Andy Cohen on Live With Kelly Is Just Too Much

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I really don’t want to recap this but I just want to post to say how incredibly bad Andy Cohen was on Live With Kelly this morning. I wanted to post this early but the site is still settling in to the new server and they said to wait 24 hours before posting but, um, that is not possible.

So Andy is the host this week on Thursday and Friday because they are both filmed on Thursday.  Both Kelly and Andy start by saying they had very late nights and partied too much the night before (separately) and kind of dragged in to work this morning.  Well, clearly they took something. They were both way more spastic that usual. They are both trying WAY too hard. Andy cannot be the replacement host because it’s just too much over the top fakery and conjured perkiness.  But today was bad. They were speed talking and shouty and way too over the top for me at 9 am. I was awake briefly and then went back to sleep.

Look at Me!

Look at Me!

Andy tells a story about how the was the host at the big Parson’s benefit in NYC and wore a fugly mint colored suit, only to arrive and discover it was black tie. Click here to see the suit on GQ where they had this to say, ” Cohen’s pastel linen number, worn to the 2016 Parsons Benefit last night in New York City, was aggressively pastel—like a Smartie or a Jordan almond. And his tie, like a barber-shop pole, didn’t help steer the look away from those old-timey candy-shop vibes. Add in the generous break in Cohen’s pants and some scuffed-up brown wingtips and the look just doesn’t add up to the kinds of A+ tailored kits we’re used to seeing from the multi-hyphenate Bravo mastermind.”  Oh the shade.

They did one of Andy’s cheesy skits with guest Susan Lucci and I don’t think I was even told when Devious Maids premieres which was why she was there. Great campy summer show by the way. Very soapy.

In the cooking segment the lady actually says to Andy she wants him to be “the meat fondler” so at least he was well qualified for that.  I also must point out that Kelly’s dress was the ugliest contraption I have ever seen in all the 25 years she has been on TV. And normally love her wardrobe.

Andy has too much going on to be the permanent host and he is not a morning person.  Anderson Cooper on the other hand seems to really want the job. I think he would be great and Kelly would push for him.  The latest rumors indicate that the brass is very interested in Rob Lowe who has no current gig after his last show ended.  I used to love Rob Lowe but I don’t see him for this. He’s become a bit “Mario Lopez” if that makes any sense.

Anyway you can tune in tomorrow to see if their buzzes wear off for the second taping.  Who do you think should be Kelly’s new co-host?


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33 responses to “Andy Cohen on Live With Kelly Is Just Too Much

  1. tamaratattles

    holds on tight to the post. Don’t go into the light !

  2. After I slap Robert, lol, I would love to punch both Tami and Barbara for how they’re treating Maryum. I don’t know how the sheriff and the host didn’t step in to shut those two up. Jealous is putting it mildly, more like insanely jealous! Wow, can’t believe how much that pissed me off. I feel so bad for Maryum, Tami and Barbara are fucking idiots!

    • AKA Riley

      I guess there was a post on 60 Days In and now it’s gone? If I have my facts right, will you post it again, Tamara?

  3. Oops, I don’t know why this ended up here! I had to fill out info each time I commented but I didn’t realize I’d left the thread I was in!

  4. Oh, I see the post is gone hence TTs comment!

  5. As for who should be Kelly’s host, my vote is Anderson Cooper. I think he compliments her personality well. I didn’t see Andy Cohen with Kelly but from your description I would imagine it would always be over the top and too much. I don’t think he could stand for Kelly to be the one who gets more attention by being the silly talkative host, so he would compete with her as opposed to complimenting her.

  6. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    I would love to see Jenna Bush Hager be Kelly’s co-host. Jenna comes off as a very likeable young lady and I think she’d add some levity to Kelly’s covert snark and shade throwing. Whoever gets chosen as Kelly’s co-host can’t be capable of stealing her thunder- since it is Kelly’s show after all.

  7. SaraSally

    I cannot fathom Cooper accepting this vapid position as Kelly’s sidekick. Plus, he has too much going for him as a credible Journalist to waste it on interviewing entertainers & presenting happy news. He wouldn’t even last as long as Strahan.
    I could see her with Jerry O’Donnell because he’s Looney tunes & genuinely fun. I love when a co-host is fun, slips with the shade, and makes me periodically cringe. Things got too nicey-nicey orderly in the last 4 years. I’m tired of the over abundance of talk shows heralding from NY & constantly focusing on NY events. I happen not to be that into you NY. Your norm is not the same as the rest of the countries.

    • tamaratattles

      Anderson wants it. He had his own show for awhile and still worked at CNN. He would be a good match for Kelly. They genuinely like each other and hang out a good bit. He calm cook and collected and funny in a smart subtle way.

  8. Jessica White

    OMG, I so agree with you Tamara on this post. I usually do enjoy Andy on WWHL and sometimes Kelly on Live but the 2 of them together yesterday was too much. They are quite annoying together. Trying way too hard. Andy’s fakery fawning over Susan Lucci, enough already. It was kinda cute back when his first book came out, but now its just old. The skit they did was bad, not funny or even remotely cute. Andy loves to have guests do skits on WWHL, lets leave the skit thing there.

  9. Swizzle

    Andy was horrible. Not a fit for the show at all. My vote at this point is Fred Savage if he’d consider it. He’s been awesome both times I’ve seen him.

    • tamaratattles

      I enjoyed Fred too. He was a bit kooky in a believable way. When I saw Andy I felt like he was trying to “do” Fred in a more over the top way. Fred had cute stories and was a bit….not quite hyper, but more just excited to be there. Andy was spastic.

      • swizzle

        Yes…Andy was spastic! It was uncomfortable to watch. Fascinating to me that Kelly and Anderson are good friends and are so good together on the show, but while Kelly and Andy are friends, the show is awful with them together. I don’t think Andy is well suited for daytime TV.

        And I too love Devious Maids. It’s just perfect summer TV. Need to make sure my DVR is set to record.

  10. jen

    I love love Devious Maids. It fills my empty soul where Desperate Housewives lived. Great show. Just as you said cheesy and soapy. Fun. It premieres June 6th.

  11. jen

    And these two together for a, morning show is like watching my toddlers eat breakfast; annoying and yiu just want to yell at them but can’t.

  12. jen

    I liked the idea of Jerry O conell. Did I just butcher his name? I love him. He is so cute and funny.

  13. IMO

    Kelly and Andy are two more clowns too many.

  14. Dracla Dunning

    Good grief. That mint suit on Andy was wrong. Just so very wrong. Did Andy not see his reflection in the mirror? Did he lose his voice? Whoever did that to him had to be laughing like a hyena behind his back at how fugly Andy looked.
    I don’t watch Live with Kelly no matter who they pair her with. If her co-host was personal acquaintance it would ruin a friendship. Kelly is immature business wise and the bottom line is the position is employment. As a fill-in host it works but not for the long haul. She is a back stabber.

  15. tamaratattles

    Testing again ….sorry. The share buttons are back now.

  16. Lolagyrl

    I’d love to see Anderson Cooper be the new permanent host!

  17. Cat

    All I saw was a bit where Andy droned on about how they should have alcohol, because they were both hung over. Then, I switched back to “Leave it to Beaver”.

    Andy is so wrong for not only a morning show, but a Disney morning show, to boot.

    Anderson would be great!

  18. Jane

    I saw some of the show, too, and right on, sista! I liked her with Strahan and was curious about a different host. I am not an Andy fan for starters, but there was way too much perky going on for me. Micheal should thank his lucky stars and Kelly just came off a week of looking like a petulant child. She didn’t need to follow that up by being jazzed up. Didn’t see the other subs, so I can’t comment, but I probably won’t watch again soon.

  19. sarcasatire

    Co-hosting this show would be a downgrade for Anderson.

    Would Kelly even give him top billing?

  20. ZenJen55

    I’m for AC and Kelly, I might start watching it again. Anderson and Kathy Griffin’s New Years show is hand down my fav way to bring in the New Year! I know pathetic but spending holidays alone isn’t so bad. A particular Thanksgiving I meet someone very special who took me under their wing and helped me in to successful therapy!

    Congratulations TT on the new site, you deserve much success. I see you like Bethany, when she couldn’t give a muffin away then became wildly rich and successful.

    • tamaratattles

      Thanks ZenJen, I’m still in the muffin stage, but wild success is but a lot of advertising away! lol.

  21. nanaintn

    I love Anderson Cooper! He’s an excellent journalist but I think he’d be great with Kelly as well! He’s smart, funny, genuine and most of all has a heart! Uh…Andy… NO…he’s shallow, can be downright cruel and in place of a heart he has a ‘thumpin’ gizzard ‘! BTW, did any one else watch Anderson’s documentary he did about his mom, Gloria Vanderbilt a couple of weeks ago on CNN? I thought it was beautiful!

  22. Andy is way too loud for 9am, Fred Savage was cute, Daniel Woo was boring, Seal was even more boring. I could see Anderson Cooper, he’s the entire package.

  23. Matzah60

    I missed this and will have to watch On Demand to see Andy on the show. As for the suit, well, it’s just fugly!! Pants are too long and the brown wing tips are not a good look with the pastel green. Linen notoriously looks wrinkled and disheveled once you sit down and move around it. Not a good look.

    I agree with Tamara. I think Anderson Cooper would be a great match. He would defer to Kelly’s big personality and let her have the limelight. When he was in n WWHL with his mother, he said he’d love to do it but he hasn’t been asked as of yet.

  24. cheychey

    I love Anderson so he would be my top choice. I would enjoy him back on daytime talk TV. I feel like if Kelly wants him there and a money agreement can be made he will get the job. They are really gonna want to keep Kelly happy. If not A.C. I think Sherry Shepherd would be funny with Kelly. I saw an interview with her where she said she would like the job as well

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