Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Lovesick Danny

Below Deck Danny Kiss

For reasons known only to Bravo this show is an extra 15 minutes and Tour Group will air at 11:45. I hate you all for not watching Tour Group by the way, it’s the best show on Bravo by far. But no time to chastise as I am running behind after having one of those days so lets check in on the Ionian Princess and see if Danny gets fired.

Danny is totally sprung for one of the guests,Morgan and it appears to be mutual but he has been quarantined to the crew’s quarters. Wait, we are back on the beach. Is the first fifteen minutes of this show the last fifteen of last week? Maybe not. I don’t recall seeing Danny kiss Morgan at the table in front of all the other girls. Why is no one reacting to this?

Maybe they didn’t notice because one of the guests is a looney vegetarian type.  She is crying for the families of the fish that died for the sushi in her cabin. I am not making this put. She is also crying for the death of any flies that may have been killed.  Wait. Is that Morgan? She took out some weave and ya’ll know I have facial recognition issues. Actually, I thought all the RHONJ looked exactly a like and could not tell who was who especially in the Vermont scenes.

Below Deck Med Bobby

Danny is off to comfort Morgan. I can see the working on signs that say #FliesLivesMatter and singing  Kum ba Yah as their first date. Oh wait, he didn’t go see her. He goes to sit down and write her a poem. Bobby tries to stop him but love is deaf or something because he is determined to write the poem. So he calls Bryan to come down and the Captain comes with him and everyone tells him he has lost his damn mind and he is being super unprofessional. He follows orders but doesn’t understand why rules are in place about such things. He even says to THE CAPTAIN “We’re going to agree to disagree.” Wow. Then Danny goes to cry in his quarters. These two are a total match.

Danny leaves his cabin and tracks down Morgan who just so happens to be away from everyone else out on the deck. He gives her the damn poem! Are you kidding me? And the part with air kisses. #YoungLoveMatters  He tells her to hide the poem but of course she has to share it with all of her closest friends. She reads it aloud and they laugh and squeal.  Oh Danny. This is going to be bad.

It gets worse. Daniel goes to talk to two of the other girls and he tells them about his conversation with the captain and they tell him that he is one of the Kilt Girls and they are #TeamDaniel It ends with a group hug which Bobby sees. So he tells Bryan.  Bryan tries to talk sense in to him. Danny eventually tells on himself about the note. And now he is restricted to crew quarters and is not allowed on deck tomorrow. He is not allowed to say goodbye to the guests. I predict some dramatic scene, like a Rocky style dive off the side of the boat. I hope he doesn’t get fired. He has made this episode amusing.

Juila is cracking up saying this is all over a salmon (technically the grieving family of the salmon) and  poem. We cut to Jenn who say the beach makeout saying, “If only they knew what really happened. Jenn didn’t snitch because she’s Italian and doesn’t want to sleep with the dead salmon’s grieving family.

Meanwhile, it is so windy that dinner plates are blowing around and the deck crew is having trouble hearing the captain’s orders. They are a man down trying to dock under terrible circumstances. They had to abort their first attempt to dock. The guests have to disembark via tender. None of them ask where Danny is. But they had Kilt themed gifts for all the staff and they sent one to Danny with a note from Morgan. He cried. He cried again later in is talking head. He’s such a goofball.

Below Deck Med Captain Mark

Danny goes to talk to the Captain. He tells the captain that he just likes to cheer people up, because he’s people person. The Captain says that kind of thing is not going to work on a yacht. Be a Wal*Mart greeter or something.! Ha! I love this captain. He tells Danny that he was hoodwinked. He says these girls are professional flirts. That’s what they do for a living. Danny is crying. The Captain tells him he has lost his respect and he can’t have someone working for him that he doesn’t trust and he doesn’t trust Danny. He also lost his tip. Danny begs for his job back.

The Captain says this is his second strike. He needs to regain his trust. The Captain really needs the deckhand and doesn’t want to mess with getting a replacement.

The tip was 20,000K US. Danny does not get a share.

When they dock the boat, Tiffany, who has dreams of being a Captain offers to help with the lines.

It’s the second crew night off on land and this time the girls are all getting along. Bobby and Danny are still on punishment from the last time on land and must stay behind and inventory the boat while everyone else parties. I  can’t believe they are drinking red wine in all that heat. I love Merlot but when it is hot outside, it’s time for Pinot Grigio. The crew make fun of Jenn bland palate when she order plain chicken, white rice and green beans.

Back on ship, Danny makes Jenn a photo collage of her family and some  because she is missing home. And well, he is grateful she didn’t snitch. Daniel, dude. You really must grow up!

Hannah is really working on Ben trying to get his undivided attention. Meanwhile Bryan is working on Tiffany. Hannah and Bryan decide to head back to the boat and she drunken says “I love Benny!’  Ben and the rest of the crew catch up. Jenn loves her surprise.

Ben and Hannah have a weird long hug. Ben in a talking head says that the chief stew and chef is the hardest relationship to work. We are setting up for a duel between Ben and Bryan over Tiffany. Hannah is hurt that Ben won’t make out with him.

Next Week: Hannah gets pissy with Tiffany again because of the Ben situation. Danny watches the guests have a threesome in the hot tub and pisses everyone off.  Danny tells Bobby he has his “tampon up his pussy” and it looks like Bobby may get physical with him.


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23 responses to “Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Lovesick Danny

  1. therealdeb

    I am all about a guy being sensitive but Danny took it another level, a sad pathetic level. I do love this Captain, I love captain Lee but this guy is great also. I love Bobby and Brian, they crack me up, Jenn is a drag. I also do not care what the spies say about Ben, I will always adore him. He is a little skinny for my liking but i just love him. Tiffany is great, that girl may not want to be inside but i do like her a lot. Hannah is a crack, referring to the guests as skanks… Classless. If not for those skanks her bitchy little ass wouldn’t have a job.

  2. Bridgett

    I keep forgetting about the Tour show. I watched it a couple of times awhile ago…will give it another shot!

    • I love tourgroup!!! i will chastise everyone for you =P its like when nobody was watching apres ski. first season of debut shows are where the real drama happens!

  3. Pip

    Danny is fucking nuts, man. He’s sweet, but so naive. He continually gets reprimanded and then actually has the nads to back talk the captain. Wow! This is such a huge opportunity for him. He will regret blowing this (because I don’t think he will be able to turn it around. Maybe temporarily, but he’ll screw up again).
    Hannah is insufferable. I really don’t like her. She’s a snob. And she is not funny or charming enough to get away with it. I’m glad Ben’s inner voice is telling him to be careful. She seems like she will be high maintenance and nonstop drama if he so much as kisses her. STAY AWAY, BEN! Tiffany seems way better suited for Ben. She’s playful and quirky. Definitely cooler than Hannah.

  4. Heidi

    Do the captains eyebrows bother anyone else?

  5. susan

    Uhm why can’t someone help the captain with his eyebrows?

  6. pokerplayer

    Danny is committing professional suicide by getting so “touchy feely” with a guest. His behavior is so unprofessional and childish. It would be the same if he was working in a luxury hotel and was off in a corner someplace hugging and kissing a quest. How stupid! Then to top it off he screwed up his tip! For what? I remember several years ago when I worked in a hotel in California as a front desk clerk and one afternoon two detectives paraded a handcuffed room service waiter by each arm through the lobby. Apparently something happened when he delivered a quest her room service lunch order. She accused him of some type of sexual assault. You MUST draw a line when working in the service industry and interacting with guests.

    • Dee

      He’s very immature, is he old enough to work? I like the captain. I wonder if he has a they problem, losing the outer third of your eyebrows is a symptom. Dr Dee, over and out ?

  7. susan

    Unfortunately there is no way Danny should remain on staff. He has cheapened the whole experience for the guests. Plus he’s rebellious and clueless. It’s not his niche and I will be surprised if he remains on the yacht

  8. Peggy Caldarello

    I like this show. All the girls are interesting. Julia is my fav. Ben is just, Ben. Brian is a ego inflated douche, Bobby is a muscle flexing Gomer Pyle and then there is Danny. Danny, Danny. I either want to thump him or bake him cookies. Growing up with an alcoholic father is a tough row. The fact that he is still kind and sweet is amazing. He sends money to his Mother for cripes sake!

  9. francieface

    Does anyone else think Brian and Tiffany look very similar to each other? Like, they could be related, similar? Maybe it’s just me. Meanwhile, I do like this show, but I LOVE your recaps even more!!

  10. whateverman

    I need to rewatch .. because I thought Tiffany was in Bryan’s bunk at the end of the show?? Right before credits … did I dream that?

  11. G.

    I’m not watching much Below Deck Med, but am LOVING Tour Group!

  12. tamaratattles

    Last night on Twitter, Morgan and Danny were retweeting each other. Morgan says she asked about Danny three time and the editing lied! Both seem made at Bobby for tweeting about how unprofessional the situation was. There were dueling periscopes between the two guys. I didn’t watch, let me know if you did! I did check out Morgan’s TL long enough to know that her crying over the grieving fish families and flies was genuine. She is very…um…compassionate.

  13. Danny is too immature to even be away from home, let alone traveling the world on a luxury yacht, He doesn’t have a clue about maintaining a professional demeanor, even when it’s explained to him. He acts like a teenaged high schooler who goes around wanting to be everyone’s best friend, and to disregard the captain’s orders, is just unforgivable. If this show weren’t being presented for entertainment, he would have been let go immediately. What if it were was a matter of life and death and he decided he knew better than the people in charge? Time bomb waiting to go off. The new captain is growing on me – wasn’t sure at all at first. Still getting to know the rest of the crew – definitely fun to watch them, but baby Danny needs to go!

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