Here’s How The Housewives Spent Memorial Day Weekend!

Working Hard for the Money!

Working Hard for the Money!

Nene Leakes got her hustle on this weekend working in Columbia, South Carolina doing her So Nasty, So Rude tour where she trash talks the other RHOAs.  Make those coins however you can, Nene!  Shockingly, Sonja Morgan is also working. Her photo looks like she is in Brooklyn somewhere but she’s on a Universal Studio set in Hollywood filming something.  Ramona Singer has wandered into a big summer party somewhere, seemingly alone…

Theresa Giudice and her brood on down the shore in Jersey. So are Joe and Melissa Gorga. It doesn’t look like they are running in the same crowd though.

MemDay Yolanda froliking


Yolanda is jumping in flowerbeds somewhere after separation from her latest husband.

MemDay Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore has snuck away to an exotic location with her man! Love the shadows on the photo she took. This is the one housewife I’d change places with this weekend. She’s surely has them all beat.

MemDay Vicki, Briana

Vicki and her beau have been going out all weekend.  The photo is of the new couple going to Tamra’s competition this weekend! Clearly Briana is tagging along because she loves gossiping with Tamra about her own mother.  It was actually an all in trip for husbands and wives it seems.  No photos of Shannon and Vicki together.  The photo with Heather, Tamra and Shannon is captured “that’s a wrap” this will likely be the final episode of the season and things seem a bit divided. Looks like Meghan held on to her orange. Damn. Damn. Damn.

MemDay Tamra Eddie and kids


MemDay Tamra and Heather RHOOCMemDay Heather, Shannon, Tamra

RHOBH were oddly boring and quiet this weekend.

Who would you trade places with this weekend?

MemDay Tre and Gabriella

MemDay Melissa and Joe Gorga

MemDay Sonja

MemDay Ramona


Edited to ADD the rest of #TEAMPRETTY because the Cynthia and Claudia fans were pissed I left them out. I don’t have Instagram (I know, I know) and so it’s kind of a PITA to collect photos.

MemDay Cynthia Puerto Rico


Cynthia is/was on a working vacation in Puerto Rico doing some sort of island kids model thing along the way, perhaps in Jamaica?

MemDay Claudia DR


Claudia is in the Dominican Republic. Not sure if she is working too, or just standing around looking hot for free! I hope this doesn’t cause me not to get those big checks she is always sending me!  #sarcasm


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47 responses to “Here’s How The Housewives Spent Memorial Day Weekend!

  1. hannahkingrose

    OMG Yolanda’s feet are ginormous Lmbo.

    • tamaratattles

      She’s OBSESSED with her feet. They are in EVERY INSTAGRAM!

      • Minky

        I thought mine were big at a size 9. I feel so much better now.

      • Mark

        Does no-one think, “Oh, after Chronic Lyme from a tick or horsefly that went unnoticed (or something) the best thing to do is frolic barefoot in flowers and dirt.”

        Remember she was like one of 5 to possibly have contracted lyme in Santa Barbara. From a tick. Or a fly. Or one of the unicorns from the ranch.

      • amisteree

        Mark, I immediately thought of ticks when I saw this photo of Yolanda in the flowerbed. And horseflies! Maybe her chronic lyme is really chronic Athlete’s Foot from walking barefooted in tainted soil. Is that how she ended up with that “2 ft. long parasite” (!) in her colon?

      • Minky

        Very good observation Mark. Maybe Yolanda thinks that Lyme’s is like lightning: It never strikes in the same place twice? I dunno.

        Besides, she’s had every sort of infusion in her veins, save embalming fluid. Any bug that bites her is done for.

  2. Angelface_me

    I don’t see any pictures. So it’s really hard to tell.

    • tamaratattles

      Weird. I could see the slideshow fine, and then it said I needed Java, which I have. I just fixed it to lay them all out there. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. I thought it would be funny if you challenged us to caption that photo of Yo immersed in the weeds.

    “Dandelions are the latest experimental treatment for Chronic Lyme and my amazing doctor only charged me 300K to roll around in the weeds on his property. Bella is on her way back from Milan to roll around with me – for half price!”

    • tamaratattles

      Hilarious! I always hope a game of “CAPTION THIS! ” breaks out in comments!

      Also where the hell is Minky?

      • Minky

        Present Ms. Tattles!

        Been having a rough patch lately. Since about February, actually. In the last week or so my body just said to me “fuck you, bitch” and I went into collapse-and-bawl mode. I call it “je suis cadavéré” I blame my “menestration” hormones. They hit me like a Mack Truck this month. But I missed everyone and everything here so much that I just had to check in.

      • tamaratattles

        Glad you are back. This place is a good place for collapse and bawl mode. It’s like the opposite of a twelve step program. We will actually encourage collapsing and bawling.

        Also, am I the only one with Astrolube ads? Yes? Okay then. I was just kidding.

    • Swizzle

      Hilarious. It’s a take off on the RHOC person who had Brooks stand on grass as part of his treatment. Grass cures cancer, dandelions cure Lyme, I’m going to test out standing in fields of other things to see what else I can cure.

      • Cat

        I predict that Yolanda will soon announce she has Zika.

        And Nene looks constipated.

      • Minky

        Cat! You’re just too much!

        Now that I look at that photo again, Nene certainly looks like she’s “assumed the position”. The position for what, we don’t know. 😂
        Is that why TT mentioned Astrolube? Just wondering.

      • tamaratattles

        NO! My ads were suddenly for astrolabe and I had not done anything astrolubey! LOL. I did send someone an email on GMAIL that used the word P O R N so maybe that was why?

    • Lime Brain

      “Look Mom! No ticks! You, too, can roll around in a tick infested field and not be bitten. Just buy my new Lemon Zest Tick Repellant. Only $19.95 a bottle on QVC. And for every 5 bottles you buy, I’ll throw in a free pair of Lisa Rinna’s cargo pants for only an extra $19.95 for shipping and handling.”

      • LOL it would be so funny if they found out that Lemons and/or lemon juice helped with lyme symptoms. Yo is sympatico with both Lymes and lemons!!

  4. lori

    Definitely Kenya! Heavenly.

  5. lori

    Definitely Kenya! Heavenly.

  6. Yeah, I’ll trade with Kenya too.

  7. Elizabeth

    Does Theresa still have a beach house???

  8. Ms.Minnie

    Beautiful vacation spots, Cynthia still looks amazing at almost 50. I wouldn’t consider it team pretty anymore considering Claudia has no interest in being friends with anyone but Cynthia at this point. But cute post.

  9. More Tea Please!

    What in the world is Nene doing in that picture? Waiting for somebody to give it to her from behind?

    • Minky

      If she’s talking trash about the other Wives, then the better question is: Who’s she mocking there?

      Another good question: Where are Nene’s shoes?

  10. Swizzle

    Based on Vicki’s social media, sounds like she might end the season again as odd woman out. She alludes to finale drama and says she misses Lizzie. Funny…wasn’t Vicki super rude to Lizzie on the show? My guess is she’d still be if Lizzie were on the show.

  11. bria

    Thanks TT, beautiful collection. I like kenya’s exotic location but will trade places with Claudia for a weekend. There’s nothing as good as hanging in Dominican Republic and have those Spanish men humming around you like you are Royalty.

  12. AshK

    I was looking at Cynthia’s pictures on Instagram, and the first comment I saw said “I thought that was Future as I was scrolling down my newsfeed” Sad – but true.

  13. Rita

    Abby Lee Miller would cringe at those sickled feet. lol

  14. Amanda

    I would want to be where Claudia is. I have never been there. I cannot stand Yolanda. Just seeing photos of her makes me angry. I love how now that she is getting divorced she feels well enough to go for a roll in the flower bed. She should Photoshop her feet to make them appear more feminine and less wildebeest.

  15. PopcornAndVodka

    Bethenny was at her Hampton’s house with her daughter, having a weekend party. She also got a brand new jeep decked out in Skinnygirl colors – it’s quite beautiful and she was freaking out happily about it on SnapChat. Ramona was wandering around a few places over the weekend, then ended up at Bethenny’s party where she SCRATCHED THE JEEP within the first five minutes, by opening the door into a rock wall.

  16. JoJoFLL

    Kenya’s photo was the best but I wouldn’t trade places with anyone! I love my South Florida beaches!

    TT, have you tried a thunder shirt for the pup and fireworks?

  17. Cat

    I wouldn’t trade with any of them. I’m happy right here.

  18. Lime Brain

    Oh, lordy. Yolanda is back to posting iv pics, again.

    • Dee

      No, just Noe!

    • Dee

      LB, did you get a look at the IV line on Yoland’s IG? Something off about it. I’m not a nurse so maybe someone else can comment. Thank you!!

      • Lime Brain

        Omg! I saw your post and went to look at the picture again. I noticed that it looks like there is blood running through the iv and that there is a bandage on her other arm which looks like she had an iv on that arm also.

        The picture made no sense, so I googled her hash tag Ten Pass Ozone.

        It’s another quackery treatment where they take out some of your blood then pressurize it with pure ozone. They do this ten times for only $900 a session at one place. They also give you herapin for the treatment.

        Ok, I just googled ozone therapy dangers. She is really nuts (allegedly) if she is actually doing this.

        Can’t she just breathe L.A.’s air all day and get the same effects?

      • Wasn’t that the treatment Brooks was using for his fake cancer?

      • Lime Brain

        IDK. For some reason, I either missed the parts of Brooks cancer treatments or I blocked them out.

        If, so, I wonder if they are getting paid by somebody to promote these treatments.

    • Matzah60

      I saw that too. Seems like LVP’s posts with Mohammed on Memorial Day were cause for Yo to post new victim selfies. Yo must be besides herself that the friendship is rekindled.

  19. jen

    Damn Claudia is so hot. She just has a gorgeous body (as well as face).

  20. Camz

    Saw Cynthia in Jamaica at a Kids fashion show today.

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