Memorial Day Weekend TV Marathons 2016

Memorial Day
This year’s Memorial Day weekend marathons are fairly lackluster. I’ve complied a list of the ones I could find below. I strongly recommend UnREAL (10am – 2:30pm, Lifetime) if you didn’t see the first season. This will give you a taste of it. Season 2 starts June 6th which is a night with way too much competition. It’s a scripted show about the making of a show like The Bachelor and all the behind the scenes stuff is fascinating. A lot of it is over the top but the viewer has to decide where the real line is drawn. You don’t need to watch season one to understand season two. But it would help to learn about the lives of the production team. Everyone else will be new characters, like a new season of the show.

American Ninja Warrior is not the sort of show I normally watch.  But it is strangely addictive and is on Esquire pretty much all weekend.  The Librarian Marathon on TNT Sunday is a show worth watching. I can’t really explain it at this time of night/morning.  Naked and Afraid is a great show.  Dating Naked is a stupid show that is fun to half watch while doing other things. I love Catfish. It’s stupid fun.  Check out the all the options below. I purple penned a few suggestions. Also you can click the links for posts on that particular show. (Not many) The linked shows will probably all be purple by default.


Saturday, May 28th

American Ninja Warrior (7am – 4am Sunday, Esquire)

American Pickers (5pm – 4am Sunday, History)

Catfish(12:10pm – 10pm, MTV)

CSI: Miami (4pm – 5am Sunday)

Dateline (6pm – 3am Sunday, TLC)

Dating Naked (4am – 8pm, VH1)

Don’t Be Tardy (3pm – 7pm, Bravo)

Fast n’ Loud (9am – 3am Sunday, Discovery)

Fixer Upper (1pm – 8pm, HGTV)

For Better or Worse (4pm – 9pm, OWN)

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1pm – 6pm, BET)

Hatfields & McCoys (11am – 5pm, History)

Law & Order: Criminal Intent (10am – 4pm, WEtv)

Law & Order (6am – Noon, TNT)

Love It or List It (7am – 1pm, HGTV)

Martin (8am – 1pm, BET)

Monsters and Mysteries in America (11am – 4pm, Animal Planet)

NCIS (Noon – 11pm, USA)

Ridiculousness (6am – Noon, MTV)

Star Trek: The Next Generation (11pm – 6am Sunday, BBC America)

The First 48 (3pm – 4am Sunday, A&E)

The Librarian Marathon (Noon – 6pm, TNT)

The Rifleman (6am – 11am, AMC)

Top Gear: Races (6am – 11am, BBC America)

Untold Stories of the ER (1pm – 6pm, TLC)

RHOBH Kim Richards on Dr. Phil
Sunday, May 29th

20/20 (8pm – 2am Monday, OWN)

American Ninja Warrior (7am – 4am Monday, Esquire)

American Pickers (9am – 4am Monday, History)

Criminal Minds (8am – 6pm, A&E)

CSI: Miami (4pm – 5am Monday, WEtv)

Dating Naked (2am – 7pm, VH1)

Dr. Phil (4am – 9am, OWN)

Fixer Upper (7am – 1pm, HGTV)

Ghost Asylum (4pm – 6am Monday, Destination America)

Ghostly Encounters (9am – 4pm, Destination America)

Keeping Up with the Kardashians (8am – 1pm, E!)

Keeping Up with the Kardashians (5pm – 10pm E!)

Law & Order: SVU (11am – 10pm, USA)

Law & Order (6am – Noon, TNT)

Naked and Afraid (9am – 3am Monday, Discovery)

Roseanne (10am – 4pm, WEtv)

Snapped (10am – 8pm, Oxygen)

Super Soul Sunday (9am – 2pm, OWN)

Top Gear (6am – 3:30pm, BBC America)

Undercover Boss (2pm – 8pm, OWN)

UnREAL (10am – 2:30pm, Lifetime)

Brielle Biermann with Chase Chrisley
Monday May 30th

#RichKids of Beverly Hills (7am – Noon, E!)

American Ninja Warrior/Team Ninja Warrior (7am – Midnight, Esquire)

BBQ PitMasters (2pm – Midnight, Destination America)

BBQ Pit Wars (6am – 2pm, Destination America)

Beachfront Bargain Hunt (7am – 1pm, HGTV)

Chrisley Knows Best (6am – 8pm, USA)

CSI: Miami (4pm – 5am Tuesday, WEtv)

Dateline (2pm – Midnight, OWN)

Dr. Phil (7am – 2pm, OWN)

Keeping Up with the Kardashians (Noon – Midnight, E!)

Law & Order: Criminal Intent (10am – 4pm, WEtv)

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (Noon – 9pm, VH1)

Mad Max Movie Marathon (10:30am – 6:30pm, BBC America)

My 600-lb Life (3pm – 8pm, TLC)

My Wife & Kids (12:10pm – 6pm, Oxygen)

Outdaughtered (8pm – 2am Tuesday, TLC)

Real Housewives of Orange County (6am – 2pm, Bravo) It’s Season Ten.

River Monsters (10am – 6pm, Animal Planet)

Say Yes to the Dress (6am – 3pm, TLC)

Street Outlaws (9am – 1am Tuesday, Discovery)

The First 48 (7am – 1pm, A&E)

The Last Ship (7am – 8pm, TNT)

The Simpsons (6pm – Midnight, FXX)

The World Wars (11am – 5pm, History)

Top Gear (3am – 10:30am, BBC America)


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17 responses to “Memorial Day Weekend TV Marathons 2016

  1. Kim

    Thank you for this list. Impressive! ! I’ll be home this weekend & this is perfect!

  2. Dee

    What a list! Thank you so much! I love The Librarian! Hope y’all have a great weekend!

  3. Matzah60

    Wow, thank you. I really am a big fan of many of these shows and I am addicted to the reruns of Dateline, also shown on OWN around here in south Jersey.

    I love the new hosting site and I hope it’s running smoothly for you, TT.

  4. This is the weekend I HAVE to finish getting my gardens in. Almost done with veggies but I haven’t even started flowers. I think a nice marathon will be a nice distraction when I need a break.

  5. TT, impressive work. I love love love “Unreal”! I think I once told you that our DVRs must be mirror images of each other & still seems true, lol! The mobile version is finally working consistently on my end. Thanks for all your hard work. Hope everyone has an awesome holiday weekend! 😊

  6. Cat

    Ooh, I wish I could watch Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

    I guess I’ll watch the Gidget marathon. I think it’s on Antenna TV.

  7. The Librarian: I baby sat Noah Wiley when he was 3 years old! His family lived up the street from us. He was a cutie pie. Thanks for the list, TT.

  8. Lisa j

    I love you! Thank you, better than the old TV guide!

  9. TT, you are “Smart and Pretty,” as we say at my house. Thank you! The Carolinas are dealing with the tropical storm/not storm through Monday, so a marathon list is perfect. Anyone need a good read? _Bridge of Sighs_ by Richard Russo.

  10. Swizzle

    Unreal is really good. Hope season two is good. I’m crazy busy cleaning, gardening and prepping for a graduation party on Monday, so no time for tv marathons here.

  11. Rose

    I love American Ninja Warrior and have watched from day one… looking forward to the new season and their new show Spartan. I’m catching up this weekend on Shark Tank. Night Manager, 60 Days In, Limitless, Nashville, the Goldbergs, Dr. Ken, hells kitchen, Chopped, Billions, and Million Dollar Listing.

  12. I am a sucker for all things paranormal – so if I was in the US I’d be all over Ghost Asylum

    No TV shaming please – I know it’s hocum but I love it 😂❤️👻👻

  13. cheychey

    I can watch reruns of Christly knows best a lot. I love the banter between Todd and Chase. They are hilarious. Good family show. My kids love it also.

  14. SaraSally

    All hands on deck, a new season of the Unreal is about to begin.

  15. SaraSally

    All hands on deck, a new season of the Unreal is about to begin.

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