#60DaysIn Jaime Lind Speaks Out About The Reunion

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Jaime has done another video (after a bit of prodding from me) about the finale.  It’s an hour long this time. For the previous review of her videos click here.

Jaime agrees with me that Tami and Barbra have not changed and they showed their true colors on the reunion show. She says that after all the people on the show left F-Pod she and a few of the other girls were pulled out of F-Pod and sent back to D-Pod on the girl’s side of the jail.

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Jaime said that she got along with Tami and Barbra for the most part while incarcerated. She was the closest to Maryum. She is still in touch with Maryum. They email and video chat each other frequently. Jaime was very upset that Tami and Barbra said that Maryum only thinks about herself. She’s a mentor to Jaime and lots of other women including Nicole and Paulette from the F-Pod. She gives them a lot of positive support.  Jaime points out that both Barbra and Tami are basically unemployed.

Jaime said that there is NOT  Ex-Lax on commissary. The Sheriff and Chief lied about that. Jaime says you have to get that from a nurse. Perhaps the male inmates have access and the females don’t because females with eating disorders often use it abusively? That is just me guessing because I see no reason for the cops to lie about that.

The bullies of F Pod?

The bullies of F Pod?


Sidenote: While I am listening to this long video I am looking for reactions from Tami and Barbra. What I just found is an interview with Tami that appears to say she “retired” years before the 60 Days Experience. It’s highly unlikely that she had 20 years on the force. How old do we think she is? Some sites say she left the force in 2009.

Jaime tells the story of how she needed money for e-cigs and Maryum bought her radio from her because Maryum wanted to keep up with the news on the outside and the TV was never on the news. The radio sold for $30  and e-cigs were $10 each. She had been trying to sell the radio for two e-cigs. For whatever reason Maryum bought Jaime three e-cigs for her radio rather than just buying a radio in the first place.  Maryum gave it back to her when she left. I have a feeling Jaime will be putting it on Ebay in the near future.

She says that the jail added NA groups to the jail based on Maryum’s suggestion. They already had AA. Jaime talks about the reason she was in jail. She says she had a drinking problem and attacked a health care worker while drunk. It sounds like she is sober now. She has a job.

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Side Note: Barbra’s claim to fame includes having some sort of Internet meltdown about Ariana Grande’s donut liking incident where she was caught on security tape saying that she hates America. Barbra had purchased tickets and demanded a refund because of the incident. She caused such a ruckus that she was indeed given a refund. Also, she has written a book about the trials of being a young mother and tried publishing it several times (most likely self publishing aka vanity press) under multiple names.

Jaime says nothing was found anything on the food trays. She says she thinks that someone was looking from a letter from one of the trustees. Um how would that be IN the food? There were five people who were fired after these two seasons and four people resigned.

There is a girl named McKenzie who will be on season two who brought in real tobacco. She’s a blond. Jaime does not like her and she is bad news. Jaime admits to smoking a crack stick once and it was nasty. It’s the fiberglass filter of the e-cig that has nicotine and wrap it in a tampon wrapper. The girls could make lighters out of the wiring of the e-cigs.

She says they filmed a girl named Stephanie who has an imaginary monkey who was stolen one night. LOL. Maybe that will be on season two.

Here is the lengthy YouTube from Jaime



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16 responses to “#60DaysIn Jaime Lind Speaks Out About The Reunion

  1. PopcornAndVodka

    Yep, laptop, mobile, and link from Twitter all come to this post.

  2. Jaded

    It was very obvious Tami and Barbra had something against Maryum. The whole short bus thing they were up in arms about was not how Maryum intended it.

  3. Allison

    I wonder if Barbara knew that Maryum was Muslim, and that’s why she was so quick to jump all over her for for the picture she drew (which wasn’t saying what Barbara wanted it to, no matter how badly she wanted it to be). That would go hand in hand with her obvious racism. I wonder if she’ll manage to get her book published. Ugh.

  4. Jaime is hoping to make a living off using Tami and Babara’s name in her mouth daily. Kinda like interviewing people from HW shows and they bring up the “star” of that particular show to remain relevant themselves. Jaime does repeat too much to make the video longer. We get it. You love Maryum over the other 2 witches. Once again criminals making money off a stint on a reality show. Only in America!!

    • tamaratattles

      How is she making money again? She takes so long in between the whole FIVE VIDEOs she has put up because she works double shifts. She doesn’t have ads on your YouTube and if she did she has a total of less than 10K in views. You sound ridiculous.

    • Allison

      Really-making money.Yeah, I’m sure she’s ROLLING in it from her little YouTube videos. Im glad she puts her .02 out there, it clearly bugs you, so dont watch. Only in America! Wait…is that you, Barbara???? Ha.

    • Jaime Lind

      I make my living by waking up every morning and going to WORK thank you very much. YES only in American were you can speak your freedom of speech about a reality tv show you were on. And I don’t find Tami and Barbra the stars at all! I think Maryum was the star she didn’t act like a complete idiot in front of the world😃

  5. Blondesense

    Tami said she was 46. From what I can tell she was a cop for 4 or 5 years. I’m guessing she gave up her store security job to go on the show, not that she quit due to anything she experienced.

  6. misti wilde

    Tami is 46. She retired in 2001 at age 31 according to her Facebook q&a. She says she was an officer for 20 years, so she became a cop at age 11.

  7. lavidaLinda

    From what I’ve found….Tami was a cop in Providence, RI. I’m guessing that she went out on some kind of PTSD/Injury and recently took retirement after getting her time in (at least that’s how it usually works in Mass. Get the job, get injured, collect disability until you retire with full pension). Her smirk when she said it is what got me….was totally Team Tami until that smirk.

  8. Why so much bias in this review? Tami said she retired BECAUSE of this experience so she retired within the last months. Why dig up dirt on Barnra and Tami tho? Because they called out Maryum
    For being insensitive and pompous? I think all 3 ladies had faults but why all the positive slant for Maryum? I have a feeling I know why but it’s cool. The worst person on that show was by far Robert hands down. Guy is a sociopath. How do you not bring him up?

    • tamaratattles

      I’m not sure you know what the word bias means. You are confusing it with sorting out the facts. The facts are that Tami LIED about being a police officer at the time she went in. She had quit the force A LOOOOONG time ago. Her last job in “police work” as she calls it was playing a security guard in a TV skit show. No one had to dig up dirt on anyone. What they did was check their acting past as they all except Maryum, have a history of trying to break into the acting world. Maryum is a social worker. She spent her time in the jail tutoring and mentoring the other women. She continues to be in contact with some of them now and continues to counsel them via Facetime.

      We have had plenty to say about Robert. The question is why are you not reading it? Must we spoon feed it to you?

      And finally, why do you think we all feel positively about Maryum. We’d love to hear that answer.

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