Vicki Gunvalson’s Newest Beau Is Briana Approved! Plus #RHONJ & #RHOOC News

RHOOC Vicki and family

Vick Gunvalson has dated quite a few men since her split with Brooks and she shares quite a few of them on Instagram. This latest one has not to my knowledge been named yet, presumably to avoid all the drilling down by websites for background information.  A few of the ones in between Brooks and this guy did not pass the prying eyes of the internet to be sure.

This one seems to be just part of the family. I’m not sure what the details are on Briana’s husband but it seems like I heard something about him getting a discharge for some sort of disability? I could be wrong about that. At any rate, whether Briana has finally gotten the hell out of Oklahoma permanently, as seemed to be the plan, or is just back in Orange County for filming RHOOC, it seems the whole gang is one big happy family at this Angels game last night.


RHOOC Vicki Baptism

Vicki’s new suitor has only be around for about five weeks, but they have been on a least a dozen dates. We all know Vicki wastes no time in getting her love tank filled.  He has sent flowers at least twice that have been memorialized on her Instagram.

In other news, the trailer for RHOOC & RHONJ should be out this week.  I’ve heard a June 20th date mentioned for the premiere of  #RHOOC.  If that is true it would air alongside RHOD for a few weeks.  So we will see.  Jersey will probably premiere a few weeks after RHOOC.

I can’t believe it is time for RHOOC again. I am starting to mark the passing of time in my life by real housewives premieres. #SadPatheticGrim  I am not really looking forward to this season , the new girl,  Kelly Meza-Dodd  has been described as more obnoxious than Tamra.  I was hoping she was fired after this debacle while filming, but no such luck. Hopefully she isn’t holding an orange.

Both the RHOOC and RHONJ are all about the catfights next season. I realize that has become the premise for the entire enterprise, but I’ve heard of no fun storyline from either franchise. And RHONJ will be Teresa and Jac fighting. Melissa and Kathy fighting. Teresa and Melissa against Jac and Kathy.  And Jac against pretty much everyone.  And poor, misunderstood Tre suffering in the absence of Joe with an edit trying to make us all feel sorry for her.

It’s time to prepare for Tamra and Teresa, y’all.


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30 responses to “Vicki Gunvalson’s Newest Beau Is Briana Approved! Plus #RHONJ & #RHOOC News

  1. I swear the new beau looks remarkably like Briana’s husband. He looks like he could be Bri’s father. imo

  2. 5ara5ally

    I wonder if the new guy is closer in age to Vicki or her kids?

  3. Thanks for the update, TT. I was hoping that we’d see a lot of Tamra’s competion this season. Oh well…

  4. AkA Tara

    I think Brianna moved back to the OC a few months ago.
    I guess Meghan is staying? :( She is on the same level as Landon. I just can’t with them. Yes, Meghan may have been right about some things but nonetheless I am not a fan.

  5. Lime Brain

    It’s nice to see Brianna’s husband looking so happy for a change.

  6. SaraSally

    Does Vicki’s new man look closer in age to her kids or herself? She’ll mow over this guy too.

  7. Espi

    Vicky’s man is handsome! Good for her!!!

    Looking forwards to Jersey. I need my dose of crazy and this franchise always does it for me.

  8. ingrid

    I had not started watching RHOOC until the second or third season, and was watching the first season the other day which had been on my DVR. I really liked it, before they were jaded, had tons of make up on, the cat fights, the fake parties, it was more subtle, more.. real. I kept thinking if they did another RH franchise up here (outside NY) I would love to see RH of Fairfield County CT or Westchester County NY, but it would be more about what people hide, the quiet digs, the keeping up with the Jones’ stuff. It would never fly now, things are just too over the top. I think too many people want that crazy fake drama which makes people like Tamra and Porsha famous, and it ends up turning me off. Still, I watch it…

    • tamaratattles

      Ingrid, I’ve noticed that lately Bravo has started referring to RHONY as Real Housewives of New York CITY. This is fairly recent behavior that makes me think another franchise in the state is possible.

      • pfffttt

        I’d like to see a Real Housewives of the Hamptons with a Real Housewife version of Victoria Grayson. LOL Although, Lisa Vanderpump reminds me of Victoria from Revenge.

      • tamaratattles

        Well, we would be charting new territory if a HW burned their house down in an attempt to fake their death. I agree, it is about time for that. It’s only a matter of time before these bitches start bumping each other off. :)

        I miss Revenge.

  9. Swizzle

    That guys picture has been floating around for a week or so, and not one source seems to release his name. How odd that not one person who knows him has come out and said, hey that’s Bob is used to to work with/went to school with/see at the gym/lives in the neighborhood. Maybe no one cares who Vicki dates or this guy doesn’t know a lot of people…but he’s supposed to be a politician.

  10. Carl

    Do we know for sure if Megan is holding an orange?

  11. TD

    Do you have any information about whether Lizzie will make an appearance or not? Thanks.

  12. More Tea Please!

    The new beau reminds me of her brother Bill.

  13. I’m thinking that Vicky’s hot and heavy is reality television fiction. Vicky needs a new storyline, so a new beau and family harmony can work. Vicky’s persona can use a make-over after the Brooke debacle. Because, Bravo. Briana is happy, happy because the new guy’s no competition for her mom’s time, money, or affection. Vicky is so desperate for “love” and media attention, she’s down for a pretend romance. The guy’s body language and smile is forced and kind of creepy. The photo screams, “Believe this!” Of course, I don’t know what I’m talking about; but it’s what my “talking head” immediately said.

  14. tamaratattles

    I think you are kinda right, Lizbeth. But Vicki is one of those women who cannot be alone. So she has been shopping for the next all through the off season. It rather late in the filming season, but as you said, a perfect time for the “one big happy family” edit that she does desperately need.

    • I want a real love for Vicky, but I don’t think she’ll find it until she gives up reality television and the persona she’s built for herself. She’s a beautiful, successful, solid woman. I wish she’d see she doesn’t need Bravo.

    • Lime Brain

      Does this mean he’s a “paid” boyfriend? Another Walter?

      • tamaratattles

        No, it means she dated around and this is the current one. It’s only been about a month. We shall see. I hope for the best for Vicki.

  15. RealityBites

    I don’t want to watch the cat fights. And your blind item seemed to imply Shannon might end up in one with Vicki. New girl seems like an ugly mess for OC. And I just can’t get on board with feeling sorry for Tre. Sigh. I used to love OC and Jersey. But I’m over it already. I hope Vicki finds a Donn like new beau. That’s what she needs.

    • Gapeachinsc

      There’s no reason to feel sorry for Tre, so don’t even try, no matter what kind of editing. Maybe feel sorry for the fact that she created a mess of her life and that of her family for “things” they couldn’t afford. Feel sorry for the folks who didn’t get paid for goods and services they provided. I like Tre but I don’t feel sorry for her. I’d love to see some real redemption on her part. That would be awesome!! Can you imagine if she finally came clean, moved out of her monstrosity of a house and into a two bedroom flat? THAT would be great TV.

  16. TAMARA

    Heads up!!!Just saw the first trailor. Tamra shared a link to it on her Twitter!!!

  17. claire

    Pretty sure Ryan’s disability refers to his back. I want to say he had surgery ???

  18. claire

    BFs name is Steve Lodge: ex-law enforcement, military.

  19. That Kelly Meza Dodd is going to be something, alright…

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