WWHL With Dorinda Medley and Paula Abdul

WWHL with Dorinda Paula Abdul
Andy’s tie is the wonkiest it has ever been.  It looks like while Dorinda was doing her twirl in her shiny jumpsuit for Andy, someone made him try to straighten it. It is back to being the normal amount of wonky now. Does this drive anyone else crazy?

Andy plays the dog pooping on Dorinda’s rug repeatedly. He is such a gross person. Andy says that next week is one of the top five epsiodes of housewives of all time and the entire thing takes place over two and a half hours at Dorinda’s house in the Berkshires

Despite the Twitter war between Dorinda and Ramona  after last week’s episode, Dorinda says that she and Ramona have “moved on.”  I really don’t think their friendship will ever be what it was before Dorinda came on the show.

The preview of next week shows Bethenny being a raving lunatic toward Luann and accusing her of not owning up to all the billions of people she has slept with. First of all, Luann copped to fucking Rey this week. So she is owning up to it. Secondly, why does Luann have to disclose all of her lovers to Bethenny or anyone else?  Who the hell constantly wants a running tally of their friends sexual escapades? If Luann wanted you to know, she would share them with you. Perhaps the reason she doesn’t is because you are so damn judgmental, Bethenny.  Luann should berate Bethenny about who she is sleeping with.

RHONY Dorinda

Dorinda claims she didn’t know about Ramona and Sonja’s interactions with Tom before she introduced him to Luann. She heard about it after the show.

Dorinda is asked about Bethenny and Carole being so mean to Jules. Dorinda says she doesn’t understand it.  She says Jules can do no right with them, whatever she does they criticize her for it.

John is in the audience. Dorinda and John say that things are good between him and the girls. I think this is like last night when Robert from #60DaysIn said he didn’t have any problems with the other inmates.

Someone asks if she feels bad that she didn’t invite Sonja to the party. She gives the storyline answer about Sonja being in a vulnerable place and she wanted to protect Sonja from the drama. We know that Bethenny most likely refused to go if she was going to be there so that is why Sonja was invited. Dorinda has given zero real answers to any questions. This has been a super boring episode where she says everything is fine and dandy. The only real thing she said, and it was sort of an aside to Paula is that her mother and her daughter get upset watching the way she is treated by some of the girls when they watch the show.

Andy asked if Ramona had her carpets cleaned for her. Dorinda says “What do you think? She wouldn’t even admit that it was her dog who crapped everywhere!”

This show was mostly about Luann and Bethenny and Luann and Sonja. Interesting.

Paula Abdul was the sanest I have ever seen her. Boring, but sane. let’s see if we can ALL see this post.


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  1. Jen

    Greetings from Ireland xx

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    ***Raiseshand*** Present!

  3. JoJoFLL

    I understand editing at all but all I can think is that karma is going to catch up with Ramona. She’s judging everyone from her ivory tower.

  4. kendrawm

    Haven’t tried commenting since the big move, here goes… Need to catch up this weekend on everything, but love love loving RHONY, Tour Guides and Below Deck Med. Speaking of below deck, off for a little booze cruise sunset sail, I may even skully my wine straight from the bottle later. Have a great Friday night everyone!

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  6. Things seem to be working much, much better now since the move. More stable; more consistent.

    I’ve also made a happy discovery. If I click on “view desktop verson”, the format switches from the new mobile format (which I don’t care for at all) to the old mobile format (which is infinitely better); not to the actual desktop format for which I have no use.

    And no more strange format-switching with no rhyme or reason like the past couple weeks!

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      THANK YOU! Desktop version rules! 😙😙

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      Congrats on the move! I was going to comment on the desktop version. It’s my preferred format even on my phone. The new mobile site, although pretty, is virtually useless because much of the functionality of the site is missing.

    • Yes for me also, accidentally hit desktop button, took me to a good version of this site.

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  8. maryam

    it sure is difficult to find a housewife to actually LIKE this season…..i guess for me luann comes the closest, followed by dorinda. so glad so far there have been no medical dramas like rhooc and rhobh! yes, i can see you tamara! :)

  9. Sabrina

    Whether it is being single and in competition, in their minds, with a limited pool of eligible guys who they all know and have dated, or the combination of drugs and booze, plus being lonely, it feels to me like I’ve never seen Ramona as out of control selfish, erratic and high strung, Sonya as lost or Luann disclosed as ,as desperate as she now appears.

    TT, I don’t care how much Luann “dates” or who she has sex with, but she presented herself for so long as the special and entitled Countess, to now be clearly so lacking in discretion as to choose a guy like Rey to not just date once but to travel with- from being the Countess the driver could not call by her first name. – quite a juxtaposition. In her mind, most of all.

    Congratulations on the move- Sorry you had to go through it but it appears to be faster , and hopefully you will be able to have a holiday!!

    Happy Memorial Day, All!

    • BGStyles Laughing

      I agree. LuAnn can be the biggest slut all she wants, but when she professes her crown then that’s when the hypocrisy begins.

  10. Teresa

    Greeting from a very small down in eastern NC, love your blog

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    You’re working here in California, or at least THIS post is.

  12. Heidi

    I can see it! Was there a 60 Days In recap of the reunion? I saw a comment in a different post but couldn’t find the actual post. Maybe that’s what you’re having issues with, sometimes I miss the obvious 😳

  13. Another great recap! I especially liked the reference to Robert in “Sixty Days In” – I wanted to reach into my TV and knock that damned smirk off his face! So funny that, with all the men in New York, the ladies all seem to have slept with the same guys. I don’t care if LuAnn slept with ten thousand men – that’s her business – and I hope she and Tom are very happy. Can’t even begin to imagine her hooking up with super-sleazy Rey – he doesn’t look like the type of man she’d even want to stand near, let alone date. We’ll put that down to temporary loss of sanity, LuAnn. Ramona is just pain bitter and nasty this season – she always has that spiteful little look on her face and positively glows with joy when someone goes after LuAnn or Sonja. Love Dorinda and her down-to-earth common sense, but don’t really understand her and John either. Perhaps, after moving in such high-class circles with her late husband, she enjoys being able to let her hair down and not worry about keeping up appearances with John. Much more relaxing for her. She’s very real and love that about her. Love, love, love this show!

  14. Karabago

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  15. cammierari

    Happy Memorial Day peeps!

  16. Tamra

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  17. Kim

    Dorinda, I think, rarely spills the beans about anybody’s business. Seems the type of friend that knows where the bodies are buried. I think that fact that will probably keep Ramona somewhat in check. I’m sure Ramona dished on most of her love life since she’s been single until their argument but betrayal seems easier for Ramona than Dorinda. Will be interesting to see how this plays out & what juicy stories surface.

  18. Susan

    Who wants a dog around that’s not trained?

  19. Greetings from Michigan! Happy Memorial Day weekend, TT

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    Happy Memorial Day weekend from Canada!

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    Oh…this is wonderful! Hey y’all! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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    Working in The Netherlands!

  23. Cat

    Cat, checking in from Kansas City….

    I didn’t think Andy could get any more creepy and disgusting. I was wrong.

    I really do not care about other people’s bodily functions…or the bodily functions of their pets. I do not need to watch a show where the focus is who is or is not pooping, farting, vomiting, or having sex. And I certainly am not keeping score on the frequency of these “events”.

    I would much rather hear Yolanda drone on about Lyme. Sort of. Not really.

    Happy Memorial day!

  24. margroc

    I agree with what you’ve said. It is no ones’ business who Luanne sleeps with or dates. Ramoana is just pissed that she never gets a second date. First impressions most likely prove she’s crazy and way too much trouble for a 2nd date. I think Dorinda and John got together when she needed some levity in her life. Now she probably feels loyal to him because he was there when she needed him. Beth is just a b*tch, I feel nothing for her but disgust. She’s quite simply a horrible person.

  25. Karina

    Happy weekend from Cape Cod!

  26. Matzah60

    Nice to have you back, Tamara! I was missing all the recaps. While all of these women are pretty mean (save Dorinda and oddly enough, LuAnn this season), I am really loving this season, I think what you see on this show is the closest thing to a real housewive’s show and that is why I am loving it!

    Happy Memorial weekend to TT and all!!!

  27. Tinnify6sic6

    Don’t usually comment as I don’t find myself with anything original or terribly clever to say, most other folks usually beat me to it. However, I’m posting now. From my phone, in Georgia, USA. Love your site by the way.

  28. Tulsateacher

    Greetings from Tornado Alley!! I love the look of the new format but I think I’ll check out the desktop version as someone suggested earlier. I thought Dorinda looked great and I loved the jumpsuit. I don’t know why Paula was even there; she contributed nothing. I am very anxious to see next week’s episode. It better live up to the hype!

  29. T D

    Bethenny is about as pleasant to be around as a malarial swamp. She seems to begrudge the happiness of others.

  30. Sammie

    Andy’s wonky tie drives me nuts wondering why nobody tells him to straighten it.

  31. susan

    Read it thank you good job getting it back up

  32. marywanna

    I can see it on IE but not on Firefox, strange.

  33. T D

    How does one win friends and influence people with a scorched earth policy? More a scornful girl than a skinny girl unless we’re talking about the extreme narrowness of Bethenny’s mind which is painfully thin. Don’t get too close or the black hole she calls a heart will suck out all the love.

  34. Randi

    I don’t understand what has happened to my relationship with Andy Cohen. It’s not one specific incident. It’s just that I used to love and adore him. I even bought a Mazel shirt from the Bravo Store. But he just seems so dickish now. Occasionally, an XM radio station I’m listening to has Andy to a quick ad for his show and it just grosses me out.

    This is my long way of saying thanks for recapping WWHL because I had to take it off the DVR.

  35. Puravidacostarica

    Looking good!

  36. Testing. Hello. Knock knock…What a weird ass day. #Clusterfuck2016

  37. Down in the bayous of Louisiana.

    • oh sheila! you a good judy

      where the alligators grow so mean? =)
      that was one of my father’s signature songs!
      we love LA !!

  38. Wallace

    Austin in the house.

    Right or wrong, seems Bethenny is still harboring resentment for the first few seasons when LuAnn was always acting like aristocracy and being judgemental of others. You should introduce me a driver as Mrs de Lesseps not LuAnn, the Countess doesn’t drink beer out of a bottle, Bethenny shouldn’t date more than one person / it would look loose, etc …

    I think Bethenny is trying to show the Countess out as a hypocrite, including putting Catole down for dating a guy in his 20’s. Both Bethenny and Carole seem to really hold grudges over real or perceived slights.

    I would like to see a RHONY and 60 days in cross over where Bethenny could use those pit bull skills to call Robert out on his lies.

  39. Janet Rabin

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    Between Andy’s snarky “stir the pot” remarks and his wonky tie, he is going down the tubes fast! Love your site and love your feedback! YOU rock!!!

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    N.C. here!!
    I was starting to have a panic attack, I was going through T.T. withdrawal.

  44. Billie_bee

    WWHL has had me go from loving Andy to loathing him. I wish he would have just stuck to reunions.

    I come for TTs recaps on most things Bravo now.

  45. pete'sgirl

    From Brisbane, Australia

    I don’t like the slut shaming. Luann can have sex with whoever she wants.

  46. pete'sgirl

    Oh. New site. Way quicker. Awesome 👍👍

  47. Dee-AZ @jordan1022

    Checking in from Scottsdale, AZ. Working here. Great recaps TT

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