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Let’s hope this episode of Southern Charm has lots of Kathryn and K. Cooper Ray and little no nothing with Norman Bates and his mother, because I am in a craptacular mood and could really stand to be entertained.

We start with the required recap conversations that every reality show on Bravo does now. Which is stupid, because what made this show unique was that Cameran gives a little recap at the beginning. We do not need the ridiculous he said/she said recaps of the previous episodes every week. This is not Orphan Black here where we are following some twisty turny plots. Craig fake job situation does not need a recap. Everyone is freezing out Kathryn by refusing to film with her does not need to a recap scene. We get it. Let’s move this ridiculous farce forward, shall we?


Shep and Craig cooked up a plan to invite Kathryn and still not have her come on the mountain trip. Kathryn is pregnant and in the middle of moving and on “modified bedrest” so a trip to the mountains is out for her. Thomas says he is not going because she is not going. Basically, he doesn’t want to piss her off. He stops by to pretend to put together a crib. Eventually there is a finished crib there that is like a see through plastic prison cell. Is that what all the cool kids are using these days? Because I hate it.

Southern Charm Cathryn


Cameran goes to see a therapist because she is not really interested in having children. Maybe her lack of any maternal instinct has some role in her season two distaste for Kathryn? Cameran sees to think that having kids means “giving up control in your life.”  Ask Kate Gosselin about that. I am not interested in this reality TV therapy session. Or really Cameran at all this season.


Ugh. Landon.


Craig stops by Kathryn’s new place to chat with her about Whitney. Oh we get a flashback to Whitney and his “houseguest” Robert who, if asked my opinion I might say that Robert is a gay man.  This was at the very beginning of the first season. My theory has always been that Kathryn was supposed to cast as Whitney’s “girlfriend” for the show and when she decided to have a real relationship (such that it was) with Thomas, Whitney was furious and ended up having to recast the role to be some sexually fluid character actress in Russia or whatever far away country she is from. This is why Whitney hates Kathryn so much because by getting knocked up by Thomas, she leapfrogged him and took what he feels was his rightful place as “Thomas’ best friend.”  Robert, Whitney’s “houseguest” was also in love with the idea of Kathryn in the role of Whitney’s girlfriend it seems.  This had to be what really went on.

This whole scene where Craig tries to sell us on the idea that Whitney has been pining away for Kathryn all of these years and she “suddenly realizes he must be really into her” is clearly a revenge scene that Kathryn and Craig came up with to piss Whitney off.  Craig and Shep both seem to be irritated by Whitney and the elderly yankee ladies demands about filming.

Southern Charm Shep's birthday

Shep’s Trip to the Mountains

Most of the group rides up together in an awkward little bus where they are all facing each other. Thomas, who told Kathryn he was not going drove up on his own. JD and Elizabeth are also driving up on their own, supposedly.

They all check into a trendy hotel in Ashville and meet in the lobby for drinks. Thomas has already had a whole lot of something when he meets up with the gang. He is accosting young women on the streets asking them bizarre personal questions.  Whitney whisks him away in a bar thrilled to be by his side without Kathryn there to overshadow him. Landon too, is pining away for some T-Rav.  Whitney and T-Rav separate themselves from the crowd and trash talk the bar and the music.  Whitney says he thinks they are in a lesbian bar and Thomas says that it a great place to get laid because “they want to experiment.”  I’m sure inside his head Whitney is thinking, “You really should experiment some yourself, there T-Rav, and I know just the guy for you! Have another drink!”


At dinner, Cameran notices that Landon seems to have a thing for Shep. Landon has a thing for everyone!  Thomas is drunk as hell and says that he has to drive back that night because he told Kathryn he would not stay overnight. Craig says,  “Why would staying overnight upset her? Landon?”  BOOM!  Oh drunk Craig I love your loose lips.

Whitney is becoming agitated because Thomas and Craig are talking about Kathryn. Whitney has attached himself at the hip to Thomas for this entire trip and he still can get any attention. He is having a little hissy fit and announces he doesn’t want to hear about Kathryn anymore.

After three pubs and a restaurant, the group continues on to a club for some live music. Thomas is white girl wasted and is asking all the artsy girls about their piercings. He did the same thing to one of the girls on the street. Perhaps if Whitney got a Prince Albert he could get the attention he wants.  Until then, he will have to weep in the shadows of the balcony watching Thomas shag with some North Carolina girls. Can NC girls shag?

Thomas obviously spends the night, at least somewhere in Asheville, and he tells Shep the next morning that Landon really did not invite Kathryn to his birthday party. How the hell is this news. That was pretty obvious at the time.  Basically both guys Landon throws herself at are discussing her lying.

Cameron decides she is going to rent a car with Whitney because she doesn’t want to be in a party bus on the mountains. While the party bus on the mountain roads is a horrible idea, being in a car with Whitney sounds literally, like a fate worse than death. Thomas heads back home.

Onto the bucolic town of Linville, North Carolina.  Shep’s parents’ cabin is really lovely. JD  and Elizabeth join the group at the cabin. JD tells Shep that Danni is going to be head of the bourbon department and that he needs to act happy about that. Danni is on the trip. Allegedly. Why? No idea.

Shep confronts Landon about lying over the invitations. She denies it at first and then cops to it. Shep is not happy with Landon, but he is not going to let it ruin the weekend.

Here is the much requested link to my post about Whitney’s “Halston” documentary.

Whitney, who clearly has no clue about grilling tries to tell Craig his going to give them salmonella for using the same flipper for raw and cooked steak.  He is such an idiot. Steak does not carry salmonella.  Whitney then instigates a Kathryn bashing session. Craig stops that in his tracks by saying Whitney’s problem with her is that he is just mad because she started sleeping with his best friend a week after staying with him.  Why is everyone pretending like this is not news? It was the entire season one storyline?!


Back at her  house Kathryn is resting up due to pregnancy complications. Thomas and Kathryn seem to be on the same page. They are both allying against Landon. That last part pleases me.

Next Week: Whitney denies ever having any sort of feelings for Kathryn. Kathryn’s inducement date gets moved up, and the drama with Thomas continues.

I shall now mourn the absence of K. Cooper Ray this entire episode. At least there was no Patti.


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97 responses to “Southern Charm Recap: Blue Ridge Mountain Blues

  1. Jen

    The explanation of the Kathryn, Whitney, Thomas threesome makes perfect sense. Yeah, we all knew from the get go of the series she hooked up with 3 of them, so I don”t get the shock either. Kathryn is beautiful. Thomas is so doofy! I just dont find anything about him attractive or charming. Sad they had those 2 kids so quicky. They will never be a family unit. ( I did not like the plastic crib either )

    I still find Shep and Craig boyishly cute.

    • Betty

      Kathryn has such a better sense of style than the rest, especially cookie cutter Cameran. We get it; she likes Lilly Pulitzer. Yawn. Landen is lame and looking old. Always looking for a reality show evidently. (3rd one) That ship has sailed along with her looks.

  2. JustJenn

    I just started watching this season and I’m obsessed…I’m going to read all of your old recaps now and then try to find the first few seasons somewhere. I’m glad everyone hates Landon as much as I do beause how can you not?

    • I just started watching this season also. Reading the recaps here I finally started watching. I love TRav and Katherine. Landon is a dumb box of rocks and Shep is a cutie. Cameran sure did turn judgmental after spending her young days being a slut and drunk on TV. I absolutely love the scenery and definitely a place to visit.

      • Wallace

        Cameron was neither a slut nor a drunk on her Real World season.

      • JustJenn

        I’m still on the fence with Cameron as I want to catch up before passing judgement, but I love Trav and Katherine too!

        And thank you Wallace…I knew I’ve seen Cameron’s face before.

      • Shae

        what show did you watch where she was slutty and drunk? lol

  3. Tp

    Yes, the entire first season was about Kathryn banging any and everyone to get on the show. They can’t honestly expect us to believe that Craig cares so much about Kathryn, can they? It’s getting ridiculous, and he’s giving away his own storyline bc he spends so much time pretending to be obsessed about including Kathryn. If I recall, wasn’t it Craig who was butt hurt over Kathryn sleeping with him and then Shep? I don’t blame the rest of the cast for freezing Kathryn out. She’s psycho and she was so nasty to each of them last season. She should’ve thought about that when she was screaming at them last season. I realize that her being a complete psycho is entertaining but the constant ” did anyone invite Kathryn” thing is getting old. And judging by the previews, psycho Kathryn is right back to her old tricks as soon as she’s back in T Rav’s good graces. I think the other girls are trying to be catty to step up their game a little with the drama and make up for the freezing out of Kathryn. I’d be pissed, too, if some skank hijacked the show I was on just because she was willing to go full on psycho and screw every man in sight. The guys need to stop all the fake concern for her, it’s not believable .

    • Lindsay

      You mean T-Rex ahahaha

    • Miele

      Craig is the one who did NOT sleep with Kathryn…

    • Miguel

      I tried to say something to this effect last week; but it wouldn’t post, Tp!!! I’d add that Shep (and, for that matter, all whom have slept with Kathryn) has been less than chivalrous about their escapades with Kathryn!!! Like RHOA, Southern Charm seems to depict the opposite of Southern bels & belles – instead it all Thotville here!!!

  4. Kim

    Perfect Landon synopsis comment!! Love it! She can stop trying to be coy, it’s obvious she’s banging Thomas. It seemed pretty obvious to me that she never sent Kathryn that invite to Shep’s party. Hey she doesn’t have to be Kathryn’s friend, seeing she’s Thomas’ ex/mother of his children & is jealous but she should keep her disrespectful comments about her to herself. Then again, Thomas keeps throwing Kathryn in her face & vice versa so he’s perpetuating the drama between them. Let’s see how Landon feels about ole T-Rav when he’s done with her.

  5. Bunniecarrot

    I absolutely 100% agree with your summary of Landon “ugh”. Kathryn’s choice of crib screams stupidity to me. We know you cannot pick up a baby EVERY TIME THEY CRY (lol I’m a suckered so I came running 88% of the time). However I cringe thinking of all the times I had to sneak past the crib so they wouldn’t see me and immediately beg for me to pick them up. A clear prison crib where THEY can always catch you walking about scares me.

    • Dee

      Good one Bunnie, she won’t be able to quietly check on baby with all the sides clear. What an idiot. I also ran to the room hundreds of time to check on the screaming baby despite the doctor telling me he was fine. People who had the furber method were lucky/

    • Leg

      I think the 24hr nurse does 99% of the mothering so Kathryn won’t be bothered by that hideous clear thing

    • Angel

      88% of the time like it’s a virtue? The other 12% you leave the baby crying? Yikes. I predict years of therapy ahead for the infant. Ever hear of attachment parenting? Nope. Didn’t think so. The crib WAS ugly, though

      • Bunniecarrot

        Oh Angel shut the duck up. It was gestimate/joke. I have successfully raised a well adjusted, loving, beautiful 8 year old girl I had at 19 going on 20 years old. Clearly the real fuckin mothers understood my point. I cuddle and loved my kids just fine, even slept on their bedroom floor so I could just listen to them breathing. However everyone knows you shouldn’t pick up an infant every time they cry. That’s how you SPOIL a child, mine ended up spoiled anyway but I can only imagine how worse it would be if , I had a see thru crib. No need for you to question my parenting skills you fucktard. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to go cuddle with my healthy, happy, adorable 3 year old son. My silly husband felt it was a great idea to have another baby with me, despite my “horrible parenting “.

  6. nanaintn

    I’ve never liked Landon but now, I just want to slap the taste out of her mouth! Cameron is such a disappointment this season. During her talk with the therapist, I just kept thinking how long it will be before her marriage runs off in a ditch. Whitney gives me the icks, Thomas a lout, and I wanted to hug Shep and Craig for at least appearing to be kind to Kathryn.

  7. therealdeb

    Thomas is sadly pathetic in his attempts to hook up on the females at the bar. He is far to old and has zero game, it is disturbing and embarrassing to watch. Shep can get away with that at any age because he has this flirty charm that will still work at 55, and older. Landon is a twat. She is so jealous of all the attention Kathryn gets, it fries her ass and she cannot stand it and that is why she planned that damn party for Shep, she wanted attention. The idea that Kathryn was brought in to be Whitneys girlfriend is so plausible and makes so much sense. Whitney seethes with envy, she was supposed to be his beard and with her off on someone else’s arm and having their kids that ruins it for him. Craig never hooked up wth Kathryn, he wanted to and she wouldn’t give him the time of day. She had sex with Shep, Thomas and Whitney… Well the first 2 for sure, not sure Whitney has ever had sex with a woman. I am so sad about Cameron and her nasty attitude towards Kathryn, it makes her look nasty and bitchy and it isn’t a good look. I miss the fun Cameron who tried to keep the boys In line and failed but laughed about it. Landon needs to find a job and a man and a life.

  8. Theresa

    Does anyone think that craig hijacked the show with that comment about whitney sleeping with kathryn? I have no doubt the relationship played out exactly as TT suggests. Ravenel money is highly attractive. But there is no way whitey is that good of an actor. He looked both floored and angry at craigs suggestion. It was so good I rewound and watched again. Off to check twitter now. I’m sure miss pat is tweeting up a storm

    • Jessica

      I loved the look on his face. Call me naive but I want to believe he was blind sided. I was never a Craig fan but I kind of like his current “accidental” shit stirring lately. TTs theory or craigs theory work for me as they both result in Whitney being called out as a huge douche/liar/fake. I actually like Craig’s theory more because it makes Whitney seem even more unhinged and I definitely get a “was cruel to small animals when he was a kid “vibe from him.

      • Theresa

        I don’t think it was in the script, hence whitney being shocked. I was never a craig fan before either but I am now lol. And is it me or is there ZERO chemistry with him and Naomi?

    • HappyGal

      Since Whitney is part of production does anyone know if he gets a say in what is aired? I don’t know how that works – I know he is freezing Katheryn out of filling so I am wondering how far his ‘powers’ extend.

      I personally think he looked shocked and mad as hell and it was not an act!

  9. ZenJen55

    A Plexiglas crib, SMH that was the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen in a baby nursery.
    Of course I loved the Carolina mountains and that cabin view was breathtaking.
    Wonder what happened to Robert…
    I prefer the Bravo shows like this over HW and I’m ready for some Flipping Out! I love Jeff, Jenni and Zoila.

  10. The Robert guy with Whitney in the season 1 flashback is Robert Dupont. He used to be on Beverly Johnson’s reality show as her live in friend & house keeper/assistant. He is gay and has a twin brother. Robert also appeared in documentaries about the Studio 54, Andy Warhol, & Halston. Of course you all know Whitney did a documentary on Halston too. This would be a good place for TT to put a link to her archived blog post about Whitney’s documentary… Robert is nothing more than a hanger on/ purse holder to rich women.

  11. I love that Shep’s family cabin is a mansion.

  12. Auntie Velvet

    I think some of those flashback scenes were shown for the first time in this episode. If I recall, when Whitney “confessed” to the Thomas that he had slept with Kathryn several months prior, it was supposed to be a big shock to the audience at home as well. So we didn’t see any of that nesting week with Kathryn and Whitney and Patricia (shudder).

  13. Jujue

    NC girls can shag.. but I see a lot more 50+ Shaggers than the 20 year olds Thomas is into.

    • tamaratattles

      Yeah it’s been a couple of decades since I learned to shag, and even then I was with my much older sister. At that time there were a lot of private clubs in Columbia and Charleston with moderate membership fees. This was a way of dealing with some of the serious blue laws. I was a good decade or two younger than most of the guys there. Which was fun because I nevr had to pay for anything. :) I did have to shag though.

      I’m not much into dancing. By the time I was old enough to drink I’d been dancing in bars for five years. No like that! Exactly. But I would go out by myself a lot and dance all night. It’s really a wonder I’ve survived this long.

      • jennbug

        I love the movie Shag! My sister took a trip to Myrtle Beach to specifically see some of the landmarks in the movie. Too bad I’m an awkward dancer (well, clumsy in general) it looks like so much fun!!!

      • tamaratattles

        Dear God. There was a movie?

      • jennbug

        Sorry it took me so long to respond…I just got a new iPad and foolishly lost a ton of passwords. YES! Phoebe Cates, Bridget Fonda, Annabelle Gish…it takes place in 1963 in Myrtle Beach…’s awesome! Well the dancing always made me and my sister want to learn how to Shag!

      • JoJoFLL

        I learned to shag at a young age with my older sister and brother. It’s a SC right of passage.

      • Angel

        In broader dance circles, it’s called the Carolina Shag, a form of East Coast Swing & most proper Carolinians both north & south learned it. Both Thomas & Shep dance it well as proper Carolina boys do. I never realized how regional it is til I moved away. MUST see that movie!

      • tamaratattles

        I wonder how we have made it through life for so long without Angel explaining stuff to us.

  14. Lime Brain

    TT, I was thinking the same thing about Cameron not wanting babies and that is why she doesn’t want to be around Katheryn.

    But now I’m wondering, since all these reality shows are scripted, that maybe the truth is that there is some problem and she can’t have them.

    Thomas is to old to be trying to pick up girls the way he did. He looked like someone’s dirty old grandfather in that bar. NC girls are so polite, asking first if Thomas wants to be knifed if he doesn’t leave her alone. Lol! And Whitney saying it was a lesbian bar because nobody wanted them was pretty funny.

    • tamaratattles

      I never really considered having kids that much. I felt like if I got married to someone I could have them or not. I certainly didn’t want to hatch any humans by myself. I’ve got a big family and someone is always having a baby. There are a couple floating around now I haven’t met yet.

      That said, Kathryn’s babies gave my shriveled ovaries a twinge. Now that I think about it I ididn’t hang out with a lot of females so I wasn’t influenced much when the ones I did hang out with had babies. But if I was 20 something and married to a an anesthesiologist in Charleston, it would be prudent to squeeze at least one out. Especially if he is begging for a litter.

      • Lime Brain

        Well, whatever is going on with Cameron is real and understandable. I’m just happy that she didn’t turn into a bitch because she drank Pattys koolaid.

      • tamaratattles

        Sorry but that is exactly why she turned into a bitch.

  15. Someone please tell me they were as uncomfortable watching drunk Thomas as I was. It was painful!

  16. susan

    I’ll have to watch — fell asleep after too much sunshine and vodka

  17. Lindsay

    Thomas was coked the fuck up! Him hitting on the girls and asking if they were into “the grunge movement” and did they have “tongue piercings” made my day. LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED indeed T-Rav!

  18. Therese

    Good caption for Landon:urgh! indeed

  19. Katie

    In Season 1 Kathryn showed up at Jenna’s party with Whitney. Then she and TRav got drunk and left together to take a pregnancy test. Kathryn also said that Whitney wanted to give her a makeover. I definitely think Whitney and Pat were interested in her name and lineage and thought they could refine her and turn her into a sophisticated southern belle. And now they are pissed that she flipped the script and went for TRav got knocked up.

  20. Raya39

    Landon looks like Renee Zellwegger(I tried with the last name). Her sour face and invisible eyes…except I like Renee and Landon is a fake little twirp with no idea how to play the game she’s trying to play. I love how she said her interview with that guy with the historical romance name went well LOL; he literally wanted to choke her out. As for Addams family member Whitney, he is so awkward and full of such nervous energy that I need to keep a xanax close by when his creepy face pops up on screen. You called it, TT, about that whole thing. Cameran is only riding with him in his rented hearse to further stick her social climbing head up martini mommie dearest’s house dress. She’s all about money and status and looking good. I like Craig but I cringe for the poor lad. He was so impressed that he made a guest list for the J.D. tasting when all he did was e-mail his friends i.e. cast of Southern Charm and invite his stunningly unsupportive sulking girlfriend who deserves a half bitten lollipop ring at best. Thomas…sigh. All he needed on that dance floor was dad pants. He forgets he’s like that old guy at the wedding that girls develop a signal for to indicate he’s coming so they can run the other direction.

  21. Raya39

    Dear old Landon, the poor mans Renee Zellwegger with her sour puss face and delusional nature. She’s not even smart enough to play the game she’s trying to play. I nearly died when she said her meeting with the guy with the historical romance novel name went well. She will forever be a squinty little rat in my heart. It was also clear why social climbing Cameran wanted to ride in a rented hearse with that Addams family member Whitney. Cam is so far up Pat’s martini drenched house dress that she’ll tolerate riding with that socially awkward ball of nervous energy who inspires viewers everyehere to pop a xanax when his creepy face shows up. And Thomas? Lol. All he needed was dad jeans on that dance floor. He’s like that guy at a wedding all the girls develop an escape gesture for to indicate he’s coming their way. As for Craig. I like him. He is about as aware as a bug about to be stepped on but sincere. It’s kind of funny, though, that he was so proud he set up the guest list for the J.D. tasting. All he did was e-mail a few friends, the cast of Southern Charm essentially, and invite his stunningly unsupportive gf who deserves a half bitten lollipop ring if she deserves anything. Sigh.

  22. Raya39

    I think Patricia has a lot more bag of tricks under her muumuu. The Addams family will not be ignored.

  23. Meri

    During season one I had a mad crush on T-Rav. I thought that he was adorable. What has happened to THAT T-Rav? He looks pasty, bloated and old now. His drinking has probably caught up with him and he needs rehab. Katherine is simply not likable no matter what the story line and I am tired of delusional Craig making her his pet cause. No one has to invite anyone anywhere and this constant brow-beating should stop. I DO NOT like J.D. and I keep thinking about Craig giving him $15,000 to be treated like a gopher (“Get me some coffee, son”). Sure he isn’t going to step in and be the head of any department but he is an investor and should be treated as such. I have never heard of buying a lackey job with your own money. Does he even get paid? Shep is the most likable character on the show and always has been, imo. Landon…such a flat faced little bitch. She s nothing going for her. Cameron is a huge disappointment and her attitude is just nasty and judgmental. If she decides not to have children and her husband wants them I guess a divorce is in their future. Didn’t she discuss this with him before they got married? I hated the therapy session and thought it was silly and added nothing to the show. That will never be an interesting story line. Whitney…what to say about Whitney? He is so childish, spoiled and reminds me of a toddler having a tantrum. Patricia really messed up raising her “perfect” boy. The conversation with the mysterious Russian girl cracked me up. Him calling her “baby” just made me laugh. IS she a mail order bride?
    I love this show and even though it gets weirder by the week I still can’t wait for it to come on. I also can’t wait for you to blog about it. It is so much fun to watch the show and read your take on it afterward. One of the highlights of my week.

    • Lindsay

      Couldn’t agree more that the strong arm invite tactics are not appropriate-I mean the girl has made a big scene every time she’s been anywhere with this crew and perhaps Cameran was being honest in saying that she was over that?!

    • OMG I love flat faced bitch. ??

  24. Dee

    The crib is awful! I would have thought they would have used a nice Queen Anne type or a reproduction of an antique. Oh well, Katherine obviously doesn’t have good taste :)

  25. SaraSally

    Nicely written post with great follow up comments!
    Aesthetically, the crib does nothing for me. It does though appear sterile and cool to the touch. I do like wood but when you bring a new one home it’s germ warfare time. Especially living in a humid environment as they do, it probably is easier to wipe it down. I would have opted for it being made in a different style of nonporous material.
    On another note, I found the scene where the three of them rummaging through Kathryn’s personal effects quite disconcerting. Patty, Whitney & the houseboy came across rather smarmy in my opinion. It also filled the gaps in the storyline. A while ago, Kathryn was entombed in Patty’s home for a few weeks. She went to say Patty was not served breakfast in bed each morning as she tried to illusion us to believe. I couldnt imagine stepping into that home and all of a sudden finding yourself in the thick of a remake of Sunset Boulevard.

    • tamaratattles

      Mystery solved on the plexiglass prison. It is a $3,500 crib that became all the rage because Beyoncé bought one for Blue Ivy when she was born. That explains everything.

      /sigh I keep forgetting she is so young.

      • My Sharona

        Gawd!!! Wonder what that’s gonna look like after a few months of slobber and spit and milk and what else. It actually reminds me of a terrarium. So I guess it can be a babyrarium.

      • microop

        Not to start a riot but… I really like the crib!

      • Jujue

        It’s different, but I’m sure it looks cool all set up in the nursery. I would be afraid that I’d do a screw too tight and crack that acrylic though.. Speaking of hardware, how is that hidden?

      • Dee

        Re crib, that explains why Kim Kardashian also had one….Beyonce. It reminds me of an aquarium as well. It also looks like it’s awkward to get to the baby. Oh my aching back!

      • Shae

        It is horrid. Period. lol

  26. S

    Ok, here is my assessment of each character:
    Shep: I dont know why he guffaws at every lame joke he makes, they are not “haha” funny. Its also lame that he made a beeline to Craigs office to check if he was actully applying to the bar. Is he that bored in life ? I’m sure his trust fund is nice, but one of the best qualities in a man is the desire to work hard.
    Cameran: Oh boy. Her platonic relationhip with Shep continues to wierd me out. He constantly refers to her as “hot” and “gorgeous”, they go on private boat rides, lunch dates, they seem to be constantly together. They ballroom dance together at fancy parties, he picks her up maiden-style when she trips, its fricking WIERD I wonder how husband is liking that. Also, her condescending and judgemental attitude towards Kathryn, especially concerning her pregnancies, is appalling. he is in her 30s, maybe its time for her to join the mothers club. Having a baby at a young age takes balls. She is also clearly annoyed that Kathryn has taken all the attention from her on this show… her storyline of “my life is perfectly stable, why dont I want a baby” is so BORING. yawn.
    Craig: He seems like a nice kid. He also seems very unassuming. The cast gives him a hard time, Im not sure why.
    TRav: Too old to be on a reality show.
    Kathryn: Ehh. I feel bad for her because she has two children at a young age with no husband or supportive partner, but hey, she’s got a full time nanny ! She’s certainly a lot more free than most new moms. She is not condescendding which I like.
    Whitney: ughhhhhhh.

  27. love this show, love TT more!! nodding in agreement with most comments and lots of actual, genuine lol’s …but i had to put in my two-cents worth … the creepiest dude on the show? jd … and every time i hear his laugh? run hide!!

  28. Leg

    I don’t get why everyone hates Cameran. I think she’s awesome, she says what she wants and doesn’t care. I don’t think you should have to pretend to like a 22yr old rando just b/c you’re on the same show, perhaps they really have nothing in common? Kathryn is a little on the trashy side and some of them don’t want to be associated…what’s so wrong w/that?

    • Pip

      ^^^ THIS ^^^

      Not to mention … Someone mentioned the “Mother’s Club”.
      Not a club I ever wanted to take part in. I have been happily married for twenty one years and we never wanted children. It’s not for everyone.
      I respect Cameron for knowing this and being true.
      Having said that, it’s probably just part of the storyline and she may be pregnant already. Who knows.

      • S

        Having children is definitely not for everyone. However, a 30-something woman who feels no pull to become a mother probably should not marry a man who feels the complete opposite. Also, she should not act condescendingly about other women becoming pregnant, regardless of their situations. (Kathryn).

    • Auntie Velvet

      I think our problem with Cameron might be that she was funny and clear-eyed in the first two seasons, a great audience surrogate — a Bethenny, if you will. And now she seems to have gone sour. Whether that has to do with Patricia or just too much time on too many reality series, I don’t know.

      I just hate that she VOs what are probably Whitney’s “Previously”s each episode, and they are so egregiously anti-Katherine.

  29. Cheychey

    I used to live in Ashville about 15 years ago and still have a lot of family there. It was neat to see them visit. Shep’s family home was just gorgeous. To think that’s just a summer home. I can’t imagine what they live in. No wonder Shep doesn’t really think he needs to grow up. He is like Peter Pan.

  30. Sabrina

    I look forward to this show each year, and week. I’ve always been fascinated by charming/compelling stories of life in the South and Southern Society.

    The photography of scenes of the places they live and visit has been well done and beautiful. l have really enjoyed the immersion into this piece of southern life, but have to admit the arrival of Patty with her calculated marriages , pretend genealogy and traditions is laughable and classic simultaneously, as are the unhappy gay son attempting to reposition himself as a producer with an identity he can be proud of.

    Initially I was delighted that the intro focused on men , seemingly with money, and the women who populate their world It seemed a constructive departure for Bravo, but we get to the same place- a clear eyed vision of the various elements of that world, from the young men who envy the rich ones and lose themselves in the competition they can’t afford on any level, to the lost older bachelors rich in heritage and money, maybe, but lost and still searching for meaning, to the truly spoiled momma’s boys whose mothers set up the family homes he brings his friends to for weekends ,and who remain more handsome and grounded than most, but still without direction.
    Craig’s lack of clear thinking is a mystery after time at home to get re-directed, and I struggle to understand any partnership “buy-in” at a measly$15,000- what is JD doing? But how could Crag not see that the Good Old Boys network may lead to fun parties, but not responsible jobs you know literally nothing about, let alone have not interned and spent years learning the basics in?

    The women represent elements that are also disconcerting and compelling- after speaking through so many sides of the egocentric pitiful Patty, there is Landon, the lost, scheming girl caught between trying to be 1) a Southern lady who does nothing but sit, smile without a thought in her head, and sleep (charm, to her ) her way to marry a wealthy dude , or to be 2) the catty sorority girl busy attempting to eliminate “competition.” Her problem is she is both transparent and unable to form a clear thought in her head, which limits her success at 1 an 2 above I really enjoyed Cameron’s introductions the first years and the repartee with everyone- light, bright, but generally headed in the right direction, while she married someone outside the group. It appeared her interests were career, friendship, and reality -TV oriented. Too bad she has lost her grounding- the husband is never present, and the counseling appointment made the it clear she doesn’t know what she wants from her life, but is content to be on the show and enjoy this period Southern Society life, except she has ZERO desire to support another woman- one who is getting more attention from the press than she is, for sure. Cameron has been a real disappointment, whatever the reason. Then there’s Kathryn, a classic example of the daughter of a well-respected Southern family, aggressively seeking something different from traditional southern values- yet similar, money, Southern roots,family?- while acting out in ways unacceptable to traditional Southern values . Children seem to be settling her down, but there is no denying her avaricious self-for Southern name, position, money- and how much more difficult her actions make her chance of achieving any of it. She chose the wrong guy to begin with- and . offended others who might have helped along the way. But she has raised her visibility on TV- who knows? I’m wondering if there is any hope at all that she /and the children/can lead T Rex to grow up and get a life . -there’s a dream, right???

    TT, I love your blogs on Southern Charm because your perspective lends so much to my understanding of it all- it is so fun to read them and the comments. Thanks for making the experience so much more meaningful-

  31. My Sharona

    OMG! Where to start…y’all have some great insight. Craig’s little sour puss “girlfriend” is only with him because she thought he was going to head up hidden creep JD’s bogus ass bourbon business. She will be long gone once she sees poor Craig is actually JD’s butt boy. Cameran needs to carry a bottle of Xanax to cope with all of the anxiety in her over privileged life. Poor Kathryn. She is a baby raising babies with perpetual creep Thomas. I can’t really blame them for not wanting Kathryn around, she shits on every party, dinner, get together etc that they all attend. Whitney and Patricia to me are the creepiest duo on the show. Can someone give Whitney a decent makeover, particularly that hair cut? Shep seems to be somewhat normal but the jury is still out on him. Just one word for Landon…ugh. This is now my favorite train wreck.

  32. microop

    The redeemable thing about Cameron this season is she didn’t invite Thomas to her party either. She seems to be making more of a stance of their drama is something she’d rather distance herself from rather than just blaming Katherine, the way Whitney, Pam, and Landon are. I still wish she’d just get over it, but she is definitely the lesser of evils and could potentially redeem herself altogether.

  33. Jane

    Great recap and you may be right about the Whitney/Kathryn story line. No way he’s straight. I’m team Cameran, but agree to disagree on that.?

  34. Peeka (@PeekaPuffPuff)

    Great recap!

  35. Tracy

    Best recaps, but I get a thousand giggles from the comments. Ya’ll are hilarious!

  36. Theresa

    I am giggling that y’all think that was a legit check for 15k and that an unemployed recent college grad would have it. Fakest part of the show yet. His pretend girlfriend is almost as fake. I am not sure why she is there. They play house but don’t seem like a couple to me at all.

    TT how can you start that sentence on JD and not finish it????

  37. Shae

    Good for Cameran for not allowing herself to be pressured into having a baby she’s not sure about, and most likely, doesn’t want. Screw everyone’s expectations, no woman should have a baby for any other reason other than she truly wants to and is able to care for it. If this is the life that makes her happy, she has every right to want to maintain it.

    I also didn’t understand why everyone was acting like the whitney/kathryn thing was news. What was news to me, was that kathryn was staying there, moved things in, and that she admitted it was not just some hookup/fling. No wonder whitney hates her. She also made the understatement of the century by saying “i guess that was a little messed up”, meaning screwing thomas, shacking up with whitney, using whitney to make thomas jealous, then shacking up with thomas again. Yea, that’s gross. And somewhere in the middle of that, she banged Craig. I don’t fault Whitney for hating her on that account. It’s uber sleazy.

    Landon is just gross at this point, so pathetic. Get your shit together, I can’t even stand the sound of her voice anymore. Trav is the definitely of old super creepy man, the way he was embarrassing himself with those young women, badgering them about their piercings, I couldn’t even watch.

  38. Meri

    There is nothing charming about Whitney, Patricia, Landon, Craig (or his GF) or Katherine. Cameron has potential and after reading all of the comments I do believe that she is trying to avoid the drama when she is having some of her own. I also believe that she and her husband are doomed if he really wants kids and she doesn’t. Katherine is a kid and she acts like one. I don’t think that her brain is fully formed yet and T-Rav is taking advantage of a child by continually getting her pregnant and then playing games with her regarding his support of her and their kids. His leering of the young women he met on the street was gross and I hope that he watched himself and realized how awful he looked and how disgusting he came across. Of course, anyone who refers to “The Ravenal Bridge” as if it’s the holy grail will probably never see the truth about himself. He will live off of his family name forever and probably die an old, decrepit drunk. I love the southern perspective since I know nothing about southern living and find that the city itself holds all of the charm necessary to keep this show going. I’d love to visit there just for the history and to see what it once was. I think that Shep is loaded and doesn’t have to ever work. He is a typical trust fund baby and his saving grace is that he has a big heart and is kind and non-judgmental. He is hard on Craig because I think that he views him as a little brother who is lost. I love the show…absolutely love it which for me is very different from my usual stance on the Bravo shows. I can overlook all of the bad behavior because in the end….the southern charm wins the day and entertains me.

    • Meri

      I forgot to mention that there is something pure evil about JD and whatever you left out, TT, it must be enlightening about his character. Something is amiss and he creeps me out even more than T-Rav. Landon……again…a flat faced bitch with no brain whatsoever and no charm, southern or otherwise. A flibberty gibbit with a horrible laugh and a fake persona. Everything that comes out of her mouth is insincere and annoying. Even her own father is on to her and doesn’t want to continue funding her ridiculous half-assed ideas. She is just dumb and mean ( a horrendous and scary combination). I can see her kicking Katherine in the face to get what she wants ( an old southern pedigree and one of the men who can support her nonsensical dreams).I hope that no one ever buys into her badly played games.

  39. Sam

    I think she may have been intimating that J.D. bats for the other team sometimes. That’s the vibe I get from him. I mean, those shoes he wore to the flamingo party? NTTAWWT, whatever floats your boat – just seems like a big maybe there.

  40. KatieAlex

    I’m finding this season really annoying! I can’t stand whitney, patricia, Landon and am beginning to really not like Cameron who I loved last year. And then there is JD. Total used car salesman vibe, just ugh. Lately i look for Tamara’s recaps before I look to watch on the dvr.

  41. Julia

    All I could focus on most of the trip was when they flashed by Danielle (the blond who used to date shep? I believe that’s her name) and how skeletal she looks. What is going on there?! I paused a few times to make sure I wasn’t imagining those legs. She used to be a pretty, healthy-looking girl. Again, off topic but i’m not sure where to put this. I thought they rescheduled mother/daughter experiment for last friday? And still nothing yesterday either. Anyone have a clue if it’ll ever air?

    • Leg

      I’ve been thinking the same thing every time she’s on! She’s all bones. And always looks like she’s smelling something bad

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