Blind Item: Fool Me Once Shame On Me; Fool Me Twice Shame On You!




This couple may have left their kids behind when they went on a recent island vacation but they  certainly were not alone. Unbeknownst to most on the trip, one single female guest is closer to the couple than everyone else. At least in some ways. Word on the streets is that this couple has a very active polyamorous lifestyle and brought some sand to the beach. The most titillating part is none of the other guests suspected a thing.



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32 responses to “Blind Item: Fool Me Once Shame On Me; Fool Me Twice Shame On You!

  1. MaraJax

    Kandi Burruss

  2. Vanessa

    Kandi and Todd

  3. Tara

    I was going to say Kandi, Todd and Shamea but Ace was there.
    I know Kim and Kroy were in Turks and Caicos but I can’t see them bringing in a unicorn. They got there right after my love passed away suddenly.
    Omg I am losing my fucking mind. I had a panic attack when TT went down last night. I have got to get myself together. I am sorry for getting off point I will take it to the other thread.

  4. Sharon

    I am thinking that Kandi and Todd are the couple and Shamea is the female guest involved in their polyamorous lifestyle. Not my thing but their all consenting adults. I am thinking this because of something I read that TT wrote awhile ago. Cannot remember what post it was though.

  5. Ms.Minnie

    I see shamea still can’t stay out of Todd and Kandi’s bed, and Todd can’t keep other men out of his but I’m just saying lol. I wonder what kind of men Todd likes? Other than his best friend and assistant ?

    • Ms.Minnie

      And another thing Kandi is so full of it always denying to like bringing other people in the bedroom when everyone knows different. T.i. and tiny brings other people in the bedroom to and so does Monique and her husband, Todd’s attitude changed this past season from the last and we all know why.

  6. kriss

    Kandi Todd and Shamea. I’ve been seeing a lot of pic of her and Kandi lately And I follow Kandi on snap she definitely like the girls

  7. At least three people are enjoying life, having fun and probably wearing a big smile,
    I am envious.
    I will guess not Kroy & Kim, doubt those two would share each other.

  8. KaraW

    Plus the title of the post – Shame, Shamea

    • Meredo

      Ohh, good one Kara! Yes, it does seem like it’s Kandi and Todd and even though they’re consenting adults, I still find it wrong. Guess I’m just old fashioned.

  9. Barbara R

    Please…Not Kim and Kroy!!!

  10. jen

    Ewwwww I know Shannon and David just went on a beach vacation. (At least I think). Gross if its them.

    • kendrawm

      That’s what I thought, Shannon loves saying Shame on you line and they popped into my head for this. But wouldn’t that mean Shannon would have to enjoy sex???

      • jen

        I don’t see Shannon going for it. Unless she enjoys him with another woman so she can nag, complain, throw fits and treat him like shit after. That’s pretty much their relationship.

  11. PaganChick

    So, is the Shame on Me Shame on You a hint? Because, I am just that dense today. And if so, it is definitely Kandi and Todd + Shamea. Which I say good for them. If that’s how they get down, and they are all cool with, I say do your thing.

  12. Lolagyrl

    Whoever it is, good for them.

    Consenting adults get to make those choices. I know folks that have been in happy open marriages for 20+ years. Relationships that are open, honest & fulfilling. May this couple have the same.

  13. Peeka (@PeekaPuffPuff)

    Kim Fields, and her husband.

  14. Outwithit

    Shamea is desperate to be on RHOA and have some sort of fame. Todd has never really seemed attracted to Kandi anyway so I wouldnt be surprised that he prefers having sexytime with other people besides his wife.

  15. Jaana

    Definitely Kandi, Todd and Shamea. Kandi is a known freak and I think she prefers women over men. It shows in how she loves threesomes with another woman. Always have to have ? involved.

  16. Allison

    I have no idea. I would have said Kim and Kroy, but when I think about it, I cant really see her sharing. So…I got nothing.

  17. 5ara5ally

    So perhaps; after all that was said and done, their may be a grain of truth behind Mama Joyce’s hullaballoo about Todd being familiar with Kandi’s assistant.

  18. Cheychey

    My guess would be Tamra and Eddie. She seems like she would be a freak in the sheets and he would definitely be along for the ride no pun intended.

  19. LoriNYC

    whoever it is……..being on a reality show is probably not the best idea in the world.

  20. Kevin

    It’s pretty clear. Kandi, Todd and Shamea. If you look at Kandi’s Instagram, Shamea has been all over the Burress-Tucker clan like flies on shit lately, even more so than usual.

  21. cheychey

    I was behind reading some posts so I was reading past posts just now and came across something that may be a clue or nothing at all I’m not sure. The RHOOC trailer post made mention of a fight with a “threesome” in quotations at whistler mountain. Just a thought.

  22. Rach

    Kandi, Todd and Shamea.

  23. LisaPat

    I think that is really sick and deviant. I dont understand how they can have threesomes, then all hang out as friends.

  24. Blondesense

    Good god I cannot stop staring at that bottom. It’s quite something!

  25. I think it is Shannon and David. Shannon is so desperate to hang on to David, she would do anything. God, I hate this couple!

  26. I feel about this like I feel about the show, Sister Wives…not my thing, but if you are all consenting adults, then do what works for you. As the old Polish proverb goes, “Not my circus, not my monkey.”

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