Real Housewives of Dallas Recap: Locken Loaded


By: Xanadude

This week’s word du jour at Tamara Tattles is “skeevy.”  Use it three times and it will be yours for life.

Also, you really need to watch this with the captioning on.  It’s government sanctioned shade at its finest!  All the interstitial music is captioned as either (sad electronic music), (peppy electronic music), or, my new favorite (tense electronic music).  Treat yo’ self.  Put the captioning on.

Let’s get Dr. Mark and Cary out of the way now so we don’t have to dwell on them, this skeevy plotline, or the STD we may catch by watching it too long.  Dr. Mark is what Jax would be like with a medical degree.  Dr. Mark and Cary need to shoot new sexytime photos for their plastic surgery website and proceed to spend the entire episode doing so.  The end of their storytime for the week.  Buy-bye until next week when Cary shows up in some Bride of Frankenstein inspired ensemble that Dr. Mark had best not had a hand in, or his fashion cred is shot to hell.  Seriously, from the previews it makes the Rinna and Nene Ramen Hairdos look high class.  Moving on…

Stephanie has two terracotta Chinese warrior statues in front of her house.  She has named them Gayle and Oprah.  This is important and we will circle back to it in a moment.  Travis and Stephanie are re-doing some rooms in their house, and Stephanie doesn’t understand why Travis has to stick his nose in the decorating side, since she thinks he has no taste.  He may not have any taste, but he has the money, so, yes, he can stick his nose anywhere his wallet paved the way for.  They hire some professional decorators.  Travis has input.  Stephanie is annoyed.  They end up doing their sons’ room up to look like the locker room of the Dallas Cowboys (Sidenote: if you ever get the chance, take a tour of Cowboys Stadium.  You get to go EVERYWHERE, including into the locker room,but, even as a non-sportsball type of guy, standing in the giant star in the middle of the field is really humbling and cool.  Throwing a ball to an actual Cowboy? Priceless.)  The finished product is pretty neat and includes a footlocker with air holes that is great for stuffing your younger brother into (as the older brother discovered) or, if you are the younger brother, to hide from the older brother.  I’ve been on both sides of the older brother/younger brother equation, and every child’s room should have one.

RHOD Brandi Crying

By the way: Travis?  Good guy.  I like him.  I like Stephanie, too, when she’s not with Brandi doing ignunt things.  Give me more of Stephanie and Travis and less of Stephanie and Brandi, Bravo.

Now, onto the actual PLOT plots of the episode:  The Sad Marriage of Brandi and Bryan & LeeAnne and Tiffany and Their Fight with the Thing on Marie’s Head

Brandi is sad, y’all.  She’s still mad at Bryan, so to get away from it all (including the kids – WHO ARE NOT MENTIONED or SEEN.  This is important to notice.  The kids only appear when Brandi needs them to play off of – there are times when they SHOULD be there, but just aren’t, and we don’t know where they are.  Brandi claims she doesn’t have a nanny or any help = not even her mom – and those kids are YOUNG.  Are they in daycare?  The neighbors? Are they free range children who only show up for dinner and leave when Mommy starts in with the vodka and poop talk?) she goes to Marie’s house to teach Marie’s daughter how to dance like a whore.  Seriously.  Oh, and to also trash talk LeeAnne, which Marie is all for and gleefully participates in.

A note on Marie.  I have a problem with Marie going into all of this.  Marie refers to herself, on both her twitter and her personal website, as a brand.  Not as a woman who embodies a brand, but as a brand.  “Marie Reyes is a sophisticated, luxury lifestyle brand for women of means.” I am not making this up.  I wish I was.  Marie also brought in Trollboy to literally spread shit about LeeAnne and started the poopypants rumor.

I don’t care for Marie.  More on this later.

Brandi later goes to Stephanie’s house to drink (of course) and commiserate about her marriage.  Before getting to that, though, they make ball jokes and grew pube jokes and laugh and laugh until Brandi mentions her Grandfather’s pubes and then they both realize they crossed a line and pivot to discuss Brandi’s marriage.  Brandi drops the info that her husband, Bryan, who she loves and cherishes and would never embarrass on a nationally broadcast television show, chews his toenails and picks his nose.  They laugh, then again realize they said something mortifyingly stupid and pivot back to sad marriage talk. “It’s fine. It’s fine. It’s fine.” Brandi chants like Meri on “Sister Wives”, before Stephanie says “It’s not fine.”  We are back to the weird camera angles and eye makeup that make Brandi look like the robot Katherine Ross in the original “Stepford Wives” movie:

They end up concluding that Brandi is sad.

Somewhere in the midst of all this we have a scene filmed but shown out of sequence later wherein Stephanie and Brandi dress up Terra Cotta Warriors in the front yard. Cute, right? No. Remember that they called them Gayle and Oprah. They put a Do-Rag on Oprah.  Not cool.  Don’t mess with Oprah in any of her incarnations.

Later that week, Bryan is “at the airport” – we’re not buying that are we? That’s a euphemism for something else – so Brandi calls him to arrange a date/couple’s night out.  Bryan agrees with all the enthusiasm as a man being sentenced to death.  We also learn that one of the daughters is something a daddy’s girl and acts out horribly towards Brandi whenever Daddy is out of town.  Daddy is out of town a lot.

RHOD Brandi and husband

For the Bataan Death March Date, they go to Texas de Brazil (and actually hire a babysitter for the kids!).  Texas de Brazil is a churrascaria, where you pay an exorbitant amount and they literally just keep bringing different cuts of meat from various adorable animals to your table.  It’s someplace you don’t eat prior to going to because…meat.  I’m a carnivor.  This is my idea of heaven.  You get the meat sweats and it’s totally worth it.  I have been known to spend an afternoon there.  Steak!  Venison! Lamb! Goat! Keep it coming! The more exotic and meaty, the better!  This all goes to the point that they went and didn’t actually eat any meat.  It’s criminal!

What they DID do, though, was argue to the point of Bryan walking out.  Well, not actually argue…more like “discuss.” Actually, it’s a pretty one sided conversation, as Brandi keeps talking, and talking, and talking while Bryan alternates between sips of martini and sips of water.  Smart man.  Dumb wife.

The conversation:

Bryan: You’re saying I don’t pay enough attention to you?

Bandi: Did I do something wrong?

Bryan: (long pause) Yes    (tense electronic music)

Brandi: I don’t understand you.

Bryan: Are you gonna cry? Seriously?

Brandi: Somehow it’s always my fault.

Bryan: (sarcastically) Didn’t see that coming.  Dude. Seriously? I’ve had enough. I’m done.

And..scene.  Bryan leaves Brandi alone before any meat has arrived.

Onto the juiciest plot of the night:

We start with LeeAnne and Rich (sexiest man on Bravo at the moment) discusses what to do about Marie.  LeeAnne has found out that since the cocktail hour and the Streetcar of Doom, Marie has been texting Tiffany all kinds of bad stuff.

LeeAnne and Tiffany decide to confront Marie (at Marie’s home! Now, that’s a baller move) and Tiffany prepared by printing out all the text messages.  They arrive at Marie’s, and before going in, hold hands and pray.  Now, here’s the thing I feel I need to explain – this is perfectly normal and acceptable behavior here.  People pray before everything.  Just accept it and move on because it’s about to get fun…

RHOD Leanne and Tiffany


The first thing we see in Marie’s house is a cat that is rapidly losing its hair and this very bizarre fascinator that Marie apparently wears to lounge around the house.  I can’t find a picture of it but trust me it’s worth watching for.  It’s offset on just one side of her head and is apparently copper wires soldered together by a blind woman who thought she making a mousetrap.  It’s hideous.  However, it’s perfect for this scene, as it highlights every facial tic Marie makes while LeeAnne and TIffany read her to filth.  Also the captioning for this was (dramatic entrance music).  Spot on.

After the initial kissy kissy hellos, Tiffany gets down to business, telling Marie she is not comfortable with this level or type of engagement from her and doesn’t understand why she would say things about her supposed good friend LeeAnne.  Marie plays dumb but Tiffany whips out the printed texts, and READS THEM.  Marie tries to cover with a “I’m just concerned about you.”

RHOD leeanneLeeAnne goes Carnie Epic and screams “I am NOT having a mental breakdown! I am pissed as hell!”  Through all of this, Marie gulps and her eyes bulging, darting from side to side, desperately searching for the help THAT WILL NEVER COME.  LeeAnne asks why Marie would talk with, gossip to, and share news with Brandi.  Marie says she would never do that.  Bravo Flashbacks immediately to Marie doing all three, back when Brandi was teaching Marie’s daughter to lapdance.  They leave with some kind of weird truce reached, but not really, because we know that LeeAnne and Tiffany are about to find out the depth of what Marie did.  Marie is still dumbstruck on her sofa, her stupid fascinator in place, vainly wishing that whatever planet is transmitting into it will beam her up and away from this, or turn back time, or whatever it is would solve this awful awful situation she created for herself.

You know how awful it was? So awful that instead of her normal 20 periscopes after the show she has only done about 3 as I finish writing this.

If you’ve been avoiding this show, I highly recommend you watch this episode.  It’s getting good.

Next week:  More Sad Panda Brandi, The Aaron Hendra Project Rocks a Charity Show, and Cary debuts the worst hairdo since WWHL Rinna.


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54 responses to “Real Housewives of Dallas Recap: Locken Loaded

  1. therealdeb

    AWE, poor little drunk Brandi…. I also like Stephanie better without her her drunken redheaded troll friend. Leanne and Tiffany could be a force to be reckoned with. Cary and her attitude and how she portrays herself and her husband makes her look like gold digging twat waffle. Marie is fucked..

  2. Snowflake

    Is it too much to ask to have a recap written from someone who is not Locken’s best friend? The hate and one sided delusion is oozing out.

  3. tamaratattles

    I heard from quite a few people before this show began airing that Leanne was a mentally unstable raving lunatic. I’ve been trying to keep an open mind, but she had been up in every single woman’s face on the show and physically threatening even to her one ride or die friend. I’m a believer now She’s even physically gone after a cameraman and punched a streetcar! She’s nuts.

    The only reason to watch this show is to see Brandi and her cute little girls. I love her antics with them in the kitchen. It’s probably the most southern part of the show.

    It’s clear that Brandi’s husband has checked out of the marriage and is all but living somewhere else. He seems to only come around to see the girls. Brandi seems a bit afraid of him. Instead of telling him that it was hurtful and unacceptable for him to go out to the bar and then show up late and drunk to a very important family function she basically tried to start of saying that she was doing a bad job of asking for the attention that she needs from him. The whole I would like for us to do the family stuff together rather than separate broke my cold black heart. It seems to me that they are already separated and he is dropping by for visitation. It’s also clear he didn’t want her to do the show.

    • Michelle

      I’m so confused.

      • Meri

        The only thing this show has taught me is to NEVER go to Dallas. I don’t like the women and can’t understand what’s so entertaining about any of them. It’s a bad soap opera filled with neurotic women. Oh wait…all the HW shows are like that and that’s why I stopped watching them and only read the blogs here instead.

    • Ktwallis

      It was awful… I was literally yelling at the screen trying to coach her on what to say. She literally said nothing and it still pissed him off. I think you’re spot on, but I wonder if there is already another woman. He’s just so angry and emotionally distant… He feels pretty detached from his kids too which is why the older one probably lashes out. I hate watching this family break up yet can’t look away. Do we know if they are still together?

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        There’s absolutely already another woman. Any man who shows that much contempt for his wife is 100% cheating.

    • Micheal

      I don’t understand the Brandi hate. She is clearly reacting to how crazy Leanne is.

      Any tea on why Marie is not a housewife when she is rich and completely intertwined in nearly all of the drama? She is worse than Faye.

      • I don’t hate Brandi but she does seem to be very immature and she has to stop with poop and Jesus juice. I love seeing her interact with LeeAnne and I live for how LeeAnne reacts.

    • Realityjunkie

      Agree w I think everything you say TT. Brandi looks as if she’s desperately trying to hold on to her marriage. I think her drinking is her coping mechanism.

    • Ara

      It is quite clear Brian doesn’t want his marital fights on camera. I am surprised he is agreeing to at least sit down with her- perhaps he doesn’t want to be portrayed a total absentee father/husband which may hurt his chances in custody.
      I can never understand the plight of people like Brandi who drag their marital woes on camera in order to save (?) marriages when clearly the spouse is uncomfortable/against it. How is that gonna help the marriage? Brian might be a total douchebag, but poopymouth Brandi has clearly chosen her priorities as well. No sympathies there.

      • Micheal

        Priorities….like how Brandi has prioritised trying to start a television career, make her own money and independence. Given the likelihood their marriage is nearly over by the looks of it – I think it is a very smart move.

    • Thank you for writing about another POV in regards to the Dallas housewives. I’ve been reading the recaps and find myself wondering if I am watching the same show. Sure, Brandi is a bit immature, but she seems to be behaving like what I would guess is her real, true, immature self. She acts like a young mother, overwhelmed w/young kids who’s checked out husband travels (or has moved out), had a shakey family upbringing and is adapting to being part of the “New money crowd”. She seems lonely, emotional and scared that everything is falling apart because it probably is. Her agenda for doing this dumb show doesn’t seem to be a financial , business or social status (In RHOD speak, “Charity”) decision, it comes across as a idea hatched by someone desperately trying to get her husband’s attention… the worst forum ever. I feel sad for her.

      And I think Leanne is babysit crazy.

  4. Cherry Bomb

    Oh X Dude…. You are so f ‘ing right ! I watched the episode (yes all of it ) and it was riveting… LeeAnne has me glued to my seat with eyes and ears bulging…. I don’t know what I’m going to see or hear from her mouth next. The crazy blush the screaming at everyone moments the bulging eyes…. It’s all just so good ! I wish she were still a carny working the State Fair of Texas… She’s certifiable and I just want more of her crazy moments. I would stand by her game or booth or whatever carny game she would be running with a couple of corny dogs and a lemonade and wait for her crazy to shine. As for Brandi and her gingy Spencer Pratt look a like hubby…. It is sad but so is her pink eyeshadow…. I will pray for her. Thank you so much for such a great and thorough recap… It also was SO GOOD !

  5. TripleOGpearl

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Brandi’s husband had a girl for each location he regularly travels to. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Brandi knew that. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Brandi chose to do this show to secure the funds to comfortably get out of dodge until their divorce/custody battle ends. ‘Cause it’s obvious their separation will be contentious.

  6. More Tea Please!

    Brian is a Super Douche. You were foolish enough to marry some dumb eye candy, and are now over it. Deal with it like a man imstead if making it her fault and making her miserable. You, sir, are a jerk, all on display on national TV who at this point can’t give two shits about your marriage or your family. Put your Big Boy pants on and deal with it like a man instead of being a bully with the power of money.

    • HappyGal

      I would also love to know what that Douche meant by ‘yes you did’ when she asked if she did something wrong. What did she do that was so wrong?!?!

      Yes Brandi is immature and yes she has issues but that is no reason to treat her the way he does. I am quite sure her drinking is not helped by him acting the way he does towards her and her being left alone so much. It is clear she loves her kids and wants to make it work with him but he wont even try and that makes me so sad for her.

      She has never even been in a relationship with anyone else if I understand the dynamic of their relationship – so I can just imagine how totally lost she must feel. She has no career, she has two young kids, she still appears to want to make it work with a husband that seems to loath her, she is not sophisticated emotionally and just seems totally lost.

      She is a hellcat though and called Leeanne out on her bullshit and that is pretty awesome because I think most of the others were too afraid to do it.

      Now if she would just have someone take her under their wing and coach her a bit to stop talking about poop and balls and maybe do a soften of the makeup – she just needs some refinement :)

      • BroMo90

        When he said she did something wrong, I think he was referring to her bringing up any issues on camera when she knew he didn’t want to be on film at all. He’s still a prick.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @BroMo he doesn’t have to film, I’m a little baffled as to why he’s appearing on camera at all. He’s doing a good job of making himself look like a jerk.

      • BroMo90

        @TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoga Agreed. Maybe she pressured him to do it. Who knows

  7. Lime Brain

    That was such a great recap, I am going to force myself to watch this episode. This is another series that I only catch bits and pieces of, but your recaps are sucking me in. :)

    Btw, my sister recently went on a tour of Dallas Stadium. She’s not into football at all and she was amazed at that place. She thinks everyone should visit it also.

  8. Marianne

    Excellent recap!! Thank you very much. I have to admit, this show is starting to lure me in. I live in Dallas, so that makes it more fun to watch. I love watching the characters get more comfortable in front of the cameras. I feel sorry for Brandi, it is obvious that the husband wants O.U.T. – as soon as possible. I think he has another girlfriend. It is sad, but I think this issue has been ongoing, not just now springing up. You can tell by the way he looks at her, talks to her, stays away from her. I hope she is preparing her exit strategy and getting a good lawyer. She acts afraid of him, which is really disturbing. Go get a lawyer Brandi, fight back.

    • Xanadude

      Thanks! I hope you enjoy the new recapper as well!

      • I don’t have to agree with all of your opinions about each housewife to enjoy your recap which I find to be VERY enjoyable!!! I love your insights into Dallas and the way you describe the women – besides if all agreed how BORING would THAT be :)

        Thanks for another terrific recap !!

        BTW the entire seen with Maria I wondered what you were going to write about that thing in her head lol

      • Don’t listen to one person who is welcome to blog on her own. LOVE your recaps!!!!!!

  9. BroMo90

    Hahah this recap amazing. When that door opened and I saw what Marie was wearing, I definitely cocked my head to the side. She seems like a complete jackass. Is she married? If so, where is her husband? Why does she allegedly have money? I know she didn’t pay for that house with the money she made from being a “print model”. The house seems cold and stale so I can see her being the type to rent something to film in. So many questions! I still think Lee Anne is amazing.

  10. Bridgett

    My take on Bryan/Brandi…he agreed to her doing the show, but did not want to be on it. She said he isn’t into confrontations, then confronted him on camera! No wonder he left. Sorry, I’m on his side for this.

  11. Jessica

    I don’t understand how showing up at someone’s house with printed texts (crazy girl friend move) and screaming at the top of your lungs with accompanying bulging eyes that you are not having a breakdown is meant to convince anyone that you are not having a breakdown.

  12. Allison

    I don’t get the Brandi hate either. She’s the least offensive on the cast for me, but her husband is a TOOL, I hope she keeps a shred of dignity and moves on from him-Mark makes me cringe the way he salivates over and objectifies Cary. The “photo shoot”-gack. Tiffany and Leanne going over to Marie’s with printed texts was less read and more high-school-gang-up-mean-girl to me. Leann is batshit with her high-society delusions of charitable grandeur. Yes, Cary, the no photoshop complaint was transparent-you’re really saying you both think youre so perf, you dont need it.

    Stephanie’s big ole mole thing drives me insane. Leanne yelling at and physically attacking the cameraman-wtf was THAT-hello, without that guy, we dont know who the hell you are, and you have no paycheck. She’s certifiable.

  13. Auntie Velvet

    I admired Marie’s composure (if not her headgear) during all of this. I think she read the situation pretty quickly and realized that Tiffany is one of those women who blows with the wind, Marie was clearly just waiting until the women had exhausted themselves and would leave. Her blasé cat just stone cold having a bath while Leeanne went nuts was amazing — talk about the perfect familiar!

    • BroMo90

      Marie looked like she was zoned out while they were confronting her. You could almost hear her thinking “I wonder if this is a good angle for the camera. Everyone is going to think I look so wealthy with this amazing fascinator on my head. I need to update my LinkedIn. I bet I get my own spinoff show after this”. Or maybe she was too busy focusing on being a lifestyle brand to react to their tag-team attack.

  14. Friday'smom

    You are better than watching the show. Can you come to my house next week and watch with me please!

  15. Miguel

    Great recap, as always, Xanadude!!! Unfortunately, my comments have been hit or miss with TT’s new format which is heartbreaking! Just want you to know, if the “new recapper” takes over, I’m out (although it appears that way, as my comments swirl around in cyber space)!!!

    I UNABASHEDLY STILL PREFER LEEANNE OVER ANY OF THE OTHERS!!! In words Brandi-fans would understand, I’d take her shit over any of the others on any shitty day!!! If Bryan thinks Brandi did something, wait until he sees her out his grooming habits on TV (teehee)!!!

    P.S. I’m still reading daily, TT – though I feel like a window licker lately. I didn’t realize how addicted I’d become to this site, until I could no longer participate. Thanks a mil for all the laughs, everyone!!!

  16. Mariah

    So on the texts Tiffany printed out, her responses to Marie were conveniently left out. One can only assume that she did engage Marie in the conversation.

  17. Wallace

    I’m amused with how quickly my perceptions of these women are changing from the first episode.

    I love watching Leanne. Where did they find such a person? I was revolted by her to start but now am starting to see some good along with the bad and ugly.

    Dr. Deuber is giving me flashbacks to RHONY’s Simon – right down to the Cavalli animal print gown they each picked out for their wives. He’s a lot less creepy than Simon but not nearly as entertaining.

    I need Brandi’s baby whisper talk and the 70’s disco eyeshadow combos to go away.

    • Alicia

      OMG, Simon, yes!!!! Eww, they’re both SO creepy. Dr. Deuben and Cary in the operating room, tho??? Him talking about “sexy time” with her later??? Made me want to vomit. And feel sorry for the unconscious patient. And want to ask their coworkers why they aren’t filing sexual harassment m/hostile workplace lawsuits.

  18. Laura

    Is it just me, or does it sound like the announcer is now saying, “Brava”?

  19. I like this franchise but your recaps are STILL better than the actual show xanadude! Lol :) I spent a few days in Dallas back in November – wish I would have had all this insight then. 1/2 the group did the Ft. Worth stuff – my group ended up in Dealey Plaza side of things – almost by accident – while navigating the public transit headed for the space ball thingey but ended up on the wrong side of the fence. Thoroughly enjoyed our time, regardless. Wish I would have found the meat restaurant featured on the show and in your recap. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeat!

    The Anna Nicole Show started my “reality” tv adventure and at this point I wouldn’t be surprised to tune in next week and find Brandi peering into the camera in clown make up sad baby voice whispering about poopy balls or something. Yes the hub is checked out – but def two sides to that story I’d bet. Stefanie seems to have the exact same marriage but doesn’t seem to self medicate with alcohol to hide her deperation or to endure her sweaty overbearing husband. Maybe religion and bracelets help?

    LeeAnn is the star of this show…but not for the reason she thinks,lol. I think it’s the contrast of the others’ lives and houses to her sitting on the bed with her beagle for me? The grounded normal boyfriend helps too. Plus her friendship seems genuine with whatshername. I really loved the house that the gal with the thing on her head lived in….the cat hair was making me sneeze just looking at it tho.

  20. Xanadude

    I find it really funny that apparently no one watches the show but the recap/post is one of the most popular pages here on TT.

    • Micheal

      Did you notice Tiffany’s bright gold legs at Marie’s house?

      I hope they were a poor choice in leggings/stockings and not a choice in hometanning.

  21. Suse

    Okay!! Bravo should do a word contest . . . DALLAS v. POTOMAC. The words? For Big D — “CHARITY.” For that other place . . . oh, year, POTOMAC — “ETIQUETTE.” They should go one for one and see who wins at the end of the season. The prize are those two statues in what’s-her-face’s front yard; Second place (you ask??) will be the “flattened, bendy pencil from the 99cent store on Marie’s head.” Third prize is that AWFUL jumpsuit LeAnn had on when she attacked the street car. Everyone guess like how many pieces of candy in a jar. (This actually doesn’t make sense, does it? But you get it . . .)

  22. GillianFirst

    “Leann goes carnie epic” lilololololol AMAZING

  23. Cheychey

    I can understand maybe Stephanie and Brandi and their behavior being a bit childish. They really aren’t that old. But the other ladies are of an age where printing texts for sake of an argument and worrying about what someone else’s wearing to an event or saying about you is really immature.

  24. Jessica White

    After seeing this episode, I think Leann suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder. And I am living for her freak outs! Brandi’s situation is sad. Her husband said she did something which i don’t think he wants to say on camera but Brandi must know what it is. He seems extremely uncomfortable and doesn’t want to participate in this show. I would be shocked if they are still together next season, if there is one.

  25. lo

    Aside from the poop talk, I love Brandi…she’s honest and it’s sort of heartbreaking watching her live out the demise of her marriage. Also, Brian is no looker and money is not everything so he needs to take a hike. Brandi could do much better! Love Stephanie as well, she seems like a regular person with lots of money. I find the whole Cary and her wife repetitive and annoying. We get it Mark is your wife. They are very superficial, and I cannot relate. Don’t like LeeAnne or Tiffany. They are not likeable in the least.

  26. JoJoFLL

    I was right about LeAnne in the beginning. She adds zero to this show.

    Dallas Housewives are depressing the shit out of me.

    LeAnne, useless, unemployed crazy with a cute, sane boyfriend who will never marry her. You know she’s gone all Ike Turner on him.

    Tiffany will do anything to prop up her husband’s career. So sad. And depressing.

    Cary, we get it your gay husband likes to play live Barbie with you. Stop bragging, seriously.

    Brandi, so sad. Your marriage is in trouble. Get help immidiately.

    Stephanie, you are better than your sweaty, controlling husband.

    Xanadude I love your recaps but I’m probably bailing on this show.

    So much potential, so badly casted.

  27. AustralianFanofTT

    Hmmm not sure why you refer to brandi teaching a child steps for cheering as dancing like a whore or that she is a drunk? Nor do I understand why you would expect the kids to appear in every scene she is in.. Personally I never want to see what the kids are doing in any of the reality shows. Im only interested in what the adults are doing.

    As for leanne she is obviously a raving lunatic with very bad blush application. The woman carries on like a bogan, not a good look in your 40s and 50s. Cant imagine her man will want to stick around at the end of this. Her behaviour is apalling and embarassing.

  28. SITA-Wife

    I love this HW show…I watch ALT, OC, NJ, NYC. I thought I was going to like Leeanne but she has showed her true colors and she is short a few crayons in the box Lol. Brandi is just sad and never grew-up. Stephanie doesn’t know what to do because she doesn’t think for herself. Cary just wants everyone to know she is “hot” and her husband dotes on her. The best liked so far was Tiffany but the see-sawing she has been doing has me concerned.

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