WWHL With Kenya Moore and Wendi McLendon-Covey!

WWHL with Kenya Moore RHOA


It’s very odd for Kenya to be on WWHL in the off season, so I am expecting some major announcement!  I hope that she brought pictures of the house or is announcing a bun in the oven or something!

Matt is there with Kenya and is sitting back stage enjoying the bar.  Kenya has moved into Moore Manor. Chateau Sheree remains incomplete. Kenya is thrilled that Kim Fields will not be returning. She has not spoken to her since the reunion.

She has not been to Nene’s stand up show, but she was invited and is very supportive. The Nene and Kenya alliance next season should be AMAZING if they can stay in a good place that long.

All Kenya will say about Peter and Cynthia is, “They are having some issues that may not be resolved.”  I have a strong feeling that Cynthia has already filed for divorce.  I feel like it is more about Apollo’s relationship with Peter and not Peter’s cheating. I think Cynthia really needs to distance herself from Peter and make sure to tease their finances apart as quickly as possible.

RHOA Lanier Kenya

Kenya says about the Yolanda and David Foster divorce that, it seemed so out of the blue and we didn’t see it unfolding on the show.  This is Kenya calling out Yolanda for hiding a major situation in her life from the cameras. Andy seems to vigorously agree with Kenya. Does this mean he might have canned her? Let us hope so.

Wendi is hilarious! I wish Kenya would have worn her hair all the way down.

Some asks when she thinks Matt will propose, she says she is not going to answer that with him in the audience. She would never propose to him. She is drinking water not alcohol on the set, she is trying to be cute about whether or not she is pregnant and says Andy will just have to wait like everyone else. I really think she will use a surrogate. I also don’t think that she won’t tell anyone until well into the second trimester if she does use a surrogate to avoid the devastating situation Fredrik Elkund found himself in.

Andy asks about her twitter feud with Michael Rappaport. Kenya says she doesn’t fight with “other queens” on Twitter. I wonder if the Michael Rappaport on Wednesday night is the white guy who is the housewives fan. Because the Michael Rappaport that was trashing talking Kenya was a black guy who was like a ball player or something. I wonder if Andy knows that because I thought it was the white guy at first too until I clicked on his profile.

It’s Bravowood Squares! Taglines edition! I love this game! One of the taglines was one of Sheree’s old ones and Kenya doesn’t know it. When Andy tells her she says, “But she is not a housewife!” and Andy says, “This was back when she was a housewife!”  Sounds to me like Sheree will not have a peach next season. Which makes me happy because I hate her personally. However, she was kind of interesting on the show last season with her constant shit stirring and tattling. Maybe she will be a FOH again.

Other than that, this episode flew by with very little tea at all.  But it was fun to watch!


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38 responses to “WWHL With Kenya Moore and Wendi McLendon-Covey!

  1. MaryWanna

    It would have been better without all of Kenya’s annoying laughing.

  2. Ms.Minnie

    Very cute episode, I wish Andy treated Kenya like this all the time. It irritates Andy that Kenya won’t tell him if she’s pregnant or not lol. I believe Kenya is pregnant, she is a very fit woman and the pudge and back fat was very telling. Nene and Kenya should def be back for season 9, the others I could care less, great episode.

    • Matzah60

      Right on, Ms. Minnie. This is the first time I’ve ever witnessed Andy treating Kenya like a human being. He is usually very condescending and downright mean to her. Overtime that she is on or someone from Atlanta is on, he asks if she is pregnant and is pissed off that no one will make any revelations on the state of her pregnancy.

      Thanks for the recap, TT. I too love the Hollywood Square/Bravolebs square game. It is one of the few games that he plays that I enjoy.

  3. Jaye

    I know I’m probably a little late with my compliment. but I LOVE the new format for your website Tamara!!! Much continued success to you! :-)

  4. Blondesense

    I’m confused about the comment about Michael Rapaport being a queen? The white actor who is on WWHL a lot is tweeting that he is pissed. The RHOA just need to stop with these jibes.

    • tamaratattles

      I can’t find the white Michael’sTwitter. But it is the black Michael that is the source of the feud. He has been hating on Kenya. NOT the white one.

      • Oh ok. His Twitter is just his name but there it is spelled Rapaport. I was spelling it wrong. Lots of people with their knickers in a bunch.

  5. Therese

    This is the guy feuding with Kenya


    I’ve read his tweets for months and he is overwhelmingly a hateful person.
    He on Kims last visit to WWHL he was on the show also. In fact it was clear that he only came on to the show to discuss RHOA and how much he dislikes Kenya.
    He called in to the show when Phaedra was last on some months ago.
    He thinks Porsha and Phaedra are “great people”.
    Kenya did something personal to this man because he is very obsessed with her.

    • tamaratattles

      WTF? I don’t get it. So it is the white guy? What is up with his …. I just don’t get any of this. Is he pretending to be black on Twitter? If that is him he does some weird shit on Twitter.

    • tamaratattles

      WTF? I don’t get it. So it is the white guy? What is up with his …. I just don’t get any of this. Is he pretending to be black on Twitter? If that is him he does some weird shit on Twitter.

      • Dee

        OMG! He is an actor! Why would he do this in public? Maybe he wants to date her?…or something LOL

    • Carie

      He also offered to babysit Phaedra’s boys anytime she needed him.

  6. tamaratattles

    I was certain that the white guy was not the one making the comments. Now they are one and the same and he is trashing her on Twitter? I forget what show I saw him on, but DAYUM, he is a straight up Twitter troll. And kinda fucked in the head for real.

    • Valour

      He was the shooter on the movie “Higher Learning” with Tyra Banks and Omar Epps. He’s done a lot of other things too. Surprised he’s so hostile and cares so much.

    • Theresa

      He is a super fan of the housewives and on wwhl all the time. I thought he liked Kenya but guess I was wrong.

  7. Yeah MR is obsessed with RHOA like the guy from “Jerry Maguire” was obsessed with RHONJ a few years back. MR has always talked like he was of another race, but he’s white and Jewish. He was in the movie “Beautiful Girls.” I thought he loved black women, but now they say he’s gay. He hates Kenya and I don’t know why.. it’s so weird.

  8. G.

    TT, I’m curious why you think Kenya might opt for a surrogacy and insemination rather than using IVF and carrying like she’s said. It seems more likely that she’s use a donor egg if there are challenges. Has she had a history of uterine issues that I’ve forgotten?

  9. I just went to Michael Rappaports twitters account. He seems to be obsessed with three things, Kenya, sports and what he refers to as ‘loafs’ AKA men’s penis’.

    He acts as if he is better than Kenya – more relevant – since he is an ‘actor’ and she is merely a ‘reality housewife’ yet he is one obsessed with her not the other way around.

  10. Therese

    He is truly obsessed with Kenya, and if I dabble in conspiracy theory, his batty craziness coincides with Kenya’s public display of her new love life. Kenya has been on that show for 5 years and its only after she featured Matt on the show that his guy became loony and so full of hate. He is bringing back issues from Kenya’s first year on the show.

    I blame Andy, because it is clear to anyone who reads Rappaport’s Tweets he is obsessed with Kenya, yet Andy brought this guy on the show to talk about RHOA and he encouraged his hateful words; and he asked Kenya questions about her Twitter fight with Rappaport, as if Kenya attacked him. When it is the other way around. Andy is a sick twisted man who thinks highly of himself, but he is just pathetic. A 50 something year old whose claim to fame is stirring up women to fight with each other, and he revels in this notoriety. A Anderson Cooper wannabe

    The ladies on these reality shows have all affirmed that the producers depending on the type of story they want will edit the story-lines to their liking. And it is clear the more the story line is dramatic they higher the ratings and money in the pocket of the executives. So I don’t understand why people take these shows so personal as if they know the “actors”.

    Reality TV has bred a new kind of generation of people with their own culture. It’s scary.

    • tamaratattles

      I spent most of my waking hours so far today trying to figure out how to blog about Michael Rapaport and his Twitter account. When he first started this mess weeks ago, I initially, honestly thought there were two different people with the same name. That does not appear to be the case. The truth is Michael Rapport is a mentally unstable person who is obsessed with Kenya and is stalking her online. I know how y’all like to diagnose other people’s mental illness, and I am going to try and avoid that, but if I were Kenya, I would be very afraid of this guy. Like file a restraining order and stock up on ammo afraid.

      This guy has among other things some identity issues. He’s a male Rachel Dolezal for starters. At some point he has decided to identify as black. Which is where I was confused. I thought his Twitter belonged to a black basketball player. Currently there are dozens of nasty comments about Kenya on his site. Odd juvenile stuff. He has two boys that I presume are more mature than this.

      I wanted to post about this but I don’t fully understand what is going on, or what I am seeing or why Andy Cohen would keep having this person on his show, let alone bring his name up. I overlooked that Kenya was sitting second chair last night because her season isn’t airing and it SEEMED LIKE Andy was being nice to her.

      Until he brought up Michael Rapaport. I can only imagine that their misogyny makes Andy and Michael two peas in a pod. But this is outrageous behavior. Like people should be asking about this at the Upfronts today. Andy needs to be held accountable. I just can’t form sentences to explain what I am seeing. It’s just really bad.

      • Dee

        This looks scary to me. All these other people are getting in on it, against Kenya. It’s like a mob mentality.

  11. I would love to see Kenya and Nene be friends. I’m hoping this upcoming season will be more girls having fun as opposed to the nasty nonsense we’ve been getting lately, with Kenya and Nene hopefully on the way to being BFFs they may make this upcoming season fun and tolerable. Nene is looking great and Kenya is always beautiful to me I wish her much happiness with her new man and house.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      That’s the last time I actually enjoyed Nene, when she and Kenya were getting along. Nene was feeling confident with The New Normal and other things going on in her life at that time.

  12. Rappaport was heckling Kenya before she called him a queen when talking to Andy, that Queen comnent made it much worse. A commenter also told Rappaport he needed to take “it” (Twitter) to over a thousand or 100 thousand, big difference but I don’t remember. He seemed to take off after that comment also.

    Rappaport possibly did not like Kenya a lot then decided to start the Twitter feud for attention and more followers for his podcast.
    A simple advertising tool, it worked.

  13. Xanadude

    Rappaport does the same thing with Gary Dell’Abate on the Stern Show and the two have admitted to privately really liking each other.
    I’m more disturbed that yet again Kenya goes for the “let’s insult the straight man by calling him gay” route. Third or fourth time with different men. and that’s just the ones we’ve seen on TV. I’m done with excuses for that.

    • Therese

      Xanadude, essentially you’re saying it’s ok for him to harass her because he “does the same thing” to another person, a man at that, who he knows personally.
      But it’s not ok for her to defend herself? It’s ok for him to refer to her as a “wigga” which is in translation a n***** who wears a wig. It’s ok for a man to attack a woman he does know, or is it ok only for Kenya because people like you feels she “deserve it”.
      She called him a queen, which is to mean he acts like a woman.
      Other than Kim Field husband, when have there been 3-4 times that Kenya insults a straight man by calling them gay?

      He is a queen, an attention seeking queen

      • Jujue

        Hmmm.. I’ve gone 30 something years thinking wigga was a term for poser white people, not black folks in wigs. Who knew?

      • Psylocke

        LOL! That wig comment was H I L A R I O U S. But no, just no, that’s not what that means. That’s not what any of that means.

      • Xanadude

        ex Boyfriend Walter, Apollo Nida, Chris Fields, now Rappaport. Four men on Camera.
        And I didn’t say it was okay for him to do it, I just said it did not mitigate or excuse what Kendra said in retaliate. There were one million other insults she could have used, but instead she went straight to calling him a queen, again equating being gay with something bad or shameful.

      • Xanadude

        …and your definition of Wigga is WAY off.

      • SaraSally

        Keep on posting Theresa. I live for leaps of logic such as yours!

    • Jen

      From listening to Howard Stern regularly, I think Rappaport is a shit stirrer. Maybe just for kicks, maybe for attention and to stay relevant? During their fantasy football league, he harassed everyone equally. He is a bit fixated on the gay insults for sure. Not sure about his fixation on Kenya….

  14. Jujue

    Tata toothey, fa fa fa fooey

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