Shahs of Sunset: I Don’t , I Do!

Shahs reunion Mike and MJ

It’s time for Shahs of Sunset and it is going to be more Rezacentric than usual. I’ve noticed fewer and fewer comments on this show lately.  Are y’all still out there? I don’t think I can quit this one. I was too committed to it at the time I started this blog. I interviewed most of the cast (I was new and didn’t realize what a bad idea it was getting to know the Bravo crowd) and did tons of research and spoiling and I feel like this one I have to ride out. So get on the ride with me people!


Reza stops over to see Mike and give him some groceries and basically check up on him. Reza lectures Mike about staying out of the clubs and trying to work on his marriage. Mike really did try eventually to win Jessica back. But it was too late, she was already with some guy charged with rape, who is nicer to her than Mike was.

Later, Mike meets Jessica in a restaurant to talk over some still drinks. Mike tries to remind her of the good times. Jessica says that Mike is obsessed with money and thinks that “providing for her” means buying her stuff.  In her talking head, she says they had “underlying trust issues” before the marriage. That’s as close as we will probably get to any mention of Mike’s cheating. After much awkward silence, Jessica leaves.

Golnesa enjoying the Mayan Ruins in Belize

Golnesa enjoying the Mayan Ruins in Belize


GG and her cousin Nima, (are there two Nimas? I thought she dated a Nima.) are going to jump on trampolines. Every since the camping trip GG really has looked better.  She says she has been feeling better. Even Reza pointed it out last week.  So GG and Nima  jump around like maniacs in monkey suits on the trampolines, they seem to have them all to themselves.

Reza’s Wedding

Reza and Asa go to a tailor to get his suit for the wedding. Reza tells us that his ability to cheat on men without getting caught comes in handy when sneaking around planning a wedding.  Try to wrap your mind around that statement. MJ arrives late and seeming a bit disheveled and out of it. Mercedeh is crying because….I guess because she thinks this whole surprise wedding thing is a dumb idea. And it is.  She is also jealous that Asa knows all the plans and she was told all she has to do is show up.

The first night in  Palm Springs they have a housewarming party as a cover for why everyone is there. The next night everyone will go to dinner and a wedding in cell block C.

At the “housewarming party”  Adam accidentally knocks Reza’s drink all over him.  Reza is highly irritated by this. Reza rented another house with a pool for the after dinner party because these fools do thinks like throw red velvet cake around thinking it’s cute. Reza is the worst offender, so he wants a rental house to tear up.  What is it with the giant water fowl inflatables in California.

On the day of the wedding, Reza goes to a pawn shop to buy Adam’s ring. So scripted I can’t bear to type this stuff.

The dinner is in a real room that appears to be purple and has actual walls. It’s much nicer than the cell block room we saw before. Maybe that was just the room where they show the table setting options of something.  Wait, no,  I paused on Adam to type and it is totally cinderblocks behind him. So weird. Looks like the pretty purple walls are CGI and they didn’t do a great job at editing.

Whatever, they got married.

Next Week: Reza tries  Improv.  Jessica and Mike reunite. Neither goes well.


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55 responses to “Shahs of Sunset: I Don’t , I Do!

  1. Still reading, TT. Your recaps are much better than the show. I was really hoping for a no from Adam.

  2. Toni Lee Gildea

    Your recaps are spot on, no need for me to even watch any of the shows on Bravo.
    I read all of them, except the Catfish stuff.
    I am fairly sure we would enjoy reading your shopping list.

  3. Lime Brain

    That felt like a shotgun wedding to me. It was so sad and icky and selfish on Reza’s part.

    Mike is a sad and pathetic man also.

    • Meri

      “Shotgun” wedding? Is someone pregnant? Back in the day (a million years ago), someone was pregnant and a hasty marriage was arranged. I loved the recap because I missed the show to watch Sister Wives. Great recap and I think that I’ll stick to reading here instead of wasting my time watching all but Southern Charm from now on.

    • Iprefermyteaunsweetend

      It seemed forced to me too. What else was Adam going to do? I’m sure we will revisit this moment later when/if he and Reza get into their first spousal disagreement. It seemed as though he wanted to take Asa aside and have a brief convo, but even she was like, “you do or you don’t”. I felt bad for him. I’d have left Reza at the altar just like he did Adam.

  4. Matzah60

    Same here. Still reading your recaps. I felt sad watching this episode. Sometimes when you watch a program or movie that strikes a chord about something in your own life, it causes me to be retrospective and sad. I was shocked that Adam said yes. It seemed like he wanted to run out of the room when Asa kept asking him for a yes or no. He was apparently filled with joy that Reza was still committed to him, but whether that implicates that his marriage will be successful remains to be seen.

    The dichotomy of watching Mike and Jessica’s marriage falling apart made me very sad. Like you said, TT, I think Mike realized too late in the game that he was losing Jessica. Too little, too late. I do think he loves her and she, he. Sadly, love is not enough to create a healthy marriage. We all bring a shitload of luggage into a marriage, even a first marriage. We come in with high hopes and when it doesn’t work, it is a huge disappointment and I am sure for both Mike and Jessica, they both feel like they’ve failed each other and themselves. Just made me cry thinking how one enters a marriage or relationship with such high hopes and how awful it feels when those hopes are dashed.

    Thanks for the recap, Tamara. Much appreciated!!

    • Betty

      Mike is an idiot. She should never have converted for him. It was ridiculous how much she was trying to please him, and why? He’s a douche. She wasn’t perfect, but she needed to grow up and move on from him. He was always talking about money, but never seemed to have any. All show, no dough.

  5. momoffourkidd

    I still watch ever week, but I actually enjoy your recaps more than the show. I think they are bats hip crazy but fun.

  6. Coco

    The scene with GG and Nima is so cute! Mike and Jessica’s break up is heart breaking. I wonder if they went to counseling before they got married… MJ and her man are cute together – a little desperate and mushy though. I’m happy for Reza and Adam. I just hope they go on a fabulous honeymoon after last year. TT thanks for your recaps!

  7. Jacio

    The whole wedding thing creeped me out. Reza kept running around saying it was HIS day. He got the spa day HE got the custom suit, HE wrote vows. Sorta gave me the heeby jeebies. I feel like Adam was very coerced into saying yes.

  8. SaraSally

    Of all the Iranian Persians in all the world…how did they come upon this wrecking crew. They try so hard, but miss the mark of what truly is cool. Money can’t buy you a decent storyline!

  9. Shouldn’t Mike be somewhere shit faced?

  10. KaraW

    I am mostly not watching. They are just so shallow and full of themselves that it sickens me. Which I know is par for the course with Bravo, but there’s something about this one that I can’t take. I don’t find any humor in them like I do with the Housewives. But then because I am so used to watching Bravo, I end up watching the show eventually.

    The only two I enjoy are GG and MJ. I think GG and Mike will end up together eventually.

  11. Aerin

    GG seems like she’s better than ever. I’m glad for her. That wedding scene was so awkward. I was cringing.

  12. Frosty

    I found your blog because of this show, absolutely love your recaps :) This show went down fast though, even for Bravo. It’s not must watch by any stretch. I like Asa and MJ, but the eps sit in my queue until I can get to them.

  13. For me, Reza was the comic relief, now he’s just arrogant. I too think there is sexual chemistry between GG and Mike.

  14. Christina D

    I peed my pants laughing after Mike said he never knew what people meant when they said “you never know what you have til it’s gone”
    Just the way he said it– he was serious when he said he never got it. I look forward to a Mike comment every week & I am extremely satisfied.

  15. Lindsay

    Yeah, fewer comments, it’s hard to watch anymore

  16. Margie

    Is it just me or have anyone else notice Asa laying around in every sofa in every scene? is she trying to imitate Barfy?

  17. First and foremost I cannot wrap anything around that sickening comment. Adam is in for a boatload of heartbreak. I wish his teetering heart had seen that before he committed to this clown. But we all think we can change them. Shame on us. GG is
    the Kim of the Shaw
    I do pray it ends better for her.

  18. ZenJen55

    Am I the only one who loves Shevin? He’s one fine man! I’d hoped him and Golnesa would find romance.

    TT, I like you, are obsessed over Asas bracelets except my personal preference is white gold over silver.

    Reza hasn’t been working alot lately, I miss when him and MJ worked for the same firm. We’ve steered so off course, when the Bravo machine drives the storyline, we lose interest. Leave shows be.

  19. Erica

    I am still watching!!! Mike fucked up, yes… but she still leaves me cold. Pissed that he works to much when she probably lives very expensively???

    There has ALWAYS been sexual tension between GG and Mike.

  20. Linda miller

    Although the show is a wild mess right now, it was always one of my favorites.
    More on Tommy…..where does work and what does he do. I like him by just like MJ’s mother, what is she thi king?
    Please continue to recap!
    Thanks, Linds

  21. Linda Miller

    Did I miss the memo on big asses?
    Poor MJ needs a total body makeover with smaller a boobs and ass. Does she like the way she looks and was this done on purpose?

    • Bunniecarrot

      She had a fat transfer done. Sucked the fat from her stomach and injected into her ass. But she looks terrible because she’s still fat all around except the stomach. She actually looks worse than the Kardashians with that diaper booty.

    • rainidaze

      MJ’s also had a breast reduction (as she said on a recent WWHL) and I had to wonder why, if undergoing surgery, why not really, really reducing them. She just looks so uncomfortable and they’re so huge they make her look so much heavier, plus the clothes she wears do nothing to minimize their appearance. I guess she likes them. .

    • Shae

      I agree, or at the very least she needs to wear more forgiving clothing. She looks stuffed into everything to the point of being uncomfortable. She would look infinitely better in clothes that fit better. She just dresses poorly for her shape most of the time.

    • lisalott

      yes what is her problem? she dresses terrible she should really stop that

  22. Normalg

    Apparently Reza was on wwhl and said Jessica is the one who cheated on Mike

    • More Tea Please!

      No, no, no it was awkwardly worded. What Reza was saying was that at the time they were going to cou seling and showed the awkward restaurant scene Jessica had already moved on and was dating the rapist. But it was AFTER she split.

  23. DJFL

    Jessica told Mike that all he cares about is money. Well, she sure didn’t have a problem spending it as fast as he could make it! Who needs a $5000 tea set???

  24. Cat

    Still reading, but I stopped watching after the episode where Reza blew hundreds of dollars on a caviar vending machine. I couldn’t stand to watch his arrogant ass throwing money away like it was nothing.

    Meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out how to stretch $5 into a weeks worth of groceries at the end of the month.

    Jealous and bitter? Damned right. I didn’t like the way this show made me feel.

  25. Gracious

    Still reading but not watching. I haven’t been able to watch anything in about a month. You are keeping me up to date. I’m in the Rocky Mtns of NM and have no tv service, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m lucky to have Internet/cell service.

  26. Did anyone notice how different Jessica looked originally? She was much prettier before the plastic surgery.

  27. SB

    I wonder how much this cast has collectively spent on cosmetic surgery. I think jessica had a face lift! she looks way different from the early days with mike.

  28. RealityBites

    I still watch, but usually not right away. Jessica is sad and desperate to me. I don’t like anything about her, and I feel like Mike groveling to get her back is for his parents. Reza isn’t funny anymore. I don’t know if his humor lost its edge, or if it is just the same old jokes. I love Asa, but only in small bits. She gets a bit holier than though and I tune out. Love messy MJ and GG though. They’re imperfect but likeable.

    I use your recaps to find out how quickly I need to watch the show, and if there is anything to check Twitter for :)

    • Kika

      Mike is lucky that Jessica left him. Good riddance!! His friends seemed to know what she was really about in the end. This short marriage was a learning experience for him. It was a disaster from the beginning. She would have nagged him to death for the rest of his life.

  29. Mike and MJ got into a twitter fight last night. Lots of low blows and deleted tweets after the fact. I’ve seen some screen shots. MJ tweeted that she has proof that Mike has multiple diseases and that his father is a cheater too. Woah not cool to bring people’s parents into it. It seems Mike deleted his side of the tweets, but MJ did not. Yeah I don’t think these 2 are gonna be friends anymore.

  30. kym

    I’m still reading ad watching the show. I like it better when GG is happy. Mike is just a big kid and never should have married Jessica because he is not finished whoring around.

  31. Not watching, but reading the your recaps! I have almost stop watching all of the Bravo shows. Potomac housewives only.

  32. Sam

    I still watch this show. I worked for a very prominent Persian business man for many years and I’m still fascinated by the culture. And the insane money they ALL seem to have, not gonna lie. I knew I was in on this one before it even started. As an aside, Persian food is my absolute favorite thing on earth and I drool at every food scene. Thanks, old boss, for that one. The show isn’t quite as good as when it started, but I’m not giving up on it.

    I agree on the Mike and GG chemistry, but since he dated her older sister I’m sure they have flirted for eons. Also agree on Jessica’s face – I really hope she didn’t do that to herself (at 24!!) for him. Oh yeah and Shervin? He is indeed extremely hot, even more so because he seems like a totally decent guy, unlike his unfortunate Doppelganger.

  33. Bravocueen

    I still read here. I can’t stomach the show though. It used to be my absolute favorite, the whole cultural, language and style differences and the people were different than the normal housewives brand. By the third season though, everybody completely sold out. “Diamond water” and “coochie juice” UGH,. Gross.

  34. Dracla Dunning

    Sorry Tamara. I no longer watch Shahs. The cast is too crude, rude and derogatory all of the time. Actually I stopped watching Shahs quite some time ago and only view an episode if your recap and the comments tempt me…and it has to be a real temptation. Much like many of the HW programs, I started with Shahs out of the gate and had hopes of seeing a different side of life. I did, but it was a side of life that bored the living daylights out of me with the constant anger, drug use and immaturity. Even with their incomes and opportunities they are a seedy group.
    Rarely do I comment on a show I have not watched, or if I have watched an episode and there are multiple comments of the same thought I refrain.

  35. Bunniecarrot

    I still watch, however I’m usually a week or so behind. This episode was a disappointment, not enough Shervin. Shervin is everything Mike wanted to be.

    • tamaratattles

      “Shervin is everything Mike wanted to be.”

      OMG! This is so true!

      And after that comment, somewhere Mike Shouhed is shitfaced.

  36. Anna K

    these people are so UNrealistic it is insane!

    that wedding!!!! nothing like black cinder block wall in the background of your vow exchange to capture the special moment!!! the room was pretty but they didn’t stand in the right spot! all that planning, Reza and that’s what Adam gets??? but I guess you were busy picking out a custom suit! the only question I have is why not have it a beautiful Palm Springs house (rented or otherwise)??? you make people drive for hours just to go to a bunker? So stupid considering all their bragging about money and houses! even Shelvin’s house would ve been cool. Adam is a wet rag and deserves to get fucked over at this point cause he knows how Reza is and what he did! If it was me I would ve been like where is my custom suit, BITCH?? And I know your Cartier ass didn’t just put some pawn shop ring on me?!

    my second pet peave throughout the WHOLE episode was MJ’s “hair”. it looked scraggley and FREEZY! WTF?? take that road kill off your head if it makes you look worse not better! her hair always looked alright before and this blonde WT trailer trash roots are not her color.

    I keep waiting for something fun and REAL to happen but alas it is not meant to be…

  37. Shae

    That was fking horrible of Reza to do to Adam. First he ruins their planned wedding, ditches Adam and takes off for a vacation instead. Then he decides to exclude and “surprise” Adam with a wedding of his choosing when he’s damn good and ready.

    Poor Adam has no say, no hand in planning, no family there, etc. All on Reza’s terms. So insanely selfish. I cringed through the whole thing. Adam deserves better :(

  38. Shirley

    Can someone please confirm that MJ is wearing a wig!! It’s like a lace wig!! Whn she was arguing with mike she had this big black spot of short hair!

    • lisalott

      I felt so sad watching Mike, try to bring Jessica, back. I think if he had just said he cheated she might have given him a chance . I think they both rushed to the alter for different reasons. Youth played a big part of it. Jessica, wanted this man at one time but severely turned off from him. You know she loved him deeply because she shows it on her Instagram diary. I know when you love someone you keep giving them second, third , even fourth, chances. But then you get to a crossroad and you find that you can find love somewhere else. it helps if someone new takes notice of you . Then you have a choice try and go through it all again with the same mistakes and that same ugly feeling you get when they start their bullshit or you move on to new territory . Without the shame. Youth , new appreciation from men shame, the fact that he would never admit to cheating all that stuff she did to please him. She was gone I mean really gone she wanted to hurt him though . She was gone when she found those texts and it was not just one text either. It was alot multiple girls she caught him red handed . HE THREW IT ALL AWAY. Everything she did wow what an idiot . But then Mike is not the sharpest tool in the shed

  39. lisalott

    It was sad and also funny because when Mike, , gets mad he bounces in his shoes and I think he was really depressed because he wore the same tshirt so many day s in a row. Reza is so nuts too.
    Mike, needs guidance man I dont think he will ever get married he is too ready, willing , and able to go with anyone anytime you see the type

  40. lisalott

    i just want to know can someone please tell me what the hell MJ i mean what is it I just cant ..

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