Were Tami And Barbra The Bullies of F-Pod? One Inmate Says Yes!

The bullies of F Pod?

The bullies of F Pod?

One of the female inmates, Jaime,  from 60 Days In has done a Youtube about her time with the film crew. I doubt it will stay up long but I will put it up after the break.

The first interesting thing she tells us is that F- Pod is really a male pod and they moved the women in there specifically for the show. Only the inmates that signed the release were moved there. I believe she said the women were in D-Pod before. Which is kind of crazy. Maybe the that is why there were not enough beds in the jail for the guys. Interesting. She said that they girls all loved moving to F-Pod for two months of filming because there were only 6 rooms with four beds each and each room had a shower. In D-Pod there were only 3 showers for the whole pod of 1900 girls.  That’s what she said,  which either means that we didn’t see the real D-Pod or that there are more parts of D-Pod we didn’t see.

She was not a fan of Tami. She says she was a drama queen and was up in everyone’s business. She says she knows Tami will say that was her job but she was up in every little thing. She was seeking attention. When a fight would happen she would get right in it.  She was very opinionated. She would come in someone’s  room and criticize them for drawing a heart on the wall. She told Jaime she was “so disrespectful” for drawing the heart. Jaime and Maryum did not like Tami at all. She was a busybody. Tami would not look at or speak to Maryum.

Jaime says that Barbra was very jealous of Maryum. She says that anything Maryum did, Barbra wanted to do it better. Jaime says that Maryum was very artistic and drew all the time. She made each girl in the pod a heart with her names in the middle. Barbra was very jealous of Maryum’s artwork. At Christmas time Maryum  made enough cards for everyone in the pod and let people pick the one they wanted from the dining table. Everyone loved them except Tami and Barbra who would not even take one. Jaime says they were jealous of Maryum.

Jaime was jealous of the camera time Maryum was getting, it seemed. When Barbra noticed the cameras spent a lot of time on Maryum’s tutoring sessions with her, Jaime signed up for GED classes and went to the classes and asked her bunky Amy to tutor her. Barbra has a college degree.

There is a really interesting story about how Barbra moved into Tami’s room and they kicked Lola out of the room and took her bed because it was the best one in the pod. You could lay on that bed and watch the TV in the social room. They were bullies. Maryum made sure that Lola had a place to sleep in her room.

Jaime links to this official 60 Days In video that seems to show  how Lola was thrown out of her room

Jaime is out after serving six months. She has a job and seems to have learned her lesson and is trying to do better. She says she reads the arrest reports in the paper and in one night she saw 15 girls who were in jail at the same time have already been rearrested.  They were not necessarily all in the fake F-Pod on the show.

60 days Miriam

Jaime can’t say enough nice things about Maryum.  She says she was very kind and genuine to everyone. Jaime has found out about Tami and Barbra and Robert’s past filming experience and seems to think that they were just playing a role in there and being fake.

I can’t wait to hear Jaime’s thoughts on the reunion!


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21 responses to “Were Tami And Barbra The Bullies of F-Pod? One Inmate Says Yes!

  1. I am not really surprised that Tami and Barbra weren’t very nice – but what gets to me is that this face pod setup means the slow girl, the one who said she was pregnant was exploited for a storyline. She did not need to be in the filming pod. It also seems weird to me that the guys were unleashed in this wired up pod and carried out illegal activities anyway.

  2. Allison

    I can totally see Barbara and Tami being bullies-they acclimated a leeeetle too well to prison-Tami to me is faker than fake, I dont know what kind of police officer she is, but if her attitude and drama seeking behaviors are any indication, not a very good one. And Barbara cant even hide her racism, she was gunning for Maryum from the get go-I mean, the “foot stomping the flag” thing was ridiculous and she was sooo grasping with that. I thought she was a judgey, stupid little twerp. That said, I can see how Maryum would be so well liked, being nice to everyone and genuine. The short bus comment was innocent-but thats the worst that the drama twins could grab at about her. I knew Tami and Robert had been on TV before, but I missed Barbara’s attempt at fame.

  3. Lisa j

    Mariam was the only female character that really seemed “real” to me. I’m not saying I wouldn’t be a crying ball of tears on the floor but both of the other women did seem to act it up for the cameras.
    Zac and Isahia were by far the best for the men. Thanks for the tea… I’m already having withdrawals for season 2!

  4. Wanderer

    The whole show was fake. Tami is a security guard..NOT a cop. All of them have been on other reality shows. They are actors..or wannabe actors and cannot get parts so they do these dumb shows foisted on us by the producers. Maryum is real and so is Zach and the black guy. The rest are flop-around hirelings that go from show to show. And Tami should be arrested for claiming she is in law enforcement as a police officer. NO SHE IS NOT. Not only is she a wannabe cop, she is a drama queen and yes, a bully. Barbara is a mouthy mousey woman and her husband was probably glad to be rid of her for 2 months.
    Fake fake fake fake fake. Just like that show with the Browns in Alaska. FAKE. And the Browns are nothing but con artists. TV sucks nowadays with all this fake crap.

    • tamaratattles

      The fact that the cast has been on TV before does not make 60 Days In fake. The premise of the show is putting people in the jail undercover. It really doesn’t matter if Barbara was an extra in a movie or two, or is Tami is a security or a cop, or if Robert has been trying all of his life to get on a reality show…. in fact throwing a media whore or two in jail for 60 days and watching them freak out and hide in solitary confinement was fascinating. Of course safety measures have to be in place for the fake inmates. This doesn’t mean “the whole show was fake”. The show was a fascinating example of how people react to incarceration. If you throw in some people that lied about who they were, or who told production about who they were and they didn’t care, then all the better.

      Clearly, you watch every episode from your couch making your judgments. So everybody wins.

      • Allison

        Totally agree with you, TT-I think the show was far from fake, especially in comparison to many of them out there. I feel like they went to great lengths to protect the integrity of the program (idiots like Robert definitely jeopardize it) and overall succeeded.

      • Agree with you TT that they really did the time, BUT—why trrot-out the story that Robert was in trouble for not disclosing previous work, while omitting that ALL of them have show-biz experience? (except Isiah so far)….AND–they also made a BIG DEAL about NOT using Maryum’s “real name”, while the others are using fake names as well. So there’s that.

        At 1st I thought that maybe they were trying to hide the cast’s real names for their own security–they are jail snitches after all. BUT–why didn’t they just say so instead-of being sneaky about it?

        OH-and GREAT FIND! With Jaime’s youtubes!

    • Allison

      Wait, what?? Tami isnt a police officer but she’s a SECURITY GUARD? If that’s true, it makes SO much sense. And I’d be sort of relieved she isnt out on the streets patrolling with power to arrest folks. But if she is misrepresenting herself as law enforcement-tsk tsk.

    • Actually, Zac was previously on TV too. He was on Homicide Hunter back in 2012. He’s a wannabe actor. His wife, Ashley, who is now doing season 2 of 60 Days In, is a former Playboy model and actress. Jeff appeared on a reality show before too. With the exception of Isaiah, who majored in theater arts in college, all the participants have prior acting gigs.

      • tamaratattles

        This doesn’t surprise me. It’s a reality show so they had to put out a casting call somewhere. But like all reality shows it does take the bloom off the rose a bit…

      • HS

        I think it might also be possible that they wanted people with a little acting background to better pull off the story of why they were in jail. Some average person with no acting experience might be a little more nervous or fearful or might not know how to portray the person they were trying to be. So they find a few people with minimal acting experience to sell the cover story but have not been over exposed as to be recognized.
        Either way I found the show to be entertaining enough that I have some idea on how to act and not act if I ever get sent to Jail. *crossed fingers*

      • Pat

        So these are actors? And Zacs so called wife is actually a former playboy model? What issue? What about the other people? They don’t provide last names so we can’t look them up.

  5. rainidaze

    Jaime is a bit confused about the size of the jail, the size of the pods, etc. The whole jail has less than 500 beds and even with inmates sleeping on the floor in the male pods, there’s no way the number could inflate to the jail housing 1900 inmates, especially not that many in just D-pod.

    It makes filming and editing sense to me to put the inmates who signed wavers in a separate pod. But, did they do it for the men, too, and if not, then why do it just for the females?

    I understand and have empathy for Tami about her past, but omg, the woman needs some serious therapy to be free of it. Her responses to others and many situations showed how she’s compensated for it in a not very acceptable way. It must be hell to be so conflicted and not be able to respond appropriately.
    After hearing about the other ‘acting’ Barbara has tried I can understand her husband’s frustration with her. Thru no fault of her own, Maryum had a few scenes that put her in the thick of controversy, but I think she’s a very caring and giving person and I’m glad to hear that she had a positive impact on many of the other inmates and I’m not surprised to hear about Barb and Tami being bullies.

    I’m glad to hear Jaime is doing well – I wish her and all of the other inmates a healthy and productive future far, far away from any jail, anywhere.

    I wonder what the regular inmates have to say about the show, how they were depicted, whether it was a legitimate depiction of their jail experience, what they’d have wanted included which wasn’t, etc. I was wondering what changes, if any, were made at the jail past the five COs fired and four that resigned. I hope more changes are coming.

    Sorry to be so wordy.

    I’m looking forward to the reunion as well as your recap of it!

    • Allison

      @rainidaze that wasnt wordy at all-actually a pleasure to read :) I thought 1900 females was a rather high number, usually that might be the census of an entire jail, not just the female population. I agree that Tami needs some serious therapy-I wonder what her superiors will think of her behavior and how her personal problems affect her ability to do her job. How funny that Barbara was trying to be an actor. No offense, Babs, but I can see why that was a failure. Dont these producers background check these applicants? The sheriff was oh-so-surprised that Robert had acting aspirations..but any google search would find it in a few seconds.

    • pk

      I think Jaime was saying they pulled first timers from a larger room that holds 1900 and put them in a smaller ‘pod’ to contain the dangers by using low risk inmates. She also says all in the pod signed release forms (waiver of commercial rights/royalties.)

  6. Kim

    I’m sure it’s easier to film all inmates that signed releases in one place. Otherwise they’d have to meticulously screen footage JUST to blur inmates that didn’t sign a release, (especially if there were incidences involving them, affecting participants). I find this all interesting, not shocking. I truly enjoyed the show (which I only started watching because of TT’s blog, so thank you!). I read somewhere there will be another couple of seasons, guessing it won’t be that same jail & wondering if this show will make things tougher for new undercover inmates. Inmates will probably be suspicious but as long as participants are not like Jeff or Robert, inmates will probably accept them eventually. Disappointed Robert pussed out but not surprised. Nobody bought his perfectly timed ailment. Although I’m betting he doesn’t find jail like a country club as he first arrogantly said before he was admitted to the jail. I found Zac exemplary! Perfect demeanor to blend in (most likely because of his military training). Hoping to watch future seasons, such a nice change from staged petty HW drama..and there’s still the reunion coming up!

  7. Behoro

    It’s interesting how Tammy tells the girls in her cell not to bring other people into it, but then, she’s talking about it to someone upstairs.
    I believe that Tammy and Barbara were the bullies of the pod too. I kind of feel bad for Tammy and all she’s been through, but once you’re an adult, you make your own decisions about how to deal with other people, react to them and how you treat them. You can’t keep blaming everything on your childhood. However, you do need some introspection to be able to change this. And Tammy doesn’t seem to have any. Neither does Barbara. I actually think Barbara is the worst (of the women). I thought Maryum was awesome and probably really did help other inmates. It’s sad that Tammy and Barbara couldn’t see her for the person she is instead of ragging on her so much. Tammy came in thinking she had to be this big bad inmate to get respect and neither of them liked seeing someone who could just be a good and nice person and still be respected.
    Robert was a joke and if he isn’t completely embarrassed about how he came off on this show, it’s pretty pathetic. I think he truly believes everything he says. He probably watched himself on this show and thinks to himself how smart he was, that he fooled everyone, and that he really did have all the inmates liking him. Needs serious therapy!
    Zac and Isaiah, I really liked. I’m a little worried about Isaiah and how he was sort of a follower when it came to certain things, but I hope he really did learn something in there and decides to do great things with his life.
    I can’t remember the other guy’s name who got punched by Randy (?) and left the pod. I feel really sorry for him. He doesn’t know how to protect himself or stick up for himself. He’s a permanent victim whether he knows it or not.
    Sorry, so long. I thought this show was awesome and was so excited when I saw that you were posting about it! Can’t wait for the reunion!

  8. Calipatti

    The “short bus” comment flowed easily out of Maryums mouth, it was inappropriate. J would not had called her out though.
    Is there one adult at this site who would say that to group of women about another? I left those thoughts back in elementary school.
    It would not be in my vocabulary.

    I’m curious if the pods were not patrolled, controlled, or physically observed (besides cameras) because of filming?
    Seemed to me the pods were extremely free for a jail.

  9. misti wilde

    Maryum’s comment and reason for saying it made perfect sense to me.

  10. Sydney

    This show was definitely fascinating. I’ve enjoyed reading what you all have posted. Although I figured there was a reason these participants were chosen for the show, it still slightly surprised me that all but one of them has appeared in tv/film/webisodes. It is a little off-putting, but as tt said, it doesn’t make the show fake. My favorite of the men definitely was Zac. It seemed like he was genuinely concerned with getting the facts and uncovering the truth; understandably so, seeing as he has fought for our country and prisoners who have committed crimes receive better meals than he did. He played his role perfectly, which I agree, is probably mostly due to his military training. To be honest, I didn’t really care much for any of the women. I saw potential in Tami at the very beginning, but my opinion of her rapidly swaggered off pretty quickly. She was a walking contradiction. And as for her so-called “law enforcement” background, I’m very intrigued by the fact that so many of you have said that she was never a real cop. I plan to do more research on that, but if that is true, that’s pretty lame. Speaking of lame, Jeff was way too much of a pansy to survive and Robert was too much of a clueless, common sense-lacking weirdo. He was purely delusional, I think, and there’s no doubt in my mind that his “illness” was a ridiculous ploy to get out of a very real situation that he originally referred to as a “cake walk”. At first, I didn’t think Isaiah had any chance at survival, but he surprised me. It was pretty frightening at the point that he gave in to the inmates’ peer pressure. I wonder if Noel or Maples have comments about that now that it has aired? There was nothing all that bad about Maryum. She just got on my nerves. I understand where she was coming from with the “short-bus” comment. Her intent was to divert the situation without looking like a snitch, which makes perfect sense, but she could have been more tactful. Barbra was definitely just being the petty drama queen that she is. I didn’t like her at all. I will admit though, she did provide the sherriffs with a trove of valuable information. That’s about the only thing she had going for her. I’m very curious though, what Zac’s wife’s true motivation for also participating in 60 Days In is? She has already been a real inmate in her actual life, so for what reason does she want to go into jail again as a snitch? I’ll definitely be tuning in to the second season to see what it has in store. Side note: If you have seen the preview for the second season, you can clearly see that the bulk of the cast already looks like legit inmates. Just sayin.

  11. Crystal

    I don’t believe the show is fake some things may have been inaccurate . I looked up tammi she was in law enforcement and also did security . I’m sure a lot of you saying the show is fake are on edge with the new season now airing . I love it . I don’t understand why people go running all over social media sites and other making claims then they say they don’t watch it but they know what happen on all the eporsodes ! 60 days in and 90 day finance are my fav at the moment and oh Big brother !

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