The Real Housewives Of Orange County Trailer Is Out!



The RHOOC trailer is up as I predicted. The RHONJ one should be along in a day or two. And once again the ability to host the trailer has been made difficult by the people at bravo. No other network in television makes it DIFFICULT to advertise their programing.

The girls go to Ireland to drink and milk cows this season. I thought I posted about that but it looks like I did not. Tamra’s storyline this season will be mostly about her body building in preparation for her competition. I believe that competition is in a few days. For some reason the date was moved. Body builders eat very little while training for a competition. I am not looking forward to a hangry Tamra.

There will be an unfortunate number of costumed events this season. In one fiasco, Terry looks like John Travota  in a white suit and Heather may or may not be on roller skates.  Skates are not, she takes a pretty hard fall on her ass. Other stupid costumes include body suits with nipple clamps and fake pubic hair (classy) and at least one body suit with a fake penis (seriously?). At one of these costumed events, David gets up in Vicki’s face shaking his finger and calling her a “fucking scumbag.”  Perhaps this is where the issues between Shannon & David toward Vicki come to a head. I heard that it gets bad.

Heather Dubrow is also seen screaming at Vicki while jabbing her index finger in the air towards Vicki screaming at her to apologize for her shit!  Tamra and Vicki’s crap daughter talk about Vicki behind her back on national TV again and discuss Vicki “stalking” Brooks presumably on the Internet.

RHOOC Vicki life flight


We will see lots of footage of the dune buggy accident which should make for some dramatic TV.  Kelly was the person in the back riding with Vicki. There are a LOT of scenes of Vicki and Kelly together. Kelly has sewn up herself another season already I can tell.  She seems to be conjoined with Vicki all season.  Kelly calls Heather a cunt at one group function and Heather loses her mind.  I may have to come around and like Kelly after all.

Here is the official NBCu Press release, with my purple pen.

NEW YORK – May 23, 2016 – Bravo Media’s original series that started the hit franchise “The Real Housewives of Orange County” is back for season 11 on Monday, June 20 at 9 pm ET/PT.  The OG of the OC, Vicki Gunvalson, returns along with Tamra Judge, Heather Dubrow, Shannon Beador and Meghan King Edmonds.  This season, friendships are tested, forgiveness is earned, and alliances turn, when a new bold and brash housewife, Kelly Dodd, makes more waves than a hurricane.  Season ten of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” averaged 2.9 million total viewers, making it the most-watched season in series history.

Last season left Vicki on the outs with the ladies, but with Brooks finally out of the picture; (From the looks of the trailer, she was still in contact with him and drunk dialing him at the beginning of the series. So all hope of a Brooks free episode is gone even though I do not believe that he filmed. ) she tries to get her friendships back on track and helps her daughter Briana move back to Orange County. As Tamra gets ripped for a fitness competition, her son Ryan’s relationship with baby mama Sarah is ripped apart. (Because he goes nuts and she has Ryan arrested)  (And the marriage is OFF)

Heather’s mega mansion is way behind schedule as she finds herself in single mom territory as Terry works more than ever.  She also found out she could not throw another party at the construction site! Quel dommage! And her faking crying over this on the trailer is laughable. Shannon and David find their marriage rekindled and renewed but the stress of selling their house and moving into a new one threatens to throw her into a downward spiral. Throw her into a downward spiral? She’s been in a downward spiral. And DAVID does a surprise vow renewal, what is wrong with this man?  Oh yeah, Shannon’s daddy calls the shots. Nevermind.   Step-mom Meghan is ready to take the leap to biological motherhood when she tries IVF to get pregnant, but is frustrated that her baseball husband, Jimmy Edmonds, might not be as hands-on as she would like.  Oh yay! IVF pregnancy without sex!  Who didn’t see that coming. Hands off indeed. There is a reason for that, Meghan.

Kelly and Michael

Kelly and Michael

Meet the new housewife, Kelly Dodd 

Fearless and confident Kelly Dodd has a mouth as big as her heart. Originally hailing from Arizona, her fiery Latin lineage and unfiltered opinions definitely bring the heat to the OC.  With a penchant for gossip and drinking champagne, there is never a dull moment around her. Or a sober one from what we have seen so far. After a rocky period in her marriage, (this does not surprise me)  she recently reconciled with her husband Michael, (Kelly & Michael! That doesn’t bode well! ) who cashed out of major tech toy company and is now home and always underfoot.  Family is what’s most important to this stay-at-home mom, who shares her 4-story oceanfront mansion with 9-year old daughter Jolie, her younger brother Eric and her mom Bobbi.  Among the ladies, Kelly finds herself in hot water when she befriends outcast Vicki despite warnings from her bestie Meghan. (I am not surprised this chick is friends with Meghan.)  I’m still not sure if Meghan has an orange or not. With Kelly being her bestie I assume Meghan kept her orange and Kelly is her FOH.

Don’t miss “The Real Housewives of Orange County Uncensored” special airing Monday, June 13 at 9pm ET/PT featuring never-before-seen footage on the show’s infamous eighth season. The cast and producers will give behind-the-scenes insight from Vicki’s secret plastic surgery, the “threesome” fight atop the mountain at Whistler and why the cast doubts Gretchen’s rooftop marriage proposal. Is this really necessary? The dirt on Gretchen’s marriage proposal might be interesting I guess. The RHOBH behind the scenes was great, but it was Season One. Why do this for season 8 of all the seasons? It looks like a hatchet job on Vicki and Gretchen and I haven’t seen a frame of it yet.


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34 responses to “The Real Housewives Of Orange County Trailer Is Out!

  1. Deb in SF

    Loved your “hangry” about Tamra! I’m gonna borrow that one!

  2. SERIOUSLY?! WHY, WHY, WHY is Meghan King Edmonds back?! And Shannon, too? I might just be over OC as well given this information. I really just can’t!

  3. TT. Nice writing and recap. Hope the OC plays well for the die-hard fans this year. I can’t anymore but still wanted to support your writing. ?

  4. therealdeb

    Not sure I can handle another season of Tamra and Shannon. Tamra is an evil, hateful cunt. Shannon is batshit and pathetic. Vickie is just a tragic mess. This was the original and I loved it the first few seasons, then Tamra came on the scene and it shifted to nastiness.

    • Bridgett

      I 100% agree with you.

      • Meri

        Please don’t forget to include Heather in the hateful club. She is the most annoying person on television and there are a lot of annoying people to choose from. I can’t her or Terry and wish that she, Meghan and Shannon were gone. Body building competitions at Tamra’s age? IS she kidding. My granddaughter was into that for a short while (until it nearly wrecked her body) and she was in her early 20’s. I don’t want to see Tamra under any circumstances and I especially don’t want to see a ripped Tamra. That grosses me out. VIcki’s daughter disgusts me and always has. What a disloyal brat . I will watch this one more season and decide whether or not I can take anymore. I am down to only one HW show…New York so whether or not the OC remains part of my regular scheduled watching depends on this season. It’s so much more fun to skip the shows and read your blogs.

  5. mary waller

    I saw a pic of Tamra in her bedroom (another selfie because shes hot ya know) to me she looked like a midget!

  6. Travis

    I know the OC started the whole franchise and I want to be loyal but I just do not think I can watch them this season…trailer is just awful and there is no way I can hear Brookes name or listen about Shannon’s husband affair. I just cannot..unbelievable last season was the highest ratings..

  7. RealChicagoHousewife

    The OC is such a beautiful place and could be highlighted and shown off like the other places are. Instead of interesting story lines about successful women maneuvering to stay on top we get gas lighting and faking cancer? No thanks. Not gonna watch but I will be reading the recaps.

    • tamaratattles

      Agree. We almost never see the ocean even! And there are cute little towns up and down the coastal county. What a waste.

  8. KaraW

    Is it too late to bring back Lizzie and Jo (season 1)? They should get Yolanda and Shannon to film together about the wonders of grape seed extract or something. Has Yolanda ever seen Dr. Moon during her many appointments?

  9. Jim

    I always look forward to a new season of most of the RH franchises regardless of how I felt about the previous season. And this is no exception! This looks pretty damn good to me.

  10. jen

    I can’t stand shannon or megan. I actually take mwgan over shannon. I guesss its another season of watching her humilate her husband on tv.

    • Jim

      There may be some hope for David yet. The trailer shows her storming away while screaming something like “Oh, now you’re accusing me of driving you to an affair!”

      • Minky

        Jesus Tap Dancing Christ! When the hell is Shannon gonna finally let that affair thing go?! We get it, Shannon! David betrayed and deceived you. And you feel hurt and embarrassed. So why are you still married to him? Because you enjoy having the upper hand over someone and blackmailing them every which-a-way? Hmmm? Get over it or get out of it, already!

        Shannon’s treating David like a damn chew toy or a scratching post. David is definitely a tool. But still!

      • tamaratattles

        IMHO, at this point David deserves it for STAYING more than the cheating.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I’m so over Shannon. Clearly their marriage has been ruined but for some reason she thinks they can go back to what once was.

      • tamaratattles

        Thanks I was wondering what she said. And I still hate you for pointing out I’m fucking deaf. :)

        I think you are right. :(

      • Jim

        TT, if you refuse to believe you’ve lost some of your hearing, just do what I do. Blame everyone else for mumbling and speaking too fast. 😉

      • Minky

        Very true, TT. It’s said that people get the government that they deserve. I guess the same can be said for spouses.

  11. I liked having Meghan King Edmonds in this cast, altho’ that may be cuz I’m from St. Louis? I thought she held her own. She’s not particularly ikeable, but I like that she’s really rich and the Jimmy Edmonds stuff is hilarious to watch.

    “Who didn’t see that coming. Hands off indeed. There is a reason for that Meghan.”


  12. More Tea Please!


  13. Elizabeth

    It looks like Tamara(from what I hear) has also gotten herself into some multilevel marketing “healthy” supplement “business”…..for the love!

  14. swizzle

    I’m just glad they’re not brushing the whole Brooks thing under the carpet. I’m not so interested in watching them rehash it, but unless Vicki got on her knees and begged for forgiveness would I be willing to be her friend again. To see that she was still trying to be in touch with him and allegedly cyber stalking him, says a lot. You don’t do that with someone who “duped” you and lied and caused so much damage in your life.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I don’t know, I think he’s a con man and he conned her too. It’s hard to accept the reality that this person doesn’t actually love you or even like you, and never did. You keep trying to make something that wasn’t there, for your own ego and self esteem. It’s a hard thing to accept.

    • tamaratattles

      Vicki was in love with Brooks and she is terrified of being alone. Of course Vicki would try to get him back. What is interesting to me is that Brooks is not interested.

  15. Toni

    I don’t watch this series because I enjoy watching likable people and this cast hasn’t included anyone likable for a very long time. I do enjoy your recaps and the snarky comments here! I may give it another shot if this Kelly is half the pistol she’s bent made out to be.

    The IVF storyline is a little close to home for me. It’s a brutal procedure, some liken it to menopause with the hormonal stuff and incredibly time consuming and invasive, with not that great a success rate. I only know a bit about Meghan from the recaps but if she is doing this on her own with little support I feel sorry for her. If it were simply a matter of lack of sex, they’d more likely do IUI (aka turkey baster method).

  16. Sabrina

    I have ZERO understanding of the decision to bring Vicki back- until I am reminded by the above comments how lousy Shannon and Tamra are. I guess production decided they needed her- but if she had treated me as she treated them, I wouldn’t agree to tape with her again. My guess is Vicki holds more cards than we know, esp. with Tamra so vulnerable- her story is going nowhere- and Shannon- she obviously LOVES lording her power over David- that is the marriage she wants -her money trumps all and makes him behave as she wants. How ugly is that?
    I still find Heather one of the more intelligent and thoughtful wives- more balanced and kinder than most. And she and Terry have become an interesting team between botched, her podcast, and other endeavors. I know some don’t agree but think while she is very blessed, she does not go out of her way to lord it over/ impress others, or push her ideas on others . She is proud of who and what she and her family are- and I think works hard at having life as she wants it for her family and feels they have earned( over done as that may be, and 12 baths is overdone) , and she thinks it should be, , unlike the lazy ones who think it should just come to them, or the insecure ones who push a discussion of al they own(or pretend to own) on everyone (Alexis).

  17. Kevin

    The New Jersey trailer is out now, looks like Jacqueline is pretty much fighting with everyone, still unstable as ever.

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