WWHL With Countess Luann de Lesseps

Luann getting glam for RHONY

Luann getting glam for RHONY

I had a lot of things I would rather be watching than Bravo tonight, and I paused to recap RHONY but this jackass  that was on with Luann was just not worth the interruption in my schedule.  Let me see how this all went down.

Before we even start, Andy and his cockeyed tie introduces the jackass as someone who has been in a “twitter war” with Kenya Moore. Um noe. He’s a misogynist loser who attacks women on Twitter frequently. He’s introduced as a guy with a podcast and a lot of rabid fans. Meanwhile, Kenya is the reason people tune in to Bravo’s most watched series. That said, Andy’s misogyny is so extreme that he is going to continuously call this guy to be on his show to trash his moneymaker. Because, Andy.

Yesterday was Luann’s birthday. Her man apparently threw her a surprise party.  Ramona was invited, but then disinvited because it rained and the party had to be moved inside.  Luann says that since it was a surprise party, she had nothing to do with the invites. She says she thinks that the reason Ramona was cut was because Dorinda and John were going to be there.

Andy makes Luann do a rundown about her current relationship with the other girls. She she’s fine with everyone with a few exceptions. Carole and Luann appear to be in a slightly better place. Luann says things were great with Ramona until she saw the screener for this episode (the real reason she was disinvited from the party) and Bethenny and Luann are “up and down.”  I think Luann really wants to be closer to Bethenny and Bethenny doesn’t really want to go there.

Tour Group Bat Penis

Guest who would have been more interesting than the one The Countess was stuck sitting beside.

Andy tries to get the scoop on Rey from Luann, but the QUEEN is spazzing out in his chair and we can’t make out the actual conversation.  The Queen starts hopping up and down in his seat saying he has a question, “Is Rey Gay?” Because apparently he is the Queen’s type.

For some reason, Andy asks the Queen what he thinks about RHONY folks. At some point, the guest in the first chair, THE COUNTESS who is actually on the show and wishes to correct the Queen about HER jewelry line, Andy gets all, “hush you, the gays are talking.” Seriously, he told her to not interrupt the Queen, and the Queen turned to the Countess and said, “Is this the Countess report?”

Countess wins the evening (which was nor hard) by not knowing how to do a shotski and thus letting Andy know she doesn’t watch his crap show.

The Queen who was everso offended on behalf of the gay community continues to call Rey gay and refer to him in a negative way,  He also talks about how John should never put his “dickbeater” in a woman’s face because that is disrespectful, apparently that is one of his podcast terms.  Quoth the Queen who has been berating Kenya online for weeks.  Then one of the Queen’s “fans” calls in with the most planted call in history where she says oh hey! I am a super fan of the Queen who is “very straight!” and I love how straight he is because he is the straightest guy in history and I am single and want to know how to meet a really, really straight guy, like the Queen who is so straight and also likes to watch housewives and is all about “the Bravo life.” Good God.

Luann says all of her kids love her new fiancé, Tom.

Ramona texts that she didn’t defend Ray, even though we all saw it on TV tonight. She says Luann was not there. And she is pissed to be disinvited to her party and points out that it did not rain. Dayum this is better than the show, we have drunk tweets by Ramona!  Luann cracks up and says after Ramona was disinvited, she sent a text with the NYC weather forecast.

Bethenny tweeted about Andy’s fugly suit he’s wearing, ” Hey Andy, The Spinners called. They want their suit back.”

The poll question was, “Whose side are you on Bethenny or Sonja?” Bethenny only won by 54%  Andy attributes the close race to Sonja crying and playing dumb.

I can only assume Kenya threatened to walk if Andy let the Queen disrespect her on the show. Because he didn’t bring it up at all after the initial introduction.  I mean it is not like we expected Andy to actually stick up for Kenya.


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24 responses to “WWHL With Countess Luann de Lesseps

  1. Jessica

    I thought the countless looked fabulous tonight. And the queen was like an ADD 5 year old saying “look at me look at me” while the adults are trying to talk. I have to admit I only watched because your recaps have indicated that Andy has something against Kenya and I thought it was odd and pretty distasteful that Andy would bring on someone who was actively trashing one of the bravolebrities. What ever the reason Andy didn’t go into it with him I’m glad he didn’t…I am not a huge Kenya fan but that would have over the line particularly since what he (the queen) and his Twitter followers seem to go after are her looks (from what I can tell-I have a hard time following Twitter conversations and retweets -I am an old). Thanks for the recap!

  2. TD

    I thought Michael’s attack on Kenya was a cheap move and so uncalled for. I can’t stand him. No wonder his career is in the toilet now so he has to put all his energy to these housewives shows. And damn, he’s even more passionate about housewives than anyone I know, woman or gays.

  3. Pam

    LMAO “Queen”. Yep, we know who THAT person is. I checked out his twitter and he really doesn’t have a bunch of rabid fans. He retweets from just a few fanatics. It was very misleading but made him appear very popular. #sneaky #dramaqueen

  4. 25

    There’s nothing like seeing you take up for Kenya against a (couple of) misogynist gremlin(s).

  5. I do not care for Kenya, but she did not engage MR. He spewed misogynistic put downs and epithets and she did not lower herself to his level. It wasn’t a Twitter war or feud, it was just one side disparaging a woman’s character, looks and career that went way beyond the use of the word ‘queen’.

  6. Gapeachinsc

    I’m convinced that Andy gets mad at his cast members and treating them horribly is just one of ways he “punishes” them.

    • princesspr

      I agree with you 100%. Also, Andy hates when he doesn’t care for a particular HW and the viewers likes the HW. It’s so funny to watch him be so upset when he cant’ control what and who people like.

  7. Cat

    Twitter…antisocial media.

    • Dee

      Great line Cat!

      • Minky

        Yes, Cat. Just, yes. I understand celebrities who use twitter to create a buzz about themselves with twitter wars. Or even a professional or a business owner. I just don’t get when regular people go all crazy. It’s just twitter folks. CHILL!

      • Cat

        I can’t wait for President Trump’s “State of the Union” tweets. They still restrict to 140 characters, don’t they? :)

  8. RosesandGin

    Good God. Simple but classic line.

  9. JoJoFLL

    I think it is very telling that Andy refers to Sonja as “Grey Gardens” on his show last night. He’s completely team Bethany. Couldn’t stand Phoebe’s cop boyfriend from Friends.

  10. After I watched this I was trying to do a list of Andy’s most beloved and hated housewives. I fell asleep. It was good for my insomnia hahaha

  11. peachteachr

    I don’t watch WWHL, but I did check out Michael’s twitter feed after you wrote that it was damn near down right scary (that was the gist of your words). That guy is 5150 material all day long. I don’t know anything Kenya could have done to him to make him go off on her day after day, but that’s what he does. In a way, it is even scarier that she hasn’t done anything to him.
    Is it time for Ramona, Sonja, and the Countess to move on? It’s kind of sad watching older, female drunks chasing and sharing men. As I said in the RHNY post, they all have daughters who are still being “cooked” into full grown women. How does Luann’s daughter ever have a date after Ramona said she was a “squirter”?

    • Minky

      What the hell is wrong with this Michael person? Something tells me Porsha must have given him a couple of “freebies” and this is his way of paying for it. If I recall correctly he seems to turn into a rabid horn dog whenever Porsha’s name is mentioned. I could be remembering someone else.

      Yeah, the children of a lot of these women are gonna need a good therapist. Their mothers have no common sense. None!

  12. Chloe

    This Michael guy has been on WWHL frequently it seems and Andy appears to be the only person who thinks this guy is funny and noteworthy. When I saw he was going to be on, I lost interest in watching the show as he forcefully and most annoyingly dominates the conversation. But Andy seems to love him and thinks everything he says is hilariously funny.

  13. Bryn

    Call me crazy but I think that guy is hilarious. I sort of see him as comedic relief because he makes fun of everyone in such a goofy way. I don’t know about the Twitter stuff with the Atlanta housewife but I think he knows these shows are just a produced and scripted mess so he’s making fun of the whole ordeal. I probably haven’t kept up with the whole back story as well as you guys but I just find him really funny.

  14. ericzku

    The Queen? Really? So we’re just repeating Kenya’s homophobic slurs because…? Two wrongs make a right? One can dislike Mr. Rapaport and not perpetuate Kenya’s idiocy too. Surely there are other, more apt insults that could be hurled.

    I finally saw this episode. Rapaport’s comments were actually quite insightful and rather funny. I think you’d agree if you could look past the giant chip on your shoulder.

    • Minky

      I really don’t think that TT is being homophobic. And I don’t think that Kenya called him any kind of queen. I think that he was mocking Kenya because she calls herself “The Queen”. In addition to having been unnecessarily verbally abusive towards Kenya on twitter and WWHL. Yeah, that’s some bravado on Kenya’s part, calling herself The Queen, but I get it. She has become the main reason that a lot of people watch RHOA and it is one of Bravo’s most popular shows.

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