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Sorry, I have too much going on today to try to explain the RHONJ trailer with interpretive dance and sign language.  I can’t grasp why Bravo guards AN ADVERTISEMENT for their show like gold and doesn’t make it embeddable for all.  So I will do a bit of purple pen on the press release and call it a day.

NEW YORK – May 24, 2016 – There won’t be any lazy days of summer when Bravo Media’s “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” returns for its much anticipated seventh season on Sunday, July 10 at 8pm ET/PT. Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga are joined by new Housewives, Dolores Catania and Siggy Flicker, along with the return of a true Jersey veteran, Jacqueline Laurita. Also appearing this season are sisters Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri.. Wait whut? What happened to the lesbian couple?  They aren’t mentioned at all? I thought they were downgraded after the fight in Vermont (that was Jac’s fault)  but no mention at all? So you can hit people all day long in Atlanta, but not Jac Laurita?  If they were cut out, then why were they at the finale filming that Jac refused to show up for?


RHONJ Vermont1

From the Bravo PR:

This season, Teresa looks to repair fractured relationships with her family and friends. Although her release from prison brings the Giudice family back together, the reunion is short-lived as they only have a few months before Joe begins his sentence. After growing closer to the Gorga family while Teresa was away, Melissa now fears it may all crumble and hopes she can start fresh with her sister-in-law, permanently putting the past behind them. Melissa’s storyline is her feud with Kathy. Melissa drags Teresa onto her side and they both fight with Kathy who is supported by Rosi.

Meanwhile, Jacqueline, whose main focus continues to be helping her autistic son, longs for the “Lucy and Ethel” friendship she had with Teresa and is willing to bury their history if it means a more lighthearted future.  Jac is going to trot out the austism storyline again, which makes me highly annoyed. She also fights with Tre all season as Tre has old issues with Jac she still has resentments about.

RHONJ Rosie and Kathy

Teresa and Jacqueline’s longtime friend, Dolores, is a divorced mom of two, focusing on a road toward independence as she emotionally and financially recovers from two failed relationships. It’s interesting that she is considered Jac’s friend when she seems very close to Tre in the trailer. Siggy, another friend of Jacqueline’s, fits right in with the Jersey group with her dynamic personality and high energy, as she navigates her relationships with her children who find her overbearing at times. But just as these five ‘wives begin to form strong bonds, relationships are on the verge of breaking – and when old friends meet new friends, it may mean no friends for some. Like, Jac.

Meet the new Housewives:

Dolores Catania: Dolores Catania redefines what it means to be a housewife. The Paterson-born Jersey native is the quintessential modern day Renaissance woman.  This corrections officer-turned-surgical technician-turned Realtor and owner of multiple fitness centers is not only a mother of two, but is also an active executive member of several charities, a pastime fueled by her devout faith. Though divorced for 15 years, she and her ex-husband and business partner, Frank, maintain a close friendship. Their two kids, Gabrielle (20) and Frankie (17), keep Dolores on her toes by making sure there is never an empty house. Whether it’s the multitude of kids or array of stray animals they bring home, the Catania household is never dull, and Dolores is mom to all. Known lovingly as the “real deal” by her friends, Dolores is not one to sugarcoat anything and always brings blunt honesty to the table, along with unwavering loyalty and a great sense of humor to match.

RHONJ Vermont7

I’m sad these two were cut out. :( We will see them in Vermont though.

 Siggy Flicker: Siggy Flicker is a relationship expert, professional matchmaker and TV personality whose professional opinion has been sought out by a variety of TV programs, syndicated radio shows and publications throughout the country. Most recently, Siggy added author to her impressive résumé with her first book, Write Your Own Fairy Tale: The New Rules of Dating and Relationships, and Finding Love on Your Own Terms. What makes Siggy unique to the matchmaking game is that she truly practices what she preaches: Siggy wrote her own fairy tale. She met and married Mark Flicker, and after eight years of marriage and two children, Siggy and Mark chose to get divorced with no lawyers, no bitter arguments, and no traumatized children – a divorce done right. Managing to remain her friend, Siggy’s first husband Mark stood up as best man to her new husband, Michael Campanella, when they were married. Now, clients and friends ask for Siggy’s help not only in finding love, but also in ending a marriage without collateral damage to family and peace of mind. In the trailer, she takes some hits for not being Italian.


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20 responses to “The RHONJ Trailer Is Out

  1. JoJoFLL

    This one I’m looking forward to!

    Thank goodness the twins are gone.

    • Kim

      Yes! I think they might be the most irritating of any new HW additions, of anywhere (bold statement, I’m aware). I don’t dare say “no one could be worse” because sadly, there’s ALWAYS someone worse! Would prefer not to see Jac though & Bravo has exploited every illness (and invented their own). I miss the original dynamic when they were all trying to keep up with the Joneses. The shows got so heavy.

  2. Ms.Minnie

    Yesss my boo siggy is on, I can’t wait to see her and Bravo the RHONJ trailer is fire. That’s how you do it, and y’all better get RHOA right for season 9 because RHOC and RHONJ are setting the bar very high. Perfect casting for both shows, even though I did wanna see Robyn over Kathy though.

  3. Cgal38

    Who the hell did jac fuck to get back on this? She’s awful, and boring. I can handle an awful hw but she’s gotta bring it. Does jac have any supporters?

  4. Minky

    The new Wives sound interesting. Can’t wait to see how they handle the RHNJ scrum.

  5. Calipatti

    We’ll blow me down. I had no intention of watching a moment of 5 semi ignorant grown women acting horrible.
    Intelligence is not always book learned but it helps.
    Finally two new women that read successful intelligent, seems to be able to work well with others and finally a non – Italian. Not sure why being Italian in NJ was a big deal, it’s common.
    I will watch as long as it is but the Tre show.

    • Oops – it is “NOT” the Tre show.
      Reading Jac’s and her whiny daughter will be on the show is depressing, thankfully I control the remote. Why, no one missed her.

  6. Just ONE show with Douche Bag Rich and Jac’s stupid pregger bitchy daughter and I’m done.

  7. Billie_bee

    God knows I am no fan of Theresa’s spawn, but even I felt bad those last few seconds of the trailer with the scene of them all in bed together.

    I haven’t watched the Ptomoac HW, barely tuning in to Dallas and NY, but I will probably begrudgingly watch Jersey.

  8. Drew

    Siggy looked familiar, I think she is constantly a guest on the Wendy Williams show when Wendy brings a corespondent out to discuss hot topics. Interesting.

  9. Rach

    Dolores has been in a couple of episodes before. I remember when Jac had the “sports day” at her house in the back garden and Dolores was there and it said she was a friend of Caroline’s. I also remember her being in a party scene at Teresa’s house.

  10. Kevin

    Can someone tell me what I missed with Melissa and Kathy? Since when are they feuding? Is this a real beef or something made up for a storyline?

  11. Cheychey

    I love Kathy and her family. She seems to be one of the few people on the shows that have a family that loves each other. The husband cares about his wife, the kids aren’t spoiled brats and I haven’t heard anything about them being in foreclosure on their home or bankruptcy. Nor do they seem to be in trouble with the law for anything. Melissa and Teresa need to go somewhere and take a seat and leave Kathy alone and don’t get me started on my beloved Rosie.

  12. T D

    You can’t hit Jac Laurita because she’s already been severely beatin’ about the head and face with the ugly stick. Seems like the left side of her chest had a few good licks too.

  13. Drew

    I’m so bummed that Robyn and her wife aren’t list as cast anymore. For me, that was my guilty, trashy excuse to watch!
    Dig Tamara, dig! Why, why, why?

  14. tamaratattles

    There was a physical confrontation with them and Jac in Stowe. I had heard she was just downgraded to an FOH, but the PR didn’t even MENTION them at all! Type Stowe Vermont into my search box for details.

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