60 Days In Reunion Recap: Mr. Maple Syrup


This is going to be so good. They have not seen a single bit of footage from the show at the time of this reunion. We start with the sheriff who says that he got a lot of good information from the participants. Maybe they didn’t show all thee details to keep the guys from being targets out in the real world.

First to come on to set are Tami and Barbra, aka the bullies.  Tami says it was her life long career in “police work” that allowed her to ID Barbra as part of the program right away.  Tami says that jail was far worse than she could have imagined. They cut to the two cops who have sad faces like she just said  she didn’t like their house. Of course the editing is not to be trusted and those reactions could have been to anything. Oh no, they are definitely reacting to her. Tami claims that she has retired after 21 years on the force because she just can’t put girls in that situation. Seriously? Did she think they were going to the Four Seasons? The cops look disgusted.

Barbara says she is a much better person for the experience. And right then they bring out Yaz/Maryum. I’m going to stick with Yaz. Both Tami and Barbra immediately have a negative reaction.  At one point Barbra says that Yaz doesn’t think about anyone but herself. I hope when I click play that Yaz is explaining what projection means.  Instead she says , “I’m not going to deal with stupidity.” and Tami who was been sitting there quietly seething ever since she came out jumps up screaming “I am not going to deal with this!” and runs away.

Clearly Tami and Barbra are not the least bit changed by the experience unless being even bigger cunts counts as a change.

60 days Yaz

Isaiah says he went home and signed up for college and has been accepted. Zac comes out an says that he didn’t make Isaiah at first but once he heard his backstory he realized he was part of the program.

Captain Scottie tries to explain to Jeff that his failure to stand up to anyone made him an easy target. I don’t quite think he is getting it. Poor Jeff came in hoping this would help him get a job in corrections and unfortunately for him, it’s made it clear that he could not handle the position. Jeff quit after four days. He says he would do I again.

Zac, Isaiah and Jeff all traded commissary which they were told not to do. However, Jeff’s trades were not fair and he was being taken advantage of.  Captain Scottie says that as an administrator he had to tell them not to make trades, but basically everyone does it. Captain Scottie says that Zac’s intel probably saved someone’s life.

Next we have Tami, Zac and Robert. It seems that Zac and Tami bet each other on how long Robert would make it. Zac had three weeks and Tami had five. He dropped out after five weeks. Robert says he had no problem with the inmates. Roll tha beautiful bean footage, Dan Abrams!

Tami has no leg to stand on when it comes to Robert. She needs to just shut up. And so does Robert. He just called the Captain, “Mr. Maple Syrup.”

OMG! Zac’s wife is jail for season two! WOW, between his deployments and season one, and their young son, you would think she would never do this. Season 2 looks even harsher than this season!


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35 responses to “60 Days In Reunion Recap: Mr. Maple Syrup

  1. jennbug

    I wasn’t home in time to watch it when it was on, but I have it DVR’d. I can’t wait to see the “reunion”. Zac’s wife is in for season 2??? Crazy! Thanks so much for turning me on to this show!

  2. I would love to slap that stupid smile right off of Robert’s face!

  3. LA_in_KY

    Loved this show! Robert was so rude. I was so excited all day to see this reunion show. I wanted to punch Robert through my TV multiple times. I can’t believe Zaxhs wife is going to go do this after he did! When is the premiere date? The next season looks more extreme and more unnerving than the previous.

  4. MzKRB

    For some reason the reunion seemed a little lack luster to me. I will say that Tami and Barbara had such a mean girl attitude towards Maryam. So much so, that any little thing that should could have said or done would have set them off. Their reactions were not in correlation to their “grievances.” As far as Tami saying that she retired because of the show, I thought the talk was that she was actually retired prior to being on the show. Seeing her behavior and response to people, even those that are calm as Maryam, shows to me that its best that she did retire because she is way too volatile for that kind of power.

    • pokerplayer

      Someone said that Tami wasn’t a police officer at all, she was a security guard!

    • Jessica

      I thought it was a little lack luster as well-I actually think it would have been more interesting if they had been allowed to watch the footage before they came on to see how they actually behaved rather than how they thought they behaved.

  5. pokerplayer

    I would really like to know how much they were paid.

  6. jennbug

    I understand that while locked up there isn’t much to do, so drama can start from the smallest things. However, after they are out, you would think that Barbra & Tami would get over the little things that Maryum did to annoy them. Weren’t they all there to do a “job” and hopefully help to improve/change the system?

  7. Jessica

    I am excited about season 2 also but the officers were saying that the intel helped to make the jail better but if that is true why is season 2 worse-with more violence and issues. the promo for it was downright blood lusty. I hope this doesn’t go the way of the bad girls club etc where every season just needs to get worse and worse to keep viewers I would like to believe there is a little truth to the idea that this is done to make the jail safer/better/more effective.

    • rainidaze

      They started taping season 2 within a couple of weeks of the first group leaving. Zac’s wife said she left home to start her stint in jail just 10 days after Zac returned home. I think it’ll take a few months to get their new programs, staff, rules, etc, implemented. Hopefully they’re on the right track after firing 5 officers and 4 resigning plus the input from 2 seasons of show participants.

    • Tamdon

      Jessica, I thought the same thing…if the intel was so helpful, why is Season 2 worse? But then if you look at the length of time between the first group leaving and the second group coming (10 days I believe between Zac and his wife), then you’re only talking a couple of weeks. It takes time to implement new policies and procedures. Now if Season 3 shows no improvement…….then I will really begin to wonder about the effectiveness of the program.

      • tamaratattles

        Season 3 will be at another jail. The cover was blown on this one as soon as the show aired.

  8. Justin the Nick of Time

    The editting was horrible. The cut and paste was obvious.

  9. Pip

    I love that Tami got all diva-like and Ramona on them and stormed of the stage… “I’m not going to deal with this”!! What a joke she is. Both her and Barbara. Just looking at each other with the eye-rolling.
    Next season does look like a better group of people, imo. I really hope that we don’t get another Robert. Waste of space and time.
    I’m also glad that we don’t have to wait a whole year or six months for the new season! August 11th is right around the corner!! Woo hoo!

    • pokerplayer

      Oh my gosh!!! Tami is too much…someone on here said she isn’t even a cop but she’s a security guard…don’t know if that’s true or not??? Did you hear when she said she resigned her job as a cop because she, “just can’t handle sending any girls to jail”, or something like that she said, and those 2 cops looked at her like, WHAT? and I was like WHAT? Tami loves the camera.

  10. Crazydoesit

    Okay, I’m not surprised by Tami and Barbara with the way they treated Maryum. I came to adore Maryum, especially after your blog post about what a good influence she was on others. Barbara and Tami have no insight into their Mean Girl (and racist) behavior. I loathe Robert even more than I did and I honestly didn’t think that was possible. I was floored by Zac’s wife being a part of Season 2! I’m sure the Sheriff did not want to disclose the Intel they received and any finger pointing by the participants for the safety of the participants and a myriad of other reasons. I didn’t not see a “hot” participant in the previews for season 2, disappointed there will be no Zac equivalent. Overall, I really enjoyed this show. It didn’t surprise me about Jeff not realizing he absolutely couldn’t survive being a cop, I liked him overall though.

  11. PopcornAndVodka

    The only people who came out of this looking good were Zac, Isaiah and Maryum. To give Jeff some credit, I’d be out the minute I got punched in the face too. But still. He needs to get a nice job as an accountant and stop trying to impress the bullies from his past.

    I’m having a hard time understanding how Barbra’s and Tami’s hatred of Maryum have to do with anything other than racism. We saw an edited version of course, but I never saw a sign of anything but peace, friendliness and helpfulness from Yaz. Tami was the one causing drama every chance she got, making it up from nothing most of the time.

    I’m not even going to talk about He Who Shall Not Be Named. Fucking waste of space, that one.

    • I agree with everything you said except for Jeff being an accountant – bless him – I don’t think he is too bright either. He needs to deliver water coolers or fill vending machines.

  12. Urethra Franklin

    Testing to see if my comments appear. I feel like a window licker.

  13. Matthew M.

    What was the thing with the sugar cubes? Zac told them to get rid of them from commissary, but never said why.

    • tamaratattles

      They mix it with fruit to make prison hooch. But I am not sure why they would get ride of the cubes and not the package. I guess you get more sugar buying the cubes.

  14. jennbug

    I should’ve asked this on the last recap, when Tami gave her exit interview….did she say they were smuggling in cigarettes and spices? What would the spices be used for?

  15. Tokrsa

    I did not watch this season but the recaps by Tamara got me interested. Imagine my surprise that the jail where they filmed the show is where I live. Didn’t know it was so close to home until a local t.v. station interviewed the sheriff and he said employees have lost their jobs or resigned. Also said season 2 was finished filming before season 1 started airing. Said they learned a lot from the experience. Said he was well aware it could all go sideways and he could end up losing his job.

  16. misti wilde

    Tami and Barbara are just cowards, targeting Maryum for one quiet comment instead of those who were actually screaming at and threatening the “slow” chick. I hope they see themselves one day. EW.

    • ~ZZZ~

      Totally agree. Maryum was not being mean or making fun of her and it NEVER appeared that way imo. They did the same huge ridiculous reaction to the drawing of a boot on the flag.
      They are IDIOTS. Especially Tammy. She couldn’t let ANYTHING go. That’s not how you survive in jail. I’ve never been in jail, but I can figure that out from here.
      I was impressed a bit with Barbara…I never thought she would end up yelling at everyone for fighting, and I liked a few of her suggestions. But making everyone make their bed every day? Haaa! Not gonna happen! But the way they got so mad at Maryum was beyond strange.
      Barbara kept saying “You hurt her feelings”. WOW, really? I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that just about anyone in jail probably gets their feelings hurt daily…And they don’t die from it.

  17. Heidi

    Oh lord, when they were talking to Robert and they would say, “let’s take a look at your time in…” he was just giddy to see himself on the tv. It was sickening. He has no self awareness or if he does he just doesn’t care. Both are bizarre traits. I don’t understand how someone can be so unashamed of their behavior. In the first episode when they were interviewing them and giving them rules, did not a million red flags go up when he asked for an extra soft toothbrush and the size of the tv in the dayroom?? He’s a sick, twisted person who needs a daily relationship with a psychologist. All imho of course ☺️

    • ~ZZZ~

      He LOVES himself SO much!
      What a true psycho.
      Dude, you would have gotten a lot more air time if you had done what you were supposed to!

  18. T

    I feel like we will have a Zack spinoff to get us in to the next season. I feel like they made a mini show out of the 10 days in between about him preparing to take care of the house!

  19. RealE

    Thank you Tamara for recapping this show. Due to your wonderful recaps, I started watching it and quickly got addicted.

    Was I the only one that was so disappointed that Zac’s wife was going into the jail for season 2? I felt many of the participants were there just for TV and Zac left his very young baby behind but for me I believed his story of wanting to be an officer and feeling he could improve his chances while also being of value to the Sherriff. Then to learn his wife was also leaving their baby to go in… For what? It just made me think differently and said Fame****s to me. To have a parent gone from 2-6 months, as a mom of young children, it just seems a huge loss to the child’s bonding and just made me dislike them for doing this for no reason. Perphaps I am being over judgemental just because I really gained a lot of respect for Zac throughout the show.

    • ~ZZZ~

      I have to agree with you….I thought it was VERY strange that she was doing this too. He was EXCELLENT. He was the most interesting to watch, and I have a lot of respect for him.
      From the previews, it sure looks like she might regret doing it.

  20. misti wilde

    Maybe zac and his wife’s decision for her to go on the show is based on financial security and not necessarily fame. I’m sure the gig pays well. Im disappointed with Barbara and tami’s lack of humility after hearing the truth about maryum. Shame on those two.

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