really really cute. Cameran and Shep’s platonic relationshop is ultra wierd, especially when he dances with her and dips her and goes on boat rides and lunch dates with her.

  34. jen

    I love cooper!! I also love the Woodhouse spa. So nice. Katheryn throughout this episode was really raw and honest. I just feel for her. Thomas is a dumb fuck to not treat her like gold.

  35. Hatty

    Always thought Whitney was deeply embedded in the closet and his affections are really directed at the “man who done him wrong” and that was Craig.

  36. Shae

    I’ve mentioned before Kathryn is not my favorite, hell, I barely like anyone on this show anymore lol, but I definitely felt for her as she looked genuinely scared before the birth. I can only imagine. Things are not as she thought they would be, it’s her second kid with this asshole who does nothing but cause her problems and be volatile, etc. I felt badly for her.

  37. Schwartzedeutshe

    You had me at “thomas and his sycophant.”

  38. JJ Pants

    Is there a pool anywhere about how much longer Craig and Naomi’s relationship will last before she comes to her senses?

  39. IMO

    Did anyone else think that Whitless” LA home was very much like the home used by Sledge (RHOC) who has an inane show with his ex Jo about her dating other men. Stupid concept. But that house looks very familiar. Sledge currently dates Gerkin.

  40. Theresa

    I slept through this yesterday. Ugh! But I did find a benefit to reading the recap first…..I know what to look for.

    I looked last week for gentry bourbon and only found the passion place that TT menationed. Asked at my favorite liquor store and while we can’t get it in FL, it seems they can special order in SC only for $42. Pricy for unknown swill. I wonder if and when it would actually show up. Ugly bottle too. The horse head reminds me of the godfather.

    Tonight I get a double header of my 2 fav reality shows. Below deck and southern charm. Will be on look out for aforementioned sex pistols poster.

  41. Frosty

    Maybe I’m just becoming more sensitized to it, but the misogyny in this episode was just such a turnoff. The others are just jackasses and ninnies. Cameran’s acting like a jackass and Landon Vocal Fry has to go.
    For me these shows generally burn out during season 3, when they reach a point of complete artificiality.
    And here we are.
    Gosh I feel grumpy tonight lol

  42. I loved that ridiculous red carpet! It was supposed to be so grand & then they shoved it into a breezy, cold tent. Epic.

  43. mar

    So gentry bourbon really is sold in Charleston. You can get it at sermets (of course) and I also saw it at a roof top bar on King.
    Sermets served it with lime garish though- I thought was very weird.

  44. Denise

    I find it strange that they showed her eating breakfast the morning of her induction. Everyone knows the doctor told her not to eat.

  45. cheychey

    I love that Craig stood up to Whitney and outed his situation with Katherine. Everyone’s reaction was ridiculous. You can’t offend the mighty Whitney. At least someone tried to stand up for Katherine and why a lot of this animosity towards her started. Far be it that Thomas be the one to stand up for the honor of his babies mother. The easiest way to get over some looser your in love with is the attention of someone else. I hope to see now that the baby is born maybe Katherine can move on and find a new boyfriend. I really think Thomas will realize what he lost once she moves on. It’s really a high to have some hot young thing chasing you around professing their love for you when your a 50 yr old washed up politician with a drug problem and past your prime in the looks department(I’m sure all the drugs and alcohol played a part in that).

  46. 1stLady

    First time reading and commenting. When I saw the step and repeat that said Veteran Owner and Operated I googled it and your article came up. I’ve just gotten into this show so I don’t know a lot about JD but could you please elaborate on if this is true or not? As a disabled veterans wife, I’d hate to find out they are lying about this too. While Obama made Stolen Valor no longer a crime, it is still a crime if you are making a monetary gain off it.

  47. PaganChick

    Hey TT, do you recap podcasts? I was listening to Amy Phillips this morning, and Kathryn was on. I didn’t get to listen to the whole thing because work intruded. But, Kathryn said that she and Thomas established paternity when she was 8 weeks along and she thought it was horrible of Thomas to film that scene with JD because he was well aware that he was the father before that scene had been filmed. She also says that Thomas has not payed child support and has not seen the kids since February. I’m going to try to listen to the whole thing later tonight, but wanted to give you a head’s up about Kathryn’s interview.

  48. AgingSouthernDeb

    Where I come from Southern men who cant control themselves and get a girl pregnant are obligated to marry her and ‘legitimize’ the child.
    A marriage with a prenup so they could divorce at leisure with minimum scandal and no public court fight is what should have been done.
    But I guess there would have been no story then.

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