Sonja Morgan Waits At The Window Wearing The Face That She Keeps In a Jar by The Door




There are a lot of purple pen worthy blogs from the RHONY this week. I am trying to enjoy this beautiful weekend so I am not sure how many I will get to.  This day is flying by. But if I can only do one, it has to be Sonja’s!  It’s so delusional. Remember we discussed getting rid of either Sonja or Ramona because they were virtually interchangeable blondes who drink way to much and don’t have much more than that to offer that is based in reality?  It seems this is the season where the two figured out they need to separate and have their own identities. Ramona has decided to do this by fighting with Luann and Dorinda. She was on Twitter after the show aired in a huge Twitter fight with Dorinda who called her third strike on Ramona, only to stick up for Ramona when she got into it with Luann. It’s amazing how these fights always happened during the time the shows are airing, isn’t it? #Scripted

Sonja’s intern in charge of writing her blog needs to learn the art of brevity. It’s over 1500 words and that is with no introduction, it just sort of starts with a rant right away.

I did not have press at my birthday party. It wasn’t a business event. It wasn’t a charity or a typical Sonja In the City event with wall-to-wall professional cameras. I sent out no press invites. It was not a launch. It was just personal friends coming together to celebrate with Marco Maranghello and me. Thanks Ramona for not letting Bethenny know that.

Did I miss what this Marco the hairdresser guy has to do with the price of eggs at Grey Gardens?

Bethenny’s name is always enticing in the press, and I got dragged into a story because of the two brands having the word “girl” and being alcohol and some gossipy people stirring the pot. That’s why all the girls are buzzing about Tipsy vs Skinny, because there is always buzz around Bethenny. 

I already don’t know how to respond to these words. Is she blaming Bethenny for Page Six picking up the story?

The limo ride from hell.

The limo ride from hell.

Skinnygirl is a dietetic option to those who want to indulge, and Tipsy is a full-on alcoholic beverage. No pun intended. There are several products before and after Bethenny’s Skinnygirl Margarita (which she sold to Jim Beam) with the word Skinny, which has a thin or healthy connotation. I never thought she’d be mad about me partnering up with these guys that I worked with a lifetime ago in the restaurant biz. They trademarked the name Tipsy Girl because it had significance to them before they ever heard of Ramona or Bethenny. And it never had anything thing to do with health or dieting. Just imbibing and celebrating.

It’s an alcoholic beverage with a two word name. Bethenny has a two word brand (technically it’s one)  that sells alcoholic beverages. There are over a million words in the English language, why do you think shady Peter chose for 50% of the words to be the same as Bethenny’s ? Why do you think he continues to solicit housewives willing to take payoffs for getting his product on the RHONY? Do you think he might be trying to ride the coattails of the show at least, if not Bethenny in particular?

I just wish Bethenny had been at my birthday and hadn’t seen the press before me, because we could have dealt with this on the spot without the world blowing it out of proportion as if it were a big launch or something. There wouldn’t have been the press.

At this point you have to wonder why Bethenny and Carole were not at your birthday party. Could it be because you were all up in the NYC production offices screaming about how much money they make and how it isn’t fair and how much you need a paycheck and being jealous and angry with them because they have money and you are bankrupt? Because those were the rumors that were going around NYC back in the fall before you started filming.  Is it a coincidence that you were the sole housewife not invited to her birthday and she didn’t come to yours?  Why are you pretending like the two of you had not spoken since the last reunion?

Does anyone on God’s green earth believe that you don’t have The Post delivered to you every morning as soon as you open your eyes?   You seriously want people to believe that “Bethenny saw the press first?”

I  truly believe there wouldn’t have been a negative reaction on Bethenny’s part had she been there.

Then you are truly delusional. I don’t think you would have had the balls to do it if  she had been there.

NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Upfront - 2015

Now I have Ramona saying she doesn’t know what kind of party I had? It was my birthday! Strangest people were there? Rude, Ramona. She knew that it was an intimate group  of friends. She’s knocking my legitimate businesses to Bethenny? After acting happy for me at my fashion show and seeing my beautiful designs and jewelry and the work that I put into it?

What “legitimate business?”  Do you have illegitimate businesses? Oh, I guess the whole movie deal. That illegitimate business costs you millions of dollars. The reason people “act happy” for you after your little fashion show is because you are delusional and think you have a clothing business and you think Madonna was actually at your fashion show! People are smiling and nodding at the crazy!

What are Ramona’s businesses? She has had her jewelry, facial creams that never do, the little book that never did, the restaurant that never was hers, and the red wine and rosé that never stayed or happened, while she seems to have a ongoing hobby slandering people. How long can that last? What is she building? An international bullying brand? 

Right, right, right.  Unlike you and your toaster oven, your perfume line, event company, a jewelry line, Nigerian football team, movie production, fashion line …wasn’t there a book in there?    Pot. Kettle.  Ramona actually does have a line of Pinot Grigio and she did it without any help from Bethenny.

Rhony Sonja vitamins

I hate being in the paper being made a spectacle of and never return calls from the press regarding Bethenny, because I wouldn’t want her to think I am exploiting her to gain attention to myself!


When I went to Bethenny’s brand summit, I took no one’s card. I would never want her to think I want to rip her off. I want my friends to know I am with them for them. I went to be with HER, enjoy the moment together and was flattered she trusted me.

You didn’t need a card, you had Bethenny and were allowed to see exactly how things work in her company. You took copious notes and then proved that she was wrong to trust you.

I have certainly felt offended over the decades by people coming around me to get the cards of the people I know the first minute they meet them. It makes me very suspicious of people’s reasons to be with me. It doesn’t feel good, and it is damaging to my hard earned relationships sometimes.

Oh no doubt. You seem like he easily offended type, insecure yet morally indignant. You know what else is detrimental to relationships?  Trying to infringed on someone’s brand.

Bethenny’s summit wasn’t specifically about the alcohol business since she had sold it. It was about her liscensing deals and integrating them. It was fascinating. How this all got misconstrued is crazy and definitely started with the press. And then the girls in her ear. Thanks Carole. My not-so-successful businesses? What is a successful business to Carole I wonder? I consider successful doing what I enjoy, working with the people I enjoy working with and being proud of what I build. I have decades of experience in the restaurant, catering, service and luxury consulting field. Everything is coming together with my fashion education at The Fashion Institute of Technology and in the fashion retail and whole industry. It feels good.

Rather than address the fact that once again you are listing how you are a Jill of all trades and mistress of none, let’s talk about the Page Six story. Did you watch the show this week and notice that the source’s comments to the site was pretty much word for word what Luann said on camera? Coincidence ?  I think not.

I would be a crazy person to go up against Bethenny.

You would be a crazy person anyway.

And everyone can see how the girls suck up to Bethenny. I don’t suck up to her, and I’ve always had a nice relationship based on feelings. Our relationship is not based on using each other to get ahead socially or in business. I don’t text her back and forth on those subjects. 

Is it using each other to get ahead when you complain to Bravo that you want to make what she is making?

Ramona discussing Tipsy Girl and its connotation towards me with Dorinda is a joke. Both girls should look at how much they tip their own cups. They both drink like fish. My businesses are mine, and I pay my bills just fine. I’ll leave it at that. I have grown so much and through so much. So to say I’m not growing sounds ridiculous. I’ve had a hell of a learning curve. It’s high school for them to judge me. They are the ones who are stuck back at Sarabeth’s in the hood where their kids went to school still talking about John (four years later), my partying, my fragility (but not with me), and my new businesses (but not with me).

RHONY Sonja and Luann

Y’all should look for a three for one rehab deal. It could be fun, really long, girls trip. And which of the three Sarabeth’s is the hood?  Are you insulting Tribeca? Park Avenue? Chelsea?

They do this while I have sold two homes,

Being forced to sell off property in a bankruptcy filing isn’t really something for the asset column, dear.

kept my home in NY through my re organization and lawsuit,

do you understand what people mean when they call your home “Grey Gardens”?

a second jewelry collection,

did we miss the first one?

quit drinking

When did this happen? While you were sleeping?

and put my straight A daughter into boarding school,

I betting boarding school was her idea….

maintained lifelong friendships,

name three

forged new relationships, and have been cleaning out my closet.

You can’t even say that you cleaned our your closet because you are still working on that too?

RHONY Sonja Stupd RealityTVgifs

Who is stuck? I would say I have gathered no moss. I look forward to and at my own goals. I have a beautiful daughter who has humility and respect, a new fashion, jewelry, and swimwear collection, and working my other irons in the fire (for years). I am not stuck creatively or financially. I am growing. Thriving. Am I lonely with my daughter away? Yes. Another subject. Growing pain. Not stuck. Bethenny with the six fake businesses comment? Has to be coming from Ramona.

You need to get someone to explain the difference between real and make-believe to you. You are the only one who thinks you have real businesses. The ONLY ONE.

AOA with Ramona should not be the litmus test that Bethenny uses to judge Peter. Ramona was the one who told the world she was an owner of AOA and she wasn’t. Peter and his partner own several restaurants. AOA was a public relations deal.

What Bethenny said was that PETER wasn’t an owner either. He was the manager. Which means neither of them owned it. As you said, it was a public relations deal. Ramona was paid just like you were to get Peter on the show. He’s a media whore groupie. You should be able to peg the type as many as you have in your rolodex.  

My fashions and jewelry do not have to be in stores to exist and be successful businesses and are building towards an overall business plan.

Who writes this stuff?  Your fashions and jewelry need to exist in the physical universe. I’m not sure you know what a successful business is. If you had one, you would not need to keep telling us that you have seventeen of them.  And by the way, your business plan comes well before the business, because see it is a plan for…oh nevermind.

I have had several fashion shows, fashion presentations, and they are sold online. Building a fashion lifestyle business today takes many roads. How does that make what I do fake? People around the world are buying and wearing my ready-to-wear, gowns, swimwear, and jewelry. How can I be faulted for doing what I love and being proud of it?

You are really on something. This has to be more than just drinking.

Bethenny knows how hard it is and how long it takes to build a lifestyle business from the ground up. I can see this is not about business. This is about Bethenny taking this personally. She is very upset. And it’s personal. That’s the last thing I want. Last thing I would expect from Bethenny. I thought she would laugh as usual and Ramona would make her digs. As usual. But this is rough! I’m feeling misunderstood, but obviously Bethenny is very hurt. So now I’m hurt that she’s hurt since she is my pillar of strength.

She has nothing to do with you between seasons!

I look up to Bethenny as inspiration and would never wish that. It’s like a balloon just popped over my head that I was following.

Real Housewives of New York Sonja

Something is wrong here.

Could it be a brain aneurism because that would explain a lot.

At Sushi Roxx Ramona is so nice to me, like she wasn’t in the ear of Bethenny? So two faced! Like she hasn’t been saying I need to get my life together? She’s the one that said she’s embarrassed of me? Because she is out dating after splitting from her husband now and worried about her reputation?

Ramona was falling down drunk and the two of you were ganging up on Luann! Is that what “so nice to me” looks like to you?

Then, like usual, I’m the uncomfortable side kick when she wants to get the scoop from Lu’s paramour. I had no idea he was the guy from Ibiza. Nor did I know he was the guy Lu was avoiding. But, Ramona certainly did and wanted to squeeze him for some scoop. Obviously to embarrass LuAnn somehow. I’m always associated with Ramona’s bad behavior as her friend. Yet she says I haven’t grown when lunching with Dorinda behind my back? Why wasn’t I at that lunch if there was real concern by these ladies? Ha! Ramona hasn’t grown one iota, Dorinda. She’s still immature and embarrassing all her friends and wasn’t invited to the party. I am invited to the same parties for decades. Dating? I think any man would find it hard to trust her loyalty and her actions that resemble erratic up and down emotional behavior.

Agreed, you and Ramona are two peas in a pod.

Yes, Dorinda, I agree. John should not engage Ramona. It’s embarrassing. Lord knows I have tried to rise above it for decades, and it becomes difficult to turn the other cheek at times when the apologizer thinks her apologies erase her words and hurt. 

I am not going to apologize for being me and going through my life experiences. I do make mistakes. However, I don’t want to hurt Bethenny’s feelings, and I do feel that is happening here. She has worked very hard and she is going through a difficult divorce with a young daughter to support. I am feeling her pain. That’s not ok with me. For that I am very sorry.

You are sorry you are feeling her pain, but not about teaming up with the franchise shyster to ride her coattails? Classy.

Lord that was a lot of purple ink.

“You have to quit confusing a madness with a mission.”
― Flannery O’Connor, The Violent Bear it Away


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32 responses to “Sonja Morgan Waits At The Window Wearing The Face That She Keeps In a Jar by The Door

  1. Cat

    Sonja, if you really want to go with branding, just call it “Lush Lady”, and be done with it. Problem solved.

  2. I know Bravo loves an illness storyline – I seriously think Sonja needs mental health counseling – she is really delusional on so many issues – If it were just one or two I would think it was an issue of her trying to steer the PR but honestly I think this woman has a personality disorder or that her drinking has finally caused some damage to her brain.

    She is no longer considered wealthy in NYC – if she would relocate she could live a much more comfortable life.

  3. T D

    Riding a trolley throught the land of make believe. Mr. Rogers lives next door.

  4. T D

    Sonja wandering in a grey goose garden crazy as a loon. Yachting with Elmer J. Fudd and Elvis.

  5. Joan

    A Beatles song used in a headline!!!!! Love it.

  6. Julia

    So, with all her online business transactions, I figured a simple google search could show me these successful selling clothes/jewelry lines… her website is “down for maintenance and should be back soon.” How long you think that’s been there? (hope that’s allowed, i didn’t read it on another site)

    • Meredo

      Didn’t she say it was down when she went to Bethenny’s office? And that was how many months ago? Sonja really is delusional, it’s hard to get through to someone when they’re as out there as she is. I still think Bethenny’ went a little overboard on her though. Sonja’s “Tipsy Girl” is no threat to Bethenny’s business and Ramona’s sudden trashing of Sonja is just ridiculous. Everything Ramona has to say about Sonja could be said about her, definitely a pot/ kettle situation.
      Overall I think Sonja is harmless to everyone but herself. Sometimes she’s entertaining but mostly it’s just sad.

  7. ninjapanda1

    Did anyone else notice that shithole 5th Floor Luxury Apartment Sonja claimed rich and important people stayed in? The couch was threadbare the fucking tv was from the 90s and the wallpaper? It would be embarrassing to stay there and I’d bet my left tit Luanne was not impressed and was forced by Bravo to bring her one night stands to Bates Motel

    • Meredo

      Yes. That’s a scene that I found to be sad and was embarrassed for Sonja. She went on about all the so called amenities that probably don’t even work i.e., jets in the tub, steam shower. Yet we’re seeing a room that looks out dated and worn out. I wondered if anything in the bathroom even worked as she’s always having plumbing problems. That was a “Grey Gardens” scene for sure.

  8. Matzah60

    So Tamara, I just have to tell you this post was amaze balls! I think G. Rancic used to use that term. I could not believe the length of Sonja’s blog. It was the length of a college admission essay, but a bad one. It started with a rant defending what she did and a skewed apology to Bethany about her divorce, but not apologetic for taking advantage of Bethany’s goodwill to her.

    I don’t think Sonja is mentally ill. It was telling to me that she said to Bethany, I just want to get back to where I was. That is about her delusion that she is still this wildly, popular socialite in NYC on the arm of her famous husband. She can’t get past her marriage, let alone her divorce. Sonja is stuck in a time warp and still has not figured out how to live in the real world with her own identity. Her identity is still firmly planted in her marriage and her grey garden’s home. She clings to that home because that is the only place that represents her once decadent, rich, wealthy lifestyle.

    Bethany was harsh with her because she was trying to make Sonja accountable for what she did, not to her business, but to their friendship.

    With all that said, I’d rather see Ramona go from the show. Sonja exploits her friendships on the show and it seems that she has no real friends in her real life save her psychic and all the other crazy people that she associates with that show up at her gatherings. On the other hand, Ramona is one of the most selfish woman I have ever met. She orders appetizers in a restaurant without any concern for what anyone else would like or not like to eat. She talks behind everyone’s back and also says mean and stupid things to those same people in front of them .

    Anyway, thanks for an outstanding dissection of Sonja’s blog. Amazeballs!!

  9. Psylocke

    I wonder what made Sonja snap? It’s easy to forget given the endless depths of her insanity the last few years – but she wasn’t always like this. For her first two seasons she was sane – I guess relatively sane for reality tv standards – funny, and even charming.

    I was never really conscious of this until I watched some old episodes a few weeks ago, but she even looks so different. It’s quite scary how much someone can change for the worse.

    • iloveearlgrey

      I was thinking the same thing.

      • Sabrina

        As was I. The picture and quote above were after Scary Island =”Something is wrong” here is now Sonja.
        ‘Back to where she was’ caught me as well and said it all-she was married to one of the most wealthy families and had unparalleled access worldwide- and committed to pay to make a movie she had no business making, which led to the bankruptcy- which should have taught her to live more modestly and understand the environment she is in, financially.

        I’m sad for Sonja, but she is doing this to herself- Bethenny had to take a very strong stance because Peter and his buddies were using Sonja for access to the Housewives show, to market a copycat name. B had to be very strong to stop the first – or fifty more would try. and Sonja would let them, desperate as she is now . And I don;t see Sonya changing her patterns- still spending way to much on Fifth Avenue docs and facials- ridiculous!

        I was intrigued and sad about the Sonja we met S 3- now I am sad and sorry for her loss of self. I don’t understand, – how could she walk away from last year’s reunion and not get that she has serious problems to be fixed? I know, TT, they are delusional and talk themselves out of taking it seriously but this has gone to a whole new level. I worry for her that the daughter of Mr Adams Morgan will hear from the rest of her family, and decide, what the world has, about her Mom. Sonja was bright- if she dries out from the booze maybe some gray matter could be re utilized.

  10. Minky

    That was bad. Like, really, really bad. Sonja’s brain has gone bye-bye. Her delusions are as big and as bad as Kim Richards’. She needs to take a break from all of her “socializing” and go dry out somewhere. She needs help.

  11. Allison

    Amazing purple pen, once again. Her pathology is oddly compelling, like, I cant turn away. If she says something enough, that makes it so in her world, and her defense mechanisms are fascinating. She has GOT to stay in this self-created world of lucrative businesses and fashion lines, modeling and glamorous friends-and thinking Bethenny was merely offended, and wouldnt have been had she JUST been at that party. Shit would have blown up there, lets be real-but Sonjas reality is vastly different from everyone elses, and the more someone tries to show her what is actual, she retreats further in to her alternate. Fascinating. Annoying and pathetic, but still…

  12. Ramona looks gorgeous in the photo above.

  13. missypoo

    Heather really needs an I’m sorry or at least a nod from bethenny. I haven’t found a single comment here or elsewhere giving ma girl heather props for maintaining her sanity while trying to help sonja, in MANY ways…emotional and business wise (toaster oven shoot and marketing?!?!) HOLLA!!!!

  14. Micheal

    I am really enjoying the legal side of this matter. I love trade mark law.

    It appears Peter has three trade marks filed for TIPSY GIRL for beers, spirits, restaurants etc.

    There also appears to be a couple of TIPSYGIRL defensive marks files by an LLC likely to be associated with Bethanny.

    I’m sure Peter is just looking for a cheque to go away and handover his marks to Bethanny.

    • tamaratattles

      Yep, but no trademarks have been approved for either one yet. There was also another potential issue for Peter with someone filing for Tipsy something else right around that time. I think it was in a different category though.

    • Lime Brain

      Say, if, Peter does have the trademark, how much money do you think he could get for it?

      • Micheal

        To be honesthe it is a complicated matter. I’ve seen pimple offer to sell their TMS and domain names for around 50k when they are an emerging business (they take into account inconvenience and the cost to rebrand a product or service).

        But I don’t see enough here to establish trade mark infringement. It is close but not enough for most TMS infringement matters.

        In Australia I would advise my client to rely on the common law tort of passing off and misleading or deceptive conduct. I think there is enough there for that. At least to allege it. Peter is clearly trying to trade on Bethanny reputation.

      • Micheal

        Sorry, spelling is messed up. In Paris drinking at the moment.

  15. How can I agree with every slash of the purple pen but yet still like Sonja and think Bethenney is a hypocritical, camera-hogging beotch?

  16. Blondesense

    Sonja’s site works for me. Perhaps you guys are leaving out the ‘T’ ? I feel so stupid because I was defending Sonja to people and citing her very nice website and then she brags to Bethenny about one sale.

  17. Michelle

    So for shiggles I went to Sonja’s personal website. I saw consultant to Donald Trump and smh really? Then to the fashion website and the dress she is selling for 1200 is at Macy’s with a different designer for 200. I think she needs normal non yes men around her to twll her the truth everyday to break her of the delusion. I was not going to watch the episode but after reading everything about it, I had to. Hate Bethenny or love her, she was fully justified on layong the smack down on Sonja.

  18. peachteachr

    I think Sonja is just passing time until Mr. Morgan dies and her daughter gets her trust fund. She has done nothing…no thing, since this show started. She ‘kicked a gift horse in the mouth’ with Bethenny and as someone mentioned above, Heather, too. How many people do you think have 2 highly successful business women offer to mentor them and ignores every word given to her?

  19. JoJoFLL

    I have to address Sonja in the city. As a former event planner, she has no idea what event planning is and no one has ever hired her.

    Her idea of event planning is to plan a party she wants. When she said she wanted to use Tipsy Girl for her Sonja in the city events, she was incorrect, she can’t sell liquor to clients. The catering companies are licensed to do this.

    Event planning is facilitating events for others where they want, how they want.

    No one in their right mind would give anyone a blank check and allow the event planner to plan whatever party they want.

    You also have to be insanely detail oriented almost to the point of micro managing. Sonja is very scattered.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

  20. Puddy

    I greatly admire Bethenny bc she made her fortune with serious hard work and not on her back. When HWNYC started – all these other women, who basically got their millions by marrying the guys they were doing, looked down on Bethenny. That said, and maybe I should not, I sort of feel sorry for Sonia, and watching Bethenny go at Sonia is like watching a guy with a Glock face off against an opponent with a pink pop gun. Tipsy Girl is kind of cute and is no threat. Yes, it is a bit copy cat, but so is so much else everywhere. In the new NYC, where hidden international buyers have bid the real estate and the cost of everything beyond the stratosphere – making it almost impossible for anyone who used to be able to afford NYC to live there – For Sonia to continue to stay in NYC – without a husband, with no career, and in financial trouble – could be brutal. Having true friends would help, if one had some. I hope Sonia gets on her feet, and love how Bethenny has soared – and yes, understand why she was irked.

    • Lime Brain

      Bethany should be privately thanking Sonja for this Tipsy Girl mess. Look at all the free publicity she is getting for her own brand and lots of people are feeling sorry for Bethenny instead of the usual hating on her.

    • Allison

      Bethenny has come a looong way from the days of being corrected by the Countess in the back of the town car (“Introduce me as Mrs De Lessups to the help”), hasnt she?

  21. Cathy

    I thought something was “off” with Sonja back in an earlier season during the NYC Gay Pride parade. She was the grand Marshall or something. And she basically cock blocked Simon Vankempen (sp?)from speaking at the event. Then she went off on poor Alex at the after party. And I was not an Alex/Simon fan at all but I thought it was so bizarre!

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