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People have been emailing me wanting to talk about their gardens and get some feedback.  So here is an open forum. You can talk about ALMOST anything you want EXCEPT TV SHOWS! People want to be able to come in here and chat about random things without being spoiled on shows that may be sitting in their DVR waiting for time to watch them.

Things are stormy in the ATL today bother literally and figuratively. I imagine there is some horoscope fan who can explain that Mercury is in retrograde, or the planets are all about to collide or something. Hopefully I will get a chance to do a post soon.

I did hear that  Carole’s boyfriend Adam was in a small plane crash with his father. It seems they both walked away with only minor injuries.  The hilarious reporting by TMZ includes a photo from Adam’s flight from NYC to Iowa to visit his family. It’s way up above the clouds and clearly from a commercial jet.  Yet they said, “Apparently this is a photo of Adam from the plane before the crash. Seriously?  Adam and his father where in one of those old fashioned prop planes that guys fly around town on the weekends.


As for my garden, I have been up late, late into the night recently and I went out on my front porch to clip some parsley and there was a parsley slug munching away!  You might want to check your herbs at night and catch the little bastards. My basil is grown like gangbusters and I am trying to keep it trimmed so I’ll have smaller, younger leaves.  My cilantro died before I ever got to use it.  Something is eating my peppers but they are still flowering and may still make fruit. This monsoon we are having is probably going to cause all my tomatoes to spilt from growing too fast.

Also, my nicely pruned bushes are growing like crazy. I usually get robin’s nests in them so they may just have to stay a hot mess for most of the summer. The school year ends next week, so Banjo has a couple months to relax without having to go batshit crazy every day when school lets out and I will be able to move freely about the ghetto without cars parked all over the place waiting to pick up the kids. So, YAY!

That’s the news from here, what’s going on in your neck of the wood?


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  1. NeverBeenJaxed

    Up here in #DYT I have the basil going and the tomatoes are started inside because, #DYT (Damn Yankee Territory). We had a freeze warning the other day so it’s still not safe to plant outside yet. Memorial Day is the rule my grandfather the farmer always said. So, another week and I’m home free.

    Can’t wait for ‘mater sammiches and endless trays of bruschetta for the summer, along with my very own recipe for TTSangria.

    It’s almost time!!!!

  2. Billie_bee

    Something ate my basil and oregano. So I gave up on watering the mint. Just finished up my exam and semester project just in time for the stomach bug to hit my girls. Catching up now on all the TT posts from this past week.

  3. Tara

    What a damn week!
    Two years ago, I met a awesome men. We just clicked, it was unreal. After 2 months of dating he informs me that his x gf lives with him. I had been to his house and never saw her, or her things. There were 4 bedrooms so maybe I didn’t look very good. Anyway, after learning about their relationship and the fact he was dishonest, I tried to break it off but I craved this man. For 2 years it has been on again off again. In late March we met for dinner and something had changed, I was over him, the roommate -everything. Another fact of this story – when we met he was the CFO of a very large pharmaceutical company – he was also the largest distributer of marijuana in our area. He and his x sold pot together, to people that you would never expect. Long story short – when we met in March he asked me to go to Turks and Cacios for a week. I declined. Monday he died while snorkeling in the Turks – heart attack. 42 yo, his daughter graduates high school in 2 weeks, and he is gone. He emailed me Sunday before he left and told me that no matter what, he loved me and always would.
    I am in shock. I apologize for rambling.
    Y’all, life is so short. No matter what, do what makes you happy, find your balance and passion. If there is someone you miss, swallow your pride and reach out to that person.

    • Gapeachinsc

      Thank you so much for your post, Tara. You are so right about life being short. I needed that reminder. Take care… ?

    • I’m so sorry for your loss, Tara. It’s truly awful when suddenly part of our lives are just…gone.

    • More Tea Please!

      Tara, what a sad, shocking story. So sorry for you.

    • Dee

      Tara, your story really touched me. I’m sorry for your loss.

    • Matzah60

      I am really sorry to hear about your loss, Tara. An unexpected death leaves you dumbfounded. For me, it felt like I lost this profound loss of security and for some time, kept waiting for the other shoe to fall in other situations in my life.

      I don’t know if time heals, per se, but in time, the shock and extreme pain diminish as we all have to move forward. There isn’t any other way to go on. You are right. Life is short and tomorrow is promised to no one. It helps you keep in mind what’s important and to not lose sight of the most important things in life.

      I hope and wish that it gets easier for you in time. Godspeed!

    • Sliceo'pie

      Wow, that’s a story-I’d like to hear the long version actually. I’m so sorry for your loss. I learned many years ago that life can turn on a dime, feeling much like a swift kick in the gut…time, perspective and laughter helps to take some of the sting away.

  4. Gapeachinsc

    I don’t know what happened to my post – it disappeared – but maybe I can blame it on Mercury being retrograde, lol…cause it is. I promise, at work we can tell when it’s retrograde and inevitably every time we think it is, it is. Everything gets so messed up. I never used to believe in it but now I do.

    I had a really horrible week. I moved up here after receiving a nice offer from the company that purchased a product line from my former employer. They wanted me for their Sales Ops dept because of my vast knowledge base. This company is being run by a bunch of people who act as though they have never been in the business world before. We are creating such a mess and so much of what I’ve recommended has been ignored. Now we’re beginning to see the ramifications for not listening and I’m expected to clean it up. I’m not sure I want to and nearly quit today. My manager is an idiot and wants me to meet with his manager next week to explain all that is happening cause he “can’t articulate it” but my thing is he’s had a year and a half to get with the program and learn about the business and he hasn’t even tried. He’s created so much hostility between his sales reps and all he does is shut his door so he doesn’t have to deal with it. I feel as though no one in management has ever worked anywhere before because they have no concept of running a business and it’s like they expect it to run itself. The only folks who appear to understand it all are the IT people. And all they can do is design things based on what management tells them. They try to lead them to the correct answers but ultimately they are designers and not charged with running the business, only developing systems. I’m trying to believe I was “led” here for a reason other than the job but I don’t know. It’s pretty here, slower pace of life and cheaper. Is that reason enough? I don’t know. Sorry for my gloom but thanks for letting me vent. And none of my outdoor plants live very long up here!!!! Ugh!!!!

  5. swizzle

    It’s so damn cold here…too early to plant tomatoes. But my spring veggies (lettuces and peas) are doing well. Hoping for warm weather soon so I can plant some tomatoes.

  6. My plants look vicious, menacing. Each pot is jammed full of Punji sticks…bamboo skewers…to deter the stupid squirrels. So I have cherry tomato plants, chives, oregano, parsley, basil, and lots of flowers potted up as if I’m engaged in jungle warfare. It’s cool and rainy today, but it’s been lovely in the Low Country. Sunny warmer weather tomorrow. I’m going up the coast Sunday to the little town of Hampstead to meet a couple who want to adopt one of our rescue German Shepherds. Woof!

  7. ingrid

    I need possibly two root canals, the pain is unreal. Cant think of much else, have to wait until the dentist appt Monday am meanwhile popping advil and antibiotics like tic tacs. Good news is I got new basil plants today! They smell like summer

    • tamaratattles

      Ingrid, if the teeth are UPPER teeth that are close to each other, treat yourself with SUDAFED (generic name is pseudoephedrine) you have to get it from the pharmacist. Ask for the kind with nothing else in it. no aspirin or Tylenol or motrin or anti methmaking fillers of unknown origin.

      It should be a small round pill not a big capsule. As crazy as it sounds if you have a blocked sinus you only symptom may be referred tooth pain. Take the Sudafed as directed and pop your advil as needed, As long as you are not taking any meds that you can’t take with Sudafed (ask your pharmacist) it won’t hurt anything taken as directed and it might fix you up with no root canals. If it is really two teeth going bad at the exact same time then….well….ouch!

      • Calipatti

        and buy generic

      • ingrid

        hard to tell if it is upper or lower, ( the pain is referring back and forth) but I will try the sudafed, thanks for the suggestion! This is sucking at a high level, I appreciate any ideas! :)

    • Matzah60

      Ingrid, I am no expert on dental work, but I have had many root canals and crowns on my teeth through the years. I had unreal pain like yours around five years ago. My dentist told me that he’d do the root canal if he could find the exact tooth, but often it’s too hard to locate the exact tooth because the nerve pain travels and often a general dentist will do an unnecessary root canal. He told me to go to an endodontist. It cost me a fortune, but I know that in the past I had root canals on teeth that didn’t need to be done. It’s unusual for two teeth to need a root canal at one time. The fact that you can’t tell where the pain is coming from attests to that.

      The last thing my dentist told me that if someone tells you that you need two root canals, it’s likely they can’t pinpoint the right tooth or they’re buying a new boat….just a thought.

  8. Deirdre

    I read about stopping nagging thoughts by closing my eyes and pretending I’m a traffic cop at the 4-way intersection of random thoughts and having them all hold up and stop so j could be in blank peace at the center for a few seconds and it actually works and may be my new strange addiction. My tomatoes and basil stay bug free with a spray of chopped onion garlic oil water cayenne and Dawn.

    • ingrid

      does that spray easily from a spray container? My basil will start to get chewed as soon as I take it outside

      • D

        Yes just let the garlic, onion, cayenne or chopped hot pepper sit in some oil and a squirt of dawn for a bit then drain and dilute. Lasts a long time and the smell throws off the critters’ impulse to nosh on your stuff.

  9. More Tea Please!

    I wound up with 10 extra tomato seedlings so Super-Hub built me a new raised growing bed, about 4′ x10′. The challenge then comes to fill it without going broke. I am thrilled to have a found a local octogenarian ” bunny couple” who sold me about 100# of bunny poop and spent bunny hay for a whopping $10! I bought a bale of straw, then lasagna layered the bunny hay, homemade compost and bunny poop and covered it with cheapo topsoil from Home Depot. The nice thing about bunny poop is you can plant into it immediately without fear of burning your plants. We had rain forecast for this yesterday weekend so I’m waiting until next week to settle my tomatoes in.

    In other gardening progress, we have an awesome Growers Outlet outside of Atlanta with amazing selection and prices. Picked up 5 hydrangeas for a song last weekend. Also ordered 3 bareroot Peony Festivas on eBay which went in the ground this week as well. This should be it for planting this year! It’s all my back can take.

  10. Skeeter

    Just yesterday I planted some tomato plants that were started inside around February. My mother-in-law always said to wait until after the 17th of May. That’s the latest that she can remember a frost up here. We’ll be planting a lot within the next week. I also have 2 sprouts of oregano that is coming back from last year. That’s the extent of my garden so far – oregano!

  11. Cat

    Spending more time with the cats, and less time online. Turns out, I’m much more relaxed when “unplugged”.

    That being said, I finally bought a smartphone. I had to, my other phone died from old age. I went with Tracfone, because the smartphone was only $10. I can’t justify buying a phone for $300 to $800. That’s crazy, to me.

    Anyway, I love my new phone. It never rings. :)

    I’ve also started drawing again. It ‘s been a long time, and I’m out of practice. And with the neuropathy in my hands, holding and controlling a pencil is kind of weird. And frustrating. But, I’m determined to get back to where I used to be with it.

    If you are curious, you can see my past work on my Facebook page. And, yes…I specialize in cats. :)

    • hannahkingrose

      Cat, I understand the drawing. It’s comforting to me. I even love to play the mindless little Draw Something game on my IPad. I’ll sit for hours playing and put way too much detail and effort into the drawings just because it makes me happy. I’m self taught, no lessons and probably am not that good but it makes me feel hapoy. Enjoy your drawing.

  12. Micheal

    Currently in Paris. Doing a month long trip through Europe before settling in London. Going to be so fat by the end of this trip. ?

  13. Dee

    Cat I’m so happy for you! I love hearing how things are going. I have a tomato plant, some lemon balm. I hope it survives this monsoon. Still loving the mobile site!

  14. Crazy In NC

    Still stuck in my apartment, so no gardening for me. I gave up last summer when the neighborhood kids wouldn’t stop picking my stuff.
    I start Whole30 on Monday and did my first shopping attempt yesterday. I couldn’t find bacon that wasn’t cured with sugar (no added sweetners of any kind allowed)! So I am going to try Whole Foods for that one item. If that fails, the last ditch effort will be the farmer’s market.

    • Heidi

      Hi! I just did Whole18 – my own version since I only lasted 18 days. I wish you luck! Prep is the key to staying on it. My fav snack was sliced apples or bananas with almond butter and flaked coconut and cinnamon on top. Good luck to you!

  15. Blaine

    I’m trying to get to get my garden soil ready for planting but have a little sonofabitch who keeps eating the compost out of my garden! I’ve tried bitter apple, a cayenne based deterrent, vinegar soaked/dried coffee filters, grapefruit essential oil and nothing has worked. So frustrating! I may have to resort to container gardening on my front step this year.

  16. Jelley

    Hi TT! just dropping in to compliment your new mobile site. Love it! Very a esthetically Appealing and super intuitive. Thanks for your hard work!

  17. Cheychey

    After watching a woman arguing about wage equality I have been thinking a lot about it. Wouldn’t it be nice if the teachers were one of the highest paid professions. After all they are the ones that train and prepare everyone to go out and do all these jobs that they are getting an exorbitant amount of money to do. How does that make sense. What if there was more importance placed on the people who wait on you in McDonalds,Applebee’s and Whole foods. After all you have to eat and providing your food to you quickly with a smile while you’re kids are whining you have an attitude because you’re running late and your just all around don’t respect the job their doing. What if that if that was considered a well respected job over someone who injected silicon into your lips and ass and shoved bit cantaloupes into your tits. How about we put the starving artist, ballerinas, and classically trained musician in the same or better tax bracket as the basketball and football players who get payed millions of dollars. Finally the actors and non actors who are reality stars who get paid to be followed around while they drink all day and argue make thousands of dollars to upwards of millions for actors in films. Yet the men and women that risk their lives daily as police and soldiers and firemen do it out of love for the job because their pay does not come close to equaling the risk to the lives nor the hard work they do. Just something I was thinking about.

    • hannahkingrose

      Cheychey, my Police Chief/40 year veteran in law enforcement husband and I appreciate your sentiments.

  18. JoJoFLL

    I have a black thumb. I bought a perfectly gorgeous jalapeno plant from Home Depot last Spring, brought it home and killed it. I live in South Florida! Everything grows here! If I could post a photo of it I would. Humiliating.

  19. Okay, so I only wanted one tomato plant. Just one, but they came in two’s and so, two it was. I had a plan though, I was going to do tomato homicide and kill what I have dubbed Plant B, but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t kill it because it was just a little tomato plant that didn’t ask to be born either, and now I had gone and bought it. Shit. It wasn’t so much about having two plants, I just didn’t want to dig two holes. The soil here is clayish and rocky and WORK to amend, but I dug the second hole with some resentment in my heart because I really didn’t want Plant B, which I have now dubbed Plant Bitch, because she has been. Try as I might, I couldn’t get Plant B’s soil as loamy as Plant A’s, eventually accepted Plant B was always going to get the short end of the stick, and put them in their new homes. They were barely three or four inches tall at the time. Then the rains came and the winds blew, and my little plants were going to die from drowning, or root rot, or whatever. I’m like, oh hell no, all this ditch digging and they’re gonna drown? OH HELL NO! So, when there was a break in the rain, I ran out, dug them up, and put them in containers with dry potting soil, and they seemed to manage fine. After things dried up outside AGAIN, I replanted them, put their cages around them, and by now, was pretty tired of both of them, even Plant A, whom I initially wanted.

    Since then, they have both grown to the very top of their tomato cages, and Plant A has done fantastic (btw, the name of these tomatoes are “Fantastic”) and Plant Bitch got tomato leaf roll. SIGH. Plant A has many blooms (or blossoms, if you will) and teeny tiny tomatoes. Plant Bitch is just as tall with far fewer blooms, but I guess I was over watering her, and thus the leaf roll, and therefore fewer blooms, blah, blah, blah. Plant A was getting just as much water, but her soil was better, and I had a feeling not getting the Bitches soil as loamy was going to bite me in the ass, and it has. Well, that and the fact that Plant B KNOWS she was the red headed step child.

    Now I have learned that what I have are hybrid, indeterminate tomato plants and will eventually have to be staked. It will have to be pretty soon too, because I don’t know what is in the DNA of these hybrids, but they grow FAST. I’m just hoping I don’t do too much damage to the roots when I stake them, and wish I hadn’t been in such a hurry to get my ONE tomato plant and researched better. Still, I’ll hang with them as long as they hang with me, although I do mutter under my breath to Plant Bitch that I can still do away with her any time I want to, and I CAN dammit!

    But I won’t 😉

  20. Lime Brain

    I just tried on new bathing suits in the comfort of my own home. I am now officially depressed for the rest of the summer.

    • T D

      Why deprive yourself of swimming or sunshine or what makes you happy for fear of what others may think. A friend once told me there’s two tyes of people in the world, the ones that get you and the ones that don’t. The ones that do love you and the others? Fuck’em! I have Adore DeLano’s uncorseted and unpadded body.

  21. joanne

    Small – 1 1/4″ – yellow/green caterpillars completely denuded my large, beautiful pot of dill, leaving only bare stems. Then they moved on to the huge pot of curly and flat leaf Italian parsley and cilantro where I found them, having already devoured most of the parsley and half the cilantro. Those bastards – less than a dozen – had accomplished this in under 24 hours! The Unhusband removed them and cut their heads off while I cringed on the sidelines. (Decades ago, I was bitten/stung by a large caterpillar that somehow landed on my chest from a brushed branch, or whatever, and it was horribly painful, left a large, stinging red welt. It was a traumatic experience. Ergo, I hate the fuckers!) They hadn’t gotten to my thriving basil, thyme, chives or oregano, but I am curious why they went for the dill first. Also, what were these creatures and why my herbs? But, more importantly, why me?
    Seriously, we deal with all kinds of critters here in NE Florida, and as a native, I’m kind of used to them though they present many problems for a casual gardener as myself. Add to that the monsoons we’ve had this week, along with heavy thunderstorms (terrified dog) and tornado warnings, with flooding in parts of town. The humidity right now is 100%, so being outside is like standing in a sauna, not like a spa, more like a torture chamber. Here’s hoping for clear skies tonight so we can appreciate the full moon and anticipated declining humidity. Now for some cool fresh cantaloupe and a glass a crisp white wine!
    Tamara, have a great and relaxing weekend. Same to all your loyal readers.

    • Lime Brain

      oh, Joanne! If I’m not mistaken, you just killed the caterpillars for the swallowtail butterflys.

      I plant dill and parsley just for them. Lol!

  22. So far I m growing beans from some free seeds that I picked-up from my local library. They are Burpee heirloom variety, and the librarian said they were donated from a Burpee employee. They are doing awesome in my sandy soil here–I’ll have to fortify them probably with poles or something, but they may do OK with the original plan which was to climb-up the post of the mailbox, and around it. I’m surprised at how strong these little plants are-they are really bulky and tough, not typical weak little seedlings.

    But really can we talk about Brielle Z’s weird face? Please? I’m horrified and sad for her, and it looks like she is headed for Botched.

  23. tamaratattles

    I woke up this morning and made a conscious effort NOT to check on the website. If you recall the last time I tried that THE ENTIRE SITE CRASHED. But this time it seems there have been no ill effects. It was raining a bit and was supposed to stop and I had some weed killer that needs to be applied to wet grass but not watered afterward. I noticed out my window that the leaves on my shrubs were damp and thought it was finally the right time to spread the weed killer. So of course, I laid on the couch and continued reading for awhile and when I looked up the leaves were dry. Well Fuck.

    So now I have to spray the lawn with some water None of this I am really in the mood to do. But I’d like the majority of what grows in my front yard to be fescue not white clover and assorted flowers that were once planted around a tree stump that has finally rotted. Because, I’m classy.

    Almost every year, A pair of robins built a nest and make some babies in the bushes in front of my house. This year I have seen a male robin (the nest builder and caretaker) bob, bob, bobbin’ along the lawn but no mate. As I hoist the hose out from under the bushes a female robin pops out looking like she just came off a five day bender and is trynta get to Taco Bell. She’s kind of staggering around looking quite unwell. Her mate comes to try and get me to back off, as they are having a rough day but I am determined to put all this poison out on the lawn even if it kills me breathing it all in and her in the process. I covered my two giant containers of tomatoes with a sheet because their health is way more important than my own or the mama robins. Sidenote: I have not seen a nest or eggs or babies, and I’ve been sort of looking. So the male and I do this huge dance around each other and I manage to get the female to hop back under the bushes where she came from and after being accosted by TWO evangelists (one of whom takes a photo of my weed kiler bag so he can go get some for his yard, as if I am now a lawn specialist who know WTF I am doing) I flee to the relative safety of the ghetto shack. I really didn’t get the leaves damp enough and probably just inhaled three pounds of poison that will change nothing.

    QUESTIONS: Can a pregnant robin be too fat to fly? Am I ever going to be able to restring the hose behind the shrubs through the back of my flower garden so it can reach my tomatoes or will I always be terrified of encountering the hungover flightless robin? IF the bitch dies then what do I do?

    Moving on. I picked my first tomato of the season today. It was on my second cheat plant, supposedly and early girl. It is a good bit smaller than a tennis ball and is not pretty and round like an Early Girl should be but looks more like a heritage with the ridges. I am going to eat it in a bit with some Dukes.

    I have a cucumber plant that I have no idea why I bought. I stuck it in a small pot until I could figure out what to do with it or it died. It is now flowering. It’s VERY tiny and is flowering. I don’t have space for this thing really. I’ll have to figure that out. So far the only casualty is the cilantro which I am thinking of cutting the stems down a bit and see if it resprouts. I am not sure if something ate the leaves or it just bolted.

    Next up, The kitchen floor has not been mopped since 1997. I think it may be time.

  24. Cat

    Wow, drunk birds and vicious caterpillars… I’m so glad I broke the rules and refused to plant anything this year. The Plant Police will just have to come and get me… IF they can find me. :)

  25. T D

    Raise the blades on the lawn mower to four inches. Weeds, unlike myself, don’t like shade. Fertlize with Espoma Organicl. In the fall apply granular lime a reseed with tri-tall fescue. Choke out the bad stuff with good stuff so as not to kill yourself and cock(less) robin. Keep Banjo of the lawn until the chemical has washed into the lawn. Keep grass off his menu. Sammich envy for yankees looking forward to July and ettin’ a sun warmed mater right off the plant. Love you too much to be hangry about the fact there will be six more weeks of waiting. Insert heavy sigh here.

  26. T D

    Best of luck Desomeaux bros. Kick some mud.

  27. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    I live in a temperate rainforest and last year we had drought like we’ve never seen before. Drought in a rainforest? Forests were burning all around the city. It was very scary. Nobody was allowed to wash cars, pressure wash, use sprinklers etc. for months. Outdoor pools were drained and shut down. Our reservoirs almost ran out of drinking water by fall. I say again, we live in a rainforest. If ever I had any doubts that global warming is a real thing, I don’t any more. I worry about global warming almost every day. I’ve lived here all my life and never seen anything like it.

    All that is to say our growing season is a lot longer than it used to be. Typically we’d all flock to the garden stores May long weekend, which is this weekend (Victoria Day weekend in Canada). But I’ve had my impatiens out for 6 weeks or so, which would have been unheard of 5 to 7 years ago. Even by May long weekend it would still be too chilly for impatiens, I used to wait into June. I’ve had basil out barely clinging to life (basil is such a finicky asshole) for almost as long too.

    • tamaratattles

      I know this probably will provide little comfort to those who live in fear of “global warming” (AKA changes in the Earths climate that have happened ever since there was an earth and before people thought they were the cause of everything) but fires in forests tropical and otherwise are normal and healthy occurrences.

      Here is some info from once site that falls in line with what we all learned before Al Gore had everyone drinking the Kool-Aid. Back when we learned and were taught about the layers of the rain forest and who lives where and how fires on the ground allow the forests to grow even bigger.

      Throughout their existence, tropical rainforests have been affected by natural forces like fire, drought, and storms. These events occur on a random basis and can damage large stretches of rainforest. However, the damage caused by these natural occurrences is generally different from that caused by human activities; namely in that the forest loss is not complete and parts of the ecosystem continue to function. From the surviving remnants of the ecosystem, the forest can usually rapidly regenerate. Within a few years, the forest diversity can return to or exceed the diversity that existed before the disturbance. Some studies have suggested that these periodic occurrences are an important ingredient to a forest’s diversity. Without these events, scientists believe, some forests cannot reach their fully dynamic state. Researches have found that forest turnover rates may be as short as 65-135 years.

      Natural forest fires occur in rainforests, despite their humid nature. Generally, when forest burns in smaller fires, ground vegetation, shrubbery, saplings, and smaller trees are eradicated, while the larger canopy species are spared. The fire has the effect of clearing the forest floor and weaker trees, thus allowing new growth. SOURCE

      Back before Al Gore, we all learned about this from watching the movie, Bambi. I’m just saying.

      And even if you believe in Global Warming with all your pee pee. You should probably enjoy the life you have left, since you never know, the Earth might be around a little longer than you!

      Or not.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Whatever the cause of warming, it’s scary to experience what the results could be like firsthand. The earth has always had warming and cooling cycles, but wasn’t necessarily habitable for humans. We’ve always had forest fires here…but not like this. And not dryness like this. Just makes ya think how precarious life really is.

      • tamaratattles

        True. We should all be making the most of our time. Unfortunately my “narcolepsy” is back. I’ve decided it is my funky brain’s reaction to being overwhelmed. Which is exactly when one cannot afford to sleep. Le sigh.

  28. Lime Brain


    I just laid down to relax to relax and read this blog before going to sleep. I took off my socks because it’s hot, and I see a dreaded black dot on my ankle.

    Deer tick! Then I take off my pajama bottoms to check my leg and there’s another one. Then I check my other leg and there is a 3rd one. Ack, Ack, Ack!!!

    Summer is officially here. I am now showered and swathed down with rubbing alcohol. My mother found two on her yesterday.

    I’m just telling you guys this so if my posts start becoming very strident and are more nonsensical than usual it’s because of the chronic lime disease I now must have.

    I’m off to post selfies of myself with lemons and an IV bag.

  29. Rita

    Just recently I bought a house and with it came a really nice plot of land where I am attempting to grow some herbs and vegetables. So far most of the seeds I planted are beginning to sprout and it’s the coolest thing ever! All your gardening comments are really helpful to a beginner like myself and will help me avoid some mistakes I made this time around. Thanks.

    • tamaratattles

      Congrats on the new house, Rita! I am a bit envious of the house and the land. That said, I can barely be bothered to water my little garden. :) Good luck and ask all the questions you want. There are a lot of smart gardeners here.

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