Anthony Bourdain Tries to Kill Anderson Cooper With A Chicken Wing!

Imprisoned Journalists from Bourdain's Parts Unknown

Imprisoned Journalists from Bourdain’s Parts Unknown Iran, Jason Rezaian and his wife were imprisoned after this photo. Jason was held for 543 days and was released in January of 2016.

After recapping reality shows day after day, I have a few secret shows I watch to counteract all the stupidity and bitchy women. I watch them on the weekends or sometimes during the day if I have time for an hour break while grabbing a bite to eat. One of my favorites is Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown.  When he was on the Travel Channel he had a very similar show called No Reservations.  I love these shows!  Back when I had satellite I had a lot of storage space on my DVR and I used to save every episode of No Reservations.  It was very traumatic for me to go back to cable and lose all of those shows.  Parts Unknown goes to some places that No Reservations could not  because it’s on CNN and they have some pull when it comes to getting into difficult places.  I thought I knew everything there was to know about these shows.

I was wrong.

Apparently, when Parts Unknown began,  Anthony started doing little clips to promo the show with Anderson Cooper!  This is a hilarious combination because Anderson is a very picky eater. Like the kids who only eat chicken nuggets and fries their entire childhood picky. Anthony on the other hand will eat rat goat testicles in order to acknowledge the customs of the tribe he is visiting without hesitation.  Just today I found out about this great pairing


It seems the meet at a restaurant, or at Anderson’s house to discuss the upcoming episode and share a meal. It’s a video series called In The Kitchen with Cooper and Bourdain. I just found out about this masterpiece today.

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In the video above, Anthony is talking about the  country of Georgia.  Then he offers Anderson a chicken wing. Anderson thinks he is about to get off easy, because he likes chicken.

But what happens next is clearly Bourdain trying to kill poor AC.  It’s hysterical. Watch it!


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28 responses to “Anthony Bourdain Tries to Kill Anderson Cooper With A Chicken Wing!

  1. Dd

    Thanks TT, I LOVED it and laughed out loud!!!!

  2. Lisa

    That’s me with spicy food! Too funny. Thanks, TT.

  3. claire

    LOVE THIS!!!

  4. That’s me with spicy foods. :) Looking forward to watching these. Thanks, TT.

  5. Crazymom

    Thanks for this! I love Anthony Bourdain!

  6. Waterbrat

    Love Anthony. check out mind of a chef when you have time

  7. TBD

    This is FN hilarious. Thanks for that one. Lol.

  8. Minky

    That was adorable. Poor Anderson. Personally I love all things spicy. I could drink a bottle of Tapatio or Sriracha.

    TT, I totally share your enthusiasm for Bourdain. He’s funny looking, but somehow that just makes him sexier! Sqweeeeee!

  9. Jane

    I think I’ve watched all his shows. Personal favorite was when he was with pigmies, i think, and ate intestines from a fresh kill that weren’t cleaned. Yeah, he pulled a A Cooper on that meal. I have also loved Anderson ever since he spent days in the New Orleans Superdome, interviewing hurricane refugees, when “first responders” were claiming it was too dangerous for them to go in. One of the most shameful times in our recent history and there were AC and Harry Connick Jr, unarmed and unharmed.

  10. JoJoFLL

    I love Parts Unknown! My favorites have been Charleston, Greece, and Miami so far!

    Love the video!

  11. Lime Brain

    Omg! You can actually see his face turning red.

  12. ingrid

    Love parts unknown, though I usually have to wimpily fast forward the animal killing parts. His last show really got me eating new foods, I have learned that there is no harm in trying it! He is also hot and funny, which keeps me watching.

  13. Wallace

    Two of my all time favorites. They are both on my fantasy dinner party guest list. :-)

  14. Lauren Rose Keller

    TT, you are a goddess! Anthony Bourdain is one of my favorite persons of all time, and this In The Kitchen with Cooper and Bourdain is a true gift. Anderson’s voice goes up a full octave! “More water”!!!! Amazing.

    And yes, Parts Unknown is a fantastic show!

  15. Cat

    Poor Anderson! Water just intensifies the heat, doesn’t it?

  16. Rose

    Anderson turned as red as those curtains behind him! Poor thing.

  17. Cheychey

    i want some wings right now.

  18. The weirdest thing I’ve seen Anthony Bourdain eat were grub tacos–tortillas filled with grubs!! I’d still kiss him.

    • tamaratattles

      See? I love Anthony in more of a gay best friend kind of way. We might have a drunken makeout we’d both regret in the morning but I don’t find him “hot” in that way. I mean I wouldn’t kick him out of bed, but if we are suspending our disbelief that I could get with the celeb of my choice, I don’t waste that fantasy on him.

  19. Anica

    I love Parts Unknown, also The Layover. Man does that man like to drink!?

  20. Sammie

    OMG, this made my day! Two of my favorite men in the world. I’ll be looking for/watching this show ASAP. Thanks TT for this gem!

  21. Jim

    I had an experience very similar to that during a business trip to Atlanta. Our Atlanta hosts brought us to a really nice steakhouse. And they insisted that everyone try the spicy shrimp cocktail. I coughed and gagged on the first bite but managed to finish every bit of it because after the initial shock, it was absolutely delicious.

    Now I want shrimp cocktail! :(

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