SkinnyGirl Versus Tipsy Girl A Tutorial

RHONY Bethenny hush Sonja

See UPDATE after the page break.

I really have not found it necessary to explain this entire trademark war with you guys in intimate detail, but I keep seeing all sorts of definitive statements in comments that are completely untrue. So I am going to do all the way into the boring minutiae maybe so everyone will understand that I know what I am talking about, for the most part.

The Players

Bethenny Frankel owner of an LLC named SG Marks, LLC. SG Marks is a shell corp that Bethenny uses specifically for trademark applications, trademark infringements, trademark disputes… I could get even more Forest Gump about it, but you get the idea. This corporation has its own vigilant team of lawyers specifically to protect her brand from encroachers. So I could just end this blog right here with GAME OVER!  There has been more than one attempt by wayward fools to attempt to file trademarks for Skinny Girl (the one word or two thing is important in this post)  diet supplements and those attempts were abandoned by the applicant. Because, it’s simply not going to happen, I can assure you that Bethenny’s trademark lawyers are better than yours. Don’t waste your time. She has money and can play this game all day, every day and not be in the slightest bit aware it is happening, let alone bothered. You will lose. But let’s continue to spell it out in excruciating detail, shall we?

Peter Guimaraes  Real Housewives of New York hanger-on. It’s amazing to me the similarities this guy has with Peter Thomas on RHOA.  Both have a smattering of closed restaurants in their wake, both of them are thirstier than a lone, lost Berber child in the Sahara, both have questionable relationships with women shown on the show, and both claim to be incredibly successful in the restaurant and bar industry despite evidence to the contrary.  Oh and neither are very good at coherent verbal or written communication.  Peter’s latest enterprise is a bar called Tipsy Girl. I don’t think it is an accident that Bethenny is filming scenes at Tipsy Parson this season. It’s a subtle way to point out the lack of originality in the bar name Peter chose.  Perhaps. Allegedly in my opinion.  Peter filed for his trademarks personally, not under any business name.

RHONY Bethenny Sonja

Sonja Morgan Real Housewife for Hire. Look, I get it, Sonja needs an income stream badly. Imagine being on a reality show at age 50 after just going through a bankruptcy and having that check be your primary source of income.  RHONY is not going to be around forever. Even Heather (allegedly) got at $25,000 thank you for sewing someone’s bling on her jeans. Though in Heather’s case it was probably for her charity that she was supporting with the jeans.  Then there is Ramona who did the exact same thing Sonja is doing with the exact same guy, Peter. They never made it to the “Prosecco” stage of the racket.  The main point you need to understand here is that SONJA HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS PROSECCO other than agreeing to pretend that she does in order to get paid by Peter. Allegedly. In my opinion. According to anyone with a functioning brain. What Sonja needs to do is ask Ramona if Peter ever made good on their arrangement. Because, unlikely. But Sonja never does due diligence on anything. She has nothing to do with the trademark war because she has nothing to do with the business. Somebody needed a storyline and she decided to make Bethenny hers.

UPDATED: Because I checked on Sonja’s trademarks. She has tried to get at least four. One was allowed to become a dead application, two have filed for extension and one is being opposed.  The two that have been extended need to prove that there has been “actual commerce” under the label, which may be problematic. Also, see here for How Sonja lost $7 million dollars by not listening to her husband at the time.

Piermario Del Rosso  is the beleaguered “partner” of Peter who is way too busy actually running the Tipsy Girl bar to be bothered with all of this. It seems that he might have been the owner of some of the now shuttered restaurants Peter was also involved with. I’m not sure if Peter was actually an owner in some of those other businesses as some claim. On the last episode of RHONY Bethenny said that Peter was the manager of the Sports Bar Ramona pretended to be involved with, not the owner. Peter having a new restaurant in NYC in two seasons seems a bit odd to me. For the purposes of this post,  Piermario has nothing to do with the trademark war either because Peter applied for the trademarks personally.


The Trademark Filings

April 15, 2015

Peter files a trademark for Tipsy Girl as the name of a bar. Trademarks are an extremely complicated area of law. There are 45 classes and under each class there are several options of “goods and services.”  For the purposes of this tutorial, we are only interested in three of the 45 classes.  This trademark is class 43,  Food Services.  It is for the bar, and only the bar. The trademark if granted would keep me from opening a bar in Atlanta called Tipsy Girl. Bethenny has no problem with this trademark. She is not in the bar or restaurant industry.

Status:  The application review has been completed, and there do not appear to be any obstacles to this trademark being registered. The review process was not completed until May 19, 2016, more than a year later.  The major point here is that he is free to register the trademark for Tipsy Girl for the bar now. I forget how long he has to do it but, that trademark is there if he wants it.  This is why some people wrongly claim that Peter has the trademark on the Prosecco. He does not. He doesn’t even technically have it on the bar yet, but he likely will have it for the bar soon.

RHONY Bethany

November, 24, 2015

SG Marks LLC filed two trademark requests. Both were under Class 33 (Alcoholic Beverages Except Beers). I should point out here that applying for a trademark in this class is more complicated than saying “Hey, I wanna market some merlot called Tamara Tattles. Give me a trademark!”  You have to submit your branded labels and have your brand ready to go.  Now Bethenny has brand labels so all she has to do is slap one together that says  TipsyGirl and she is good to go. She doesn’t care, she is never going to use the trademark anyway.

Goods and Services

Within each class there are a number of goods and services one must chose from for each trademark registration request. There is some confusion here because there are national and international trademarks and the goods and services options are slightly different depending on what type of trademark you are applying for. I’d rather not get into a deep discussion over that even though it seems to me that Bethenny is using international terms at times here.

SG Marks Applied for a trademark for “Alcoholic beverages except beers; Alcoholic cocktail mixes; Alcoholic energy drinks; Blended spirits; Distilled Spirits; Spirits; Wine-based drinks; Wines and liqueurs ”

And for ” Prepared alcoholic cocktail” This is Bethenny’s wheelhouse.  She probably requested this simply to make her application stronger as she has a strong market presence in prepared  alcoholic cocktails. TL

Those are two trademarks for TipsyGirl. THESE ARE THE FIRST TWO TRADEMARK REQUESTS BY ANYONE FOR ALCOHOLIC DRINKS related to the name, TipsyGirl.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  These trademarks were filed on November 24, 2015.  It takes the attorneys a minute, even if they are on constant standby like the ones at SG Marks to get the paperwork together to file a trademark.  Sonja’s birthday is November 25th (though who knows when the party was filmed) and the Page Six article came out on November 27th. So It’s clear Bethenny filed the trademarks before the Page Six story even came out.

RHONY bethenny

December 8, 2015

Peter gets word of Bethenny’s filing and files two trademark requests of his own for his non-existent product. Only one of the trademarks he files is under the correct class, Class 33.

Goods and Services

Alcoholic beverages except beers; Wines; Prosecco; Sparkling wines.

Again, I believe that the reason that Bethenny’s goods and services in her first trademark are different is because she is using the international list of goods and services. This is essentially the trademark goods and services as Bethenny’s first filing. If for some unknown reason she wants an international trademark on this label that will never be used, it makes filing easier.  So this one is head to head with Bethenny’s first  trademark request on the wine (Prosecco). However, it was filed AFTER BETHENNY already beat him to the punch.

The second trademark Peter filed was under Class 32 which covers beers, and most other non-alcoholic beverages. WTF? His goods and services choice was “beers; soft drinks.”  Is he going to be a microbrewer now as well? It is uncommon (thought not unheard of) for a company ( Peter is not a company) to produce and market both beer and wine. I have no explanation for this trademark request. It makes absolutely no sense.




Peter can have his trademark for the bar Tipsy Girl.  Bethenny made the trademark requests for the beverages first, and she likely did it prior to the birthday party and definitely did it before the Page Six story.  Peter filed his trademark requests for beverages after Bethenny.

Currently all of the beverage application are on hold pending further review.  Both of Bethenny’s are under the category of wine and spirit products,  for no apparent reason, only one of Peter’s is under that category and his second one was filed under beer.

I read a comment from someone who suggested that Peter may be looking for a settlement check to drop the name from whatever swill he wants to put out there. That is not a possible outcome for him. Bethenny is not going to buy the Tipsy Girl name from Peter. She is fine with letting this sit in dispute until the end of time. The USPTO will move at a glacial pace to resolve this issue and Peter will be unable to move forward with his product (that was never going to be anyway) until the matter is resolved.  I believe with Bethenny’s strength of existing brand,  the facts surrounding Peter coming on to a show where the SkinnyGirl brand is monotonously advertised, is more than enough for her attorneys to prove trademark infringement.

I hope I have made it clear that I have a full grasp on this issue and you can all stop telling me what you read somewhere else. Oh, that reminds me, some sites are claiming that one party or another’s requested has been “Suspended” and have no idea what that means and are assuming it means denied. It does not.  Suspended means, ” temporarily prevent from continuing or being in force or effect.”  It is suspended while the USPTO investigates to make a decision.  You’re welcome.

And now, unleash the real lawyers in comments to tell me I have it all wrong.  In 5…4…3…


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51 responses to “SkinnyGirl Versus Tipsy Girl A Tutorial

  1. MM

    Annnd Bam! Thank you Ma’am!

  2. Micheal

    Clearly this post is a dig at me. Just one thing to keep in mind is that the goods and services classes can be associated with each other and cause further issues with registration (citations).

    Restaurants and bars are likely to be considered an associated class to alcoholic beverages and lead to citation issues if the restaurant mark is ultimately registered.

    • tamaratattles

      Yes dear, this post is all about you and my seething hatred thereof.

      Um, WTF? Maybe Mercury is not out of retrograde in Paris yet?

      You are not the only atty who comments here. And I get emails every day trying to “explain the trademark situation” to me as if I am somehow unaware. Thus I opted to make a very detailed and overly time consuming post so I can clear it up once and for all and use the link to respond to any further emails.

      Now go eat a pain au chocolat with a glass of champagne for me and chillax.

  3. Susan May

    OMG. I CANT READ THE REST OF THIS BLOG UNTIL I GET DONE ROFLMAO REGARDING YOUR FORREST GUMP REMARK.. Brilliant. I assume you are referring to “and you can boil it, broil it, sautée it, well you get it. Ok going to finish reading now.

  4. Allison

    Thank you for your clear explanation-that had to be a PITA to write out, but I dont know the first or last thing about trademarks, so it was helpful.

  5. Cat

    All I have to say is: I’d rather read about a trademark war than someone’s drinking problem or fake health issue.

    Maybe Sonja can pick a name more fitting to her “brand”… Like “Snockered by Sonja”?

    • profsheehan

      Agree with Cat–this is important stuff that effects someone’s well being–kind of like the ‘ghost writer’ incident. That’s one thing that RHONY does at least somewhat differently than the other shows.

    • Minky

      Why doesn’t Sonja cut out all of this nonsense and just write a book, or have one ghost written for her, about her fabulous tipsy turvy life? All the other Wives are doing it!

      Hell, she can have one of her interns write it. Right after they’re done cleaning the doggy doo off of the balcony, and right before they cook her bowl Irish oatmeal with the testosterone and crushed up diet pills sprinkled on top, that she absolutely must eat the very second she opens her bloodshot eyes in the morning/afternoon.

      • Cat

        It’s really kind of sad. The woman needs professional help. And not just for the drinking.

      • Minky

        Absolutely. She lost her way a long time ago and I hope she can find it back. She’s like Kim Richards 2.0. That’s why I don’t get Bethenny going off on her. She (Sonja) is not well and is possibly a danger to herself.

        Bethenny’s on camera read of a woman who’s obviously deeply depressed, has a drinking/drug problem, and who’s willing to do just about anything for a quick buck was uncalled for. That, to me, is clear especially now that TT has explained the situation in detail. Apparently, there was never any chance of this Peter person stealing or diminishing Bethenny’s brand in any way, shape or form. The whole thing was an amusing non-threat from Bethenny’s perspective. And Sonja is or was a desperate, delusional pawn in the situation. No, Sonja’s not innocent, but her actions are being driven by something very dark and sad.

      • Allison

        I must be hard-hearted because not only did I think that read was overdue, I loved it. For far too long now Ms. Morgan has gotten free passes for her horrible behavior because she was either too fragile, depressed, or just didn’t know better. Granted, her Tipsy Girl project would probably never be a true threat to Bethenny’s brand, but the fact that she would TRY was disgusting enough, and I do not blame Bethenny for putting her in her place. She historically has trust issues, so to let Sonja in to her world just to have her try and ride her coattails so obviously and publicly was a huge slap in Bethenny’s face, IMO. So a golf clap and thank you to B.

      • Cat

        I agree. The woman needs real friends who will support her.

      • Allison

        But does supporting her mean indulging her delusions and looking the other way regarding her clear alcohol problem? Thats not a real friendship. How many seasons have we seen this now? Enough already.

      • tamaratattles


        Bethenny has been dealing with delusional, fucked in the head Sonja for the last few seasons. She has been TRYING to help her. She will not receive her help. And ain’t no way Bethenny is going to let Sonja rip off her brand or participate in it , for a dollar.

        Sorry. Sonja can go fuck herself at this point. I’m guessing Bethenny is over trying to help her, mentally ill or not. SHE TRIED. Heather TRIED Now Bethenny has to do what she needs to stop these bitches from trying to trade off of her work She cannot let it happen ONCE or it will happen every season.

      • Cat

        I can’t really comment on that conversation, Allison. Since I can’t watch the show, I can’t get the “feel” of the interaction. I’m just going by what I read here, and what I know of the personalities from past seasons.

        But…that was pretty much what I was saying. Sonja needs REAL friends. So does Kim Richards, for the same reason.

      • Cat

        Ooh, I agree, TT. If Bethenny and Sonja were real friends, Sonja would not cause waves with Bethenny’s business.

        People like Sonja, and Kim Richards, should not be on reality TV at all. Maybe their real friends have told them that, and they just aren’t listening. Or need the money. Or are deep in denial. Or maybe they don’t have real friends.

        Shame on Andy for exploiting them.

  6. puppylove

    GREAT JOB, most informative and I enjoyed reading it.

  7. I also prefer this post to fake HW’s illness. I did not doubt Bethenny’s team was on this, had her brand covered from when she applied for get first trademark. Bethenny being first to produce a nitch’ product she has probably been fighting this from day one.
    TT, Thank you for the update.

    • Minky

      Yes! Finally, no cancer or other disease of dubious nature storyline! Ain’t it funny, though? When one of the Wives has a real and potentially serious issue, like alcoholism or drug addiction or an abusive relationship, it’s never really addressed. Or it’s just considered a fun way to get shit poppin’ off on the show. Hmmm….?

    • Calipatti

      Oops, “her” not “get”

      As to Bethenny being understanding to Sonya, she has been understanding most of the time plus showed Sonya first hand how she ran her business.
      Bethenny has repeatedly given Sonya great advice which Sonya nods yes or argues.
      Bethenny did nothing wrong telling Sonya off plus she got over it.

      I’m so glad Bethenny is back and calmer than last year. Yeah!!!!

  8. Yes, you put a lot of effort into this and I appreciate it. But I agree with when Bethany said to Sonya “I don’t want anything to do with you”. Sonya is desperate. They could have come up with a more original name, don’t you think? N.

  9. Even though you spoon-fed us that information, it is still confusing . Sheesh! The only thing I can think of as to why that Peter character filed under the beer trademark as well, is that he was hoping if the other got denied, he still had a chance at the beer trademark?? Who knows. Why didnt Peter and Sonja put all this effort into brainstorming and coming up with THEIR OWN idea?

    • Sabrina

      Because , as TT explained, Sonja has nothing to do with this other than being promised pay to pretend it is her brand on the show. Peter is the mastermind who allegedly has no ideas of his own and copied this one for obvious reasons.

      TT, it is a real accomplishment to take arcane law, like trademark law, and make it a fascinating story- which you did !! Thanks for making kit fun- much more than reading about several of these ladies’ descent from being interesting new housewives to lonely lost alcoholic souls( 4 of them) is pitiful

      • margroc

        I don’t get the copying. Skinny Girl and Tipsy Girl are not the same. Skinny and Tipsy have entirely different meanings. Is it the Girl she’s pissed about? Beth seems to look for reasons to be nasty. Her inner self thinking “they all want to be me” is bs. Who’d want to be a vulgar, loud mouthed, anorexic who blames the world and her parents for her problems. I get she had a shitty childhood. Who actually had a great one? Not me, nor anyone else I know. But, at a certain age, it’s time to take responsibility for yourself and she refuses to. I cannot stand her and don’t watch since she’s come back. What does she have to say about pretty much ripping off Heather with her new shaper product. I can’t stand her and her lecture to Sonja is partially why. She did not have to chastise her so harshly and humiliate her in front of her staff. But she likes that kind of thing, cause she’s the centre of attention. Bitch.

      • ericzku

        Skinny Girl and Tipsy Girl are both alcoholic, niche products aimed at women. Both are called “Girl” with two-syllable adjectives modifying them. Both are being marketed by Real Housewives of New York. (Or in Sonja’s case: “marketed”)

        If you can’t see any similarity, you are either being willfully blind or you are incredibly dense.

        You say you don’t watch the show since Bethenny has come back, but you have a lot of opinions about her “lecture to Sonja”. So either:

        A) You’re lying, or

        B) You feel the need to spout opinions about a confrontation that you didn’t even see.

        Either way isn’t a good look for you, my dear.

      • Auntie Velvet

        margroc — It probably doesn’t matter what either of us thinks, because trademark is very specific, and it’s over and done with.

        But in my opinion, it’s disingenuous to pretend that the names aren’t related when it’s all happening within the context of the two competing wine labels being connected by the same “brand” — RHONY.

        It’s like, if * I * started a perfume called “Bravo!” or even “Andy’s Girl,” it wouldn’t really matter, as long as no other perfume had that exact name. But if a RH did it without permission from the franchise, it would be a big legal issue.

  10. Toni

    This was just such a foolish thing for Sonja to be a part of, and I just don’t believe for one second she was deluded enough to think Bethenny would be happy and supportive about it.

    Bethenny doesn’t forgive and forget – it’s not in her DNA. Their “friendship” is finito.

    The sad thing about Sonja is a lot of her ideas are good, she just never sees anything though and is unwilling to put forth the effort to be successful.

  11. Elizabeth

    At this point Sonya is so desperate for money she will do anything…. So I missed this… Did Sonya blow all the moneyim sure she in the divorce on the movie? Also she is not paying for anything to do with her daughter so saying that to Bethanny was pathetic!

    • Matzah60

      Sonja wants to continue to live in the manner to which she was accustomed when she was married. That ship has sailed. She must face reality and sell the money pit she’s living in. She may have saved the house from foreclosure, but she doesn’t have the moola to maintain and repair it. All her income from the show must go towards keeping that house afloat.

      Bethany gave her some tough love. No one else will. Hell, Landon’s father on Southern Charm told her to pick one thing and focus on doing it well. My objection to Bethany’s comment, “I don’t want anything else to do with you.” That was way too harsh and even if it wasn’t, it could have been said in private; away from the cameras.

      Tamara, that was one hell of an explanation on trademark law. I applaud all the time you took explaining and recording it here in a very understandable manner for all of us. I had no idea how complicated it was. I like how you intertwined to the real characters involved in HWNY along with the time line!

      Is trademarking in any way tied to intellectual property?

  12. TBD

    Thank you! for some reality on this instead of the always singular Bravo (default) of managing our every perceived expectation of these people. Although Bethenny’s bellicose histrionics elevated this back into the land of the perennially offended.

    This isn’t anything actionable beyond what it was: a birthday party with a few pitifully labeled Prosecco bottles. Sonja is in the (housewives) camp of the ones needing the cash. And Bethenny did her a favor by her massive reaction to keep them both front and center.

  13. TT: thanks for the info. Begs the question – what is the upside here for Sonja? She obviously didn’t even have enough grasp of the arrangement to explain it to Bethenny when B asked her about distributors. Is Sonja compensated by the drink sold at the Tipsy Girl bar in perpetuity? Is she given a blanket amount for allowing her name to be used on RHONY? I just don’t see how lucrative this type of arrangement could be, especially since Sonja stated she wants to get back to her “I’m married to JP Morgan” financial status. Or is this just another example of a producer driven story line?

  14. Sabrina

    And I am back to ask- TT, do we know if Sonja ever received the settlement of her alimony, which we were told was being withheld? I hope as they settled up on homes(for her) to sell that the two of them or their attorneys- finally got that resolved.

    • tamaratattles

      I believe Sonja actually owes John Morgan money from the movie fiasco. And now that he is on wife number 84 he needs it. Sonja bled him dry. Allegedly,

      • Sabrina

        Thanks much TT- it is good to hear he finally settled up on the alimony – but to have to help her settle after her grandiose, stupid movie deal was way over the top. Bet she argued he should do it for their daughter- who now isn’t living with her.

  15. Margarett

    Thank you, Tamara. I understand a little better now, but it seems awfully complIcated. I wasn’t at all surprised to read that Bethenny is way ahead of Peter. Whether people like her or not, no one can deny her business sense. It happens that I do like her and admire her business savvy.)

    Anyway, I appreciate your taking the time to explain the process. I never doubted that you knew what you were talking about. I agree that Sonja got where she is by being stupid! I cracked up when I spotted the little “Yes” under the photo!

  16. TT, Thank you so much for this well written & informative post. I can’t imagine how time consuming it must have been! Even though Bethenny can be abrasive at times, I admire the hell out of her. She has been on her own, hustling and working her as off for decades. I’m happy it all finally paid off for her. IMO she of all HWs in total deserves it.

    Sonja, on the other hand, I only have an ounce of pity for. Her greatest achievement was marrying well. She needs to grow up, accept her circumstances, and start a new chapter in her life. For fucks sake, she doesn’t even pay for heat at ‘Grey Gardens’! She is stuck in the past & staying in that house is holding her back in more ways than one. If she would simply sell it, move to a reasonable downsized place, she could afford heat, not to mention therapy!

    Sonja does not have the skill set to keep up her accustomed lifestyle. It sucks for her, but it happens to millions of Americans every day. IMO, Bethenny was WELL within her rights to cut Sonja off & do it so directly. I honestly don’t think Sonja would’ve understood it if Bethenny had sugar coated it. It was personal. Just because Sonja is in fairytale land & broke doesn’t give her the right to shit on her friend AND fuck with her friend’s business, especially after Bethenny took her into her inner circle behind the scenes in an effort to genuinely attempt to help her. I would have told her to fuck off right then & there just out of principal. This BS won’t hurt Bethenny’s business… Like she said, “cheater brands” are a dime a dozen. (not that it will come to fruition anyway)

    Sonja needs to take what little money she has and buy a fucking clue. I agree that she can’t be both stupid & smart. What little smart she has left should be used to exit stage left. She needs to stop living in the past. She needs to start over completely & live within her means, find some self respect & give up on trying to find another man to provide for her in the way she was used to. Her poor daughter! Surely she is mortified!

    Thanks again for the Forest Gump explanation! LOL!

    Rant over.

  17. LK

    DELIGHTFUL! Thanks TT! My inner trademark nerd is so pleased. Bravo!! (see what I just did there – BRAVO on Bravo! I’m overly excited.)

    Peter is such a sleeze, and Sonja is just, well, a mess. I’m in the camp that thinks she really had no idea there would be a problem… She sees monies and doesn’t bother to think about the logistics. Peter says it’s OK and here’s a check! So then everything is OK.

    Bethanny’s TM people are actually genius, because this keeps the TMs all tied up through the season so the products are off the market when they would (maybe, if things went according to plan – and planning doesn’t seem to be anyone’s strong suit, aside from B’s team) be debuted to the public. By the time the suspensions are lifted no one is going to remember Tipsy Girl Prosecco, so it won’t really matter who ends up with the mark… which is a win for Team Bethanny.

  18. LoriNYC

    Thanks for the breakdown, NOW I get what’s going on. Forrest Gump…..LMAO

  19. Jane Grey

    What is so unbelievable is that Peter agreed to announce the Tipsy Girl drink without getting it trademarked first! That shows that he does not stand a chance against Bethenny.

  20. TT you are so wonderful! Love this!! Who doesn’t get the imitation here in Tipsy Girl? Slutty Girl or Dirty Girl or Fat Girl would be more obvious forms of imitation, copy, cheater brands??

  21. Drew

    As always, right on the nose! One piece I’m researching is Caravels involvement in this scam. Apparently they are the actual bottlers of Sonja’s Swill.
    Do you know the business relationship between TG’s partners and Caravel?
    Since Caravel has proseco too, seems as though we TG printed some labels and slapped them on Caravels bottles!

    Also Peter has said on TG’s FB page, that it would be available in NYC May 25th, but was evasive when pressed about where!

    • tamaratattles

      That is all they have ever done is slap them on the bottles of some other swill. Allegedly. In my opinion. So they say.

      • Drew

        Lmbo! I busted the TG FB page several months ago, about a half hour later, Peter sent me a friend request from his personal account! Guess he researched to see who was searching for the page.
        The things he was saying to people criticizing, was off the hook! I pointed out the grammatical error in the pages logo (Present vs Presents), uh, he wasn’t appreciative.
        Fast forward to your brilliant tutorial, I posted the link on the TG page and asked if he’d like to rebuttal. Well, guess not, he deleted the link and blocked me! I’m batting a 1000!

      • Drew

        Oh ^^^°^ Allegedly, reportedly, imo, a scource says.

      • tamaratattles

        Please don’t send the idiots on Bravo links to my site.

        He’s illiterate and I don’t need him trying to learn to write a cease and desist again. I’m running a business and he chasing Ramona and Sonja around. How sad is that?

      • Drew

        Gotcha! No disrespect intended. It’s a brilliant editorial. That’s the first time (and last) that I’ve ever shared a link to your site.
        Are you familiar with the Facebook group, Get Real Lol Bravo? Has about 15000 members. Focus is mainly on the Housewives Franchise. Links to your site are frequently posted as many share your opinions. And face it, you do the work! That’s how I became familiar with your sight.

      • tamaratattles

        I love when my links are shared on FB groups, twitter, comment sections of other sites, basically anywhere is really great. Just don’t send them to Bravolebs and people mentioned in the posts! :)

      • Drew

        Understory! Thanks for clarifying!

  22. Drew

    Understood. Thanks for clarifying!

  23. knitfrenzy

    Trademark aside, sales of spirits are governed by the state liquor licensing authority. It would highly unlikely for it to approve an alcoholic beverage with a name that essentially encourages women to drink to excess. Kind of like Drunk Boy Beer.

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