Southern Charm Recap: Whit’s End

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Sorry for the downtime tonight, my lovely hosting site, BlueHost. and I have been in chat for about an hour. Their infinite wisdom said that I had an extremely high volume of views tonight and the server just could not handle it. While my posts today were exemplary, now that I am magically back in after their support team told me there was nothing they could do. I checked my stats and they are not up to where they were yesterday let alone out of the ordinary. So I am livid and about an hour late getting started. I will get on RHOD as soon as I can assuming this post ever shows up and the server doesn’t crash again.

We return to the cabin where Whitney is having a conniption fit because Craig said the reason he hates Kathryn is because he has feeling for her.  We’ll Craig, you are close,  Whitney hates Kathryn because she would not be his beard in season one, probably after she agreed to and realized the creepiness factor of living with you and Patti. I can see how frustrating it must be for you now to be accused of having feeling for her though.

Whitney’s big comeback to Craig’s accusation? “I slept with her WAY before Thomas.” He is denying the time span Craig offered of five days. I think Whitney seems to be denying Kathryn living with him for a few days.  Craig says he is telling the truth and he is doing it as payback for Whitney being a cunt when he visited Craig in CT with his parents.

There is no greater love than a gay man has for his mother...

There is no greater love than a gay man has for his mother…

Whitney stomps off calling Craig a “cocksucker.” /giggles Cameran is being a little suckup to Whitney. Cameran is so desperate  to hang around that gin soaked elderly woman that looks like she smells of dusting powder and Ben Gay, that she will even sidle up to Whitney.  Danni stands up for Kathryn as well. Elizabeth is sitting by JD (who defended Whitney) and seems like she wants to say something.  Danni says that Thomas is just as much if not more irrational than Kathryn and he gets a pass while Kathryn get ostracized.

Somehow, Cameran forces Craig to give a half-hearted apology “for upsetting him.” Oh Craig, man up! Craig says he still believes it and Cameran decides to cut off Craig. Because, suck up. Speaking of cunts, Naomie goes in on Craig too. At least I think that is Naomie. It’s clear she is only hanging with Craig to be on TV.  So she gets on TV and can’t even play her fucking role?

The next morning the Triumvirate of Evil (Whitney, Cameran & Landon) wake up still mad. They hate #NewCraig now with all their peepee. Cameran and Whitney take off in their creepmobile.

Shep is actually mad at Craig.

Southern Charm Kathryn


Meanwhile, the nanny that Thomas hired is brushing the girl child’s hair as Kathryn coos over her baby girl. Kathryn calls Thomas to tell him that they have moved her inducement day up three weeks due to her high blood pressure. Everything is okay they just want her to have the baby as a C-section and not risk an early natural labor.  Thomas says he needs to hurry up and come over to put together the changing table. I do so love the editing when they show “Thomas” assembling things. Kenzie is adorable and actually Facetimes Thomas. #Precious


Patti makes sure to ring a bell so we see her butler. LOL. Someone told me they knocked on the door of Chez Patti (please don’t do that!  It’s stalkerish and can get you arrested!) and they were surprised when not one answered, not even “the butler.”  Um, the butler is a cast member who is only there during filming season. Allegedly. In my opinion. But please sue me anyway.  Whitney has rented a jack shack, or perhaps a doff loft in this case for a bit of privacy and Patti drops by to see how things are going. It’s  ultra staged and doesn’t look like he lives there at all. We have previously seen the squalor of his room at his mother’s house. This is probably rented for the shoot. Patti asks about the NC trip and he doesn’t want to talk about it. In her talking head, Patti proclaims “Southern WASPs don’t talk about our feelings!” BWAHAHAHAHAH!  Dear Lord. I can’t with this one.

Whitney launches into a laughable storyline about how he is going to see “Larissa” his “girlfriend” in LA. I’m guessing that he is going to his home, in Weho to spend some time on Grindr.  He promises to try to bring Larissa back with him. I’m sure she wants some air time.  Oh wait, now this is a trip with cameras. I don’t believe that. He says he is taking Shep and Thomas but can’t take Craig because “he only has two bedrooms.”  heh. One for Shep and let’s guess where he wants Thomas to sleep…. This is a ruse for Whitney to have some boys time in Weho.

Patti, who is supposed to be pretending she doesn’t know about the NC scenes starts talking about how Craig is JD’s bitch and these two just laugh and laugh. It’s disturbing.

Southern Charm Thomas


In case you missed it,  I discovered the reason for the ugly Plexiglas crib and posted it in comments here.  Basically it is a super expensive crib that Beyoncé has for Blue Ivy. Sigh. Don’t judge. She barely in her 20’s.  I bring this up because Thomas apparently went to Target to get the changing table to assemble and now Kathryn is MIA and the nanny says she left because she is mad at Thomas. Totally fake scripted nonsense.  Kathryn would never let Thomas got to TARGET to pick up some generic changing table that the poors use for their unfortunate children. I am quite sure she has some sort of changing table in mind like those Asian toilets that wash your butt, dry it and powder it before it flushes itself and sends ot  a mist of lilac scented air freshener. Therefore I cannot buy into any of this bullshit.

The fake storyline is that she is pissed that Thomas is going to LA with Whitney because the baby is due in a week. Thomas would never do that anyway. Not just for the baby but because he is a grown man with things to do and chicks to fuck in Charleston and he has no need to three thousand miles away with Whitney on a boys trip. For that matter, Shep is not going to go to LA either. I can’t wait to see his fake excuse for the “boys trip” that would never happen anyway.

Sidenote: I would kill small children and cook them over an open fire for that stack Charleston art in Thomas’ room that has not been hung yet. Especially, if that house was thrown in. Dear God in heaven that is a gorgeous piece of property. Oh wait, the children are all going to live. It looks like only the front one is drawing of a local church, and the largest one cover up seems to be a photograph and I promise I am not kidding there is some sort of caption on the top and can sort of make out the word….. wait for it…. RETARDED. That was amusing enough to knock my anger down to a 6 from eleventy billion. Someone get me a screen shot of that stack of pictures at the :27 mark. Anyway, the nanny agrees with Kathryn. They are ganging up on him! Maybe he will listen to the nanny. What am I saying, of course he will this Whitney Circle Jerk weekend was never a real thing. Bless his creepy heart.


I can’t deal with this chick in the role of Craig’s girlfriend. Cleary, Whitney recommended her. Naomie tells Craig he shouldn’t talk about the Whitney issue any longer.

Southern Charm  Bromance


More staged housing by Whitney. He is in LA and I cannot wait for my…  friends from WeHo to tell me whose house this is. This is fucking hysterical.

Thomas of course calls to cancel. Whitney is despondant of course. In his talking head he admits that his problem with Kathryn is that she affected his “relationship with Thomas.” The first truthful thing he has said all season.

Whitney calls Shep so he can deliver his lines. Let’s see what his excuse is. Shep was told that Thomas could not come, and yet he says “I don’t want to be a third wheel” and he asks to bring Craig, which makes no sense. I mean other than not wanting to sleep alone in a house with Whitney.  Whitney says he wants to think about it.


I’m just going to gloss over where Craig meets Cameran because it punched me in the gut all these years later. Cameran orders the grilled cheese and Cheetos. Cameran is a cunt this season.


Thomas has a florist send Kathryn “a bouquet of flowers” for a bit a screen time. They were incredibly underwhelming.  Perhaps I am too judgey because I am the person in charge of sending flowers for my family and had to do it again this weekend, and because my gay husband sends flowers that will bring you to your knees they are so beautiful. This is some half-assed FTD shit. Sorry. I’m a flower junkie.  Kathryn probably is too. I have been admitting her two orchid pots the entire episode.

Craig stops by to talk to Kathryn and fill her in on the NC trip. Craig fails to mention that Danni stood up for her. He basically says no one wants anything to do with her. He tried to help her and now he wants to mend fences for his own safety in the group. Oh Craig, I just can’t with you dude. You  really need to grow up and refuse to follow every storyline.  Kathryn says that the truth will out eventually. And um for the viewers that happened last week when we saw some unaired footage.  It was made abundantly clear by production that Kathryn told the truth about staying in Patti’s crypt.


Meanwhile back in Whitney’s fake house,  Larissa arrives.  She is sexually fluid, allegedly so we here, please sue me,  and is also an actress in her homeland. She goes all out in her girlfriend role and Whitney can barely tolerate being kissed by a beautiful woman.

Whitney get the flowers right with the orchid; however, the orchid is a high maintenance plant that she could never keep alive and he couldn’t either. And I couldn’t either. Way too much trouble.  Whitney’s first move is to “start her a bath.” He has no idea how heterosexual relationships work. As soon as she is done bathing he is cooking her dinner, stir fry.  There is an extremely douche worthy song for Larissa that he plays on the guitar. If you can call that playing. Or singing.

Southern Charm Shep's birthday


Craig meets Shep at his bar which is adorable and I am so sad it burned down before I got to visit. Shep says that the blowup with Whitney at his cabin put a dent in their relationship. Craig says he thinks it ruined his shot at the LA trip (that never was). Shep tells Craig that he went to bat for him and got him invited to LA.

Side note: does this place Whitney is in not look to be the same place he was in when he first arrived to you?


For a twenty dollar arrangement of FTD flowers, we are expected to believe that all is well with Kathryn and Thomas and he arrives with a Target changing table NTTAWWTCT.  Kenzie does not react well to Thomas coming over so the nanny suddenly opts to take her to the park.

Actually, Thomas opens a Delta changing table readily available at your local Target for $90 -$110. Considering they blurred out the Co-Cola label when Cameran and  Craig were at the Drugstore eating Cheetos (also sponsored)  this is a free item for Kathryn.  Kathryn plants seeds about Whitney. Thomas says the guys trip was to “celebrate the birth of his child.” This is the worst script ever.

Next Week: Much to my surprise, Shep and Craig do go to LA. Will the loving girlfriend still be there? Doubt it. Landon admits she wants to be with Shep. Or Thomas. Or whoever will financially support her. The three dudes in LA get drunk with some models (female). JD calls  Shep wanting to know where Craig is. Is it already time for Shep to get fake fired from his fake job this season? JD is a dickhead who says that Thomas needs a paternity test.  And Kathryn has the baby.

P.S. I will do RHOD ASAP tomorrow. I just can’t tonight. It’s been a rough one.


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78 responses to “Southern Charm Recap: Whit’s End

  1. Jessica

    I was waiting for your post mainly because I just need to say out loud to people who under stand that Whitney IS. THE. WORST. EVER. The creep force is strong in this one. I actually like Craig this season for at least trying to call Whitney out…even if he is off the mark about why exactly …it made me very happy. The half hearted apologies forced from him by everyone else made me sad. I give him a lot of credit for pushing as far as he has because I see him as one of the younger more unsure of himself cast members and he is at least making an effort to be his own man on some level. The whole time I was watching I was thinking (hopefully) Cameron will realize she backed the wrong horse when the season airs and she sees that Whitney is universally viewed as creepy/gay (which is only an issue because he is so desperate to deny it). Cameron seems to be invested in being seen as reasonable and fun and above it all and I think she will be surprised by the beautiful edit last week showing that Whitney did have all those interactions with Kathryn. I hope to see some big back pedalling from her then. I did crack up at some thing on the coming attractions…Cameron was talking to some one and did a massive eyeroll that made me laugh because it was so on target…I think she was talking to landdon about her chances with shep but I have forgotten exactly why it cracked me up. As an aside landon is almost asexual to me…that is not really the right word ..I just mean that while she is not unpleasant to look at she has literally no sex appeal. I can’t imagine anyone being passionately attracted to her.

    OH! One more thing…what about all of the weird creepy uncomfortable giggling/laughing when Whitney and Larissa where hugging and saying hello….so freaking unnatural…made my skin crawl.

    Thanks for the recap now I can go to sleep!

    • jen

      It totally reminded me of the show where they have to marry thier mail order bride they met on “the internet,” all awkward meeting and the girl giggling out of fear and disgusted.

    • jen

      It totally reminded me of the show where they have to marry thier mail order bride they met on “the internet,” all awkward meeting and the girl giggling out of fear and disgusted.

  2. Tp

    I don’t understand why everyone hates Whitney so much. He has every right to hate Kathryn. I don’t think he still hates her bc he’s in love with her tho. This season does seem overly scripted this season, there’s no way in hell that a guy like Craig and Shep, or any other guy, for that matter , would seriously be so concerned with getting Kathryn back into the group. I think it’s more likely that they all hate Kathryn and the constant psycho drama they have to endure by being around her, so the cast members are trying to ice her out and not film with her. She’s screamed and verbally attacked most of them and slept with all the men. But, production loves that she’s psycho bc it’s good tv. So they’re pulling out all the stops and forcing the guys to pretend that they give a s*** about her and it looks like they’ve even given Danni a bigger role so that she will fake defend Kathryn and film with her too. It’s too late tho , she’s the show now! But how can anyone defend her? She’s a mean bitch at the drop of a hat and everytime she had Thomas on her side or they get back together, she takes full advantage and ends up telling one of the girls to Eff off ect. She’s acting like the wounded puppy now only bc they all refuse to film with her. Looks like from previews that she has Thomas attacking them all on her behalf by the end of the season. I just can’t stand her.

    • tamaratattles

      It’s jawdroppingly amazing how little you understand this show.

      • elisabeth

        do tell us all! Love your comments!

      • tp

        Actually, I’ve watched the show since the first season and I think I understand the show pretty well from my perspective. Kathryn has acted like a train wreck the entire time! What part of it did I miss ? Her sleeping with 3 of the cast members within the first few episodes ? The crazy fits she threw an every episode , telling Whitney to fall on a knife? Or the two babies she popped out to secure a paycheck from her baby daddy with 2 years? Maybe Whitney is gay and he wanted her to be his fake girlfriend , idk. But I think she’s trash and don’t feel sorry for her at all. And if I were Cameran and Landon I’d probably not want to film with her either. I just figured they’re acting like bitches because they need drama of their own if they’re not gonna have her in every scene. But thanks !

    • Auntie Velvet

      I can understand why Katherine has her detractors — although I am not one of them — but to not find Whitney manipulative and creepy AF is a head-scratcher.

      If there are any non-producer-related reasons “everyone” hates Katherine, I’m afraid it’s good old-fashioned jealousy. She’s had most of the male cast members smitten at one point or another, and perhaps more importantly she gets more audience attention than the other women.

      • More Tea Please!

        I don’t know that the guys were so much “smitten” as they were suckers for an easy lay…given that except for craig they are 15 to 25 years older than her, shame on them!

      • tamaratattles

        Once more with feeling, She slept with Shep (Because she’s a sucker for an easy lay) SWIDT? And with Thomas, who she was and still is in an on and off relationship with. She did not sleep with Craig. (well maybe at Jekyll) and she did not sleep with Whitney (because that is not part of the beard contract).

    • B. Belle

      1. Thomas is a MESS….from waay back. I live in Chas. The stories of his dalliances will make your eyes bleed. He may be successful in business, but he is a kinky man-child ass with little common sense….we can all see that.
      2. If you remember back to season 1, he so wanted a child (…”find me a girl and I’ll impregnate her right now”) and also wanted a wife to complete the electable candidate package. So he sleeps w Kathryn. She is smitten, young and naive. He is horny, old enough to be her father and breathing. He puts the ol’Trav moves on her. She falls for it…she’s 21 after all, but she has no idea the monumental mess she’s playing with. After the pregnancy scare, he becomes enamored with being a father and tells Kathryn that he will take care of her and the child with the “last dime in his fortune”. They continue to have unprotected sex and he says he’ll marry her if she gets pregnant. She thought he loved her. He made promises and she naively believed him. After all, he’s double her age & who tells a girl that if he isn’t serious.
      3. Kathryn gets pregnant, but Thomas puts his time & focus on his campaign. She left with broken promises and selfishness…and Whitney.
      4. Campaign fails. He’s mad and blames Kathryn, instead of himself. While she sees more selfishness and rejection…and Whitney.
      5. Dealing w broken promises, pregnancy hormones, Thomas’ womanizing…and Whitney stirring the pot still, I’d be hot-headed too. Yes, drama.
      6. Kathryn isn’t a gold digger…just young, dreamy-eyed and trusting.
      7. She’s growing up. He’s 54.

      • elisabeth

        B. Belle, from my Charleston contacts, I understand Mrs. Ravenel is scandalized by this second pregnancy (although she loves the grandchildren!). Thank you for a correct assessment of the situation. Altho, I would not want my granddaughter to do what Kathryn did, Thomas is the scoundrel here.

  3. therealdeb

    The Southern WASP comment had me blowing 7-up out my nose…. It was not pleasant! When you haven’t seen your “lover” for 2 months you don’t greet them with awkward giggles and shit. You damn near fuck them in place, sorry, you do. My husband took a trip to Ireland with his best friend that was booked months before we were together, I was so happy to see him after 9 days that it was hard to get to the bedroom. We all know she is his beard and that scene just proved it all the more. I really wish Cameran was as awesome as she was the first season, I really miss her. And the commenter above who said Landon was asexual cracked me up because I can see that.

  4. Kim

    That flower arrangement Thomas sent showed such a minimal effort, it was pathetic. He’s such a dick that it’s (almost) comical. Hats off to Kathryn, she didn’t even film much this season with the rest of the cast yet she is constantly the topic of conversation. Apparently that was the best dramatic storyline production had to work with this season. Hoping Kathryn confronts Landon for all her shady comments & puts her on blast about hooking up with Thomas. Kathryn is scrappy & when she’s back in the mix, should knock Landon down a couple of pegs, deservedly so. I cringed so badly at Whitney’s song & guitar solo. That scene probably only aired because Whitney is a producer.

  5. Margarett

    I hate that Cameran isn’t the sweet,funny young woman that she was last season. The writers and editors are really turning her into a person who’s very hard to tolerate let alone like.

    No doubt I hold a minority opinion about Kathryn, but I think she and Landon are cut from the same cloth. Seems to me that Kathryn came to town and tried out several of the men in the group which she wanted to join. I suppose she settled on Thomas when she realized Craig wasn’t going to make a lot of money any time soon, Shep was not ready to make a commitment, and Whitney was Whitney.

    Thanks for another great recap. You don’t need to rush the RHOD recap for me. Even though I am a Texan, I simply don’t recognize these women. I may try again. I did like the young woman who went to see her sweet family. The family seemed real and nothing else has. (Sorry to be so chatty.)

    • microop

      The difference is a decade though. A lot of people are shallow at 23, but grow out of it. Landon clearly did not. Katherine, I suspect will BC it seems like her love for Thomas was real, and she values love more than money or she would have played that whole thing differently and locked him down.

    • More Tea Please!

      I agree, she has become a nasty SHREW.

  6. Jessica

    I don’t think that being anti Whitney makes you automatically pro Kathryn. I just think that while Kathryn is shallow and temperamental and gold diggerish there is still a real person lurking inside her but Whitney is on a whole other level inauthentic weirdness..a truely skeevy individual

    • elisabeth

      re: Whitney – I am really tired of the “chats” with Mommy. Very predictable. All they do is put other people down. We all do that from time to time, of course. But if the Smith’s want to climb the social ladder, they need to look more gracious. All we see in these conversations are catty putdowns.

  7. microop

    Landon is not in love with Shep. She threw him the most thoughtless birthday party, and the only shared value they have is leisure before work. Landon loves herself and only thinks she loves Shep because she loves the lifestyle his money could offer her lazy ass. Shes super desperate laxy and shallow I don’t for one minute believe she left her husband, esp since she’s so caught up in lifestyle and he clearly made her sign a prenup. I think he was done with her.

  8. 25

    I always lauded Cameran as a reality tv unicorn for women–funny, smart, pretty, and not overly sexualized on the show. She was the first woman I think I’d seen pull that off, and it drives me up a wall that she eff’d it all up this season just to be Whitney’s roadie.

  9. More Tea Please!

    Did everybody miss the HUGE COLD SORE on Whitney’s lip during the confrontation with Craig at the cabin? It was the size of Dallas! Somebody please make a GIF!

    • RealChicagoHousewife

      I noticed something on his lip. It wasn’t there when he was on the sofa. Then he goes upstairs and comes back down and it looks like something is wrong with his lip. I knew someone on TT would be wondering too!

  10. Matzah60

    LOLOL….I can’t stop laughing at your post. You are absolutely hysterical. I am stuck at, “Wait for it, RETARDED.” I literally can’t stop laughing but just want to give you a high five and applaud you ?for one of the funniest and most brilliant post of the year. Now, I will continue to read the rest of your post. Amazeballs!!

  11. Lindsay

    That’s not “unaired footage”. We saw the Ann Taylor slob clothes pile when it happened. I’ll rewatch and tell you when.

    • BroMo90

      But they didn’t clarify it was Katherine’s until the previously unaired footage was shown. Also, a buddy of mine lives in LA and said he saw a certain someone on a gay app. When he asked if it was really him, this person apparently panicked at being recognized and blocked my friend. Allegedly.

    • Auntie Velvet

      It only seems that way because when it aired the first season they cut out all mention of Katherine in that “messy bedroom” scene. And we CERTAINLY didn’t see Whitney and his friend talking about what a good catch K. was because of her prestigious lineage.

    • queenmarie

      I think they might have shown just a tiny bit of it but there were several scenes that we hadn’t seen.

    • tamaratattles

      I thought I had seen it too, but everyone is saying it was unseen footage.. so I was a sheep. I think even Bravo’s Dish site said it was unseen. That said, I don’t think they have any more info than anyone else.

  12. Puddy

    Brilliant recap! Cameran and Whitney’s “creepmobile” – just loved it. I don’t know why, but Patricia’s manse/ clinging to her look-a-like son and her warped hatred of beautiful, young Kathryn, the mother of two beautiful children – reminds me of Talkulah Bankhead (aplogies to TB) in the cult movie “Die, Die My Darling!” The whole thing is so wrong. T-Rav should have married Kathryn and given her his name and made his children legitimate and given them all security, love and protection – then Kathryn’s blood pressure would not be going through the roof. Rare that a 24 year old young woman with normal weight is in a high risk pregnancy. For that reason I find everyone but Craig, Danni, and Cooper Ray – to be deplorable for ripping a young family apart. Patti and Chucky and their sychophants are the ones who are nouveau riche and classless and putting on social airs – yes – trying to cover their venality with old lady dusting powder and Ben-Gay. No Patti and Whitney – Money Can’t Buy You Class – but, apparently, it can buy you a lot of camera time. Watching Whitney play the guitar to his fake girlfriend – was embarrasing to witness.. as was Cameran’s, Naomi’s, Landon’s and even Shep’s sucking up to Mama’s Boy. Craig was very brave bc JD, his boss, is clearly team Whitney. Paternity test? In another era, JD would have been challenged to a duel. I hope that Thomas grows a pair, marries Kathryn and gives these 2 beautiful young children and their mommy – beautiful Kathryn – who looks to be a wonderful mother – the love, security and happiness they all deserve. Kensie waving to Thomas on facetime was heartcrushing. Grow up Thomas and see that “your friends” are anything but and how jealous they are of the mother of your children and are hurting your children by demeaning and relentlessly attacking their mother. Your children will not thank you for it. The behavior of your “friends” is DISGUSTING.

    • elisabeth

      While Kathryn’s pre-baby activities were questionable, say what you want, I think she is a sweet mom. She had the babies for goodness sake!

    • Twilly

      Sorry but I don’t think a life with Thomas would be the answer to Kathryn’s blood pressure . Nor do I think it would be bring happiness and security for Kathryn or her children. He’s too selfish and immature.

  13. Theresa

    OMG I have waited nearly 12 hours for this recap! I probably single handedly crashed your site refreshing lol

    I died and said aloud,”I can’t wait to see what TT says about this wasp shit!” Pat is just phoning this in! There isn’t anything cold and emotionless about Southerners. Can she please pretend better? I rang her buzzer once and took photos at the house WITH A TINY YARD! magical camera angles…. bitch didn’t answer. I was going to serve her with hand written cease and desist pretending to be Southern and gentile orders.

    Only thing I like about Landon is her dog….so gorgeous.

    When I saw both of whits houses I had rental screaming in my head. Especially LA. There wasn’t 1 single personal item in his supposed full time house. Sure! Then when the chic gets there, I nearly died. It was like watching 2 middle schoolers kiss for the 1st time. And then not straight to sex, but a solo bath and food? Talk about unbelievable.

    I thought the same regarding a several thousand dollar modern crib paired with a target changing table. Gah! That’s a sin.

    Off to check the dvr for some retarded art.

    • OMG – Tell me you did not actually go to her house and ring her doorbell.

      • Theresa

        I rang the buzzer at the entry gate! I wanted to smack her on behalf of TT and because she’s a phony bitch :)but I never told anyone I did it, so her warning means I’m not alone lol. My friend and I had a blast. She lived in Charleston so I took her in a southern charm tour. I was so pissed that the palace hotel burned down shortly before we got there. Wasn’t upset thay whitney restaurant never, ever opened.

      • tamaratattles

        Um, Theresa, please don’t make violent threats on this site. Particularly on “my behalf” you sound insane and could likely be arrested for this comment alone. I will certainly provide law enforcement with your information should I be asked.

        Try to act like you have some sense. Fake it if you must.

      • tamaratattles

        Nope just you. You told me you did it and I found it appalling.

      • Theresa

        Legal disclaimer. Anything I do is of my own free will and is not influenced by anyone. I am the sole source of my behavior.

      • Cat

        Theresa: Sounds like a good way to get yourself shot. Creepy.

  14. Monihew

    TT, I love you!!! Your recap is from the gods!! Haha

    Two words for Whitney and Larissa – ZERO CHEMISTRY. So obvious their relationship is scripted. There is no way this is some major love affair of people who care about each other and have not been together for two months. Not even close to believable.

    I just love Shep. He is so funny to me. He has an a playful attitude about most things and seems to try to be a good friend. I know the show is scripted, but I want him to be real……..haha

    Craig is the little brother I just want to punch. Please grow up.

    Can’t get enough of this show. Watched the replay….the only thing better is the recap.

    • queenmarie

      Yeah like we were supposed to believe that they went off and boned for 2 hours. I LMAO at the “TWO HOURS LATER” caption………….

  15. Meri

    Thank you so much for the great recap. I missed the show and now feel as if I watched it without the angst. I continue to be disgusted with most of the cast and Cameron and Landon lead the pack. Whitney is just a huge weirdo and I have no idea why he believes that he is fooling anyone. Someone amongst these people must know the truth. He is so out of place around women and so unable to even pretend to like them. I truly can’t stand JD and think that he fits right in with Cameron and Landon in their devious plots. Thomas comes across as really stupid to me even though he is supposedly educated. He acts like a total idiot who has absolutely no control over himself. I don’t know how I feel about Katherine. Sometimes I can tolerate her and sometimes not. She is very immature and very young so there is hope for here I suppose. Will JD return Craig’s money if he fires him? I still don’t understand that part of the equation and if it was simply an investment why would Craig be used as a gopher in a company that he invested his own money in? Very confusing plot line.I too can’t stand Naomie or whatever her name is and can see that she is bad for Craig who is not the brightest bulb in the pack when it comes to….ANYTHING. Thank God for Shep who along with the gorgeous scenery keeps my love for this beautiful part of the country intact. He is a southern gentleman in a beautiful southern city. I hope that the show stays on long enough to see him fall in love and live happily ever after.

  16. I was really disappointed that Elizabeth did not speak up to defend Katheryn after they made up.

    I know Whitney is a producer but I really don’t know what that means as far as how much control he has over who will be asked back to film – for example I know of Married to Medicine one of the ladies was also a producer and she seemed to have less filming time – I’m not sure if by choice or if the others ganged up to push her out.

    If Whitney has that much control it would explain the constant ass kissing except for Katheryn who is so wildly popular with the fans that she does not have to which I am sure is the bane of Whitney’s existence. He would love to boot her but then what – there is no show.

  17. Auntie Velvet

    Oh, Craig. I enjoyed your gonads for the brief moment you let them drop.

  18. JoJoFLL

    I hate that Cameron has turned into such a bitch.

  19. antikx

    this episode was totes weird. Whitney’s reaction to Craig was odd. Cameron taking up for Whitney was odd. Landon was actually watchable this epi. Shep looks gross.

  20. Auntie Velvet

    The primary irritant of the episode, for me, was all this discussion among the menfolk that K was so heartlessly being a bitch about Thomas going to L.A.

    Scripted plot point or not, what father in his right mind would schedule a pleasure trip at the tail end of a high-risk pregnancy? Let alone act like he was being pussy-whipped about the whole thing? (Even if it was an artificial show issue, it gave me a rage blur that no one was really pointing this out.)

    • Twilly

      Yeah, let’s go celebrate the birth of your child in LA instead of, ya know, actually being at the birth of the child.

  21. IMO

    This is all one dark Tennessee Williams’ play with characters all mixed together. Dark, creepy, unnatural and weird .

  22. susan

    I will have to watch. Thank you

  23. Shae

    I done have a whole lot of love for anyone this season lol. Danni raised a great point, she said Thomas behaves just as badly, if not worse, than Kathryn and gets a pass. That is 100% true and not fair, and he has even less of a reason to do so considering his age. He should know better.

    Whitney is definitely creepy and definitely not “with” Larissa (that was excruciating to watch), but I don’t blame him for not liking Kathryn. Whatever went down with them, her jumping to Thomas, then behaving like a psycho, etc. would be more than enough for me to not want to be someone’s friend.

    Regardless of whether she gets more shit than she deserves, Kathryn has certainly dished it out and brought ire upon herself with her choices- I can’t really blame Cam or anyone for wanting distance. She is crazy, not a bad person, but volatile and a bit nutty. To her credit, though, I would be nutty too dealing with Thomas and two kids and the shit I’d gotten myself into in her place. (though I still can’t wrap my head around how she managed to have two pregnancies with this guy).

    I literally cannot stand the nasal sound of Craig’s voice at all, he sounds like he has a perpetual stuffed nose and is whining 24/7. He tries to make it sound like he was just “asking” Whitney something to clear the air with their “friends”, then in the same breath says he was getting Whitney back for the convo at his parents’ dinner table. It can’t be both, Craig. He’s a moron.

    Landon defines annoying, so that basically leaves me liking Shep and Cam for right now lol

  24. Tamara, this recap was beyond AMAZING! Don’t know how you catch all the little details like you do. Whitney’s “house in L.A.” looked like a sterile home up for sale somewhere that they appropriated for the scene. No way he lives there and no way that “actress” is the love of his life – I’ve never seen such a sexless “reunion” – they have about as much passion between them as I used to have with my Grandad. You’d think they’d tell him to make it more convincing, but he’s obviously not her glass of Schnapps. The flowers Thomas sent to Kathryn looked like a $9.99 bunch from my local grocery store – pathetic. I really wish they’d cut back on all the obvious set-ups with them – they’re entertaining enough without having to stage anything. Craig seems to have balls at one moment and then completely lose them later. The cast is in for a big surprise when they see the old footage of Whitney and Kathryn – vindication for Craig!! Landon makes me want to lose my dinner with her sickly-sweet “widdle gurl” voice and her nasty passive aggressive actions. She’s a phony from top to toe and is completely lacking sex appeal – nothing about her is going to make Shep want to hook up. The only reason Thomas did is because he’d screw anything after a few drinks. Love this show!

    • Brenda Anderson

      YAY! Glad you see right through Landon’s fake southern crap. As a Southerner it is common for women to go around and display a sweet sugary surface with absolutely no substance. She is fake and useless and the only reason she likes Shep is because he comes from money. This chic makes my skin crawl. Run Shep, run!

  25. JoJoFLL

    Southern WASP?? Is Patricia out of her mind? A Wasp is a yankee thing. The Charlestonians I know, and my roots run deep, would never use that word, It’s tacky and besides, Patricia isn’t a southerner.

  26. Gapeachinsc

    OK – I know I’m in the minority here but I feel like Kathryn is a real brat. Perhaps she’ll grow out of it but her behavior has been extremely immature and I for one wouldn’t want to be friends with her OR with Thomas. Clearly her judgement is piss poor. I guess I hold females to a higher standard because we’re the ones who have the babies and I kinda think when it’s just us maybe what we do doesn’t matter so much but once children enter the picture we need to be more careful in our choices. Will the children be used as pawns? I wouldn’t be surprised. She willingly chose a skeevy alcoholic to be the father of not one but two children. I would think if she had such a great background she would know better or would be able to live well without having to play games with Thomas. Women have a lot of power but it needs to be used in the right way. I’m not excusing men because they are equally responsible but we have a long way to go before things change for the better. Until the double standards disappear and more men step up to the plate we women need to protect ourselves and our children.

  27. PaganChick

    Kathryn is all of what 23, 24, years old? Of course she has poor judgement. To quote the always enchanting Chloris Leachman, “Fuck, I have dildos older than that.”

    Showing Poor judgement at 21 and 22 years old is par for the course no matter what sex you are.Thomas, at his age is well aware of that and it’s most likely why he likes them so young. And I hate that he is getting this free pass from the cast. He knew Kathryn was in love with him and he knew he should have been using protection.

    I mean the guy is in his 50’s and has managed to not spawn any children until he met up with Kathryn, and considering how much of a poon hound he is and how young he likes his women, it safe to say this is not his first, second, or 40th rodeo. He knew from their first pregnancy scare exactly what he was getting into, and still they went on to make 2 babies – knowing that they would be tied to each other for life.

    And then you have Thomas, who has been on the prowl since before Kathryn was born, getting to skate by while his social climbing sycophant friends belittle the mother of his children? Not only that, he gets to play the victim to them when it suits him? I say Fuck T-Rav. Fuck him right in the ear.

  28. Gapeachinsc

    PaganChick – I do understand he’s a douche and she’s young. My point is we need to be vigilant in teaching young women the importance of choosing well because WE CONTROL whether or not we get pregnant and who we get pregnant by. It’s more about empowering young women than anything else. I admit I grew up in a different time and I saw the feminist movement of the 60’s and 70’s and with the mantra being we women are strong and can be independent and we are a force to be reckoned with…instead Katheryn made herself a victim and now she has 2 kids with him. Wisdom and prudence can be exercised at any age…though obviously we all make our share of mistakes.

    • Jessica

      Gapeachinsc..I totally get what you are saying. The only thing I don’t agree with is holding women to a higher standard. At 20 I knew what was doing ..I know 20 year old baby’s momas who take more responsibility for thier life and their choices than kathryn. She seems to think that because she has had his babies he has to take care of HER and that is not correct..he has to take care of his children via child support…he can be as rich as Rockefeller but that doesn’t me SHE is set for life and her continued demands for special treatment from a man who is not her partner makes her look delusional. Kathryn-create your own life – your own support network, get the child support checks AND make sure you set reasonable visitation which is NOT based on how you feel that particular day. structure is everything. This is not to say that thomas is less to blame..he hasn’t insisted on going to court and obviously sets bad boundries but he simply doesn’t make as big a scene as she does. They are both behaving horribly in their own ways and are equally responsible for the disasters that will cleary come down the pike.

      • tamaratattles

        Except THOMAS WANTED CHILDREN AND PROMISED TO SUPPORT THEM. Then he didn’t pay any child support and groused about visitation. The nanny is there for the benefit of BOTH PARENTS so they each will know the kid is properly cared for with the other as they both claim to have concerns about the other’s parenting. Thomas does not want to go to court because it does indeed matter if he is as rich as a Rockerfeller and since time began the custodial mother will indeed benefit from child support.

      • Puddy

        Totally agree with you TT. Thomas is on camera promising to support Katherine as well as their child, when she was pregnant with Kensie. I find it deplorable that Thomas cannot think for himself and listens to mean old ugly jealous “friends” who urge him to demean the mother of his children? He needs to not let his life be controlled by grinchy nay-sayers who are also “losers”. Katherine is beautiful, she seems to be a wonderful and loving mother, and she seems to love Thomas – and I think he loves her. Furthermore – Katherine is a mega-wat star. Just a natural. And I think if Thomas had married Katherine and showed family stability- his political career would have fared much better than it did by his listening to stupid Whitney. Thomas is throwing away his own chance at happiness with both hands.. listening to the whispering of of that horrible Iago.

    • tamaratattles

      Wow, Kathryn “made herself the victim?” How does this fit in with your women’s movement ideals exactly? Kathryn is well aware that she controls her pregnancies. Such an unfortunate choice of words. I’m glad you weren’t around when I was her age judging my every misstep with a critical eye. Your critical eye would have popped right out of your head.

      Perhaps you were prudent and wise in your twenties. Most people are not. But by the time you are fifty and male you should be. Unless of course you are a drug addict… then you might think it fun to mistreat young women on a continuous basis both in “relationships” and those you happen upon in bars.

    • tp

      Kathryn knew exactly what she was doing. I don’t care what anyone thinks. She made sure she’ll be getting a check from him for the rest of her life. Why is everyone defending her ? She’s a gold digging brat. Thomas is equally disgusting tho. To be honest, the only one I continually like is Shep! I use to like Cameran but this season she’s not the voice of reason as much because she’s too focused on hating Kathryn. But that doesn’t excuse what Kathryn is. Watching her blow up makes me want to puke. She’s nuts!

      • Puddy

        You would blow up too if everyone surrounding you as a mother was hurting your child by demeaning, disrespecting, discrediting and humiliating you while you are trying to carry a high risk pregnancy to term. That is just evil behavior. JD, and co were freezing Kathryn out in front of her own child. As a mother, my momma bear instincts would kick in and I would scoop up my child and get the H out of there too. I think Kathryn was admirably restrained under the circumstances. How dare these people? Kathryn is an obviously very loving mother of 2 beautiful children. Who are her critics? Dried up, jealous, old meanies.

      • Snowflake

        I’m not sure you understand how child support works. It’s for the benefit of the children. It is not a paycheck for life for the Mother that incubated and birthed the child. So, that theory is blown. I think the reason for the K support is because she is human. A wounded human. And, those of us that are in support of a wounded human against a pack of frothing wolves is because we have been there. Or, maybe, just possibly, because we have hearts? And. Empathy. Those that jump into the pack to viciously shame a human Mother they have never met? I am a loss as to what to call them.

  29. Puddy

    You, if you were a mother, would blow up too if everyone surrounding youwas hurting your child by demeaning, disrespecting, discrediting and humiliating you while you are trying to carry the high risk pregnancy of a second child to term. That is just evil behavior. JD, and co were freezing Kathryn out in front of her own child. As a mother, my momma bear instincts would kick in and I would scoop up my child and get the H out of there too. I think Kathryn was admirably restrained under the circumstances. How dare these people? Kathryn is an obviously very loving mother of 2 beautiful children. Who are her critics? Dried up, jealous, old meanies.

  30. Charlotte

    Anyone notice something disturbing about Dani’s significant weight loss?

  31. tamaratattles


  32. Brenda Anderson

    Whitney’s a creep and everyone know it. no surprise there. What is surprising is how far Cameron can crawl up his anus. she must think he will help her real estate career because her sucking up is making me sick. Used to like you Cameron but you’ve sold your soul to the devil and his weird mom.

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