Teen Mom 2 Catch Up Recaps! David Really Is Janelle’s Worst Boyfriend Ever

Teen Mom Chelsea

You know what I really want to do on this long weekend? Recap Teen Mom 2! No really. The past couple of weeks I’ve been super busy working on boring tech stuff with the site and it has caused me to let some of the lesser viewed recaps fall by the wayside.  I have two episodes ( plus the aftershows) on my DVR and I have been dying to watch the one from two weeks about because Barbara is going to go head to head with Janelle’s felon boyfriend of the week!  I remember some commenter having a minor meltdown about me not liking the housewives shows anymore. She felt all betrayed that I had been grudging blogging when I was over the series. The fact of the matter is, it is now my job to recap shows that get the most reaction (views) from you guys. And yes, there are times I’d like to drop out of a franchise here and there, or simply take a night off and watch something else that interests me more, but I also like to eat. And buy wine. So I do it anyway. Also, I usually like the seasons for the first ten episodes but really Munchausen and fake cancer can become quite tiresome. And then there are shows like this I am dying to get to buy are a lower priority for the website like Teen Mom!

I’m going to combine two episodes like it was one big show and include any interesting things from the after shows.


Chelsea and Cole are going out with friends to a concert. Aubree has a responsible babysitter, probably her mom. And they are going to meet Jason Aldean, a country singer I think. For having VIP passes they had some mediocre seats.

Aubree has apparently told Chelsea she can’t see the board at school. Chelsea feels bad because she didn’t need glasses until high school. In actuality, elementary kids are not given enough eye tests. At least in the county I taught in. It was like pulling teeth to get my kids an eye test in first grade because they had one before kindergarten. The only test in certain grades and clearly I don’t know what I am talking about when I send a kid to the nurse for a test. Because “I send too many.”  Aubree has a fit about getting eyedrops. Chelsea is way too permissive with the meltdown. She also picked out hideous pink glasses.

Cole takes Aubree to a father daughter dance because Adam doesn’t show up! Aubree wanted to go with Cole and Adam. Aubree calls Cole her other daddy. Aw.

Teen Mom 2 Janelle


Jenelle and the new felon whose name escapes me are talking about getting custody of Jace and the doughnut and moving far away from Babs. When pigs fly. She will never get Jace back.  And just this week she and Nathan signed a mediation contract where she has primary custody and he gets the doughnut every other weekend. Meanwhile, Jenelle has been suffering from a mystery illness. I believe on the shot The Doctors they told her she has marijuana withdrawal.  Her symptoms include, brain fog, mood swings, hot flashes and sweating for no reason. I am not making this up. Clearly God is sending her into early menopause to keep her from reproducing. Or else she is working the Celebrity Lyme gig that is becoming increasingly popular.

Time for the star of the show, Barbara! Jace tells Barbara they don’t do anything fun at Barbara’s house. Jenelle and David are always sleeping in the bedroom and don’t come out. He just sits there all day with Maryssa, David’s kid and they watch videos all day. He says it’s spooky. Where is the doughnut in all of this?

Barbara arrives to pick up Jase and he and Maryssa have been sent out to play in traffic while Jenelle and the felon are locked in their bedroom. Again, where is doughnut. We know he is not with his father. Barbara goes inside and Janelle and David won’t answer the bedroom door. Janelle keeps screaming for everyone to leave her alone. Again. Why doesn’t production contact child services?  David comes out with the doughnut who is adorable and miraculously still alive. For now. David tells Barbara that Janelle doesn’t want to talk to her. I’m guessing because she will know she is high. There is a camera in the room or else the put one in after Barbara leaves. David is calling the doughnut his kid, and the house his house and calls the police on Barbara. She leaves with Jace and one of the other grandkids and tells Jase he is not going back there anymore.

David is such a douchebag. He is driving a wedge into an already fractured relationship between Jenelle and her mother. This is what abusive men do. Step one: Isolate them from family and friends. Make her totally dependent on you.

Janelle is pissed because she was supposed to get Xanax ,5 three times a day for her anxiety and they won’t give it to her because she is an addict. She says she was addicted to heroin not benzos and they don’t care. I’ve had a Xanax script for more than ten years. I started at .25 and one script would last a year. I’ve probably had one script for the past three if not more years. The thing about Xanax and anxiety is that you really don’t even have to take it. Just knowing you CAN take it if things get worse calms you down. For Janelle to be so pressed about it is a bad sign. I think they should give her five pills to carry around. Hell mine are probably expired and they work just fine in my purse. Anyway, Jenelle misses a visitation I don’t think she should have had in the first place, so win-win. Jenelle thinks she has MS.


Teen Mom 2 Kaitlyn

Photo: Twitter Kailyn with no right out having a good time


Javi calls his friend Darius to Facetime and get some of his anxieties out. Javi is trying to set up a nice night out for Kailyn where their friends watch the boys and she can go out and let loose. But what I am hearing is that both Javi and Kailyn are currently cheating on each other. I think Javi is still in Qatar until September but Kailyn has now supposedly admitted they are getting a divorce. Javi was taking comfort with some other female who I suppose is also in Qatar. Not sure what to think about this. It will devastate Isaac.

Meanwhile back on the show, Kailyn and her friends try to make cookies to send Javi as a thank you for paying for the all to go out. I’m not sure that was a wise move for Isaac. Maybe he wants her to meet someone else. I’ve always liked Kaitlyn despite the fact that most people don’t. But if she screws up her marriage to Javi, she will never meet anyone better and she will regret it. Kaitlyn says that Isaac lies in bed at night crying and talking out loud to Javi. Javi even sends his parents to babysit while the girls go out!  Do to all the product placement, I think MTV paid for the tab. Javi sent flowers to the restaurant to all four girls.

Javi is really having a hard time with his deployment. Kailyn is really sweet to him and cries. I am so sad that this marriage fell apart. Maybe there is still a chance?

I just realized that Jo wasn’t on the first episode I watched. On this one he is talking about the drastic change in Kailyn as soon as Javi left.  Apparently, she is not wanting to hang out with them. Before Javi left she was spending time with them and it was pissing Javi off. Yet she kept doing it. Now that he is gone, she has nothing to do with them. Wow. I thought he was going to say she was around more since Javi’s deployment.

From the first episode I watched today to the second one, Kailyn goes from being supportive to Javi to being a bitch and hanging up on him. What did we miss? Is this when Javi was sending photos to someone else?

Since Kailyn’s friends are all live out of town and she needs someone to film with she starts filming with Jo’s girlfriend Vee . I am trying to figure out what is tattooed on Vee’s wrist and ran across this post on Teen Mom Junkies with all the Teen Mom tattoos.  I don’t see Vee’s tat there and don’t care enough to rewind. I could have sworn it said Jessica.

Teen Mom 2 Leah


Why is Leah yelling at Adi about getting in the refrigerator without asking when in it is obvious that these girls have to scavenge for their own food every day. Adi was trying to get a can of frosting. Adi is like three or four at this time. Leah let’s her have it and asks He mom  if that was bad of her to do. She says to just make her sit at the table to eat it. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Dear God. How are these children going to survive on what Leah lets them eat? Is this the same one that was eating sugar packets in a restaurant shoot? She gives her a full container of Betty Crocker chocolate icing and a spoon! Why doesn’t production contact child services on this woman? This is her doing better?

Did they stage her living room with a new couch and furniture? Leah seems to be on speed or meth. Suddenly she is neurotic about cleaning the house.

How is it that these girls have gymnastics and choir and no consistent food source with Leah? I suppose Corey organizes and pays for the activities.

Apparently, West Virginia does not recognize joint custody. Leah’s lawyer apparently did not know that as she wrote the order for the judge. So now they have to go back to court for primary custody. I hope to hell Corey gets it, but I don’t think he does because he can’t use this footage in court because it could have been edited to make Leah look bad. Please.

When Corey and Leah meet in a parking lot for the handoff he wants to talk about Ali’s weight. She weighs 34 pounds and Corey says it is a struggle to get her to eat. He says she is losing weight.  Leah says she eats with her. This is because he is trying to feed her FOOD and she feeds her sugar packets and icing if she lets them eat at all. All of those girls are malnourished. She has lost six pounds and no longer weighs the 40 pounds needed for a booster seat. I hope he brings this up in court. Leigh took Ali to the doctor and calls Corey and says she weighs 35 pounds and the doctor said that was good for her height. I googled and that is the average weight for a four year old and nine pounds less than what a six year old should weigh. When  Leah was on the phone letting Corey know, Ali was in the back seat with a Mountain Dew. The  most highly caffeinated regular soft drink on the market.

Leah’s house is super clean. Like Catfish clean. With new sofas and everything. Weird.

We get a scene of Leah furiously making up the twins bed. She gets a call from her cousin Chastity who is watching the girls while she is on some sort of frenzied cleaning mission induced by God knows what. It’s like she was on downers before sleeping all the time and she has changed to uppers. Uppers that I need to clean this house! :)  Chastity calls to says that Ali says Miranda won’t help her with her book bag on school pick ups because she has to hold the baby. I don’t get this. You can’t hold the baby and drive so clearly there is someone else there or this is all fabricated. Chastity filmed the convo on her phone allegedly which is also suspect. Oh wait. It is getting out of the car after school when they get home. Also Chastity was deliberately interrogating the twins about Miranda while filming it probably for court. Of course Miranda has to hold the baby going into the house. The video is normal girls whining about the baby getting all the attention.

WOW! I didn’t realize how late it was! I LOVE 500 Questions a game show on ABC that only runs for a short time. I hit the wrong button on my remote and the show popped up and I’ve missed like half of  it! So I am going to insert some photos while watching that and get his up!  Lord knows it is long enough I think there were only a couple of minutes left anyway. I’ll edit/update if I have more to say later.

Wait. Why do I like this show so much?


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47 responses to “Teen Mom 2 Catch Up Recaps! David Really Is Janelle’s Worst Boyfriend Ever

  1. Chiisaimiss

    My best friend is super addicted to Xanex. Granted, he has major stress in his life but he will pop it like a tic-tac at the slightest raising of stress. I heard it is a dangerous withdraw? Is that true? Sorry, a little off topic😢

    • tamaratattles

      It’s supposed to be highly addictive. I will say I don’t like to be without it on me, but like I said, usually knowing I can have one is all I need. It doesn’t do a think for me but stop a panic attack. There is no good feeling associated with it just a lack of panic. I guess it must be different for people take it recreationally.

      • Chiisaimiss

        He doesn’t take it “recreationally” what ever that means. It’s not for fun. He has a severe Anxiety Disorder but it’s been 10 years now and they want to pull him off it with no help. I just want to know if the side effects are like other drugs. I just want to help him.

      • tamaratattles

        Sorry. I wish I knew what to tell you. I only take it when the panic attack is severe and I am not at home. Usually at home I can just ride it out. I’ve never taken it on any kind of daily or scheduled basis. Perhaps his doc is changing him to another med. The real reason Dr.s don’t like to describe Xanax is because the patent has expired. So the drug companies give doctor’s kick backs to prescribe the new expensive thing.

        It’s the same with pets, the patent for Frontline expired and you can get generic now but the company came put with FrontlinePlus and NexGuard and it’s hard to even find a place to buy the original Frontline formula that is know to work, so Banjo is on the expensive NexGuard that has not been around very long.

      • Allison

        If your friend has been taking Xanax or the generic, Alprazolam, on a regular basis, or 10 years, chances are high that he’s physically dependent and would need a medically supervised detox. Any benzo withdrawal can be lethal, so it’s not advisable to just stop on your own.

      • ^^This!^^
        It works through the central nervous system and he must be titrated down over long time in order to stop taking all together. Otherwise, seizure followed by death are likely.

      • Allison

        Yesssss. It’s nothing like opiate detox, which takes about 5 days and either methadone or subutex, and only benzos if the w/d is clinically stressful. Benzo w/d is no joke, one of the most dangerous, along with ETOH. Opiate w/d is pretty miserable but wont generally kill you.

      • Julia

        I’ve been waiting for this recap, mostly so I could say-
        Hearing David tell Jenelle that “if Barbara really loved her” she never would’ve taken Jace away from her to begin with, made me sick to my stomach. I can’t imagine a bigger love than raising someone else’s child at a time in your life when you should be caring only for yourself. She saved that boy from a life in the system, whether she is perfect or not. What a disgusting piece of work Jenelle is. And David is worse.

      • zoemonster2

        @allison nailed it. One can become addicted fast tho. Even without long term use. Benzos are scary. IE ‘DTs’ for abrupt cessation. BIG risk for long term users. Forewarned is…..

      • zoemonster2

        @i.Just. Can’t. also nailed it.

        Yup. Jenelle is likely a drug seeker. However, imVho, Janelle’s ‘laundry list’ of *symptoms* is textbook narcotic (IE Vicodin/Percocet withdrawal)

        But as mentioned in other comments— cessation of pain pills will not kill you. Unlike benzos (xanax- ativan – valium. etc. )

    • microop

      It is HIGHLY addictive, but I believe most people prescribed it don’t abuse it. Still I think jenelles Dr is being responsible by not prescribing any. Hopefully she can find other ways to manage her anxiety.

      I like Kail too. I actually also like Leah, I just wish shed admit she has a problem and get real help and commit to it. I also wish shed take some classes on nutrition.

    • microop

      It is HIGHLY addictive, but I believe most people prescribed it don’t abuse it. Still I think jenelles Dr is being responsible by not prescribing any. Hopefully she can find other ways to manage her anxiety.

      I like Kail too. I actually also like Leah, I just wish shed admit she has a problem and get real help and commit to it. I also wish shed take some classes on nutrition.

  2. Bridgett

    I have been waiting for your thoughts on this madness. Jenelle is horrible and David encourages it…gross. Poor Jace, I hope mtv springs for the therapy that child needs.

  3. Tulsateacher

    I really believed that Barbara was cruel and vindictive to Janelle when it came to Jase. I even felt that way when this season began airing and like a freaking fool thought that Janelle would get her shit together after the Doughnut was born and prove to Babs that she could be a good mother. Now I finally get that Janelle’s only concern is herself and the next loser she shacks up with as well as the drama and drugs said loser will bring into her life. Jace is right where he belongs and should not be sent back to Janelle’s house for visits. I didn’t feel this way until Jace told Babs what goes on there and seeing it confirmed when Babs picked him up. Her son cried because he made a 40% on his spelling test not that Janelle would know; she can’t be bothered to keep tabs on his grades much less leave her drug den of a bedroom to practice his spelling words with him. She’ll be pregnant with David’s spawn by Christmas because that’s just how she rolls!
    I still like Kailyn but if she and Javi divorce I really hope she waits before getting serious and bringing another “daddy” into Isaac’s life. I can’t believe that Chelsea has become my favorite but she has, baby girl voice and all.
    500 Questions was on earlier tonight and I enjoy watching and playing along even though I have a hard time getting any of the answers correct!

  4. JustJenn

    I have been watching Teen Mom 2 of Hulu all the way from 16 and Pregnant. It’s really sad what happened to Leah..she was such a good and caring Mom before the drugs, it’s heartbreaking to the transformation.

    Janelle will never change. She is a crazy mess and shouldn’t have custody of either child.

    • Geri

      Completely agree I feel bad for leah she turned into a mess but it’s not to late for her to get the help and support she needs but unfortunately jenelle is a lost cause

  5. Allison

    I cant wait to see if Adam gets off his phone long enough to make it somehow Chelsea’s fault that he didnt go to the Father Daughter dance. But he WANTS CUSTODY. Whatever.

    Jenelle going to NYC to be able to get an RX because they “dont know her there” is called doctor shopping. That database should go federal, sweetie. Xanax, like all other benzos, is a controlled substance, and you being a documented addict, do the math. If you can. I think in the Doctors they said it was her birth control as well if I’m not mistaken.

    Kail has already supposedly filed for divorce from Javi. While he is still on deployment, no less. Ice really does run through her veins.

    I’m pretty sure that when Addie was a baby, Leah held her a lot too (but it’s Leah, so who knows). The twins are being a wee bit manipulative, whining about attention and a backpack, and if that is ALL Leah has to bitch about, she’s doing pretty well. Her list doesnt compare-nodding off while caring for them, no food, outright neglect, texting and driving w them in the car-the list goes on. But Miranda was being an attentive mother. That WOULD be foreign to Leah. Her cousin is a shit stirring cunt satchel for that video.

  6. Shellbelle

    I love this show, too! I usually have to watch it late at night after everyone is in bed so I don’t hear their BS.
    Kailyn will never be happy until she finds a man she can totally dominate and control. I rooted for her and Javi and wanted it to work for them. I think Javi is too emotional for her and she can’t handle it.
    I saw a news blurb where Leah’s rental house was in the news. Her neighbor took a picture of her garage while the door was up one day and it looked like a trash dump. She couldn’t park her car in it for all the clothes and toys that were everywhere. Trash bags full of who knows what. I think Leah threw everything in the garage and “started over”. I couldn’t believe she let that baby eat a can of frosting with a spoon. Poor babies!
    Way to go, Chelsea! Cole seems like a great guy and good role model for Aubrey. I hope it lasts.
    Jenelle and David. Damn. Barbara is the best thing for Jace and that’s not saying a lot. I hope he doesn’t turn out to be another Jenelle.

    • Allison

      Barbara retweeted me tonite, something about Jenelle. Made my night-I love me some Babs.

    • tamaratattles

      I love Barbara. She does a lot with Jace. She’s a great mom to him. But if she were on another show full of decent parents she would probably be picked apart by the Internet folks. People look for every imperfection. But no this show, Barbara has a job, a clean home, food for Jace, gets him too and from school, spends quality time with him, doesn’t let him eat icing with a spoon from a can of Betty Crockers. always has shoes on his feet when out side and looks comparatively as Mother of the Fucking Year.

      • Allison

        I agree-we cant blame her for Jenelle-I think Jenelle has siblings that are normal, law abiding, regular people if I’m not mistaken? Her twitter is hilarious as well. I can’t fathom what it must be like having that POS as a daughter. If Jenelle ever actually does get out of bed and try for custody of Jace, which is doubtful but sounds good to her at least, I hope Barbara fights tooth and nail. She’s been the only constant in that kids life since birth.

      • Chiisaimiss

        Babs is her own kinda Crazy for sure. She’s older, wiser, and sees the mistakes she made w/ her Daughters now. She will still use Jace as a weapon to push that fact into Jenelle forever. She has no intention of giving Jace back. Good for Babs!

      • Did you see Babs trying not to laugh when Janelle said she thinks she has MS? I love me some Babs.

      • jen

        She apparently also has custody of another of her grand sons. In no time she will have donut.

      • Barbara used to work in the Walmart Deli in my town. She may not be the most polished mom, but I know she stood on her feet all day, took full responsibility for Jace, kept a nice house, and did her best to help her entitled, self-involved, drug-using daughter. She has never given up on Jenelle. I admire Barbara; she is saving Jace’s life. (I don’t think she works in the deli any more; of course, I avoid Walmart like the tenth circle of Hell.)

      • jen

        She really doesn’t give up on Janelle! Exactly. I wish she knew she would be dead or in prison for life if she didn’t have her mother banging on her door demanding an answer like so many times before.

    • 25

      I feel for Kail. I think she’s been raising herself for so long and always had to deal with her emotions alone that she doesn’t understand people who need to talk out their feelings. It comes across horribly on tv, but it’s understandable.

      BARBARA IS EVERYTHING. Jenelle unfortunately has not reached a point in her life where she accepts accountability for anything, or she wouldn’t harbor such a deep hatred for Barbara. Jenelle recently posted a blog about her (abusive) Dad & how he left their family when she was young. She blamed Barbara. It’s so sickening.

      • jen

        Well its obvious SOMETHING happened to Janelle in childhood. Not making excuses for her but she just has so much anger and pain you can see it. She is so emotionally unstable.


    The only thing I’d like to point out is that when Batavia showed up to pick up Jace she was in a small silver car. When the police were called she left in a small SUv so obviously some editing was done. But yes Barbra is a much better mother to Jace!
    Leah is such a mess. There was a picture of her garage floating around Twitter and it was the biggest mess ever. She needs help.
    And if anyone was unfaithful first I would say it was Kail. She has never been a very loving or affectionate partner to Javi.

  8. mar

    Every single one of janelles boyfriends have constantly talked about how she needs to get custody of jace. When they talk about how Barbara took jace from janelle I cant even comprehend the stupidity.

  9. Cgal38

    Love your teen mom recaps!! I can’t get over how far Chelsea has come – Cole seems great and they seem like responsible, fun, in love 20somethings. Loved seeing her pre party with her friends and then get into a cab.
    She’s really maintained a balance where she’s a great mom and she also has fun and enjoys life.

    Leah is the opposite. Chelsea would love having a stepmother involved like Miranda – anyone would! I’m a stepmom and I deal with a lot of the same issues – utter lack of nutrition (you’re 100% in saying that Corey and Miranda actually feed them food, hence, they don’t eat it because – frosting), lack of order, etc. no drugs, but a similar situation. I work so hard to drive change with absolutely no credit , at the expense of my own relationship and inner peace, for kids who aren’t mine but I love dearly. To watch Miranda get thrown under the bus – on camera – by Leah’s trash bag sister and cousin – a clearly manipulated conversation meant only to cause harm, was so disgusting.

    Though – for Leah and Miranda – isn’t she supposed to always use the wheelchair????

  10. Kim

    Read that Javi has been communicating with fans saying his marriage is over social media & Kailyn still denying anything definite. She was surprised to learn Javi has been saying it’s over. Oh, and Adam is a bigger d-bag than he looks on tv…he was in a social media battle with Randy (Chelsea’s dad) because he’s complaining about the recent increase of child support to Chelsea! Apparently he’s been paying around $200/month & Chelsea went to court (he didn’t bother to show up), judge ordered him to pay approx $900/mo now & he’s salty over it. The kicker is, he announced Chelsea’s salary around $250k & says she doesn’t need his support..Randy put Adam on blast, defending Chelsea, & announced Adam is paid a comparable amount!!! (Ughh, Really?!) So he’s made HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS PER SEASON AND PAYS $200/mo CHILD SUPPORT?! Wow!! In protest he’s threatening not to allow Aubrey to film next season because he has bills to pay (like his mortgage & car, like all of us but he thinks he’s special) & claims cannot afford the increase, unlike Chelsea. Adam tried to say Chelsea will have nothing when the show is gone. Randy added that Chelsea not only pays all her bills, has & will have after the show, a job, house, several pets, car. Chelsea has also paid for all Aubrey’s medical, Adam never contributed. Adam really is a bigger creep than I thought.

  11. Kail needs to read the 5 love languages. She doesn’t understand not everyone has emotions like a robot. Its a great book that has helped me and my husband.

  12. Merianne Bowens

    This is the first time i read any of your comments. So funny you are hilarious! Yes im a senior and watch teen mom 2. It brings out my inner teen ager. Lol. Lets start w Chelsea. Beside that baby voice she is the best of the bunch. Not saying much. Thank God she found Cole but she’s got him talking baby talk too. Oh lord can you imagine their vows? Then theres kail. How was she blessed to find javi? The guy is fighting for our country and she files for divorce. Wow! And all Joe does is eat and bitch about javi. Joe you’re a mess. Who next? Ok speedfreak Leah. The is like a skelaton herself. The best was when the littlest one hard to tell which was eating the frosting better yet the sugar packets!! Where
    was her cousin then? Apparently not filming that. Last but not least Janelle. Omg. She cant be wo a man for two mi nutes. Thats all she cares about. Chase is so much better off w Barbara but does anyone have any concern the way that child swears? They just laugh. In watching the after shows when they show past episodes and the only words he says when the camera is on him is fuck. Then he wondered why he didnt get a start for the day! And all janelle could say while watching it back is “my hair looks so fried”. Your brain is fried Janelle.

  13. jen

    Omg it wasn’t a spoon but a knife! Icing from a knife but its ok because she sat at the table. Im sad Kail and Javi are getting a divorce. Isaac is such a sweet boy. My heart breaks for him. Kail really is cold. I just don’t get the mentality now a days of just giving up on marriage so fast like these kids do…it’s marriage. Fucking hard sometimes but work through it.

    Leah is something else. I just can’t with her. Chelsea puts me to sleep. They are cute and sweet though. Im sure Adam will give his whole speech about how he has a car, and job and house just like every episode and its chelsea’s fault he missed the dance. Cole’s vest…does anyone else think he might have asburgers? He just seems like it. Something about him.

    Janelle is not sick she is lazy. Shocker that Janelle could actually have Barb yell David is the worse boyfriend she evvvaa had..considering that keifaaaa had her buying and shooting up heroin ON camera on national tv….David is so fucking creepy marching around with dinut saying “don’t yell in front of all of MY kids,” wtf? He is such an asshole. Those aren’t your kids!! Good for Barb standing up for herself! Did anyone notice her laugh when Janelle said she couldn’t get xanax…also TT did you not love Janelle spitting off her whole diet and work out routine one episode…in extreme detail…saying how HEALTHY she was…very next episode…boom..lyme…or whatever. She’s sick and “has” been. Must be a lyme thing.

  14. misti wilde

    Chelsea’s girlfriend was baby talking too. Chelsea is speaking “normal” on the after shows though, as if she’s finally heard herself and feels embarrassed. I hope so. Make it stop.

  15. steph

    What are you talking about? Adi is 5 or, 6 now.

  16. lori

    Janelle had been “threatening” to get custody of Jace for years. Then last season she finally apologized to barb and said that she realizes now that thank God Barb took Jace for her or who knows what would have happened to him. Now she gets with a new loser, and that goes right or the window again. She’s the victim again. She is so gross, and David is a total dick. Calling the cops on Barb… Seems like they must use the MTV crew as baby sitters when they’re there locked in the bedroom. MTV is doing those kids no favors keeping Janelle on this show. She will never change as long as she’s on it.

    I’m really happy for Chelsea that she is marrying a real stand up guy who is obviously very much in love with her and vice versa, but her scenes are always the same, so I ff through them some times. It’s almost always them discussing Adam (loser), her constantly questioning Aubrey about how she feels about her dad and/or Cole, and her and Cole talking about how happy they are. It’s a bit nauseating. I would just rather see them being happy and doing things, than hear them talk about it all the time. Her 16 and pregnant days will always make me appreciate how much she deserves a guy who’s NOT ADAM, and the only reason I can remotely make it through the baby voice. I LOVE her father.

    My heart is breaking for Isaac. From what I’ve seen, Javi’s jealousy is his only downfall. He really wants her all to himself. I don’t know if he’d be like that regardless, or if it stems from her cold ways, leaving him trying to fill the hole where her affection should be. Like making her choose “them or me” (like when she has plans with her friends and he throws temper tantrums), because in that moment, if she ends up staying home, he gets a quick “fix” of feeling like she cares. Or maybe he’d be jealous regardless… no way to know. Just like with Cheksea though, Kail’s 16 and pregnant days are not forgotten by me and it’s no surprise that she is the way she is. Considering what she came from, I think she’s doing fantastic. I’m really sad about her and Javi.

    I can’t even get started on Leah. She needs to get her shit together for real. Please get some help and stop making us yell at our tv’s! It’s a shame for those girls. I don’t know how MTV can stand by and watch this stuff happen. Thank God the girls have Corey right now. We haven’t been seeing much in regards to Jason lately.

  17. Lindsay

    I’m going to call Jenelle’s boyf “Jenelon” because all I can ever remember is that he’s with her and is a felon.
    I wish Bahbra had her own show. She’d make an excellent judge. Barbara’s Court?

  18. Amanda

    As soon as I saw Leah cleaning and chomping on that gum, I knew she was doing uppers. I am so glad you saw it too. That just reinforces my belief. What a major change from her falling asleep at the wheel. Now, she is hopped up, doing doughnuts in her car of the month.

  19. Jelley

    Leah isn’t perfect, but she’s come a long way. I’m rooting for her.

  20. marc

    Janelle & David together are cringe worthy. What ROCK does she find these guys under ?

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