60 Days In Recap: Exodus

60 days Miriam

I’m sort of sad this is the finale but I am pumped that they filmed a second season at the same jail before this one aired. I read that Robert was sort of made as a plant, or at least suspected to be one very early on.  Speaking of Robert check the comment section here, he emailed me last week.  He’s certainly a character who enjoys attention.

If I am calculating correctly, Tami, Yaz and Zac are the last three in the prison.


Tami and Yaz are both itching to out of the jail. I don’t know if it is the editing or what but the pod seems more volatile than usual.  Yaz gets called first and she is shocked. Tami supposedly does not know Yaz is in the program but she is for some reason livid that Yaz is going home even though she came in after she did. This makes me think she did know Yaz was in the program and still treated her like shit.

Tami finally gets the “bed and baggage” call and several girls help her get her stuff and hug her and tell her they  love her and to stay in touch.  She was floored. After she leaves, Amy has a bit of a breakdown because she left.

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Both Tami and Yaz had a huge reaction to being outside and seeing sunlight. That was after only 60 days or less in the jail. They all talked about how bad the air was in there and they never got to go outside.

Tami cries again when she gets to have a beer (or six) in her hotel room. I am back to kinda loving Tami again. I was surprised by her meltdown but given her history it all makes sense and I feel like this might have been a cathartic thing for her. I think she might be happier now in deep places where she hid her unhappiness before. At least I hope so.

I hate how when women cry, we often apologize for our feelings. Why do we do that?  Tami has the best girlfriend ever. She doesn’t have to apologize for crying when she talks to her.

60 Days in D pod


Zac is the sole survivor of D-Pod, and the men’s unit in general at this point. I have a feeling C-Pod probably already has some of the season two cast in lock down. Zac is in a bad spot as last week they sent one dude, all by himself into D-Pod in the middle of the night to catch Daffron on his smuggled cellphone. He did catch him, but he got jumped and was getting quite the beat down, at least it seemed so at the end of last week’s episode.   I’m pretty sure the whole “hot coffee!” or “white towel” plan will not work at 3 a.m. Fortunately, it was likely Daffron we heard getting the beatdown and the CO retrieved the phone and carted Daffron off to the hole.

Zac knows that he is getting out and he wants to get Brian’s contact number. He wants to help out his fellow Marine on the outside.

With Daffron out of the pod, that leaves Newbolt to arise as the new pod boss, but someone steals his mutherfucking lunch tray. This is not good.  How do you steal a lunch tray from an OG in the pod and no one sees it? A lot of inmates have “laced up” which means put their gym shoes on (instead of their showers shoes) in preparation for a fight. Apparently this is a signal muchlike when high school girls yank out their earrings and give them to someone to hold. It means shit is getting ready to go down!   It turns out that they did know who took the tray and went to beat his ass. Problem solved. No big deal.

Zac was the absolute last one out. His cover story didn’t make sense to the guys. After he left they talked about the fact no one knew what he was in for.  I think some of the inmates made him. He is urgently wanting to do his exit interview ASAP because everyone is on edge with the Newbolt situation and there are weapons in the pod and a riot is brewing.

60 days in Barbra and Tami


The Last Two Women Are Released

Before we get to the interview, Yaz gets to her hotel room with all of her stuff : her prayer rug, some real food, and real coffee. She is so happy! And her cell phone!

It’s been two months since Yaz has been able to practice her religion and it is one of the first things she does. While I love seeing her religious devotion, the fact that they filmed it made it seem a bit invasive to me.  Because here in America people like Leeanne Locken  pray on camera during a crappy reality show before going into their “friend’s” house to verbally attack them and people like Nene Leakes run around calling themselves “highly favored” by her God, the pristine nature of Islam seems much more scared to me.  That’s just me and my upbringing and is not meant to cast aspersions on any religion. I’m just saying that this seems like a sacred moment between Maryum and Allah that I feel some kinda way about the camera disturbing.

They show Tami and Yaz’s interviews at the same time switching back and forth. The first question they ask her is if she thinks anyone caught on that she was a cop. She say “no, not a once.” Tami says it was a really rough two months for her.

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She said the COs didn’t do anything when people were caught smoking cigarettes. No one got written up. Absolutely no consequences were given..

Tami says the trustees (inmates with special privileges for good behavior) are the ones smuggling things in on food trays.

At Yaz’s interview she said it was better than she thought it was going to be. People were for the most part really nice to her. Yaz says in the short time she was there she was shocked how many people were addicted to drugs and a couple of inmates came in and out and back in for drugs in the short time she was there. She thinks they need some sort of drug program for those who want it before they are released.

Both women discuss how drug addiction is the cause of most of these women being in jail. It’s a sad, hard truth.

60 Days In Zac

Zac’s Exit Interview

Zac tells them that there are a lot of shanks in D-Pod and there has been talk amongst the inmates that they could take out the COs at some point because there is strength in numbers. He tells exactly how they talk about doing it and the fact that they will only be shot with pepper oils and paint balls. Wait, whut?  Paint balls? They plan to defend themselves with their bed mats.

Zac gives excellent feedback. Where they hide things. How the searches are for stupid stuff like extra stuffing in the mats. The shakedowns are laughable. There is gang activity. There are hits out on people in the cell.  Something with the sugar cubes that I didn’t understand. Zac was definitely the hero.

Based on Zac’s feedback about the shanks the cops go in and do another shakedown. But the sheriff makes it seem like they are only looking for ONE shank. I assume this is for editing so they can say the recovered “the shank.”  It also makes me wonder if they will put anyone in D-Pod after this. It seems a bit too dangerous, especially for kids like Isaiah.

I was right. They found one shank. There was a lot of back patting over that.

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It ends with them filming everyone reuniting with their families. My problem is that Tami is listed as a “police officer” when she hasn’t been one for a long time. And Barbra is listed as a “stay at home mom” but word is she has had other “acting jobs.”  I don’t have a problem AT ALL with putting reality whores in jail. In fact if you called the show, “We’re Going To Lock Up A Bunch of People Who Will  Do Anything To Be On TV!”  I think they would have a ton more viewers. It would be like the ancient times of feeding Christians to the Lions.” We would all be cheering for Robert to be savagely eaten first!  It’s ridiculous to give this show the “reality” edit.

Barbara says she has a lot of compassion for people now. And I actually said out loud, “As long as they’re white.” I would kill for a reunion episode where she is asked the hard questions about he treatment of Yaz.

I’m not sure how helpful Isaiah was to the program, but I’m hoping the program was helpful to Isaiah. I hope Tyler Perry or someone tosses a few coins into that boy’s educational fund.

Zac talks about PTSD with red rimmed eyes and it makes me sad but more so ANGRY about how we take boys and send them to war and they come back traumatized and fucked up. My oldest brother is a war vet that came back in bad shape and scarred for life.  He’s old enough to be my father and we didn’t really live together in my conscious memory. I’ve just seen him fighting demons and it makes me angry and sad. We know better now. We know better than to do what we are doing. Our war heroes and all who serve need all the support we can possible provide. We have let them down.

Tami, like Isaiah got way more out of it than she gave.  I hope this makes her life happier.

They didn’t show reunions for those who left early.

OMG! THERE IS A REUNION!!!  I cannot wait until next week! It looks like Tami and Barbara continue to harass Yaz. And Zac tells  Robert and Jeff (?) what he thinks about them.


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22 responses to “60 Days In Recap: Exodus

  1. Someone please explain the sugar cube thing. Is it related to “hits” in jail?
    Zac said watch out for those that buy lots of sugar cubes. Is the reason because “hooch” is made with sugar & rotten fruit? I think the editing was hasty and pasted two different conversations together.

    • Pip

      Maybe it’s for the hooch? Hadn’t thought of that. For some reason, I figured you could actually take a shit load of sugar cubes, wrap them tightly in a towel and they could be used as a weapon? But that was only my guess. I honestly don’t know.

      • tamaratattles

        Maybe? I dunno. Because they also have sugar packets. Maybe the cubes give them more sugar for hooch making so they are going to limit the sugar? But I mean they could still pool it.

      • Weirdiskate

        They use the cubes over the packets because of the way the cube dissolve make it easier and better to make hooch.

      • Pip

        Ahhh!! I double posted and it’s not even my avatar! My bad. I don’t know what I did there!

    • Pip

      The only thing I could think of re: the sugar cubes is that if you had a bunch of them you could wrap them tightly in a towel and use them as a weapon. But that is just a guess.

    • tripleOGpearl

      It helps with the fermentation process required for pruno, hooch, etc

    • Courtney

      It’s for making jail house prison, “hooch”.

  2. GirlMe

    Im excited about the reunion but think its gonna be weird truths. The announcer said the participants havent seen the show. That means they didnt get to see what twitter thought of them and can make amends. I think they woud express themselves differently with a little time to reflect on how people perceived their behavior. Especially if filmed after show aired.

    Robert was a waste. So glad Zac doesnt give him the time of day. He is just a loser who seeks attention.

    Tami seems like a drama queen fighting to be the star of some weird Real Housewives show. Hence, the feedup walk out. Ugh.

    Sad its over. Loved your title better. Like the History Channel Alone says ecactly what it is, last person standing wins $500,000. Its sooo good.

  3. Pip

    I felt exhilarated after they were released. Like I just ran a 10k. I can imagine how they felt.
    This show is fricking awesome. It doesn’t even bother me that some people had been on TV or tried for shows or were a cop 10 years ago or whatever. It really doesn’t take away from the real fear that they felt and the danger that faced them. This is why I still consider it the most authentic of the reality shows out there.
    I had the same reaction about the reunion! I was afraid we weren’t going to get one. That will be interesting.
    Also, I thought about what I would want when I immediately got out of jail. First, a long hot shower. Then a Starbucks or Caribou coffee followed by sashimi and a dancing eel roll.
    Really great show! I am so glad you decided to recap it! Thank you, Tamara!!

  4. Jessica

    Couple of things: one of the main things that bugs me about this show is the pretense that this is being done to get feedback on conditions and ways to improve the jail…it seems that the exit interviews are cursory at best. Barbara as irritating as she is came out with pretty good suggestions /observations regarding structure and jobs to occupy time. Zack also seemed to take it seriously in terms of being a job (haven’t watched this episode yet) but again doesn’t sound like they really cared..so basically I agree with you that they should just call it what it is- people who will go to jail to be on tv and just do away with the pretense.

    Tami drives me crazy, she is the classic “I am always in control” person who loses it the moment she is not calling the shots…a person who is truly in control understands the only thing you can really control is yourself and how you react to situations you find yourself in. She has absolutely no self awareness or understanding of how her own behavior causes most of her difficulties.

    I am hoping for a big man hug reunion between Zach and issah

    I don’t understand why it is so hard to create a believable cover. I must be missing something but (as someone who has had a duibefore) I would think it would be totes believable to say I got pulled over leaving a bar, got arrested but am pretty fuzzy on the details. Plus how many more details are there..get pulled over, get arrested. Like I said I might be missing something or , I think, it is more likely that there is just something subtly different about a person’s behavior when they know it’s not for real…like an uncanny valley for inmate tha people can subconsciously pick up on.

    Can’t wait to catch up on this and for the reunion…Will be super disappointed if Tami and Barbara do gang up on yaz

  5. Jessica

    OMG ROBERTS WEBSITE IS SO JANKY!!!! Asking for money to be western unioned directly to individuals!!!!!. No links no real info. OMG such a transparent mess!!!!!

    • Toni

      The website appears to be thrown together. The art section is my favorite, Robert’s art has a Beetlejuice like quality to it

  6. nancy83

    I’ve been so concerned that Robert is a “teacher” especially since the episode where in a bible study class he seemed obsessed with child molesters. To hear that he works with third world children frightens the hell out of me. I don’t care if he’s committing fraud with his so called charity; I’m worried about him being around children. Can’t wait to see the reunion!

  7. Wallace

    Doing the happy dance here in Austin because of that reunion episode!

    I think Tami has a very complex personality. She just happens to be working out her shit in front of the world. Yes, it can get frustrating to watch, but imagine what it is to have lived through years of turbulent foster homes as a gay, young woman. I have respect and empathy for her.

    Agree with you, GirlMe, Alone is incredible tv!!!

  8. pokerplayer

    When is the reunion show?

  9. Heidi

    Omg, I have such a lady boner for Zac it’s ridiculous. When he was all emotional talking about Vets and their issues I lost it. He is articulate and amazing and hot as hell.

    Tami and her wife have an odd dynamic it seems. Almost like mother daughter, but I’m not sure if that’s just the situation exaggerating Tami’s issues and her wife being supportive and helpful. I think this experience really broke Tami and now she can maybe move on and heal.

    The reunion looks FANTASTIC! I am so looking forward to it!!

  10. Victoria

    Tami probably could pass the psych eval to be a cop. I doubt she was every actually in law enforcement. Maybe went through the academy but couldn’t get hired anywhere because she failed a psych eval. Hence the loss prevention job.

  11. BeetsWhy

    I can not wait to see the reunion, it looks like Robert gets skewered which he totally deserves!

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