Blind Item: “Sir, You Are no Gentleman!”

This married reality show cast member is not at all what he appears. He claims to have a variety of businesses on the show; however, he holds no trademarks on any of the products and businesses he pushes on the show.  In addition, he has a number of financial and legal problems including a history of foreclosures and bad debts. I have no idea if he even has a job, but it certainly not the one he portrays on the show.  His business partners are equally as fake.  Word on the street is he runs with a few of his cast mates who enjoy partying to the fullest.

In fact, I’ve been told he completely missed the birth of one of his children while out on a two day bender.  He’s not a southerner, let alone a southern gentleman. It’s all scripted TV.


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52 responses to “Blind Item: “Sir, You Are no Gentleman!”

  1. Holly

    JD?? Southern charm

  2. D

    JD from SC. His wife seems overly dutiful and fades into the background in any scene with him … or else! And if TRav claimed that all that covaine he got caught with was just ” for friends” who do we think the friends are?

  3. Shellbelle

    I’ve just started watching Southern Charm, so forgive me for not remembering his name.. The heavyset guy that has the bourbon business?

  4. Briannatozer16

    I was thinking that black guy that’s a “reverend”? Tankers? Something like that? Lol

      • JoJo

        Lol ….. I think you identified that family name in it’s true form: ‘The Tankers’ – although it’s the Tankards, I’ve tried and tried and that show is the worst. Well it’s not fun or interesting to me and I’d call them ‘The Tankers’ since they absolutely have tanked no matter how much Bravo tries to push it down our throats.
        I’d like to cut Bravo’s throat for stuffing episodes back-to-back on Fridays and Saturdays!!

  5. B BELL

    JD is not southern, but slimy for sure. TRav does not keep good company.

  6. Briannatozer16

    Oh never mind lol I’m going w jD too!!

  7. SaraSally

    Why, we must be talking about our southerly Colorado transplant near do well, good old boy who fancies himself as a modern day Boss Hawg. JD’s day of reckoning has come!

  8. Katie

    JD Madison. Rumors abound how he missed out on the birth of his last child and couldn’t be found. Also tons of rumors that he hooks up with anything that walks.

  9. JoJoFLL

    JD, I thought Sermet’s Corner was his?

    • JoJoFLL

      Okay, I just did a little digging and obviously it isn’t. It is quite interesting that once you start digging on the internet, you hit bedrock about an inch below the surface. JD’s ‘company’ Madison Element doesn’t even have an active website.

      As far as Gentry Bourbon goes, they want to restore a Thoroughbred farm in Mt. Pleasant? What? Land is crazy expensive in MP.

      This has actually been an interesting way to spend my Sunday as I’m stuck in my office.

      Thanks for the scoop TT!

      • Dee

        Really interesting, when I looked up his name Sermet’s Corner came up. Unfortunately I stopped there. DUH Thanks!

      • Bubblegum77

        If you look on Craig’s LinkedIn he works at a law firm. No mention of JD’s business pay or present.

  10. Auntie Velvet

    I always thought J.D. had too many disparate things going on. And I feel like he did even more to Katherine than the show is telling us, given how she wouldn’t return Elizabeth’s calls.

  11. NeverBeenJaxed

    JD for sure.

  12. Sali

    Excellent blind! I often learn something new here. 😃 Thanks TT!

  13. Great tea! Plus, I love the Scarlett O’Hara caption.

  14. Cgal38

    Just last week I was thinking about how much I liked him, but this makes sense – maybe that’s why Kathryn had such an extreme reaction when she saw them at polo – either he did something to her, or she harbors resentment for how perfect he comes off on the show when she knows how fake it is. Great blind!

    • BamaBelle

      I know where Kathryn is coming from with avoiding Elizabeth. JD and Elizabeth were friends with Thomas long before Kathryn was in the picture. It’s awkward. Elizabeth seems to be so sweet and eager to please and submissive to JD, that Kathryn didn’t want to put sweet Elizabeth in a bad spot. JD pumped Elizabeth for information on Kathryn under the guise of concern for her and he information would get back to Thomas. Kathryn was probably burned by this and started avoiding Elizabeth as it was easier. It happens in every breakup when there are friends involved that were friends with one half of a couple before the relationship began.

  15. Matzah60

    I suck at these blind items. I initially thought it was Peter, but the southern reference jolted me back to Southern Charm. The only married man that appears on Southern Charm is JD. He reminds me of shady used car salesman. I had no idea he was a transplant from Colorado as another commenter mentioned above.

    I love his wife and I do think her support and caring for Kathryn is real. It’s a shame she’s married to such a dick!

  16. Tara

    JD’s laugh makes me want to kick him in the esophagus. I hope the 15k Craig gave him was just a story line.
    @SaraSally, JD does come across as a modern day Boss Hog.
    Maybe that is why his wife feels a need to be there for Kathryn. She has lived through the bs herself.
    Thinking back to when JD and Thomas were talking about Kathryn being on bed rest, just shows what a low life he is. He has no clue what his wife probably experienced.
    Hopefully #NewCraig will call JD out too.

  17. Twilly

    JD. I had a feeling he and Elizabeth were too “good” to be true.

  18. Meri

    I agree that it’s JD. He took that money from Craig like he was taking candy from a baby and he is smarmy and obnoxious. I found his wife to be a kind woman who is afraid to say much and his relationship with T-Rav is suspicious too. I never liked him and this would validate my feelings.

  19. I just started watching southern charm this season and damn I like JD and his laugh. I thought he was awesome, and his wife seemed sweet. Damn I should’ve known he was a fraud.

  20. jen

    Elizabeth seems so sweet. It sucks he is such a deadbeat. I feel queasy every time he is on.

  21. Briannatozer16

    This also makes a lot of sense why Dani was so hesitant to say she wanted to work with him. It was so awkward for JD. I don’t even remember her saying “yes” on film…Just a lot of rehashing how he didn’t want Craig to (probably bc of his legal background) and Craig actually seems pretty smart (but lazy)… I think.

  22. BKSweetheart

    Damn! More fakery and lies by Bravo.

  23. IMO

    Barnum and Bailey J D !

  24. Happygal

    First time using the Mobil ap 😀. This is the juiciest tea on Southern Charm in quite some time! Has to be that jackass JD . My my my not so superior to Craig now are you?

  25. Greenwood

    Definitely JD. Look under that lizard’s rock and it won’t be pretty. To bad about Southern Charm. I’ve stopped watching the housewives shows because of all the screaming, and Southern Charm was my happy place. Now it’s turning out to be one of the shadiest. Remember how this show was originally supposed to be about “southern gentlemen” only, with women only in secondary roles (according to Whitney). And yet the people “recruited” by Whitney for the show have turned out to be anything but gentlemen (or gentle ladies), and mostly not southern, either. I remember that awful mohawked girl in Season 1 (shudder). I make an exception of the wonderful Cooper Ray, who I believe to be the “real thing” (love him).

  26. Maggie moo

    Anyone else think the description can fit Peter Thomas as well?

    • Jane

      He was my first thought, but did they have children? Haven’t watched ATL for a while. Also thrown by southern gentleman comment, so I’ll go with JD.

  27. Twilly

    The part about missing the birth of his child really makes me sad for Elizabeth. I can’t imagine how awful that must have been for her. He seemed like a bit douche but I didn’t realize he was a total shitbag.

  28. LA_in_KY

    I thought it was really weird to have a bourbon business outside Kentucky. Because ummmmmmm if it isn’t made in Kentucky then it is not bourbon. Sorry I am from Kentucky and I found it very laughable. You would have to go through a distillery here and they would want their brand attached to it, especially if it was on national TV. It’s all in the limestone y’all.

    • Jim

      That’s not true at all. The laws in the U.S. regarding the production of bourbon say nothing about it having to be produced in Kentucky.

      • LA_in_KY

        You obviously are not from Kentucky.

      • Jim

        No I’m not from Kentucky. I’m just starting the facts. You don’t have to pass bourbon through a distillery in Kentucky to legally call it bourbon.

      • tamaratattles

        Darling, while yankees only consider the politicians laws, southerners have a whole nuther set on top of those. I bet y’all don’t even pull over for funeral processions.

  29. LA_in_KY

    We have a lot pride from the products that come out of our state. Even the crappy bourbon are aged at least four years in oak barrels.

    • Lisa

      I’m from kentucky also. It is true that Bourbon does not have to be made in Kentucky to be labeled Bourbon. is it going to be the best bourbon made elsewhere…: probably not!!yes, it originated here in the state and the very best is made here… But, there us no law or requirement that it be made in the state to be called bourbon. And, yes, I’m a proud Kentuckian who can take her bourbon neat! But, truth is also important. So. His shitty bourbon is made in SC.

      • tamaratattles

        I think we all know that there is no US law about Bourban only being made in KY. That was not the commenter’s point. Are you related to Jim?

      • MotherSquid

        Whitney said it smelled “like napalm” I think. Or something else you’d NEVER want to drink. Guess Craig can say goodbye to his $15K.

  30. Yay! I was hoping you’d share some tea about JD.

  31. Amanda

    This explains so much for me. No wonder Katherine can’t stand him and vice versa. I was shocked JD told Thomas he should check the paternity of the child. I know Katherine is going to be pissed when she sees that.

  32. MotherSquid

    Oh, yes, gotta be JD. I had such pity for that horse he mounted to “play polo”. Must have been just smelling the cocaine again. Why is he on #SC anyway?

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