WWHL With Mariah Carey

WWHL Mariah

Sigh. Why does Andrew have to randomly screw up my viewing schedule?  Because I have this random weird half hour to wait for Tour Group, I suppose I will stare at Andy’s crooked tie for a half an hour. She is late so he is talking to himself waiting on her to show up. Or not.

There she is! He has also put Mariah in his chair. You know, Andy, the one who says the chair placement and the game prizes mean nothing.  Mariah wants the other side. Andy informs her that she does in fact want the side she is on. Because, Andy.

Wow. Mariah is really dumb. Like Teresa Giudice could teach her a things dumb. Who could marry this woman? I have listened to her for 10 minutes and I need  to visit a monastery or something.

Why does Andy feel the need to bring J-Lo up every single time. I have heard the “I don’t know her” story ten times on WWHL. Andy is now worried that Mariah doesn’t “know” him. He is so afraid of her rambling answer he cuts to commercial.


Some RuPaul Drag Queens are there and Derek comes out as Mariah and she tells him he looks like Brittany. BWAHAHAHAHA. Stick to what you know, Derek.

There is no need for me to write anything else. Is this drugs? Alcohol? Mental Illness? A combo? Or daaaadaaaadaaadaaa?

I feel like this gay super fan calling in right now is going to literally have a heart attack.  This is giving me actual anxiety.

Three minutes to Sandhurst….

Andy asks her favorite song to play in Vegas. She needs a lot of think time. Andy gives her a helpful clue, “They are all your number ones….”

I can’t.

Derrek who still looked exactly like Brittany was the winner chosen by Mariah. She literally had photos to point at and read the name. Now talk amongst yourselves. It’s time for Tour Group.


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33 responses to “WWHL With Mariah Carey

  1. Bridgett

    Thanks, TT! I will be deleting wwhl from my dvr…sounds awful

  2. I had to go to the kitchen and eat some Boston cream pie. I just couldn’t…

  3. When Andrew practically lunged out of his chair at the arrival of the late great Mariah Carey, I said to myself, oh hell no, and changed the channel in record time. I can’t watch him when he grovels to superstars.

    • tamaratattles

      It was just so bad, I could not follow her. My brain has been full for days and I could not process what she was saying. I just wanted her to shut up. I am trying to picture who wants to live with that. How did Nick survive it? Why doesn’t this billionaire just buys himself 72 virgins and call it a day?

      So um are we going to watch the reality show for the trainwreck value?

  4. Lurker

    I LOVED Mariah. Then again, I’m a gay super fan.

    It was so funny when Mariah pointed out Andy’s ugly tie, Derek showed up as Mariah in a Brittany wig and Mariah’s was late.

    For those that don’t know, Mariah’s ex-husband secretly obtained tracks for Mariah’s upcoming album and had J-Lo record them for her second album and had J-Lo release them first. I don’t blame J-Lo but Mariah’s ex husband Tommy Mattola was shady as hell for pulling that.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. ?

    • I could add to what you said, but I hope it isn’t breaking commenting rules… I remember hearing that TM passed on the role of Selena, on behalf of Mariah, without telling Mariah that it was offered to her. Then, TM recommended Jlo for the part and it went on to make her a big star. Mariah was livid.

      • tamaratattles

        The commenting rule that is breaks is using stupid initials rather than names.

      • Ktina

        JLo can’t shine Mariah’s shoes in the talent department and was a huge star way before Lopez became some marketers wet dream. There are so many people way more talented than that ho. JLo was the fat dancer on In Living Color until she started boinking Diddy. I will say that Mariah would have been terrible as Selena

      • LOL sorry TT.. Tommy Mottola. I worry that they will try to sue you if their names are there like crazy Sheree.

      • Yes poor fat unsuccessful & unemployed Jennifer Lopez. #SMDH

  5. I just don’t understand how Mariah has ZERO self-awareness at this stage in her life. Does she not realize that she rambles incoherently?

  6. Minky

    Oh, wow. For some reason I didn’t figure that Mariah was so deeply vapid. Why does she have so many fans again? Weird.

    • Ktina

      Because she’s incredibly talented. I don’t like her as a person because I think she treats people poorly, but that voice was amazing.

      • Minky

        I don’t doubt her talent. It’s just always a let down when someone who’s THAT famous turns out to be so boring. That’s all I meant.

    • Matzah60

      She is one taco short of the combo plate, but her voice is amazing. I remember watching her sing a duet with the late Whitney Houston. Both have true talent, G-d-given, and they don’t need any help from auto tune.

  7. SaraSally

    Her new show will be solid gold for my voyeuristic needs. Sure, it will be cataloged along side of Paula Abdul, Brittany, Ozzy disasterous reality show pursuits, but thats fine by me. Is it truly evil to enjoy the deconstruction of a star? Something about breaking through the smoke & mirrors makes me absolutely giddy while whispering under my breath, “I knew it!”

  8. JustJenn

    I love Mariah, who is forever in a booze infused daze. Her songs will always be some of my very favorites..plus her lack of self awareness gives me life. I can’t even wait for her reality show.

  9. Calipatti

    Who is TM?
    She seemed so normal until she wasn’t. It’s a true example of how fame can distort a person.

    I saw her on one of the shopping networks few years ago. She was so self absorbed she seemed to forget she had a product to sell. A mess.
    Great voice with no other appealing traits.
    I will watch for all wrong reasons.

    • TM is Tommy Mottola Mariah’s ex hubby.

      • Calipatti

        Oh thank you,. I wouldnt have put that together, forgot he existed.

        I liked the Ozzy show, it was a complete hoot.
        Each week I would try to find the most seemingly- allegedly drugged out person. There were several to pick from with Ozzy usually winning.

        Remember the food fight with a neighbor over the fence and Ozzy wandering aimlessly down his street mumbling. OMG, such fun.
        It was the absolutely best reality show.

      • tamaratattles

        Yes! Sharon Osbourne INVENTED “the ham game.” lol.

  10. gapeachinsc

    I thought it was funny that she says she doesn’t know JLo but JLo says they know each other – years ago I remember reading that anyone JLo knew from her “Fly Girl” days she claims not to know. There was one guy who reported they ate lunch together every day for a long period of time but now she acts like she never knew him. So all that with Mariah made me laugh.

    She is rather dense, but we have to remember, she’s been singing since she was a kid – and has been a “star” since then, too. The only skill she really needed to develop was singing…and she was so sheltered and had “others” directing her every move…probably telling her all she needed to worry about was her voice. And now she’s surrounded by ass kissers.

  11. tamaratattles

    If I recap her new reality show, I will need subtitles that don’t write out her mutterings but INTERPRET them into English and explain what she thinks she is saying.

    And perhaps hard liquor. I try to avoid hard liquor.

  12. claire

    All I know is she was 1.5hrs late for the GLAAD Awards…then proceeded to clear EVERYONE from the red carpet. She’s ridiculous.

  13. microop

    I love Mariah. She’s talented and ridiculous. Also one of the first mixed artists to break through in s major way. Tommy Matola was incredibly abusive (allegedly). I like JLo too, but I’m not going to knock Mariah for her disdain.

  14. Cat

    Did they carry her in , like Cleopatra? Carried by hunky, shirtless man slaves?

  15. Dee

    Good one Cat, she seems delusional

  16. jen

    Haha@ Cat! I love it…and someone to Fan her and feed her Grapes and Champagne…????

  17. lori

    I know I’m late to the game here, but watching this episode was absolute torture. I don’t know which was worse, this, or when Jules from RHONY was on. Imagine a conversation between those two??? Or better yet, having them both on WWHL together. I truly cannot stand Mariah. I always think the same thing as Tamara, as to how on earth anyone could stand to live with her! Especially someone as witty and personable as Nick. He must have been doing cartwheels to not have to live with that boring, dumb as a doorknob, self absorbed diva anymore. Seriously. The only thing that surprised me on WWHL was that after rudely insulting her drink that she didn’t make more of a stink about it, like instantly demanding some expensive champagne before she could possibly be expected to continue on. I don’t know if I can stomach watching her new show. I mean I still haven’t gotten over her episode of Cribs. For my own good, I hope I can resist. Reading here would probably be the smarter way to go.

  18. tamaratattles

    Okay, I just saw Mariah on Live with Kelly (and Jussie Smollett) It was not live it was taped the same day that she was on WWHL only in the MORNING.

    Clearly she was wasted on WWHL because she was completely coherent, albeit a bit goofy, on Live!

    I am back to liking her again. She seemed kind of fun!

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