Blind Item: Time to Pucker Up!

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On this real housewife’s first season, she was very lucky that the OG of the show took her under her wing and gave her a chance. That rarely happens. In her second season, she completely abandoned her mentor when she was taking fire from multiple sides.  Instead of providing her former friend a healthy, healing oasis, she eventually jumped ship with the rest of the rats leaving her friend adrift.

The problem is that she doesn’t understand how these shows work. The OG will always be the OG and the rest of the rats eventually fell back in line the next season.  She did not. She decided drag her submissive spouse into her cat fight.  It gets ugly. So ugly this may be her last season. Could be one of the worst edits in history.

Which is  shame since she just moved into a new place that was more filming friendly.


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42 responses to “Blind Item: Time to Pucker Up!

  1. Matzah60

    I’m guessing Heather Dubrow from the OC. I kind of recall that Vicki took an instant liking to her. Last season, Heather invited the other Housewives to her podcast to trash Vicki, but it seems that Tamra is back on board with Vicki. Maybe the other ladies are as well. Also, I sort of remember that the residents in her community did not like the film crews at the home where she lived last year. She is building what looks more like a hotel than a residential home now.

  2. Rescue Mom

    Shannon Beador. Vicki loved Sannon her first season, Vicki almost always hates the new girl. Shannon jumped on the Vicki & Brooks bashing bandwagon last season & David is definitely the submissive husband. No one can call Terri Dubrow submissive

  3. Shannon and OG- Vickie ???

  4. Jeremy

    100% Shannon

  5. Beckster

    Shannon and Vickie

  6. Meredo

    First thing that comes to mind is Shannon and Vicki. It looks like everyone has forgiven Vicki,(well we know Tamra has since they got into that accident) but maybe Shannon hasn’t.

    • Allison

      Lisa Rinna is a good guess, except I dont think that the rest of the RHOBH have “fallen in line”- there’s still quite a bit of animosity towards LVP. Rinna hasnt moved, and Vicki is constantly calling herself an OG. Shannon moved to a new house.

  7. Judy

    It’s clearly Lisa Rinna… Pucker Up!

  8. Minky

    I almost forgot about OC. Shannon should just give herself a lemon juice enema and remain seated.

  9. I am throwing in my hat for Shannon too.

  10. Shannon – 1) her house was recently for sale. 2) the hint “healthy healing oasis” reeks of Shannon. 3) the hint “submissive husband” could be no other than Shannon (in my opinion) . 4) hint “OG” is Vicki G all the way. (has she trademarked that yet?)

  11. Lime Brain

    How I wish this could be Yolanda. But sadly it is not.

  12. Allison

    I just cant wait to see how ugly it gets and how she drags David into it. David, the most henpecked man in the OC. Ugh-when she dragged him on her ShameDavid Tour, and he had to take it.

  13. cc101

    definitely Shannon ‘that rarely happens’ probably in reference to the fact that Vicki typically hates all of the newcomers.

    I thought that Shannon was insufferable last season. can’t see how it could possibly be any worse this season!

  14. Erica

    Yup…. Shannon. VG wasn’t that nice to Heather if I recall, and as far as the initial rumors about Brooks go, Heather didn’t completely jump on the bandwagon until V and B brought Terry’s name (and professional standing) into the mix. Heather was even the more sensitive and gracious about bringing up the rumors to Vicki (in timing and location) than some of the others.

  15. Lime Brain

    I can’t believe that Shannons husband hasn’t left her yet.

    If Tamara is besties with Vicki again, this catfight is going to be horrible to watch. The thought makes me appreciate that even though Carole can’t stand Luanne, they agreed to be civil to each other when they are together.

  16. Swizzle

    Well it has to be Shannon. I’m more irritated that it sounds like everyone else forgave Vicki. She’s awful and lied about the Brooks thing. If that is just brushed under the carpet by everyone else, I’m pissed. But Tamara was bashing Vicki on Instagram the other day. Called her a liar. So who knows what’s going on.

    I’m biased on this whole thing because I’ve never liked Vicki, and last year was the final straw for me with her. Can’t believe it, but I’m going to paraphrase Bethenny here: she can’t play dumb and smart, which is it. She’s a brilliant business woman but had idea Brooks was lying? I don’t believe it. She’s promoting that juice as a cancer treatment (and, yes, saying it starves the cancer makes it sound like s treatment) and she’s not getting paid by them? I don’t be believe that.

    • microop

      Word. Vickie never is held accountable and what she did was terrible. She was certainly not a 100% victim.

  17. Definitely Shannon and David. Pucker Up. Put LEMONS in a bowl

  18. Shellbelle

    I seem to remember something about Shannon not being allowed to film at her house or that the neighbors were pissed. (I tried to go through the archives, but couldn’t find it). I’m gonna go with Shannon.

    • Shannon and Heather live near each other and the neighborhood association does not want them filming there any more because of congestion caused by the bravo vans and vehicles. Shannon recently sold her house so I would assume they moved to a different neighborhood and that they can film in the new one.

  19. JoJoFLL

    “Could be one of the worst edits in history.”

    TEA!!! Shannon behaves like such a jackass towards David!

    As long as Meghan is gone, I’ll watch RHOOC.

    Can’t wait!

  20. More Tea Please!

    Nice clue TT!

    Pucker = Lemons = Shannon!

  21. Miranda Aldridge

    This is 100% Shannon. I read somewhere a few months back that Shannon and Heather’s HOA banned filming. This was suspected as the reason the Beador home was listed for sale at a significant reduction in price to the last time it was listed.

  22. Cat

    I have no clue. Most of the husbands seem submissive to me.

  23. Marianne

    I think it is Dorinda and Ramona

  24. Lime Brain

    Bravo is showing some of last RHoOC. They. Just got back from Bali and Tamra is doing her magic and turning the tables from everyone hating her to hating Shannon. Terri is about to call David a penis and Lizzie in her talking head says that Tamra has the top three traits of a sociopath and lists them.

    I’m going to miss Lizzie.

    • Minky

      Lime Brain, your avatar is the living end! Just wanted to let you know.  ☺️

    • jen

      I love Lizzie

    • tamaratattles

      I woke up this morning with Bravo on my TV showing old RHOOC. It was the time that HEATHER DUBROW and TAMRA JUDGE wanted to have Shannon 5150ed at Lizzie’s party after literally driving Shannon batshit crazy. Heather actually tried to get Terry to have an AMBULANCE come and tak Shannon to a mental institute by insisting that she had a psychotic break.

      Heather is evil to the core. Just like Tamra.

      • Matzah60

        Ha! You must sleep with the TV on as I do. I too woke up to Bravo and saw Vicki on my screen. I saw that same scene. Heather always has that smile on her face and seems to want to facilitate a friendship with everyone, but the truth is, she is a nasty bitch. Her pretense of concern was shade at its worst.

      • Cat

        Me, too! My TV is on pretty much 24/7. I usually can’t sleep with it off.

        I need one for my bedroom, so I can stop sleeping on the couch.

      • Lime Brain

        Thank you, TT!

        I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking that Heather is a nasty piece of work.

      • Minky

        Me too! I DO NOT like Heather. When Vicki and Tamra are more likable than anyone it should be a serious red flag.

  25. jen

    Shannon Beador and boom karma! Kick her ass off thw show. Out of all of the housewives I cannot stand her the most! I wish bug eyes would leave her! Her daughters are so lovely but she is awful!

  26. My guess is Shannon. Vicki was beyond hateful to anyone that dared to question her relationship with Brooks. She turned on her daughter even after being presented with a recording of his twisted behavior. Guess I am alone in still liking Heather. Yes, she is wound a little tight and I relate to that plus the fact that she is an actress and takes this for what it is… acting role.

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