Dorinda Medley: Cover Girl!

Berkshire  Magazine Dorinda

My TT spies in the Berkshires ( I know, right? I’m shocked myself!) informed me that the June issue of Berkshire Magazine arrived today and Dorinda Medley is on the cover!  The cover story is all about her life and how she was born and bred in the Berkshires. The whole thing is a great little biography of her life. I recommend you all click through to read the story online.

Did we know that Richard was in fact Dorinda’s second husband?  Her first husband Ralph, was British and that is the guy she lived with in England. If I knew that, I had somehow  forgotten.

From the Berkshire Magazine article Drama Queen by Annie Rye, ” After attending Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Medley landed an interview at the fashion house of Liz Claiborne in New York City. Her strong personality and people skills acquired while working in Stockbridge won over the company president. Then she met and later married Ralph Lynch, an Englishman working in New York. When Lynch’s business took him back to England, the couple relocated to London’s upper-crust Chelsea.”

RHONY Dorinda

The story continues, “When the marriage ended, Medley returned to the United States so her daughter, Hannah, would be surrounded by American culture. Plus, her friends and contacts were in New York and her family wasn’t very far away in the Berkshires. Once back, she decided to get her real-estate license. One client, Richard Medley, former speechwriter for Geraldine Ferraro and founder of Medley Global Advisors, showed an interest in a brownstone on Manhattan’s East 87th Street. “I sold him the brownstone,” Medley recalls, “and if I’d known how it would turn out, I would’ve sold him a bigger one.”

The article goes on to say that Dorinda and Ralph ultimately divorced and she moved back to NYC so that her daughter could grown up in the United States and be closer to her family most of whom still live in the Berkshires.

The Rye writes, “One of her outstanding performances in the series was sharing the death of her husband, which she says helped so many women who had had similar experiences. She believes she became a role model by demonstrating how moving on was the best way for handling loss. “There’s no point hanging on to the past. All you can do is move on,” she says.”

This part struck me because  from where I am sitting I don’t see that Dorinda has fully grieved the loss of her husband. I truly hope she can find a way to move on fully.

The article has tons of photos of the interior of her home in the Berkshires and talks about all the restoration that occurred over a two year process. Dorinda told her exclusive interior design company that the look she was going for was ” Marilyn Monroe meets Frankenstein.”  I think she has accomplished that. I have joked about the purple couches reminding me of a brothel, and it all sort of makes sense now.

John was not mentioned at all in the article despite being in a photo with Dorinda for the piece.

Go peep the story and tell me your thoughts.  Doesn’t the “Marilyn Monroe meets Frankenstein” make everything make sense now? Do you think Dorinda has moved on since the loss of her second husband? Do you think she will move to the Berkshires permanently once the  Real Housewives mercifully becomes a sad, stupid stage in out past?


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49 responses to “Dorinda Medley: Cover Girl!

  1. Sara

    Is that Jules in the dining room photo?

  2. Jane

    Love the Berkshires and dorinda’s house. I can’t help but think of how awful Sonja and Ramona were to Heather when they went to her Berkshires home. I have a soft spot for Dorinda, but think John is not the one. If she has truly moved on, she’d date someone more suitable. He seems more like a placeholder, someone to care for, but not give herself to.

    No longer watch the show, tired of endless fights on the RH series.

    • sarcasatire

      She told him she wasn’t interested in marriage when he brought it up. She’s smart, she’s not looking for a soulmate, she just wants a companion to party with and make sure she gets home at night. Something Sonja could use.

    • GirlMe

      I know right! I havent watched RHONY any this season even though i love Bethenny and wanna see her.

      I just cant stomach the fights right now and get a knot in my stomach when I try to turn to Bravo. Actually havent watched Bravo since RHOA.

      Too much fighting. Not an easy escape anymore. Couldnt even watch Tour show because promos had senseless fighting.

  3. Auntie Velvet

    She must have spent some time living in, or at least visiting, London with Richard as well, because wasn’t there a lot of talk about feeling “haunted” by all their favorite places when she went there with Carole? She certainly wasn’t mentioning Hannah’s father very much in that episode.

    • Matzah60

      Richard Medley was a muckety muck, a brilliant man who was not only a professor, but served as financial advisor for George Soros. He also served as an advisor for several senators and the house fiscal board. He was brilliant. He later went on to form his own advisory business for investors with big big money. He had an office in NY and London, so that’s why she spent lots of time with Richard overseas.

      Dorinda said last season on her trip with Carol that Richard had known John and that’s how she was introduced to him prior to Richard’s death. I kind of get the feeling that she has clutched on to John because he had a friendship and connection with Richard. I’m speculating that Dorinda somehow feels that she is still connected to Richard by having John’s presence in her life. Just a theory.

  4. No idea that there was a 1st husband who is the father of Hannah…thought the whole trip was an homage to the dead Richard. Hmmmmmmm

  5. Amy

    D and Js relationship is so odd to me. It’s almost like she’s punishing herself…

  6. bridgett

    Her first husband was briefly mentioned and a picture shown during season one. I think it was around the time of the London trip (which would make sense), but can’t be sure. Or it may have been mentioned when her daughter was introduced/her dislike of John.

  7. Jessica

    But those shoes though. Sad face

  8. KaraW

    Yes, the decor makes much more sense now. Although I can’t say that I get it. Not my style. I’ve noticed that about her NYC place too.

    I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I kind of feel bad for John not being mentioned in the article.

  9. Gapeachinsc

    I wondered how long ago Richard passed away before she started dating John. I don’t know. It seems like maybe she’s settling for John? I wonder what her previous husbands were like, personality-wise. John seems to genuinely care for her but I think she knows he’s not the one. He’s just for now…but he shouldn’t move in. That’s a big mistake and may inadvertently lead to permanence.

  10. Calipatti

    They took a 100 year old Tudor house, gutted it and came up with what it is today, should had left it alone.

    If it was gutted how can the kitchen be explained, Nothing looks right together.
    Actually do not like any of the lighting. The black wrought iron must be sold by the design house. Noticed no lamps around the purple bordello couches or yellow/gold velvet chairs behind them.
    Statue in the mirror is holding a glass shade, that looks odd.

    Cheap medieval meets Granny’s garage sale.

    • Katherine 2.0

      I adore it like you might adore a misfit child. The one who gets tattoos and piercings and shaves his/her head and is still your favorite.

    • T D

      Spanish Inquisition’s hunting lodge put a purple haze all through my brain. Torture chamber for the eye. Liberry table excuded, Using my liberryto support my ground control to Major TT communicator. Steppin through the the door…

    • Sliceo'pie

      I don’t get it either-I was actively searching for things to like. I think the outside is nice and I like the Island in the kitchen, the wood-work in the dining room is ok. It’s mostly the decor-I just couldn’t find anything to like, but I doubt she would care for the muted blues and greens and soft colors that run through my home-she’d probably find it boring. It does take balls to plop two purple sofa’s in your living room-especially in a country home in the Berkshires.

  11. Is it my menopause-ravaged eyesight or is the painting behind D of a woman wearing a skirt of flowers, underneath which lurks a peacock standing on top of an octopus? I swear by the god of Rorschach, that is what I see.

    • What photo are you looking at? I snagged a few then enlarged, can’t find the photo?

      • Calipatti

        Dalaimom, I see it the cover photo.
        Yes plus the octopus there looks to be other animals, at least she has flowers in her.

      • Calipatti

        Oops — in her HAIR. Egads!

      • Well, maybe it was a nod to Japanese Shunga or Hentai (source of the dreaded tentacle porn). In which case I bless the day menopause ravaged my eyes, because NO ONE wants to see that.

      • Minky

        Yeah, the painting behind her is definitely very symbolically erotic. The woman character is probably a representation of Flora/Chloris who was alternately a nymph and/or a fertility goddess. Think Sandra Botticelli with Primavera and The Birth of Venus. And I say that because of all the flowers, and Flora, for obvious reasons, is always depicted with flowers in her hair or on her person, like in the form of clothing.

        The other symbols: peacock, swan, octopus, boar, have to do with a male sexual energy or presence surrounding the female “Flora” character. Peacocks with beautiful feathers are the male ones, the octopus, as DalaiMama pointed out, are probably from Japanese erotica, “The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife” being one of the most famous old Japanese erotic prints. And the swan probably has to do with the myth of “Leda and the Swan”, in which basically Leda gets raped by a god who’s disguised himself as a swan, which was Zeus I think. There’s also a boar at the feet of the woman, which I think has to do with Norse myths in which their fertility goddess keeps a boar as a pet/companion, and in the art she’s frequently seen riding him like a horse.

    • More Tea Please!

      Nope, not your menopause-ravaged brain. But maybe the artist’s…

  12. Minky

    I like the decor in Dorinda’s house. If it showcases her personality, then Dorinda’s got one hell of a personality. The rooms themselves remind me of the houses in “Mildred Pierce”. The purple couches are a bit jarring, but also very unique. At least she’s trying to be different and fun and not have a cookie-cutter McMansion.

  13. Katherine 2.0

    Dorinda is my girl. But this is how I see the John/Dorinda unholy alliance: John sold.gave Dorinda something that helped dull the pain, and is now in a position to out her if she doesn’t play along with the scurrilous scam of a J/D love affair.
    That’s what I choose to believe. He’s a wart hog.

    • Heidi

      Katherine, that makes total sense! I always found it hard to stomach when he would greet her at restaurants or parties and she just seemed to inwardly cringe. So sad.

  14. peachteachr

    I like Dorinda. I think John is just Mr. Right Now, but that could turn out badly for her. I use to tell my kids to be serious about who they were dating because you mind might be saying this is just temporary while your heart becomes deeply entangled. Sometimes our hearts don’t know our brains were just fooling.
    I think Bethenny, Dorinda, and Carol would be a fun little group, but what about Jules?

  15. Anica

    Good for Dorinda. I like the gal, she tells it like it is. Her bf is super creepy though…..

  16. Aerin

    Well I guess that explains the decor in a way. It doesn’t, of course, explain the why is that her chosen theme. Out of a thousand home decor ideas I don’t think anyone else would ever come up with this. Sometimes there’s a reason nobody else does it that way.

  17. Alyssa

    She’s wearing the same dress in some of her talking heads.

  18. Auntie Velvet

    I am from this area — ish — so it’s exciting to read all the references to different Berkshires places. It was interesting that she used to work at the iconic Red Lion Inn, which is where they all went to dinner last season when they stayed at her house. As it turns out, that was also where Bethenny and Bryn were staying during that filming.

  19. I don’t know why, but I cannot get John yelling ‘she’s not a woman! She’s not a woman!’ (About Ramona) out of my head. It really bothered me. Can’t stand Ramona but something about the way he said it deeply unnerved me,

  20. Dorinda is wearing a diamond on her left hand. Does she always wear that? I asked my 3 Twitter followers and no one knows. I checked the last RHONY episode and her finger was bare

  21. Sliceo'pie

    I’m baffled by her relationship with John..She defends him so fiercely to her friends but at the same time, pushes him away and gets pissy at the slightest provocation.. I don’t think she knows what SHE wants. I hope she’s getting therapy…

  22. MySharona

    Now we have Grey Gardens the Berkshires! That place is gawdawful. I think her decorator was f#%^ing with her!

  23. AUDGE

    The decor is not exactly my taste but I adore the purple sofas in the otherwise stodgy wooden room. Very quirky and uplifting.

  24. Lisa j

    Dorinda is lovely. Agree with you, she seems terribly sad most of the time. I wish her all the best in life but more than that, I wish she realized her true value and worth.

  25. Sliceo'pie

    I had a friend, whose husband (a doctor, who prided himself on his sophistication) said he would like their daughter to grow up to be a combination of Marilyn Monroe and Condoleezza Rice…

    I just smiled..

  26. Cat

    I like the purple sofas, but they seem out of place. But, I guess it really IS what she was going for, so it does kind of make sense.

    Why no picture of the Trump-Liberace bathroom? That, I really wanted to see.

    Grief is a weird thing. I never grieved for my mom, and we were really close. She died 17 years ago. It’s not something you can force, is it?

    • Layla

      Cat, I am trying to fully understand your comment. How old were you when your mom died? Was grieving too painful or was life too busy. I’m sorry you lost your mom, but you were blessed to be really close to her. I often wonder how I will handle losing my mother.

  27. AshK

    Not one to knock appearances, but I just can’t get over how much Dorinda’s looks have changed since last season. Every time I’m watching, I’m just searching out her pupils.

  28. Kiki

    It still blows my mind that someone on a Bravo reality show has a Julie Heffernan in her living room. My lowbrow interests and highbrow interests colliding.

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