Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Model Deckhands

Below Deck Med Bobby tilted

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This week on Below Deck Med we have a bunch of models shooting a commercial for The Tilted Kilt,  a sort of racier TGI Friday’s kind of place, perhaps more akin to Hooters without the delicious wings.  The Tilted Kilt has been on several reality shows as a corporation, I remember Undercover Boss and I believe there were some others.

But first newbie deckhand, Danny, who has so far been the model apprentice is on deck with some random chicks he and Bobby have brought home from the bar. There is nothing wrong with guys bringing girls home from the bar. Except when they are not home and the below deck help on someone else’s giant gaudy yacht.

We start with drunk Hannah and Bryan arguing over how Hannah treats Tiffany.  But very quickly we see drunk Danny and drunk Bryan bringing two or three girls back to the boat. The stupid little bitches Jen and probably Hannah laugh together about how the boys are going to get fired. I really don’t think they know any better. They are new. Danny also helps himself to the Patron on board and begins serving drinks. Ben is making octopus to starve off a morning hangover and trying to get Hannah not to be such a cunt. Which is rather impossible when she is sober and clearly impossible now.  The Patron thing was specifically forbidden by Captain Mark.  The ever so irritating Hannah ambles drunkenly to tell the two bar bimbos that this is her boat and they need to leave.

Below Deck Med Captain Mark

Danny immediately realizes he could be in trouble. Takes the drinks back and told the girls they had to leave. Meanwhile, Hannah goes and tattles to Bryan. Bryan is of course “Team Tripod” with the two male deckhands, so they are not worried. But they should be Because Captain Mark is going to handle this himself. Ben is friends with Danny and trying to give him a bit of mentoring.  Captain Mark give Danny and Bobby extra work duties and one strike against them. Three strikes, and they are out. He keeps Bryan behind. Bryan seemed to think he would be getting off with no responsibility for his team members. And he really just gets a warning. Captain Mark was concerned that Bryan didn’t know about the Patron.  Crisis averted.

Captain Mark briefs Hannah, Bryan and Ben on the incoming Tilted Kilt waitresses and starts right off telling the guys there is no fraternizing with the models. Hannah immediately lets us know these passengers are beneath her and says this will be an easy trip because they won’t know if they don’t get the full treatment. That’s Hannah! Bryan is very clear with the boys that it is a hands off policy with the girls. Hmmmm, apparently Danny has worked on yachts before.

In other news, now that Hannah has eight other women to degrade, she has lightened up on Tiffany. While Hannah handles dinner service, she hears the girls talking about the attraction between Danny and Morgan. By the way, the young ladies who are the guests are incredibly appreciative of everything Hannah does.

Below Deck Danny Kiss

Danny and Morgan hang out on the couch in the wee hours when he is supposed to be working. She hugs him goodnight. Even Bobby is furious with Danny at this point. And he is just getting started.  He keeps the girls up until the wee hours talking to them. This made Hannah have to stay up and attend to them. The next morning he takes selfies with all of the girls.

On the beach shoot, Danny makes out with Morgan.

Next week: Danny and the girl continue to steal away together. The Captain is furious and he is restricted to his quarters.


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8 responses to “Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Model Deckhands

  1. therealdeb

    The clients were actually pretty sweet and didn’t seem to want to have them go to much trouble and they were so pleased with every little thing that was done. Nice girls. Deck hands are kind of sweetly dumb… Jen is a bitch, is that her name… the female deckhand? Hannah is a rag, I actually prefer Kate to her, crazy right? The rest i still am not sure about

  2. You are too hard on Hannah. She’s funny and hardworking and concerned about her team’s working relationship. I too wondered why Tiffany can’t seem to get her work done. She wanders off when it’s time to pitch in, and then wonders why Hannah doesn’t like her it’s no mystery girl- get to work! Hard!

    Hannah saved Bobby and Danny when she kicked their uninvited friends off the boat. If not for Hannah, those girls would have stayed all night, drunk more patron or champagne, and the deckhands would have been in much bigger trouble.

    • tamaratattles

      It’s not possible to be too hard on Hannah. She can’t even complete a dinner service properly. Tiffany handled the entire off shore lunch beautifully all by herself. The only reason Hannah lightened up on Tiffany enough to work is she had 8 American women there to mock and that was much more fun for her than just one.

      Hannah was one of the bitches that sat on the dock laughing about how Danny and Bobby were getting fired. She was once again pissed at the GIRLS and humiliated them despite them doing nothing wrong and literally said, “This is my boat! You have five minutes to get off it.” All of this without any supervisory control over the exterior crew. She’s hilariously arrogant for someone who very clearly doesn’t know what she was doing. I doubt she has been a stew anywhere.

      • Nicole

        She is a pain but I could have sworn the two on the dock were Jen and the marine biology chick?

  3. Mrs. Strib

    Hannah is a pos. She looks down her nose at everyone and can’t even describe what’s on a plate/in a ramekin during dinner service. Remember the moussaka? She is a bully and never misses an opportunity to brag about herself. She’s a typical jealous mean cow that seeks out the one she can break and gets to work on them. Other women, especially attractive ones deeply threaten her. Tiffany is a bit lazy & shouldn’t have told Hannah that she would prefer to work exterior. Hannah’s hard on for Tiffany has been on full tilt since. This is a good season. It was getting a bit stale and new assholes bring fresh drama.

  4. BKSweetheart

    I said it before but I love this show. Since the cast is mostly newbies, the interactions and dynamics seem very authentic for the most part. It’s fascinating. For example I have no doubt that Hannah is a truly an insufferable holier than thou bitch IRL. Like she doesn’t even try to hide it.

    Although that kid Danny was starting to get on my nerves with all the flirting and fraternizing with the girls. He couldn’t really be that girl crazy? Or that stupid to do things that could jeopardize his job? Seemed like he was definitely hamming it up for the cameras.

    Bobby is hot but kind of a cornball. I like Ben. He’s not attractive to me but seems like a fun guy.

  5. Margarett

    I swear Hannah makes me miss Kate.

  6. M

    God Hannah is awful.

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