Real Housewives of New York Recap: Airing Your Dirty Laundry

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Tonight’s RHONY episode is entitled, Airing Your Dirty Laundry. This means I will probably be peppering the post with Don Henley lyrics, because now the song is stuck in my head. People love it when you lose. They love dirty laundry.


Grey Gardens has been so misedited this season. Lunann’s living there, no she’s not, yes she is and now we have the moving in scene where we find out that she will be on the fifth floor. I cannot imagine her walking up and down five flights of stairs all day.  Sonja talks about taking the elevator up. I thought that was one of the first things to go.

Sonja tries to explain THE GREAT TIPSY GIRL INCIDENT OF 2015  to LuAnn. As soon as Sonja mentions Peter, Luann replies ‘You mean Ramona’s Peter?’ in such a way that she seems shocked, as if these three women have not been placing pass the peter for many seasons.  Isn’t her new guy also a recycled peter?  Luann tries to point out that Tipsy Girl is too close to Tipsy Girl.  Sonja pretends she had never thought of this.


Ramona meets Carole and Bethenny to update them on the party because neither of them attended.Of course all of this trademark stuff has hit the press.  But still, Ramona has to explain it to Bethenny even though it is all over Page Six.  Bethenny feels very betrayed. Ramona asks if Sonja knows what she is doing. In unison, Bethenny, Carole and me say, “Yes.”  Bethenny ends the conversation with “Don’t fuck with me.” Ut Oh.


Ramona meets Dorinda for breakfast.  Ramona orders a healthy egg white omelet but the second the food arrives she starts tearing in to Dorinda’s pumpkin waffle. Once again these two agree that they are solid friends and Ramona will stop mocking John.


Bethenny Hands Sonja Her Ass On A Platter

Bethenny had a date with someone unexpected and they hung out at her apartment until four a.m. before this big showdown. Apparently, Sonja has never been there before. She immediately says that she has the same colors (Bethenny’s red) on her website. Which is down at the moment. It is probably still down.

Bethenny starts by telling Sonja all the dirt on Peter.  She includes everything in that link plus the fact that he was just managing that sports bar he pretended to own with Ramona.  Basically, Bethenny says I know this is all bullshit which is another reason why I am pissed you are trying to associate yourself with my business. He does not have the trademark to Tipsy Girl as Sonja just claimed. In fact, no one has it at the moment because Bethenny applied for afterward and the trademark people have not given the trademark to anyone yet.

Bethenny is going hard and it is hysterical. Sonja keeps trying to act like this is real thing and she is talking to distributors. Bethenny is like name one. Give me the name of any distributor you are familiar with. Crickets  Bethenny says, “So this is like the stores your clothes are in?”  Ouch

Sonja says it is just a fluke that her Prosecco has the word “girl” on the brand. Brandi says after all she has done for her she is completely insulted and wants nothing further to do with her. Bethenny calls her a fraud. This is delicious. Bethenny says that Sonja reached out to her on the day the news broke about her “cheater brand” on Page Six. Bethenny say she is doing this all for attention. Sonja is still pissed about this situation with Bethenny and sees it as Bethenny trying to stop her from competing in the beverage market. As if she could compete with Bethenny.  Bethenny ticks off a list of all of Sonja’s fake businesses. Sonja responds that she sold a ten thousand dollar bracelet to some guy she doesn’t even know. That is her comeback to Bethenny insulting everything from the toaster sham to the Nigerian football team.  Bethenny says no one believes any of her lies.

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Gif by T.Kyle at

Sonja starts crying. She plays the poor pitiful me card.  She says she just got out of chapter 11 and she wasn’t trying to be the beverage mogul that Bethenny is, she just wanted to sell a little wine to some restaurants. OH PLEASE. Bethenny literally hands her a tissue and says she doesn’t believe that this was not an intentional ploy by Sonja. Bethenny says she has compassion for her, and ends the conversation and basically throws her out and says have a nice life. Good for her.

As Sonja gets into the elevator she says to no one in particular, “Does that mean I can’t do pocketbooks because Luann’s doing pocketbooks?”  Sonja is clearly unstable.


We have a ridiculously staged scene where Jules interviews a nanny.  It’s probably going to be seen as very offensive to some. I just find it sad that Jules (and apparently her husband) have nothing better to do that film this crap. Jules really wants someone who will wait in line for her and give her blowouts.


Carole is going to foster a “Kit in”  I have to fast forward this because I can’t stand the way she says kitten. It seems the boytoy is back.  Apparently, they are going to write a book together about becoming vegan. She has blown off her book to write the cookbook.  Or her editor dumped her because she hasn’t been writing in the past two seasons. Get the widow on the set. We need dirty laundry.

Some Sort of Drunken Party

There is a lot of promotion for the location of this drunken party.  I have no idea what it is but there was a tabloid and a charity on the step and repeat and apparently they invited the housewives to brawl there.  Sonja, Ramona and Luann are drunk off their asses and Sonja tells Ramona that Luann is having lots of guys over to Grey Gardens for the sex. We Love To Cut You Down To Size, We Love Dirty Laundry. Because that is what friends do.  Luann says she had a “very dry spell” which causes Ramona to break her wine glass banging it on the table and laughing like a hyena. Luann points out that Ramona has issues with wine glasses. Ramona blames it on the cheap glass. Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down.  A discussion about the Luann’s chuckalina begins with all sort of metaphors and suggestions for vaginal surgeries and then Ramona screams out, “I heard you’re a squirter!”  They are great a embarrassing themselves. I really don’t see how they are allowed to go anywhere in NYC.

John Throws a Party

Dorinda’s husband has a high end dry cleaner that does work for a lot of the local designers. He is throwing a party to honor one of those designers. Dorinda arrives in a good mood and gives John several peck without being cajoled to do so.

Oh my, the drunken party with Ramona, Sonja and Luann was apparently them predrinking for John’s party. They wobble over to his event, seriously intoxicated.  Wait it looks like just Luann is going and the other two are staying at the first filming location. I presume this is because Ramona is going to be thrown out so she can stumble back into filming scene one and give a drunken accounting to the two holding the table down. I was wrong. Luann and Sonja stayed to talk about Bethenny before heading to John’s event which they are all referring to as Dorinda’s event.

Dorinda points out that she did not send an invitation to Ramona. Why would she? She hates John. Meanwhile, Luann has a guy stalking her. A former one night stand is there talking about how he has been texting her and she won’t talk to him and he loves her and wants a kiss. He is creepy and this seems real.  Dude,  Just leave well enough alone! Keep your dirty laundry! Luann takes off in a cab to get away from the guy. So he starts hitting on Ramona and Sonja. He is really fucked up. Which means these two should love him. Plus, he’s been with Luann, which apparently gives them double bonus points or something. Can we film the operation? Is the head dead yet?

Ramona tells us that Rey (the creepy guy) took Luann on a trip last summer and “they just fucked.”  Such a sweet woman this Ramona is. So far tonight she mentions that Harry said Luann is a squirter, and now she is sharing Luann’s private off season sexcapades with us on national television. We got the bubble-headed bleach-blonde, comes on at five. She can tell you ’bout the plane crash with a gleam in her eye! She also tells us that the party is boring so getting some gossip on Luann is music to her ears.  It seems Rey took Luann to Ibiza and they were supposed to go to Croatia but they never made it. It is obvious from looking at this guy what that was.

John comes over to throw Rey out because he is making a huge scene. I am sure he will regret this when he sobers up and reads the Siren Media release he signed while he was incredibly fucked up. Allegedly.  Ramona tries to keep John from tossing the guy out because she wants to play pass the peter to hear the dirty laundry. Ramona and the other drunken fool cause a HUGE scene. I should point out that this is a work event for John’s business and John and Dorinda are not coked up, sweaty or intoxicated.  It was a very civilized room until Ramona hooked up with the drunk fool. Dorinda tries to tell Ramona that Rey is not a good guy, but the two leave together.

Dorinda and Ramona and the asshole guy have a huge argument on the side walk. Dorinda calls Ramona a piece of shit. Ramona is super drunk screaming “I  don’t know what happened.”  And everyone goes home in separate cabs. Including Dorinda who does not go back into the party despite John’s pleadings. Dorinda is furious with Ramona, but she is also mad a John for putting his hand up in Ramona’s face.  I’m not mad at John for that. Ramona was sending spittle everywhere and causing a scene at his event. He didn’t lay a hand on her he put his hand up defensively.

Next Week: Ramona’s drunken behavior is all over The Post.  Dorinda has the girls to the Berkshires, including Ramona but does not invite Sonja.  Ramona goes on and on about Sonja having a drinking problem and needing to work on herself.

You don’t really need to find out what’s going on. You don’t really want to know just how far it’s gone.


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94 responses to “Real Housewives of New York Recap: Airing Your Dirty Laundry

  1. Bridgett

    I loved Bethenney’s staff in background while she was checking Sonja. At first they were attempting to work, then they couldn’t escape reacting to the scene…hilarious.

  2. JoJoFLL

    Bethanny’s read of Sonja is my favorite housewives scene ever.

    Ramona is insane.

    • Dexter pie

      More like Sonja could give two skinny girl snack chips what low class rat Bethenny thinks. I don’t think she’ll lose sleep over that. Bethenny is a bitch. She likes to throw her weight around and exclude people. She didn’t like it whe Jill did it to her but she does it to everyone. She really is a damaged person. She hates everyone close to her and is really very hard for anyone to like or love. Except for Radziwell another nasty self important bitch who thinks her shite don’t stink and she is better than everyone else. Two mean nasty skinny scull face hags

  3. Tulsateacher

    I missed the show so I decided to read your recap before going to bed. Now I have the image of Luanne the Squirter in my head… Damnit

    • Meri

      I feel VERY old and out of touch. I don’t know what a “squirter” is or does? I also am tired of the Dorinda John/Ramona crap. I loved Bethenny’s conversation with Sonja and thought that it was about time that someone really put this sick conniving bitch in her place. She is a mess and I don’t understand why anyone is friends with her, Ramona or Luann.I love NY and they make the city look soiled and ugly and YES…full of dirty laundry. Loved the recap and the song lyrics. Perfect!!

      • tamaratattles

        Meri dear,my deepest wish is that no one tells you what a squirter is. It’s the sort of thing that once you know, conjures up visuals you can’t unsee.

        I’m loving your comments today!

      • Auntie Velvet

        It’s just female ejaculation, which about 5 percent of women do regularly (according to one estimate). Nothing dirty or shameful about it, but a personal detail I’m sure the Countess could have lived without the world knowing.

      • tamaratattles

        Serriousy Auntie Velvet? You couldn’t just leave it alone? Were you that kind in the class that always had to shout out the answer first? Are you the person that asks a thousand questions and makes dozens of suggestions during business meeting? I’m guessing yes. You must be ever so popular.

      • Auntie Velvet

        I just don’t think of it as dirty (shrug). It’s your sandbox, so I apologize if you actually thought it was that beyond the pale.

      • tamaratattles

        Well in my sandbox, I didn’t feel that it was necessary to explain squirting to a 74 year old woman. Thankfully, you knew best though and just rushed in to give a sex ed class.

      • Auntie Velvet

        Again, I humbly apologize.

  4. OK I will go along with Bethany saying that Tipsy Girl is a cheater brand of Skinny Girl because it is alcohol with the name Skinny in it also being promoted by a NY Housewife but then why isn’t Bethany’s Skinny Girl Bars a cheater brand of Skinny Cow since they also make bars not just ice cream?

    I just don’t like Bethany – I find her ‘truth cannon’ an excuse to be a mean bitch.

    • Nila

      I agree with you!

      • Minky

        Gotta agree here. Even when Bethenny is right about stuff she’s still annoying and grates in my nerves.

        Why did she engage Sonja at all? It’s like Mohammed Ali getting in the ring with a skinny, pizza-faced, teenaged boy. Like, why bother? Oh, right. Because the cameras were there. Derp!

    • Shae

      Because girl and cow don’t really have similar connotations lol. Tipsy or Skinny girl are both referring to girls, same group, same type of name. But “skinny cow”? not really a similar name/style, also, skinny cow was not owned by one of her close girlfriends selling the same products so I don’t see any conflict there.

      It’s about associations, not just about whether the same word appears in the name. It’s also about Sonja being included in Bethenny’s process, getting info from her, and then going to sign on to a product remarkably similar to Bethenny’s with a remarkably similar name. Not kosher.

    • Ktina

      I found her to be horrible last night. She’s really mean and did not have to go in on Sonja like that.

      • Meri

        Yes she did. Sonja has gotten away with a lot of BS while pretending to be a victim. She is broke because she made terrible investment decisions and uses other people to get information to benefit herself. She ingratiates herself pretending to be weak and vulnerable and then steals whatever she can to benefit her fake branding ideas. Sonja is a worthless person. imo and she should be avoided at all costs. She should be in an institution and I hope that her ex is careful regarding how their daughter is raised. Sonja is mentally unstable. Luann comes across like the biggest whore ever and she seems to love having that reputation. What a difference from the first season of “the Countess” to the most recent one of the “C-U-Next-Tuesday-ess” that she has become. I am embarrassed for her. Ramona is suffering from some form of tourettes syndrome and can’t seem to shut here big mouth. She is dumb and I don’t think that she’s faking it like Sonja. Are any of these people really friends off the show? I cannot see Bethenny associating with anyone but Carole when the cameras are off. Hanging out with drunken sluts is not good for her brand. Sonja knew exactly what she was doing with the naming of her booze and using the excuse that because Bethenny was her “mentor” she could use a cheater name and try to emulate everything that Bethenny did is a piss poor excuse for simply stealing an idea and a similar name. It’s time for Sonja and Ramona to be off of television.

      • Undine

        This is so annoying: people need to stop infantalizing Sonja. Bethenny wasn’t “mean”, she was direct and conveyed her personal hurt and betrayal in a very businesslike way when Sonja should have been cussed the hell out. Sonja is a grown ass woman who wanted to run with the big dogs. She was the one who stabbed her own business mentor in the back. But Sonja gets sympathy from viewers for squeezing out some fake crocodile tears? You gotta be kidding me.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Meri: what you said.

      • Minky

        I get what you’re saying Meri. I really do. And I feel that Bethenny is right to be pissed, as is everyone else that Sonja’s shit on. I just don’t see the sense in engaging. People like Sonja just need to wallow in their own crapulence.

      • iloveearlgrey

        Meri, that’s what Sonja should have named her brand: Drunken Slut!

      • C.Austin

        Sonja has gotten away with being a sloppy, drunken, slutty, unappreciative, mess for years because she was “going through so much”. A lot of good it has done her – maybe Bethenny holding her feet to the fire will wake her up.

    • jb44

      Tipsy Girl does not have the name Skinny in it. The two brands share the name Girl. One is a low calorie alcohol drink and the other isn’t.

      • Sabrina

        Bethenny had to be strong in her reply not just for all the above about Sonya, but also because Sonya was being bought by a guy who DOES intend to use Sonya’s HW presence to sell the product, and to create a full line of alcohol- all coyly close in name to Bethenny’s. Sonya knows what he is doing, and is facilitating it to make money. Bethenny has to stop the first one who does it- or it may well be repeated. B had no choice but to shut it down– completely.

      • Leg

        I agree! I guess I’m going to have to refer to myself as a boy now as Bethenny seems to think she owns the word “girl” and I don’t want her to sue me. Sonja is a joke and her bubbly line prob isn’t going anywhere, I dunno why Bossyboots has her panties in a twist, her line of crappy diet wine is in no danger of being associated with it

    • Amy V

      Because, Skinnygirl. Is one word.

      • Shae

        Really? lol You think it’s that she thinks she “owns” the word? C’mon, Leg. If your friend has a brand that’s called “skinnygirl” and you are partnering up with some guys marketing “tipsy girl” alcohol, you can’t see the conflict there? You can’t see why your “friend” would feel a bit angered by this?

        Bethenny said she’s not afraid of Sonja affecting her business, it’s the point of the matter. Bethenny extended herself to HELP sonja in her business affairs and encroaching upon her trademarked brand is how Sonja responds? The names are a tad too similar. If she really felt strongly about going with the name, she should’ve done Bethenny the courtesy and respect, as a friend, of speaking to her about it first.

        Sometimes, that’s all it takes. A heads up and an acknowledgement the area is iffy.

      • Leg

        I get your point, I just think tipsy girl is kind of a cute name and if I saw it on a shelf I wouldn’t think of bethenny b/c it’s not diet bubbly. Or maybe it is, I dunno. I just like getting tipsy

    • LK

      Fun fact – Skinny Cow actually filed a case against at least one of the the Skinny Girl trademarks when it was filed in 2014 (timing wise, probably when it was filed for foods) and they settled… so we can be like 99% sure that SG pays or paid SC some monies to get to use the name (but no one will ever know because the settlement isn’t public).

  5. pocketbooklover

    I could have gone my entire life without knowing that Luann is a squirter.

  6. mary

    I’ve go back & forth feeling sorry for Sonya & then not. Now I think it’s pity I feel for her & her manipulative delusions. But she burned a bridge with B. & I agree that was total BS…”I don’t wanna be like you blah, blah”

    Carole & Adam- ugh. He’s so lame. And totally using her for his career. I can’t believe she lost her editor over a stupid vegan cookbook. This is going to end badly for her because he will leave her for someone his age. And I think it will break her heart. But there is an arrogance about those 2 together that gets on my nerves. Watching him slowly move around & I don’t think he’s very good-looking either.

    Ramona has lost her Damn mind. Mario is giggling with happiness he got off that crazy train.

    John was in the right this time.

    Luann is getting beat up on this season. Ouch

    Jules & the nanny….yuck. really don’t like her now.

    • Meredo

      @Mary, I agree with everything you said except your dislike of Jules. I’m really starting to like Jules. I think she’s still nervous in front of the cameras and thus puts her foot in her mouth a lot, but overall I think she’s a really sweet woman. I love her voice! I hope she finds her niche in the show so that she doesn’t end up being a one season wonder.

  7. Espi

    John putting his hand in Ramonas face is an absolute disgust. This man wants an apple so bad it’s mortifying.

    Bethany reading Sonja for filth was amazing. You can’t be smart and stupid. And I sipped the tea so slow… Highly entertaining episode. I could live without the John scenes since he always Crosses a line of disrespect but the woman drama is hilarious

  8. Pip

    Ramona is the biggest gossipy asshole on this show. If she talked shit like that about me the way she did Luann, I would go to jail for assault and battery. You know that list you all were making about most hated housewives? I think she is my numero uno. I am seriously on fire after watching that. What a wretched woman.

    • Minky

      Guuuuuuuuuurrrrrrl! I so, totally feel you. Ramona has very few, if any, redeeming qualities. People who gossip the most also tend to have the most dirty laundry in the hamper. Just sayin’.

      • MySharona

        You are both so right! Ramona just entered the crazy shit head train! No wonder Mario is over and out.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        She talks just a liiittle too much about other people’s drinking and sleeping around.

      • Meredo

        Ramona has somehow managed to become even more annoying this season! I did t think it was possible, but she has. I truly hate how she is backstabbing Sonja, it’s disgusting. Some friend, a total bitch!

      • Allison

        I am so beyond sick and tired of Sonja and her raging alcoholic antics, her business delusions and her name-dropping/location dropping that they only way I feel like she’s going to get it is if everyone stops letting her get away with it and handling her with kid gloves, and just stops indulging her bullshit. They’ve gone the concerned friend route, to no avail-and I can understand Ramona being at the end of her rope, along with Bethenny and everyone else. Ms. Morgan is not SO stupid that the name similarity escaped her, and in her narrow thinking probably actually thought it was “cute” and Bethenny would agree. You dont mess with anyone’s livelihood, and just because Sonja cant find one that sticks doesnt mean she should attach herself to Bethenny’s hard work. I dont find Ramona as repugnant as everyone here seems to, I’m way more disgusted with Dorinda and blind defense of John, even though it seems like half the time she herself cant stand him-it seems like every time they’re out together she gets pissed and leaves him. He’s whiny, clingy, sweaty, and ALLEGEDLY wired. Allegedly.

  9. Sari

    I think the elevator became a closet. I’m sure it still is.

    I was wondering about Rey signing that release. Since we didn’t have visual when he was speaking to Luann (and having read about the incident in the press and on your site), I thought he might have gotten away with not signing. But, there he was. Freak.

    Side note, had I been at the next table at Sushi Roxx when Ramona and Luann were being loudly grotesque, I would have given major side eye. After getting a selfie with them, of course. That would have been a fun email to you. “I got some dirt on the ol’ Countess. Here’s my evidence. Please note the rain poncho I’m wearing for my own safety.”

    Bethenny was on point. She’s getting a lot of hate for being “mean”- am I missing something? Are people down with delusional?

  10. “Squirter” talk at the table made me bust out laughing so damn hard for nearly 5 full minutes.

  11. Auntie Velvet

    When Malan Breton was voted off Project Runway it was one of the saddest exits ever. And now here he is at some kind of fakakta dry cleaning “showcase,” and even that gets highjacked by this crazy cat fight with bonus skeezy boyfriends. Oh, Malan! Your dress for Dorinda was really pretty, though!

    • JoJoFLL

      Madameo Paulettes is actually one of the best dry cleaners in the world. Everything from the Met Costume Institute goes there, everything from Vogue, all of Anna Wintour’s personal stuff. I would say John’s company is much more than a dry cleaner. They clean priceless costumes and clothing.

    • Auntie Velvet

      I stand corrected. My corrected comment reads:

      “When Malan Breton was voted off Project Runway it was one of the saddest exits ever. And now here he is at some kind of prestigious dry cleaning “showcase,” and even that gets highjacked by this crazy cat fight with bonus skeezy boyfriends. Oh, Malan! Your dress for Dorinda was really pretty, though!”

      I am not seeing a big difference, though. 😉

    • Sweet T

      I went to one of Malan Breton’s shows and after parties. I remember the password to get in was cockadodaldoo. He was always a favorite of mine on the show and I wished I could have hung up one of his drawings on my fridge when he was little. Anyway, I told him his collection was beautiful and I was proud of his success. It is well deserved. His thank you was sweet and sincere. I love him.

  12. Luann’s sloppy drunk gay ex-one-night-stand is the greatest character I’ve ever seen on RHONY.

  13. Tp

    Ramona and the creepy guy were being a little loud but John couldn’t wait to have a go at Ramona. He’s just a disgusting pig and he’s such a diva! Dorinda has to stop filming with him! She literally begs him to stop with his crazy antics and disrespect but no! No ! He’s not having it. . Snap, snap , snap! I hate him! I don’t even care what Ramona did at this point because his pushing and hand in her face was so vile I want to reach through the tv and throat punch his fat ass! I’m tired of watching Dorinda scream at the top of her lungs and I wish i didn’t have to see that disgusting diva John ever again. Sonja got what she deserved from Bethenney. She totally copied B and then, to add insult to injury, she tells her that she copied her website colors ( that don’t exist) . Uhg! Either she’s very smart and she knows how to dance around the truth and pretend that she’s clueless and dumb or she’s the dumbest woman on earth. I’m going with the latter mixed with a big ole helping of narcissism.

    • I’m with you – I cannot stand Dorinda’s screaming any longer. She cannot blame people for reacting to John’s disgusting behaviour.

      • Shae

        Agreed. Both Ramona and John don’t know how the hell to act in public. It’s disgusting and it’s Dorinda’s fault for allowing it to continue. Neither one will behave.

    • JoJoFLL

      John actually tried to remove that guy and Ramona was the one who stepped in and got in the middle of things. He should have never put his hand in her face but Ramona’s clueless, narcisstic meltdown was epic.

      I feel so sorry for Avery.

  14. Larry

    I’m just happy none of the drama is about diseases (or “diseases”). Makes it all feel fresh.

  15. More Tea Please!

    TT! Do you have any inside info on RHONY? This is the second of two episodes where John and Dorinda walk out on each other? Is this Bravo bullshit scripting or are there serious cracks in the relationship?

  16. peachteachr

    Team Bethenny as always. She’s been my favorite since the first season when Jill Zarin used her like the needy orphan she was. Even back then, Bethenny had “IT”.
    If I watched myself year after year appear as a drunken fool, I would hope I had the good sense to take myself somewhere private and write my children long letters of apology. How do you rear teenage girls and screw everything that moves or breathes?

    • Sabrina

      I was thinking exactly the same thing. And Sonya just wants to get back to where she was- she was married to one of the wealthiest men in the world. She can’t get back there- and is not even getting one thing started. She doesn’t have to pay for her daughter’s school- that is BS- or it should be. Did she ever get the back child support and settlement from Morgan?

      Both Sonya and Ramona- and Luann for that matter- seem desperate, lost and angry enough to be mean about everyone else=and truly enjoy doing it, drunk. That is a shame- and hey have lost any ounce of class ,integrity, or style they ever pretended/desired to have. Those snickering gossipy comments about sex, etc- ugly, unnecessary, and mean girl high school for 40-50 year olds. .

      That being said, it was a far more interesting hour with Bethenny’s segment with Sonya- and even Ramona acting up with John and that GROSS that Luann slept( and travelled with??) and while Jules brings absolutely nothing, I don’t miss Heather or what’s her name at all.

  17. Shae

    That creepy guy, Ray, was the nastiest close talker. Why was he all up in peoples’ faces??? That alone would drive me insane. Back up, stop talking and whining in my face…gross.

  18. The Berg

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    I just wanted to give you mad props for using Dirty Laundry in the comments! Jeez, and now it’s stuck in my head 😉

  19. MySharona

    The lyrics to Dirty Laundry…great touch TT! I don’t know about the rest of you, but if Dorinda talks about her poor hurt feelings one more time I’m gonna have to bust my TV! She knew what she was signing up for. These women will do ANYTHING to keep that apple. She either needs to learn how to take it, dish it out or STFU! So sick of her whining.

  20. Elizabeth

    Oh no…it is official Jules and Micheal are such losers…..UGH! So is John…..

  21. karen

    Love your blog and agree with you 100 percent. Ramon just wanted to get some dirt on Lu and plus she was not even invited.

  22. Leg

    Carole and her boyfriend are such a snoozefest. Dorinda needs anger management and a reality check. Luann must have a thing for very feminine men but I like that she owns her trampiness. There’s no way Jules is being honest about her age, she looks mid-40’s and is so lazy she needs a live-in nanny to be a stay at home mom so she only has to watch her kids while the nanny is waiting in lines for her? And Ramona and Sonja are just dingbat boozehounds.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I’m so over Adam. Every time I see him I’m like “ugh”. He’s using Carole and she has no clue. What an idiot to stop writing her own book to write his. Though those vegan rolls he made did look delicious. I mean, even the cat was enticed by vegan food. It must be good.

  23. TexasWaborita

    Dorinda doesn’t like it when Ramona puts her hand in her face to reenact what John did to her. But Dorinda has no problem pointing her finger in the other girls’ faces when she’s ranting.

  24. Allison

    Bethany going in on Sonja was so overdue and just…everything. Sonja loves to play the flighty lovable ne’er do well but its transparent as hell. Tipsy girl is and never would be a threat to skinnygirl but that’s not the point. Its not cute to play off your friends business and try to ride her coattails, especially when Bethenny really tried with that trainwreck.

    I think TT has made mention before that john must have something on or for dorinda. He’s a vile, sweaty, shiny pig who needs to lay off the cocaine. He’s so clingy and disgusting and..just…gah. I can’t.

  25. Cheychey

    I don’t think for one minute that Sonya remained sober long enough or was clever enough to come up with the name Tipsy Girl. That was all Peter trying to piggybacking off Bethay’s brand. Just as he is using Sonya’s housewife status as a partner. She doesn’t have money to contribute so what else does she have to offer. The fact that he wants a drunken mess to be part of his alcohol business just goes to show what kind of business person it is. Sonya’s main problem is though is she needs to stop depending on get rich quick schemes, rich men and silly business ventures. There is a real thing out there it’s called a job. If you get one you can keep your electricity on, send your kids to college and maybe have a little left over to pay your past due bills so your not going into bankruptcy.

  26. At its best, RH provides this viewer with a perfectly measured mix of schadenfreude and the opportunity to pearl-clutch, and there were moments aplenty in this episode. (Spanglish? Carol’s mid-kitten glottal stop? Sonja finally walking into a wall of excoriation even she could not delude herself out of?) But the Rey thing felt uncomfortably disquieting, because as the post says, “He is creepy and this seems real”, so Ramona’s continental lack of judgment in milking him for shade and arguing against his ejection from the party, followed by her toddler-esque meltdown outside when she loomed into Dorinda’s face and began violently twitching as if she’d just been tased… I don’t know. I won’t pretend I can draw the line between very drunken behavior and mentally unhinged behavior. But it did make me wonder.

    • Pip

      Awesome assessment of Ramona. She’s a mess. Like seriously.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I was blown away by Ramona showing up uninvited and then telling the host that he can’t remove someone who was clearly causing a disturbance. As for Rey I actually felt sorry for the guy at times. He seems to have real serious issues. I feel badly that this is on film for him.

      I’ve been a pretty loyal Ramona defender over the years but something must be going on with her. SHE embarrassed herself and SHE caused a scene like I’ve never seen Sonja do, but she wants to talk about Sonja and Luann’s behavior?

      • Minky

        I’ve always found Ramona somewhat frightening. And I’ve wondered if her eyes are the result of an overzealous plastic surgeon or if they really are an unblinking window into her soul. She just seems too intense. Like she could explode at any second.

        And isn’t Dorinda supposed to be her friend? What’s going on?!

  27. I’m always so late to the comments, and most everythings been said much better than I can say it, lol….BUT so love the brilliance of TT Dirty Laundry in the recap, so many could say>>Well I coulda been an actor but I wound up here<<on this franchise?! (RIP Glenn Frey btw :( )

    I like this cast and dynamic, much like the latest cast on Beverly Hills. I wasn't a super fan, but do wish they would have kept Heather (or did she leave on her own?) rather than Jules…or even Carole. Maybe not this ep, but on one of them Carole's entryway reminded me of Simon and Alex's decorating in Brooklyn….weren't they lambasted for the red/black/pleathery bordello scheme?

  28. Will

    Two thoughts:

    1. I love RHONY. It’s just the crown jewel of the Housewives shows. It’s 100 times smarter than the others, which is probably why it’s low rated too, but I don’t mind!

    2. Sonja should just call her prosecco “Sexy J,” send me a check for $100, and then move on.

  29. Katherine 2.0

    I cannot get past the picture of Sonja as a confident model, an obscenely rich trophy wife, and a favorite novelty among the monied class. To lose all of those things in the past few years, and now her looks, it seems Sonja’s effervescence has finally gone flat. She is the Tipsy Girl, tilting on the edge. I hope someone catches her.

    • tamaratattles

      lol @ confident model. She met Mr. Morgan while hostessing at a restaurant. Her life as she describes it is bullshit. Her husband was very wealthy but not the spendy type. She’s a poor girl who did well in marriage and blew all her money after the divorce.

      • Katherine 2.0

        Oh, but Tamara, either way she had a taste of the good life, and she misses it. It has to burn.
        Like those handful of times I got to fly first class. Now that I know what I am missing, it makes flying economy class SO much worse. And you’re right, she blew it.

      • Minky

        Ooooh, Katherine 2.0! You lucky duck. The best I’ve done is to walk through the 1st class section. I got misty-eyed.

    • JoJoFLL

      Sonja was never a model or those photos would be plastered all over her home, website, etc.

      For one thing, she isn’t anywhere tall enough. All those 80s and 90s models are giraffes.

  30. Lime Brain

    I’m wondering if production found out about that Rey guy and got him drunk and brought him to the party.

  31. AustralianFanofTT

    I think ramona deserves a taste of her own medicine .. See how she likes it when her friends blab her private business for all and sundry.
    Ramona is such a jealous and nasty woman.. Is it really necessary to divulge such private things? She always looks so thrilled when she is putting someone down. The things she says about her friends luann and sonja are apalling.

    Have to say dorinda looks gorgeous! Hair, makeup, wardrobe all fantastic.. She looks amazing in every scene. Oh how i would love her wardrobe castoffs!!!

  32. iloveearlgrey

    It seems Ramona’s brain finally turned 13 this season.

  33. DJFL

    “Carole is going to foster a “Kit in”. I have to fast forward this because I can’t stand the way she says kitten.” That irritated the fuck out of me too. She sounded like a Kardashian.

  34. jen

    Bethany tried last season to have a heart to heart with sonja it Didn’t work. Sonja deserved what Bethany said. Sonja is insane. She truly is. Jules annoys me. I wish she wasn’t on thw show. Romona was acting like a drunken fool but how many times did John do the same? ? Carole is annoying. Cute idea them writing a book together. They are cute. How ironic she almost got rid of her kitchen then fell in love with a chef?sonja’s red apartment is so beyond tacky, the fake story of Luann living there is rediculous. Why again can’t Luann just buy an apartment in the city. Apparently the countess os quite the whore and Romona just loooooves to call her out on it. What a bitch. Ramona is definitely on something.

  35. Lime Brain

    I thought the funniest thing about this episode was how fast and how red Ramona turned when John put his hand in her face.

    She turned “Anderson Cooper eating a chicken wing” red and beat him by about 5 seconds.

    I’m waiting for her to blame her reaction to John on how horrible her father was and she is at zero fault.

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